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My beautiful hagwife Yukari Yakumo.

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She is my mom, dude.

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Here is your brother-in-law
Here's your uncle

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She's my grandma.

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The beloved hagvirgin Kanako Yasaka.

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I wish Yukari was my mother. I'd give her all of the love that I can give to her.

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imagine the smelle

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expensive perfume, the lot of them
Except for Yuuka, she's all flowers

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And Yuugi, she's all sweat and alcohol.

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Eirin smells of old medicine

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Why is yuugi with the hags wtf

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This is now hag bully thread

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Yukarin literally changed my life (for the better), I love her so fucking much. I just hope she can feel what I feel.

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I'd like to rub all their feet haha

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Yukarin literally changed my life (for the worse), I hate her so fucking much. I just hope she suffers greatly.

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I forgot how much old ladies stink!

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pretty gap hag

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the beauty standards of yukarifags are truly horrendous

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go fuck yourself piece of shit, she's the cutest thing in the universe

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Anon, do we see the same entity? The same creature? That thing is anything but cute.

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spooky gap hag

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The objectively superior hag

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four of them are my wives

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>Yukari will never say this to you

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She looks Chinese. I hate it.

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Yukari is so lonely and unwanted that she was to grow a cock just so she can appeal to the futafags!
This hag is beyond desperate!

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uhh excuse me???

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>Japanese woman looks chinese (asian)
American education everyone.

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Chinese and Japanese have different physical characteristics you retard, just like how an Englishman and a Slav are the same race yet have noticeable differences. Don't come at me just because your puny caucazoid mind can't understand.

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>Japanese woman
Yukari is a western gaijin larping as japanese, everyone knows what her real name is.

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well? whats the real name? and did she really marry that gaijin lafcadio?

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what's happening here? is yukari making fun of okina's disabledness

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Cute hag

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Uhh, didn't she admit in wild and horned hermit, that she sometimes has humans from our world kidnapped to be eaten by youkai?

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Does that come as a surprise?
Adult women are evil. Everyone knows that.

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Yes, this is also mentioned in her PCB omake profile.

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I would very much like to be the pillow in this picture

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>When humans from the outer world wander into Gensokyo, it's all thanks to fluctuations in the boundary caused by Yukari. There is an enchanting element about the phenomenon which people like to call "Spirited Away"; if it is ever discovered that spiriting away is not the work of gods, but the meddling of a youkai girl, the term will lose all of its mystique.
It never says why she gaps them in or that it's even intentional. She could be kidnapping scientists to help her discover nuclear fission for all we know.

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Anon, almost ALL outsiders that wind up in Gensokyo is due to Yukari mucking around. Now tell me, what group makes up the majority of the graves in Muenzuka? What group isn't protected by the Vampire Contract and are outright given to the vampires periodically as part of the deal? Youkai are not allowed to eat human villagers in most cases, as said in Chapter 5 of CoLR, so how else do you think the more carnivorous youkai get their meals? I'll tell you how: Yukari gaps in outsiders, 9 times out of 10 those outsiders encounter a youkai and get gored, and any remains of said outsiders gets cremated and buried in Muenzuka.
>or that it's even intentional.
She's outright aware she's causing it (she says as much in WaHH) and the Vampire Contract outright requires her to intentionally send outsiders to the vampires for feasting. It's 100% intentional. How the fuck do you unintentionally kidnap people anyways?

Stop making excuses for this hag, she's public enemy #1.

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This is something that bugs me.
Girls are cute and are all fun personalities, but I just can't ignore the fact they'd propably kill and eat me should we met.
Oh well I guess visiting gensokyo is still better than living in this nightmare reality of ours, even if it means Yukari will drop me off in some forrest to get my legs chewed off by Rumia.

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Yukari has an interesting method of getting a husband

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File: 3.98 MB, 1769x3393, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_gokuu_acoloredpencil__c84ecc6b206d5fc1c9e9f4fd7329514e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Husband? Anon, don't be foolish. She's about to feed you to some random youkai. Haven't you watched Border of Extacy? She's a sadist like that.

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Yukari Big futa cock

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Even Yukari wants a bed warmer from time to time

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More like a stomach filler.. . . .

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Well Yukari did want to try being a mother at some point
Its why she picked out the best stock to sire her children

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>kidnapped and forced to knock up a youkai
>said youkai condemns many humans to death on a regular basis
A terrible fate!

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>he would rather have momentary awe and adventure before being gruesomely eaten rather than actually work towards a better, long-lasting future in the outside world
cucked and never gonna make it

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Who are you quoting?

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I want her to breastfeed me like a baby while she gives me a handjob

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Fat hag

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Ran must be really tired from squeezing Yukari flabby body in corset

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That butt reminds me of the three graces painting.
I can't believe Yukarin was one of the three graces!!

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Struggle all you want, your children will have purple eyes regardless

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jesus those girls are flabby
and what the fuck kind of towel? cloth? veil? thing is that? its almost completely transparent

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hag saggers

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Imagine seeing this pretty face as she straddles and pins you on the bed, giddily asking if you're excited to be a daddy

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I see Yukarin's armpits - what an exhibtionist

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This hag's trying too hard

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no matter how well you dress her up, a hag's still a hag

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what is this expression meant to convey?

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Yukari is just sack of old sacks

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I want Yukari to kidnap me for passionate lovemaking every night.

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Anon, don't do it! Who knows what that hag will do to you? She might even piss herself and have you clean it up. Grannies are known for doing that, y'know.

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I hate her. I completely fucking hate her

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don't shittalk my wife like that anon

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Stretching Yukari maximizes surface area, thus increasing the chances you'll hit her with a spray of ordinance from modern weaponry.

>> No.38044297

Firearms are ineffective, she'll just regen it
Youkai can only be killed by Blessed weapons, fire, or decapitation

>> No.38044505

One or two .50 bullets to the neck would take care of that, but you shouldn't hurt Yukari-chan. You should hug and confess your love for her instead.

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Is Yukari japanese? she kinda looks western

>> No.38044969

a youkai will do youkai things

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all this cute posting is merely a joke, only delusional retards actually think these man eating demons are friendly and will become your wives or something along those lines... maybe Kogasa would but not Yukari, Yuuka, Rumia,etc

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I mean her name is Yukari Yakumo

>> No.38045045

What if she's Maribel, but older?

>> No.38045056

Anyone can get a fake name.

>> No.38045210

Anyone can dye their hair

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Why does she hate the Luna Capital again?

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Yukari is about to shrink you and is showing you your new home.

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Yukari is the first weeaboo

>> No.38046670

Or the last if her being Marry is true.

>> No.38046697

Marry is her daughter

>> No.38046983

Did Yukari impregnate herself or something? They look exactly alike.

>> No.38047032

Youkai genes are just really dominant

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I see.

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I want to feel Yukari's six pack.

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File: 908 KB, 847x1200, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_koyubi_littlefinger1988__864f256b4129a18d6fd566497ed8b6f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well too bad, she already drank them all

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Anon, she's a flabby hag. She doesn't have any muscles. See >>37995064

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Any image that shows Yukari happy just pisses me off. And who the hell is she laying with? Maribel? The age gap is far too wide you disgusting hag

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Get better taste anon

>> No.38065614

I never expected to find men of taste in the Yukari thread but here you are.

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drunkard yukari is just disgusting

>> No.38074394

I pity you Anon.

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The absolute state of these two

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Disgusting slutty hag

>> No.38080857

I wouldn't mind having an one-night stand with her but I don't think a relationship would work.

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making mommy flustered by getting her a gift on her birthday!

>> No.38083010

The letter says "To Yakumo Ran-sama".
Poor Yukari.

>> No.38084865

Yukari btfo as she rightfully deserves

>> No.38087436

Footfags OUT

>> No.38095239

Yukari smells like hag. Trust me, you do not want to be the pillow

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>> No.38097118

Are you saying you don't want an old youkai to cover you with her scent so all the other youkai know that you're her property?

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File: 104 KB, 615x1000, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_ebi_193__5caa61817310b2475de37b31709ce119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel obligated to post the queen the cleavage whenever I see these threads

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Queen of Cleavage? That would be Urumi, anon.

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>A gift

>> No.38103596

Yukari is just the middleman

>> No.38105631

she doesnt look chinese or japanese
she looks like a manga character

>> No.38109852

she looks like disgusting inbred european nobility

>> No.38114790

Killing Intent

>> No.38121392

She's pure evil, yes. But that makes her more, not less, hot.

>> No.38121411

This is basically the way Yukari gets away with her actions. Just find the people nobody would think twice about vanishing without a trace and take them. Rather than anybody that could either threaten the status quo of Gensokyo or bring the wrath of God down on the place.

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>> No.38130759

>eating butterflies
uh ok? who the hell does that

>> No.38135214

It really bothers me that yukari is always portrayed with her 2 outfits instead of just 1.

>> No.38135329

anon, this might seem surprising but.... people tend to wear more than one outfit. shocking, i know.

>> No.38135515

yukari is one bad mama. no seriously. shes a child neglecter.

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That's fine, so long as she's my mom, everyone will respect and fear me!

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>> No.38135704

what honestly annoys me more is how her eye color changed from purple to gold in between PCB and IMP.

>> No.38138823

Too late. You've ruined it by knocking her up.

>> No.38139081

Gonna steal her fancy big bras then, that's what she gets!

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>> No.38144769

what's your favorite thing about her?

>> No.38146027

She is smart and charismatic

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>bunch of hags
like a hospital?

>> No.38150824

Four of them are my moms

>> No.38151698

her distinct smell in the anal region

>> No.38158939

Her dick.

>> No.38160475

are youkai genes dominant? im not sure how i feel about my kids not having any of my traits

>> No.38160662

they're not your kids

>> No.38161375

Hopefully yes, I want my kids to look like idealized beauties

>> No.38167891

you have no proof of this

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They'll have some of them
Enough to compel Yukari to keep you safe