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>When asked “what profession would you most like to try dating?” Japanese women gave a less than surprising list of the most glamourous and lucrative professions they could think of, apparently supporting the all but universally held notion that material wealth is the key to success with the ladies…
>The ranking:
1. Doctor
2. Pilot
3. Comedian / “talent”
4. Entertainer
5. Lawyer
6. Working in the mass media
7. Manager
8. Working at a big manufacturer
9. Civil servant
10. Musician
>Even politicians and academics found themselves languishing at the bottom of the list, showing perhaps that high status is not as desirable as high salary; a poor showing by financial professionals, also at the bottom, is probably a reflection of the lately less than stable nature of this industry…

NEET wont net you squat. time to hit the books and study hard if you want a japanese girl to go for you.

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Really? Fuck, I thought being a NEET would get me mad pussy.

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we had this thread on /a/, there were a surprising number of medfags answering.

what's your profession /jp/?

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But really though, Chemical Engineer.

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to weed out the unworthy and unaspiring

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>implying I want a 3d girl

get out of /jp/

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Because traveling through time is pretty cool, bro.

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Sage for Sankaku Channel's oversensational reporting, but pilot reporting in.

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>10. Musician

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Because the hospitals aren't even open 24/7

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2nd year medfag here. I'll save a cute japanese girl and have her honour bound to repay me.

feels good man.

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Why would I want 3D pig whore?
>material wealth is the key to success with the ladies
This further proves than all women are whores that only want your money.

I'll stick to 2D thanks.

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>Civil Servant


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Well, gee, thanks. I always wanted tips on how to get a 3D whore to fuck up my enjoyable hikki lifestyle.

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alright, assuming that /jp/ WASNT a bunch of 2D loving shut-ins, what professional 3D girls would you like to date? Something with substance like a doctor? or something just for the uniform like a maid? Or maybe even something like a nurse for both costume and profession?

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Enjoy your 3D pig.

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Damnit, does my Ph.D count as doctor?

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Something that requires wearing pantyhose,common sense, and where long hair wouldn't be an issue.

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Where did you get the Ph.D? Some country in the UK?

If so, that doesn't count.

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don't think it works that way.

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I don't even have to check, but I am sure this shit comes from Sankaku.

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Grade school student.

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Who the hell wants a Japanese girl? No, seriously, why would anyone on /jp/ want some Japanese slut?

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Because when she inevitably starts yelling at me I can pretend she's actually shouting praises.

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>10. Musician
Quitting the school band is the one thing I regret in my life.

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Because having a psycho bitch flip out on you every day and try to turn you into a mindless wage slave just like her while denying you sex because she's too busy working sixteen hour days without vacation is everyone's ideal.


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Get a Spanish girl then. Spanish curses sound prettier than Japanese ones.

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I doubt they were thinking of clarinet or whatever players when they said that.

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asian girls > european girls > amerikan girls >>>>>>> australian girls


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But I already understand a good bit of Spanish due to my grandmother denying me my inheritance until I could converse with her in Spanish.

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everybody knows they're scumbags.

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>a poor showing by financial professionals
>is probably a reflection of the lately less than stable nature of this industry

Well, that may be true for Japan, but not for who I work for.

Fuck yes Four Pillar Policy

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>1. Doctor
I sure can't wait to bag myself a superficial trophy wife

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Awesome grandmother anon.

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Many of those professions aren't even lucrative.

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Bitches and whores

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None of these are particularly lucrative.

2. Pilot
3. Comedian / “talent”
4. Entertainer
6. Working in the mass media
7. Manager
8. Working at a big manufacturer
9. Civil servant
10. Musician

Well, maybe musician if you happen to get really fucking popular, but yeah.

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> Old. I already read this on the far superior bunbunmaru.com last night.
Needs glasses.

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Those guys who compose music for eroge must get all of the girls.

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Does that include writer?

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>2. Pilot
> None of these are particularly lucrative

Average pay for airline pilot with a few years experience: $165,000 USD/pa

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>ZUN !barYV1VtIA

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>implying $100,000-$200,000 range is particularly lucrative
Haven't been keeping up with inflation, have we?

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Very, very above average.

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At this rate, average will be below the poverty line pretty soon. What's your point?

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>Earning more than 94.16% of the population
>not lucrative

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It's 6 to 13 times more than minimum wage.

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Sounds like you're rich enough to be NEET comfortably. I envy you.

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He must be some mobster's sex toy.

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Here's the translation:
1. Celebrity doctor who never really does anything, but looks handsome and earns a lot of money
2. Badass and physically fit army pilot who looks good in aviators
3. World-famous comedian
4. Handsome actor who lives in a mansion
5. Celebrity lawyer
6. Owns a successful newspaper, magazine or TV channel or something
7. Has a huge business that draws in a lot of money
8. Works in a good and stable position at a huge business that draws in a lot of money
9. Some job they'll never give two shits about as long as he spends a lot of time on it and always brings home money
10. World-famous rockstar

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Asian women will whore for money color me non-surprised.

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>women will whore for money color me non-surprised.

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girls want money, we want pussy, the world works?

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2D pussy, bro.

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However in the end, such things are ultimately irrelevant. Those women who chase after men for money/looks and men who chase after women to get laid will fail to realize that their own potential was wasted on something truly pointless.

People in society view sex as the be all end all when in truth it is only to increase the number of lives on our planet to assure the species survival.

BTW I already know that some monkeys trade their food for sex so do not bring that up.

All I am saying is that you should use your talents to help civilization grow and prosper instead of chasing pointless dreams. If you want to be a doctor or a scientist, do it because you can, that your abilities can make a difference.

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Why should I value making civilization prosper? Fuck you.

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>to assure the species
Stopped reading there. Evolution doesn't work that way.

Your English is also shit, but I could have let that slide if you had the scientific knowledge. Oh well.

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omg he's right!

hunters and gatherers

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Only that it's pathetic to waste any time or money to get a smelly hole to insert your penis into. Fuck that, only way I'm sticking my penis inside a girl is if she begs me for it. There is no glory in letting a girl boss you around just because she's among the "few" 50% of the population who don't need to lubricate themselves before penetration.

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>2. Pilot

And this just goes to show that Japanese women know nothing, seeing as how pilots don't start pulling in six figures until they've done tens of thousands of hours in the air.
But it does mean that their husbands are out of the house for most of the week. Which... I guess that's a bonus.

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Mutual affection from both sides of the relationship turns me on more than anything.

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eto etooooo

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You disgusting freak. Get out.

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I think that ear biting is more important.

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That applies to pretty much all of them, they're just stereotypical ideal jobs, but in practice give little to average pay unless you're on the top, or a very unstable income.

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Since I'm a programmer and it's not on the list I'll stay as a hikki forever. I'm fine with that

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You don't have to avoid 3D women. You just have to socialize a lot and use the "Crouching Moron: Hidden Badass" technique. Intentionally masquerade as a goofball and general bonkler. Come off as an ineptitude with a heart of gold.

Just as the gold digging bitches try to weed out poorfags by targeting specific careers, you too can weed out bitches and whores by presenting yourself as something they wouldn't be interested in anyway.

You're not interested in those kinds of girls anyway so it's better to have a screening process that turns them away at the doorstep.

Of course, this assumes you aren't worthless trash to begin with. If you are, presenting yourself as such is just saving everyone the trouble of finding out the hard way that you are.

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I honestly thought #1 would be dentist. Every Japanese girl I've ever seen in porn had fucked up teeth.

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It also assumes that you aren't lying to yourself about your own selection methods and that you aren't being unfair with regard to your standards for her compared to your standards for your own upkeep.

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Freud was right. Women just want a daddy.

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Makes sense, but I have a feeling that that you'll have as much success and bad experiences with girls as if you just stayed a hikki.

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It only hurts if you fully commit yourself too early.

Do you know why girls flirt so goddamn much? Because it's fucking fun as hell. Learn to enjoy the early development stages of a romance. Everyone has a degree of fear of commitment, excepting codependent people.

When you get used to it, pussyfooting around early on is kind of fun. Think of it like the playful teasing you see in Spice and Wolf. As long as you remember that nothing has to come of it, you can enjoy yourself.

Assuming you aren't a fat fuck or a malnourished twig with buck teeth. You wouldn't chase that shit either.

But that doesn't mean you can't make friends and network socially while you improve your body. You don't have to look like fucking charisma man before you start making friends.

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>social interaction
>enjoy yourself
Get out.

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No, I mean that while acting uncool will probably channel out the vane sluts, it'll probably channel out all other women you end up meeting too.

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That depends on how outgoing you are. People generally get curious about people who exhibit a good attitude, sense of humor, and stand out in a generally positive way.

If you are a good enough story teller or quick-witted with jokes, it will make people want to chat with you more often. If you are bad at these things, you can improve by observing professionals. Stand up comedians and talk show hosts exhibit all the proper behaviors that you can emulate to be more successful in social situations.

And generating an interest from other people is what starts the snowball rolling down the hill. Inevitably, you will spark someone's interest.

In fact, what networking is all about isn't necessarily linking with the people you immediately meet. Everyone has family members and friends they can introduce you to, and probably will do so eagerly if you seem like someone they can boastfully show off to their friends and family. These connections are what will get you ahead in life, provided you tend to their wants and needs, and create a solid impression of yourself.

None of these things require you to be rich or have a well-known prestigious career. You'll have to tell them something, of course, but as long as your introduction isn't "Hi, I'm your daughter's fiance and I fix peoples' toilets for a living" you'll be alright.

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It's not really as easy as all that when you're painfully awkward in most social situations. I think people who aren't that way can't really understand what it's like. I need to drink some before I can start being "normal" as far as the standard for socializing like a normal human being goes. Otherwise I get a lot of funny looks, then I make some excuse or just up and leave altogether.

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Japanese men asked what profession they would most like to date give a rather depressing but not altogether unexpected list of costume fetishes and sexual fantasies, in stark contrast to the female list of glamourous top earners…
The ranking:
1. Model

2. Nurse

3. Stewardess

4. Entertainer

5. Childcare worker

6. Beautician

7. Seiyuu

8. Fashion related

9. Doctor

10. Hostess

Unfortunately, “schoolgirl” appears not to have been a choice. The least sought after were politicians, IT workers and consultants, along with any other positions of power, wealth or authority.
Just as women were most interested in the top earners, it seems men have an even more focused interest in the professions they perceive as more attractive, which is precisely the cleft in preferences predicted in most sociological research…

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Since when is piloting a lucrative job..

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Women are hypocritical bags of shit.
They say they want a good man, who makes good money.
But then they abandon you for druggie #154.
Riddance to all of those 3d sluts!

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Men are honest: we want a girl that looks good.

Women just want money but bring up bullshit like they care about "confidence" or whatever crap they thought up.