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For a topic so infamous within the community, we don’t get to see a lot of Grimsokyo discussion. What are your headcanons? Any art you’d like to share? Are there any doujins you would recommend?

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>we don’t get to see a lot of Grimsokyo discussion. What are your headcanons?
you partly answered your own question.
some grimsokyofags just ruin the discussion since it boils down to arguing.
this thread can be different however.

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I like to imagine hidden within the gensokyo there are some truly alien youkai Lurking about, that even powerful youkai fear due to how incomprehensible they are even by youkai standards.

I wish there were more 2hu's like yuugenmagan and kikuri honestly. like i really do...

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That’s a nice headcanon! For me, I like to imagine that all of the Youkai are genuinely disturbing, but some are better at concealing it than others. Murasa would capsize ships with a smile on her face, whilst Youkai like Rumia are blatant savages.

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as yes, oval

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File: 755 KB, 800x1135, __hakurei_reimu_kijin_seija_and_sukuna_shinmyoumaru_touhou_drawn_by_hane_azelye__c81e294ce526b34ea5f45d6c1eef894a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This shit is so good bros. My headcanon is that the instigators in DDC are really weak lore wise and would be easily solved if it weren't for danmaku rules.

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For a second i legitimately thought it was a dog nose like brian

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now i can't unsee it, thanks anon

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Well, y'know that property of the Great Hakurei Barrier that makes things uncommon in the Outside World common in Gensokyo and vice versa (like with paper, gameboys, the crested ibis, etc.)? I've always had a headcanon that that property didn't just apply to objects but concepts as well. As long as the Outside World experiences large-scale conflict, terrorism, intense racism, generally a whole lotta hatred, etc. Gensokyo will remain mostly unscathed from such things, giving the youkai a reason to sow discord and chaos in the Outside World, so their comfy paradise remains comfy for them. If the Outside World ever got around to dealing with its problems on a large scale, those problems would start appearing in Gensokyo since, as Rinnosuke says in CoLA, "there's a balance to everything." As such, it would be within the youkai's best interest that those problems are never solved and the Outside always remains riddled with them.

>If the price of paper goes down in Gensokyo, it goes up in Luoyang. When paper disappears in the outside world, it proliferates in Gensokyo. When large flocks of crested ibises fly through Gensokyo’s skies, they must have disappeared from the skies of the outside world. There’s a balance to everything. People who only focus on the small things could never see the balance of the world.

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Hey Lois remember the time I when me and Brian got lost in gensokyo, and he became the youkai of darkness.

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Which incidents would've been resolved immediately without the spellcard rules, and which would become impossible for Reimu and Marisa?
I believe that Reimu would've handled 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 really quickly and likely without blood being spilt while 15 and 16 would be impossible without a lot of bullshittery related to her power to be a vessel for shinto deities.
Marisa would be shafted for most incidents, we haven't seen her do much impressive magic so she would only be able to beat whoever can't stand against a full power master spark.
As for 6, 7 and 8 we really don't know just what the real abilities of the antagonists are (What are the limits to Pachy's magic, Sakuya's timestop, vampires in general, Yuyuko's supposed instakill ability, whatever esoteric knowledge Eirin might have) and Reimu hadn't done much training for her god summoning ability yet to negate those (she only started intensive training for the moon trip in SSiB)

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I'm not really a fan of hard-core Grimsokyo. I prefer the Canon Grimdark aspects of Touhou and the way ZUN handles them.

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EoSD: Remilia's powerful but Reimu is pretty busted in her own way. Plus if Spellcard rules weren't in play, Reimu could have take advantage a lot of Remilia's weakness as a vampire before facing her. So her main threat would be Sakuya.
PCB: Impossible because Yuyuko.
IN: Eirin would have return the Moon anw and has no intention or need killing anyone in the first place
HSiFS: Okina literally just want to show off, she never meant any harm in the first place. The worst that could happen is she employ Marisa as her servant by force.

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I think most touhou fans know that the majority of youkai we see in touhou are not in their true form (maybe except vampires), it's even been stated somewhere (but I don't remember where exactly) that youkai take on humanoid or human-like appearances only so that peace with human villagers becomes more plausible, otherwise their veritable form is truly alienish and odd.

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Dose that mean that Aya has a Crowshead when in her true form?

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This is what tengu traditionally look like
Well most of the characters in the series are based on humanoid youkai any ways. Still it would be nice to see more alien depictions of the characters

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i thought the whole idea of common sense being uncommon in gensokyo was proof that it applied to concepts as well. real life used to have more blatant racism, but now isn't as prominent. do you think that was why miko and akyuu are so strongly against human-youki comingling?

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>Aya was jewish all along

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I'm not surprised.

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So the tengu AND the kappa are jewish? Was Gensokyo run by the jews all along?

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I want to like grimsokyo, but Zounose, KKHTAand obnoxious posters from here took a giant shit over the whole plate.

This is a really cool headcanon

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you're telling me (((they))) are youkai?

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every wonder why the tengu don't have long noses anymore?

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Tengus have diffrent types right? AFAIK wolf and crow tengus have diffrent form(and ranks unfortunately)

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>What are your headcanons?
Reimu has been manipulated by the youkai all her life (or at least ever since she became a shrine maiden) and her god is helpless to do anything about it, as it's kind of in the same boat.

Let's look at the facts: the Hakurei God isn't being worshipped and is angry as a result, as said in one of Reimu's UFO endings. Reimu doesn't know a single thing about her god, not even it's name or blessings, as stated in many works such as Oriental Sacred Place (in Chapter 17). The Hakurei God's blessing is youkai extermination, as stated by Kasen in Oriental Sacred Place (also Chapter 17), yet Reimu is very buddy-buddy with all kinds of powerful youkai (some like Suika even outright live on the shrine grounds), and Kasen says this is a reason why she "can't gather faith". To add on to this, Kasen did some sneaky shit to ensure Reimu didn't figure out the Yin-Yang Orb she uses is the Hakurei God's go-shintai. Then you got Yukari and one of the meanings of her name, "A strong fortress to keep the gods(shrine maidens) trapped inside", as discussed in Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapter 22. Furthermore, as stated in MoF's prologue, the Hakurei God's power has "steadily diminished" due to a lack of faith. Now this is a little more assumptive, but presumably the Hakurei God also had a hand in Gensokyo's creation, after all the barrier is named after it and Hakurei shrine maidens have a number of powers relating to the barrier (like being able to send outsiders back home), plus PMiSS states that "The Hakurei shrine maidens manage the Great Hakurei Barrier."

Piecing all of this together, the Hakurei God was at one point more powerful and prominent than it is now, likely having assisted in the Great Hakurei Barrier's creation, and in a land teeming with youkai humans should have been clamoring for it's blessing of youkai extermination. This is obviously a bad thing for youkai and Gensokyo's balance in general, as the creation of Gensokyo was aided by the youkai so they could not only have a place to live but a place to thrive. By weakening the Hakurei God's influence and power, and keeping Reimu in the dark about it all, the youkai have deprived humans of one of the greatest weapons they have against them. Kasen's behavior in OCP heavily supports this. The Hakurei God has no faith, no worshipers, it's own shrine maiden doesn't even know it's fucking name or how to worship it, and it's probably slowly dying of faith deprivation in a land where it should have no shortage of followers. The youkai probably won't ever let it die given how useful it's blessings and artifact have been for Reimu, but they'll always keep it too weak to fight back or even inform it's shrine maiden of it's situation, because a strong and influential Hakurei God is a threat to Gensokyo's current balance and the dominance of youkai.

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>do you think that was why miko and akyuu are so strongly against human-youki comingling?
they both probably just don't want humans and youkai mingling to keep the fear farm going. If humans didn't fear youkai anymore because they were too busy being best pals the whole structure of gensokyo would fall apart

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Yukkuri final form

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That caught my eye, very good analysis, and I'd like to add something, but I dont have anything to back it up, but who cares its a Grimhu thread:

But what if the sages had contained the Hakurei God within the Hakurei barrier itself, similar to what Kanako did with the Yatagarasu, containing it within Utsuho.
So in short, the Hakurei God is most likely reduced to a state where its only purpose is to give form and power the Hakurei Barrier,
but it would seem that its getting tired out since in ULL and SBND, there are tears within the barrier with urban legends leaking trough
(For example the snake youkai that was an avare and stole food from shops, which the origins of the snake's "urban legend" happend in India if I remember correctly)

Once again, thank You, that was really inspiring!

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What do the highest Tengu in their hierarchy look like?

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This is quite interesting. I wonder if it was the Hakurei God who used to nless the Youkai Hunters of tge Human Village. If we use them as an example too then we can clearly see how the Youkai slowly disarmed the Humans.

First they get cut off from the Ouside World (did they do it willingly?), making them get surrounded by enemies on all sides without the chance of getting help, then they don't pass down their knowledge of Youkai and don't train thier Children (despite being surrounded by enemies), making the Humans dependent on the Hakurei and Hieda for protection and information.

Now their own Shrine Maiden is getting buddy buddy with their Enemies and is getting manipulated by them, they're constantly monitored and don't have the means, strength, information and allies to fight back in any shape or form.

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Why is rumia and hitler such a common pairing, i dont get it

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She is a sweet innocent young aryan girl

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What type of Aryan has red eyes
She's a devil pretending to be Aryan

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There are grim things in Gensoukyo, but being a human villager makes you valuable pets. The overlords will see to your basic well being and survival and work in the shadows for your protection, but not your benefit. If you're an outsider who got spirited away by Yukari or by accident, you're shit out of luck, and Reimu is perfectly able to watch you get murdered by mid tier youkai and not lift a finger. If you somehow learn to adapt and survive in your new supernatural landscape, you can enjoy raping the fairies or eventually become a youkai yourself. As grim as Gensoukyo gets, the general hierarchy is Greater Youkai > Villagers > Lesser Youkai > Fairies > Outsiders, with named characters fitting in where their power/status puts them

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Outsiderbros... how do we survive?

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>animated jpg
How you doing this?

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are you drunk or is this a joke meant to get me to open the jpg and futilely look for movement for 5 minutes until i realize my folly

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Gensokyo being sustained by the faith of the human village is a red herring and in reality it is being sustained by the faith of the outside world and all the touhou autists. That is to say, us. If no one remembers touhou anymore it's concealed the conclusion.

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So basically if we want to get rid of the evil youkai we need to kill all 2hufags? Win win.

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No one except the most deranged anons think youkai are actually real

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Do you live in a city or something? Creatures of folklore and magic and shit are still a common belief in backwater villages.

>> No.38087771

Even if it's all fantasy it is still a form of belief

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>are you drunk
Yes but that has nothing to do with this
I'm see uj ng her eyes go red and then black

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If that was true then video games, movies, books, the fantasy genre in general, etc. should revive all forms of magic and folklore. Hell, the outside wouldn't have ever become inhospitable to them in the first place, as superstitious places and people have always existed.

>a common belief in backwater villages
I was referring to the "touhou autists", if you live in a backwater village chances are you don't even know touhou is a thing.

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Who are you quoting?

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where does this dumb meme even come from
i havent seen it anywhere outside of jp

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>where does this dumb meme even come from
I sincerely hope you know this feature is for quoting other people, and is not just for funny be me r9k storytimes

>> No.38093117

>it was dumb shit
sounds retarded, ill use it for whatever i damn well please

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>I want to like grimsokyo, but Zounose, KKHTAand obnoxious posters from here took a giant shit over the whole plate.
What do you mean by this specifically? Zounose?

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File: 121 KB, 672x476, __hijiri_byakuren_houraisan_kaguya_komeiji_satori_remilia_scarlet_saigyouji_yuyuko_and_others_touhou_drawn_by_nicetack__711f0338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trade with Rinnosuke, study under a village exorcist, join the buddhists or taoists, get friendly with Mokou or let Eirin turn you into an abomination. Assuming you survive, sooner or later you'll sacrifice your humanity. Or just bum in the village until death by natural causes. Personally, I'd try my luck with Eientei. If Kaguya ever gets the horrible idea to offer me immortality, it will be the beginning of a long and painful journey to the top

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can't tell if you're a plebbitor, or just some random newfag who belongs on reddit, but green text is used when quoting someone else in every board.

>> No.38102085

You faggots who sperg out and start ranting about reddit in every thread because you can’t handle somebody misusing greentexts are just as bad if not worse.

>> No.38102187

fair. i am autistic, so i should probably try to improve my ability to tolerate inocculous details such as these, but still, it's kind of annoying anyways.

>> No.38102299

You've done nothing wrong, preserving /jp/ board culture is important.

>> No.38102361

ty anon.

>> No.38102560

>in every board.
no its not?
greentext has been used in the way your complaining about for years in other boards. ive legitimately never heard anyone complain about this elsewhere, which is why i asked, because at the end of the day what does it matter?

>> No.38102665

in the same threads, you can clearly see that most are using it correctly. plus, some of them are paraphrasing for irony's sake. regardless, it is true that most people don't care as much, and as a result the number of people using it incorrectly is higher. i have seen people on sci and v and elsewhere complaining about people overusing green text, but it isn't as often as it might be here.

>> No.38102667

>no its not?
Yes it is, try marking text in a post and click reply, the marked part of the text will be included in your reply as greentext.

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Goddamn Reimu, how could she do Shimmy like this?

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Cry harder youkai sympathizers.

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Zounose is the most well known grimsokyo doujin artist/author and his works range from decent to nonsensical. Shit like "The Myouren temple uses the hearts of human babies as fertiliser" in his "Hungry Tiger" doujin has given him a bad reputation. Personally I just find his stories boring to read and many times reliant on shock value.
KKHTA is Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbing Adventure, a short animated series from a while back about everyone in gensokyo going mad and killing each other in various gruesome manners. It's good for a quick laugh if you don't get disturbed by low quality drawings of characters you like being killed/tortured as it is too over the top to be genuinely shocking or disturbing. Shit like Rei'sen (the moon rabbit from SSiB) beating Ran of screen and blowing her up with a surgically placed stomach bomb isn't upsetting, it's stupid.
Obnoxious posters from here should self explanatory.
The common issue across all of these is that edge is used sloppily, in a way to hide the fact that there is no story, or that the story on display is lacking. The grim isn't explored, built upon or dissected, the grim in these examples is nothing more than the curtains of really boring stories. Really these examples of grim have the same writing level as the typical MariAlice yuri doujin but aren't fun like those are.
Shit tier cutesokyo is mindnumbing, shit tier grimsokyo is insulting.

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i live in a backwater farm village (central europe)
yes i like touhou and am autist
and my neighbour has fairy tail stickers on his truck

>> No.38106094

Moriya-sama is quite literately lighting in a bottle in terms of his work. As it stands it's the only Zounose story where the grimm situation wasn't play off as for laughs, or some cheap shock value moments like the Myouren crew grounding up a dead baby (what?). instead the story is about the Kanako's and Suwako's fear of being erased/forgotten made manifest and it jeopardizing the very gensokyo in process.

If only the rest of his works were like this, but no Hahahahaa we turn a person into a delicious meal isn't that funny.

>> No.38107741

I havent read that guys work yet despite being a Grimsokyo fag and his work sounds stupid after I read your post, thanks for turning me off

>> No.38107795

Zounose is pretty tame in terms of Grimsokyo content, people just tend to shit on him because his works gain the most traction in English-speaking circles

>> No.38110041

i have this headcanon too also they aren't cute and lovable girls but fucking monsters, they might show similar emotions or empathy sometimes but youkai are very different from humans and they do not think things like us, so yeah they are very dangerous even if they look like cute girls

>> No.38110124

There's a few paragraphs in Mein Kampf where Hitler talks about the japanese and this game he got from the emissaries according to historians it was the demo for EoSD and according to some interviews by high ranking officers in the SS he used to draw a blonde girl with red eyes while working or bored.

>> No.38111256

>i am autistic
That's not even remotely surprising. Do everyone a favor when you feel like having a tard fit and just punch a wall or something.

>> No.38111519

>As long as the Outside World experiences large-scale conflict, terrorism, intense racism, generally a whole lotta hatred
Those are normal occurrences that got more uncommon, and perceived as something completely outside of status quo, mostly only in the territories where domestication of population became very prevalent
By your headcanon these tendencies would be (moderately) more prevalent in Gensokyo nowadays

>> No.38112037

>When paper disappears in the outside world, it proliferates in Gensokyo.
What I find odd about this is that paper hasn't disappeared in the outside. At all. We might use less paper than we did previously because of digital storage but paper is still very very common. You'll struggle to find anyone who doesn't own a printer and thus paper unless their like homeless or something.

>> No.38114219

Isn't Reimu and most of the other 2hus Youkai sympathisers
> Human and Youkai are not equal
That's true.

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>I want to like grimsokyo, but Zounose, KKHTAand obnoxious posters from here took a giant shit over the whole plate.
The good thing about Grimsokyo is that IT'S 100% CANON whether you like it or not.

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File: 1.48 MB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2022-01-10-09-26-04-791_com.google.android.youtube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is she youkai sympathizer when Eiki warned her that she might be blocked from even entering Hell for her unnecessary youkai extermination and even other youkais lectured her seriously about it. Marisa might be one though

>> No.38114549

One of my ideas was basically this: Reimu actually dies often. There's a high-tech facility under the Hakurei shrine where Yukari is growing and modifying the ever-adapting Hakurei shrine maidens. All memories are transferred between copies, flower viewing parties are a way to input new information.
Early Windows Era was Reimu Mk.1, she died in IN.
Mk.2 was supposed to be active from MoF onwards, but she was faulty and started developing a ton of necrosis all over her body. That's why she was shelved, and was known in the community as "Zombie Reimu".
Mk.3 couldn't be retrieved from the moon after fighting Junko.
Mk.4 did not return from the fight with Karen's arm.
Mk.5 was damaged beyond repair by the spirit possession in WBaWC.
We're on Mark 6 right now.

>> No.38114588

>innocent youkai
No such thing.

>> No.38114611

Nah, Reimu's important and all, but she is replaceable. Aya said herself there were Hakurei Miko's before her and hoped that the next Hakurei miko can give good scoops.

>> No.38114647

Kasen mentions Reimu is extremely liked by youkai in link related. Chances are she's a youkai sympathizer these days anon. She's failed us all.

>> No.38114696

that's the first work of his i read.
imagine my disappointment when i looked at all the others.

>> No.38114712

exhibit C, obnoxious retard justifying his headcanon

>> No.38114716

What part of Kasen killing and eating so many humans is "your headcanon"? Please elaborate, mr crossoid.

>> No.38114768

Grimfags, what the fuck was Dolls in Pseudo Paradise about.

>> No.38115072

A band of thieves got spirited away to Gensokyo, got murdered one by one, one of them survived but became a youkai.

>> No.38115447
File: 180 KB, 1200x784, __hakurei_reimu_kochiya_sanae_moriya_suwako_yasaka_kanako_hello_kitty_and_1_more_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_zounose__7d44e3f625c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zounose puts some guro into his stories, but doesn't take himself too seriously. It's presented casually and not a major source of drama. The most drama which came out of it was Keine being really upset about sacrificing a village child in the Moriya+Tengu story. Beyond that, there's still much else enjoyable about his storytelling. As derpy as it gets, that's pretty standard fare for 2hu doujins

>> No.38119047

Isn't there a Theory that Alice was involved in there?

>> No.38119099

>and my neighbour has fairy tail stickers on his truck
What kind of faggot would put that on his truck?
Oh, right, of course.

>> No.38119376

I did saw a long and detailed old (Reddit)post about about it before, seems believable but in the end its just a theory

>> No.38119567

Who are you quoting?

>> No.38119844

At least in the future Outside World, paper is still used for things like physical books despite most things being digital (Dr Latency)
I'd imagine if Gensokyo caught up to the time period the Hiifu albums take place that things like books and other assorted paperwork would appear near the border at a higher rate

>> No.38119874

You know how to roll the dice don't ya?

Smart Man.

Speedwagon is proud of ya.

>> No.38123268

can grimsokyo anons explain why all my touhou fantasies end in genocide?

>> No.38128856

Whose Genocide?

>> No.38128976

Gensokyo, Lunar Capital, Hell(s), Makai, Senkai, etc.
The Human Village and Hakurei God will be spared.

>> No.38130773

so how do we deal with the youkai problem

>> No.38132869

I dare say Reimu is in the same position as Greater Youkais, as she and Yukari are pretty much the Gensokyo peacekeepers. Sakuya is also pretty much Remilia's general.

>> No.38133942

what problem

>> No.38134028

We fuck it, literally. By impregnating every single Youkai we will gain thier strength to our genpool, assimilate them and thus neutralizer them.

I'll deal Aya, Yuuka, Kasen, Koishi, Alice, Yuyuko and Iku. You guys split the rest.

>> No.38134360

systematic extrermination

>> No.38138133

The correct answer. Epic yoki genocide.

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>he doesn't study the blade
With faith and belief actually affecting reality, you could easily live out every weeb's wet dream and train with a katana and become powerful enough to defend yourself through sheer willpower and autism. Just be like those kung fu protagonists and find someone like Youki Konpaku to somehow accept mentoring and training you.

>> No.38140601

Yes, I think about this concept a lot.
Back in the day when I played IaMP for the first time, I always noticed how on Yukari's recovery she melts into the gap head first but immediately falls back out feet first, is as if she duplicated herself in that split second.
So I always imagined Yukari to be the gap itself taking a humanoid shape. She's a Gap Youkai after all, at no point she has ever declared herself a human.

>> No.38140627

Just follow Sanae's example and loosen your grip on sanity every couple of decades.
You'll be flying in no time.

>> No.38140979

>all these weeb outsiders thinking they'd survive
lmao. you'd be in the 9 out of 10 outsiders that are gored shortly after entry. you have no time to build up power loser

>> No.38143448

I thought an outsider can be a villager if he manages to get to the village without being eaten?

>> No.38143805

Yeah. OF course, being a villager doesn't mean you'll get any special sway or anything, it just means you won't get eaten and will be protected from being indiscriminately slaughtered unless you cause too much commotion.

>> No.38144790

The problem with Zounose isn't that he's an edgy shit, it's that he often sacrifices his stories' internal consistency in order to have a "shocking" gore panel or "twist" somewhere in there for no good reason except aforesaid edginess. That's why it comes off as stupid.

>> No.38145411
File: 439 KB, 840x951, 1535822527986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would call anything equivalent to stage 5 bosses a Greater Youkai, including things which aren't technically youkai, such as phantoms, ghosts, celestials, lunars, humans, and also bosses below stage 5 which "were just playing around"

>> No.38152599

Having to survive as an outsider in Gensokyo could be a fun conecept for a survival sandbox game.

>> No.38155295


>> No.38155322

The humans offer faith to the gods and in turn the gods offer protection? After all if the youkai in Gensokyo wanted to attack the human village they could have done so already

>> No.38155560

>After all if the youkai in Gensokyo wanted to attack the human village
And kill off their supply of fear? Humans are basically the cattle of Gensokyo, milked for their fear and belief to keep the other parties (youkai and gods) fed. Youkai wouldn't kill humans on a large scale unless they're humans not integral to the fear farm, like outsiders.

>> No.38156202

>I would call anything equivalent to stage 5 bosses a Greater Youkai,
Seija is canonically so weak that the protagonists made fun of her after the fights. Aya is one of the strongest named youkai in 2hu.

>> No.38159057

wtf i hate youkai now

>> No.38160482

Don't we all?

>> No.38160807
File: 398 KB, 1000x708, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_shimada_simada_bu__f2829aaf2777cde3eec87b030c9f1f74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari, Reimu, the tengu, and others oversee to the village's protection. And lesser youkai know better than to piss off the big players. Not only that, but the villagers are descendants of powerful exorcists. So the native humans aren't in serious danger. Consider what would happen if a stupid upstart youkai did something to Yuuka's favourite peddler?

>> No.38161656

>but the villagers are descendants of powerful exorcists
I would like to state that this is only mentioned in the Gensokyo Record AFAIK, and ZUN has said that the GR is unreliable. Take all said in it with a grain of salt, like the power levels of characters in PMiSS.

>> No.38167882

I dont see much arguing ITT anon

>> No.38168725
File: 622 KB, 1280x1855, ICARUS_20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Icarus, Rainfall and Kaze ni mo Narezu are beautiful. Who cares if he made a couple of bad doujins as well, the guy is a legend.

>> No.38169014

More like a horror game, imo, but not the typical scary one, one with cute girls, basically

>> No.38169265
File: 179 KB, 877x484, 1544970041586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cute girls can be scary though. The laughing running little girl who disappears from sight when you chase it in movies and games. Imagine visiting the Hakurei shrine at night when there is no festival. The place is only barely maintained, and in the darkness is the giggles and laughter of little girls. But you know they aren't human. Reimu thinks and behaves very different from the typical human, meeting her would be unnerving, and she wont walk you back to the village. ~ Apparitions Stalk the Night ~ There are worse things than Rumia

>> No.38172990

youkai as in cute girls with magical powers arent real but we cant assume we know everything or that everything can be measured and understood, there's a lot of weird stuff that happens and can't be explained, specially unexplained disappearances and apparitions

>> No.38173590

Zounose is solid, the only doujin I didn't liked was the one where Flandre is a dog for some convoluted reason, didn't get it at all.

>> No.38174459

Keeping the good thread alive.

>> No.38176616
File: 403 KB, 765x688, koishi murderhobo2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is she like this?

>> No.38177293

Which route was this? I'm too garbage to even get pass Yuugi

>> No.38177676


>> No.38183702

I'm pretty sure that's all but confirmed as canon. Doesn't the Extra boss in the new game explicitly have a monstrous form?

>> No.38183723

I'll add to this: Most of the previous Hakurei Shrine Maidens were complete psychos. Unlike Reimu they knew exactly what they were and willingly supported the Youkai, with everything that entails, in the pursuit of maintaining their own power.

>> No.38183735

You don't. Even if you become a villager, it's mentioned that most of them end up pretty miserable.

>> No.38183753

My main issue with Zounose is that most of the people are even worse than they are in canon. The human villagers go from innocent people to folks explicitly okay with human sacrifice. Marisa goes from somebody who does genuinely care about Humans, despite her thieving habits, to somebody who thinks nothing wrong with abducting children. Remilia goes from somebody who genuinely likes and respects Sakuya to somebody who removes one of her legs to make a point.

>> No.38183788

Reimu is a youkai sympathizer mostly because she is a complete fucking idiot. She's basically supporting Yukari's status quo, and the mass murder that entails, basically just because it's her job and she hates thinking about it.

Marisa is mostly just self focused and has no delusions about going on a one man crusade, but she does care about the human villagers. She's a selfish person, but not a evil human.

Sakuya murders people for Remilia, but otherwise has little love for Youkai. Youmu can barely be called Human. Wriggle cares more about insects than Youkai. Lot of Youkai are way too selfish to say they are Youkai sympathizers outside of caring about themselves.

>> No.38183795

Genocide. Break the barrier, hunt them down. They can't be reasoned with, they can't change, they can't do much of anything other than be monsters.

>> No.38183797

I would assume yukari’s true form is close to Maribel

>> No.38183814

I mean, basically every work since then has made it seem like the human villagers are pretty powerless. Nothing in the manga give me the impression they could defend themselves.

>> No.38183825

If these Youkai didn't look like cute girls I would fucking hate them. They are bloodthirsty, callous, cruel barbaric monsters that wouldn't think twice about killing the innocent. Doesn't matter if it's their job or not. It doesn't change the brutal killings that they are directly involved in. It's unforgivable

>> No.38183859

To be fair, some of them are decent enough, I guess. On a whole though their existence is a net negative, and most of them are complete sociopath.

>Doesn't matter if it's their job or not.
Do you feel the same way about the Hakurei Shrine Maidens?

>> No.38183921

Yukari refuses to touch Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or other major religious figures since the one thing she fears above all other is a deity of a major religion deciding that Gensokyo has to go.

Youkai are mentioned in canon as often keeping outsiders around for a short while after catching them, only eating them when they become boring. I take this to mean they are kept as sex slaves.

As I said elsewhere, most of the Hakurei clan are complete psychos. Unlike Reimu they know exactly what they are doing, they just don't care.

People dating Youkai is basically a "Don't ask, don't tell" kind of deal in the Human Village.

Lost children are one of the most frequent types of outsiders that end up in Gensokyo. Youkai love tormenting them since their fears are way more pure and delicious. But they are also often adopted by Youkai. This is what happened to Sakuya.

Most outsiders that settle in Gensokyo end up pretty miserable. If they cause too much of a fuss, they are also very prone to disappearing without a trace.

>> No.38183942

*major religious dominations

>> No.38183969

i'm betting you would do the same if you had a car and got over your irrational fear of other's judgement

>> No.38183979

misusing quotations without misusing the quotation feature, wew, now that's a feat of failure.

>> No.38184080

verified existence of supernatural beings would be a much bigger net positive just thinking about the implications behind it.
reminder that we killed several hundred millions over much less. more humans have died to funny glowing rocks than to worst youkai there is in gensokyo, and the numbers of all their victims combined pale in comparison to those of other humans.

Call Gensokyo grim, but it is not even a tiny bit as grim as the Outside World is.

>> No.38185788

>Reimu is a youkai sympathizer mostly because she is a complete fucking idiot.
This and the higher up youkais don't reveal everything to her. Like how Reimu doesnt know that the zashiki warashi are Yukari's spies. And Reimu only know about the fox, tanuki, tengu, and rabbit's feud over the village only because Aya told Marisa about it.

>> No.38188204

Visual flair is nothing when the story can be compromised any moment for cheap shock value.

>> No.38188375

Yeah that's true. Humans are a bigger threat to Humanity then Youkai, Gods, Spirits or Lunarians will ever be. None of these have killed more humans then us humans did.

This also shows how unimportant/how small the influence of the supernatural is on Humans now. In the past they used to be integral but now? The fear of Youkai has be replaced by the fear of Humanity, it's creations and consequences, the miracles of the Gods and Magic have been redeemed worthless by Science and something as Unreachable as the Moon or other Celestial Bodies within our Solar System have been either touched by our Machines or even Humans themselves.

I kinda find it funny how unhappy HFY fans are with Gensokyou when one consideres that the only reason it exists is so that the supernatural can even survive. Humanity won the War for dominance of the Planet and the once proud, arrogant supernatural beings have been forced to live in an area no bigger then a Province. There's really nothing to be unhappy about.

>> No.38194826

>I kinda find it funny how unhappy HFY fans are with Gensokyou when one consideres that the only reason it exists is so that the supernatural can even survive.
The issue there is that they shouldn't survive. Their very existence caused harm and misery, no reason to sympathize with their desire to survive. The only ending to Touhou I would be okay with is a fiery apocalypse.

>> No.38195377

>Yukari refuses to touch Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or other major religious figures since the one thing she fears above all other is a deity of a major religion deciding that Gensokyo has to go.
Damn, I'm ex-muslim, yukari is coming to steal my foreskin then

>> No.38195473

>yukari is coming to steal my foreskin
Is she the Youkai equivalent of the Tooth Fairy, just with Foreskins?

What dose she do with all that Foreskin?

>> No.38196547

she eats it

>> No.38196578

>Their very existence caused harm and misery, no reason to sympathize with their desire to survive
yeah, i don't like the jews too, Anon.

>> No.38196628

Jews are the master race. Humanity shepherds, who must and will rule over us until the end of time. Youkai are the opposite of that. Like Germans or Anglos, they are brutes incapable of anything other than violence and murder.

>> No.38196654

Shoo shoo, David Muller Goldberg. Cry about your foreskin and skin problems some more.

>> No.38196710

Not a Jew, just pointing out their obvious superiority.

>> No.38212128

Zounose is a prim example of grim edginess for the sake of being edgy

>> No.38212416

They're probably pissed off about the outsider nomfest and human village fear farm.
Though I wouldn't say that humans have truly won, rather they exist simply because said supernatural beings allow them to exist. The Lunarians have been in an advantageous position over the Earth and humanity for centuries/millennia now, and as mentioned occasionally through canon they fantasize and discuss constantly about "purifying" the Earth and slaughtering humanity, with presumably only the higher-ups saying "no" preventing it from happening. Youkai like Yukari could easily sow discord and chaos in the Outside World without anyone even knowing she was there (I don't remember the specific work but I remember Akyuu or Rinnosuke mentioning how a youkai could easily accomplish a "locked-room murder", imagine what other things they could get away with that the Outside has no way to deal with). Yukari alone could probably spark wars and manipulate cities/countries/humanity in its entirety as she pleased, and there are many characters just as strong, stronger, or even weaker that can do the same.
Humans haven't truly won (after all besides fear what's the main food source for youkai?), they just exist because said beings don't care for genociding them en masse.

>> No.38212430

Isn't this basically just canon? Pic related from Symposium of Post-mysticism says that Gensokyo has to remain the exact opposite of the outside, and things that contradict that concept can't enter the barrier.

>> No.38212439
File: 30 KB, 703x503, opposites.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And I forgot the pic. Whoopsies.

>> No.38213178

same, I also think the real Yukari is that blob of eyes, hands,etc that appears in the background. The cute girl is merely her disguise

>> No.38213977

wish I never read this post

>> No.38214242

Well, im not sure that concepts transfer over the barrier
Many outdated thinkings would have slipped in
We dont see many people acting like cavemen in gensokyo
ZUN left that to the fans, or doesn’t think about it

>> No.38214372

And yes there is nuclear fusion reactors which are a fictional concept
So perhaps only outdated concepts cannot survive
Since there does seem to be a filter of sorts in terms of what comes through

>> No.38214738

You forget that most of the outside world is still protected by deities of other religions. So, it's pretty unlikely either Yukari or the Lunarians could do much.

You are correct though that, while their victory is inevitable, they aren't quite there yet. it's why a place like Gensokyo is so utterly evil and abhorrent and should be destroyed.

>> No.38214751

Also, thinking about it, is the old Moon War stuff still canon? If so, Humanity is supposed to be above the Lunarians nowadays.

>> No.38216916

>So perhaps only outdated concepts cannot survive
Wouldn't this nullify a bunch of old-timey beliefs a lot of people in gensokyo have though? Rinnosuke consistently shows off his lack of scientific knowledge in curiosities of lotus asia, and those beliefs seem to be the norm in gensokyo, even though they've long been disproven or at least made very unpopular in the outside world. gensokyo kind of literally relies on outdated thinkings to exist

>> No.38217570

No, it was just thr Lunarians overeating. Although we do know that Humanity manages to colonise the Moon in the Future after they complety fuck up Earth.

>> No.38219435

Well, if nothing else, it shows that Humanity is close to outdoing the Lunarians. Wonder if they end up wiping out Gensokyo someday.

>> No.38222786

Lookie lads, there's an uncooked rat here

>> No.38228113

She's a youkai anon

>> No.38231424 [DELETED] 

You and your descendants will be slaves until the end of time. You can no more oppose a Jew than you a flea can oppose a lion or a sheep can oppose the shepherd.

>> No.38232481
File: 143 KB, 850x1226, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_hisha_kan_moko__sample-b8b6cb3e41ef3b8ed42008a7640824b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still remember the wiki warning about kkhta and how it can give you a completely wrong view about 2hu. But kkhta can't even compare with Zounose's works. I read a lot of touhou guro doujin (hentai), but Zounose still shocking me with his mix of actually canon and author's fantasy. On other hand, it makes him unique among other doujin artist.

>> No.38232619

How amusing, a parasite is likening his kind to us. It's always projecting with your lot, huh.

>> No.38238159

just beat them up with penis

>> No.38238324

>fanged teeth
We may need to annihilate all youkai

>> No.38245571

Isn’t that more a symptom of being in a bubble disconnected from direct outside world news since the meji restoration?
Seems more like ignorance

>> No.38247280
File: 423 KB, 1280x1807, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or try to fool them.

>> No.38252694

Guess 1945 wasn´t enough to teach cattle like you a lesson, eh?

>> No.38253855

>You forget that most of the outside world is still protected by deities of other religions. So, it's pretty unlikely either Yukari or the Lunarians could do much.

Sauce? Last time I checked, there's been very little said about the modern era's Gods.

>> No.38254032

Source: His ass. It's a headcanon

>> No.38254621 [DELETED] 

This thread is full of shitty headcanons.
The one about jews not being inbred troglodytes is especially insulting, because it directly goes against pre-established canon.

>> No.38254654

Not him but seeing how Religion, Gods and Power work in Touhou,I would say the people under the protection of the Hindu Gods or the Abrahamic God won't have to worry about getting killed off.... by the Youkai that is.

Either way, If the Youkai and Gods could so easily retake their position as the top dogs, why aren't they? Why does Gensokyou even need to exist if, say Sukai got in the middle of Tokyo and started flexing her Oni powers, creating fear and belive in the supernatural? Either the Ouside World Humans are capable of fending off the Supernatural (be it throw Science, Magic or Religion), they are under the Protection of someone nobody wants to fuck with or Beings like Youkai get severely weaken when they're in the Outside World and can't to such an extent where they are a threat anymore. It could be all of these reasons or none of them but we know that something doesn't add up.

>> No.38255997


>> No.38256312

How difficult would it be to survive a night in Gensokyo if you happen to get there?

>> No.38256633

depends on where you wind up.

I'd imagine if you pop up in the human village you'd have a far easier time not dying than somewhere like, say, the top of Yokai Mountain. though unless you have some knowledge of Japanese you'd likely be screwed regardless of where you initially find yourself.

I doubt this needs saying but if you happened to be spirited away then it would be extremely hard to negotiate for your survival if there is a nigh-insurmountable language barrier preventing any hope of siver-tounging your way out of a nasty situation, not to mention the inability to interact with anyone on a meaningful level (unless your headcanon involves one or more touhous being fluent in english, but even then things would not work out all too well)

>> No.38259535

remember in silent sinner in blue when aya was wondering where reimu disappeared to for 25 days she said "i wonder how many that would make..." implying that this isnt the first time a hakurei shrine maiden has gone missing? what do you think happened to them?

>> No.38259540

Pure luck. If you end up near Mokou, the Human Village, or Marisa's home. You'll get rescued pretty easily. Otherwise... well, at least your death will probably be painless.

Also, realistically, nobody that ends up in Gensokyo would actually know what is going on. A lot of them would be children, who wouldn't have the brains to get out of the situation, or people who would be too confused by the whole thing to try to silver tongue.

Youkai apparently often keep humans they caught around a while, only eating them when they get bored of them. If you want to get away, it would probably be then or never.

>> No.38259648

The main source I have for that is the fact that Hecatia is stupidly broken. She has about a million or so followers in the outside world, yet she can effortlessly demolish every single person Gensokyo. The likes of the Judeo Christian God, who has entire continents of followers, would be on a league of their own even compared to Hecatia.

Also, we know Jesus is a thing in the Touhou universe. Okina is connected to Shiva. Remilia and Flandre pilfered some weapons from Norse Mythology. There is nothing to indicate other deities don't exist. No would there be any reason to assume they wouldn't protect their followers. We already know faith is a powerful weapon against Youkai, so any devoted Christian would probably be able to scare off Youkai by just going "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"

Somewhat? See my explanation above for why I think it's the case.

Well, the usual argument for Youkai "Yukari and the like has no reason to do so", which I question considering they are evil to the core. As for why the Gods don't try to take back their position, why would they? The likes of actual mainstream deities are doing just fine. Far as they are concerned they still own the world. Or at the very least have enough influence that it's not really a issue for their survival or influence. Hecatia, again, is basically just worshiped by edgy teenagers yet she has enough power to dunk on every single person in Hell. Which, presumably, includes the likes of Satan or the ars goetia Demons.

>> No.38259660

I presume most of them just died from old age. They are the queen bitches of Gensokyo and there really isn't anything anybody could do if they wanted something.

>> No.38259684

dying of old age wouldnt make you go missing though, unless some youkai nabbed your corpse
and we dont know if all hakurei maidens were queen bitches, we only have reimu as a reference

>> No.38259726

Yeah, but I kind of assumed when Aya said "I wonder how many that would make" she meant the amount of Hakurei Shrine Maidens, not how many went missing.

>and we dont know if all hakurei maidens were queen bitches, we only have reimu as a reference
I mean, being a terrible human being is kind of part of the job requirement. Reimu seems to escape mostly just because she's too stupid to realize what she is doing.

>> No.38259795
File: 200 KB, 480x601, __rumia_and_mystia_lorelei_touhou_drawn_by_rokugou_daisuke__b1987e2486707bafd23a8f5d444a094a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, did youkai really will listen your random shit instead of tearing you apart with "yeah whatever, i'm hungry" reply. I'm not sure Rumia is so stupid and will not guess that food is just tricking her. At least it's not the first time when humans try to fool her.

>> No.38261616

I think it would depend on if they keep you around as entertainment or just stab and stuff you the moment they get their hands on you. Rumia is dumb as a bag of bricks, but would probably just bite you the moment she catches you. Mystia by contrast is way more clever, but she might actually keep you around for a while. Get caught up on current trends in the outside world, fatten you up a bit, torment you for fun, typical youkai stuff. You might be able to pull a Hansel and Gretsel then.

>> No.38261954
File: 94 KB, 485x929, IMG_20211202_161436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont know about Rumia but if works on Cirno, it will rpobbaly work on the other less intelligent youkais too

>> No.38261988
File: 157 KB, 600x600, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_azuna__6d61b92b17d63597c39962a3cbb3a51b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But Cirno doesn't eat humans.

>> No.38262029

Some of them are territorial. Or pranksters. Or just want to display their power. Cirno seems to be a mix of all that. Or Akyuu could be exaggerating, but Cirno is the only named fairy that Akyuu warned to not mess with.

>> No.38262274
File: 561 KB, 525x700, __mystia_lorelei_touhou_drawn_by_urita_vivivinicol__22f04b391aa6fa5dbd551c36787d9e99.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know that you shouldn't disturb the ice fairy if you don't want to turn into an ice sculpture. But I wonder how you can deal with man-eating youkai girls if you're an ordinary human that even weaker than a human from village.

>> No.38262564

I'm going to eat Cirno then.

>> No.38262758

Rumia and Mystia are in the category of "not intelligent enough to hold an actual conversation with". They're children basically and it'd be like trying to convince a child they don't need a toy they really want.

>> No.38262977

Mystia at least can manage a stand on her own, and AFAIK, even has cameos in events that involved humans managing her stand, so maybe she can hold herself in public. Rumia dont even get invited to flower viewing parties for youkais at Reimu's shrine.

>> No.38263186

>Rumia dont even get invited to flower viewing parties for youkais at Reimu's shrine
But in Touhou Sangetsusei she freely enjoyed the holiday with other youkais.

>> No.38263225

I havent done my Fairies of Light reps yet, so I must have miss it

>> No.38263245

>Mystia at least can manage a stand on her own
So can fairies and even a real world human child can manage a lemonade stand.

>> No.38264803

Mystia is many things, but she is not a child. She is closer to a bratty teenager girl than anything else.

He meant it more in the fact that it would be weird for her to be capable of interacting with Humans like that if she was a pure animalistic dummy. She might eat them, but she is also a con artist and runs a stand that mostly serves Humans. She is way more intelligent than Rumia, if nothing else, and probably can be reasoned with. Well, as long as you know how to deal with sociopaths.

>> No.38264882

That is actually explained by Akyuu: Bribe them with food. They might be twats, but they do still only eat because they are hungry. Give them something else, and they'll probably leave you alone. Most outsiders don't have a lot of food on hand though to bribe them with.

>> No.38265128

Yeah, like how Rin, an underworld, youkai, despite being socially accepted, often seeing loitering around the shrine and given cameos at human events, is still a wicked youkai through and through that pillage graves for dead bodies. The only differences is that she knows how to fit in when needed.

>> No.38268962

this is so sad
how do we save the hakurei?

>> No.38271016
File: 641 KB, 600x405, badnue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Designation: FRIEND

>> No.38271708

Even if they dont keep Reimu in the blind about it I doubt she cares anw. Reimu is already absurdly powerful, with almost no practice, even before Spellcard rules were a thing. With Spellcard rules forged, her and the other humans have higher chance of winning.

>> No.38271930
File: 169 KB, 1697x336, fantasy nature.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>With Spellcard rules forged, her and the other humans have higher chance of winning.
I'd argue the spell cards exist to give youkai a chance against Reimu, it goes both ways.
She could just use pic related (and this is the spell card version, meaning the real one is broken as fuck) and just win everytime. If I remember right, bombs are technically named spell cards so she could just spam Fantasy Seal forever too (as she did against Kasen, though was that within the spell card rules? I forgot) without the rules and just blast away every youkai that caused an incident.
And if the youkai are in no way threathening since Reimu would just be able to blast them while being 100% invicible, humans might lose fear of them and they'd disappear. Reimu would have a livable wage too, but the youkai in charge can't let that happen.

>> No.38274408
File: 150 KB, 802x362, IN Musou Tensei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reimu is secret practitioner of Hokuto Shinken!
I wonder just how powerful Reimu's Musou Tensei is, especially compared to HnK Musou Tensei (it should be noted that while read the same, these two techniques have different spellings and meanings. Reimu's is 夢想天生 commonly translated as Fantasy Nature, while the Hokuto Shinken technique is 無想転生 commonly translated as Subconscious Transmigration)
Their similarities seem to be, being an ultimate technique, putting the user in a trance like state and making the user automatically dodge attacks. The big differences are that Fantasy Nature is an innate ability, whereas Subconscious Transmigration is a technique one has to learn and has only been performed by two people in the 2000 year history of Hokuto Shinken, and that the main power of Subconscious Transmigration is allowing the user to perform any technique they have witnessed in the past perfectly.
I wonder if FN can be disrupted similarly to ST, where if the user gets put out of the state of trance the technique fails.
Also, I wish that we will get a print work eventually were Reimu fights all out, no spell cards no "heh, I was only using le 8.3213% of muh powah" shit, just to see all her various techniques be used and finally silence the idiots that think a one trick pony like Yukari is stronger than red-white. Sadly, I don't think ZUN will ever do this.

>> No.38275552

I don't know if she would care either. I like to think she does, since the alternative is her being just as bad as somebody like Yukari.

>> No.38275758

One possibility is that she knows what is happening behind the scenes in Gensokyo but knows that if she tries to stop it the land will collapse. Sure, it is a cage, but it's one she has known her whole life, and she really doesn't know what will happen if it collapses. Gensokyo is supposed to be placed over a random place in Japan but its implied that the landscape was modified when the barrier was put into place and it's different to the outside world counterpart. When two pieces of mass try to inhabit the same space things go bad.

>> No.38278306

I think, and I will freely admit this is based on very tenuous canon that I can't even source, that it's mentioned somewhere that the barrier collapsing would kill everybody in Gensokyo, youkai or human.

If that was the reason it would be somewhat understandable. But honestly, I never get that impression from her mannerisms or behavior. I certainly think she would feel more conflicted about killing people like Fortune Teller if that was the case. As is, she mostly just seems to be too stupid to consider the implications of her action.

>> No.38279006

Damn that's actually grim.

>> No.38279050

This assumes that the youkai would fight fair in a serious confrontation with Reimu, which is stupid if Reimu genuinely has a "nuh-uh you cant hit me" ability. Even if she becomes completely invulnerable/ethereal, she still can't do anything if people like Yukari just gaps herself away, lying in wait for when Reimu turns off her invulnerability to instantly kill her by dropping a vending machine on her head or blocking her hearts arteries with beef fat or something. Flandre, Yuyuko, Yukari, all of these people have abilities that could theoretically nigh-instantly kill Reimu without her having a chance to do anything.

>> No.38279541
File: 69 KB, 1346x502, PMiSS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From Reimu's article in PMiSS, I think this implies ZUN believes no youkai just can beat Reimu, since this was made post PoFV, I assume this applies to Flandre, Yuyuko and Yukari. Reimu can probably bullshit her way out of those unfair situations somehow with her intuition and what not.
Something to take note of is that technically, the PC-98 games do not use spell card rules and (from watching one MS video, I'm unfortunately still a windows games only secondary) bosses still mostly act the same. If we ignore the gameplay side, it means Reimu solved every incident with no parties using spell card rules. (Though again I'm mostly talking out of my ass since I don't know much about PC-98 touhou, are there characters with abilities as strong as those mentioned? Shinki is technically a god, but the Aki sisters are gods too, that doesn't necesseraly mean powerful...)
Spell card rules importance in gameplay has always been a bit iffy, if we only focus on the narrative, Junko technically comes closest to not using the rules in a window games, and Reimu beat those despite fully respecting the rules (assuming Legacy No Miss is the "canon" route, but the other characters can also win, that's where the iffy part comes in)
I think until we get an explicit "The rules are off" moment, there's no real telling how strong Reimu is or who could possibly win.

>> No.38280029

Canon Touhou is pretty grim. You don'' think much about it because the tone is light and most of the cast is pretty happy. But you are basically watching a story about a violent dictatorship, just one viewed from the perspective of the people at the top.

Yukari could probably kill Reimu and I would be shocked if she doesn't have some kind of "kill switch" in case Reimu or another Hakurei ever goes rogue. Yuyuko and Flandre... not quite so sure. They might, or they might not. Neither one is all that inclined to try. Yuyuko hates using her ability, expect on Mokou as a joke. While Flandre seems to think of Reimu as somewhat of a worthy opponent and wouldn't just blow her up for the sake of it.

>> No.38280082

It's in part implied though, even in this very text, that part of the issue is that defeating Reimu is a bad idea. Even if they win, they probably fucked up Gensokyo and are likely to face the wrath of the rest of the ruling elite now that they've killed the women that's supposed to enforce the laws.

It's a bit like killing a cop. You can do it... but it's not very wise.

>> No.38280354

>Shinki is technically a god, but the Aki sisters are gods too, that doesn't necesseraly mean powerful...)
Shinki is strong enough to create an entire world of Makai. Think like its Okina and Gensokyo. I don't think its an exaggeration to say Shinki and Okina are close in power, which is why I don't like people sleeping on Reimu on power level discussions. Even Kasen don't want to face her head on before and tried to seal her instead. Also if I'm not wrong, Fantasy Nature seems like her passive that will protect her unconsciously, I remembered reading the first Fairy of Light series when the fairies tried to trick her into falling into a river but she just walk over it unconsciously.

>> No.38280479

Shinki is weird though since we don't even know if she exists anymore. It's possible Reimu still faced off with her, but I doubt she's still Alice's mom for instance.

>> No.38280519

Considering Makai is confirmed to still exist in UFO, its probably safe to say she still exist and govern that place. Also truthfully I havent play Mystic Square before, is she really Alice's mom? I remembered reading the wiki and that there's no conformation if Alice lives there because Shinki created her, or that she moved there before moving to Gensokyo.

>> No.38280615

If I remember correctly Shiki created EVERYBODY in Makai. Which would include Alice, unless she was just there as a intern.

>> No.38280626

I also want to add Alice in Mystic Square was a obvious shout out to Alice from Shin Megami Tensei, who was also a demon.

>> No.38280631

Grim dark touhou is shit.

>> No.38280703

T-t-this isn't Rumia! Rumia would never be that decrepit looking or only have red dots for eyes...

>> No.38280838

wait isnt hecatia the strongest character in the series, able to beat anyone in the lunar capital and gensokyo? could she beat reimu if she was going all out?
same for the lunarians, they were described as stronger than anyone in gensokyo (or at least one of them was, cant remember who), meaning stronger than reimu and therefore able to beat her, right?

>> No.38280921

I think it'd upset Kaguya if you went to visit her one day, but only did so because one wants immortality. What a lonely woman.

>> No.38280947
File: 239 KB, 387x635, Taking it easy excessively.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd much rather of cutesokyo than the grimderp shitsukyo. I can enjoy all the cute lolis and old women to my heart's delight.

>> No.38280960

Power levels don't work straightforward like that. Simple example is PoFV. Medicine's poison is so potent that most characters lose against her or won injured. Even Yuuka lost against her. But Aya easily kicked her ass because her poison don't work against her gust. Like how Yuyuko will easily delete any 2hus because invocation of death is busted, but being immortal just straight up gives an edge against her. Also I'm the kind that believes in feat than words, so I'm not really sold with what ZUN said about Heca when she has to cheat her way during her Extra fight and still loses. Plus this is a Grimsokyo thread, not a power level thread.

>> No.38281010

>reimu gets her powers from practically the enslavement of her own god
if she didnt care that would cement her as a pretty bad person

>> No.38281074

Not getting along easily because you're not good with Japanese sounds much better than being murdered by Cirno because she misjudged how much ice it would take to freeze you without killing you, again.

>> No.38281164

I love the Zounose Canican doujin where in order to keep human villager attacks low yukari and kappas made a human meat farm and processing facility where they distributed human meat to all youkai and made it mandatory to eat it. They take humans with no will to live and then herd them into a grinder if I remember correctly. Most of Zounose's doujins have enough darkness to feel plausible in cannon but not too dark to break the idea that these are the same characters as canon.

>> No.38281290

isnt this literally the point of yukari gapping in outsiders

>> No.38281406

I thought it was to gather faith

>> No.38281539

I'm kind of surprised I've yet to see this used as a plot point in any fangames, fanfictions, doujins, etc. It seems ripe with narrative potential.

>> No.38282016

I wouldn't say she is bad, but morally fucked. She enjoys attacking and hurting youkais for literally no reason, but is nice enough to almost never kill them, don't even chase them away when they visit her shrine most of the time even though its the main reason people don't come to her shrine. She appreciated Shinmy's mini kimono, and kept Kasen's identity as an oni from her human friends a secret. But is also fucked up enough to swindle human villagers of their money posing as a fortune teller, force a tube fox she caught to possess them to visit her shrine and gave permission to Rumia to eat roaming humans at night.

>> No.38286268

>She enjoys attacking and hurting youkais for literally no reason, but is nice enough to almost never kill them
Sounds like a bad person to me

>> No.38286405

>Sounds like a bad person to me
Sounds like a good person to me

>> No.38287784

Yes. Which is why I assume hse just doesn't know shit. ZUN is weird, but I doubt he wants his protagonist to be utterly evil.

Mostly, yeah. Pc-98 Reimu was a straight up sociopath though.

>> No.38287810

Yes. But it doesn't work like that, at all. It's closer to throwing a human in a really large lion exhibit in a zoo.

It's kind of typical Zounose in that it takes dark stuff and Touhou and overdoes it to the point where it becomes kind of silly and makes everybody very unlikeable.

>> No.38287867

>Pc-98 Reimu was a straight up sociopath though.
Spoonfeed me on this

>> No.38288077

It's been a long ass time since I played the Pc-95 games. I mostly just remember her straight up killing Orange and not caring when she assumes she might have murdered somebody.

>> No.38288322

Is it really all that weird for a shrine maiden/youkai exterminator to exterminate youkai? A lot of people call Reimu antisocial/autistic/sociopathic because of her interactions with youkai but really, how should she act? The youkai aren't trying to kill her sure, but they are very simplistic beings most of the time, driven by impulse and instinct. Even the more intelligent ones pale in emotional development when compared to humans.
If you where a miko and a bunch of evil spirits started trying to be buddy buddy with you would you act friendly? It's also possible that Reimu wants to kill all the youkai but the rules obviously don't permit that

>> No.38288333

*98 games

I also remember her being just generally unpleasant in her Reimu mannerism,

>> No.38288346

Nah. It mostly just makes her seem two faced. She is both willing to defend Youkai by maintaining Gensokyo at the cost of countless innocent lives, but she also beats up random youkai for no reason.

>> No.38288355

>"Wait, I don't want to die yet!"
>"Just give up, this is your fate"
What the fuck is wrong with her.... Since this is way before Spellcard rules were forged too I assume she really did kill Orange off especially because she don't get to appear in Windows era Touhou after that

>> No.38288487

>Orange is actually related to Meiling
>Meiling wanted to eat Reimu out of revenge

>> No.38289026

Rather than two-faced, it's outright stated that Reimu treats everyone the same.

>> No.38289197
File: 211 KB, 811x1094, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_tetsuji__eab5f73d024b2f5f1745617594bfe047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if "Reimu Hakurei" isn't a person, but a title for the Shrine maidens. They throw away their old names (past too) and accept the new one.

>> No.38289325

Shhh, let them have their shitty headcanon.

>> No.38289474

Then why doesn't she randomly attack Humans just cuz or test her needles on Villager? Over all, Reimu is a cunt but that's nothing special since most 2hus are assholes.
Bring canon sources to make arguments just like a lot of people here have done.

>> No.38289646
File: 11 KB, 763x105, You're a lorelet Harry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off with your shitty headcanon.

>> No.38290071

She doen't kill her but in both IaMP and SWR she beats the shit out of Alice just because she merely suspected she might know something about the incident, she is pretty hardcore

>> No.38290110

Amazing, I didn't visit this board for years and when I checked this place Grimsokyo tards are still here.

>> No.38291136

>However her opinion regarding Youkai is that exterminating them on sight is her job
Doesn't seem to think the same way about Humans. Who she threats like absolute dirt for the sake of youkai.

>> No.38292909

Not that guy but remember when she forced the tube fox she caught to possess villagers to visit her shrine, or that time she posed as a fortune teller to swindle villager's money or told Rumia "Yeah sure, you can eat those people".

>> No.38293125

She's a asshole. Hard to say how much of it is stupidity and how much is willful malice though. She does still seem to think herself as above normal humans though.

I mean, she is right by the standards of Gensokyo.

>> No.38293925

I don't think swindling people's money or intentionally leading to a mass youkai possession can pass as just stupidity though. I sort of agree with (spoiler) when she refused Sanae's request early on to help her to get a unique metal because she have nothing yo gain from helping her.

>> No.38294725

I remember reading some guy's interpretation that if the Abrahamic God exists in Touhou it's some nightmare amalgamation god because of it's followers conflicting and sometimes contradictory beliefs about it's nature. If 1 billion people believe you to be extremely wrathful and jealous but 1.5 billion believe you to be completely benevolent, does this mean you'll be completely benevolent or a mix between wrathful and kind? While the Abrahamic God may technically have 3~ billion followers, with so many different sects and branches and beliefs, with all of them being parts of 3 major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) worshiping the same god, the conflicting myths and faith distorts the god itself.

>> No.38297087
File: 98 KB, 682x421, 1576881574037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you hate lore discussion, that just means you're a phony, a fraud that only pretends to like Touhou because "le ebin fumo memes XD".

>> No.38297223

It's a cute girl with a smug portrait that appears as final boss in one game

>> No.38297281

>lore discussion
There is none here. Just fanfic bullshit

>> No.38299269

Holy shit. So the humans have essentially been entirely declawed and domesticated? With the zashiki-warashi acting as spies making sure the humans don't realize their situation and the various youkai milling about doing their best to ensure humans don't get too powerful as seen in various forbidden scrollery chapters, humans have been reduced to basically the perfect cattle species.

>> No.38299319

To a certain extent, like I said: She does seem to think morality doesn't apply to her.

>> No.38299329

Why do youkai in Gensokyo look like little girls? Is there a purpose to it, apart from the ones that specifically lures humans with their appearance and guile?

>> No.38299349

Probably not. Much like with the Taoist and Buddhist, if ZUN uses Christianity, then nobody major will appear. Some Saint, Angel or Priest will be part of the game.

I don't see God, Jesus, St. Micheal or Lucifer appearing much like he didn't see Amaterasu or Buddha.

>> No.38299355

Pretty much. For what it's worth, it doesn't seem to completely work. Considering there are still people plotting to wipe out Youkai. And, at the end of the day, all it takes is one Hakurei Shrine Maiden to go "Nah, I won't sell out my people" or one would be mayor to last long enough to become hard to remove for the entire house of card to collapse.

>> No.38299374

I remember reading somewhere that it was done to better fit in with humans. I can't remember the specific source though, so take this with a grain of salt.

>> No.38299397

I mean, Shiki is basically the Touhou version of Lucifer.

Otherwise, I agree. In the unlikely event we ever get any Christians in Gensokyo, which I doubt since that would probably mean Gensokyo is finished, it would probably be minor saints. Even those would still be able to dab on everybody in the current cast effortlessly.

>> No.38299410

Same. My headcanon is that it started off as a means to lure in outsiders. Make them think the person they are talking to is just a cheeky lost child before they get eaten. But it stuck and now everybody does it.

>> No.38299504

>In the unlikely event we ever get any Christians in Gensokyo, which I doubt since that would probably mean Gensokyo is finished,

>Christianity appears to hold little if no spiritual significance in the Touhou Project. The vampires Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet, for instance, are unharmed by crosses despite taking spiritual damage from Shinto charms and the Yin-Yang Orb.
abrahamicbros.... not like this..........

>> No.38299509

Gensokyo is essentially a nature reserve for the mythical beings of nippon to retire to, and the humans' fear and faith are the afternoon snacks.
It's unlikely that Reimu considers herself to be on the level of Gensokyo humans. She is largely disconnected from their society, is light years ahead in terms of innate and acquired power and importantly, she is a high ranker of the system in which average humans are dirt.
If rich kids can think themselves separate from everyone else due to living in a house 4 times the size, then it isn't weird that Reimu is apathetic to the humans. And while the humans are at the bottom, they aren't getting eaten, really their quality of life is sightly above that of the average 19th century Japanese countryside village. The issue is the lack of freedom, but Reimu would need to be a person of exceptionally high moral fibre to wage war against the Gensokyo sages for the sake of the villagers

>> No.38299542

That's kind of what I mean though. Youkai are weakened by faith, which none of the people of Gensokyo have in any abrahamic religion. If they did, I imagine things would turn their way pretty quickly considering the sheer power difference between Gensokyo and the few remaining outside gods.

>> No.38299588

ZUN just said that she was the strongest character, period.
unless you want to delve into the territory of headcanons and speculation, that's how it is.

>> No.38299690

>And while the humans are at the bottom, they aren't getting eaten
If you keep your head down. If you try to do silly things like "Change the status quo" or "Want to better things", you are going to get a visit from the youkai secret police.

> really their quality of life is sightly above that of the average 19th century Japanese countryside village
True. But you can say the same thing about North Korea.

>but Reimu would need to be a person of exceptionally high moral fibre to wage war against the Gensokyo sages for the sake of the villagers
Yeah, but I would say her unwillingness to give up her own privilege, born out of essentially working to keep the human villagers down, shows a general lack of any moral fibre on her part. It's one thing to not go on what is essentially a suicide mission, another to willfully support the youkai sages like a fantasy Vidkun Quisling.

Granted, as I've said before, I think she's honestly too stupid to realize the full implication of what she's doing. But it is still why I suspect the previous Hakurei Shrine Maidens where all complete sociopathic scum that knew exactly what they were doing. The type that did as they pleased, murdered as they pleased, and most likely only produced a heir because they essentially forced a outsider/village boy that caught their fancy to marry them. If nothing else it would explain why nobody seems to think much of the previous Hakurei Shrine Maidens.

>> No.38299907

>True. But you can say the same thing about North Korea.
You have to keep in mind that Gensokyo is the only point of reference Reimu has for how society functions, there are lots of things we take as unchallengeably true or correct. The only glimpses Reimuu has gotten of the outside world have been through the imported books (which she doesn't seem to care about reading), Rinosuke's deductions, and that one time she flew over a Japanese city at night, which all she could see where high rise concrete buildings and lights. Maybe Sumireko has told her about the outside but what are the chances anyone listens to that annoying idiot?

>> No.38299950

Reimu is personally in charge of making sure Outsiders that want to leave Gensokyo get send back (Or maybe she makes sure Yukari properly disposes of them), she would most likely have a pretty good understanding of what the outside world is like. As do most humans in Gensokyo, it's why any outsider that stays in Gensokyo basically becomes a overnight celebrity.

>> No.38299960

>Shiki is basically the Touhou version of Lucifer.
No, that's Amano-Kagaseo no Mikoto. Reimu performs a ritual in two year intervals to suppress him. Source: Strange and Bright Nature Deity Chapter 16

>> No.38300005

That's the shinto version. Actual lucifer still has to be out there, and at the very least might be related to Shiki.

Hell, Hecatia flat out mentions she's in charge of hell and part of her job includes keeping people that want to destroy the world down.

>> No.38300008

They know the outside world exists, but they don't know how it works. In fact, they might even think its still like the Meiji era. In Suzunaan there was a panel early on where Kosuzu is reading imported books and she thinks that the "Soviet Union" was a building that collapsed. And I think this was in Suzunaan too, but at one point they didn't even know what India was.

>> No.38300045

>They know the outside world exists, but they don't know how it works
Not exactly, no. But they do still know enough about it to want to make Gensokyo more like the outside world because they understand it's better. It's why they went crazy on Football, for instance. Or why Sanae is so well liked.

>> No.38300056

>>38299397 >>38300005
Well, from a meta standpoint then yes, she is based partly on Lucifer, SMT Lucifer, much like her stage is based on SMT. But in terms of what she is, nah. Makai is its own sub-realm, it isn't a hell equivalent

>> No.38300066

That's fair. I do wonder though what the fuck Shiki actually is. She's very much a original character, not based on any mythological god or entity outside some vague nods to the SMT version of Lucifer.

>> No.38300068

The Outside World is to Gensokyo as Gensokyo is to the Outside World, it's basically their version of "mythical fantasy land".

Also Patchouli assumed the Apollo Project was a big spell of some sort (didnt she live in the outside before moving to Gensokyo less than a decade ago, canon-wise? how the hell did she not know what the Apollo mission was), Rinnosuke thinks computers are the outside's shikigami, etc. From their perspective our technology basically is magic, in the same way we view what they do as magic. Mundane to them, fantastical to us, and vice versa.

>> No.38300072

> It's why they went crazy on Football, for instance.
I don't remember this one. Where did it happen?

>> No.38300079

In PMiSS, with soccer.

>> No.38300099

To be fair, it's hard to blame them. Every outsider that actually makes it to the human village has no clue how their own tech works. At some point you are going to assume "It's magic" unless you know Wikipedia is a thing.

Also, to add:
>However, there are also rare cases where outsiders settle into Gensokyo.
>Such outsiders are treasured, since they hold unique knowledge.
Which seems to imply that are willing to share history and facts about the outside world. Which means Reimu at the very least should know how much better outsiders have it outside Gensokyo.

>> No.38300223

What would be the correct thing for Reimu to do according to you?
>Give up her position as Hakurei Shrine Maiden and live as a normal villager.
>Blow up the barrier and most likely die alongside everybody in Gensokyo. Saving countless outsiders in the process.
>Continue to work as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, but use her position to help the villagers and make Gensokyo a better place.
>Try to usurp the Youkai sages and take over Gensokyo for the sake of the human villagers. Most likely dying horribly.
>Something else:

>> No.38300256

>What would be the correct thing for Reimu to do according to you?
Nothing, just maintain the status quo. Her being a sociopathic asshole with a sliver of good heart is what makes her likeable and relatable.

>> No.38300268

>>Give up her position as Hakurei Shrine Maiden and live as a normal villager.
will they even let her do this
is it allowed?
>>Blow up the barrier and most likely die alongside everybody in Gensokyo. Saving countless outsiders in the process.
noble but likely wont work
will also kill a bunch of innocent youkai like aunn, hermits, celestials, humans, etc.
reimu has no reason to kill herself, her friends, and most people she knows to save people she's never met and likely doesnt care about
>>Continue to work as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, but use her position to help the villagers and make Gensokyo a better place.
shes too lazy for this, and depending on how she goes about it she may get "replaced"
>>Try to usurp the Youkai sages and take over Gensokyo for the sake of the human villagers. Most likely dying horribly.
this will without a doubt get her killed and replaced
>>Something else:
just keep doing as she does

>> No.38300312

>Likeable and relatable
Surprised to see a CIA backed dictator posting on this board.

>is it allowed?
Probably. Don't see why not.

>reimu has no reason to kill herself, her friends, and most people she knows to save people she's never met and likely doesnt care about
You could argue it's the right thing to do though.

>shes too lazy for this, and depending on how she goes about it she may get "replaced"
Possibly. But if nothing else she could invest all of the energy she currently puts into failing to con people into that.

>this will without a doubt get her killed and replaced
As things currently are? Yes. But it is implied that if she seriously trained herself she could ludicrously powerful. Combined that with her knowing people like Kasen, who would help her because it's the right thing to do, and Remilia, who are bored, like Reimu, and already tried to take over Gensokyo once. It could be plausible.

>> No.38300319

>just keep doing as she does
It's morally abhorrent though. She might be a dummy, but she does still deserve to be burned alive at the stake by any practical measure.

>> No.38300356
File: 7 KB, 190x184, reimudab.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's morally abhorrent
dont care, fuck outsiders and fuck normie humans.

>> No.38300361

It's kind of a issue though when you want your main protagonist to die horribly. It's why nobody really cares much about canon Touhou.

>> No.38300381

>It's kind of a issue though when you want your main protagonist to die horribly.
Anon you're the only one ITT seething over Reimu. Everyone else has accepted the status quo and superiority of youkai.
>It's why nobody really cares much about canon Touhou.
That's because they're secondaries and tertiaries.

>> No.38300394

>Anon you're the only one ITT seething over Reimu. Everyone else has accepted the status quo and superiority of youkai.
Nah. Other people in this very thread have pointed out that she's awful as well. Even harsher than me.

>That's because they're secondaries and tertiaries.
Which they are because canon touhou is about a bad person doing bad things. It's played for laughs, but it makes it a bit hard to care anytime anything even somewhat more serious happens.

>> No.38300442

>CIA backed dictator
How is she a dictator when she isnt even considered a figurative leader in the village? She never even gets rewarded, and never asked the villagers to do so. The villagers can't even do the bare minimum to at least visit her shrine and donate despite her doing a good job guaranteeing their safety.
>But you said she gave permission for Rumia to eat them
If I have been telling the villagers how the youkais are human's mortal enemies and they still go outside at night in a youkai infested forest I will tell them to fuck themselves too. As much as her carefree manner, deaths to youkais as a villager is so rare.
Not gonna reply to the rest of the arguments, but I'm just gonna say she was never a hero in the story. She does the bare minimum to maintain balance of Gensokyo to make the youkais happy and human villager's safe, and will never do more than what she should unless there is something for her to gain.

>> No.38300593

Reimu is just a cog in the machine, it's unfair to blame her for the system. She is a tragic character if you think about it.
She was either raised by Yukari and Genji, or her mother died when she was still a teenager. She is largely socially isolated and has no hope of ever doing anything with her life beyond tending to the balance of Gensokyo because a distant ancestor of hers decided that its a good idea to work with youkai. Day in, day out, just tending to the border. Maybe she really wants to kill every single stinking youkai in Gensokyo but knows that she can't, that would explain why she is so violent towards them.
Her only true friend is Marisa, and if anything where to happen to Marisa she would be completely alone.
She gets to take it easy sure, but her life is not fulfilling in the least bit

>> No.38300925

Just because we think Reimu is an ass doesnt mean we hate her anon. If anything we like her more because her mannerisms shat on cutesokyofags who think she is human's saviour or the bridge of humans and youkais to get along. She is literally us if you have to be a heir of an unrewarding job, which is why I said she is relatable.

>> No.38301572

>How is she a dictator when she isnt even considered a figurative leader in the village?
I mean it more in the spirit of totally sending out your people to hostile parasitic invaders for personal profit.

>but I'm just gonna say she was never a hero in the story.
I know. I was mostly just wondering what would be the heroic thing to do. There are times where it's shown she can be a good person, like when kasen manages to positively influences her or she's shown to care about Kosuzu.

Her life is unfulfilling. But I find it hard to have much sympathy for her simply because of how much better she has it compared to the human villager. She's a dummy and can probably be changed for the better, but that's about it.

>She is literally us if you have to be a heir of an unrewarding job
Her job is anything but unrewarding though. She's the queen bitch of Gensokyo and can basically do anything she damn well please as long as it doesn't upset the balance of Gensokyo. She's closer to a spoiled rich kid for whom all the money in the world can't fill the hole in the heart.

Thinking about it, she's a lot like Kaguya from Kaguya-Sama, actually. Sociopathic family, bad upbringing, insanely priviliged and rich but very lonely, kind of a dummy deep down inside.

>> No.38302040

>Her job is anything but unrewarding though
Solves incidents > Held celebration parties that are attended by youkais instead of the humans she saved, which food and booze either comes from her own pocket or her youkai friends that sympathizes her. It is literally the definition of unrewarding. Some of those incidents even left long effects, like how after Touhou 14, 15, and 16 Shinmy, Aunn and Clownpiece now lives with her. Reminder that Shinmy and Aunn are one of those factionless youkais, that she can kill if she feels like it and no one will bat an eye, but she doesnt.
>She's closer to a spoiled rich kid for whom all the money in the world can't fill the hole in the heart.
What money anon, eating bamboo shoots already feels like luxury to her, and I don't remember her getting paid for youkai extermination requests or incident resolving.

>> No.38302160

>some grimsokyofags just ruin the discussion since it boils down to arguing.
it happened

>> No.38302182

She can basically do whatever she wants. If she wanted to loot treasures, she could. If she wanted to fleece the human village or a rich Youkai for all she's worth, she could. To quote Akyuu:
>Due to her easygoing appearance, it's impossible to tell whether she realizes this or not, but the Hakurei shrine maidens really do have all of Gensokyo under their thumbs.

It's one of the few reasons I think she's more stupid than immoral.

>> No.38304248

>two anons discussing something they disagree with and exchanging canon source is arguing
Why don't you just create your cutesokyo thread to pat each others back instead of hanging out here when the thread title and image screams Grimsokyo?
>She can basically do whatever she wants
Well, to some extent, since tengus will still attack her if she take a step in their territory without permission. And there are a few times she have to give in when she didnt like it, like when she have to let Aya sell her newspaper in Suzunan, otherwise it would look like she is bias against tengus as some other youkais are already associated with Suzunan. On the point of looting, I look at it more as a quest reward, but that suits more for Marisa, like when she tried to strike a deal with Momoyo to have some Dragon gems if she wins. If you meant that time when she meets Chen, that's on Chen for saying "once youre here you can't go back". During HSiFS too, Marisa has to scold her to start acting since the rapid change of season was giving her profit.

>> No.38304505

Tengu are weird since they actually have a functional society. Even then, they can't exactly off Reimu if they so desire.

As for the looting, I mean it more in that nobody could stop her if she seriously wanted something. Not simply looting things during a incident, but just wholesale theft of whatever she wants to have. Like, if she decides to start robbing Merchants of their cash, what exactly can they do about it? She is hte law.

>> No.38304822

I felt pretty bad when Reimu just beats Kogasa up as payment when Kogasa makes her more needles.
That legitimately seemed a little too cruel and out-of-character. She does generally follow the rules reluctantly, such as in UM

>> No.38304874

WaHH Reimu is probably Reimu at her most cruel. Despite, or perhaps to contrast, with the positive influence Kasen actually is on her.

If Touhou ever got serious Kasen is 100% going to get the full Obi Wan treatment.

>> No.38305681

I'm sure Reimu at least pays after that, better have a consistent source of those high quality needles
>Even then, they can't exactly off Reimu if they so desire.
I want to say Reimu is replaceable quoting Aya in SSiB ending, but then Reimu doesnt have a heir yet, and getting someone talented like Reimu who is that powerful with close to zero practice is going to be difficult.

>> No.38305764

She's replaceable, but not easily so. If the Tengu are going to off her, they would need one hell of a good reason to not face the wrath of the Youkai sages.

>> No.38305884

People overstate her replaceability. Touhou works on comic time aka no one ages, but if we were to give her an age she would be in the 18-26 range. If she dies at this point without an heir its going to be a mess for the sages. If she plops out an heir and dies the day after it will still be bad for the sages for at least 14 years.
If we were to go full fuckhead grimmsokyo mode, then I don't think it'd be all that weird for Yukari to forcibly impregnate Reimu, but it's best not to think about that.

>> No.38305952

I do honestly imagine Yukari might eventually get Reimu a husband. But if that is non consensual, it would mostly be the man getting no say in the matter. Probably brainwashed into submission if necessary.

>> No.38307164

Just read it on this recommendation. Yeah that was really good. I feel like the fear of disappearing being Kanako's especially and Suwakos motivation for doing the things they do needs to be explored a bit more in fan works. Showing just how terrifying being slowly forgotten really is is a great way to convey it.

>> No.38307657

It is a bit hard to sympathize with them though considering they are also shown both being murderous assholes accepting human sacrifices for really no reason.

It's the typical Zounose problem of going too far when it goes to the grim stuff to the point it breaks canon and makes everybody too detestable to care.

>> No.38309909

So...Hecatia is stronger than Lucifer?

>> No.38310554


>> No.38311486

Yeah, Like no shit of she gonna be stronger than lucifer, or even the devil.

>> No.38312031

reminder that reimu put down a human slave uprising

>> No.38313204

When did that happen?

>> No.38313217


>> No.38313469


>> No.38313507

What the hell?

Okay then.

>> No.38313524

>wtf the setting isnt internally consistent with its own rules?!
Many such cases, anon.

>> No.38313568
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>is tricked into helping the beast spirits put down the human slave uprising
>doesnt even show a hint of remorse
I'm starting to think all the Reimu haters are right...

>> No.38313729

Fuck...well, have a good day.

>> No.38315725

Eagles spirit leader is a goat
Otters spirit leader is a turtle
Wolves spirit leader is a horse
What did Zun mean by this?

>> No.38317262
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I'm not a Grimsokyo fan, but please don't die.