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Please be gentle, okay? :10800

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It hurts! It hurts~!

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Troll thread?

Whatever. I'm bored out of my mind, I'll host anyway. WC

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Still hosting?

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Ahhhnn~, no, stop Onii-chan! You're breaking me apart!

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Anyone up for a few rounds?

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OP here. Sure.

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>>3768671 :10800

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Can't seem to join, and you should avoid putting a space between the ip and port number. Shall I host then?

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Try again then.

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No dice, have you been able to host before?

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OP here. Yeah. Did a while ago as is.

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Ah, well i've tried both IPs posted and neither worked. Please check your IPs and make sure that your port forwarding didn't change when your ip changed

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try now.

>> No.3768926 US Central
May have to leave soon, but want to get a few matches in.

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Okay, hands tired.

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Good games! It's nice to see a new face around here. I also love seeing a Youmu, she has a ton of power behind her if you know what you're doing. I have to say though, you're not as aggressive as you could be to make up for not blocking all too much. I'll mix up my characters for you a bit more next time

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US East

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I'm too used to excessive zoning with Youmu and Sakuya before.

>> No.3769001 EU Sweden.

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Reisen feels weird.

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Good games E-MAN! Jeeze, it looks like you've developed counter strategies to almost all of my Youmu tactics. Neither 2C, [6]/[3] 236C, corner B loop and corner cherry blossom guard break will work on you anymore. All I had left was purple slide shenanegans and a lulzy [3] rekka. I actually struggled very much with Youmu against your Sakuya, and had an easier time with my alts.

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GGs Rabbit

Well, that worked out a little too perfectly, I have to go anyway. Great games, but either I'm analyzing patterns a bit better or you weren't feeling up to par today. It worries me when I start winning against YOUR Youmu and I know I haven't been practicing at all as of late... I must learn some useful techniques for Aya an her crows. Besides the surprise headstomps, they were the only thing saving me from your Komachi rampage.

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Whoops, noticed my notation was awful there. I meant 3/6[A] 623C and 3[A] into Rekka. When faced with someone who can read into my moves all I can do is try the same moves but faster. I'll have to force myself to change things up a bit to face your Reimu again.

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3769434 West Coast

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GGs. Nice Komachi. Need some more 2A spam when you have the opponent cornered though. I'd think of more to say, but I just got a phone call, sorry. Thanks for the fun.

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Your Komachi eliminated all my coinfidence. I'm sorry if I bored you a little by only playing two characters. GGs though!

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Rehosting for a bit.

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Good games, Fox Hunter.

>losing to Lunkuu in an Utsuho mirror
Yeahhh, something's wrong here.

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Heh, ggs. I hate mirrors. Lol.

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And take your time. There's plenty of slut left to go around for everybody.

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Anybody still hosting?

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please stop spamming AnonTalk .com thanks

>> No.3769910, Finland

>> No.3769925

Now that was pretty laggy... Rehosting if someone else wants to try...

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Well, looks like there's nobody around, I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

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OP here. Scrub player. Anyone up?

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>> No.3770674 US Central

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shit tier hostan

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EC how the fuck do I combo tier

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GGs, Pluto. Did my best to try to find a set of characters we could have some even matches with, but it seemed like everyone was either too strong or too weak to be really interesting. Sorry. Those weird lag spikes weren't helping either.


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GGs, Saje, you were quite the touch cookie.
A very slight lag, but I didn't mind it (it might have actually been from me).

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Good game, bad lag.


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Fuck my internet.

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US Midwest.

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gg bro. good game, bad matrix-fight

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Good game. I haven't had a slow-motion fight like that in a while.


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Good games.
Sorry if I went too hard on you.

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I think Catfish KO is a sign that it's time to call it quits, hehehe. Good games as always, E-Man. Also, curse random and it's random deck selection. My Cirno without alt skills is... pathetic to say the least.

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GGs Saje

Long time no play! Those were some fun matches. We'll have to do this again, and also get some Meltan in one day, I need some training badly. Thanks for the matches.

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I want that sanae plushie~

How much does it cost you?

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So, who's around for some late night games?

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US Midwest
Finally on a hostable internet connection tier

>> No.3772310

Is that server still up?

>> No.3772327

Should be. If you can't connect I guess I'll have to fiddle with my router

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Mid Tier, or something

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Not able to join, I can host if need be. Otherwise I don't mind a few attempts while you fiddle with the router

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Every time I see this face I go d'awwww


Does anyone play over Hamachi?

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Good games, but the combination of lag and me not playing for a month is making me look really awful.

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It's fine, it was fun.

I'm still hosting for a while...

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Good games Rabbit-Box. I swear I'm not always that incompetent. I don't know what, but it just felt like everything came out long after my reactions. Or maybe I'm really that rusty. Anyway good matches. I'd use someone else but Marisa's the only one without default decks

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Good games Yggdrasilface! Looks like I was able to join in the end, and got to see your Mrasia. She adapts really quickly and I saw you started to pre-empt a leaping melee attack to punish my air. To bad we're always laggy between our connections but at least you're a good sport about it. Bullet time is kind of fun since you can pull off combos and moves you otherwise couldn't, and I had all sorts of fun and luck with some of that pressure.

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Oh yeah, rehosting

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hosts plz, want to test out my keyboardan abilty with Marisa

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GGs. Bit too laggy for my taste though. Quick hint, you corner blockstring where you 5B 3A repeatedly, mix in some 6A. It hits high, giving you some more mix-up and hopefully some more orbs as a result.


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Good games Saje. Interesting deck ya got with Patchy

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first time network gaming... how do i join?
i know its in the vsnetwork, but its all moonspeak there.

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Easiest way is to copy and IP and port to your clipboard and choose option 4. This pick is from 10.5, but the order hasn't changed, so it still applies.

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GGs as much as it could be in that lag. I also forgot I was supposed to be using the keyboard but connected with the controller instead.

>> No.3772723

thank you... my ip is
now ill just have to choose 1) right?

>> No.3772727

Good games to you as well. I really hope It's not my connection that's causing the lag. Guess I'll mess with stuff and hope for the best

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>choose option 4
It's option 5. Even your picture says so のヮの

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You may want to append :10800 to your ip when you post it to make it easier for others to copy and join

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GGs. Shame about the lag. Two games in a row... wondering if it's something on my end...

It's 4 in the morning, cut me some slack.

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Choose option 1, pick a port number (default is 10800), choose the right option in the popup window. Post your IP along with which port you are using and wait for someone to connect (i.e. And if you are behind a router, make sure you forward the UDP of the port number you are using.

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did everything, besides the router part which i don't understand

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>choose the right option
Oops, I meant left のヮの

>> No.3772756

left it is than... what is the differance btw?

>> No.3772764

why does no one come?
is it the router thing? if i use hamachi will it solve it?

is no one willing to play? if so ill just wait for the next thread. tnx for showing me the way aymooplc

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I believe, it asks if you want to allow spectators. Left = Yes, Right = No. I may be wrong.


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You have to forward port 10800 on your router. If you don't know how, don't want to, or can't, hamachi will allow you to host without forwarding.

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please stop spamming AnonTalk .com thanks

>> No.3772781

thank you

woh, i just wanted some simple game and i get a lecture in computer science

is it really a problem of port forwarding? do you think hamachi could solve it? i played with hamachi twice or so (gta) and i didn't encounter any problems

>> No.3772795

Yeah, you need to have the port you're using open if you're hosting. I'm told Hamachi will fix that problem, but I've also been told it creates some lag issues

>> No.3772807

ok.. my hamachi ip is
network named riot777
pass the same.

>> No.3772825

closing network. another day i guess. tnx.

>> No.3773845

Hosting EU

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GGs, I would have loved to play against you without the lag, though I guess you'd have raped me even more then.

>> No.3774143

GGs. Blocking is good, but too much of it gets you guard crushed. Try to escape once in a while when there is a gap.

>> No.3774146

Bump for hosts.

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>> No.3774248

I'm hosting again.

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>> No.3774428 EU
Will only play Komachi and occasionally Meiling.

>> No.3774532

GGs. Got some stuff to do, might return later tonight.

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US Midwest

>> No.3775346


>> No.3775706
US Central

Wasting time tier

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>> No.3775799

GGs, my eyes are starting to hurt. I need to take out my contacts.

>> No.3775816

Also, I apologize for all those pauses and stuff in between and during games. Had to deal with important texts and then I realized the AC was on this entire time so I had to turn on the heat.

>> No.3775820

Good games GP.
I think 35 games is enough for now. Did you happen to save the replay where I froze you while you were using a spellcard? I forgot to save that one.

>> No.3775837

Sorry, I didn't save any replays.

>> No.3775844

Good games, Saje.

>> No.3775845

GGs, Endue. Some interesting matches and some embarrassing matches. Sad how terrible I am with the characters that most consider easy mode (Suika/Yukari). Thanks for the fun.

>> No.3775890

Bump for players

>> No.3776052

GGs, Mag

Looks like I got a bit over-anxious. Did a bunch of unnecessary mashing towards the end there. I'm going to need to get into more practice sessions against you, because even though some of those matches were really close, that was pretty pitiful I couldn't pull them off...

Thanks for the matches, bro!

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Can Central.

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