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Sometimes I wonder how much Touhou hentai ZUN draws himself.

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...With his sense of perspective...I want none of that.
But lots and lots and lots, probably. Keeps him amused between releases.

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Zero. He's pleased that there's so much non-porn drawn.

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Like anyone would believe that.

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Oh man is that touhoumon?

Where can I download that? I forgot.

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I thought it was Kenshin.

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have you tried the internet?

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No, what's an internet?

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He stated that he's pleased. If you're so inclined to regard his word as lies, go back to youtube.

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Where did he say that?

I mean that seems very likely, I'm just curious.

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You sound rather agitated.

Would it really be that wonderful of an idea to tell the world that you're drawing hentai pictures of the little girls in your games?

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>That's also the part that surprised me the most, on how the derivative works span several different genres, with much will, ambition and potential within them, and a surprisingly small amount of erotic works (*laugh*).

I exaggerated a bit

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Ha ha, "surprisingly small". Things have changed since then.

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A miserable little pile of tubes.

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The ratio is still surprisingly small.

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He said "surprised" not "pleased" there.


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ITT misused terms.

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Probably none. I try to draw porn from time to time and I can never fap to it - unless you're great you want other people to draw your porns.

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I thought it was too when I first saw it. It's Kotohime from the old PC-98.

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ZUN is probably completely asexual

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Then why would all the characters in his games be female?

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It's not surprising anymore.

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Because every body/face he tries to draw comes out the same, and it just happens to be more female-looking than male-looking.

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That's so true.

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>>3769716 asexual

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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But I know people that draw fap to their own drawings.

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Yeah, people can sure be stupid with their terms, you know? What kind of dumbass would misinterpret the term "suprised" as "pleased"?

Unless, of cours, we have some anti-hentai trolls trying to spew their crap about...

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I don't think you know how to spell.

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You don't think it means devoid of sexuality? That's curious.

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Touhou porn is generally shitty. This is because it's almost invariably disgusting futa, instead of delicious yuri or tentacle rape.

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Your taste, not so good.

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>disgusting futa
If you hate dick so much, why don't you hurry up and chop yours off?

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I don't hate dicks, I'm perfectly fine with fapping to shota and balls-touching. I only hate futa.

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I think the ratio for Touhou isn't much different than any other popular work with a complex universe and many poorly-developed characters. Obviously doujin works for something like Love Plus or Clannad are going to emphasize porn, because that's what's lacking in the source material.

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Traps are fine because they're perfectly natural, but futa girls are freaks.

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