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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Last thread: >>37382575

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inb4 tatsumoto spam

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firmly inform her that pink hair is shit and i'd rather have no kanojo than her

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pomodorochan recommends:
25 minutes focus on study and immersion
5 minutes break
x4 then a 20-30 minute break

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animedoro is the true way

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can't stop feeling horny all the time

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Damn, are you me?

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cant stop jacking off all the time.

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can i realistically just not study grammar after tae kim

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pomodor is basata

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reviews are done. time to immerse the right way.

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yes. after finishing tae kim, you can just google what you don't know.

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often times when you translate from japanese to english you have to come up with an entirely different phrase while somewhat trying to preserve the meaning because a literal translation makes no sense at all, this is why relying on english subs to learn japanese is fucking retarded.

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.

Updated guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Japanese resources: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/resources.html
FAQ: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/faq.html
Japanese Mega Learning Pack: https://nyaa.si/view/1372367

Daily reminder: targeted sentence cards are the most effective way to combine Anki with immersion.

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these guys are such plebs

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called it >>37390379

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better than nukemarine

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so basically just watching 4 episodes of anime and tabbing back to djt?

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I finally understood what's the magic number of cards to avoid doing a retarded amount of reviews. New cards shouldn't be much higher than the number of cards I mature per day.

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never add new cards when yo feel like doing cardreps is a chore.

that is the rile is stick to and its nice.

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i try to keep the amount of young cards i have below 500

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hold this thought for me: your grandma still has sex

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crazy that pussy still works at that age.

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How to know that I don't know.

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by coming across it and not understanding it

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if you guess wrong about what something means you are very likely to find something makes you feel uncertain about it either immediately or one of the next times you encounter the word and even if you dont look it up that uncertainty will keep you from developing too strong of an assumption on the meaning
rarely you will realize that you were wrong about something but not often enough to matter unless you are extremely low iq
+ the "oh shit thats not what that means" moment forms a strong memory anyway
there is no problem to begin with

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woah she's hot

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want to fuck a japu milf in the ass

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it depends. If you already memorized/understood/acquired everything in tae kim, then you're probably done for good. If you just skimmed once then you'll have to go back to it multiple times.

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princess evangile had one before it was cool

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grammar is no different than words
you look it up when you forget and eventually it sticks

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watching the homunculus live action

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i have that manga downloaded

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milffags are cringe.

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didn't ask

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i'm almost at the end of my rope bros...

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acquired 紊乱
acquired 椿事
acquired 須らく
acquired 疱瘡

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don't care

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neither do i

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help me out with my kanji exams
it's going to be as in picrel, we're given a sentence with two words underlined; one in kanji we have to write in kana and one in kana we have to write in kanji. kana to kanji row is going to be easy problem is the kanji to kana row requires us to write onyomi in katakana et kunyomi in hiragana and I didn't learn any of that
https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/onyomi-kunyomi/#how-can-i-know-the-reading according to tofugu guy
multiple kanji words = usually onyomi
single kanji words = usually kunyomi
words ending with okurigana = usually kunyomi
I was about to go with that but took a look at my kanji class slides and it says
multiple kanji words = usually onyomi+onyomi or kunyomi+kunyomi (no indication regarding it being more often onyomi)
single kanji words = usually kunyomi
words ending with okurigana = usually kunyomi
so which rule do I use for multiple kanji words?

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i recommend just knowing the words

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i had a youtube video bookmarked titled "matt shit eating grin" at the 1:12:47 timestamp but it 404'd and i don't remember whose video it was. wonder if yoga deleted one of their dispute videos

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one hour in now, the manga is better

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i don't like tae kim and i am always puzzled that it continues to be the most popular grammar guide. it didn't stick in my head very well because it was unintuitive, badly structured, and awkwardly worded throughout. he'll rush through the important stuff and then autisticly nitpick about some obscure rarely used thing "for the sake of completeness". it's almost as if he's more interested in proving that he's a guru than being helpful. his deranged insistince that there is no such thing as a "subject" in japanese is especially brain-damaging (so much that cure dolly made a video to debunk him).
i understand that none of you have $50 to spend on a textbook, and that it's impossible to read copyrighted material on the internet, however I would say there are better free guides.
very similar, better index for finding things, better editing, more consistent.

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it's about having a quick start numbnuts

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I know the words, I just don't know which category their readings fall into. Or maybe you meant learn which reading they have by heart? I could do that but it would be so convenient to just have a rule that filters them and just learn exceptions

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fuck off and figure it out moron.

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they are onyomis most of the time but rules don't exist

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is this the same guy that was asking about his hiragana grid homework a few threads ago?

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the easiest way to remember it is
the onyomi are the shared readings (きょう in 兄弟) and the kunyomi are the standalone readings (あに for 兄)
of course there are exceptions like あにき 兄貴 so you'll have to just learn it

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Ok so what tofugu says then

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this is the intermediate thread

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kun+kun is usually made up of words that are usable on their own (口先) while on+on is usually readings you wouldnt use alone (道路)
as long as you know suru isnt okurigana then okurigana means kun
and assume single kanji are kun thats enough to pass the test

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literally feel it out

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Da Godfather
At the point where active immersion is better then Anki, do y’all have any reason why one should continue with Anki at a set point.

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you dont feel out textbook shit that no one should be studying or tested on in their first year anyway because its useless information

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finna make some tea

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at the point where passive immersion is better than active immersion do yall have any reason why one should continue with active immersion at a set point.

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damn this hit me hard
i just put on some anime and tab out to djt every 30 secs

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How do you guys type less common words using a japanese IME? if I type "kai" I need to go 35 results below to actually get "甲斐"

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>at the point where passive immersion is better than active immersion
such a point doesn't exist

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type やり甲斐 and delete the やり

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i hate moe

>> No.37394977

i hereby challenge him to a 10 minute mma fight.

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do it for words that you'd only see like once a year and spam easy on everything else

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kiss scene was actually decent for a j-drama
usually they are cringe af

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context usually helps
i typed 甲斐がない and it was the second option

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>garnt and connor cant read the word 先生
how long have these losers been living in japan now?

>> No.37395051

garnt and connor huh

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how good are the anon made grammar guides like sakubi and ixrec's and shit

>> No.37395062

1-2 years

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dno just skim tae kim and then read more and google shit
studying grammar is pointless >>37394054

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didn't they go to some 'language school' that doesn't teach kanji, the fuck

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please kill yourself

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literally who

>> No.37395117

link? i skimmed the writing thing i just saw they couldn't write it

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>hype myself up cause I can understand 90% of anime
>go watch japanese youtubers
>understand close to nothing

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keep in mind garnt can understand 80-90% of peppa pig raw
(according to himself)

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uhh connor got it correct though

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the tsunami part made me unhappy

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on all your posts

>> No.37395266

i dont want people who watch that shit reading my posts

>> No.37395276

grow up

>> No.37395284

ah thanks, I was writing each word separately

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shallow and forced

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average girl in korea

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was a decent watch

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nah they would have had at least 5 surgeries to sort that out

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filtering youtube links for a bit

>> No.37395437

welp i got 100% right and I suck at japanese

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are you meant to understand that

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i cant write so im sure i would have messed up something down the line

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This is good

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Are there any beginner vinnies that don’t focus on sex or romance?

>> No.37395489

gonna wager no

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loopers is pretty easy

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checked also dame the kanji help a lot

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>log on netflix
>they're claiming that garbage live action cowboy bebop show everyones shitting on is in their top 10 in popularity
lol just lol

>> No.37395657

oh its out already
gonna check the first ep at least

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this is actually on topic cause its from the dub

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the entirety of the Infinity series

>> No.37395694

why does gilly say zassyu like zassyuu

>> No.37395697

wtf isayama why's there a nog in my anime

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i can't why would they do this

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just don't fucking watch it. wtf...
fucking whiny bitches

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>> No.37395753

>see live-action of anime i like
>it looks like shit
>"yep, not watch this garbage"
>move on

>waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why did they? how could they? how am i gonna live now? wtf nooooooooooooooo moooooooooooom! THIS IS A WAR CRIME

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>> No.37395769

i wish to be freed from this 3d coil

>> No.37395777

been pruning my 1k bookmarks today

>> No.37395788

how many of them are dead lol

>> No.37395804

last time i used bookmarks was like 2013

>> No.37395810

how is that possible?

>> No.37395819

cuz when i want to have something i save it instead so no need to have an online link to it, all local

>> No.37395825

but you don't have any interesting sites that you want to remember for later?

>> No.37395826

same cuz shit keeps disappearing otherwise

>> No.37395837

no i look at them in the moment, if i like them they stay in the history and autocomplete as i start to type in the name

>> No.37395846

there are no interesting sites on the nu-internet

>> No.37395847 [DELETED] 


>> No.37395854

not him but i just remember them

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okay 2 mins in, mc smokes
thats too much for me

not watching anything with smokers

>> No.37395899

if its useful to me i might have a link in a text file
i have a file for ongoing manga and for anything thats readable online i have a link to the main site there
if i just bookmarked all the sites itd be too hard to keep track of when to check them

>> No.37395900

>disliking an entertainment product is pol

>> No.37395913

are you okay, polnigger? he clearly stated his dislike

>> No.37395921


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>> No.37395930

Spike smokes in the anime too

>> No.37395940

yeah not watching that either

>> No.37395950

moreover there's nothing wrong with trying to vocalize and moralize the issue, since it helps gain cultural power. notice he didn't say anything about leftists who bitch about media (which they do much more incessantly than the right) because he agrees with them. typical dishonesty.

>> No.37395962

have you considered that when someone doesn't instantly complain about leftards, it's because they don't interact with them that much and are mostly exposed to rightoid faggotry?

>> No.37395978


>> No.37395983

thank you for explaining it to the polretard

>> No.37395995

you'd think this shit was fucking simple to understand, do i have to add "and leftypol" in brackets any time i'm making a criticism? i've never used their site and barely if ever interact with them

>> No.37396010

gary ben should have played spike spiegel

>> No.37396022

even if that's true it doesn't really matter if it's intentional or not since the effect is the same, which is that you're only hurting one side.

>> No.37396032

hard agree

>> No.37396033

ah yes, forgive me
from now on, i will be sure to go "(and /leftypol/) anytime i criticize /pol/, despite the fact that it's their autism i have to put up with on the parts of this site i visit
apology accepted?

>> No.37396038

that'd be a lot better, thanks.

>> No.37396046

flashtard addiction is real. i'm a little over 15,000 words in, and the lack of words that i don't know to make new anime cards daily is kind of bothering me.

>> No.37396050

what if /pol/ meant both sides of the retardation

>> No.37396061

go through a freq list and fill in any blanks
if all else fails start mining conjugations and collocations of n5 vocabulary

>> No.37396067

>if all else fails start mining conjugations and collocations of n5 vocabulary

>> No.37396077

>start mining conjugations and collocations of n5 vocabulary
why would i mine things i already know. that defeats the purpose.

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specking practice

>> No.37396102

if your daily new cards drops you have lost

>> No.37396106

only mine 5-7 cards a day on average after hitting 10k

>> No.37396124

probably try to raise that rate. the difference between 10k and 15k was extremely obvious for me, and at that rate you'll take forever to get there. i wonder how it feels for those 20k people.

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best fight in shounen since a long time

>> No.37396133

i can read up to 100k a day sometimes and only find that much
not going out of my way to do more

>> No.37396135

>thinking your vocab size = the size of your anki deck
is there a surer sign of ngmi

>> No.37396140

there's this food delivery place at my place with "食欲がいい" printed on their lunch boxes they use to deliver food to you
what exactly does this mean?

>> No.37396147

i prefer luffy punching the leopard guy a bunch or ed whacking the godly alchemist who he had no business being able to brawl with

>> No.37396152

google translate of bon ape tit

>> No.37396156

bone apple tea

>> No.37396163

what are you reading? there's got to be a significant amount of stuff that does btfo you unless you've just acquired huge amount of words without mining them.

i'm very pleased with my current results and the time it took to get there (although for the first year i was putting in an insane amount of hours into listening)

>> No.37396172

vinnies and novels
right now i'm reading inspire's edelweiss and just started 姑獲鳥の夏

>> No.37396181

yep pretty epic

>> No.37396190

you can't be serious. go away

>> No.37396196

that movie was fucking garbage and i watched it just before finding out s2 is repeating it lol

>> No.37396200
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>> No.37396211

what do you think of this one?

>> No.37396215

ill answer the first 5 questions that @ this post

>> No.37396221

what is the girth of your erect penis in inches

>> No.37396226

>some obscure rarely used thing
there is not a single obscure thing in tae kim to my memory

>> No.37396227

i have no idea

>> No.37396231

what are your thoughts on ntr?

>> No.37396252

a japanese thing that only makes sense in japan because of how poor japanese people are at ningen kankei

>> No.37396260

who's your favorite vtuber?

>> No.37396264


>> No.37396266


>> No.37396274

how old are you? :)

>> No.37396281

what is your opinion on pitch accent?

>> No.37396282

how bout you stop letting pol live rent free in your head your kind are always bringing them up here as a bogeyman

>> No.37396288

a dead one

dont worry about it till u already know japanese

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wieners are fucking disgusting if my future wife puts anything like this in my bento i'm gonna stuff em up her ass

>> No.37396296

go jerk off somewhere, cave ape

>> No.37396301

reading that entire thing lowered my iq by 2 points

>> No.37396304

i just did that before coming here also dont sign your posts

>> No.37396312

tako weenies r cool tho

>> No.37396319

if my future wife(male) did that i'd be pissed too

>> No.37396322
File: 590 KB, 1920x1080, 進化の実~知らないうちに勝ち組人生~ 第06話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37396330

this is you pretending to be cringe again, right quiz?

>> No.37396334

macross is now on spotify, fucking great

>> No.37396337

I got spoiled on the end so this fight didn’t hit as hard :(

>> No.37396348
File: 2.07 MB, 1080x1059, 235C6C32-3AAA-4BEB-9031-453C175CD208.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have to build a guessing game in python for class
Fuck this I’m going to go watch anime

>> No.37396352

still, when tanjiro calls him an 臆病者 its absolutely epic

>> No.37396360

that site seems pretty good to be honest. i agree tyler kim's guide is pretty garbage and should be honestly replaces by either that site or gamegengo or something. also you should probably go back

>> No.37396362

noticed that shonenkiddies and "people" with shit opinions(read: mary) pretty much always use "epic" as a descriptor

>> No.37396381

quizmaster it's time for you to defeat this foe once and for all

>> No.37396389

true true

>> No.37396390

life starts from the penis, life returns to the penis, crazy

>> No.37396392

daily reminder 峰田実 is banging all the girls in the series behind everyones back

>> No.37396396

macross was pretty epic desu
made a streamable of when the two alien spies go into the ladies restroom but i didnt save the url and its probably gone now :(

>> No.37396399

"better" grammar shit doesnt matter cuz you cant "learn" grammar especially as a beginner its something that is built up over thousands of hours with some reference here and there which dictionaries and google work just fine for
tae kim is enough to get a real rough idea of particles and conjugation which is more than enough to get started
you dont even need that
if you cant use your own resourcefulness to make it jumping right in you were never gonna make it after spending months on grammar books either

>> No.37396402

I like this more than Tae Kim, I really don’t like Tae Kim’s formatting

>> No.37396408 [SPOILER] 
File: 240 KB, 388x344, 1633693546819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will this happen to me if i learn japanese?

>> No.37396425


>> No.37396439

it could if ur entertaining

>> No.37396443


>> No.37396485

ikr that's what i said

>> No.37396514

in so many vinnies when you open up another app like your browser and put it in front of the vinnie the ui is still interactable like when you hover the mouse right over a ui button it makes that menu sound

i chuckle everytime a vinnie does this

(i'm not a cronic alt-tabber btw)

>> No.37396574


>> No.37396666

even japs make that youtube face huh? lmaoo

>> No.37396697

i have to know the video creator is as excited about his video as i am if i'm gonna click on it, so if they don't have a onions face in the thumbnail, then i'm not watching.

>> No.37396704

busted to ntr again

>> No.37396705

why the fuck is anacreon such a lying piece of shit?

>> No.37396716

This but with bara instead

>> No.37396720

busted my foot up your asshole again

>> No.37396721

that but with renge instead

>> No.37396729
File: 11 KB, 533x158, ttgl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37396747

can't help it anymore man

>> No.37396750

>literally almost twenty different titles
rookie numbers

>> No.37396754

700 anime is rookie numbers

>> No.37396764

i took an interest in korean

>> No.37396769


>> No.37396770

i didnt

>> No.37396779

yup it's over for me bros
if it doesn't have even a hint of ntr i can't get hard anymore

>> No.37396784

your average ttgl fan

>> No.37396789

>shikksu pegyura
cringe language

>> No.37396804

crazy bro i was literally thinking this last night but with 男の娘 think it’s time for a month or so break

>> No.37396806

i posted a screenshot of this first and it wasn't in gay ass german!

>> No.37396808

i posted the video and i can actually hear many words cuz i've been studying korean

if you pay attention you'll notice that she is saying the word 運動

>> No.37396809
File: 890 KB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37396818

i saved that image almost a decade ago

>> No.37396821

(spelt undong in korean)

korean has two はs and がs depending on whether the word ends in a vowel or consonant

wa = neun, eun
ga = i and ga

>> No.37396823

but you didn't post it here

>> No.37396829
File: 981 KB, 3840x2160, youtoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37396835

it's very interesting how korean is so similar to japanese
i have no doubt these two languages were one in the past

it's like japanese with different words (and with more features)

>> No.37396837


>> No.37396843


>> No.37396846

nice evange a lion t-shirt

>> No.37396853

if its so interesting how come no one here care about gook?

>> No.37396857

matt mail order girlfriend theory

>> No.37396878

is she japanese theres no way he could afford that

>> No.37396879

imouto, no one is going to abandon japanese just cuz i talked a little bit about it. chill, dude.

you don't need to be so insecure about your language. i'm just a gaijin with an interest for languages in general.

>> No.37396888

*about korean

>> No.37396954

I started thirstfollowing a bunch of asian girls on instagram and koreans are always hotter. Yes, they're probably all plastic but idc

>> No.37396965

>everyone i dont like is imouto
we all hate koreans here thats the only way youre gonna make it

>> No.37396971

would rather just have an onahole hip or something
the material is super hot to me like latex gloves are

>> No.37396982

besides pomodoro what other study techniques does djt use?

>> No.37396993

sometimes i watch an episode of anime

>> No.37396995

literally none i just read shit and watch shit and write shit and say shit and listen to shit

>> No.37396999
File: 320 KB, 1125x2000, 244698422_387964772793940_3296968164625458925_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've came to this pic like three times

>> No.37397001

>write shit
lets see it

>> No.37397011

the most appealing thing in that pic is the glass bottles of coke

>> No.37397017

what do i get out of that
focus on your own japanese and look up to that of natives not other gayjins

>> No.37397018

he didn't claim to be good at it
just saying

>> No.37397020
File: 438 KB, 850x594, EbykKnYXYAAlONd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37397021

we timebox around here

>> No.37397028

to practice writing i just do genki's exercises lmao

>> No.37397030

do a little pomo

>> No.37397033

can't, it's nnn

>> No.37397042
File: 149 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37397043

i meant writing with natives
which is the only way you should write for the first many years (if you dont have a teacher willing to correct literally everything)

>> No.37397047

haha i get it because boxing

>> No.37397052


>> No.37397094

lol, the japanese government even made a statement a while ago acknowledging some things and saying some of the claims about comfort women were false. very based

>> No.37397121

曲 of the day

>> No.37397139

wow people love this movie just look at their faces in the thumbnails

>> No.37397152


>> No.37397156

>you will never watch anime with a qt3.14 like her

why even live bros?

>> No.37397186

where can i download loopers from? can't find it on nyaa. Or is it on the porn one?

>> No.37397207

you could have checked faster than posting
all raw vns tend to be on sukebei

>> No.37397210

i used ab sorry bro

>> No.37397221


>> No.37397222

yeah, I checked after posting. Any recommendation on which torrent to download? I've never downloaded a vn before.

>> No.37397231

what if og started dating this guy and only discovered this video he made months afterwards. genuinely wonder if she'd be disgusted or what

>> No.37397245

i think shed be pregnant by then
imagine really pregnant og

>> No.37397249

the one with the most seeders

>> No.37397250

fake dick with a pump

>> No.37397270

I let my JP skills rot for a couple of years - any advice on how to study stuff I technically already know, but my memory is sketchy?

For kanji I'm going through KKLC and adding vocab for kanji I definitely know but maybe can't write from memory, or recall the rough meaning but not the reading, to anki. Not sure what to do about the grammar points I'm a little sketchy on though except straight up redoing textbooks.

>> No.37397284

try consuming media in japanese? idk

>> No.37397285

ive nutted like that before

>> No.37397287
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1575595759947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37397288
File: 1.28 MB, 1280x720, mizugi.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37397303

Thanks, I guess I'll just jump right back into it. I'm downloading some easier vn right now.

>> No.37397318

rengok san rengok san rengok san

>> No.37397327
File: 1.05 MB, 1920x1080, 0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37397377

>Spam in the fridge

>> No.37397429

i've also noticed that often on japanese youtube videos when i click on CC it tries to auto generate korean subs instead of japanese ones

for example

>> No.37397459
File: 3.60 MB, 2184x1354, 1637432823521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why are you learning japanese, anon-kun?

>> No.37397493

seeing couples in anime has become suifuel to me
i finally understand what sjw meant by trigger warnings when i was making fun of them 8 years ago

>> No.37397494

getting this tomorrow if amazon is nice to me
dunno if i should do a nuzlocke or something special

also lmao why did they go through the trouble of relocalizing this

>> No.37397508

same but i still look for more of it

>> No.37397526

I uploaded my anki collection to jpdb. It's funny seeing how much words I'm supposed to know from this or that anime

>> No.37397537

both of them are jews?

>> No.37397548

yep crazy right?

>> No.37397549

i sometimes feel like that but then i remember the 50% divorce rate in the us and the fact that having a gf irl isn't all that great

>> No.37397554

>the fact that having a gf irl isn't all that great
if that were true then most guys wouldn't have gfs

>> No.37397560

my depression is more about 2d not being real
the compromises people make to have sex

>> No.37397566

half of 2.3k is enough to know 50% of a bunch of stuff. That's cool.

>> No.37397577


>> No.37397581

divorce only applies to wives, not gfs

>> No.37397591

wow thanks bro i had no clue haha

>> No.37397600

a judge can jew you out of your money even if you're not married

>> No.37397605

whats all this now

>> No.37397608
File: 1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 002816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37397613

today i've been keeping my fingers in a straightened position instead of letting them curl up and it's making my wrists feel better. i should have done this years ago

>> No.37397615

forgot the お風呂

also this looks very cute

>> No.37397619

forcing your wives to wear clothes that require constant effort to keep from sliding down is a cruel form of psychological torture

>> No.37397622

this girl I follow on instagram was all about asexual pride and shit but now she has a boyfriend and deleted all that past stuff lmao. Seems she just needed some good dick

>> No.37397634

asexual pride is a form of incel cope

>> No.37397639

ボロが出たな, uppercaser君

>> No.37397640

nice good posture applies to everything

i realized this and similar things is why a lot of women are grouchy and irritated all the time

>> No.37397645

she still doesn't care about dick ya idiot she just likes having a 2nd dad and doesn't want to turn him down in bed and make him feel bad. it's transactional

>> No.37397649


>> No.37397656

lol not every woman is u relax

>> No.37397663

dont worry og theres still a chance for you too

>> No.37397665

they're living in the woods that's all they have bro

>> No.37397670

og would never admit that she wants her boyfriend to be her daddy

>> No.37397681

seems logical but ive got my eye on u

>> No.37397682

one i knew from uni made an onlyfans and started shilling it on instagram
unfollowed her right after i saw

>> No.37397687

i've been looking at women the wrong way all this time. i shouldn't be someone they love as a boyfriend or something, i should be somebody they are obliged to love, like a father

>> No.37397690

good thing 2d cant go pro on u

>> No.37397693

*intellectually chokeslams jamal for the billionth time* it's over

>> No.37397700

theres enough fabric to make shoulder straps
or just be naked

>> No.37397702


>> No.37397715

nice try but that was just a kagebumshin

>> No.37397723

not my fetish but cant argue with the logic

>> No.37397745

yea that stuff only works when ur young and like still in school

its unfortunate but society ruins everything

>> No.37397765

bruh, you need to read rollo's book

>> No.37397772

reading is for nerds

>> No.37397786

is also on audiobook format, i guess

>> No.37397788

much better

>> No.37397932

so is anime.

>> No.37397982

will you answer this question?

>> No.37398032

ur #5 so yes i will and it has been

>> No.37398080

if i told you i made this image to troll the thread would you stop reposting it?

>> No.37398087
File: 1.76 MB, 2700x2450, japanese novels literature.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow. 100 books i'll never read

>> No.37398160

so youre telling me you filter recursively
but you also reply to posts quoting posts which shouldve been filtered so whats up with that

>> No.37398170

why does jamal have cue em filtered after all this time? wtf

>> No.37398183

even as proud as i am, i cant argue against your logic
but "obliged" is a harsh way of worded it. more like love born out of respect and admiration of a protector (who isn't just simping)

>> No.37398184

all relationships must eventually come to an end

>> No.37398190

lol why do you type like such a dork stfu

>> No.37398191
File: 70 KB, 590x584, ぬれ女.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is that second character? It's defnitely not れ

>> No.37398194

i dont care about dicks
but out of principle, a mutilated one like that disgusts me

>> No.37398202

i mean the action, not the appearance of the particular dick...

>> No.37398204

he said he was 35 or 36

>> No.37398212

looks like さ or き to me but not sure wtf the horizontal stroke is up to

>> No.37398216

hmm, guess it could also be an archaic も but that seems messed up

>> No.37398220

>defnitely not れ
why would you say that

>> No.37398228

it actually is ぬれ女

>> No.37398230

hmm ぬき女 in google images actually brings this image up. interesting, i guess it wasn't れ after all

>> No.37398236

look so nice today i cant stop looking at my reflection again

>> No.37398243


>> No.37398245

hatred outlives the hateful

>> No.37398253

stop posting esoteric lines like this, thats my bit

>> No.37398266


>> No.37398270


>> No.37398279
File: 9 KB, 225x225, download (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37398287



>> No.37398294
File: 1.64 MB, 498x362, magic-ball.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37398295

the onyomi of 草 adds so much depth

>> No.37398303

only og could go from hiragana to the kanji joke
the rest of you would have to work backwards

>> No.37398304


>> No.37398322

washing my sheets. i think the last time was easter.

>> No.37398326

how the fuck to you stomach living like that?
going more than week for my own squicks me out

>> No.37398331
File: 1 KB, 258x27, 1611887094352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone please help me understand what this is trying to say? I've been studying for months but this is just too dense. It's supposed to be a download key for a model.

>> No.37398334

literally cannot crawl into sheets that havent been cleaned in too long after taking a shower
impossible task, would have to sleep on the comforter or sleep on the couch

>> No.37398335

Neck yourself

>> No.37398340

helps if you dont shower

>> No.37398352

they really should just euthanize the worst of the neets
as a mercy

>> No.37398359

it'd be easier if you put it as text

>> No.37398360

i dont know. they were getting pretty nasty. i think the dried cum is what may have been causing my butt acne lately

>> No.37398367

I got 20 words in my mining deck so far. I'll probably start doing like 2 a day or something. My priority is finishing the core one

>> No.37398377

12 digits of date and time of the post
西暦 means western year

>> No.37398380

Sorry, yeah, you're right.
From what I can tell it's asking for the upload date in the Gregorian calendar using 12 digits.
Model was uploaded on 2014-06-02 at 00:39, the video this written on was uploaded at 2014-06-01 at 03:00.

>> No.37398383

how do you tolerate your existence?
honestly asking

>> No.37398386

mined 樂
not worth it

>> No.37398390

thats a really important one, tho

>> No.37398392

what do you mean? i enjoy life most days

>> No.37398397

despite being objectively repulsive and living in squalor?

>> No.37398401

at a normal small font size it barely looks different than the shinjitai anyway lol

>> No.37398408
File: 401 KB, 2560x1440, Sans titre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im liking overlord so far

>> No.37398412

oh i didnt notice it was different either
i thought you were complaining about the meaning

>> No.37398413

how so?

>> No.37398425


>> No.37398426

he never said he wouldnt answer questions past the first five he couldve taken advantage of that but no he had to go out of his way and say im #5 lol

>> No.37398429

anyone who cums in their sheets has such a broken sense of values you cant even begin to communicate with them

>> No.37398437
File: 955 KB, 720x1280, 1637502441730.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

showers are EXTREMELY dangerous and unhealthy. i cant believe how many people fall for the shower meme

>> No.37398443

true, a shower broke into my house and raped me and my whole family

>> No.37398445

this is why I haven't showered in a decade

>> No.37398461

you have to live outside in the wild and acquire a layer of dust and healthy bacteria from a young age while also going through weather extremes half-naked to get away with not bathing

stop making copes for being monstrous

>> No.37398463

lmfao i thought that was rittenhouse for a second

>> No.37398474

love how outraged og is

>> No.37398484

my room has plenty of dust and healthy bacteria

>> No.37398490


>> No.37398497

i'd let og clean my dick

>> No.37398505

>get away with
what does this mean

>> No.37398509

og getting a job at the soapland thinking it's some social service that helps teach people how to wash properly

>> No.37398519

tell her its a career in nursing

>> No.37398525

i was waiting for a 5th reply to show up and thought it was weird it stopped at 4 earlier

however i no longer wish to see ur posts bc i truly cant bear ur gay virgin energy anymore so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiC3K9b0dSM

>> No.37398526

means "study english"

>> No.37398536

stop shutting people out dude why come here if you're gonna filter people

>> No.37398540

lol you got exposed

>> No.37398544

4bc has the least gay energy of the namefags
he does have uber virgin energy though

>> No.37398547

jamal trying to run away from the showdown

>> No.37398569

dont worry things will proceed as planned no matter what 5 months tick tock tick tock

>> No.37398571

have to agree with og like bbc is gay but the others are even worse the absolute state of this place

>> No.37398572
File: 86 KB, 500x967, jamal_et_al.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more of the usual jamal fare

>> No.37398573

u guys can let me know when hes ready but i suspect itll be never bc short of living in japan for the next 6 months he has no chance at defeating me in a 1 on 1 rap battle

>> No.37398576

5 more months

>> No.37398590

i meant who is going to judge me and why would i care retard

>> No.37398600

im judging you right now and between you and me, im kind of a big deal

>> No.37398642

when did jamal get back

>> No.37398676

poor delicate jamutt, shuts people out like his mommy

>> No.37398686

>6 months in japan is enough to beat jamal's 20 years of experience

nice self own

>> No.37398704

true true

>> No.37398716

dont let them in
dont let them see
be the good clown you always have to be
conceal, dont feel
put on a shooooow
make one wrong move and every one will know (ydkj)

>> No.37398747
File: 11 KB, 854x106, 1637443781524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the post that ended jamutt's career

>> No.37398751

he just implied my 2 years has him beat already

>> No.37398755
File: 29 KB, 640x640, 1637103859053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37398758


>> No.37398759


>> No.37398767


>> No.37398768

downloaded loopers, my first vn. let's see how it goes

>> No.37398769

when you apply that to the usual djt acktually/smug posting, you will see why this place is a fucking joke and no one wants to speak japanese

>> No.37398772

stop bullying jamal he's gonna leave again

>> No.37398790

did the anon who posted sad music and goslings die? miss his posts

>> No.37398794

which is why QM is highly underrated here

>> No.37398797
File: 118 KB, 600x328, 1637096251173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37398798

his ego is somehow worse than jamals, but nice try qm-domo

>> No.37398819


>> No.37398821

i meant in terms of putting himself out there, and in fact making an entire community based around "publicly prove how good you are"

>> No.37398833

yeah you go girl

>> No.37398837


>> No.37398838

wtf you're just backing up their point that qm is the smuggest faggot here who cares about dumb shit

>> No.37398843

for which he uses shame tactics and his own personal status as kind on high to dictate approved metrics

hes literally just another funhouse version of jamal, forged in the same fires. you are coping with mental backflips
qm calls his enemies dekinai and his friends dekiru simple as.

>> No.37398844

>qm is the smuggest faggot here
yeah okay nihonGOD

>> No.37398848

someone post the pic where based Quizmaster BTFOs output whore

>> No.37398849

>if you hate one insufferable namefag you must be on the side of another insuffable namefag
stop giving away the game, its too transparent

>> No.37398853

dont you have a couples lamaze class to attend?

>> No.37398857

og still mad quiz made her pretend she understood gibberish lol

>> No.37398860

what's funny about qm's server is you gotta pass some shitty tests mysteriously named after jlpt 級s that any person posting here can more or less ace, except for og who's special, and they act like it's a community of handpicked elites

>> No.37398863

where did i ever say i was good at anything ?

>> No.37398864

only one tranny uses the word "gibberish" so consistently when that topic comes up

go fuck yourself, no one else ever will

>> No.37398867

output whore can't pass n5 lmfao

>> No.37398871

as for me i'm probably a n3 discorder

>> No.37398873

aw, im special

>> No.37398874

good point, you are a self-admitted loser then

>> No.37398876

no im a self admitted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oet27pu0KR8#t=122

>> No.37398877

LOL triggered?

>> No.37398879

i'm doing the og method: https://streamable.com/enasx4

>> No.37398882

og changed ever since that 19 year old used her

>> No.37398883

neither could any native who didnt know kanji
i admittedly dont know much kanji
one day you will wrap your mind around why i never bothered to try and ace any of those tests

>> No.37398887

only kono og could get gets like this

>> No.37398889

you don't know any japanese

>> No.37398892

hate this fucking board.

>> No.37398893

rent free

>> No.37398894

I finally reached beyond native status

>> No.37398896

>neither could any native who didnt know kanji
n5 doesnt have any kanji btw and it even has spaces

>> No.37398898

your mantra is getting stale

>> No.37398901
File: 8 KB, 408x134, 1636657776259.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37398908

quiz's "n5" is a kanji test
i could absolutely pass the official N5 and maybe up to 500 kanji or so at this point (n4? n3?)

not that it means shit, cause the jlpt is a joke even at n1. and the fact qm names his cheap discord anki drills after the jlpt despite the deviation is hilarious

>> No.37398910

stars didn't align for that one

>> No.37398915
File: 68 KB, 737x595, 1621239921849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>quiz's "n5" is a kanji test
it's not. it's a vocab reading test.

>> No.37398920

thats fucking kanji, you mong.
if you can't read kanji, how could you pass a vocab test??

>> No.37398926

i dont know what it means to "read kanji" but that is a japanese word spelt in a completely normal way, if you cant read it you cant read japanese

>> No.37398935

i mean thats my name im not sure hwat ur point is

>> No.37398940

lmao you dont even need to know the definition to pass
you literally just have to autistically rote the kana and copy-paste from memory
theoretically you dont even have to know how to pronounce it to pass
sardonic semantics while you wink the other eye
spear yourself on a vietcong shit-lance

>> No.37398941

no point to make, you're a joke and everyone knows it >>37398747

>> No.37398945

quiz didnt make those drills
unless he overrode the original shit from the guy who did they are from jlpt vocab lists
you dont have to cope just because you think you should be n3 when you arent
"kanji test" implies writing to anyone who isnt illiterate

>> No.37398948

>lmao you dont even need to know the definition to pass

but if you cant pass the test you cant read japanese

>> No.37398955

you don't know any grammar or kanji. you can't read or transcribe n5 japanese, either. つまり, you don't know any japanese. you're just a retarded and delusional eternal noob who got lost on her way to r*ddit, and you should go back, whore

>> No.37398959

>copy-paste from memory
this is more retarded than sardonic and optics you really have talent

>> No.37398961

do you really think a person who doesn't know japanese can come up with 木と青さ

>> No.37398964

are you seriously implying japanese kids arent taught kana vocab before they start learning kanji in gradeschool? do you really think they dont know a word till it shows up at whatever grade that kanji is taught??

fucking moronic. none of you know japanese
you can read japanese and be unable to read kanji
LITERALLY this is the default state of all japanese natives and the younger the literature, the more furigana is used. its exists for that purpose, FOR FUCKING NATIVE YOU ABSOLUTE OSU MONKIEEEEEYSSSSS

>> No.37398969


>> No.37398978

>are you seriously implying japanese kids arent taught kana vocab
no i wasnt and i dont know where you made that connection but yes they dont retard
they would never be taught a single word "in kana" that would be a complete waste of time
they learn thousands of words through speaking before they learn to read and then they learn kana using their existing vocabulary and start on kanji immediately after

>> No.37398979

cry more noob

>> No.37398981

>i want to know japanese at a native level
>no i dont what anything to do with the way natives use to learn japanese i want to follow this gaijin on the internet who claims to know perfect native japanese to learn native level japanese

>> No.37398986
File: 253 KB, 480x300, 1620079177384.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>guys i SWEAR i know how to read japanese
>ahhh! oh no! help i cant read my japanese children's game!

>> No.37398992
File: 12 KB, 460x106, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

underrated og post

>> No.37398996

for me it was hiraite goma or asi da streamable

>> No.37399002

og's vocabulary is smaller than a 3 year old japanese baby, lmfao. let's not forget she miserably failed at transcribing n5 clips. even ironic weebs who've watched only 10 anime know more japanese than this bitch

>> No.37399009

stop exaggerating just to criticize one person

>> No.37399010

this but for yuri or shota molestation

>> No.37399011

if djt were like bleach squads og would b my vice

>> No.37399013

wanna see an og vs agf ガチンコ対決

>> No.37399024

>they would never be taught a single word "in kana" that would be a complete waste of time
i have books actually in my possession aimed at native kids that prove this completely false
>they learn thousands of words through speaking before they learn to read and then they learn kana using their existing vocabulary
>they learn thousands of words through speaking before they learn to read and then they learn kana using their existing vocabulary
>and start on kanji immediately after
from the perspective of a child, they are fluent for ages before they even start learning basic kanji
t takes a new school year to learn a new grades worth at an insanely slow pace, and thats only the kanji officially taught in school
*teenage rpg for nerds
oh i forgot you are probably the guy who says haruhi is a show aimed at kindergartners

>> No.37399031

id leave your squad and join the spaniards

>> No.37399040

thats the only ammunition they have when they get desperate

>> No.37399042

you dont know thousands of words tho
and ur definitely not fluent

>> No.37399047

i never watched bleach so i dont know if this is an insult or not

>> No.37399052

i probably have a similar vocab level to a kid whos barely starded kanji
you are the one claiming thats already in the thousands, not me

>> No.37399058
File: 2.53 MB, 640x360, 1636190756889.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me vs og

>> No.37399059

and no im absolutely not fluent, i never claimed to be unironically

>> No.37399062

ogs kung fu vs ags brazilian jujitsu

>> No.37399066
File: 125 KB, 286x176, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this woulda been us

>> No.37399067
File: 110 KB, 500x500, 114758109_0f80bf3e9507b84e650c7bb13ebfee4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37399070

in the new series, jk satoko looks a lot like me

>> No.37399073

just want og to step on me

>> No.37399076

>i have books actually in my possession aimed at native kids that prove this completely false
tell me what words a syougakusei wouldnt know that your books teach them in kana
youre probably confused on the purpose of the material
lol its the learn like a baby argument
better get a 24/7 japanese mommy too
lets not get ahead of ourselves btw
>t takes a new school year to learn a new grades worth at an insanely slow pace
theyre busy learning everything else about the world at the same time
their study method is shit but give them a little slack
>and thats only the kanji officially taught in school
not a problem for any kid that reads some fuckin manga in their spare time

>> No.37399080

nice j*mal move nerd

>> No.37399083

lmfao ur delusional grade schoolers already know more than 10k words retard

>> No.37399084

Do you guys think OG masturbates to the thought of being a black Turkish bull man with a 10-inch cock who sexually abuses little girls and little boys? I imagine OG rubbing a tape-covered plastic cylinder up and down at the thought having a small, lightweight shota above her lap, emitting boyish gasps and soft surprise sounds when her huge Turkish penis hits the small shota's back and thin, short upper thighs.

>> No.37399090

>i probably have a similar vocab level to a kid whos barely starded kanji
hahahaha youre too stupid and arrogant to even realize how high this bar actually is

>> No.37399091

women enjoy sex less than men so i doubt it

>> No.37399093

how many 12 year old boys' tiny dicks has og touched? i bet at least 40.

>> No.37399102


where's moe when you need him to put this bitch in her place

>> No.37399106

a 6 year old? yeah if you hear how they talk im pretty sure im on that level of active vocab. but its not gonna be entirely apples to apples as to which vocab obviously

>> No.37399109

Only because they don't like getting penises inside them.

>> No.37399117

why would og care for being able to speak on the same level as a 6 year old unless it were for the sake of luring 6 year old boys?

>> No.37399129

you can try deepl to help you read this

>> No.37399145

didnt i get almost a perfect score on the elementary tango test that was in kana only?
how am i supposed to know exactly what the number on my vocab is outside of guessing

>> No.37399148

thinking about sex with shotas made me wanna fap again

>> No.37399150

found something that includes 小一 https://tokushima-tsubasa.com/ace-striker/2019/01/03/%E5%B0%8F%E5%AD%A6%E7%94%9F%E3%81%8B%E3%82%89%E5%9B%BD%E8%AA%9E%E3%82%92%E4%BC%B8%E3%81%B0%E3%81%99%E7%BF%92%E6%85%A3%EF%BC%88%EF%BC%91%EF%BC%89/

>> No.37399151


>> No.37399152

>chrono trigger is "teenage level"
>therefore i cant read it
what is the point of only being able to read things specifically catered to 5 year olds? are you a manbaby?

>> No.37399161

i never said i wanted to stay in a state of not being able to read kanji
thats not the point of what started the argument to begin with, just that kanji isnt the crux of the japanese language and a stupid fucking metric to build a "fluency rating" around based on literally just parroting the written reading

>> No.37399176

>6歳 3600
i can easily say its at least that. its not as many words as you are thinking, its only ~40 sets of 100 words. imagine plants, animals, places, common nouns, verbs, onomatopoeia, ect and that gets filled up real fast

>> No.37399179

people that read a lot of japanese can naturally read all the words on the quizzes.

>> No.37399182




>> No.37399190

you should learn how 2 logic

>> No.37399191

sucks to realize how little japanese you know

>> No.37399192

and people who dont know japanese can pass n1 on discord and irl
its entirely moot

>> No.37399197

i'm aware the quizzes can be "gamed".

passing the quizzes does not prove you can read japanese.

however not being able to pass the quiz proves you cannot read japanese outside of that 1% of jp aimed at 5yos that has reading aids

>> No.37399198

>i never said i wanted to stay in a state of not being able to read kanji
have you made any progress in the last year towards changing that
>its not as many words as you are thinking
i dont think its a lot just a lot for you
>plants, animals
id be surprised if you knew 100 passively

>> No.37399220

what happened to
>i know 500 kanji im n3 if the n5 quiz was actually n5 i could pass it

>> No.37399222

i can read enough kanji to read stuff aimed to at least early teens or a broad audience like manga, which still has plenty of furigana
you are being desperately hyperbolic with the 5 year old media schtick
move that goalpost harder
>have you made any progress in the last year towards changing that
yeah, im flashtarding kanji actually using analcreams deck. helps not having to learn the meaning

>> No.37399231

Based! Are you using version 2 or 3?

>> No.37399237

how submissive to my posts have to not being wildly misappropriated? I put both parenthesis and questions marks showing i dno what is required at n3
pretty sure i can handle n4 though

>> No.37399242

>you are being desperately hyperbolic
the only one who is "desperate" here is you for coping about not being able to read a children's game

>> No.37399246

i already made it

>> No.37399248

link me the newest one i want to see whats in it
did you not realize i was 浮かぶ anon? you probably shouldnt have spoke too soon lmao
yeah somehow i bet if the same age group that game is aimed at was being posted in their school uniforms suddenly you stopped the "child" shit real quick. indigenous prick

>> No.37399249

Do you mind sharing the model/video?

>> No.37399254

lmao i met 'disingenuous' but indigenous is probably apt, too

>> No.37399257

>im flashtarding
have you tried reading instead
you dont actually know what half of the ones you think you know mean
if you can handle n4 you can pass then n4 quiz

>> No.37399267

>link me the newest one i want to see whats in it
There is quite a bit of overlap, but you can import it and skip duplicates in Anki https://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/docs/coredeck/

>did you not realize i was 浮かぶ anon?
How would I realize that just from you saying you are using my deck?

>> No.37399268

>have you tried reading instead
i literally have said multiple times i read books around my level
to go beyond that, id have to learn the kanji??
fucking kill yourself its clear you are just an insecure bully who doesnt want any constructive discussion about learning japanese

>> No.37399270

lmaoo you got issues. unironically have sex you old hag

>> No.37399273

hit the nail on the head didnt i

>> No.37399283

>i read books around my level
>to go beyond that, id have to learn the kanji??
this is why you havent made it in however many years youve been doing this lmfao your mindset is so ass backwards
>you are just an insecure bully
lmfao being mean is only allowed when youre on the right side of it i get it

>> No.37399284

Speaking of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7


Translation, transcription, and even an Anki deck lol

>> No.37399287

no. im a 第三者

>> No.37399300

damn didn't expect jamal to start posting again as soon as he was unbanned at least take a couple hours away nigga was counting down the seconds

>> No.37399301

i only predate on predators like you who posture and spread disinfo in order to shape djt into a pit of despair where good discourse and sensible efforts are bullied out of the culture without any real substance but memes and appeals to gay thread bosses

its so gross that you all literally cant unzoom your way of ad hominem when it comes to anything i say. ive lived in your head without even being here just by embodying "wrongthink"

grow up (and die)

>> No.37399327

i picked it up yesterday and been enjoying it in japanese though it takes me 10x longer than usual to look up stuff i don't recognize but still fun all the same
i'm enjoying surprisingly more than i thought i would a lot more than sword at least in the end simple is best and it's very true to the originals
makes me afraid that legends arceus will be the shitty game though

>> No.37399330

>i only predate on predators like you
bullshit youll shit on anyone you can in a desperate attempt to come out of even 1 person
youre more of an arrogant cunt than qm which makes you #1 at something so congrats on that
im older than you
what you think is funny but i dont like you because of what i just said lol

>> No.37399340

oh yeah thanks for the link
does this cover the jouyou as well?

>> No.37399342

i'm just happy that she's doing something about kanji
just hope she sticks to it, she had some mobile app last year that didn't work out

>> No.37399347

just download 2k6k and do it every day and follow the animecards guide to mine
that's literally all you have to do for word and kanji acquisition
why is that so hard

>> No.37399350

>mobile app
it was focused on remembering how to draw them and i finally realized thats an insurmountable difficulty level. no choice to tackle that problem later while at least being literate

>> No.37399358

Uh, no the deck isn't focused on kanji at all if you read the description in the link i posted. In fact there are many entries in the deck that don't have any kanji like ふざける, the point of the deck is to learn how to read the most common words in written japanese.

The only deck I know of that purposely goes out of it ways to teach every jouyou kanji is QM's Kanken 2 deck https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/759825185

>> No.37399361

mining is fucking dekinai and ill never change that opinion

like if you have to mine that often and cant just learn it there on the spot or by just seeing it a few more times, or by context, ect, you are getting above yourself

but you do you

>> No.37399362

>no choice to tackle that problem later while at least being literate
yeah after i encounter all the jouyou kanji in 2k6k i'm going back and modifying rtk to use it to learn to write 5 new kanji a day and practicing it that way it's going to be a revolutionary new method and i'll keep everyone here updated once i start it

>> No.37399366

mining takes no time or effort at all and might as well create a card if you're going to take the time to look up the word

>> No.37399368

you dont even have to do that its pure supplement
reading is #1
sticking to some comfort zone until youve memorized thousands of words from a deck is a waste of time

>> No.37399373


>> No.37399384

show me 1 intermediate ill wait

>> No.37399386

feels good being a big boy 14k rn

>> No.37399389

>earn how to read the most common words in written japanese
ok i was being facetious before, but i am actually dropping this deck now. sorry 4bc i dont want to hear your shit, you shouldnt have recommended a deck that was going to teach me words in kana i already know and not even including all the fucking jouyou
>The only deck I know of that purposely goes out of it ways to teach every jouyou kanji is QM's Kanken 2 deck
wtf is wrong with this "learning" community??
do you just want to be laughed at when you explain to a nipponese why you can't read 貝 or something?
just sounds like a way to extend autism
you shouldnt need to review words from anime if its at your level of acquisition
but thats just my take, knock yourself out if you enjoy it

>> No.37399407

>This is a Japanese word writing deck aimed at advanced learners covering the entirety of the jouyou kanji.
lmao the fucking state of you all
pre-beginner shit up in here and yes, NOW i am actually being a mean bully

>> No.37399409

>i want to systematically memorize all the jouyou even the actually useless ones
>memorizing real words relevant to the media you consume sounds like autism

>> No.37399412

lol she mixed up anacreon and 4bbc
early onset alzheimer's can happen in the 30s

>> No.37399414

you can just change the kana words into kanji yourself retard thats what i did. btw my kanji grid has 2.8k and i still don’t have all the jouyou a lot of them mostly show up in names

>> No.37399417

I don't understand. Are you struggling to read words written with kanji? My deck is fine for that, it's 90% kanji words I'd say. QM's kanken deck is extremely difficult and is meant to teach writing as well which is quite time consuming

>> No.37399422

forcing me to learn based on frequency in otaku media that has nothing to do with my japanese goals is even worse

and also, you should call what you are learning anything but "japanese" with a big red warning with these anki decks so you dont get sued for false advertising

>> No.37399439

>i, a gaijin who doesn't know japanese or all the jouyou kanji, am more than qualified to tell you why the kanji native japanese think is important for japanese natives to learn above all over is not what you should be learning to reach a native level of japanese
its amazing how fresh my hatred for the state of djt remains after over a year of this shit

>> No.37399444

i would never share an anki deck because thats fucking braindead and i dont want to encourage people to fail
never said otaku media but your "goals" are just another reason youre ngmi

>> No.37399449

this bitch is really exposing how little she knows lmaooo

>> No.37399454
File: 22 KB, 295x195, 1627678052168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Narou and BCCWJ are hardly "otaku"

>> No.37399456

the goal of communicating in japanese to japanese people fluently while living long-term in japan

yep, no idea how anyone with those ambitions could hope to make it

>> No.37399462

>all the jouyou kanji
every time you post this i laugh because you dont even know what youre saying and its hilarious
if you make a card for 洲 youre retarded end of story

>> No.37399467

damn og-nee is a dekinai...

>> No.37399475

you're right
cards are stupid
i should just learn kanji as they were meant to be studied by natives

also how the fuck are you gonna argue 洲 isnt needed?

>> No.37399477

how has that goal served you up until now lmfao youve even had more exposure to japanese people than almost everyone youre shitting on and look at you

>> No.37399488

only the people who shit on me blindly discredit all my experiences in japan among natives are a jouzu

wheres the real cope here i wonder

>> No.37399491

it isnt needed because everyone uses 州 and now that youve read this sentence you will never need to look up 洲 again you can thank me later
stop acting like a smug asshole when you know less than nearly everyone in this thread

>> No.37399498

thats not your call to make
you arent native
i will learn the proper rules before choosing to break them

>> No.37399503

isn't japan opening their boarders slowly now?
return to japan og and leave us

>> No.37399510

i will not give up og-nee to japanese dick

>> No.37399518

>i a non-native will attempt to discern on my own through english resources the rules that i am sure are very complicated and nuanced and study my interpretation of them
look forward to it
feel free to go ahead and do a little research right now and get back to me

>> No.37399519

they can have her

>> No.37399527

you think i dont want that more badly than anyone
im not paying for a student visa that wont take effect till next summer before i can just got there as a tourist in the next few months assuming sakoku shit fucking ends already

>> No.37399537
File: 139 KB, 450x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37399553


>> No.37399558


>> No.37399566

i can still hear hiraite

>> No.37399568

youd have to learn like 10k+ words to build a good intuition for jouyou readings
core 2.3k contains over 1k kanji

>> No.37399577

so this is the power of pure listening

>> No.37399581

>good intuition for jouyou readings
really now. im just outright insulted you think i fucking need kana spoonfed to me with definitions for this illusive intuition shit
>core 2.3k contains over 1k kanji
a waste of over half of my time and efforts
i trusted you.

>> No.37399590

>a waste of over half of my time and efforts
oh man you are really fucked if you think youre going to power through 2000 kanji in 2000 cards

>> No.37399592


>> No.37399603

none of you get it that i already know japanese!
am i fluent? no. am i perfect? no. do i make mistakes and have a shit ton to learn? yes.

but dont give me stupid beginner resources and try to protect me from fucking jouyou of all things, im ready to just learn kanji and the goddamn readings i dont need flashtard handholding and mining FUCKK

why do you all insist on trying to cripple and make things as unintuitive, unnessary, inefficient, and time consuming as possible?

>> No.37399605

you know you can suspend cards you already know right

i dont know what youre expecting theres no deck out there that will teach you jouyou readings iirc and like i said youll need to learn at least 10 thousand words and im being generous here its not possible to pack all that information into fewer words

>> No.37399615
File: 639 KB, 655x719, 1514761254114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for posting this

>> No.37399627

listen og i get it cuz when i was in my first year i was retarded too but the ideal that you dream of isnt going to work
even pretending that you actually have a vocabulary that spans most of the jouyou readings (you prob dont even have half) youd still be fucking yourself over by trying to do that

>> No.37399628
File: 39 KB, 519x567, 1623946514560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37399629


>> No.37399644

why would i need a vocab to span kun and on yomu for kanji??? thats not even the fucking point of kanji. its doensnt matter what your vocab is for isolated kanji you are learning the idea its generally used for and its most common readings

you do know, most native instruction comes with examples of common vocab and compounds for the kanji you are being shown, right?

>> No.37399648

reminds me of this but less old internet vibes

>> No.37399660

what am i saying, of course no one would know that because i would require cracking open ONE (1) fucking kanji textbook

>> No.37399669

what do you think "learning" the jouyou means
here read 店子
cant? huh? dont you "know" the kanji for mise and ko and their readings im sure theyve already shown up in the first couple of hundred core 2.3k cards guess you dont know the jouyou damn that sucks

like do you think learning the "on" and "kun" yomis for 2k kanji will magically let you read all words which use those kanji lmfao what a fucking idiot

also jouyou doesnt mean theyre the 2k most used kanji in otaku media lol its like a gov list youre such a chump

>> No.37399672

i underestimated how fucked you are
you mean to tell me you still arent learning anything after all this time? are you just doing some midwit rtk-tier trivia memorization shit?

>> No.37399687
File: 215 KB, 450x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37399696


>> No.37399698


>> No.37399705

my serious answer to you being snotty;
if its common enough to warrant knowing, you should know the vocab already
if you know the vocab and the readings for a kanji, you can easily intuit the reading
if its obscure, its like any other word you would just look up to remember how its ready. the important thing being that you know what the meaning of the isolated common kanji are

>> No.37399713

its like og saw the scrabble meme and then went oh but i know some words so doing the same thing isnt retarded for me haha
>if you know the vocab and the readings for a kanji, you can easily intuit the reading
thats a cute assumption from someone who cant read

>> No.37399739

if he didnt intentionally pick an example like that, i could have proven my point without knowing more than basic kanji

i mean just earlier i made the joke about そう・草
because i also knew the word and meaning そうげん・草原
but i didnt know the kanji used till i checked it, and confirmed it was a reading for something grass related which i intuited

its that simple. sou is not at all the usual reading for 草 (a kanji i actually do know) but yet here we are

>> No.37399750

i want to stay there for a month too before my study abroad starts. i can stay at your apartment for that month right og nee?

>> No.37399756

look, you can't reason with a woman

>> No.37399769

when that doesnt work it doesnt imply that its obscure
when youve memorized that 100 kanji have the reading sou youre going to be struggling
youll find that the memorized information is harder to recall in practice than in your flash cards if you never actually fucking read

>> No.37399771

im trying my best to give rational arguments here
im sorry if thats not enough for you all
maybe i am just crazy

>> No.37399783

also this sentence is extremely dumb
>sou is not at all the usual reading for 草
just beginner naivety right now

>> No.37399794

calling someone beginner level in order to discredit their arguments against them being at beginner level is a tautology
and ad hominem
and gaslighting

>> No.37399797


>> No.37399804

it doesn't matter what you say to her since in her eyes you will never have sufficient credentials
she needs to fly to japan, sit in a classroom and listen to a japanese teacher for however many years

>> No.37399811

i thought your arguments were about isolated kanji study being a good idea

>> No.37399821

and calling you a beginner wasnt an argument i was calling you not crazy for some reason :)

>> No.37399832

thats not true
i took what bunko said seriously because he authentically produced high-level japanese all the time. sometimes it hurt my feelings if he thought i was wrong about something but i knew he had reached a level beyond what i had so tough shit

funny you go on about credentials when my only criteria is like...speaks japanese to japanese people compared to the niche gaijin e-celeb dick-riding that djt represents

>> No.37399833
File: 1.52 MB, 1280x720, ChronoBox_2019-09-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37399839

there are many common words you dont know there are also many words you think you know but you dont remember 希望
also theres a difference between common in text sources vs common in anime

tell me how much did "knowing" the kanji (meaning/reading) for tanako help
>if you know the vocab and the readings for a kanji, you can easily intuit the reading
what are you intuiting if you already know the word??
>the important thing being that you know what the meaning of the isolated common kanji are
this isnt important when youre reading in real time you wont be stopping and analyzing the individual kanji both meaning and reading come naturally as you learn words itll only help a little with guessing when you come across a new word but you could just hover

no you absolutely couldnt have and no its not that simple im not cherry picking you absolutely cannot read normal japanese (which does not use furigana for common words (most of which you cannot read)) just by knowing the readings of all jouyou because you will not know how they combine its very contextual and related to word families

you need experience learning how to read words to intuit which readings go where you cannot "voice" out the kanji its not a combination game
also the meanings do not always combine in a simple way there is a lot of nuance involved and im talking about common words here

listen your issue is youre extremely ignorant and dont know anything about written japanese you have a million misconceptions and its annoying having to clear them up one by one and explain everything
doing a core deck is the correct way to start how about you stop making excuses and whining and get back to work

>> No.37399842

>sometimes it hurt my feelings if he thought i was wrong about something
what is your problem
fuck that game was dogshit

>> No.37399843

sit in that classroom and be happy

>> No.37399856

it's so funny how fucking shitty og is at japanese lmao

>> No.37399868

you have to learn words, og-tan

生業 = nariwai
生地 = kiji
生ごみ = namagomi
出生 = shusshou
生物 = seibutsu

>> No.37399871

thats almost cherrypicking because 生 is the worst kanji
good thing its literally first grade hahaha

>> No.37399873

its was the specific use of "kiboushitery" that sounded weird to me and you know it. dont pretend like i didnt know kibou or something, it was the way it was conjugated
>what are you intuiting if you already know the word??
tanako wasnt on my radar, i didnt know it
i from the kanji, i guessed it meant a shop girl or a guest. its not the usual word for tenant, probably 3-4 down on the list
you picked a word like that intentionally to be a cunt and now you are squeezing what you can out of it in true djt faggot fashion
>when you come across a new word but you could just hover
so then any method of learning new words is moot by that logic. just hover!
>you will not know how they combine its very contextual and related to word families
most kanji have 90% of their usage in a compound in the examples. thats not counting the ones that properly can be read as a single kanji, or combined with kana in like a verb or other context clues like knowing another kanji + the vocab. in general you are majorly downplaying context like an autist but have the audacity to call me ignorant about a language ive been surrounding myself with since you were still pissing the bed

>> No.37399874


This channel is so good. In depth videos about retro games

>> No.37399890

oh and btw im not even against using a deck that starts out with utilizing jouyou in the most common way they are used by whatever metric that isnt otaku shit to build a framework in my head, but thats a far cry from wasting my time with kana readings for 1.3k words and trying to get my jouyou finished through god know how many fucking decks filled with useless shit

>> No.37399900

good thing milfs are getting popular in japan that may be og's last chance

>> No.37399901

天然 = tennen
自然 = shizen
優先 = yuusen
幸先 = saisaki
幸運 = kou'un
頭上 = zujou
頭骨 = toukotsu
後頭部 = koutoubu
午後 = gogo

it's easy to just learn words, don't you think?

>> No.37399902

you do you bby

>> No.37399904

and really this all goes back to my 浮かべる gripe and how retarded it is waste a card on a flowery conjugation that isnt common usage (outside of faggy lit speak), but to learn it before 浮かぶ which is actually useful and common

>> No.37399910

just press ctrl+delete to delete the card or shift+2 (@) to suspend it

>> No.37399911

don't do the deck and come up with your own thing then

>> No.37399914

>so then any method of learning new words is moot by that logic. just hover!
if you look things up that you dont know you might remember them next time
its how people used to grow their written vocabulary
>the audacity to call me ignorant about a language ive been surrounding myself
you cant read
you know less about the written language than a complete beginner who read a couple chapters of imabi
>to learn it before 浮かぶ
imagine giving a single fucking shit as if you dont get both for free by learning either one

>> No.37399926


>> No.37399927

>as if you dont get both for free by learning either one
thats why its stupid. just do the most basic fucking version of the verb

>> No.37399929

og would sooner rot and forget the little japanese she does know than be without a perfect premade curriculum

>> No.37399936

why do you guys argue over the different methods of learning japanese instead of just doing it

>> No.37399941

yeah thats what i mean knowing the word knowing how its used nuance etc you didnt know the word

>you picked a word like that intentionally to be a cunt
no this is just you coping i guess ankis kind of warped my sense of what is "common" but like look at this post >>37399868 i can give many more examples of common words doing that kind of shit
like theres no way isolated kanji study will help you see the connections between 八百屋 八百万 and 八百長 but knowing two of those words will almost guarantee youll easily learn the third cuz its got the same initial structure
there are thousands of such mini structures in japanese all that info gets lost when you tear the words apart into individual kanji its really all about HOW the kanji come together to form words

>so then any method of learning new words is moot by that logic
wrong. the person who organically learns the readings will be able to intuit the reading of a new word AND absorb and retain it better because they are able to relate it to word structures they already know. learning kanji in isolation is extremely inorganic and knowing what the readings could be but having no idea which one is likely or how they combine in different contexts is basically useless. youd have to consciously think too cuz your brain wont recognize the readings as language which makes it information recall and thats the worst you could approach things (but the guy who learned the readings through words will just feel it out). you wont develop an inner reading voice either

>> No.37399948

>you cant read *kanji
hilarious you act like written japanese is another language entirely i couldnt possibly comprehend. well maybe the vinnies you people read are...

>> No.37399967
File: 277 KB, 374x374, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can't read kanji
>can read japanese

>> No.37399969

you cant read japanese

>> No.37399973


>> No.37399992

i wish things could be different
i wish that i could convince og to stop fucking around and read eroge 8 hours a day and in 2 years she might become the third intermediate level poster in thread history

>> No.37399996

>i guess ankis kind of warped my sense of what is "common"
you picked a stupid word thats not even close to the natural word for "tenant"
you are the one coping here, and i dont want to be ukaberu'd by anki like you are
>see the connections between 八百屋 八百万 and 八百長
well you are retarded if you cant read 八百万 on its own and i already knew yaoya without know the kanji and it didnt really help me here did it? i still had to hover it
the 3rd is too obscure to argue i should learn stupid shit for something i can just look up
>knowing what the readings could be but having no idea which one is likely or how they combine in different contexts is basically useless
except, once again, in almost every native kanji instruction system ive encountered you are given multiple examples of words using said kanji and their readings in order to do exactly that
and 9/10 they are 90% of the most frequent ways youll see that kanji used. things that are especially tricky tend to get even MORE attention to clear up confusion, not less.
>you wont develop an inner reading voice either
learning kanji by rote flashtarding is actually how you dont ever have a voice in japanese lmao
i mean, in my case i am trying to match vocab and readings and already mostly know to the kanji for the express purpose of kanji literacy! why is this so hard for you to grasp?

>> No.37399999


>> No.37400000

so just suspend and delete shit you already know? what kind of retarded argument is this

like do you realize what youre saying if you could learn 2k kanji with just 4-5k words and then successfully intuit 90%+ common words which use those kanji (reading and meaning) why would anyone waste their time learning tens of thousands of words in anki

>> No.37400004

congrats 4bbc

>> No.37400009

hows that for the stars aligning you fucks

>> No.37400010


>> No.37400012


>> No.37400014

地方 = chihou
地道 = jimichi
柔道 = juudou

手術 = shujutsu
手間 = tema
相手 = aite
相殺 = sousai
暗殺 = ansatsu

登山 = tozan
登録 = toUroku

>> No.37400016
File: 29 KB, 300x300, 1508125901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37400017

test test

>> No.37400019

hence why a japanese 'language school' is perfect for her

>> No.37400020

og-nee eternally btfo...

>> No.37400023

>in almost every native kanji instruction system ive encountered
werent you arguing that natives learn fucking slow earlier
>things that are especially tricky tend to get even MORE attention to clear up confusion, not less.
yet you want no redundant cards so you can pump through 2000 kanji rapidly
>learning kanji by rote flashtarding is actually how you dont ever have a voice in japanese lmao
he said organically so he probably meant read more which is way more important than all this gay anki shit
your #1 problem is that you are procrastinating actually getting out of your comfort zone and reading stuff above your level so that you can fucking acquire
anki is a supplement to that and its optional

>> No.37400027
File: 283 KB, 394x600, 1587075_1474408386014_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37400028


>> No.37400029

damn she looks like a baby here wtf didn't realize how young hermione was in the early movies

>> No.37400030


>> No.37400033

you guys ever go to himasugi.org?

>> No.37400034

nope never don't care about that place never heard of it never mention it again

>> No.37400036


>> No.37400040


>> No.37400046


>> No.37400049

you are right
anki is a waste of time
i should read and learn kanji that way

dno if i mentioned this, but i hate reading books that arent printed so it makes the vinny/hover thing suck for me
id much prefer to keep reading manga but its not pushing me hard enough, clearly

>> No.37400051

i add all kinds of weird shit to anki i dont limit myself but you can use it the way you like for example exclusively adding common words so this isnt a good argument

>well you are retarded if you cant read 八百万 on its own and i already knew yaoya without know the kanji and it didnt really help me here did it? i still had to hover it
? knowing that yaoya is written that way would mean the reading for yaotyou kind of makes sense when you hover over it its not random if something clicks for you youre more likely to remember it
>the 3rd is too obscure to argue i should learn stupid shit for something i can just look up
youre just being obtuse on purpose now my point is there are lots of these mini word structures and getting familiar with them will make it very easy to learn related words
learning readings alone literally wont do shit

>except, once again, in almost every native kanji instruction system ive encountered you are given multiple examples of words using said kanji and their readings in order to do exactly that
>and 9/10 they are 90% of the most frequent ways youll see that kanji used
thats pretty much what you achieve through making flashcards out of words you encounter while reading japanese though

you just sound confused can you succinctly restate your point
what are your expectations
what are your complaints

>> No.37400053

one thing i'll say though is that things have never been the same since the incident and i haven't posted since

>> No.37400057
File: 220 KB, 1600x1200, 1629660657436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37400058

looks like a white version of me in middle school

>> No.37400062

so you married your mom or what

>> No.37400067

im sorry man
i hope it didnt fuck up your life too bad

>> No.37400069


>> No.37400073

hope youre good bro

>> No.37400074

you will never learn how to read japanese if youre trying to "learn kanji"
you should learn words what they mean how theyre used in context and how theyre read out loud thats it rest is just input

>> No.37400075

sometimes "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" should have just killed you
that way you dont spend the rest of your life as an empty husk

>> No.37400076

gonna cry

>> No.37400078

some people think that a higher difficulty of looking shit up forces your brain to care more about remembering
use paper dictionaries as well and be a guinea pig

>> No.37400079

sometimes you fall down and spend 30 years on the ground

>> No.37400081

why can't og have just a little bit of humility?
you won't die, you know

>> No.37400084

its probably moots fault

>> No.37400093

20 to go

>> No.37400095

>what are your expectations
i guess i didnt understand what anki was and thought most decks were for learning the jouyou kanji + some extra
i didnt know it was gonna be full of separate cards for separate readings as well as just outright vocab without any kanji
or words that are barely even written in kanji like baka or other tryhard shit like that

i guess thats my complaint. not understand what i was even doing.

my solution? to just find a deck that at the very least is just kanji, if not jouyou, than at least the most common used as standalone words

>> No.37400098

>words that are barely even written in kanji like baka or other tryhard shit like that
zero awareness

>> No.37400100

ok ok seriously last thing on the matter to leave you guys with closure mom is doing fine and life has been better than ever especially in comparison to my years neeting it up you probably read me blogging about it here all the time
i missed you guys though and i felt a familiar comfort since i started frequenting these threads but let's keep this a secret hehe

>> No.37400102

humility doesnt come naturally to me but i strive really hard for it so it annoys me when my efforts get invalidated like this

>> No.37400109

is this what you want
enjoy not learning japanese

>> No.37400114

>or words that are barely even written in kanji like baka or other tryhard shit like that
lmao, how is og even real?

>> No.37400124

i missed your jp shitposts and even the busus
im glad you and okaasama are doing ok
sorry you got done dirty by this place but im glad you straightened up your life

>> No.37400136

this is actually perfect
ty lmao

>> No.37400140

i feel as though ive done something terrible to you

>> No.37400146

yeah, just limit your midnight school shooter walks and you'll be fine

>> No.37400148

whats wrong with just suspending words you dont want to learn? do the remaining cards?
>separate cards for separate readings
there are cases when the same word has different readings and thats pretty much the only difference but i doubt 2.3k has cards like that theyre just different words
>or words that are barely even written in kanji like baka or other tryhard shit like that
you havent read any japanese so you have absolutely no right to make any such statements i will just ignore this

>my solution? to just find a deck that at the very least is just kanji, if not jouyou, than at least the most common used as standalone words
i have a better solution suspend kana cards and shit you already know finish the remaining cards in 2.3k first then make your own cards out of words you find while reading which you cant read how about that

>> No.37400152

btw bunko i never got to tell you to your face you are a very handsome young man and im sorry i called you a mixed race abomination you look perfectly white

>> No.37400153

>2 gazillion dudes who can read japanese
>just learn words

>person who can't read japanese
>you're all doing it wrong. why can't this shit be the way i want it?! blah blah blah blah

>> No.37400158
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>im sorry i called you a mixed race abomination you look perfectly white

>> No.37400161

thats our og haha

>> No.37400231

/jp/ is always somewhere where i'll belong in the end

>> No.37400285

why did everyone die at the same time?

>> No.37400316

og how long have you been learning Japanese for now? I've seen you post here ever since I've started and I've passed the test, if I can so can you :)

P.S. it's N4 now

>> No.37400334

joe biden still could get an erection when i started

>> No.37400340

Why not just use yomichan to look up the kanji you don't know? What does that lose you? Like 2 seconds?

Trust me it's worth it, if you wanna know any Japanese you gotta learn kanji

>> No.37400343

i'm joking i'm not og (that post)

>> No.37400348

does mommy still make you hard

>> No.37400351

you didnt post a busu so i dont think this is you

>> No.37400353

>spending all that time arguing with a fucking woman
jesus christ guys, do you really have nothing better to do? seriously? you know how they are

>> No.37400355

this is og >>37400348

>> No.37400364

I don't women are any way anon, I think she just needs to see how what she's doing is fucking her over

>> No.37400369

>I don't women are any way anon
then you're either extremely young or misguided by feminism even if you don't agree with all its principles

>> No.37400377

Well, I'm just going off of my experiences with women in the past, there are always bad women but there are also bad annoying men.

>> No.37400381

>do you really have nothing better to do?
i have plenty better to do but not doing it is an addiction

>> No.37400389

>I'm just going off of my experiences with women in the past
which are probably few and/or shallow if you don't "get" it yet
>there are always bad women but there are also bad annoying men
damn they've really sunk their claws in huh

>> No.37400416

>which are probably few and/or shallow if you don't "get" it yet
Not really, my best friend is a woman, and so are my other friends.
>damn they've really sunk their claws in huh
Oh and I should add
>misguided by feminism even if you don't agree with all its principles
I agree with most of it's principals :)

>> No.37400421

ah, i see
never mind then

>> No.37400457

>my best friend is a woman, and so are my other friends
>I agree with most of it's principals

>> No.37400462

yeah nothing more needs to be said, that anon's fucked for life

>> No.37400471

dopamine going crazy imagining that she's referring to herself as mommy in that post

>> No.37400480





>> No.37400486


>> No.37400500


>> No.37400512


>> No.37400530

aaah my serotonin

>> No.37400537


>> No.37400551

my 性癖 is 女の尻穴

>> No.37400557
File: 61 KB, 800x1422, 1579456455050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37400563


>> No.37400569


>> No.37400595

>t takes a new school year to learn a new grades worth at an insanely slow pace, and thats only the kanji officially taught in school
they acquire most of their kanji from reading books, the interwebs, phone games, etc.
the school drills are for nothing

>> No.37400599
File: 617 KB, 1280x720, 1618141020349.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well, /djt/?

>> No.37400610


>> No.37400659

that's literally all you have to do

>> No.37400705

just press ctrl+d when a card shows up you already know or dont want to know

literally what's your problem?

>> No.37400711

crazy how og doesnt just go to int and post with nips

>> No.37400719

Might want to figure out what is it trying to say too. Is it Snake-woman? If that's the case, archaic words for snake might help you here.

>> No.37400735

good post

>> No.37400747

bunko had a mining deck

>> No.37400752

how delusional can someone be?

>> No.37400797

you won't get 浮かばれる for free

>> No.37400803

huh? no?
kny is a pretty good show

>> No.37400815

the level of arrogance on these people is crazy you probably forget >70% of the words you """"learn""""

>> No.37400831

You ever wonder to yourself what's the point?
I'm fucking 30 how will memorizing moonrunes benefit me in life

>> No.37400846

keyword had
moe also had a mining deck but that niggie sucks balls
ciaran said anki is gay but he does it because he wants to learn all the super rare words

>> No.37400847

if you have to ask you probably shouldn't be doing it

>> No.37400850


>> No.37400853

they benefit me by allowing me to read and watch shit i like in its original language

>> No.37400856

its okay to do things for fun matt…

>> No.37400858

yeah the keyword is had, what's your point?

>> No.37400859
File: 273 KB, 844x1200, b4d791bba04c95bbf882ac4ac69e443f0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>id much prefer to keep reading manga but its not pushing me hard enough, clearly
read かぐや様は告らせたい

>> No.37400860

it's no longer fun, anon. That's what I'm saying...

>> No.37400861

then you should quit you stupid fuck lol

>> No.37400863

he probably didnt need it

>> No.37400871

How about I quit fucking your mom

>> No.37400875

and how do you arrive at that?

>> No.37400884

he looked deep up his ass

>> No.37400887

gonna have to sansei with this guy especially if you aren’t good already

>> No.37400889

but then how are you going to read kanji?

>> No.37400890
File: 650 KB, 1280x720, 変態エルフ姉妹と真面目オーク.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do something else with your time if you don't enjoy japanese
you need multiple thousands of hours to get anywhere

>> No.37400907

oranges are so good but i hate getting all sticky when you eat them

>> No.37400908

remember asking bunko if he still did anki before the happening and he said yes

>> No.37400919

>My deck
holy fuck you're such a faggot. why do you post stupid shit on twitter?

>> No.37400926

that guy earlier saying he was me wasnt me i havent done anki in forever and for the last year of my anki time i spent literally 5 minutes a day on my mining deck the rest was on the pitch deck
deleted that shit and can still read just fine even read some mareni with not too many issues
this totally isnt me either just to make it clear

>> No.37400933

>i spent literally 5 minutes a day on my mining deck
yeah that's what i do and i think it helps

>> No.37400943

>for the last year of my anki time i spent literally 5 minutes a day on my mining deck the rest was on the pitch deck
so you were using it? why are you trying to act like you didn't
>deleted it and still read just fine
yeah it's not like you're going to forget everything overnight you retard. you remembering shit well is also in part due to anki but you've probably forgotten a bunch of stuff already and just don't know it yet cause it's not that common and when you get to seeing it again you'll think it's new since you've forgotten about it, crazy how that works

>> No.37400949

good news guys

my copy of pokemon ダイパリメイク arrived

>> No.37400955

yea yea bro whatever
if you want to speak to me im in the japanese thread on int (not djt) speaking japanese
i rarely check here anymore

>> No.37400965

>read mareni
stream??? bro come on ur independent now u dont need to be scared of some fag

>> No.37400968

>deleted that shit and can still read just fine
i mean, the whole point of anki is to put things in your long term memory so this isn't saying much lol

>> No.37400981

is the int thread better?

i checked it a few times but it always seemed 1) slow af and 2) mostly beginner questions

>> No.37400985

this feels like a false flag

>> No.37400986

he's talking about the japanese thread on int not djt

>> No.37400991

oh nvm

>> No.37400995

how many pitch cards do you have / had

>> No.37401000

he's been posting on int for a while lol

>> No.37401004

i'm saying this dude claiming to be him (you) sounds like a snitch pretending to be him

>> No.37401014


>> No.37401024

have u banged ur mom yet

>> No.37401047

why not just start posting normally again

>> No.37401050

hey bro what's up

>> No.37401053

my name's holmes
sherlock holmes

>> No.37401056

found bum's brother

>> No.37401061

>im in the japanese thread on int

>> No.37401064

what do i get out of it
the deck had the whole nhk pitch dic in it cant remember how far i made it but i basically know the pitch for every single word now
never wanted to
the other thread is better

>> No.37401070

i watched a couple reviews of this game and they all praised changes i hate and called it the best thing ever
so if this reviewer is a bit harsher on it thats nice

>> No.37401076

>never wanted to
dont give up on your dreams bro
thats just sad

>> No.37401084

>the deck had the whole nhk pitch dic in it cant remember how far i made it but i basically know the pitch for every single word now
where did you get it?
>what do i get out of it
entertain your bros?

>> No.37401094

i see
in any case its good to hear youre doing well

>> No.37401107

probably for the best

>> No.37401109


>> No.37401123

everything you need to learn pitch except loads of listening and speaking hours is on here

>> No.37401153

bro can you understand raw jidaigeki

>> No.37401161

>reading stream
>doesn't read out loud

what's the fucking point?

>> No.37401169

damn it seems yoga removed the pitch deck video so the link is dead
no i could get the gist of some of the stuff ciaran posted though

>> No.37401173

dame yoga pulled a matto

>> No.37401177

>what's the fucking point?
that's the first question i ask myself when i wake up

>> No.37401187


>> No.37401189

how do i become good at outputting?

>> No.37401192

crazy how djt died after unko left

>> No.37401200

immerse a lot then chat a lot then speak a lot
podcasts are basically the best immersion for speaking i rec yutotawa, sakura tsuushin and benjo no tsubuyaki to really learn what conversations look like
hiikibiiki is good for beginners

>> No.37401235

it's pretty bizarre but at the same time so are mukbangs

>> No.37401240

>no i could get the gist of some of the stuff ciaran posted though
wtf i thought you were one of /djt/'s brightest and you still can't do jidaigekis, absolute state of this place

>> No.37401251
File: 1.86 MB, 1755x967, Screenshot (38).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

last post see me on int and come learn some japanese fr
i suck compared to a native i dont know what you except im not even at the 4 year mark

>> No.37401265

lol ur gonna come back

>> No.37401270

respect your senpai

>> No.37401308

wow /int/ actually has a thread with people that know japanese crazy.

>> No.37401315

don't care

>> No.37401341

would stream the new pokemon for you guys but i aint got a capture card

closed my eyes while selecting my first pokemon and pressed random directions
got a ポッチャマ

>> No.37401342

bros i just realized this is the first djt thread in half a year in which all our namefags posted again, jamal qm bunko og 4bc and moe. im sure morbido guy and ciaran posted too. brings tears to my eyes

>> No.37401348

you'd be right if this were /fit/, but there's no such thing as "just doing it" with activities that require thought. whether you make progress or not depends more on whether you have good methodology than it does on consistency.

>> No.37401359
File: 875 KB, 1280x853, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37401362

work harder, not smarter

>> No.37401371

that's a lot of candle wax

>> No.37401389

i forgot to add anacreon and tatsumoto. what a thread, what a thread

>> No.37401398

morbido guy will be on later

>> No.37401404

i got it, og looks up to natives and bunko
so she should go to the /int/ japanese thread

>> No.37401435

so at the end of the day /djt/ is really just an intermediate thread, sasuga

>> No.37401439

How do I draw a chibi from the side.

>> No.37401461

the best 日本語 teacher is プリキュア.

>> No.37401473

wish og would look up to me as she is wrapping her delicate plump lips around my stiff throbbing member

>> No.37401479
File: 2.43 MB, 1578x874, 1629224303526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finished my atla rewatch. so much soul, such a wonderful ending too. great stuff.

>> No.37401510


>> No.37401519

but did you watch the japanese dub

>> No.37401539

>plump lips
be more specific please

>> No.37401544

plump, dry lips

>> No.37401561

she posted her lips, they were crispy and flat

>> No.37401569

am i the only one who finds it funny that akarin is called akarin i mean that's funny

>> No.37401580

this just looks like white people's version of the boondocks, yeah not watching this racist trash

>> No.37401584


>> No.37401592

picked up

>> No.37401594

it was bound to confuse dekinai

>> No.37401620
File: 11 KB, 331x334, octolips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like Misa's?

>> No.37401622


>> No.37401631

wtf melody got a downgrade?

>> No.37401639

yooo gonna fap to this later

>> No.37401834

upgrade cuz her 3d model was hideous

>> No.37401848


>> No.37401922

been dieting for 4 days but haven't checked the scale to see how much water weight i've lost

>> No.37401929

you're not going to see much change in 4 days aside from your usual daily fluctuation silly

>> No.37401933

if you're the guy who said matt doesn't sound that great then you're a bigger fake then i thought holy fuck

>> No.37401940

water weight is like 4-5 pounds if you go no carb

>> No.37401949

You remind me I wanted to make a better eating plan but it's just so much effort, so many things just take effort.

>> No.37401957

when i diet strictly i lose 0.5-1lbs of fat per day at the beginning after the water weight is gone since i'm morbidly obese

>> No.37401965


>> No.37401969

oh shit yeah i guess you'd lose a considerable amount of weight then
i've been the same weight for months but only gotten stronger so i assume i've been gaining lean mass

>> No.37401975

someone translate this shit

>> No.37401979

Does anyone know if there's a way to replay the audio for lines in the PS2 port of Phantom of Inferno?
It manages to be something actually interesting, while being completely voiced (not just dialogue), so even if it can't be hooked, looking up words I don't know is extremely fast and easy. The tremendous benefits of this are somewhat diminished if you can't replay lines though, granted that if I don't know a word from hearing it, I almost certainly don't know the kanji. That and just plain not catching some lines.

>> No.37401983

you're throwing out the まあs like you're matto

>> No.37401993


>> No.37402002

lol remember when jabum tried saying japanese doesn't have conjugations

>> No.37402005

i have a cold so i might sound a bit strange
i also haven't been immersing lately so i think my japanese will be awful but um well matt-sama is... i mean matt-san lol yeah i mean matt-san isn't all that bad i'd say well um well yeah that's all i wanted to say
c'mon man i've only been at this 5 months

>> No.37402021

he was right

>> No.37402029

oh no jamalbros...

>> No.37402041

learn to read

>> No.37402049

feel free to show me how to conjugate an unconjugated japanese verb

u cant

therefore u cannot EVER do an act that would be consider conjugating a japanese verb as u cannot conjugate a conjugation

>> No.37402054

what part of this do you think supports your argument that japanese has conjugations

>> No.37402058

just bc u read the english on the page does not make me any less anal devastatingly right

>> No.37402060

thats the joke,,,

>> No.37402069

lol you guys literally can't even read english

>> No.37402071

it’s fukken out bros!!! pmaru-sama and fubuki!!! tasukatta!!!

>> No.37402074

i have a feeling you pretended to read the japanese

>> No.37402080

concession once again accepted better luck next time またチャレンジしてね lol

>> No.37402085

lol the butthurt

>> No.37402093

whatever reason you think japanese has conjugations jamal probably already debunked them so lets hear it

>> No.37402098

do any of you sleep, i look through the thread and you have been posting nonstop for 36hours

>> No.37402100

as for me i slept 7 hours last night

>> No.37402104

bad vibes bros can you pls stfu

>> No.37402107

woke up 6 hours ago after sleeping for 8

>> No.37402121

yeah he debunked it by going "lol i'm right" and then flinging shit like a monkey lol

>> No.37402123 [DELETED] 


>> No.37402132

if you go 1 more post without saying why you think japanese has conjugations you have conceded this debate

>> No.37402134

i got up just a bit ago after doing 朝セックス with my 彼女 who is now going to work with a slight limp

and u paste wikipedia articles from japan that cannot read or understand with nothing that ur actually able to say about it urself LOL get back under the nihongods boot u lil maggot lmao

>> No.37402141

Sex-havers need to leave.

>> No.37402157

>and u paste wikipedia articles from japan that cannot read or understand with nothing that ur actually able to say about it urself LOL get back under the nihongods boot u lil maggot lmao
lol keep projecting

>> No.37402171

? was a fact thats exactly what u did >>37402002

another ez win rack em up son lol

>> No.37402178

this dude is using jamals guerilla tactics against him
both end up looking like dumbasses lmao

>> No.37402179

jamaggot letting his gf go to work so she can spend her money on tendies for him while he has several bitcoin under the floorboards

>> No.37402183

if you think katsuyou means conjugation because thats what the english on that page says you should know 2 words never mean the same thing

>> No.37402189


>> No.37402200

the fact women think men think this is a bad thing is hilarious. you guys are the ones who lose respect for men who get to leech off their gf. men don't care

>> No.37402207

she has her own life well worry about that shit later but no she doesnt know how deep stacked i am she thinks im grinding and on the come up and thats how it should be

>> No.37402208

when i retire in 2025 i wont tell women how much i have either

>> No.37402213

you'd be able to acquire a higher iq chick or a better looking chick if you showed her how much money you had right away

>> No.37402220

never tell ppl around u how much money u have bc as soon as they know they become instantly fake ftl

>> No.37402222

in this case they do

>> No.37402225

Fucking kill yourself NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I you fucking tranny NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I, this isn't your fucking blogsite NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I, hang yourself from a bridge NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I.

>> No.37402230

yea but this isn't about you, it's about your kids' genes. you sacrifice some personal happiness so that your kid is smarter than you and makes even more money than you did.

>> No.37402234

you cant become jewish you know

>> No.37402243

problem is theres no such thing as a japanese verb that is not in 活用形

i dont care about such things as money is the noose around all our necks and by extension our planet in the short term and anyway i can fund the next generations indefinitely if the same broken system keeps marching on long after im gone

>> No.37402253

new thread is up

>> No.37402255

surely you care if your kid gets in a traffic accident? if they're smarter they're less likely to get in one.

>> No.37402257


>> No.37402261

good people are typically the ones that get slammed and killed by a drunk wrong way driver so if i wanted them to stay safe on the road i would actually want them to be a drinking and driving piece of shit bc they are never the one that dies in a collision

>> No.37402266

the smartest people i know become error theorists. weird.

>> No.37402276

STFU you mentally ill retard NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I, fucking kill yourself already NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I. No one fucking cares about your blog posts NIHONGOD !!himSMk/Tt4I.

>> No.37402282

>problem is theres no such thing as a japanese verb that is not in 活用形
explain your nonsense

>> No.37402286

the smartest people i know love shit anime

>> No.37402291

the smartest people that you know are just assholes that can't see the bigger picture in why you must act for the greater good and well being of as many people as possible

>> No.37402293

the smartest person i know likes great anime

>> No.37402301

he is talking about himslef

>> No.37402304

i should also add that these people tend to be midwits who also tend to be selfish makes you think

>> No.37402307


>> No.37402311

the smartest move you could ever make is killing yourself
but ningens is bakas

>> No.37402316

>aren't we smart? we're so smart! not like those other people. they are dumb. *fart sounds*

>> No.37402322

life is a gift

>> No.37402324

high iq people love farting

>> No.37402350


>> No.37402351

life is a practical joke

>> No.37402370

concession accepted

>> No.37402388

i guess jabum means that when the verb in its "infinitive form" it's also the "non-past" form, i guess?

>> No.37402412


>> No.37402422

theres no infinitive in japanese

>> No.37402426

no i mean actual smartest. not midwits

>> No.37402427


>> No.37402430

in order for a japanese verb to exist it must already be "conjugated" thus why japanese verbs cannot be conjugated

>> No.37402431

the dictionary form, better, autismo?

>> No.37402437

why am i an autismo because grammarian nerds cause confusion using big words incorrectly

>> No.37402444

btw taking applications for my new sidekick the CONJUGGERNAUT

>> No.37402450

its actually important because if you think japanese has infinitive you probably also think the verb can be conjugated. but it cant

>> No.37402538

just hire a south american for a half handful of pesos like you did with hanako

>> No.37402563

>*doesn't know jackshit about grammar*
>*proceeds to talk about grammar*

>> No.37402572

why would it mean that?

>> No.37402577

hanakos talents were wasted here

>> No.37402605


>> No.37402609

if you only pass the first test you will get in but nobody will take you seriously, you are essentially a beginner with server access rather than a pre-beginner
what makes the server elite is it having a large amount of highly proficient users in relation to people who don't know anything compared to any place without a posting restriction
this is because most people don't even get to the around n4 barrier on the discord, but instead drop out before that and just endlessly shit up japanese learning communities
and people who do get to that point, have a certain amount of momentum that makes it likely they will keep progressing

>> No.37402636

>this is because most people don't even get to the around n4 barrier on the discord
except a lot do which is why you should raise the barrier to n3

>> No.37402653

>and people who do get to that point, have a certain amount of momentum that makes it likely they will keep progressing
conjecture. i've been n4 on that quiz for years

>> No.37402663

the quiz needs an inflation like property

>> No.37402668

quiz you're an accomplished linguist, how about you weigh in on this conjugation discussion

>> No.37402680

>but nobody will take you seriously
the fact that people in your shitcord put so much value on the quiz even though it doesn't actually reflect japanese ability and they wank themselves off to their rank shows how garbage your """"community"""" is

>> No.37402702

a relationship built on lies, you're the same in djt as real life then

>> No.37402704

and og wakes

>> No.37402724

i never lied it just hasnt come up i just told her i make funny money on the computer lol and after setting foot in my house she had no real reason to question further

>> No.37402727

more people joining don't pass it than do and a lot of people stay on n4 just because they can't be bothered to advance but that doesn't mean they don't

and you didn't advance in japanese either? in that case you are an exception that just decided to stop around n4 level, most don't

link me the most important posts and i'll give you a hot take, can't read the entire thread

who puts much value into it? sure passing the quiz up to n1 doesn't mean you are a pro who is super fluent and nobody claims that, but if you can't pass it up to n1 you aren't very good so it's more of an indicator of a lack of skill
and other than that it's just a fun theme in the community, how it was intended

>> No.37402732

>and you didn't advance in japanese either?
>you are an exception that just decided to stop around n4 level, most don't
you don't know that

>> No.37402737
File: 1.98 MB, 2500x3500, Output Girl Epic 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37402762

>link me the most important posts and i'll give you a hot take, can't read the entire thread

>> No.37402774

>who puts much value into it
i've seen so much fags in there talking down to people who were like 1 rank lower than them it's crazy

>> No.37402787

you know it would happen here too if we had colors

>> No.37402789

>more people joining don't pass it than do
you still have like 400 people in your server, it's time to trim the weeds, raise it to n2 or something then

>> No.37402804

god it's really been a year since then

>> No.37402805

shitty community full of narcissists

>> No.37402816

yeah but this place is garbage so what is your standard really? of course there were people who didn't care since it doesn't really reflect level unless you're at the very top and even then opinions are opinions doesn't matter who says them, but there were a few obnoxious fags that would stfu up it

>> No.37402818

average thread regular


>> No.37402834

god would love for og to pull shit like that irl before i push myself onto her. would love seeing the look of disgust in her eyes as i'm ravishing her maiden body

>> No.37402848

pretty soon u and me will be in our 40s and well still be saying the same shit every day lol

>> No.37402856


>> No.37402861

whether japanese has conjugations or not depends on the linguistic grammar model you are viewing japanese through, the wikipedia (and most other japanese sources) obey to what is sometimes in linguistic circles referred to japanese "school grammar", there are other grammar models in which verbs are viewed very differently like where verb "conjugations" are viewed as "suffix verbs" or whatever and there are other ways of transcribing and analyzing japanese in general, in fact many linguistics heavily criticize japanese school grammar for hiragana being the smallest unit of analysis whereas others might be more plausible for example how about the word 噛む (kamu) you can convert it to 噛みます (kamimasu) and other forms like idk 噛もうとした (kamou) now you see the common element is the form "kam" and there are grammar models that recognize this, while japanese school grammar just says mu, mi, mo are all just there somewhat independently, so yeah it's not necessarily the best way to view it but to be honest, it's all made up nonsense and attempts to explain something natural in human words and rules which is kind of redundant and if you view it like that debates like "does this have conjugations" just sound dumb

>> No.37402862

why not just remove roles besides for the top ones like the other anon suggests if what he is saying is true? and then people can just remember who is at what level and use actual ability rather than discord rank when evaluating people's level, it's most like how ability actually works anyway

>> No.37402871

>噛みます (kamimasu) and other forms like idk 噛もうとした (kamou)
only read this part but its clear you have no idea what you are talking about lmfao

>> No.37402874

why do you think that, do explain

>> No.37402877

that sounds a lot less fun to be honest

>> No.37402879

you can say the same thing about english grammar can you not? at that point anything grammar becomes meaningless and saying something is or isn't is likewise meaningless

>> No.37402883

>噛みます (kamimasu)
wait but isn't this just 噛み(連用形) + ます?

>> No.37402893

its just low iq

>> No.37402894

>sounds less fun
how is having retards rankfagging any better? if someone has to prove their level they'd just do the quiz and the people at the top will have a rank since you want authority or whatever, and then you have to actually be good to rankfag which would be (somewhat) deserved

>> No.37402896


lets goooo

>> No.37402901

i have like 5 iqs and that's plenty

>> No.37402905

the crazy thing is that japan is mainly using western grammar idea aren't they. are there also systems that they've come up with themselves which explain weird things like da and their diswestern use of time and potential forms?

>> No.37402911

the absolute state of this post

>> No.37402920

his point being that there is no way to represent a m- ending, so like if you view it as m- then you go mi or mo

>> No.37402921

crazy how qm made such a perfect timeless rank system all by himself and plebs still argue about it wishing they had come up with it to this day

>> No.37402922


yeah according to jap school grammar but you could also say
kam (basic form) + i (connector or whatever, there was some name for this) + masu (polite verb suffix) it just depends on the grammar model

do you actually have anything to say regarding the point i'm describing
what's the point of your post

if you progress naturally you will in time be able to pass all quizzes up to n1 completely naturally and for a lot of people it's satisfactory failing a quiz, learning for another 2-3 months and then coming back and passing on their first try

>the crazy thing is that japan is mainly using western grammar idea aren't they.
yeah definitely, like them trying to say pronouns are a thing in japanese when they are just nouns, japanese school grammar is some fucked up mix between western grammar ideas and japanese concepts and it's rightly criticized by many linguists

>> No.37402939

>if you progress naturally you will in time be able to pass all quizzes up to n1 completely naturally and for a lot of people it's satisfactory failing a quiz, learning for another 2-3 months and then coming back and passing on their first try
you can still have the quiz tho, just not a rank attached to it, or if you want a rank don't make it a color otherwise some retards will sperg out. alternatively just get rid of the retards

>> No.37402948

>what's the point of your post
clearly he's trying to discuss and communicate, he's not some hater with a grudge that will endlessly waste your time and try to drag you down to convince others to hate you

>> No.37402949

>you can still have the quiz tho, just not a rank attached to it,
but then there would be no "reward" for the additional progress you made, it'll just be an empty pass on the quiz and not a "status" you earned in a community
it's a system that works and is fun

>> No.37402955

the point was to get the yous that i did
but i still mean what i said i just refuse to elaborate

>> No.37402961
File: 155 KB, 499x793, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37402970

yeah exactly i actually forgot that you had to break up masu as well my mistake

>> No.37402973

>but then there would be no "reward" for the additional progress you made, it'll just be an empty pass on the quiz and not a "status" you earned
this is pretty childish, this status is meaningless and it's used like it actually has some value and makes people their opinion is better than other's or that their ability is higher which is not true but this is what you're encouraging. it's a fucked up system like upvotes on reddit. also wtf you have to be like a child with add to think shit like this like nigga you're learning for yourself you passing the quiz should be rewarding enough why are you wearing it like a badge of honor that's gay as fuck.

>> No.37402976

>yeah definitely, like them trying to say pronouns are a thing in japanese when they are just nouns,
so if there's a more correct view of Japanese grammar in regards to if pronouns exist, what is the more correct view in regards to if conjugation exists?

>> No.37402989

it's fun

>> No.37402996

so is getting upboats on reddit :)

>> No.37402997

idk i mean before you can say do "pronouns" exist you have to make clear what the fuck a pronoun is, of course japanese has words like watasi or boku or anata and so on but they are syntactically no different from nouns so the question is does it have to be a separate linguistic category if it has no special properties and the answer is who the fuck cares, similar thing with conjugations

>> No.37403003


>> No.37403009

4chan dislikes upvotes because it cultivates a culture of circle jerking and approval seeking from the majority. a personal accomplishment on a quiz isn't comparable

>> No.37403022

that's not quite true right cause you can then go well conjugations don't exist they're just different words and they mean different things, but the point is that you see that they're related, as in your brain sees a pattern

>> No.37403027

i don't argue about japanese though

>> No.37403033

but this cultivates a culture of circle jerking and approval seeking from an authority so it's pretty bad too.

>> No.37403034

just had a weird thought do u think any of the 宇宙飛行士s said the n word while on the surface of the 月

>> No.37403040

you just bodied them with philosophy. good shit. it's just about which model you think makes more sense

>> No.37403059

'cept it's not

>> No.37403063

tarnishing the white moon with such a phrase is an unforgivable sin

>> No.37403065

not with a hard r

>> No.37403082

it doesn't though, you get rewarded for passing the quiz not getting approval from high ranking members.

>> No.37403105

my boys hyped for the new maikura update in a few days? it looks pretty good

>> No.37403112

by that i mean you put the opinion of people higher in rank than those of other people. again what kind of person do you need to be to need to have something that's meant to be a reward for yourself on public display? it's just kind of gay. like nigga you just pass the quiz cause you want to see that you're progressing, what do other people have to do with it?

>> No.37403130

and thus it cultivates a culture of quiz grinding, which in itself isn't so harmful to the community as say upvotes. it just means a lot of people waste time playing quizzes against a bot by themselves.

>> No.37403155

>c'mon man i've only been at this 5 months
this is either ajatt time or you're filling in blanks

>> No.37403161

well he was wrong about the translation

>> No.37403162

it's true that it's not as bad as upvotes but it's pretty bad and doesn't really offer much advantages.
>culture of quiz grinding
which is extremely retarded and people actually do this quite a bit. like you're literally just grinding for the rank instead of doing japanese, even doth said he was doing it. extremely cringy behavior. also it's not just a culture of quiz grinding but also of rankfagging where people talk about their ranks and the ranks of other people.

>> No.37403174

he was right tho

>> No.37403187

>i mean matt-san isn't all that bad
what was said is そんなにうまくない

>> No.37403237

woman doesn't understand competition example #10000

>> No.37403294

And yet doth is better than anyone in this thread despite completely embracing the culture of quiz grinding

>> No.37403325

doth not care

>> No.37403329

what if we kissed in the entry plug

>> No.37403330

yeah despite it, your point?

>> No.37403339

you can kiss my entry plug og

>> No.37403358

that it isn't harmful, and in fact there seems to be a high correlation between people that get high quiz ranks and people that are actually good at japanese

>> No.37403378

>that it isn't harmful
doth himself said he thought it was bad that he was focusing so much on the quiz.
>high correlation
yeah once you get better at japanese you'd expect the quiz to reflect that the problem is doing the quiz won't increase your japanese level and just grinding it will makes it worthless cause it won't reflect your level.
you can make the same retarded point about the jlpt

>> No.37403438


>> No.37403461

at the end of the day if wanting a certain color name "tricked" you into learning the readings of a bunch of words it's probably better to have it than not

>> No.37403490

this place smells of dried mucus

>> No.37403532

it didn't trick me and also it's not better cause as i've said even doth agrees that it would have been better had he NOT done it

>> No.37403624


learning kana, is it normal that im slow as shit? (3 weeks and almost 70% on hira)

like im writing a full page to get down the writing for each character so thats whats slowing me mostly

i know writing is just a plus but is it a necessity

>> No.37403696

dude, what the fuck. Use this for a week and then move on
you don't have to know them 100%, you'll reinforce them when you start with kanji/vocab

>> No.37403758

yeah im using that one. so its okay if i dont go super hard on this basic stuff then

>> No.37403806

Don't bother trying to "master" kana or anything else, just move on. There's kana in literally everything, you'll get kana practice everyday just playing games or reading manga

>> No.37403900

i used to
the jp thread is mostly just larpers and sexpats

>> No.37403922

no its not there are many clear natives who make vocaroos and everything

>> No.37403924

what if u just consider conjugation to also describe changing 1 conjugation to another
>depends on the linguistic grammar model you are viewing japanese through
yeah like if its retarded or not
>where verb "conjugations" are viewed as "suffix verbs"
there are a ton of suffix words in any model that isnt retarded
>the common element is the form "kam"
how do they cope with 噛んだ

>> No.37403927

I'm about to finish the RTK deck (only new, not mature). Haven't properly studied grammar yet (only part of tae kim). Advice to do what next, anon? I just need sufficient skill to read visual novels.

>> No.37403949

you need to immediately start with an ez vn and start looking up every word and also doing core or mining words. also you're a dumbass for actually finishing rtk as it's a complete waste of time beyond like 1k characters, but rtk dipshits are too stubborn and retarded to ever take that advice. i didn't listen to anyone either.

>> No.37403962

oh also do the dojg grammar deck. the one with 600 cards. helps a lot

>> No.37403968

have you tried just reading visual novels

>> No.37403987

Yeah yeah what's done is done. I needed to anchor myself on some form of consistency or I will btfo real quick since i'm a fickle person. 'side I think it primed me with discipline to learn a bunch of new shit everyday lol.

>> No.37403988

Had a dream that jamal made an google sheet with a list of vinnies where every djter could give a review and score

But his ulterior motive was just to get all our emails from the sheet

>> No.37404000

The revised one with 1k2 cards total? Already on it.

>> No.37404006

No, my backlog still needs some more time to clear and I doubt I can read any of those raw just yet.

>> No.37404018

youll never be able to read until youve been doing it for months
no amount of memorizing kanji vocab or grammar will change that

>> No.37404032

i think its epic u dreamt of me

>> No.37404043

to get better at reading you need to start reading.

>> No.37404069

narcissistic much lol

>> No.37404076

women truly cant post

>> No.37404104

not rly im not gloating about it i just think its really cool bc ive never dreamt about any of u except maybe og but i cant remember

>> No.37404147

i think you said you dreamed of her once
only remember cause my post reminded you

>> No.37404155

qm and his son live rent free in your head

>> No.37404160

if you think they were flat you should turn on your monitor

>> No.37404161

nah the qm arc is over ive put it behind me feel free to ping me when he has his kanken cert and does a jiko-shokai doga video lol

>> No.37404173
File: 97 KB, 662x480, mpv-shot0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally got to see the legendary scene

>> No.37404180

feel bad for anyone watching bleach

>> No.37404190

>letting a guy put his penis in you while still having to work
this is basically the female version of being cucked

>> No.37404203

>not enjoying sex
broken body

>> No.37404230

did your man ever go down on you?

>> No.37404239

still waiting on either of those from you, silly childless boy. sit down

>> No.37404241

doesnt matter if you enjoy it
sex is for his benefit
imagine crawling out of bed and doing a walk of shame to your wagey job while he shitposts all day about his crypto riches

she's pathetic lmao

>> No.37404243

broken mind

>> No.37404245

you're more butthurt about this than i expected, og

>> No.37404248

they hate me because i tell the truth
its always been my curse

>> No.37404255

broken soul

>> No.37404263

on the contrary i think its really funny
jamal's niceguy routine wont stop himself from coming to loathe her desperation and lack self-worth

>> No.37404268

broken heart

>> No.37404271

even if you are right about all that and im a monster, im an honest monster

>> No.37404275


>> No.37404279

crazy how qm comes here and literally destroys all the ignorant people like jamal and moe

>> No.37404283


>> No.37404287

where did i shitpost about crypto

all ur doing is revealing what u really think about here lol

>> No.37404289

i mean she just gives it away to a guy whos "on the up" lmao
while she goes and thinks about what kind of tendies to buy him during her shift. totally easy to respect, im sure. this is 2021 and she is strong and independent and loves sex just as much as men, rawr

>> No.37404291

bitch thinks she's jesus

>> No.37404302

ogre girl wants jamal so bad right now

>> No.37404314

kassandra of troy predates jesus by quite of bit

>> No.37404319

not og but id let jamal fuck me
for the money i swear

>> No.37404330

there was a brief moment where u couldve been my tendie getter


>> No.37404331

it would have been epic if the girl was working for if he had no money

>> No.37404334

do you think you're her reincarnated as a strip bar worker from the midwest?

>> No.37404341

unfortunately she's right about most things

>> No.37404342
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>> No.37404344

its actually because i know how low-status and awful jamal, even with his wealth, is what makes it so funny
i mean she doesnt even know he has money and shes sleeping with him lol
no? i just find her story relateable

>> No.37404360

and anyway anyone blogposting about their daily sex routine (qm, jamal) need to actually fuck off

>> No.37404374

if he does those things you'll just lol at him and move the goalposts again. that's why you always do

>> No.37404375

i remember when i made a parody of an imouto post that was basically this, and you faggots said I didn't "get" imouto posts if i thought thats what he posted like


>> No.37404380

did you say mama? holy shit thats fucking hot

>> No.37404381

she knows im doing well like i said as soon as i brought her home it was quite apparent she aint with no scrub

shes probably going to be moving in when her lease is up on her apt

im still waiting to see where things go before i tell her shes been sitting (quite literally) on a winning lotto ticket

nah if hes good ill give him props just like i did w. bunko and others and bunko wasnt even that good but it was apparent he was on the right track

>> No.37404386

i actually did

>> No.37404388

jamal tell your gf james says hi

>> No.37404393

well that still isn't isn't an imoto post so i don't know what you're foaming about

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