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ITT post a picture of you favorite Touhou and your plan on making her your waifu, if someday you would be transported to Gensokyo

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I don't plan on making her my waifu but she is still my favorite touhou and I fully intend to piss in her fields if I ever find myself in gensokyo.

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and then I would probably be slauthered

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If you know what I mean

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I got nothing, just wanted to post the picture

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I intend to wow all of them saying I come from a higher dimension in which their universe is a creation (note: ZUNiverse's Earth is different from our Earth [last I checked we did not engage war with moonbunnies during Apollo 11]), but intend to phrase it gently (their universe is one in a series of 'archived universes' which scholars spend their lives researching). Then I mostly instill them with wonder and such.

Also, since no one will bat an eye at how I dress, I dress myself up like Jigo (retaining the tall geta and parasol). Always thought that was an awesome style of dress.

I avoid Satori like the plague and warn her that she would probably die if she read my mind and knew the truth.

I wouldn't work on making anyone mai waifu, but I would talk with Mokou and Komachi a lot.

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Just talk to her. Should be easy.

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All I have to do is walk up to her and let the dice fall where they may.

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Step 1: Find Satori

Step 2: Tell her to read my mind on a subject called /b/

step 3: Lol at her reaction as she reads my mind

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Hyper Weapon mode

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4 divided by 0 divided by 9 ?

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I don't have a favorite, nor would I go for any of this 'waifu' shit.

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I would not go for a waifu, just fuck around like no tomorrow as long as I can, Shitstorms for the lulz

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I'd treat her like a proper young lady instead of the "Great Sage".

She'll totally be overcome and fall for it.

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No human tastes as good as my cooking.

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I wanna ejaculate deep inside of her. She'll give birth to powerful children with delicious light brown skin.

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Are you a japanese bird?

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Something like this

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I'd hunt her down and ravage her body.

It can backfire, but It should work, I think

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Oh god, I just imagined over 9000 Anons marching into gensokyo...

Dear god, I feel sorry for Gensokyo

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>over 9000

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there was a cyoa about this

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Scratch right behind the ears

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Choice and plan to conquer all in one image.

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Beat her silly

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So one could say you're going to "CATCH THE WABBIT"

And people wonder why Bugs Bunny crossdresses so much

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Would you become Hina's Curse Priest?

Would you brave bad luck, tripping on your shoe laces, having rocks smack into your forehead from out of nowhere, bees stinging you, birds shitting on your head, bears attacking you suddenly, close calls with lightning, and general misfortune all around to be with her until you obtain powers as a priest of misfortune?

I would.

Go straight to Hina, become the Tatari no Kannushi despite all hardships. Then I'd get all the powerless evil loli youkai like Rumia and Melancholy and expand the religion! From there, the sky is the limit as long as I don't fuck with Reimu.

Probably become fuck buddies with Komachi on a totally unrelated note.

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Give her a good spanking?

I just wanna do so after seeing this image

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Hina ABSORBS misfortune, being around her will make you luckier.

Hold Hina with your right arm
Hold Tewi with your left arm
Buy a lottery ticket
Succeed at life

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Hmm.. I would...screw waifu, I want to get a bro from her, fuck yeah sleeping in the woods and caves, eating grilled food all the time, infiltrating the moonpeoples place, having fun in the bamboo forest, and just chilling with her. A true bro of a friend, that also looks very lovely

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Try not to pass out before her.

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Pic relate. Curse Priest benefits lol

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I guess, from Inaba of Moon and Earth, that I just need to pat her back and try to make her just more optimistic.

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I will befriend her, and let things snowball from there. I will make that lovely baka MY lovely baka, even if it chills my fingers off and gives me frostbites

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Hina is a good girl who would absolutely hate having some self-proclaimed priest raining misfortune down on others.

Also she already has contracts with other gods to deal with the misfortune, doujin related

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Hina is a good girl who would absolutely hate having some self-proclaimed priest raining misfortune down on others.

Also she already has contracts with other gods to deal with the misfortune, doujin related

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Everyone is now aware of the fact that your lifespan is a very, very little bit of time in the lives of most of the touhous

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Not quite, the misfortune floats around her. Which is why you want to become the Curse Priest or whatever first so then you can absorb misfortune and be unaffected by it completely.

Also get epic auto trolling skills since you can troll people by just being around them.

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I'm a Touhoufriend, but I'm getting really sick of the shitty threads here on /jp/. From now on all Touhou threads are being hidden on sight.

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1. Go to Shrine
2. Make Donation
3. ?????

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I don't know. Just help out in the library, be a nice guy, ask for teachings in the art of magic.
Spending time with her like that would be enough for me though.
Because I'm so going to rape her when she's sleeping

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Hmmm... Not be intimitated by her were-hakutaku form?

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Calling yourself a Touhoufriend but doing something cruel like that?
Oh boy.

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With the power of science!

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And whoever said I'd be a bad person, anyways? You know, besides the whole "attacking people to keep them from greater danger lololol" thing.

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It's a better thread than 90% of /jp/s normal content

Deal with it. Not like you have a choice for where to go for any sort of Touhou-related discussion.

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She probably would not react, due to seeing a lot of shit in her lifetime

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wait untill she goes to heat, then have sex, after that try to survive Ran and Yukari trying to tearr your dick off and feed it to you

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>You know, besides the whole "attacking people to keep them from greater danger lololol" thing.

Everyone in Mountain of Faith was doing this except the Moriya crew.

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Keine wouldn't be as interesting without it.

I'd like her to occasionally be assertive and aggressive. And getting CAVED just means you finally got to her horns.

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Learn to cook delicious food, and a lot of it

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Enjoy your life as some sort of a butler.

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Hope you got lots of cash.

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Just be honest and stay around her long enough. Being the only non-relative person who's willing to stay at her side will give some free major points with her.

Only real problem is keeping my mind under control. Not thinking anything lewd or hateful is gonna be hard.

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Oh god Why am I having impure toughts of Chen

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Servants in Gensokyo don't have it so bad. I'd trade places with Sakuya or Youmu any day.

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No, this is a bad thread, just like every other Touhou thread on /jp/. If it's not a random image in likeness to Sion threads, then it's something like "Slut", "I want to fuck her", "Is she a virgin?", "My waifu XD".

Fuck you all. Can't you make a thread that isn't SUPER RANDOM or sexual? Every Touhou thread I see here has been made like twenty times before.

At least you're better than Pooshlmer and /bun/ for this. I'll give you that.

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please stop spamming AnonTalk .com thanks

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1) Explain to him how most of the stuff in his shop works beyond what his eyes can tell him

2) Use his connections to get into contact with either Yukari or the Kappa

3) Get electricity at the shop

4) become a NEET again

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Yup, "it"'s gonna be hard all right

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Get her a pail.

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You are wrong.
Sakuya has a frantic and restless life. Wasn't it stated that she couldn't do most of their work without stopping time here and there?
The same goes for Youmu. Beside the fact that the "garden" is fucking huge and you are never done with sweeping. Not to mention the huge mass of food you have to cook. If you are unlucky there's nothing left for you and Yuyuko is still hungry.

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Yeah, pretty much.

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I see a liar, troll, and idiot wrapped into one package.

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When I first meet her,
"Oh, how are you doing this fine evening fair maiden?"

That and compliment how cute of a girl she is

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What should we make a thread about? Hm?
The first few good threads are whenever a new Touhou is released. Until then it's an ocean of reposts.
I got used to it. You should too. Welcome to /jp/.

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Find her, start helping her steal books, study with her, get her to know me and eventually ask if she'd like to take it further.
If not, oh well, nothing I can do.

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There's nothing Sexual about wanting a partner.

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>You should too.
Not him, and I am used to it, but your call for conformity is alarming.

This doujin's making me think of ancient Suwako as an anti-Hina who went around bringing misfortune on others for faith. And that's awesome.

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I will pretend to be interested in bugs.

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