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I have been thinking.... Doesn't this hurt Marisa?

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i don't understand what you're talking about, at all

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This illustration has brought me to tears.

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i think she'll be ok

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vaginas don't work that way

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Looks like a horse

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I thought those were balls at first.

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I honestly thought the op was a split tongue...

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I thought it was a snake

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That is all kinds of saved

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Is that her butt, or vagoo?

Also, this is currently the best thread on /jp/ at the moment.

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I thought it was a finger.

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Fukkin broom I'd fukkin kill dat trolling broom

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isn't her broom bamboo?

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What does it look like in the original game art?

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I thought it was a cock and balls combining

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Marisa doesn't have a hymen to lose. See >>3736411.

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I wonder what it would be like to sniff Marisa's bloomers. I wonder what it would smell like.

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Ever heard of Cushioning Charms, OP?

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It would smell like fish

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Fruity Pebbles.

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You mean like a groin guard? But Reimu and Alice might think she has balls.

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>Implying Alice wouldn't enjoy the idea of Marisa having a penis.

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Go back to /v/.

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It doesn't bother me. Try it sometime.

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yeah, vagoos arent that big, it wouldn`t spread open like that, it would comfortably sit on top.

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More Marisa bloomers please.

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All I have.

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Such big heads, yet such small limbs.

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You won't believe how elastic vagoos can be.

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She'd probably lean back as well so it's more likely it would slip between her ass cheeks and she'd rest on or near her tail bone. Which in itself is uncomfortable.

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well if is wearing bloomers i dont think it would be that uncomfortable.

panties on the other hand.... owch

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Side saddle, also there's a reason why witches are call "cold".

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She like to grind her genitalia on her broom

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First thought: Pen under nose.

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But wouldn't the friction make her skin swell and become painful? Yet she is still seen riding on that everyday.

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Yeah, provided they're old enough. Ripping feels bad man.

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she gets off on the friction

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Guys, you don't just sit on the broom like that, you also lean forward on your hands so your entire weight isn't on your crotch. You can try sitting on a railing yourself to see how it works, although admittedly it woudln't be the most comfortable way to sit.

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Saffron and rose

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Remember, all Touhous can fly. Marisa flies on a broom because she feels like it, not because she has to. Since she could fly fine without it, that means she must feel no gravity when in the air, and so her ass doesn't feel any pressure from the broom.

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Citation needed.

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Pencil thin limbs like that are good for when you want to feel sympathy for a character who's been starving for weeks... but not so good when you want to feel sexual arousal.

God, it looks like their bones would snap if you barely touched them.

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Fatigue would still build rather quickly, as it is not a natural stance and mode of travel for bipedal creatures. I'm sure there's somewhat of an energy penalty from having to force your weight to be distributed in such a manner as well. How does one stay balanced in that configuration when pulling any kind of Gs at all?
Also, it certainly does look like an ass destroying position over time even with preventative measures such as the aforementioned weight distribution adjustments.

I think I should fund a scientific study on this with proper controls.

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PMiSS says "even without wings, we can all fly".

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You get used to it, that or she has a seat there and we don't see it, or it's fucking magic.

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Exactly, Marisa doesn't use wings, she has a broom!

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this is why classy witches always sit sideways on their brooms

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That's why a side-saddle type position is much more comfortable for brooms and the like.

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The whole "witches ride brooms" isn't about flying anyway, the myth was born from a weird ass practice in the dark ages for women to get high by making potions from things like fly argaric and smearing the substance on a broom handle or similar, then jaming it into their vagoo where it would be absorbed into the blood stream.

Naturally back then any women showing the slightest hint of sexuality was clearly a heretic and a witch. Chances are she'd be too fucked up on poisonous mushrooms to explain herself too.

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Don't worry guys, diapers make it comfortable and help hold in the poop.

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Not that diaperfag again.

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Holy shit I googled it and it's true. That's hot.

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>The generally accepted theory about the origins of witches and flying with their brooms is based in a ritual involving a psychoactive drug trip.[1] The witches would prepare a flying ointment to aid them in their journey. There are many recipes for this ointment all having a base of either Atropa belladonna or Mandragora officinarum, both highly psychoactive drugs producing visions and encouraging astral projection.[2] The ointment was rubbed all over the body using the broom. A personal account is given by one witch who described the act of rubbing the ointment on her hands and feet, which provided a sensation of flying. Witches mounted broomsticks and would leap around the fields, smeared with the flying ointment, in order to "teach the crops how high to grow". The ointment would give them hallucinations, which made them believe that they flew distances

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They can.
I know at least one girl who has.

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I wonder what a footjob from a witch with the ointment on her feet would feel like.

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>I don't know what virginity means

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Link please.

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Bengay on the balls.

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He probably thinks torn hymen = not virgin.

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>Implying virginity is the same thing as hymen.

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Holy shit, that's awesome.

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>- Many flying potions contained hallucinogenic ingredients. If a broomstick was rubbed with such potions and used for riding or masturbatory purposes, a sensation of flight would result.


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In other words, Marisa be flying high all the time, ze~.

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Marisa cannot fily without the broom. End of story.

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>Several theories explain this association of brooms with witches:
Oh. So no one really knows?

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>torn hymen


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I think it means they all contributed equally to the association of witches and brooms.

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> Witches often rode with the faggot-end up, with a candle in the faggot to light the way.

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Yes, you are quite the comedian.

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How does Marisa remain seated on a broom like that? That setup is inherently aerodynamically unstable, which makes her very agile in air to air combat, but you need fly-by-wire controls to actively correct the instability or else you'll end up in an uncontrollable flat spin.

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I read this then I re-looked at these pictures:

Oh you /jp/.

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She's daijoubou.

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There is an invisible magical cushion on that broom

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mugen, sometimes I wonder what the fuck goes into your mind.

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That's actually exactly what I thought when I first looked at the picture.

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I lol'd way too hard at this.

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I laughed.

Then I remembered those awesome threads with small cropped bits of hentai doujin and ms-paint extensions showing bodybuilders in strange positions.

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that was right after the split in /a/.

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Ahh, Nostalgia.
Thanks for posting that Bro'~

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This is not what you think it is...

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That's exactly what I thought it was.

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I don't know what happened to this drawfag though

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He's still around, I've seen fairly recent stuff that appears to be his style.

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Reminds me of the joke:
Why do witches never wear any underwear?
Extra grip.

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Can't stop laughing, dude.

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Rise drew a Ranka doujin?

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I always forget the spoilertag...

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Best thread on jp

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I thought he was showing a hardcore nose grabbing skills.

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the mighty works of Genius....

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Too fucking funny. I hadn't seen those before.

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Sup Scotland Yard

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These are from /a/. He make new ones for us to guess from time to time.
No one ever get them right before he releases the answers though.

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I still want to know the source on that

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Well, that explains it since I haven't been to /a/ since about when /jp/ was formed. Good thing someone is willing to wade through it at least.

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wow, did not see that coming

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This is amazing.

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you doing it wrong

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First thing I thought of as well.


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I have some more but I forgot to save the cropped h pic

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You doing it wrong again!

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stop doing it wrong

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Could we get some more sexy Marisa?

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There was some doujin specifically on the subject of the OP, with Marisa complaining that riding regularly makes her crotch hurt and riding side-saddle makes her neck stiff. She experiment some new styles, including surfboard.

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I'm out of manly h page explainer pics, but I don't know shit about touhou...

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I bet you Marisa can't catch the golden snitch.

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Who needs to catch what you can just blow to smithereens with a Master Spark?

Lasers of Love, ze.

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That'd be cheating.

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her left sock is incomplete

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Sauce? Was it h?