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Cirno is the purest touhou. She has no idea what sex is.

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You know I have this folder on my PC it's called Touhou Doujins, I can assure you she knows what sex is.

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Reimu is too young to know about it.

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Rinnosuke is the purest Touhou

He does not need the company of women he has good old lefty.

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Lily White is the purest.

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god... I've always wondered why there are almost no touhou threads on /v/... godfuckingdammit

*bookmarks /jp/*

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please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

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*grabs your dick and licks it softly, is 600 pounds*

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Protip: Quit bookmarking shit and get the 4chan firefox extension, clinically proven to make this shit hole suck at least 10% less.

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No. Just fuck off again.
Go back there and don't come back.

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She could be in the middle of experiencing it, but still be clueless.

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thanks, I never tried it, but I will give it a chance


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why are pictures of girls eating yummy things so cute?

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Welcome to the most miserable board on 4chan. You'll soon turn tail and run back to your land of MSPaint console wars.

/jp/ is like Generation Y imitating Generation X.

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because they are moe.

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The Cutest touhou when not stuffed with dongs.

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I think "imitating Generation X" is the defining feature of Generation Y.

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Who's the cutest touhou when stuffed with dongs?

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Where exactly do they find all those dongs in gensokyo?

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They just grow from the ground. If you walk around carelessly there's a good chance you'll end up with DONGS EVERYWHERE, in your mouth, your ass, your vagina, your hands, your feet, and quite possibly your armpits.

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No, just /jp/ in particular.

Generation X was just selfish, bored and lacked direction. Generation Y is indulgent, amoral and equates happiness with material possession.

In a way, /jp/ doesn't need to worry about such things, though. Your lives, while sad and without female accompaniment, are much simpler than other people's. You just look at things on your computer until you die.

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>quite possibly your armpits


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nah, It can't be that bad, and at least I get to see sum delicious toho girls

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And yet we have Hipsters, a kind of ironic self-consciously-a-scene scene, a kind of hollow imitation of past scenes, with all the trappings of a culture without any core tenets besides we-are-a-culture. It's like they are pretending to be human, a chilling uncanny simulacrum of generations gone by.

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How is it a simulacrum?

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It's not I just wanted to expound on that one thought to ridiculous lengths. Simulacrum doesn't fit at all because I was describing a group while a simulacrum is an artificial individual.

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Also note I am parroting some music snob's impressions of the culture, I just found it to be an interesting perspective, it's probably highly inflammatory.

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It feels like enjoying this is wrong, yet I cannot look away.

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So basically, you've just thrown together a bunch of big words you don't really understand?

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No. I just used "simulacrum" even though it didn't fit the situation well.
Here is the meaning of the rest of the post:

And yet we have Hipsters, a modern "subculture" composed only of groups of freinds wearing certain clothing themes, attempting to re-create the sort of subcultures as "Hippies" or "Mods" or "Greasers" or such, but without any unifying credo or tenets. They are not a true subculture of common-minded people, but merely rallying under the pretense of one self-consciously. In other words, imitating previous generations while missing the point entirely, without a shred of originality. The part about "simulacrum" was just me not knowing when to shut up, continuing to hammer a topic when I had drifted off into poor metaphor.

Note, this is not my own impression of the "hippster" culture, I have no first-hand experiance of it. This is a summary of someone /else's/ impressions of the culture, which I digested and found interesting enough to recount here, as an example of how Generation Y is characterize by imitation of previous generations, rather than original movements.

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>Generation Y is indulgent, amoral and equates happiness with material possession.

Like no one ever was before. The difference is the fact they no longer use the mask of "morality".

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>doing the same thing as previous generations but dropping the self-righteous act

Hey, I call that progress in society.

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Cirno and pseudo-intellectualism in the same thread? It's more likely than you think.

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Continue, this is getting very interesting and cute.

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Please don't think lewd thoughts about Cirno. She is too pure for that.

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