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Who would you snuggle in bed with /jp/?

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Ran is probably the best cuddle pillow so her

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Also good. You could hug her while she gives you a rimjob

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No one kiddo.

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What about two kiddos?

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Cirno, I want to wake up with her piss soaked all over me

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how about 100?

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Where the fuck is my insomniac Satori hugslut

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Why with Reimu after a long day of work around the shrine of course...

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I meant I'll sleep by my self pal.

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My adorable wife Sanae!

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I can sleep soundly knowing I'm safe in Yuukarin's arms.

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You, dude.

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she ain't real so you cant be safe in her not real arms.

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my moon wife

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Sanae or Yukari... I can't decide. I prefer Sanae but Yukari is really huggable as well.

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I want the Ran MMD poster back!

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No, we do not want you back

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I hope that bed is king size, damn fat computer.

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I got to the point where I feel really uncomfortable when I need to sleep without my Yukarin daki. No, it doesn't work to grab another pillow and pretend, I've already tried.

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Kaguya hime

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Momoji and Ran are my choices.

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This, but with Alice instead of Cirno.

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very rude!

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What isn't real for you doesn't mean it's not real for me.

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What's the point of posting objectively the comfiest one and then asking me like I'm going to give a different answer?

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Ran will spoon me from behind, and I at the same time will spoon Cirno from behind

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Give it a few years and everyone will have a robot waifu.

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Kaguya is good for cuddles, too!

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maximum comfort

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she doesn't need them though.

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The baku of course, for guaranteed cozy, restful sleeps

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I love you anon...

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I want to cuddle with all the 2hus

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looks warm

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I want her to feel loved again

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Okuu. I want to be enveloped by her wings.

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me on left

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God I wish that pillow was me

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It's "were"

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new tomoki doujin?

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what is snuggling with /jp/ like

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me on the left

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Crunchy. The less you know why- the better.

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Okuu is perfect snuggle material.

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Best Ran artist, it's all so cute

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Oh my god imagine just diving into those tails ^v^

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Remi and Flan.

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>incredibly warm back
>frostbitten front
You didn't think this through did you.

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Wow, she even threw in a free loli. Hard to turn that down.

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