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Bow to your GOD!

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Flan-chan.... no... Flan-SAMA, please have mercy me.

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It sucked learning that the artist of this picture died in 2018

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Yes, of course, Mistress.

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Don't you mean goddess? Also flan is a vampire, not a god. Silly imouto.

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really? its from the un owen youtube video, i think it got me into touhou originally. rip

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Aozora-Market was the artists name. I just heard about it myself and it was the biggest case of whiplash I ever received upon listening to a song. Mortality really is a bitch, the guy's doujins are honestly the comfiest thing I've read

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Flandre Scarlet is a superior being and I am going to found a religion dedicated to her.

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pppphhhhhhhpppppp...whatever nerd.

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Post more Flan FEET!

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What about Allah?

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Why were the japanese drawings of her edgy as well? I thought the "she's a psycho" fanon came from a bad eosd translation.

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Dude, link the doujins.

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not you vegita bro. you are ok.

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Her power to destroy things combined with not leaving the mansion for 495 years implies that she was locked up for abusing her power. Possibly even going on a rampage or something.
Being a difficult extra stage boss adds to this too. She's just playing around in her boss fight, but the player is fighting for their life trying to dodge the absolutely insane attacks she throws out. This can be portrayed as her not fully understanding the extent of her power. Like a kid burning ants for fun but on a much more destructive level.
There's also a hint at murderous intent with the And Then There Were None themes in some of her spell card names and theme song. Speaking of U.N. Owen Was Her?, it's an insane sounding song fitting for an insane boss fight thus leading to the boss herself being depicted as insane.
Of course, now we know Flan wasn't actually locked up. She's just a hikki more or less.

Also, protip: Pretty much every fanon interpretation comes from the Japanese side of things. Even shit like Sanae is a slut.

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I like Flan-chan, I wish she had more friends

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God I want to french kiss her cunny

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first time i see this full image

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Touhou McDonald's when?

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Flan's butt is sensitive.

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dont die

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'orry XD 'orryXD 'orryXD 'orryXD
'orry XD 'orryXD 'orryXD 'orryXD
'orry XD 'orryXD 'orryXD 'orryXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

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flan but real

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flan and remi are white

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1. hag
2. asian

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No, they're Romanian.

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This one is my favorite, and I prefer the Danbooru translation:

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Why do cuckolds use images from KYM?

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I kneel!

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cute but dangerous

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flan is nice to neets

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That's news to me.

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Full of pedos
Full of pedos
Full of pedos
The same
Full of pedos, again.

Is there really no peace from this plague?

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lolis are fine

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Here, have a Flan with slightly big breasts.

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I just like posting cute flans and remis. Just have to block some things.

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you forgot

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It's even more disgusting with breast since she's sexualised.
/lit/ too? Fuck.

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it can be better!

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Have you tried turning off your computer?

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Flandre can defeat ANY Touhou (except Eiki)

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Fuck Eiki.

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I don't think I will.

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Imouto-sama is a lewd girl

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you sure this is vegita? he looks way too tall.

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what's inside?

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it's a bulge and you can't convince me otherwise

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Girls with dicks are girls too anon, its 2021 you have to be more accepting.
It's next year you can start discriminating against them again.

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jokes on you i was pointing it out because it makes me hard c:<

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I recognize that butt.

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different kind of pedo. they like 3d boys

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/co/ is disgusting in general thanks to the fall of the west.

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why is the thread auto-saging