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One does not simply belong.

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It's Luvia.

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YMK bitch

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The tsukihime.

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The princess doesn't need to be associated with the other filth in your pic.

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Antoinette, she's a whore.

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It's Bawson.

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Princess being ZUN, right?

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Have to go with Beatrice, she's just so much better than all those losers.

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Arc should be replaced with Servant-killing Shiki.

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Kircheis, since he's actually /a/ related.

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Is this some sort of joke you're all in on or do you just not know English?

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>implying ZUN and Kircheis are losers
Average uninformed Uminekofag

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beatrice, because she doesnt exist

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Only ZUN, Dawson and Japanese Bird exist.

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please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

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I meant him too maybe Kircheis.

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It's the pasta.

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That fucking parrot is not related with japan

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That OP pic makes no sense.

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He was born in Japan, that's why they call him Japanese.

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is there any proofs?

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That bird was actually born in China and smuggled to Japan.

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the middle one

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Actually, you are both wrong. The bird was born in Russia. Hence the creator of JBCS: "Anonymous Of Russian Federation"

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I bought it in Japan, taught it how to cook spaghetti and sent a picture to AoRF.

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I am sorry, but you know who is the only princess in there right?

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>taught it how to cook spaghetti
ok, I lied, he already knew that trick I was trying to sound cool

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>Crimson Moon
>Luvia's Princess Curls

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Fuck you, Bawson is the only good thing about /jp/.

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Type-moon princesses don't have the class and beauty of Kakuya. In powerlevels Kaguya>Crimson Moon.

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ZUN. Others are fictional characters.

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The japanese bird is real.

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If you're going to list my shortcomings, you can also say that I don't have a world-destroying fleet of space battleships and savage bunnies at my disposal like Kaguya.

I understand where you're coming from here, but I can't be classed with Kaguya to begin with. She's above me in almost every regard. Don't think I can't recognize my superiors.

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Australian bird is read. And is not so good. Japanese bird is fictional and is awesome.

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Russia just spammed /jp/ with it, he didn't make the image.

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Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti


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please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

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please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

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Holy shit OP, good job. You just trolled everyone. And I vote the forced Japanese Bird meme thing. It's still not funny.

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how cute, he doesn't know what a troll is
back to /v/ little boy

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