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it's spreading. the disease is spreading

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what would the world be like if everyone was turned into a perfect and elegant maid by a viral infection?

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We would constantly search for a master.

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you really like that pic, huh?

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remi bit the sakuya

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This is why you should take the fucking vaccine.

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it's a new strain

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Has there been any major Touhou fanworks where there have been outbreaks of zombified or infected persons? Best I can think of is KKHTA with its Moon Madness, but that's more so just everyone losing their bananas. A vampire infection sounds intriguing.

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A vampire infection would be lame. Then the mistress and her sister wouldn't be special anymore! But if they offered to make me a vampire I'd take it in an instant.

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>living with remi forever

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Closest I can think is Strawberry Dead, that one MMD video about Remi and Flan alone during a Zombie outbreak in Gensokyo. Basically had them try and keep up a routine while everything was going on.

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love how one of the pixiv tags for this was "captivating ass"

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Is that a pole dancing Yuyuko???

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Time as a concept would cease to exist

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>A vampire infection would be lame
which is why its perfetc

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Does that one Clownpiece guro futa zombie doujin count

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Based on what?

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Based on deez nuts

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It's a venereal disease and the whole SDM is infected. I wonder how

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what kind of retard makes a gyate with white background

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Then whats the problem?

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why does it matter

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>Clownpiece guro futa zombie
That wasn't sexy at all

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That sounds like heaven.

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but you'll be her slave

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But who would be the head-maid? Would every world government be replaced by a mistress-maid relation in this scenario?

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That sounds like heaven.

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