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Why do I love her so much, /jp?/
Why do I wish she'd just come out of a gap and hug me?

Also, Yukari thread.

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How can you say you love her if you can't even count the reasons?

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Hag moe

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She gives off a motherly mature air akin to Ran, Yuyuko, Eirin etc. The kind you imagine waking up to sick and she's softly humming as she leans over and places a cool rag upon your forehead.

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Who cares if she's old? She sure doesn't look it.
Probably, yeah. I could use someone like that in my life right now.

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I can't see Yukari doing that. She might gap a rag onto your head, though.

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As long as she leans over.

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>Why do I wish she'd just come out of a gap and hug me?

>Bony hands closing around your shoulders




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She probably isn't even in the same room. She's just got a gap up watching you while she does other things, and she gapped the rag when she noticed you needed it.

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im 12 years old

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Man, Yukari wouldn't do that. Maybe play some kind of gap-related trick on you for fun, but she doesn't seem like the really evil type.

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Sadly, if she were watching us through gaps, she'd probably just shrug us all off as losers.

...But damnit, I still love her despite this. I once dreamt she came out of a gap and tucked me in, then kissed me on the forehead.

...I want to have that dream again, damnit.

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You're a real fucking pessimistic bastard huh? Keep that shit to yourself.

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Well, it's a harmless prank to begin with. Yukari wouldn't harm you, but I imagine that a skeletal woman gliding out of your closet midnight would be terrifying as opposed to funny.

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Only one way Anonymous, only one way....

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She punish losers.

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>she doesn't seem like the really evil type.
Incoming GRIMSOKYO from Arc.

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She's only half-skeletal. Close one eye and you're okay.

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I might be depressed, but I'm not suicidal.

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Tell her she's a lovely young lady. She'd blush like a schoolgirl.

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That would be absolutely priceless. I'd tell her that every day just to see her smile.

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She'd thank you for it.

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Threads like these give me mixed feelings. I appreciate the image dumps, but the words you use along with them fill me with pity and disgust.

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Tell me, guys, do you really think she hasn't heard that a million times before from guys trying to get in her pants? Or skirts, as it were?

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Every time you have a wet dream, Yukari gapped into this world to satisfy herself while you were sleeping.

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Uh oh, here comes the bummer Arc. Everyone clear out.

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I fell in love with her when i saw her purple dress.

I guess i actually fell for the dress.

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Honestly? I could care less about getting into Yukari's skirt. I'd be quite happy to be in a relationship with her, even if there was never to be any sex. Ever.

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Tell me, Arc, has it occurred to you that maybe we're sincere?

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You're high right now, aren't you?

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Sincere you may be, and yet it would not seem any less of a reaching attempt at flattery.

I'm just asking you to give your words a moment of thought. She has very likely heard the "Oh, you look so young!" comment enough times to merely smile, nod, and then go on ignoring your presence.

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I have a much better idea Arc. Blow your fucking brains out.

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So, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

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Whoa, whoa there buddy. I think it's time I cut you off for the night. Put it down......there you go. Time to hit the road Jack.

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Well obviously you don't say it like that. You have to hold some casual conversation with her first, then drop a compliment when it seems appropriate.

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No, I'm good.

Anyway, you were talking about Yukari. Please continue.

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I wouldn't even know what to talk to Yukari about. I somehow imagine computers and tech would bore the heck out of her. Maybe ask her what some good spots to visit in Gensokyo are if you enjoy a nice view? She does love talking about the place and all.

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Well anyway, after Prypiat we tried to find work but we have been dosed with so much radiation that we glowed a green hue. Anyway that's how Chen was born.

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