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Hi just want to see who would do the same as me.
If for some crazy reason I get to romantically embrace Ran, I would not be able to control my urge to reach my hands behind her to grab and stroke her fluffy tails. Though it'll probably ruin the hug, I just don't think I'll be able to stop myself from doing it right at that moment.

Just wondering if there is anyone else like me in that situation.

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damn furries

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Bump for quality Touhou discussion.

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Who could pass up a chance like that?

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i'm in heaven

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I'll grab it so hard, so hard that my hands would start bleeding.
I hope it doesn't hurt her though.
I hope.

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Now I need some Ran doujins.

The thought of stroking Ran is making me feel hot and bothered.

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please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

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The pleasure of stroking ran's

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Pillow tails.

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There's a voice inside my head that tells me liking Ran makes me a furry, and it bothers me to no end.

That said, I would still love to curl up inside them and fall asleep.

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Yukari here, I accidentally your Chen.

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Why does Chen have pubes?

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It's okay as long as you wouldn't prefer her with the face of a fox and really hairy skin.

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Secret revealed.

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Her session with Yukari that evening (apparently) turned her into a woman.

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I wouldn't do it in a hug, but some other time I would sneak up behind her and grab those tails.
I would stroke them all night.
...all night.

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My precious tails.......... precious....

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she hit puberty

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I wonder if she'd find it uncomfortable to have her tails stroked or if it would feel good to her- like the kitsune equivalent of a backrub...

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Handle bars?

Now I need a tailgasm doujin.

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I'm sure whenever Chen snuggles up in her tails she feels sexual arousal.

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I had a nightmare where I tried to catch some sort of ball and fell into her tails. I sank deeper and deeper until I couldn't breath anymore and woke up.
Shit was intense.

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That was Yukari working with Ran in your dream dimension trying to spirit you away to Gensokyo. Lucky bastard. Well but then I can see they failed.

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They didn't fail, he failed. Most men don't have what it takes to make it to Gensokyo.

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Bu-But I was about to die. I struggled but couldn't get out and I feared for my life. After waking up I was so raddled I had to get up immediately because the fuzzyness and warmth of my bed reminded me of her tails.
There's no way being spirited away to Gensokyo would feel like that.
Like I said. Shit was intense.

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Tentacle rape fodder.

My god, ZUN thought of everything!

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Ah, yes. You thought it was a big joke when Chen went swimming in Ran's tails and Ran couldn't find her?

Chen flirts with danger. Ran's tails can consume anything that gets too close within, like a black hole. You could stay in there forever and she wouldn't know.

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I would probably camp in fron of the SDM untill China would accept my request and tell Patchy that I would like to study in her library.
Patchy respects a strong will to learn, therefore I will be successfull.
If the plan fails, or I miraculously escape Sakuyas attempts to feed me to Remi, I will try to visit Alice and ask her to teach me magic.

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Wrong thread dude, here we worship Ran's nine holy tails.

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Oh, she'd know...

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I apologize and contribute.

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