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Death to Lunarians
Death to Moon bunnies
Fuck Chang'e

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REMOVE KEGARE remove kegare you are worst youk. you are the youk idiot you are the youk smell. return to suwa. to our suwa cousins you may come our reedplain. you may live in the swamp....ahahahaha ,izumo we will never forgeve you. sukima gaphag FUck but fuck asshole youk impure izumo toyoashiharanonakatsukuni..youk purification best day of my life. take a bath of purified youk..ahahahahahIZUMO WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget kuniyuzuri .shinano we seal takeminakata , shinano return to your precious moreya....hahahahaha idiot youk and earthling smell so impure..wow i can smell it. REMOVE KEGARE FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. futsunushi+takemikazuchi+torifune+amanosagume=pacify izumo...you will kuniyuzuri/ tsukuyomi alive on moon, tsukuyomi making capital on moon . pure land tsukuyomi moon. we are pure and have mochi now hahahaha ha because of tsukuyomi... you are ppoor impure youk... you live in a forest hahahaha, you live in a lake
tsukuyomi alive numbr one #1 on moon ....fuck the suwa ,..FUCKk ashol youks no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur myth and fantsy. 2kuyomi aliv and real strong sage purify all the youk wild aminal with god magic now we the amatsukami rule .youk of the earth presidant tei inaba fukc the lord daikoku and lay egg this egg hatch and izumo wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our reedplain we will crush u lik a pit of peach. takamagahara greattst countrey

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Squad! Lunarian spotted!

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Pussy humans talk shit

Time to turn your home to space dust

Human POWs pic related

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They are not human.

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no way buddy, nuh uh, in space, no one can hear you be a jerk and get wrecked

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You were saying, moonie?

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this looked like a mola mola coca cola

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just ruin 500 doller suits and break science, what a fricking jerk

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Kill all moongoloids.

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Bully moon nerds

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public execution is not ok

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How did they get their ass kicked by earthlings?

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Yes, all youks must die but all moonies must die too.

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when its non-human entities its ok bro

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Youks cannot refute this.

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Indeed, I wonder that too. After all, we never event went to the Moon in the first place.

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Canonically this is a myth spread by butthurt Lunarians

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>Death to Moon bunnies
Moon bunnies aren't for killing, they're for reproduction.

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Leave them alone

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No. They shouldn't thrown our flag out or vandalized our mirrors if they wanted peace.

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dammit dh'oine ruining lunarians cookout, un-fricking-believable, get freaking chump change when everyone else retaliates

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ayy lmao

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Lunarians are smug shits that needed being knocked down a few notches.
Moon bunnies are just an unfortunate collateral damage from the conflict since they are basically slaves.

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spend tremendous amounts of money on multiple flights to the moon, see what happens

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The moon won decades ago, get over it.

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why the hell is reisen inside the american spacesuit?

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When are we finally getting a Touhou game about the CIA trying to perform a coup in Gensokyo?

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it's a reflection

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would be interesting ngl
the outside world (or at least a secret organization) knows the existence of gensokyo and tries to breach the barriers

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Yeah, it would make for a cool plot. Hell, considering how the outside world ends up I could see them wanting to destroy the place out of principle.

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could be the bad ending with the good being a truce or smth
idk what to put as extra stage tho
not to mention what it would imply to gensokyo

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tsukuyomi alive in serbia

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Rei'sen is the hottest rabbit in Touhou, she is the only one I would kidnap, rape, and impregnate if she was real and I had the strength to subdue her.

I say kidnap and rape because I know no sane woman would like to be with me lmao

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Pls no bully

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>idk what to put as extra stage tho
God decides to send one of his Archangels, probably Micheal, to check on this whole Gensokyo place. He ultimately concludes that while it does fall firmly outside his domain, it's of no risk and he should leaves it alone.

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cute onahole

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>it's of no risk

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how does that even work?

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I imagine Yukari only targets people that are atheist or at least agnostic exactly because she doesn't want any problem with a Capital G God. Well, I guess Buddhists and Shinto's would be fine as well. Probably Taoists, Confucians, and whatever weird cults exist in China and Japan as well.

Well, first God calls Michael

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bully and destroy, i want all moonies dead by sundown.

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>B-But that's genocide!
What you call Genocide I call a good day work.

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Junko is a whore and Kaguya did nothing wrong

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hey now that I think about it, isnt Rumia's famous dialog "the saint was crucified.."(聖者は十字架に磔られました) directly confirm the existence of Christ in the Touhou world?
Would a male character be forgiven to enter Gensoukyou if it was literally Jesus Christ or an Archangel?

I would love that because it would imply that only pure hearted people can enter Gensoukyou

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kill yourself into hell

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Sumireko literally brute forced her way in...

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I do not know this jobber

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Pssh Lunarians are pathetic.

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They could use Gabriel and turn him into a girl. The Nips like doing that.

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Are you serious? Damn...

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Why not use Jophiel? She's the patron Angel of Art and Artists (and she's already a woman).

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but Gabu isn't THE archangel Gabriel? she just has a similar name

what do you think Christ's spell card would be? for me its "Golgotha's Hill - Skull of Adam" and it would be a series of bullets with a skull shape that explode into giant crosses that then spin around

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>put fish in their ocean
>they all freak out and die
pathetic is an understatement

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if reimu had balls the moonies would be btfo by now

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The moon will be conquered.

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Lunarians have no one to blame but themselves if they lose the war against earth. You've had THOUSANDS OF YEARS headstart yet you still lost? Pathetic

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Seiga references Jesus as well. He absolutely exists, and due to the way Touhou works is probably the son of god.

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Women can enter forcefully, but men have to be pure of heart.

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Or Yukari abducts them to become Youkai food.

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Shitty fanon

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Fucking stupid ass lunarians send slaves to do the killing for them. They will never harnass the power of the sword logic and are probably dull as fuck.

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Now we just need to wait the AntiChrist to fuck everything, everyone and usurp the heavenly kingdoms before the end...

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Monotheistic religions in Touhou are kind of awkward, especially ones like Christianity that denounce all other gods as fakes and demons, which is obviously a problem with a polytheistic setting like Touhou. They don't mesh together well, which is likely why ZUN will never include or mention them outside of passing references like with Seiga, Kasen, and Rumia.

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Japs dont give a fuuuck about that, look at Shuumetsu no Valkirye, it has every polytheistic religion AND Jesus in it.

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There needs to be a Lunarian version of Remove Kebab.

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Remove Moon!

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ZUN could probably write Jesus as being a fairly chill dude, and have all that "all other gods are fake" thing just be some off the cuff remark taken the wrong way. Maybe He denounced one mortal pretending to be a god and His followers assumed He meant *all* other gods are fake. I could also see Jesus be drinking buddies with Mohammad

Maybe He and some other western gods and mythological beings fucked off to their own secret Gensokyo-like realm, set up as a belief-trap much like Gensokyo; complete with a couple of Asian youkai like a mirror of the Scarlet vampire sisters.

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>Christians were hung upside down in pits filled with excrement
holy based japs

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dude, did you even play ULiL?
she used her balls to get in.

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>She used her balls.

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My God, I have the mentality of a seventh grade boy in school

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>America forced Japan open and then destroyed the Japanese empire and made them into a vassal state.
Based af

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MacArthur is stronger than the entire Amaterasu Bloodline.

*Fucking Japan and their Gods since 1853*

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>Buzz Aldrin had Holy Communion on the moon.
>The crew of Apollo 8, the first humans to orbit the moon, read from the Holy Bible's book of Genesis during a live TV broadcast to Earth.
>Yuri Gagarin was a devout Orthodox Christian and even had his daughter Baptized before the Space mission.
>Cosmonauts take Christian relics with them into space
Based Astronauts and Cosmonauts

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Christian Supremacy.

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Moon... bad?

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>duct tape on broken faceshield
jesus... would that really work?

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probably not but its rad as fuck

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>asphyxiates and dies while trying to look cool
Function before form bros.

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Unless the faceshield has multiple layers and only some are broken, no.
But even then I don't know what purpose the duct tape would have.

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technically already canon

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>so attached to the flesh
What the hell? Does Zun have no understanding of Christanity?

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No jap does.

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Maybe rather it's just Kasen has no understanding of Christianity, and the average Gensokyian in general. They do literally live in a bubble, after all.

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>and the average Gensokyian in general.
...by this I mean the average Gensokyian has no understanding of Christianity. Not that Kasen has no understanding of them. Worded that weirdly

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But Japan has had Seven Christian Prime Ministers.

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they were puppet rulers, not true japanese, and swiftly disposed of afterwards

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no one does

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You just lost your way.
You're not living your life correctly.
reevaluate your life choices