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i have found the source for this image
it's https://e-hentai.org/g/1391846/6208f5839f/ (Reitaisai SP) [Mugijirushi (Tairi)] 4 (Touhou Project) [English] {Gaku-Touhou}
i am posting this because many people asked about the source for this image

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Holy shit hot

*fap fap*

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Thank you

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you are welcome

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thank you for thanking me

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can you find this one?

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you wasted my time dude. don't make me search for baby shit anybody can find

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Looks like something out of Calvin and Hobbes

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This is very cool thank you.
Do you know where this one is from?

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https://e-hentai.org/g/682582/04bd2e8f27/ ((C79) [Carcharias! (cis)] kono ko doko no ko kaeru no ko (Touhou Project))
do you guys actually try searching for these? am i a joke to you?

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i'm sorry i should have not lashed out like that

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Fuck witches, fuck mikos!!

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I'm impressed, good find

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thank you for being impressed

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thanks for posting, I also wanted to say that author is quite based, I thought japanese are fags
makes me remember the time I'd drink in school too

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you are definitely a joke to me
now dance, monkey

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thank you for thanking me for posting
that hurts me on emotional level

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Thank you and sorry it took so long to say thank you.
I suck at finding cropped panels, I had read that doujin while looking for the panel and somehow missed it.

I went through all the ones from the artist I think this is, but couldn't find this specific panel, do you think you could give it a try?

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thank you for thanking me
i probably won't have time to search for it more extensively this month i am sorry. but who knows

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thank both

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Thank you for thanking me for thanking you. I'm so happy to be speaking with you. I'm ecstatic.

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does anyone know where the remi, "I'm going to be a father? but im just a little girl!" page comes from? been looking for that shit for like the last 11 years or however long its been i dont fucking remember

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I thought I had it but no it's not Child's Day. I just can't remember the artist' name.

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yee, this isnt it, but if it helps its the single panel where she has her hands up to her face blushing

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Thank you for letting us know that you're busy, I hope you have more free time in the future

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But this is all Non-H shit.

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do you have a screenshot? sometimes these panels have oc content and you will never find them without actually seeing them

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i think i know who is the guy who translated this, but i need more time to go through his stuff. that might not be the case though

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i found the panel. last i used this image was in 2014, but im 100% certain i originally found it sometime between 2010-2011

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well this was easy https://exhentai.org/g/474720/15fe20a078/
it's nsfw though. i have yet to find that other dude's thing, it will probably require me to manually inspect some things

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did fucking saucenao work? i swear to god last i used it it gave me nothing. thanks i love you

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no it didn't, but reverse image search pointed me to warosu and somebody posted the source in 2013 >>https://warosu.org/jp/thread/10571351#p10571376
i'm happy you're happy and i thank you for thanking me

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damn good shit, thanks homie. suprised it came out at comiket 78, i was on here downloading hella music, but skipped out the scans at the time. i miss RemiliaJAM and Hong Meiling ;-;

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That is an excellent thread and a reminder of how our culture has degraded thank you for sharing

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Hello anon, I found it myself finally.

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Hello I'm not that anon but I'd like to thank you for finding it on their behalfhphpg

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congratulations and thank you for helping yourself
thank you

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