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There's a Touhou convention in California.

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those faces are truly cursed

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The Touhou fanbase isn't /jp/. I don't like Touhou fans outside of /jp/ for the most part.

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Fucking how? Lockdowns in California right now are pretty restrictive. Unless it's online like Anime Expo or something.

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>I don't like Touhou fans outside of /jp/
Do you like Touhou fans on /jp/ then? I'm a Touhou fan on /jp/. Do you like me?

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No I don't like you because you're autistic.

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I went to the website and all of the cosplayers are hideous troons, so it's sure to be a SJW shitfest. Can't wait for the Reimu themed code of conduct page. Thank Kanako that I live in Nippon and can go to normal RTS.

It's scheduled for April 2023. By then they'll be requiring weekly vaxx and hextuple masks so it'll surely be cancelled.

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That's understandable I don't like me either

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Their main selling point on the website is a couple of cosplaying troons and a potential gameplay tournament. There aren't any doujin circles in the states like in Japan so what the fuck would you even do once you got there? Hold your nose while you wade through a bunch of balding men dressed as Cirno?

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Gott strafe Kalifornien

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Get a bunch of vendors to sell DBZ figures for 50% markup, probably.
Though for real, there's a lot of American creators, but printing works isn't as common. When/if it's done it's usually some giant collaboration artbook instead (zines) I doubt there would be many people who would not only have longer comics finished, but be willing to print them. Very slim chance.
You're more likely to find people willing to sell album CDs instead.

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If I met you IRL, would you run away or bitch me out because I referred to the organizers as janny niggers? Or would you say based and proceed to have a discussion with me about songs gameplay doujins fangames and cool merch?

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I'd fuck your ass that's what

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>Get a bunch of vendors to sell DBZ figures for 50% markup, probably.

lmao, so true. Every fucking time. DBZ shit, Final Fantasy cross stitch, Kingdom hearts fridge magnets, Sailor Moon tshirts. Half of it sold by weird creeps, the other half sold by obese white trash who don't know anything about Chinese cartoons but do know that normie "nerds" will blow money on this crap.

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Every western Touhou artist and musician I'm aware of stays anonymous so I can't imagine a whole lot of them going to some convention and potentially getting their identity leaked by a bunch of nosy organizers taking pictures of every booth without blurring faces to prove how much of a success their con was.

They also claim to have asked ZUN to make an appearance which... seems really optimistic.

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>They also claim to have asked ZUN to make an appearance

I thought the last time they had a 2hu event in the U.S. it was a massive disaster and they essentially stole a bunch of money from Nip creators. That, combined with western tertiaries harassing ZUN about SJW shit in 2hu ("are their any LGBT characters???"), lead to believe the chance of ZUN going to America are less than zero.

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>I thought the last time they had a 2hu event in the U.S. it was a massive disaster and they essentially stole a bunch of money from Nip creators.
Touhoucon? I haven't looked too deeply into it but I've heard it was a mess. Can you explain what you mean by them stealing money? It sounds interesting.

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What does that mean?

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Apperently alot of drama regarding hotel rooms

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I thought you were exaggerating but indeed it is all actually troons.

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Couldn't they have picked a better picture? Or is this the best westerner artists can do?

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American conventions are horrible, they are full of disgusting trannies and fat people.

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especially in the past 5 years

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Chris chan tier

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not even. They are undedicated and boring as shit. fake fans

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Even if they're /jp/ its not like they're gonna scream "Are you a jaypesee? I'm a jayoesee tooo!"

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>fake fans
what does this mean?
perhaps they are in it not for the games and series but for their personal agendas?
how do I become dedicated? I play the games, enjoy official works and post some drawings now and then.

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Since doujin culture is virtually non-existent outside Japan, they have to come up with the average convention events like tournament, quizz and shit. Mix in the fantastic western "culture" and you have the receipe for disaster. The idea of a Touhou event in the west is nice on paper but it will never work in reality, people here just aren't the same as the ones in Japan.

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I'm guessing selling erotic comics or even non-h is out of the question for the west? What's stopping them from releasing their indie game demos?
I've never gone to a con in any culture so I'd like to hear from you lot, I'm interested.

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Selling h stuff would probably result in a shitstorm at best with the artists being treated as evil monsters, and loli stuff would just get you arrested. As for game there's probably not enough of them to fill a whole event. Some conventions in the west can be nice, it works when it's not about a single series as there's enough people and things to sell. Touhou-only conventions have neither.

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You guys are just angry at westerners crossplaying now right?

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No shit. I just don't appreciate their retarded ideas and all that. Not only that, but I'd rather not be around people that would seek out things like conventions or even small scale meet ups.
I suppose when I say /jp/ I mean it more as the setting, rather than the group. I don't think about the individual.

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I don't think its an issue of whether its a westerner or not anon

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Then what, are you going to campaign for people to stop making Kigurumi threads? And report those gayporn 2hu crossdressing threads?

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>Then what, are you going to campaign for people to stop making Kigurumi threads?


>And report those gayporn 2hu crossdressing threads?


Also: seethe, cope, dilate, YWNBAW, etc.

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it's some old /jp/ lingo that the rest of 4chan adopted half a decade later as always

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idk about that
I don't live in the US but from what I have seen of someone that actually goes to all the American touhou conventions it's just some meeting spot for hyper norms to fuck cosplayers

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Please take your zoomer lingo and get out of /jp/

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Why can't we have a Touhoucon in Europe instead
Americans have become too fucked in the head that you could have IRL conventions with them
Not that it matters since the fake virus ruined all the prospects of getting a good convention anyway

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California sucks.

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That would be a single Touhoucon in London. Be careful what you wish for, because that sounds like it would be full of fat neckbeards and landwhale toothpaste-haired SJWhales with English university accents.

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>Americans have become too fucked in the head that you could have IRL conventions with them
You're mean.

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Why London. Why can't it be Paris or Düsseldorf

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Please take a rope and get out of this plane of existence

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>zoomer lingo

I've been here longer than you. I've posted on imageboards since before 4chan.org was registered. You can lick my chocolate starfish. And then get out of my board, along with the vtubers, hololive faggots, Jpop retards, kigurimi freaks, and all other newfag normies.

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let's have on in the Middle East!

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kigs are good stupid moron

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no one ever believes these posts

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I'd be okay with a western convention if they made it a point to say "yeah no political questions" because who the fuck cares

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people cant help themselves when it comes to politics

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As if the promo art wasn't deterrent enough, the word "California" sank my hopes even deeper. Expecting a modest disaster at best.

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At least it's not this one

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Nowadays they can't. I've been to conventions before the political schisms of 2014 onwards and they were mostly chill about that shit. You got the nuts who pushed for that shit but they were mostly ignored.
As someone who made the semi-mistake (semi because I met someone cool folks there regardless) yeah these reviews are pretty accurate.

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I've seen a bit of her artwork, and it all seemed like generic tumblr stuff. Needless to say, I now only remember her as the one who drew Marisa having some sort of schizo breakdown

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There's artist alleys in the west which kind of have that "doujin" vibe but most artists sell general works, and even then, I've only seen people make merch for basic bitch series (the usual DBZ Sailor Moon feat Knuckles the Demon Slayer shit).
Of course maybe some of them do like Touhou but when it's the majority of artists doing the same shit you can only assume the worst.
I've seen cons that allow selling NSFW works or products, but I can't imagine many willing to sell face to face.
Her art is cute but the warm colors make me feel like the night filter is on 200% and makes some characters look much darker than I'm assuming they're meant to be.

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I'm pretty sure 99% percent of the few fans here are secondaries. I don't think I've ever seen a german that played the actual games.

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>99% percent of the few fans here are secondaries
Yeah and it is all caused by the fact that our keyboards have an extra letter between where shift and z would be located

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Not German, but I'm the only non-Anglo European Touhou fan I know of. My region doesn't even register in Google Trends when you look it up. I don't think a Euro2hu convention would have much success.
So does mine, but it doesn't affect my gameplay

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>but I'm the only non-Anglo European Touhou fan I know of
Did you only post on /jp/ in the past 10 years
did you never go on european imageboards or /int/ or on /bant/

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I have, was thinking more of a "know" as in acquaintance when I wrote the post and those slipped my mind. (Then again, it's not hard to forget someone mentioning their country in passing). Don't post on regional imageboards, /int/ or /bant/ though.

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Why do Mexicans love Dragon Ball Z so much though

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yeah that explains it
because krautchan in the past was basically just a german touhou avatarfag forum until the refugee crisis hit

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I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.
Plus artist alley can embody the doujin spirit. I'm hoping we get a few to stop by.
Honestly the worst-case scenario, is that I use it as an excuse to visit Cali.

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I would join in on the janny hating.
> t. Mod himself on other forums/servers

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Why do you have a problem with them liking it? It's a popular enough series even in Japan that it started airing again.

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Now that we're talking about janny hating, you should start by loathing yourself. It's only fair.

>> No.38020256

I should. I fucking hate being a mod, but if I don't the culture for the forums/server gets fucked. Stand up to oppression.

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Honestly I'd bet most of the europoors that are fans of 2hu are not necessarily in england, but a mix of people from all over Europe.

>> No.38020548

I mean, preventing said forums from getting all crappy and stuff sounds nice, but I guess that all that self-loathing and hatred towards your own self Which is entirely deserved is what one gets for being a janny, nevertheless.

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from my experience slavs/hohols are big touhou fans and create a big part western content but germany and france also contribute (especially germany with big, high quality circles like Frozen Starfall)
ideally, have it be in austria or hungary so that there is land travel access and a presence of passionate content creators. also, there would probably be no massive american politics/queer flags being flown like a convention in london or berlin would.

>> No.38020730

just put it in düsseldorf end of discussion there is no otaku infrastrucucutre in central europe outside of that place

>> No.38020745

Fair enough. I fucking hate it, have to deal with kill joys mods.

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Try harder newfag teen

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>I went to the website and all of the cosplayers are hideous troons
wtf are you even talking about? Like 99% of them are female cosplayers.

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You'd try.

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Everybody. Everybody cares. If you didnt care it wouldnt bother you because it would just be background noise. But you do care, which is why you want to change it.

>> No.38022315

you need to gate keep

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>enjoy official works and post some drawings now and then.
Yes. People are a fake fans until they invest some serious time or contribute fan content. And even then that's not guaranteed, like the fake fans that used to draw Touhou and now draw vt*bers or F*te.

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i bought a ticket for it. never been to a convention before (also never been to america before)
i'm cautiously optimistic

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>I play the games, enjoy official works and post some drawings now and then.
Congratulations, you're more dedicated to the majority of these people.
A nondedicated/fake fan is someone who has never played any of the official games (and no doujin games that aren't those weird "advice" VN's.) and had either no knowledge of the characters or the most basic, surface level knowledge, with their ideas of each character being taken exclusively from fanon/memes, and haven't listened to anything beyond the surface level/entry level songs.
This lack of knowledge is partially why people hate them cosplaying these characters.
>posted on imageboards before 4chan was registered
So you're fluent enough in japanese to have posted on futaba before 2003? Or were you one the twelve people who posted on world2ch?
Or are you saying you posted on the .net domain, meaning you've been posting since 2003-4? Or are you so new you forgot .net was a thing?

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Never went to a convention before, but I kind of want to go.
I feel that there are enough competent western creators these days, but it's not like most of them are going to travel far and wide to attend a new convention. I wish we had something like Comiket or Reitaisai, with enough reputation to pull in talented people.

>> No.38022836

Get ready to see the most amount of fat and morbidly obese people you'll ever see in your life

>> No.38022855

>(also never been to america before)
You probably won't like us, especially Californians.

>> No.38022880

Fuck California and fuck Californians

I say this is a Californian myself living in the affluent upperclass suburbs

>> No.38022882

Mainline games? If so, then there's going to be at least 1 fun thing to do.

If you're going to visit another country for a con, why not go to Comiket or Reitaisai?

>> No.38022943

As a European who's been to America twice (California once), this is definitely not true. Americans are much friendlier than Europeans, at least in casual interactions with strangers.
Also, almost everyone I know is more critical of their own country than other countries. So please relax, America is still a great place.
>If you're going to visit another country for a con, why not go to Comiket or Reitaisai?
Not him, but language and looks. And it's not like you can't do both.

>> No.38023014 [DELETED] 

nuke it

>> No.38023274

Californication, much? Aside from that, California really is that much of a shitty place to live in, huh?

>> No.38023330

Retarded newfags fishing for (You)s being fed by other retarded newfags, please kill yourselves out of /jp/ thanks

>> No.38023650

t. Beverly Hills hilbilly

>> No.38023730

it's in a year.
I'd call you cringe and attempt to talk about touhou with you despite viewing you as a total faggot.

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To piggy back off of what >>38022338 is saying, anybody who is into Touhou (or anything else) because its the big thing that is popular and will bring them attention for contributing to it or talking about it rather than being into it because they are actually fucking into it are fake 'fans' who will leave the moment the next big fad pops up. This is also evidenced by the fact that they all have attention seeking bios dedicated to their sexuality and moral virtue in agreeing with the popular opinion on politics and like bringing those same things into the art they create attracting mentally ill people to the fanbase. Then when they leave the rest of us are left to deal with the invalids they attracted in the first place.

>> No.38025029

I like you.

>> No.38025117

what about the mentally ill people who have been fans of touhou for 15+ years

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Thats known as the core audience and they have the good kinda of autism that allows them to have encyclopedic knowledge of lore, music, IRL happenings and stories, the fangame catalogue and what is good, etc. If you lurk long enough around these parts then eventually one of them decides they like a thread and you will discover that the lunar rabbit hole gos even deeper than you previously thought. Leave them alone, for they are autistic but they are also the heart of the fanbase.

>> No.38025414

Come over to my house and fuck my sister!

>> No.38025432

If you've never been to America, why would you decide to pick THIS as your reason to go? There are so many great places in America to visit, and you pick a fucking touhou con in california? Please reconsider. Look into states like Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, but not fucking that one. You could visit incredible natural parks, historic sights, experience cultures that aren't fucking california garbage.

>> No.38025454

Come to South Florida anon. The beaches are nicer, it’s cheaper, and the women are better looking than Calif*rnia

>> No.38025495

its sad, it didnt used to be that way.

>> No.38025908

San Francisco was nice when I visited, but that was ages ago. Now it's turned into a literal shithole.

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I would only go if they got a lot of great music guests. It would be very annoying having to deal with all the fatty tranny degeneracy so maybe not.

>> No.38026901

desu the only parts of california that are nice are the cascades in the north and the sierra nevada in the east, which coincidentally are by far the least populated parts of the state

>> No.38026941

>I feel that there are enough competent western creators these days, but it's not like most of them are going to travel far and wide
That's the problem, Touhou is still a very small and unknown thing outside of Japan. It can be missleading when you see all the discussions in english and other languages on the Internet, but those are from people spread all over the world. And think about the real content, like artworks, arranges and fangames, there's some great ones sure but It's not even comparable with the fuckton of content made in that single, relatively small country that is Japan. So in the west when you want to actually gather people in a place outside of the Internet, you realize that Touhou is not as popular as you though and that all the retarded meme being spammed everywhere means nothing.

>> No.38027032

europe has a higher chance of the cosplayers actually being chicks. or maybe only russia.

>> No.38027043

they are literally troons, anon. It would be equally as horrible if they were Nips.

>> No.38027419

You don't need to make friends on conventions.

>> No.38027455

Far East Russia then, it's close to ZUN and to me

>> No.38027557

Assuming troon is 4chan newfag speak for tranny, what's the difference between that and a gay crossdressing cosplayer/kigurumi? It's all guys pretending to be girls. They also have that "UwU *glomps*" mental illness regardless of anything else just by being at a con.

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Yes please, I'll finally have an excuse to visit my hometown.

>> No.38027725

This is the main issue really. If you think about it, touhou attained popularity in the west through people coming into contact with arranges and some well made videos. The clownroll and Bad Apple!! are responsible for much of the name recognition of the franchise outside Japan but they didn't lead people to making content. Most of the people that saw those, as well as the myriad of other popular th related works, didn't go on to make OC of their own. Most simply went heard some of the more popular tracks and arranges, maybe read some of the manga and maybe a handful of them that already cared about shmups played the games.
Compare that to how the Japanese community was created. When ZUN released 6 7 and 8 those games immediately became popular with the doujin artists and doujin music creators at comiket, which are the people that matter.
Two months ago an anon on here had posted a link to a web book called "Meaningness" specifically to a section of that book about subcultures and that had a few terms I quite liked. In Japan the touhou subculture has a large amount of creators and enthusiasts. In the rest of the world we have a tiny number of creators, a small number of enthusiasts and a shitload of mops. Mops are the passive consumers, that need to be guided to good content, they claim they care but can't search on their own. The memes and the viral videos mostly attracted mops.
Now where do the organizers of this event in california fit in? I would say that they are the sociopaths, here to exploit the popularity of the series for personal gain. I'm guessing that they saw the emergence of fumo and yukuri in normalfag circles and decided that now is the perfect opportunity to make some quick bucks.

>> No.38027746

Con have too many people for my taste and I'm too autistic/friendless to setup a Touhou themed party for a weekend where we play 2hu games & eat good food though I think that'd be fun.

>> No.38027841

Based aryan alpha male

>> No.38027881

Poland, then Korwin might show up

>> No.38028276

Normalfags dont like yukkuri

>> No.38028451

The difference is just the degree of degeneracy.
Traps and crossdressing guys are not the same thing for example, even if they are both gay.
Not that I expect anyone to care about or to know the nuaces on this newfaggot infested thread.

>> No.38029216

>Traps and crossdressing guys are not the same thing for example, even if they are both gay.
I hope you imply that CD is cool and traps aren't.

>> No.38029248
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Another key aspect I think is that doujin culture already existed and was well established before Touhou appeared in Japan. People already part of a circle could try making something with it, Comiket visitors would get to know that new series and ultimately more people would join and create their own circle. This wasn't the case at all in the west when Touhou began spreading on the Internet, and two decades latter we still have nothing remotely close to it.
Doujin is a cultural thing, you can "import" a series relatively easily with the Internet but importing a whole culture is a lot more difficult especially when an important part of it is a physical location to buy and sell that we don't have.

>I'm guessing that they saw the emergence of fumo and yukuri in normalfag circles and decided that now is the perfect opportunity to make some quick bucks.
To be fair the idea of making a Touhou convention in the west is not new, some people already wanted to make somthing like that around 10 years ago. Unsurprisingly it never worked out, there's just not enough people to offset the cost of renting the necessary space and not even enough to fill that space in the first place.

>> No.38029394

Absolutely ye

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File: 484 KB, 731x669, consultant_tenkyuu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>especially when an important part of it is a physical location to buy and sell that we don't have.
Comiket is hugely important. The west certainly had "doujin culture" before the Internet and before Touhou, but with much smaller events for things like Star Trek only. The scale, the regularly occurring events, and the cross-fandom nature of Comiket all contribute to a general doujin culture, rather than isolated doujin cultures among different fandoms and conventions.
>To be fair the idea of making a Touhou convention in the west is not new,
I saw one of the organizers posting elsewhere while they were still doing preliminary work for this new convention. They were involved with Touhoucon as well, so they are definitely not just some newcomers looking to cash in on Yukkuri videos. (They were also clear to distance themselves from Touhoucon.)

>> No.38030291

There are also comic conventions and an indie comic scene, but the animosity between western anime fans and western comics has prevented a comiket like fusion of them.

>> No.38031840

Is there really? Only the biggest, most ignorant sweats in each respective community have beef with the other, /co/ even has Toonami threads where they talk about anime.

>> No.38032075
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Would you go to a western comic convention and purchase western independent comics? Western anime fans have a history of acting like they're too good for western comics or even western drawn manga, which is another reason the doujin scene never took off.
>western anime fans and western comics
Meant exactly that, not /co/ or western comic fans, just how western anime fans feel about western comics. /co/ might talk about toonami, but does /a/ talk about What a Cartoon!/Cartoon Cartoon?

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>> No.38032259

Who says crossdressing is gay? What if you just like the costumes but you aren't attracted to the same sex at all

>> No.38032345

>purchase western independent comics?
If it has an interesting story and characters and isn't filled with politics, then yes.

>> No.38032393

>interesting story
>isn't filled with politics
Interesting stories usually have groups of characters gathering together, which can be considered a faction, several factions interacting with eachother is politics.

>> No.38032409

If the work doesn't read like a specific political parties propoganda then it's fine
In-world politics and IRL politics shouldn't even be comparable in stories

>> No.38032430

You should've specified that you meant IRL politics.

>> No.38033602

What's the problem?

>> No.38033686

Their eyes look dead and soulless
Like every american woman

>> No.38033912
File: 659 KB, 983x695, cigar kids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please visit Florida. Please, please, PLEASE do not move to Florida. Come check out the beaches and weird shit and then go back home.

Also, don't visit only Miami and Orlando and think that's all there is to the state. Go to some of the lesser known beaches and weird spots, do some research and enjoy yourself.

>> No.38034126

With how much it ruins modern western media, I thought people would understand what I meant.

>> No.38034262

I think crossplaying is only fine if you have the masculine features to offset the feminine outfit like muscles, facial hair, strong jawline, etc. A bearded Cirno or a muscular Marisa is charming. If you’re skinny, fat, very obviously celibate (because that means you’re almost definitely crossplaying as a fetish,) or otherwise just a weak person, it’s gross. Nobody enjoys seeing a bunch of 40 year old men wearing skirts.

>> No.38034591

One of the big factors holding back the creation of a serious doujin culture in the west is copyright bullshittery. You can bet your ass people would be selling Star Wars hentai doujin at comicon if they could but disney will send the knee breakers. In fact they will hunt you down even if you aren't selling, as they are obsessed with controlling the "image" of their cash cows. Can't have little (age 38) Timmy look at Chewbaka's hairy baka or else he might think that happened in the movies!!!!11!!1!1
There was also that whole issue with nintendo prohibiting fangames.
Even with companies that aren't that sociopathic you wont be able to sell your content without explicit legal confirmation by the copyright owner of your right to sell the tetriary material.
To make matters worse copyright will never expire due to the constant lobbying of congress by fatcats.
There's also the issue that recent american generations are shit at creativity, the gen Xers were retard homos and the millennials are too far up their ass with their """irony""" and inherent desire to be normalfags to create anything worthwhile.
The zoomies might be able to fix things, retarded as they are, they are very sincere in their autism and that's the building block of subcultures, let's just hope that their brains don't get fried completely by social media

>> No.38034684

>The zoomies might be able to fix things
Yeah, if you consider "Cirno sussy fumo drip" an improvement.

>> No.38034741

so what are we expecting to see there? I'm thinking 200 different fumo comics and paraphernalia, then lost word and other kusoge shit

>> No.38034764

Not him, but it's not that much worse from "eyem de strongest 9 sakuya pads" repeated for over a decade and half.
At least people make fun photos with the fumo plushies and the roblox game seems pretty legit considering they got a ridiculous amount of characters in.

>> No.38034785

>touhou fest
>artstyle on the logo looks more western
this is already a fagfest, anon

>> No.38034789

Nothing much apart from what you said. Maybe there'll even be a decent amount of tranny cosplayers in there. Moreso when considering that it's California we're talking about.

>> No.38034864

That falls under the "fried brains" I mentioned. Those are just mimicking shit they have seen in social media for attention. I'm just hoping that there will be a few genuinely creative autists in the zoomie pile.

>> No.38034918

I'm betting they'll all end up being eclipsed by the rest, and not in a good way, mind you. I'm talking being eclipsed in the sense that there'll be so many fried-brain zoomies to the point that they'll end up rendering the other artists "invisible," so to speak.

>> No.38035620
File: 89 KB, 500x690, Yuuka_LLS_CopperReverie_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be her chair.

>> No.38035633

You better have a strong back.
Yuuka had long hair in LLS.

>> No.38035752

American culture

>> No.38036144

Imagine the braps

>> No.38036188

So basically if you are crossdressing as a joke with the intention being to create dissonance between the character you are playing as being cutesy and girly vs your own masculine stature its fine.

When you are crossing because you think you look feminine enough to trick people into thinking you actually are a cute girl cosplaying as a cute girl its gay.

>> No.38036204

They would, hes being purposely obtuse.

>> No.38036229
File: 671 KB, 2000x1000, hate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will happily take Cirno sussy fumo drip over the more damaging cancer that autism brings.

>> No.38036272

Why's it okay when japs give them dicks and write mushy non-h yuri stories but not when westerners do it?

>> No.38036375

You know that zoomers lap up that shit too right?

>> No.38036398

because we suck at it.

>> No.38036409

You see the flags? You see the political ideology behind them and their movements? You see how whether you like and/or accept them and their mental illness has become the prevailing discussion in ANY fandom that they enter and what happens to you if you dont? None of that shit is intended or behind the inclusion when Japan does it. To them its what it should be. A curiosity. It only shows up if the author wants to explore the concept and all of its implications or if its their fetish.

>> No.38036564


>> No.38036587
File: 437 KB, 1561x1097, Gay2hu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38036664

Do you go to twitter specifically to look for this trash?
Is that what you do with your life?

>> No.38036669

You're not allowed to make fun of that here unless you write the magnus opus of Touhou fanworks, don't you know that? Otherwise you're just being a homophobic.

>> No.38036694

No, someone I used to follow retweeted it.

>> No.38036786
File: 210 KB, 512x512, 1629897821192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine having a Twitter account. I don't get it. You must be angry all the time, non stop, at entities that don't exist outside the internet.

>> No.38036815

And now you're angry at me.

>> No.38036818

I'm just disappointed in you.

>> No.38036832

I'm so sorry... This won't happen again, I promise!

>> No.38036869

Good. I'll have to take away your HRT if this keeps up.

>> No.38036904

I deleted my Twitter account and only used it like twice or thrice, but the only good use for it is to follow artists you like and ignore everything else.

>> No.38036923

That's fair

>> No.38037023
File: 298 KB, 552x595, __kaenbyou_rin_touhou_drawn_by_wool_miwol__7a9082443f5827cca8a139536f1056b4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the nine this marketing sucks.
Who are their guests other than a bunch of fuck all 3DPD cosplayers? Can they guarantee at least one decent touhou music artist that we can meet in person? In fact, has a single touhou doujin creator expressed any kind of interest in this event and has the staff tried reaching out to them? So far it looks like it's all bandwagon cosplayer whores and possibly "artists" such as the one in OP's image. I'm now curious to see how this shitshow will unfold.

>> No.38037059
File: 3.81 MB, 1786x8000, gamejam_tier_list.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All but one game is just lesbians, most of the games don't even focus on relationships, and definitely do not push any radical agendas.
I get what you mean, but if you look beyond their flags, most people aren't bad. It's the same everywhere: people just wanna get along and be decent, with a few vocal idiots thrown into the mix. Take it easy!

>> No.38037151

>people just wanna get along and be decent
So they wouldn't have minded if I submitted a game about Marisa and Rinnosuke dating, right?

>> No.38037189

submit a game about rinnosuke and the player dating instead

>> No.38037211

He's saying based on deez nuts

>> No.38037222

I don't think they would, it'd just potentially get low ratings in the "use of the theme" category (but maybe not?).
I get the point you're trying to make, though: it's not like homosexuality is frowned upon in the Touhou community, or needs additional representation to make homosexuals feel welcome. It's pointless virtue signaling at this point (or maybe just using pride month as an excuse to make games, depending on how cynical you are).

>> No.38037750

>Can they guarantee at least one decent touhou music artist that we can meet in person?

With the current state of the world? Probably not. Unless that artist is willing to quarantine for for like 2 weeks here knowing California and then 2 weeks there knowing japan.

Of course that's assuming any of the staff can speak japanese or figure out how to get in touch with anyone cool.

It's also US convention so I have no real hope for the guests. US cons always focus too much on US people like cosplayers or voice actors that I don't give a shit about.

Which is a shame cus there a a million people you could probably get to come over for pretty cheap all things considered. I know people in the doujin music scene who will come over pretty much for a free flight and weed.

I might go to this thing as I'll be on the West Coast at the time so getting there would be cheap. Might be fun to gawk at if nothing else. If I get bored I can find something else to do in LA.

>> No.38037949

The point I'm trying to make is why bring real world politics into Touhou? Can't they appreciate the series for what it is?
The characters' sexuality is only brought up when it's relevant, like with Junko and Suwako having children, so why make the theme of that gamejam about sexuality?

>> No.38038015
File: 94 KB, 770x221, 1636047375161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38038203

The results turned out a bunch of lesbian stuff but the organizers specifically are targeting the rest of the crazies and have an actual rule saying that every game must have representation in some way to be eligible for the jam. Its using touhou as a vehicle to push the ideology.

>> No.38038299
File: 373 KB, 1280x1055, thereisnogod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

say hello to your touhou festival staff. Touhou themed dilation stations will be installed throughout the convention floor. Bring your own dilators!

>> No.38038975

>You see the flags?
What of it? It's the same as using the term "yuri" or showing an image of a lily to begin with.
>You see the political ideology behind them and their movements?
What ideology? That a series full of girls is full of lesbos? That's the Japanese fan ideology.
>You see how whether you like and/or accept them and their mental illness has become the prevailing discussion in ANY fandom that they enter and what happens to you if you dont?
No, because I take my proverbial meds. I do know that yurifags are very annoying in either the east or west.
>None of that shit is intended or behind the inclusion when Japan does it.
I don't remember westerners flipping their shit when something full of girls has a boy inserted into it
>To them its what it should be. A curiosity.
Are you saying Japs are fakegay or westerners are fakegay? You suggest that the Japanese are doing it for legitimate reasons but also that the westerns are just doing it for social statue.
>It only shows up if the author wants to explore the concept and all of its implications
What do a bunch of people pushing their gay agenda do in their gay stuff? Just make a half hour of the characters chanting "we're here, we're queer, get used to it?"

I hope you aren't one of those people in the inmu/wrestling thread gushing about how much you miss some dead faggot and how gayporn collabs aren't what they used to be.

>> No.38039160

Conflating appreciation for yuri with Western LGBT politics and ideology pushing is blatantly a bunch of bullshit. These same political types would shit on the business yuri you see in idol culture, for example.

>> No.38039380

Post some twitter examples of them doing that, like you posted twitter examples of them making touhou gay.

>> No.38039600

It's just a con. I wish I could go to play games and see the bullshit panels they have.
But must importantly take pics of all the well dressed cosplayers to post here.
I take offense to that, I think.

>> No.38039794

I'm not going to reply to all of this, but the major point of difference is that one puts the series first, and the other puts politics first. That is to say, if I told a yurifag I didn't like their ship, they'd either shrug it off, or say I have terrible taste. If I told the westerner I didn't like their ship, they would call me a homophobe. The westerner is more interested in the politics and how the series can be used to fuel that. They likewise want others to know of their politics, and any who disagree barred and removed. Their politics is a driving force in their use of the series, as well as a shield from any and all criticism. And you just know the people posting touhous with pride flags would flip their shit if someone posted a touhou with a confederate flag or anything of that nature.

We don't need that here. Nothing good comes from it.

>> No.38039995

>And then get out of my board, along with the vtubers, hololive faggots
Anyone that even knows the name of the goddamn retard shark deserves to get raped and eaten by real life shark.

>> No.38040371
File: 225 KB, 1200x1706, 36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn westerners ruining Touhou with their shitty art. Why can't they draw as well as the glorious Japanese?

>> No.38040395

But that's cute? I don't get your point, Tourist-kun.

>> No.38040408

that was true back before Zoomers came of age. Different crowd now.

>> No.38040470

Is that so? Because I still see that stuff in 2021.

>> No.38040532

Seriously, what is your problem with that particular vtuber? Why not the meme rabbit that gets posted everywhere all the time to the point of ruining /jp/ historic records? >>https://warosu.org/jp/reports/image-reposts
Did that shark bite your dick off or something? You mention it everything you bring up vtubers in some metathread. And I'm sure you're going to pretend it's not you always referring to it as "that fucking shark" or something instead of saying it's name. I'm sorry you simped to her and she didn't say your name out loud or whatever, but you need to chill. You're obsessed. I don't even think they talk about that one on /jp/ anymore.

>> No.38040633

Communities need to maintain a controlled ratio of enthusiasts and mops. The LGBT fags are mostly mops and importantly, if they are allowed to fester they will attract more of their kind. Much like other mops, they feel the need to morph the subculture into something more palatable to their tastes, they mostly talk about their fag politics and fag mental illnesses, with the subculture only serving as the current backdrop. Difference is, most mops aren't coordinated, if they can't change the community they won't care, the fags feel a need to change the community.
They are malicious, they try to morph the community into a fag safespace, they try to drag everyone into their faggy arguments. Particularly at IRL events they cause more trouble than anyone else, 1 of them is as much trouble as 10 normal normalfags.
We need to keep them out of the community, if we don't want the community to die. Tell me do you want touhou to become a westoid faggot community?
The people who speak like you do are either ignorant about the effects fags have on communities or outright malicious, and I hope you are the former

>> No.38040688

If you get rid of all the westerners will Japs stop making shitty non h yuri doujins and make more straight gangbangs and /ss/?

>> No.38040697

What is the appeal of gangbangs to you?

>> No.38040707

I could probably go grab a terabyte of bad western art to show you by the end of the night if you want, your post means nothing

>> No.38040720

It's also good if you are an artist because it helps you gain publicity fast.

>> No.38040745

A girl getting penetrated is hot. The more she gets penetrated, the hotter it is. Simple as.
I wish slime girl fetishists drew people sticking their dicks wherever into them more instead of them having normal sex. If it's a slime, every spot is a hole!

>> No.38040758

I could do the same with Jap art. Your post means nothing either. There's also nothing wrong with OP art.

>> No.38040812

I'll tell you what's wrong, they look like porcelain dolls. Do you find their soulless eyes appealing tourist-kun?

>> No.38041037

Their eyes are more appealing than >>38040371's eyes.

>> No.38041073
File: 2.08 MB, 1600x1386, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also what do you have against dolls?

>> No.38041082

I think the most irritating part of it isn't really that they exist and say "Oh, trans rights!" or some shit, it's that they involve themselves and get mad if you don't want to put up with their shit. With a normal person, that'd be fine. But imagine if I made a fangame and got some random online people who liked Touhou to join in, and one of them turned out to be from that can of worms. Not just "oh, they're trans," but for the sake of argument they're very vehemet about forcing the characters into being LGBT or something. If I rejected them for trying to force their identity politics on a game mostly devoid of it, I'd probably be scorned. Even if I had an entire twitter timeline of them being autistically obsessed with who they are, and why everything someone makes of something they like should cater to their whims, I'd probably be called a bigot cause I don't want the non-canon trash in a fangame. Even worse, it sort of pushes into the territory of violating ZUN's policy against pushing personal political views with your game, but I don't imagine that they care about that because imposing governmental restrictions on people so you can gain unfair protections and opportunities is apparently not "politics" but about "human rights" as I've heard many of them say.
The best you can do is simply steer clear of them and hope they don't force themselves into whatever you're doing.

>> No.38041764
File: 89 KB, 210x240, dracula.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You must be angry all the time, non stop, at entities that don't exist outside the internet.
Perhaps the same could be said of all social media...

>> No.38041809

Why yes let's advertise our convention with deviantart looking shit

>> No.38041847

..that's a lot of baseless assumption you just made on that dude, pure projection from your perspective at a random Twitter user.

>> No.38042030
File: 1.73 MB, 1280x1790, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would you use a page from a yassy doujin to make this point
dude's a yoyo between high quality and shit

>> No.38046582

I get what you mean. I think it's the shading around the eyes that make it look odd. Using a lighter shade would help it look less sunken in, or perhaps only doing the top half of the eye to make it look more like eyeshadow instead of the entire eye.

>> No.38046647

they are indeed, dolls in pseudo paradise..

>> No.38046800
File: 133 KB, 1500x998, 1331662457618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dolls are better than 2hu and fumos

>> No.38046827

Dolls are creepy and only weirdos like them.
Except for Suiseiseki. She's alright.

>> No.38047191

>15+ years
the good thing about the faggot kind of mental illness is that they have an expiration date

>> No.38047711
File: 167 KB, 500x499, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_zhaktnf__949714321c1da0e1d3f2254c2248155c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Japanese doujinfags just using 2hu-concept to satisfy their own fetishes. But westerns wanna rebuild the whole unirverse by their standards. They annoy ZUN in his twitter account and trying to push political shit throught him as canon. Do you feel the difference now? Western (and Europe) non-imageboard touhou fans are all pests.

>> No.38048203

>They annoy ZUN in his twitter account
Do they really?

>> No.38049206
File: 46 KB, 1034x802, guidelines.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. The japs may draw yuri, manly/muscular 2hus, put dicks on them, interchanging body/sex, and pretty much the weirdest things you can imagine but they are never like
>Look look, those two are SO proud to love each other even though they are both GIRLS!
Or worse
> Wow, those girls have dicks! You know why? That's because they previously identified as boys! By the way their pronoun as they/them, don't you dare forget it or else
It's one thing to express your interests though media, it's another to force those onto everyone and treat people like ignorants when they tell you "sorry, that's your thing, not mine".

>> No.38049615

>> Wow, those girls have dicks! You know why? That's because they previously identified as boys!
The dick part isn't even necessary, since they insist that Miko is a tranny.

>> No.38049649

you tell me.

>> No.38050088

What does the caption say?

>> No.38050196

Please make a thread when the time comes and post a few pictures, I bet a few here want to see how much of a trainwreck it turns out to be.

>> No.38053660

discussion about troons has ruined this website

>> No.38053687

your Marisa
is in a zone of risk
(it's a pun in Russian)

>> No.38060046

Why isn't it wordfiltered yet?

>> No.38060236

>unemployable neets and autistic bugs pretending to be chads all crossplaying in California
10 bucks says someone is going to get shot at by MSonethree.

>> No.38060341
File: 1.07 MB, 240x180, Animated Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Flag Animation (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Better yet, PAKISTAN

>> No.38060909

i would probably join in, and start calling the cosplayers trannies and kikes, but i don't want to go to a literal shithole like california and risk catching an airborn mental illness. my taste in touhou stuff is probably pretty basic, the only game i've beaten past easy mode is lolk on pd, and i can barely get past ringo on hard mode, but i would probably enjoy hearing other people talking about touhou stuff irl.

>> No.38061252

Oh thanks, yeah now I've noticed it rhymes.

>> No.38061437

this is unironically more appealing than the cal-arts, cookie cutter crap we get from western "artists". merely not being unappealing is all it takes, really.

>> No.38063389

Blame japs for using that shitty website.

>> No.38063427

Who the fuck cares. Why does /jp/ act like this?

>> No.38063460

It's only shitty for us, they know how to keep it civil.
Why do you care that they care you fucking retard?

>> No.38063491

>You must be angry all the time, non stop, at entities that don't exist outside the internet.
You mean like you're doing RIGHT NOW?

>> No.38063515

>no u
damn bro that's a good one way to show him

>> No.38063635

Why do you care that I care that they care you absolute fuckwad?

>> No.38063641

Western fan art. Not even once.

>> No.38063698

Go to OP's con with a camera and take a picture of any crowd and or the merchants hall. I garuntee you there will be flags in the hall and fags in the crowds and none of them will be subtle about it.

>> No.38063728

bringing chlorine would probably be better

>> No.38063763

Oh hey I live there.

>> No.38063781
File: 94 KB, 500x500, 1612036436203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have my condolences.

I used to as a kid and just got back from a trip to visit family there. God what a shithole.

>> No.38063801

because people will just make up a new word to get around it

>> No.38063809

I don't, I'm just the type to get amused by retards acting like retards.

>> No.38063846

Well I'm not a retard so stop calling me that.

>> No.38063926

You just act like one?

>> No.38071238
File: 604 KB, 220x124, fumocrow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why can't humans just put aside their differences and love eachother and be happy togheter? Dumbos.

>> No.38071304

keep posting this fumo meme shit and ill call you a retard as well
other than that, have a nice day

>> No.38075215

YWNBM (me)
But yes fumos are gay

>> No.38075230

>>You see the flags?
>What of it? It's the same as using the term "yuri" or showing an image of a lily to begin with.
imagine having your head this far up your backside

>> No.38075422

This is your brain when /jp/ is your sole source of interaction.

>> No.38078269

do they let in only players of the games?

>> No.38078544

I'm betting thtat the organizers themselvies are secondaries

>> No.38078564

I'm from Austria, does that count?

>> No.38078602

I'd be surprised if more than 10% of the people who'll attend ever played one of the danmaku games.

>> No.38078801
File: 147 KB, 600x470, 1623341102263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, now just take your reddit-spacing ass back where you came.

>> No.38079743

Having spergouts about every word that isn't stale 2007 meme doesn't make you cool.

>> No.38079797

Bringing in outsider culture here just makes you a faggot.

>> No.38083122 [DELETED] 


>> No.38083143

There hasn't been anything but outsider culture since 2012, what the fuck are you going on about.

>> No.38084968

Oh yes, since it's already a lost cause, why not take even more rapefugees up the ass until you enjoy it?

>> No.38086310

>no arguments, just flinging insults at each other and somehow bringing politics into this
nice going, guys. Thread was at least interesting for a bit.

>> No.38086689

Who are you quoting?

>> No.38088037
File: 8 KB, 390x470, 1343246655566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh sicrit club
Yeah, sure, keep shitting up the board with your template posts and calling it "gatekeeping".

>> No.38092016

Green niggers like (You) already got your heart's fill shitting up /v/ but nice projection. Also thread was already doomed with just the mere mention of it being in Commie-fucking-fornia alone. Not everyone's used to dodging pozz needles after slipping in shit.

>> No.38100446
File: 26 KB, 184x185, 1499818457440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've posted on imageboards since before 4chan.org was registered

you think anyone's going to believe that?

>> No.38101117


>> No.38101223
File: 2.95 MB, 300x148, He was a faggot, but he was our faggot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because hiroshima nagasaki doesn't have the balls to screw with his users the way moot did

>> No.38101277

I might, if she lost some weight

>> No.38102072

He made a boat load of money by selling 2channel user data. I thought everybody knew that already.

>> No.38110499

this is certain to be extremely cringe

>> No.38110676
File: 791 KB, 956x1150, a95bf66607361c8c072d22b1b7a3b7ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

White people ruin everything. You can try to refute this but you know it's true.

>> No.38110903

Did you get lost on your way to twitter?

>> No.38115621
File: 630 KB, 801x576, 2345679672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gonna use thread to ask because I don't a point making a new thread for this:
What exactly is "doujin culture"?
People in Japan can make derivative works of any IP and sell them at conventions? Be it music, comics, games, etc.?
Say, a guy makes a music album using different instruments compared to the original, can he sell that at conventions freely? Or the IP's owner has all the rights to decide what happens to that music album?
What about exceptions like Nintendo shutting down fan projects? Isn't that against the whole "doujin culture" that people like?

>> No.38115682
File: 213 KB, 454x422, 1639860360650.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are a massive dishonest faggot for implying that what japs do are the exact same thing as that pride shit pushed by trannies here in the West.
What the japs are interested are in the aesthetics of it, while theit western counterparts are interested in social engineering through making subversive works and enforcing group think to push their pride shit.

>> No.38116232
File: 3.02 MB, 1753x1239, d08db1655e68e3a813a66e41d7cce428008716bd2b1215ea51014985d2e10d02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First and foremost, doujin culture is people sharing common interests getting together to produce what they want. It can be any kind of media, music, books, animation, 3D modeling, cosplay, jewelry... It doesn't have to be based of an existing IP and there's a lot of original work, but since enjoying the same series is a big factor for people to group together it's not suprising there's a huge amount of that too. Then those people sell their work at various events through the year, the biggest one being Comiket. And for work based on an IP, that is illegal.

>Or the IP's owner has all the rights to decide what happens to that music album?
They have all the rights to do that, just as in the west. However most of the time the law isn't enforced because everyone has something to gain here. If you find a music CD or doujinshi and you like it, chances are you'll want to check out the source material at some point so it's basically a huge free publicity for the companies being it. Plus a lot of artists first begin by producing and selling doujin work before working in the industry, so if lets say a manga publisher were to take down doujinshi based of their IPs it would send a big middle fingers to both the customers and the artists, and surely if one of them end up being the author of the next huge hit and they're looking for a publisher, they won't choose that one.

There's exceptions though. I remember not so long ago the production company behind Girls und Panzer banning any derivative work of the IP. It wasn't well received. And as you said, Nintendo is also especially infamous for taking down everything, you won't find Nintendo-based doujin work at Comiket but they definitely don't need any kind of free publicity so I guess they just don't care. As for Touhou, as long as you follow the very permissive guidelines you're free to do pretty much whatever you want. ZUN still have all the rights on his IP and can take down projects which doesn't follow the rules, it happened a couple of times like with that ufotable anime.

tl;dr Selling doujin work based of an IP is illegal but for the law to be enforced you first need right owners to complain, and most don't as they actually benefit from the situation.

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ah, right, I forgot, doujins are self-published works and I mistakenly mixed it with "derivative works" which is also a kind of doujin
do people contact the IP owner (in case they are also a small indie) and introduce their doujin work as a good gesture (idk, say they love the IP so much that they made a doujin based on it)?
anyway, thanks for the reply. I hope I can attend Reitaisai, once as a customer and once as a vendor in my lifetime, would be really radical, I think

>> No.38116815

>do people contact the IP owner
No need to do that, you just make it and sell it, unless the IP has explicit rules telling you to ask first I guess. For Touhou you only need to ask ZUN if what you're making isn't doujin work (like a company producing figures of the characters) or if you're selling outside of the usual doujin distribution methods (like if you're making a fangame and want to publish physical copies of it in stores worldwide)

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