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The last thread appears to be autosage, so here's the new Rance thread

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I'm trying to get the Takeda bonus, but nobody is hiring them. I'm at war with Asakura, that death scythe monk place, and that ninja place. Nobody else is left on the map.

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I love that this happens right after Rance screams "MOMMY!"

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The only ones left are Tenshi, Asakura, and Iga? What kind of order is that?

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If I drive the Takuga back to their starting teritory and close the gates, will they still be recruiting generals? I plan to get the Takeda bonus, and don't want to see any of them going to hell...

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I dunno. I just conquered everyone else. This is Kill the Monkey route.

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Well obviously.

Wait what? Takgua GOES TO HELL if you close the gate? I'm glad I've never done that then...

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Oh, I was in a Kill the Monkey route trying to get them too. But in mine, there were only the Shimazu and Takuda left.
Basically, just try to kill as many commanders as possible, and watch the 'So-and-so (Calvary) was recruited' thing when it's their turn. Eventually, they'll hire one of the Takeda generals. It'll take a while, though, so don't play for points.

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Well fuck. I have a shitton of points.

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Well, you'll probably lose about 30 or 40 of them by the time you capture all 3 generals.

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I left them alone because they don't have any good captains.

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How did you guys beat the Road to Hades boss? I wanna see the CG.

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Oh you just meant "go to hell" in the figurative sense. They live in Shikoku so... yeah.

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I made the little blue haired kid wear a mustache. Shit was so cash.

What happens when you conquer everyone in a kill the monkey game?

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I went through basically all my captains and got it so that I could just enter the last floor directly (went in, did a floor, went back out, over and over). The cg is... odd.

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The game ends and you win...

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The game ends when you conquer everyone and end your turn. Shame you got rid of Akashi though, you need him and his Nuhe to get Nokigku (and by extension, the Dokuganryu bonus).

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Wait what the fuck? You can do that?

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Lol that kid is useless after you get the Dokuganryuu bonus.

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Quite so. But still loved the Akashi subplot.

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That kid is useless BEFORE you get the Dokuganryu bonus. He's got to be the worst commander in the game. What's more, in order to get Hibachi you have to wait out a few turns, whereas usually you can (and want to because there's probably three other countries about to go to war with you) wipe Akashi out in one or two turns.

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Akashi and Asai are both pretty sympathetic. I usually avoid war with them and vassal them if I have to (not like they're all that useful even if I did conquer them).

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You are just getting dumped back to the main menu then?

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Well, you need him to get the Dokuganryuu bonus.

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He have some potential, but needs a char clear, thats what bothersome about him. Otherwise he's not that bad if buffed with cheap books and then himachi used.

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>implying an 4-action, 8-stat all round, +50 kills on every attack unit is bad

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Well no shit. Anyone can be good with books used.

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What was that monkey's deal anyway? At first it seems like he's brainwashed along with Nobunaga, but then after you free Nobunaga in Kenshin's route he sticks with Xavier. And according to some deleted scenes, he would have joined up with Madou even if you seal Xavier for Ran's route.

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>implying it isn't

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But he needs a character clear, that's the issue.

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Kazemaru doesn't require a single Book2 to get there, though. He gets from 6/6/6/6 to 8/8/8/8 all thanks to his event. Another character (other than Mitsuhide, lawl) would have to use Affection and get an increased NP cost, or spend some Books2.
Then you can do whatever. Use an Attack2 books on him and give him the +20% sword, or give him the Emperor Ring for a 9/9/9/9 unit, etc.

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He doesn't start off at 6/6/6/6...

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It's surprising how many genuinely emotional and profound scenes there are in this game. I think my favorite scene is the post-Takeda conquest one where the generals sadly discuss the finer points of pride.

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That's a damn manly scene, but it's not my favorite. I really like the scene where Gon turns down having his curse taken away.

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Use the stat books, you usually end up with a ton of them anyway

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People like to underestimate the Rance games. If you play it and pay attention, it actually has some good characters and story. While the plots aren't omgtweest time loops or preteen deep philosophy and it doesn't take itself seriously 100% of the time, it executes many elements stunningly despite plot simplicity.

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Takeda is pretty damn emotional all the way through.

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What keeps suprising me more is just how Many events and scenes there are. Perhaps its because i'm doing some modding myself on occasion that I see just how much work is put into this game.

not bad, for 'just an other eroge game'

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The Naoe Ai nurse raep turns into happy consensual sex scene for me.

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The scene was awesome.

I think my favorite scene is when Rance is PISSED. You know what I'm talking about. KILL! KILL!

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Ordinary books get him there (Affection for Speed). Those are negligible expenses.
Point is, to get from 6/6/6/6 to 8/8/8/8 it usually takes quite a lot of resources. For Kazemaru it only requires viewing an Affection event. He also gets a decent Passive for free.
Kid's got potential.
Of course I understand not using him, since he does require a bit of work (regular books, Affection items) and Bushi units are a dime a dozen.
The game offers quite a bit of freedom there, it's all good.

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The Rance series is epic. No wonder it's been around for 20 years and always getting more popular.

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I still haven't bothered to clear Ai, probably because unless she's going to climb all over Kenshin I don't really care.

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My only complaints about Sengoku Rance is that the dungeon battles are clusterfucky (seriously, LET ME CHOOSE WHO I SWITCH OUT, OR AT LEAST LET ME SWITCH OUT BETWEEN FLOORS), and frankly Rance is a manchild (though he does have his likable moments).

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She's like a mother to Kenshin. She admits it herself. I wonder where the fuck this yurifaggotry is even coming from.

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1st point: that's part of the challenge. if you had actual control of who switches where, the boss fights would be too easy.
2nd point: that manchild is more man than 99 percent of 4chan

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>>3796487 manchild

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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I have permanent yuri goggles so when I first saw them I immediately imagined them having yuri sex after every successful battle. Also I refuse to believe she had a boyfriend.

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So now that the monkey is dead, which way do I go? If I press east I can get Natori and the Racoon dogs, but I'll be forced into a long war with the hannys, Uesagi, and Houjo. If I go easy I might be able to overtake Mouri and Takuga before Shimazu starts being motherfuckers (though I'm not sure when that is on the Kill the Monkey route, since this is my first go at it).

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So now that the monkey is dead, which way do I go? If I press east I can get Natori and the Racoon dogs, but I'll be forced into a long war with the hannys, Uesagi, and Houjo. If I go west I might be able to overtake Mouri and Takuga before Shimazu starts being motherfuckers (though I'm not sure when that is on the Kill the Monkey route, since this is my first go at it).

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She had a boyfriend that took her virginity. DEAL WITH IT.

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So now that the monkey is dead, which way do I go? If I press east I can get Natori and the Racoon dogs, but I'll be forced into a long war with the hannys, Uesagi, and Houjo. If I go easy I might be able to overtake Mouri and Takuga before Shimazu starts being motherfuckers (though I'm not sure when that is on the Kill the Monkey route, since this is my first go at it).

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>long war
>with the hannys

In any event, the Shimazu don't become active until you attack the Takuda, or take over Izumo (as far as I know)

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So now that the monkey is dead, which way do I go? If I press east I can get Natori and the Racoon dogs, but I'll be forced into a long war with the hannys, Uesagi, and Houjo. If I go WEST I might be able to overtake Mouri and Takuga before Shimazu starts being motherfuckers (though I'm not sure when that is on the Kill the Monkey route, since this is my first go at it).

FUCK that took more tries than it should have.

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Well obvious the pottery would go down fast, but Houjo is right on the other side. Same deal with the mikos and Uesagi.

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Flip a coin.

Actually, scratch that. Who do want to rape the most? Which direction is she? Go that way.

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Alright, coin landed on heads. Westward ho. But it's strange, there seems to be some sort of square thing that's packing heat between me and my maids. WHAT SHALL I DO /jp/!?

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I do not remember this...

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You want my honest advice? If you have the troops to handle it, I say attack the Takeda, take over Shinano (the bigger of their two lands), then slowly conquer the Uesugi while warding off attacks by the Takeda and Hojo. After the Uesugi are yours, take Houjo's lands over. When it's just Takeda's one little territory, assassinate Shingen and take their lords.

It'll be hard, but games are not fun unless there is some form of challenge.

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Engage hyper weapon. You're going in.

>> No.3796569

From Rance 02

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who is it btw?

Don't tell me that's sill...

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It's Sill.

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Goddamn I hate her...


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With Sill, it's always consensual

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Is that image from the upcoming Rance game or one of the previous ones?

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It's from the Rance II ramake "Rance 02" that should be released in December this year.

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Is there any decent download torrent for Kichikuou Rance? AliceSoft released it for free but the torrent they provide is more or less dead, can't find it elsewhere either.

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Sill's hair is a wonder of the world.

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I think it's an upcoming remake of a previous game.

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So what is your favorite scene in the gaem /jp/? I've got to say I really like the cave scene in the Kenshin route a lot.

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It's Sill after you unfrost her. See the pool of water?

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They have a direct download option. Click the folder icon on http://retropc.net/alice/30.html

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You will never be as awesome as this man.

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You didn't have to put it so bluntly...


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Toss up between the Naoe Ai nurse rape becomes happy sex scene and the impregnate Yamamoto 56 after removing the contraception magic scene.

>> No.3796692

That's odd, the AliceSoft torrent should be fine... I got it at very high speed not long ago, I was impressed. Seeded it to a 3.0 ratio and it was still going strong when I stopped.

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Fucking huge.

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Hottest scene: Mouri Sister 4p
Most Badass scene: Baba Shouen vs Kenshin/Mine kills mouri soldiers with foot shruikens
Funniest Scene: well fuck, that's a hard one.
Anytime the dungeon master loans porn mags to a prisoner, Masamune carting around gifts from the castle ladies, Mouri uni-cycling with his units, fuck I don't know

>> No.3796724

Thanks, I've heard I need to get an update to their system 3.0 or whatever to get the game to work properly as well. Is this right? My moonrunes ability isn't great but i'm sure I'll be able to navigate their site if need be.
0(2) Seeds 0(1) Peers. 5 hours later 0.0% downloaded.
Not very healthy

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As sadistic as it is, I really enjoyed the Daidouji rape scene where you throw her semi-naked into a group of her horny fans, then save her at the last minute and turn her into your frightened little sex-slave~

The dungeon master is a cool guy, though. I liked every scene with him in it, even if it was only a few lines ("Hey, warden! Do you have any porn mags that aren't bondage...?"

>> No.3796738

Love that scene in Kenshin's route where Rance offers her the reward of... putting her hand in Sill's hair.

I've noticed that your first switch out on the backrow is pretty much guaranteed to be Sill.

It's because the games keep getting better. Which is not a guaranteed thing with video games these days.
Not to mention yandere translations for being awesome and doing the huge effort of translating this game.

>> No.3796747

>dungeon master
If it weren't for Nobunaga, Masamune, and Yuzuru he'd probably be the biggest bro in the game. I mean seriously, who else is nice enough to hand out tissues and porn mags to their prisoners?

>> No.3796750

>>3796738 It's because the games keep getting better.

I think it's more that the games keep things fresh. The gameplay is always difference, but always top notch. Rance games have always been very good for their time. Of course, something like Rance 1 isn't so great nowadays, but yeah.

>> No.3796753

I forgot all about the hair scene. That's another awesome one.

>> No.3796757

I hate that about her too. It only makes me want to rape her more...

What a slut she is...Look how she's blushing like that...

>> No.3796761

so he raped a loli rizna but didnt rape kouhime? what a shit

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Same here, by far my favorite scene.
Kenshin is just too damn adorable.

My reaction was similar to this when I saw the hyperweapon on that pic.
I feel so... insignificant...

>> No.3796777

For me, personally

Hottest scene: Mine Kawanoe H.
Most Badass scene: End of Isoroku route.
Funniest Scene: Can't decide. Way too many hilarious scenes.

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That is not a loli. Not at all.

>> No.3796795

Do I support alicesoft when I buy a sengoku rance figurine? Or just the company making the figure?

>> No.3796799

You really don't get more badass then losing your leg while in labor, squeezing out a healthy kid, AND surviving it. Well unless it's Dwarf Fortress.

>> No.3796804


Does it come from China?

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rancebeef whifflebat

>> No.3796811

I don't think I've saw those last two scenes at all.

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Truth. Isoroku is my favorite rancegirl by far.

>> No.3796820

'Freeing', costs 120€
doubt it's some chinese ripoff but who knows.

>> No.3796824

>losing your leg while in labor

Wait what? Were her doctors retarded or something?

>> No.3796825

Holy crap, that's slow. Indeed, the direct download might work better for you. Maybe I'll go seed Kichikuou a 4th and 5th time too, it'll take a while but it might help until more people decide to seed.
The official patch is "rance7_v104.zip", you can get it on the official site. It's a bit under 10 MBs.

>> No.3796831

Originally I thought that Shingen's secret was something like him really being Shingen's daughter under the armor, living as her dead father (because that seemed like a logical excuse for an h-scene). While this couldn't get more wrong, it's interesting to go back and look at all the Takeda scenes once you know the ACTUAL secret.

>> No.3796833

A doctor named Xavier was present I think.

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What a slut.

>> No.3796838

Not at all (actually I'd call her midwife a genius for getting her through that matter). You have to see the scene yourself.

>> No.3796863

I have yet to conquer takeda in a playthrough but i'm suprised nobody dropped a spoiler about takeda's secret yet.
All I know is when Xavier goes to visit them in the true history knocks off the helmet of shingen and just says "oh, so thats how it is". Which... tells me absolutely nothing heh.

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Mr whale is not amused

also funniest scene was "I want cunthime"

>> No.3796867

ic wut u did thar

>> No.3796868

So, dividing into males and females, who are your two favorites Sengoku Rance characters and why?

For me:
Female: Isoroku. Kenshin is a close second, but loses out due to Isoroku's greatest exploit, listed above.

Male: Masamune/Nobunaga. They're just two really groovy guys.

>> No.3796876

Takeda has been dead for years. Each of his four retainers takes wears his armor as a body double. One of them is always missing in a scene where Takeda talks or moves.

>> No.3796877

That's probably because Takeda's secret is brilliant in it's simplicity. Or because Takeda isn't talked about much outside of "FUCKING BLITZKRIEGS" because their commanders are all male.

>> No.3796882

I thought Soun says when you release him that they invented Shingen as the perfect lord, and that there was never a real Shingen?

>> No.3796897

He does. And I think you mean Sanada.

>> No.3796898


>As sadistic as it is, I really enjoyed the Daidouji rape scene where you throw her semi-naked into a group of her horny fans, then save her at the last minute and turn her into your frightened little sex-slave~

You monster. ;_;

>> No.3796899

Indeed. If there were any female commanders or Shingen was actually Shingen's daughter or something like one of the anons said you'd remember them more.

>> No.3796900

I don't remember.
But here: http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Takeda_Shingen

>> No.3796903

And now i've been spoiled. Because I cannot resist hovering over those tempting blackboxes.
It's all good though, I pretty much asked for it anyway. Now I won't have to spend an other 2 days of my life conquering takeda.
Thanks mate.

>> No.3796913

I don't remember that happening, partly because after getting the scene I reloaded the game to continue with her recruited. I really need to go back and find all this stuff again.

>> No.3796914

For the patch, I was meaning for Kichikuou Rance rather than Sengoku

>> No.3796916

Oddly enough, I'm a masochist, but Daidouji aroused my dormant S side. There's just something about turning a loud-mouthed attention-whore into your pet<3

>> No.3796926

Takeda's units are awesome as fuck, so you might as well go for conquering them anyway.

>> No.3796930

Yeah, the Daidouji rape scene was hot. This game is dangerous for my health.

>> No.3796943

Well that's what the Wiki says, but the wiki has a lot of errors. I'll just check for myself next time (and of course it could always be a translation error or a pure implication).

>> No.3796945

You have to keep her in the dungeon for a few turns. Then her fanboys come and boo you, and you get a special ??? option in Owari.

The way she acts when she gets betrayed by her fans and they start masturbating instead of helping her, or trying to defend her, is so oddly arousing.
God, what have I become.

>> No.3796948

What's more broken: the Dokuganryu Bonus or the Takeda Bonus?

>> No.3796955

Omachi at the beginning of the game + Popularity staff

>> No.3796956

The one with Omachi.

>> No.3796959

Been a long while since I played this and I lost all my saves. Any place where I can get some complete save to see all the scenes? I especially want to see this Daidouji scene, whatever it is...

>> No.3796979

Yeah, I got that scene, but the ending I either mostly forgot, blocked out of my mind, or skipped completely. All I remember is letting her about to get raped, didn't remember if there was or any scenes past that.

>> No.3797067

she was on that castle where she didnt age so still loli

>> No.3797071

It's called jailbait. That's not a loli.

>> No.3797079

I noticed that a lot of info from the wiki wrong, it's like it was written by people who read the game with Atlas.
And if you try to edit right, they get mad like "this isn't Yandere's wiki"

>> No.3797103

Just start over and conquer the Houjo. It'll likely be faster than looking for a save.

>> No.3797105

I gave up when they kept deleting my Leila info on the 'Troop properties' and putting the old one back.

>> No.3797108

Oh right, that makes sense...
Kichikuou works fine for me, it says System 3.5 and I didn't install anything (I do have Sengoku Rance installed, which uses System 4.0, so that may be a factor).

>> No.3797153

I don't get why they made kouhime into 'aroma princess', it sounds retarded. You don't translate names.

Pic of this Daidouji character? no face comes to mind, can't seem to find her on wiki either.

>> No.3797166

Found it on google, can't be assed to save it and reupload it here

>> No.3797174
File: 114 KB, 800x600, my waifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3797181

ah yes, the girl with the penis shaped shoes. How could I forget?

>> No.3797204

And the heart-shaped head.
God, I find her so annoying. Mainly because I imagine her actually saying "Slap Slap" and all those other sound effects in that disgusting high-pitched voice that asians use in order to sound 'cute' and innocent.

Oh hey, I figured out why I enjoyed her rape scene.

>> No.3797226


I don't think I have the determination to go through all of it again. Are there really no saves whatsoever?

>> No.3797230

I don't hate her in particular, but I do find her really our of place in the Houjo house.

>> No.3797252


She's just a mercenary hired by the Houjou house so she's not really out of place at all.


I've always hired her regardless since she's a decent unit with a built in popularity staff. Her demands to clear her are a little harsh though.

>> No.3797258

>Her demands to clear her are a little harsh though.
Before hiring any onmyou dudes, just clear her. It doesn't take that long.

>> No.3797267
File: 941 KB, 800x597, AkashiScrewed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah uh... wow. And they're troop and commander totals are lower than mine. Perhaps I was a bit brutal.

>> No.3797270

Haha oh wow.

>> No.3797275

Yeah, they're always like that.
The Akashi and the Takuga are the poorest nations...

Incidentally, they also have the lowest chance of hiring Takeda generals due to them being so poor.

>> No.3797286

And my pity for Akashi increases yet again.

What's stranger is that I once drove Tokugawa down to about 2000 troops from.... 8000 I think.

I dunno, the last time I fought Takuga they had a ton of troops. I think Ryouma was leading a 9000+ ninja unit... that didn't kill a 500+ tactician unit (I think it was Urza).

>> No.3797293


Once Akashi loses Hibachi they suddenly turn to shit, it's pretty pathetic really.

>> No.3797299

I didn't really have any pity for Akashi. If I didn't invade them, they'd have a worse fate under Mori. Also, being the rice delivery man was pretty awesome.

>> No.3797301

Actually this is the first playthrough I've ever SEEN Hibachi released by anyone other than Rance (I'm going for Nogiku). I didn't even know that Akashi would release that particular one prior to consulting the wiki because I always killed them so fast.

>> No.3797329


>> No.3797335

Same guy.
How do you view enemy troops?

>> No.3797336


>> No.3797343

This could've made many battles easier...

>> No.3797395


Press the scout button when you enter the commander list for the fight.

>> No.3797510

There's one thing you can always count on in this game, and it's that Akashi will always fucking suck.

Normal difficulty or 5-star, doesn't matter.

>> No.3797592

Free losses for Senhime and Emperor Contestant Kenshin, too!
Oh, Akashi. We love you so much.

>> No.3797601 [DELETED] 

>Free losses for Senhime
Sorry, what? Does she get affection points per win or something? I never really bothered with her since The Big Guy has a special move that's good in dungeons.

>> No.3797615

In order to Character Clear and keep Senhime permanently, she has to lose three times.
Since Akashi auto-wins once per turn, 3 times total, you ca combine it with Senhime to avoid actual troop loss and chance of her dying or chance of her winning regardless.

>> No.3797623

It's not THEIR fault they get auto-pulverized every game.

>> No.3797649

Yeah, I just looked it up on the wiki. Sorry 'bout that.

>> No.3799414

For the record, the Kichikuou Rance torrent from the AliceSoft "retro pc" section seems healthy enough. I see 17 seeds other than myself and only 6 people are downloading.

>> No.3799735

That's what we have these threads for, isn't it?
I've been weirded out by the amount and quality of commanders I had in my Monkey Route: All non-generic except for Nagahida and still didn't use most of them in the end, like the three mikos (Yukihime, Akihime and Fuuka), the two mages and my only monk.
My standard setup for defending as well as attacking was a stronger Warrior (Rance, Kenshin) and a weaker one (Honda, Ieyasu, Ranmaru) as well as 1-2 foot soldiers (no ninjas -> 1), a tactician and an interchangeable unit, which would be either Yamamoto with her penetration attack, a ninja, Houjo or Maria/Rizna.

Never bothered to time the monk(s) right for guard cancel to have an actual use.

>> No.3799765

Yeah same here, for some reason I never ended up using monks. Only seigan seems worth it and he comes in late in the game
Most monks are just too damned slow

>> No.3799787 [DELETED] 

Aburako Dousan is the best monk
Convert action in field battles? fuck yes!
Assassinate 3 times in a battle with the same guy, or spam miko storm2 2 times.

Other than that, monks are really needed if you are up against stacks of 4000+ foot soldiers which happens on 2 star and above.

>> No.3799836

See, I keep forgetting about convert action, never really considered using it for assasinations like that.

>> No.3799845 [DELETED] 

it's really powerful, you basically can spam assassinate/commander charge/tulip power shot etc that takes up all actions multiple times (the less units you and the enemy have the more often you can convert action)

>> No.3799853 [DELETED] 

please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

>> No.3799866
File: 219 KB, 600x724, 5749511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3799869

I just discovered recently that Sills "S Healing"-ability restores combo points when used on Rance. Could have saved me a few malus point-restarts in my first playthrough.

>> No.3799896

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>> No.3799911


>> No.3799954

please stop spamming Anon Talk .com thanks

>> No.3800009 [DELETED] 

these AT spambots are really getting out of hand. And yeah i didn't know about Sills point healing on rance either until I already had completed the game like 4 times.

>> No.3800063

I discovered half way through my first playthrough that the switch option was not to swap a unit from one row to an other but to swap it out with a different unit completely.
It made dungeon runs a real chore, since I would run out of moves just at the very end. Making me wonder how the fuck I was suppose to finish those with 10 floors.

>> No.3800444

Hey /jp/, when starting a new game, what does the "Additional character" choice do? I don't wanna pay 20 points for something when I don't even know what it does.

>> No.3800478


You can recruit Gekkou near the start of the game and Shizuka appears and joins your army a few turns after you get Maria via reinforcements.

>> No.3800485


Is it worth the effort, or are they shit?

>> No.3800534



>> No.3800564

Gekkou is a badass that kills any generic captain with no moves, but Shizuka is not so strong. And yeah, she can't be characleared.

>> No.3800577

white destruction beam is actually pretty nice. Shizuka basically has another passive ability that increases your chance to capture an enemy captain, which stacks with light attack and defeated warrior hunt.

>> No.3800614

Neither is good for points, considering you can't clear Shizuka and both have passive abilities. On the other hand, their passive abilities are both unique and amazing.

Gekkou has 100% assassination chance against enemies with no actions left. Useful against enemies like Moscow in the One Eye house, or for capturing special units. He also has very good stats.

Shizuka has the passive ability that makes it easier to capture enemy units. If you combine her with a diviner who has fallen warrior hunt, it will be ridiculously easy to fill your prison. She also starts with White Destruction, which is good because mages rarely get more than two attacks.

Is it worth the 20 points at the beginning for two characters? Up to you to decide that.

>> No.3800674

>Neither is good for points
It's like the opposite bonus of Houjou. Houjou's bonus sucks because it lacks Souun, but good for a fast point run.
Shizuka is good for an endless game of trying to capture Takeda.

>> No.3800800


>Shizuka is good for an endless game of trying to capture Takeda.

Pretty much the only reason I took Shizuka this time was to clear through some houses bonuses. I'm not looking forward to finding the Takeda guys.. but first I have to survive the blitz without getting annoyed at random commanders getting killed during it.

>> No.3800870

Why are people so intend on recruiting the takeda generals?

>> No.3800879

Cause they are awesome units and for completion's sake.

>> No.3800888

Only for completions sake, I never use those old grumpy men either.

>> No.3800898

Because the short guy reminds them of Gimli.

>> No.3800906

OCD mind

>> No.3800919

...Short guy?

>> No.3801063

The pugnacious one with the orange hair. I don't remember his name.

Actually, I went and looked him up and his character portrait is taller than the others. But his arms still look short compared to his head, giving me the impression of shortness... Maybe that's just me.

>> No.3801078

Baba shouen aint short, he is a fucking giant. Well not as big as Motonari, but he still needs a huge 2 headed Tsebaki to carry him.

Also the Takeda Commanders are fucking powerful, all of them.

>> No.3801088

You can be a giant and still short. It's a question of muscle and bone mass, and he has a hell of a lot of both.

Are there any CGs to give a clear height comparison? I don't really remember.

>> No.3801411

height comparison is pretty hard in rance games.

>> No.3801442
File: 167 KB, 800x600, cg01502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3801460
File: 88 KB, 800x600, ALCG0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3801462
File: 109 KB, 800x600, ALCG0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3801466

What happens when you listen?

>> No.3801470


>> No.3801472

GAME OVER if you listen twice.

>> No.3801476

rofl, that's what I'd expect of a rance game

>> No.3801484

8/8/8/8 stats + Built-in buffs + Battle Ratings/Assassinate 2 + High level caps = HOLY FUCK

>> No.3801523

But by the time you beat them, there is absolutely nothing left to oppose you anyway.

>> No.3801528

Ai's stats are actually better then kenshin's

>> No.3801529

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>> No.3801535

Different modifiers.
She will not deal as much damage or move as fast.
Plus, Kenshin has Goddess of War aura.

>> No.3801546
File: 11 KB, 150x177, Sengoku_Rance_-_Yamanaka_Kojika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This brat... does she serve any purpose other then getting raped and general comic relief?

>> No.3801551

rape is comic relief?

>> No.3801554

she's a character that is a real bitch to recruit and clear. basically only get her if you want a 100% clear list. I hate glasses, so fuck her.

Also try having Ai attack in a dungeon, its so pitiful.

>> No.3801555

you can fuck her and use her as a unit

>> No.3801559

Not really. She starts with Oni+ and All-Guard, but doesn't have the speed or Int to use either effectively. She does have a 0 base cost at least.

>> No.3801568
File: 62 KB, 800x600, ALCG0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While the art in general is great, it just seems to be that this picture just doesn't seem right. Anatomy wise

How exactly? Rance just keeps throwing her out every playthrough i've done so far.

it's not?

>> No.3801569

You have to follow the Mouri Uncursing route.

>> No.3801570

im 12 and what is this

>> No.3801573

underage reported

>> No.3801591

With the right bonuses and on a low difficulty, you could possibly rush Takeda right after you conquer fish-face and manage to survive the blitz with some luck.

But then again, it isn't about getting Takeda generals that playthrough. It's about getting their house bonus so you can start with them next playthrough.

>> No.3801715

I know it's wierd considering the creators intended it this way but... starting a new game with bonusses feels like cheating for some reason.

>> No.3801723

View them as a reward for your hard work rather than cheating.

>> No.3801735

At first I thought she didn't have legs or something. I had to look two or three times...

>> No.3801744

Shimazu in Free-for-All is uber Easy mode.

I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing but I'm still raping countries left and right.

>> No.3801812

I really do dislike the alicesoft wiki and their foolishness and shitty layout. I propose anonymous does one, one that is filled with useful information in a layout that is sensible! Let it be done!

>> No.3801895

I approve but am too lazy to help.

You are probably only raping countries to your right considering you are on the far left.

>> No.3801911

i only use walkthrought and character clear pages anyway.

>> No.3801995

My glorious days is now my offical theme song.

>> No.3802047

Whats up with that generic Goemon, child looking ninja being so awesome?

>> No.3802055


This generic ninja has 7 atk def stat.

>> No.3802056
File: 68 KB, 800x480, 1219773719_resized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"My Glorious Days" of Sengoku Rance and other 'Glory' songs of the Rance series has the same tune with the national anthem "Auferstanden aus Ruinen" of East Germany.


>> No.3802058

Not to mention Battleground prep 3, Shuriken 2 and Assassinate 2.
Far too awesome to be just some generic commander.

>> No.3802074

one of the few actually useful generics

>> No.3802096

if I ever get married i will take an mp3 player to my honey moon and have My Glourious Days playing while i make sweet love to my wife

>> No.3802145

You are a true man.

>> No.3802160


Its funny how "true men" will never get married, isn't it?

>> No.3802178
File: 77 KB, 640x480, thisthreadi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aye it is.
Personally, I would probably just laugh when the idea of ' my glorious days' comes into my mind when i'm about to make sweet love to my new wife. Destroying whatever mood there might be.

>> No.3802182

western standarts are shit though

>> No.3802359

I started with Rance 6 but it seems I'm a year.. or two late to the party for Sengoku. I found a torrent for it up on hongfire, but it doesn't seem to be seeded. Is there a way to get this game or am I going to have to look around on Yahoo Auctions?

>> No.3802385


You what.

> 74 seeds

The internet must be such an adventure for you, like a suburban housewife stuck in a jungle without a compass.

>> No.3802390

HongFire torrent should be pretty damn healthy,

>> No.3802401

Is there a way to start with the Shimazu familiy bonus?
Do i try to recruit them in a Kill the monkey route?

>> No.3802417

There is no Shimazu bonus because they're required for a ton of scripted events in most routes.

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