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Why is Chen's skin so white if she's a BLACK cat?

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she shaved.

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Because black cats have white skin. Lrn2animals.

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Because her fur is black. If you own a cat, any color, please part any random area of fur and tell me the color of its skin.

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Why is Reimu's skin so white if she's a JAPANESE girl?

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I'm not sure.

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She looks pretty brown to me.

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What about them?

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My answer: ZUN is a racist bastard.

Politically correct answer: >>3764426

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Because she's not a nigger.

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That's a nigger cat. Niggers don't count in anything.

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ay dios mio, el cuphacabra

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This is what Ran and Chen actually look like.

When you boner to Chen's DFC, or Ran's Delicious Fat Tits, you are becoming a furry.

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Furry Ran and non-nigger Chen.

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And I'm spent.

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You are a liar and a knave

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This had the furry tag on pixiv for some reason.

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Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Also I can say it in red.

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Why are you so preoccupied with turning furry? It's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Posting in a furry thread.

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I don't even give a fuck.

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Are those claws enough to satisfy the CHEN IS A NEKOMATA people?

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If it means getting thrown in with the typical furry crowd, then yeah, it probably is a bad thing.

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It does not mean that.

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I can't get it up to furry Ran anyway, so it hardly matters.

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at least japanese furries are 100x cuter than the western sort.

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100 times a negative is still a negative, bro.

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This is true.

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Katzeh is a talented Japanese furry

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That's pretty badass in a Narasimha sort of way.

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Momiji is a Lightsworn?

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Not until they show her killing and eating humans in the most savage way possible.

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In before that pic of her and Ran eating human body parts.

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>furry/not furry
Whatever, she falls into "too cute to fap to" territory for me.

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Drawing also by Katzeh btw

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Ran is scary

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Not all nekomata are bad! You are prejudiced against youkai :(

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>Other stories tell about how a bake-neko may sometimes shape-shift into a beautiful girl, so that their owner would be able to marry them and have children.
Japanese folklore is awesome.

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Demons that exist in the human world
Must be destroyed

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Zebra's skin is a gray.

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This thread made me wonder, where did all this "motherly/pedo Ran" stuff come from anyway?

I haven't played PCB in a long time and I'm not really interested in the side material, but I always had the impression that canon Ran never was too close to Chen and just left her alone with her cats and shit.

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Ran is concerned that Chen got hurt, but mostly it's fans grasping for straws and wanting a mother-daughter relationship to draw pictures and write stories about.

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No Gods, No Masters. Breach the border.

All Youkai must be destroyed.

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Also, Chen is not like a precocious child; She's more like a really bitchy teenager.

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I waoudn't be so sure, her PMiSS profile explicitly says "child", and she acted like one in that Aya interview.

IMHO making Ran a mother figure was kind of logical anyway.

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That's nice, but if you aren't prepared to make some Original Content I don't give a damn what you think about touhous.

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Why are Ran's nipples so erect? She's extremely turned on, but by what?

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That's Reimu.

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Yukari must be around.

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Amazing. She has a sexy beam?

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I think her pointy nipples actually make the picture more terrifying for some reason.

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They make the picture inexplicably erotic for me. She's emanating waves of arousal in our direction. But of course, if I were to be turned on by that, it'd make me a furry. Sorry. Just a pavlovian reflex I picked up from being confronted with women whose nipples are jutting like Mt. Olympus and their lower lip is huge - that's when you know it's on. That's what's happening. And you're definitely going to get your dick wet.

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Arc gets off on taboos. That's horrible.

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Because you have to be alive to have proper skin pigments

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That's the messed up thing about Gensokyo. You make a move on some girl and before you know it you're with your knickers down, humping a crow or a cat or a fox and everyone's looking at you like you screwed the pooch(which you did, actually, especially if you're with MOREMizi)

MOEmizi related.

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But considering it's Gensokyou, shouldn't they not be very surprised?

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They're surprised when you fuck the umbrella, at least.