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"...then JAM IT IN."

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Good girls.

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Sluts, their eyes filled with lust.

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Wait, they're learning to manipulate men through pegging? I would be interested in this so I can avoid falling victim to it.

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And penisworms! Well, Sakura's is.

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Not Caster. She simply takes scholarly interest in it.

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H..How that big can fit my..mmy... You know.

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Have they read their SICP today?

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I'd be easily manipulated by any of those girls.

But I'm kinda slow to begin with.

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"Quantum mechanics and path integrals"

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What use does she have for such knowledge?

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Riding is more complicated than it looks.

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She might need to ride an Alcubierre drive sometime, for all you know.

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New poses.

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Does RAIDA need a driver's license?

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Captain of the next USS Enterprise

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Some how, I don't think the navy requires that type of knowledge.

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please stop spamming AnonTalk .com thanks

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"How to Have a Threesome! | Sex Tips | Anus licking"

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You're giving me far too much credit as I have no idea what you're talking about.

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It is a method of FTL propulsion theorized recently. It has also been said to be unfeasible in reality.

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[101 Recipes for Pork]

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Why is a pure girl such as Kohaku herself together with the 2 purple hair slut?

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You'd think she be more into lamb.

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More like she wrote the book herself.

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>Why is a pure girl such as Kohaku herself together with the 2 purple hair slut?
>purple hair

Are you fucking blind or what?

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On a completely unrelated note, human flesh is said to taste and cook exceedingly similar to pork. Needless to say, the euphemism for cooked human flesh was, 'Long Pork'

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>pure girl

Oh you. She's a whore.

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we're too fatty, stew meat if anything.

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Caster needs no training on how to be a manipulative bitch, she's goddamn Medea

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well she was trained by the best I mean, she had hera's arm jammed so far up her anus she killed her own family.

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I won't lose this thread. ;_;

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how does it work?

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God damn maintaining that do would be a pain in the ass. Rider must constantly trip over her own hair.

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God, you must be joking,

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The book needs to be edited to SICP and Sakura's shadow needs to become the snake.

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Rin asks her how she maintains it in FHA.

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>Rider must constantly trip over her own hair.

She apparently can control her hair like an extra limb, so probably not. Why she didn't use that during fights is anyone's guess. Maybe she did and it just wasn't mentioned in narrative.

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Not really, Caster killed her previous husband.

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please stop spamming AnonTalk .com thanks

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Didn't she kill her previous master because he treated her like a slut?

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No, more like because he DIDN'T do that.

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She killed her own children, the coldhearted bitch.

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She didn't. She killed her own kids and Jason's new wife to piss him off. And then rode off on a chariot drawn by fucking dragons, while she could've trampled the shit out of Jason with those dragons. I guess she still loved him.
He was a faggot and abused her, don't think we know anything else.

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Medea came off as a real bitch in that story. Sure, Jason was an asshole, but there was no reason for her to kill her children aside from pure spite. That did away with any sympathy I had for her up until then.

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I liked it because she was essentially trolling the trolls.

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Or the fact that they would have been killed anyway

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Yeah, I just dug up my Euripides again and saw that. Never mind

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Actually she kills Jason in almost every ending, along with her children. She also kills her brother in the beginning, in order to confuse her dad, the king.

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yeah but thats while hera has her glammed.

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Why do people like her, again?

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In the Nasuverse version, Aphrodite puts a curse on her that made her so hopelessly in love with Jason that she did everything he said. She's doing all of these horrible acts because Jason is telling her to do so, but the whole time she simply wanted to go home. Her love curse ended after she saw Jason brutally kill Pelias' daughters.

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Most of the horrible stuff in her backstory are the result of the gods tampering with her life, stuff beyond her control. In that way, she's a sympathetic character.

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Her 'love curse' happened in the original legend too.