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How do you cope with insomnia /jp/? I'd like to change my sleeping habits, but I can't force myself to fall asleep at a night hour no matter how hard I try. During the day I try to stay awake, so I can get some rest at night, but I always get so tired that I doze off halfway through the day and the cycle repeats itself.

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I pretty much don't care, what's wrong with being asleep all day and being up all night, being awake at night is SO relaxing.

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get drunk and makes sure to time it to align your sleeping habits properly

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Stay up for one or two nights, try to do some physical activity during the day. You'll be so fucking tired you'll end up asleep.

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Unlike you lazy fucks, I have to go to university, so routine more or less forces me to wake up early (as in, before noon) even if I can't sleep at night.

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sup darks.

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I don't have insomnia, I just sleep whenever I feel like it. I don't think any kind of pattern could be found if I started keeping track on when I sleep. At least I never have trouble sleeping. I could even sleep all day, though 20h+ of sleep tends to give me a headache.

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Hookah or exhaustion if Its particularly bad.

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This, really sucks when you can't sleep but you know you have to get up in two hours.

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Don't eat a lot during daytime.

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Caffeine is bad, not to mention it doesn't even have much of an effect if you consume it daily. Kind of just causes insomnia and makes you tired during the day.

Well that's just my experience. Stopping consuming anything with caffeine did wonders.

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I pop sleeping pills like tic-tacs.

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I take medicine to sleep.

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Nothing I've tried has helped with insomnia. I just avoid having to wake up early by taking later classes. My insomnia isn't as bad as it used to be but it's still impossible for me to get to sleep before 2 or 3 am.