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So, why some of us love Yukari so much? What the big deal with that 30 years old h

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Because she loves Kourin.

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Were you about to call Lady Yukari a h

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Ne, ne!
If you disappear, how do you press the 'submit' button?

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She's elegant, yet quirky and spontaneous. Not to mention the fact that she is a beauty whom few compare to, even in Gensokyou.

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Head falls on their keybaord or muse

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at least you didn't call her a dirty r

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Yukari is a hag.

Yukari is a hag.

Come on, Yukari. Kidnap me.



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Granny Yukari likes to give people cookies.

Her cookies are moist, delicious, and sweet.

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Oh hello there /b/ meme from 4 years ago.

But since this is a Yukarin thread, I cant bring myself to sage.

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Why is Yukari so h?

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Yukari obviously presses it for you. That lovely h

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Old fucking hag.

Probably loose too.

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old hat

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Because she's a classy lady.

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old sock vagina

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Yukari is a good girl.

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More like Insert Penis.

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That goddamn old hag gave me more than one nightmare!
Stop messing with my dream dimension. Jesus.

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In case anybody was wondering, this is what Yukari saw.

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The Yukari in my dreams is always just in the background like some kind of female G-Man.

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Sounds kinda awesome.

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Saw? I thought she was wide-eyed because she was stuck in her gap due to being wider hipped than she thought.

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>due to being wider hipped than she thought.

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Nah brah, that's just her ass. Dat ass, to be specific.

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With Yukari, that picture can mean a thousand things.

1. Perhaps she miscalculated the width of her gap/hip and got stuck.
2. She gaped into Reimu's room where she was surprised to see Marisa giving Reimu some daily hot dickings.
3. Someone called her an old h

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Did she enter the Eye of Terror?

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do want child-bearing hipped yukari

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She's like a thousand years old, but not as old as Tewi.

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Second part of the image. Sorry for those who are in denial.

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Think whatever you like, neither of them have ages other than "uuuuuuh really old"

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Dat ass.

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lol is Yukari the new candleja

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