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Hoshiguma Yuugi (the big girl)

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>the big girl
For me.

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yuugi in real

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I want Yuugi to throw me as hard as she can.

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This but only after I have sex with her in case I die

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But then you will be dead before she can throw you!

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Is there a situation where I won't end up dead?

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most huggable 2hu

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Would you let her hug you without her shackles on?

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Anon I like muscular women as much as you, but please don’t post them in Yuugi’s thread (because they could never measure up to her)

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muscular women are for ______

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Tenderly holding and kissing

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I had a feeling someone would be opposed, but I thought the slight resemblance justified it

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Honestly though, i’d like to see that woman cosplay Yuugi

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i want a game where a muscular girl is really close to a cute shota and she protects him

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Exactly. I also save stuff like that for art.

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I'd like to cosplay as a chair and have her sit on me

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Why don’t more women lift weights?

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3dpd is disgusting

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Only men can adequately cosplay as Yuugi, for obvious reasons.

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Gotta admit he pulls it off impressively.

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Because it's difficult.
But sadly I'm not attracted to men.

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I’m going to cosplay as Yuugi. My physique is on par with his. i’d wear real, heavy iron chains on my limbs

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Good for irl, but she'll never be a 3 meter Oni and you know it.

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It goes without saying that 3D fems could never approach any of the hus

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I wonder how hard it would be to buy 2 inch thick flat iron bars and bend them into shackles…

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Very difficult without proper equipment. Probably still slightly difficult with proper equipment.

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Holy shit we need more yuugi from him

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soulessraisins is overrated.

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I agree but some of his work is hot.

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He is good for slampigs like Patchouli and Yuyuko

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Yuugi wields powerful magic. She can make me rock hard just by showing on the screen.

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Yuugi is a very comfy and so are the people who appreciate her

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I feel Yuugi would be super nice and chill to hang out with. She'd be like this cool energetic girl from high school that was friends even with losers and nerds, and half of them had a huge crush on her.

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She's got a warm personality for a freaky ogre lady. And she's big so she's perfect for hugs. The energy is great too cause she'll always be down for fun stuff that other girls might be too lazy or reserved to do.

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Imagine those hugs

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I would melt, literally

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File: 138 KB, 850x623, __ibuki_suika_hoshiguma_yuugi_ibaraki_kasen_and_ibaraki_douji_touhou_drawn_by_sunnysideup__sample-203db837864c28e8ad6d22d40760c73c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Suika: Has two horns
> Kasen: Has two horns
> Yuugi: has one horn
Is Yuugi a Hornlet? Is that why she's overcompensation with all those Muscles.

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Yuugi's horn is red and has a special birthmark on it. It's also larger and more strategically placed for lethal headbutting. I wouldn't call her a hornlet at all, she's a unicorn while the others are african herbivores.

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I love Yuugi so much, shame she'd propably eat me, or some other youkai would, but I still love her.

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He doesn't headcannon Cutesokyo

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You can beat her with natto

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New year with Yuugi!

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File: 1.60 MB, 1000x1500, __hoshiguma_yuugi_touhou_drawn_by_gengoroumaru_ambidextrous__0c9a74c0afe2e7019dae6f1205b93b40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gyaru yuugi y/n

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big N

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smelly ogre

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Wow! Yuugi is so cool!

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what's it like having such high testosterone

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what the hell

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horny drunk oni

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Those are some huge breasts

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Yuugi's boyfriend Johnny

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I wanna sit on her lap, facing her.

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Woah mama

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If there ever was a time for Johnny to get kurbstomped, it would be that.

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big Y

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fourth oni just out of frame to the left

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If she's so strong, why does she let some amanojaku beat her up?

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she wasn't even using her full power

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seeing some early drawings of her almost all artists portray her as this kinda tall cute girl and rarely as the muscle mountain that seems to be more popular today, kinda funny.

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If she took off those shackles she'd kill everyone including herself, and former hell would collapse

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where's that from?

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I think it's Touhou Niji Sousaku

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"Oh no! Not the flippin sake disherino!"

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Yuugi in latex!

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yuug vs chuul

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>warrior vs mage
Yuug wins if she can close the distance and stun patchy but if chuul teleports and slows or binds yuug it's all over

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Oni can use magic too, especially someone who wields unexplainable phenomena like she does!

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They can cast Fist, for example.

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I see, so we have a hybrid vs a purist. In that case patchouli wins.

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smol yuugi

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Imagine the smell!

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yuugi wins and bullies the nerd

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Imagine trying to satisfy Yuugi in heat. You would die of dehydration and minor concussions after non-stop procreation over the course of a couple days

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Alternatively she'd shatter your entire pelvis with a single thrust

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No, they stop fighting and just have a drink!

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Imagine getting pissed with Yuugi and Patchy...

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I wanna hug her so bad but if she notices I'm getting a boner I'm fucked

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I'd love to

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