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dear /jp/

i am a vivid fan of the touhou official games and i am interested in reading some of the touhou doujinishis. However, due to the large amount of them i am confused on which ones would be a good choice to start off with

so /jp/ can you either give me a list of some good touhou doujinshis or perhaps a link to a 'starter pack' of touhou doujinshis.

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>i am a vivid fan

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read the whole of life of maid


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op here
thanks for that
read the first few. liking it especially since sakuya is my favourite character XD

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you must read silent sinner of blue
you'll find it easily

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Enjoy your AlicexMarisa.

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Check the Touhou Wiki for downloads. I'll name few circles I can think out of top of my head.

Genocide Kitten
Winter Scenery
Haniwa's Store
Clash House
Hole of Yago

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I liked the one where man Marisa fucks Alice and makes her pregnant.

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Happy Flame Time

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Just download the torrent and read every circle in alphabetical order. It's the only way to be unbiased.

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Download the entirety of Gaku's doujins with the torrent.

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Don't forget:
Can't Fix The Helmet (circle name changes a bit depending on where you are looking for it)
Wi-Z Garage (or something like that)

As well, this is a good resource: http://shrinemaiden.pestermom.com/

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What doujin is OP's image from? I feel like I've read it before but can't recall the name.

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>i am a vivid fan of the touhou official games

That's not something to be proud of

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Still better than your average youtube touhou fan. I mean, he likes the games. If he likes the music, manga, doujin, whathaveyou, let the man do so.

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The word is "avid". Vivid describes colors.

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I'm interested in this topic, not for myself, but for a friend who I would like to offer some suggestions to.

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OP is like a rainbow.

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His use of vivid is completely correct, though?

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Uh, no? You can't be a vivid fan. Well, maybe if you're a fruit.

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Unless he's a fan, then no

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That's not the only meaning of vivid.

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1 of a color : very strong : very high in chroma
2 : having the appearance of vigorous life or freshness : lively <a vivid sketch>
3 : producing a strong or clear impression on the senses : sharp, intense; specifically : producing distinct mental images <a vivid description>
4 : acting clearly and vigorously <a vivid imagination>

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Maybe, but the other definitions don't work here either. Why don't you just admit you fucked up and meant avid?

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I'll take the 3rd one, thanks.

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Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth is pretty good if you like gag manga and/or cute stuff. Pic related.

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Your colours might be bright, but your power is still low!

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Fuck yeah, my favourite Touhou doujin artist.

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OP you could try gensokyo.org's torrent batch, if you're interested though


or this


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Are there any dojinshi (Preferably non-pornographic) centering around or featuring Kisume?

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Mkay, I'll throw this question I've had for a while here. While playing touhoumon my Wriggle evolved into a Princess Wriggle. Going by her touhoudex info I assume this is from a doujin. Does anyone know the title/author/if it's translated?

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Well, I recall Dan Kim throwing something together around Kisume a few times...

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Oh god.

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Okay, what.
That was probably the most stupid thing I have ever read. But it was so uncontrollably HNNGH-worthy that I couldn't stop myself from finishing it.
I could feel my braincells dying after every finished page ;_;