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guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org

previous: >>37236344

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what's wrong with bullying

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2nd for raticate method

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Beginners be warned an automated spambot will try to trick you with a guide soon. Do not be fooled!!!

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so roughly how much more easy do mpv pop up dictionaries make the language? id say at least 200% faster when you consider how much logner it would take oldfags to pause, look up, and sentence mine.

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its mean!

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it's 200% faster but you know 200% less japanese when all is said and done

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why does the english one say that but the japanese right under it says the n word

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cuz naruto is black coded

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.

Updated guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Japanese resources: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/resources.html
Old guide for those afraid of change: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Japanese Mega Learning Pack: https://nyaa.si/view/1372367

Daily reminder: targeted sentence cards are the most effective way to combine Anki with immersion.

Things to avoid:
・Anime cards (the guide by QM). It recommends words cards, which are proven to be ineffective for learning Japanese.
・Core 2.3k. It is based on a very old corpus and sorted in a way that makes learning harder. Do Ankidrone Starter Pack instead.
・Anacreon. Anacreon is an infamous spammer. He hijacks our OP to shill his shit.

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real true dekiru guide
crippled spammer patreon shill guide. do not click

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new thread >>37252446
spam >>37253214

thank you for the great guide

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This is the automated spambot i was talking about >>37253321

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This is the automated spambot >>37253379
Real thread >>37252446

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Thanks for the updated guide im fluent now!!

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i clicked the other thread and it installed a virus
clicking this thread removed the virus and my crypto's back

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stop posting the old guide, it's garbage.
best guide >>37253321

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don't forget to immerse the right way.

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my favorite guide is https://4chan.org/feedback

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this is the thread

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anacreon how do i learn to code to webdev

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use anki

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>There are many beautiful, praise worthy aspects of Japanese culture to be sure, but considering how nearly every post made in recent days is in discussion about “the esoteric meaning of kanji” or “the deeper meaning behind magical girl anime series like Doki Doki Precure (the newest anime fad amongst the group)”, I have concluded that this group has become so focused on Japan that there is no room left to discuss other topics of merit.

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I need help bros. Basically I got a new laptop because old one died. Lost all my progress and stopped doing shit for like a month. Decided to get back into it recently.

I have 2.3K and MIA Kanji Recognition deck so I'll start to go through them again. How can I start to make a lot of gains fast?

I'm a newfag to the thread so it's been really confusing trying to find what's recommended in the sea of misinformation and spamming between various people. Any advice would be appreciated.


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>Lost all my progress
How far in were you when you stopped? This will affect my answer a lot
>confusing trying to find what's recommended in the sea of misinformation and spamming between various people
the golden rule is to mentally filter links that have the word tatsumoto in them, as long as you do that any other guide posted here is fine

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Yup, this is the one.

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itazuraneko.neocities.org, animecards.site, learnjapanese.moe, anacreondjt.girlab.io all have good shit, id recommend
just do 2.3k while reading easy shit and watching anime (preferably with japanese subs, definitely not with eng subs), visual novels can be real fun and a good way to pick up shit, also basically everything will be difficult when u start so just read/watch what you think is interesting

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whoops typo meant gitlab, anyway i learned the hardway from anki droning the old core2k/6k and then still struggling with yotsuba the only way to actually get good is to read and listen anki is just supplementary (it is useful though and you should rather use it than not, just consume japanese a lot more than your anki time per day)

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Not too deep thankfully. I probably had around 200 kanji and radicals from Refold deck. While for 2.3K I was somewhere around 300 words.

Since it's been a month I'll probably have to start from scratch with 20 words a day on both.

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>How can I start to make a lot of gains fast?
read more

code more

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> How can I start to make a lot of gains fast?
If you know less than 1000 words, it makes sense to do the Kanji Transition deck. If not, start mining sentences from your immersion.
> I have 2.3K and MIA Kanji Recognition
They are useless.

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what drives you to shill this garbage man

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ignore this shill he doesnt know japanese

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money, last time i spoke to him on jamalcord he said he'd been putting off code monkey interviews cuz of his japanese patreon

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shill faggot

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but he has 0 patrons wtf

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bruh, why didn't you have anki synced to ankiweb?

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If you feel you need radicals, fine. But most people here see it as a bit of a waste of time. If I were you, my plan would be as follows:
1. double check that you have your kana memorized with https://realkana.com/ or a similar resource
2. start Core 2.3k at 20 cards/day
3. Read Tae Kim's Grammar Guide or watch Cure Dolly's Grammar vids or go to a similar grammar resource
4. start reading. This is the most important step to making fast gains. There are lots of resources out there for any level of japanese knowledge that you could read. The sooner the better, but I started reading at about 1000 words into Core

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> itazuraneko.neocities.org, animecards.site, learnjapanese.moe, anacreondjt.girlab.io all have good shit
wrong. they contain shitty advice.
> id recommend just do 2.3k
it's uselsess, and your recommendations show that you don't know japanese

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remember when you had to make anki decks to pass n2 and n1 on quiz's discord (a platform you say is malware and tell people not to use)

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analcream samefaging. your spamming is annoying and cripples this thread.

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what's the consensus on watching with eng sub first then using no sub or jap sub? picrel

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Beginners ignore this shill advice!! He tried to make his own thread but no one posted in it so now he is trying to hijack this one!!!!

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for 4chan newbies you can see the number of unique ips in a thread at the top and botton right, so especially early in a thread you can see the people deriding tatsufaggot are unique ips as the nunber goes up, while everytime someone shills his site after the initial shill post it doesnt (cause he is the only one who reccommends his site)

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because I was a retard unfortunately

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forget about refold and 2.3k unless you wanna spend years making no progress. you need ankidrone starter pack and/or kanji transition. see >>37253585

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well first off you saved a thumbnail instead of the actual image, but i know what the pic is
some people swear by its effectiveness while others are skeptical. try it out and see if it works for you and you enjoy doing it, no harm in trying and any comprehensible input is good input

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no? he just has the number hidden.

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i never used the shitcord. are you replying to me assuming i'm someone else?

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i think its retarded because it will take you twice as long to watch shit and for less learning efficiency

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how long to get to your level if my iq is 115 and i'm starting from 0

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Beginners ignore scam posts like these >>37253634
He tries to shill sites like anacreon and anime cards, they are easy to spot.

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here's the optimal process
eng subs with eng dub > jap subs with eng dub > eng subs with jap audio > jap subs with jap audio > jap subs with no audio > jap subs with no audio or video > turn off your monitor and watch the episode

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Beginners, this is the scammer!! >>37253662 Do NOT click on his website!

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no point in arguing with the man himself but for bystanders he spammed both quizmaster's discord and jamal's discord servers for a while and failed at vocab quizzes that regular members who use itazuraneko and animecards can pass fine after some months of studying (tatsumoto has been posting in the thread for 2 years at least so that shows how efficient his methods are lmfao) and his reaction wasnt "wow i need to read harder stuff" it was "i need to make an anki deck" as you can see with his guide too he has an obsession with anki and tools when that shit is secondary sad almost

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yep this thread needs og

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my newfagness is showing

thanks to everyone who replied, i'm more motivated than ever. let's all make it.

>> No.37253681

i don't know what "my level" is. do you have a particular thing in mind you want to build or job you want to have?

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this thread needs a moderator to get off their ass and clean shit up

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no but i'll ask again in 6 months when i have better answers

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it means that while analcream is spamming his shit, everyone else is telling him to fuck off

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people are giving him money for what?

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shit he stole from elsewhere

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Beginners beware of posts like these >>37253673
It's a schizo spammer known as Analcream. He hijacks our threads to shill his crippling garbage site.

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i probably won't be here in 6 months based on the way these threads are going

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tatsumoto mastered japanese after ajatting for 2 years. everything you see posted here is analcream's spamming.

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lol he lies blantantly cause hes trying to get people by attrition, wait for all the oldfags who know he is a shill to quit the thread and then ensnare beginners in his patreon shit

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you have to subscribe to tatsumoto's patreon to unlock the ransomware hidden in his decks/add-ons/site

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take miniyoga with you when you leave

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you're gonna abandon us like ciaran did? wow. guess i'll have to hop on discord eventually

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stop lying you son of a whore

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make the right choice, join DJT

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i wish i could

there's no saving this place, my links to qm's server get deleted instantly while tatsumoto's matrix links stay up indefinitely along with his other spam

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patreon was a mistake

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they should be deleted because trannycord is malware. spamming malware here is prohibited.

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yeah im pretty sure tatsumoto is a janny or friends with one at this point i tried getting him out of here for a while but gave up this shit is just retarded and hes obviously a nutcase who cant be reasoned with

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What are some good resources for absolute reading beginners? I'm aware of NHK easy news and yotsuba, and am wondering if there's anything else you guys (except tatsutard) would recommend. I remember seeing somebody post a link to a site that had a bunch of illustrated short stories that were super simple which was nice, but for the life of me, I can't find it again.

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after you read through a lot of these id reccomend manga as the next step like shounen shit is pretty easy and enjoyable

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everything except tadoku, tadoku is crippling.

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I'm pretty sure the feedback page goes directly to moderators and when I've used that in the past his shit has gotten cleaned up. There's also irc if you feel like having an actual conversation with a mod

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why do you use these shitty meme pictures with your posts tatsufag

>> No.37253760

pretty much any manga with furigana

have tried both of those things, neither help. mods in irc don't reply

>> No.37253774

thanks anons, I almost didn't realize that was him and considered taking his advice until you pointed out the picture

>> No.37253775

always wondered why the mods don't remove analcream and his shilling.

>> No.37253776

i really don't understand the logic behind mods ignoring certain posters even if 99% of regulars agree that those posters are spammers and disruptive

>> No.37253778

>mods in irc don't reply
It really depends on the mod and how you start the conversation unfortunately. I've had mixed success on irc

>> No.37253780

are you talking about tatsumoto or analcream

>> No.37253788

tats obviously. he's unrelenting in his spam. anal doesn't even post that much

>> No.37253789

tatsumoto is saving this thread with his guides. analcream is a nasty spammer and shouldn't be here.

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this post >37253788 is analcream samefagging, obviously.

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if you've had any success at all then you're probably in a better position than me to get some results there. i cba anymore. it's so easy to just have a nice server where he gets insta-banned, plus the other fun events. like i just started a manga club and we're all reading together sharing recs and asking questions it's so comfy compared to this place

>> No.37253807

man what the fuck is wrong with
mods that dont permaban tatsunigger

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get the fuck out to trannycord then. we have a manga club on matrix and it's better than your shit.

>> No.37253821

that image is missing one of matt's example sentences

>> No.37253823

delusional, your matrix is like a high security prison cause i spammed so much gay porn in it you had to progran bots that turn everything invite only the moment spam is detected lmao

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yea what gives

>> No.37253828

you couldn't even post one message without getting autobanned.

>> No.37253829

talking to mods used to be way easier in the old days, its a shame how much this whole site has changed. but still, i like staying anonymous so i dont think discord is a good fit for me no matter how comfy your community is
these days i tend to stick to small altchans that tats hasnt infected and occasionally visit here

>> No.37253835

tatsu being indian/middle eastern is the best explanation for his spam. he knows most of djt is white and he doesn't have an ounce of empathy for us.

>> No.37253837

who? ive never used matrix

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yeah i like anonymous too. what i've seen some people do is change their username every now and then and use a script to delete all their old messages but i just dont care that much, and it's basically the only way to deal with people like tats effectively. anonymous samefagging is basically the best way to trick beginners like >>37253774

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don't. matrix is for smart gentlemen only.

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might have to join anacreon if this is a white flight kinda deal

>> No.37253869

lol this pic gets me every time

>> No.37253870

>tfw flow state while reading
feels good man

>> No.37253878

yeah the thread is dead for good adios, gonna be interesting to see how long it takes to dwindle till its just tatsumoto replying to one person

>> No.37253883

analcream is going to spam here forever. he's been doing it for more than a year already.

>> No.37253904

tatsunigger i hope you get raped to death

>> No.37253914

typical analcream.

>> No.37253926

>he knows most of djt is white and he doesn't have an ounce of empathy for us.
are you sure? only like 30% are native english speakers

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>you know japanese? wow, show us a cool word
>i don't know how to write anything

>> No.37253954

>like i just started a manga club and we're all reading together sharing recs and asking questions it's so comfy compared to this place
gay and reddit

>> No.37253955

you're just mad no one recced you https://anilist.co/manga/30818/Is/

>> No.37253957

you're a piece of shit. i bet that you know that you're a cancer

>> No.37253965

wuit giving him (you)s and maybe he will shut up

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ok let's calm down. we're all bros here

>> No.37253980

> like i just started a manga club and we're all reading together sharing recs and asking questions it's so comfy compared to this place
sounds comfy

>> No.37253983

really feeling like we were all having some tasteful bants until analcream decided to make it personal

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>> No.37254003

>characters mean "time" and "machine" respectively
>doesn't mean time machine
who comes up with this shit???

>> No.37254007

trying too hard

>> No.37254009

Does anybody have a rip of Dogen's pitch accent course? I want to see his stuff but don't want to give him a dollar.

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>> No.37254050

機 also means chance/opportunity

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Digging up dirt about Dolly won't negate the fact that she was right about absolutely everything.

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Come home, White man.

>> No.37254163

i just thought the shit people around "aristasia" wrote was funny. this is from the same person, two months later
>To get my mind off of the difficult work day ahead, I sat down to watch Heartcatch Precure. You heard right, I was watching the anime series highly recommended and talked about by the Aristasian/Cheolurayan group over at Shining World, the same Aristasian/Cheoluranyan group I was criticizing in a couple of former posts about their obsession with anime and Japan. It’s amazing what one can learn when one opens one’s mind to new and different ideas, isn’t it? I’ve been watching it for the past couple of weeks and it’s actually quite good. I don’t know why I didn’t watch it sooner.

>> No.37254165 [DELETED] 

it appears that I am too white for this thread of melinated fellows
shout out to tokui, i never had to call him a nigger for he already knew he was one in his soul

>> No.37254247

Weeb bros....

>> No.37254275

Thanks. This seems to be missing lessons 17-18, 20, 23, 29, 31, 34, 36-41, 43-51, 55, 61, and 63 though.

>> No.37254349

Just how are animecards proven to be ineffective? You're retarded if you think the majority of the word acquisition process happens in anki, quiz got fluent in 3 years, and you haven't even done a stream.

>> No.37254357

Nichijou is something I'm betting you've seen, and it has a really great manga and super easy light novel (日常の夏休み). Both are on itazuraneko.

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This used to take me 1-2 hours, wish I had more time to immerse so I could be even better but these 3 classes are kicking my ass.

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i feel like i'm learning something from this but i'm not sure what it is

>> No.37254411
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>respoding to mi****ga in earnest

>> No.37254414

itazuraneko is old & busted

we should link something else in the op (not tatsumoto's site)

>> No.37254417

never noticed the framed picture of auron before lmfao

>> No.37254422

as long as itazuraneko has as much good shit to dl on it as it does now it should be linked

>> No.37254432

wasn't there a huge purge of copyrighted works from mega recently? even before that i heard a lot of the itazura library had been nuked

either way the itazura resources are linked to multiple times by learnjapanese.moe which has a bunch of resources that itazura doesn't as well as idiot-proof guides on playing vinnies etc

>> No.37254434

Oh nice, thanks. I haven't watched it but I'm familiar with it and it definitely seems like it's something that would be up my alley, I'll check those out.

>> No.37254439

Oh well in that case the anime works as good listening material too, it's cute and funny, what more could you ask for

>> No.37254464

"Pitch accent is the most important part of learning Japanese."
what type of person do you imagine?

>> No.37254465

someone who has no idea why i'm learning japanese

>> No.37254484

so just found out my wife is pregnant with our third kid. i've been studying since last august and i'm still a dekinai but i'm happy with my progress at least. honestly i don't feel like i'm ready to start practicing output, but i was also hoping that by the time my next kid came round i'd be good enough to raise them bilingually. this is way too soon for that though (not exactly a planned pregnancy).

anyway the reason i'm posting is to see if there's anyone here who started outputting at a solidly intermediate level. do you regret it? did it cripple you? did you stop and go back to inputting? i'm thinking about paying for a couple of italki tutors/conversation partners to practice output for a few hours a week, hoping that if i do that AND go really hard on the input over the next year, i might have a tiny tiny chance of being ready for the kid

>> No.37254488

weird ass reddit djt chimera post

>> No.37254495

last august meaning august 2020...

not everyone with a wife and kids is normie reddit scum retard

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>> No.37254512

are you doing erp here and larping as the woman?

if not that doesn't say what you think it does

>> No.37254516

every time you ask a pitch accent zealot why pitch accent is useful, they always use the 橋/箸 example and literally can't think of anything else off the top of their heads.

>> No.37254522

learn pitch accent or the next time you go to a restaurant and ask for chopsticks you might just be surprised at ur bill

>> No.37254568


>> No.37254571

my neighbors are having rough sex, fucking hell

>> No.37254584

Ask to join.

>> No.37254591

doubt it would be better than the eromanga and jav i have lined up

>> No.37254594

Sad but true.

>> No.37254613

quizmaster went from being hated to being beloved on djt. will the same thing happen to tatsumoto?

>> No.37254621

wtf i love tatsumoto now

>> No.37254622

core 2.3k is better though. the images help me a lot

>> No.37254652

my cards suck, but if I delete them, I'll forget a bunch of shit

>> No.37254662


>> No.37254676


>> No.37254704

cure dolly is just tae kim in video form.

>> No.37254788

link might join

>> No.37254792

came blood, yup dunno bros...

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need to rewatch lucky star

>> No.37254844

left is nowhere near as iconic as the right

>> No.37254860

as for me, its because it lets me be a superior jap knower

>> No.37254868

sorry bro we dont like sex havers around these parts

>> No.37254879

switch bros
megaten v in a couple days

>> No.37254925
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how the fuck did he draw the pitch notation above it? how do I copy and paste it.

>> No.37254938


>> No.37254945
File: 1 KB, 139x69, unknown-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What I mean is how do I copy the text for use in contexts outside of anki, such as on a webpage.

>> No.37255034


>> No.37255043

nice bro

>> No.37255047

edit the card and then on the field click edit html
copy that huge block

or inspect the page on yomichan's popup

>> No.37255177

bros how do I go monolingual

most definitions have stuff I don't understand

>> No.37255178


>> No.37255193




>> No.37255197

Accept that you're reading speed is gonna plummet and tank through the first week. Just look shit up if you don't know.
t. bilingual dictionary user

>> No.37255217

you're not ready to go monolingual then? otherwise just suck it up and deal with understanding very little

>> No.37255265

left = 3dpd
right = 2d
thus they are completely different

>> No.37255287

we love quiz now because tatsumoto showed up and gave him a good contrast

>> No.37255292

holy shit just turned on the tomboy vwhore random and she's at ~40k viewers, holy shit

>> No.37255299

>tomboy whore

>> No.37255300

not as much as pewdiepie gets

>> No.37255317

We only watch Koreans Vtubers ITT.

>> No.37255327

Only korean vtuber i watch i inner

>> No.37255338

We don't watch vtumors here.
Holoshit and ESLs go to >>>/int/djt

>> No.37255341

cant see vtubers as 3dpd
i am choosing to be fooled

also made a habit of not looking up seiyuus, else i'd see the characters as 3dpd

>> No.37255346

I feel like deleting all my cards and starting fresh

>> No.37255347

i mean that's expected but my point is it's crazy how many people watch streams these days

>> No.37255352

Because it's better than tv is it really a shock.

>> No.37255354

go for it
a good purge once in a while cant hurt

>> No.37255359
File: 433 KB, 657x395, lobotomy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

life would be so much easier

>> No.37255361

are u trying to compare character seiyuus to vtumors lmfao
you are retarded

>> No.37255367

they are both voicing and enacting a persona
only seiyuus do several of them

>> No.37255376

thats like trying to compare freestyle rap and poetry

>> No.37255389

things working as they should is showing yes. also people have been saying the youtube is going to replace television for years and it hasn't happened

>> No.37255398

yeah, in that they have many similarities?

>> No.37255411

>things working as they should
What do you mean by this.

>> No.37255429
File: 576 KB, 773x489, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37255430

found the nigger

>> No.37255467
File: 393 KB, 1538x2048, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im white

>> No.37255472

>Nov 9 (Reuters) - Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) added a warning label on Tuesday to an anime video shared by U.S. Republican lawmaker Paul Gosar, depicting him swinging swords at President Joe Biden and killing Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
wtf am i reading

>> No.37255478

Cool swag bro.

>> No.37255485


>> No.37255493

Seiyuus have nothing to do with the character creation or lines. And even if they did, it's a set script part of an actual story, not playing video games for lonely otaku to watch. Why are holoshitters this delusional?

>> No.37255504

this kind of stuff gave me a cuck fetish

>> No.37255518

watching streamshit of any form means you're retarded
watching female streamers just makes it worse
deluding yourself into thinking it isn't 3d with masks takes the cake

>> No.37255519

holo vtubers dont either, their model and character lore is made before they even audition

>> No.37255543

they are simply putting on the shoes someone else made, everything else is all them
also you completely missed the point,
>>37255518 says it all

>> No.37255544

left: irl goblin
right: lonely loser

>> No.37255566

wow no wonder gura is so perfect...she's just like my waifu...i have to marry her!!

>> No.37255610

go for it, i will marry kiara

>> No.37255629

i accidentally checked out the vtuber streams, i enjoyed them
i looked up the real life person behind the vtuber and dug up their entire past
i now enjoy the streams even more

how far gone am i?

>> No.37255639

single digit iq and easily entertained

>> No.37255645

always sense a bit of anger from those who criticize those who partake in nnn...i wonder what they're so angry about

let's do it bro

>> No.37255646

dude they are entertainers and you enjoy the product they present
you don't go into movies and think "wow this actor isn't a real hero he is a drug addict child fucker xD who actually watches this thinking this guy goes on epic adventures?"
that's what you are doing right now

>> No.37255659

perfect for acquiring japanese

>> No.37255660

didn't ask, russoid rapebaby
i already opened declaring that streamshit is retarded

>> No.37255666


>> No.37255685

this apply to rappers?

>> No.37255690

what the fuck

>> No.37255696

based qm-shishou

>> No.37255723

well quiz you've come back... *glances over the charred remains of djt*

>> No.37255724

>qm defending vtubers
that settles it, im switching to animecards

>> No.37255737

reminder qm so boldy claimed idols were not otaku culture

>> No.37255753

that's the most retarded thing i've ever heard and keep hearing

>> No.37255758

wtf i love quizler now

>> No.37255774

Their minds are too corrupted by this trash content to even realize any of this. Let them die in peace.

>> No.37255778

3d idols are for normies and the mentally ill
or you want to say the 16 year old american high school girls going crazy over jpop and kpop idol boys are otaku? they aren't, and neither are the ones interested in the female counterparts

>> No.37255788

subaru is pure

>> No.37255789

i will safe djt and japanese learning in 2023 but for now it has to reach a new low so everyone can appreciate the good the revolution will bring

>> No.37255790

it's been like 4 years queef still doesn't know what otaku means or japanese in general lmao

>> No.37255796

>3d idols are for normies and the mentally ill

>> No.37255800

Maybe I should start following idols. It sounds like a fun idea to follow someone as they try to be the best version of themselves. really inspirational.

>> No.37255808

how about you try being the best version of yourself instead

>> No.37255813

based and i fully agree

being crazy over idols reminds me of soccer moms watching bachelor or some tv talk shows
same mental illness

>> No.37255814

crazy how much progress qm has made in his life while jamal is still chasing tail and not knowing japanese

>> No.37255821

That's the idea isn't it, you watch someone going through the same struggles as yourself and cheer them on.

>> No.37255825

women interested in eastern things are mentally ill yes, and so are people of any gender interested in korean anything.

>> No.37255828

nah i just like looking at em cuz they're cute

>> No.37255833

If your average entertainment medium is junk food, then streamer garbage is just sludge.
Don't be a pig, don't consume stuff blacks enjoy and go back to studying.

>> No.37255840

vtubers are 3d idols wearing an avatar moron

>> No.37255843

a man should never worship another man
you can respect him for his accomplishments and his greatness, make him a goal for yourself, make a rival but once you view him as a higher being you are 貶めるing yourself
this is very different from worshiping figures that are in their very definition divine or represent certain ideas, like god, jesus christ or anime waifus, having something like that is important even so you are aware of your own humanity and mortality and that you can never be divine yourself, only touch and aspire for divinity through your actions and beliefs

>> No.37255857

jewsus is a man

>> No.37255859

that's a bit of a double standard isn't it

>> No.37255872

everyone has double standards. some are just willing to admit it. there's behavior i'll applaud men for while shitting on a woman who even dares to attempt it

>> No.37255881

if they're happy then i don't see the problem

>> No.37255890

that attitude is why the world is the way it is today

>> No.37255901

i just don't see how it effects you what other people decide to do with their time

>> No.37255917

have you told your parents about the pregnancy yet?

>> No.37255922

contemporary korean liveaction is way better than its japanese equivalent

japanese is only worth it for weeb shit
korean has better value for normies

>> No.37255928

more resources which could've been put to better use are allocated to garbage
the shitters who enjoy said garbage flood into any place you enjoy and start screaming about the garbage
it's shit

>> No.37255929

i hate jews like you that spread nihilism this is the worst thing

>> No.37255930

yeah of course they are helping planning the wedding too

>> No.37255935

>like god, jesus christ or anime waifus
u better hope theres no hell or ur probs going there for this one quizler

>> No.37255938

can't wait until the qm gets cucked arc

>> No.37255947

how so?
yeah but i still have the japanese classics

>> No.37255950

imagine marrying a female whose virginity doesn't belong to you couldn't be me lol

>> No.37255955

doesnt matter as long as my virginity belongs to her

>> No.37255956

crazy. am i invited?

>> No.37255959
File: 88 KB, 575x680, FDsJc3jUYAM3d5P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pray to jawsus

>> No.37255961

really funny how a taste of pussy dispelled mary's opinions on purity
the meme really is true

>> No.37255975

please set up a livestream for us

>> No.37255984

>giving your virginity away

>> No.37255991

this girl didn't even know qm's name less than a year ago and now she's carrying his baby, crazy

>> No.37255999

Imagine if they grow old together that would be so ii ne.

>> No.37256005

true i've only been throatfucking bitches so as not to lose my purity

>> No.37256008

that's not true

>> No.37256010

did she shave her smelly, hairy asshole yet?

>> No.37256015

nah, what would be more ii ne is the eventual breakup and reversion into fem hatred

>> No.37256017


>> No.37256022

if you dont lose your virginity by 14 you are a weirdo

>> No.37256028

I've visited a lot of old people and the ones that aren't lonely are the ones who are still a couple.

>> No.37256034

if you lose your virginity you are a loser simple as

>> No.37256035

qm doesn't really even need that whore he just needs little quizzy to live his boy equivalent of yotsuba life with.

>> No.37256046

jokes on you me and my bros did a equivalent exchange of our virginities in order to prevent that and now we're set for life

>> No.37256071

i think hed rather have an actual yotuba...

>> No.37256077
File: 19 KB, 930x205, unknown-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37256080

pitch tards lmfao

>> No.37256093

watching the squid game with jpn subs
is this gonna cripple me

>> No.37256097

wuts dis

>> No.37256103

yeah watching squid game is probably going to cripple you

>> No.37256125

You need to learn Korean too appreciate it fully.

>> No.37256132

koreans have an ntr thing so no

>> No.37256161

Wow that's sad to hear. Sounds made up.

>> No.37256172

wow never knew they were so based

>> No.37256173

koreans have telegram sex cult and rape groups

>> No.37256179

furigana + pitch shit for textcucking. don't know if it's actually useful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but seemed like fun so did it

>> No.37256197

you can't use the script anymore with this setup can you? how do you set it up?

>> No.37256227

how did you set it up like this?

>> No.37256252

This was just seeing if it displays properly in inspect element. I don't think I'm tranny enough to program a way to do it automatically while reading. I dunno I'll mess around with it if there's demand. Furigana is probably piss easy. Pitch is for the memes.

>> No.37256286

食べたい, not 食べて欲しい lmfao

>> No.37256331

I think that anon wanted to say "I want you to eat my manko"

>> No.37256333

what if shes saying that

>> No.37256342


>> No.37256353

and quiz is gone as quickly as he arrived this guy is like a the fucking cherry blossoms

>> No.37256363

>imagine wasting all your time in djt
he's got better things to do

>> No.37256371

probably got offended over being told it's going to end in tears

>> No.37256388
File: 748 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2021-11-09-00-14-08-646_jp.co.cygames.umamusume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kachite ? kachite?

>> No.37256399

it's going to end in tears of happiness for qm who after living a fulfilling life together with his loyal spouse passes away in a country side cottage surrounded by his friends and by family full of phds and mds, at the age of 157 (respectable age even in the in the year 21xx)

>> No.37256449

This is 4chan, probably just a coomer. I might have overlooked the other possibility and gotten too agressive however 私は君にマンコ食られたい is the closest I can come up with for what you are suggesting.

>> No.37256460

The dream.

>> No.37256469

romre som japango my chigga

>> No.37256488

almost read katte as shoute today

>> No.37256500

I've actually forgotten how to spell a lot of English words thanks to auto-correct.

>> No.37256510
File: 755 KB, 600x877, 75d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37256520

i noticed that a lot of asians get vowel length wrong when speaking english.
for example, the korean streamer jinnytty often says things like "chick" instead of "cheek", you see the vowel length is wrong.
my chinese friend says "squeed" instead of "squid", etc
i wonder why this is?
do chinese and Korean have no vowel length differences?
how about japanese?

>> No.37256532

ausster with another banger

>> No.37256539

Don't believe it, Koreans have 20 versions of the same sounds that have micro extensions on length.

>> No.37256550

matts dirt throne is in danger of being usurped

>> No.37256560

dunno & dc

>> No.37256566

to be fair, some spellings make no sense and i often have to second guess myself

>> No.37256596

work harder on ur own nihongo before criticising

>> No.37256615


these people are pretenders. they can't speak japanese

>> No.37256624

been saying that since i got here

>> No.37256625

moe is beyond native tho

>> No.37256629

moe runs the doujin-moe website

>> No.37256630

gonna be funny when the mousou dissolves and qm is faced with the idealistic commitments he is now bound to at such a young age

>> No.37256637

My heart flutters with joy hearing my oshi's voice.

>> No.37256647

miss jamal

>> No.37256664

Same. Mine will be doing karaoke in a couple hours.
Can't wait to hear her angelic singing voice.

Hope she prepared some new songs.
Last time she sang a song I requested, made my heart go doki doki.

>> No.37256667
File: 252 KB, 491x587, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37256675

Nice. I am happy to hear that, karaoke's are the best.

>> No.37256689
File: 41 KB, 490x770, deepL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37256696

yh its gonna be pretty tough for my boy quiz. cant wait for NTR and the divorce arc

>> No.37256732
File: 269 KB, 739x734, 39664b37685decb3bf31c989589d4d39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37256756

getting married after a pregnancy is such a white trash thing to do
shameful display

>> No.37256763

i wanna fuck her so bad bros

>> No.37256769

ok og

>> No.37256778

haven't seen this in a while

>> No.37256779

it's a classic

>> No.37256781

Ideally I want to wait till after marriage before sex but I don't what's wrong with marriage when there's a baby on the way.

>> No.37256788

thats what marriage was invented for

>> No.37256794
File: 86 KB, 1600x900, juRzIls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37256803

you get married first because you want to stay with the other person forever THEN you have kids
qm is literally experiencing a shotgun wedding because he knocked up a german ho and is coping about it

>> No.37256805

you forgot tatsumoto.

>> No.37256806

quiz had the marriage planned way in advance he just had to come up with a way to prove to his parents that he was serious

>> No.37256807

thats ever cringier

>> No.37256817

why would you cope about knocking up a woman like lmao it would make sense to cope about not knocking up women

>> No.37256822

hes a child playing house on mommy, daddy, and the states dime

>> No.37256823

why is jamal talking about quiz like he's his son?

>> No.37256825

theres japanese dubs

>> No.37256827

your post is nothing but spooks

>> No.37256834

I don't know why you would disparage someone for making a commitment to eachother by calling them racist names. It is a good thing they're getting married and I hope the kids don't have to grow up with split parents.

>> No.37256840

in my religion, we can't have sex outside of marriage.

>> No.37256847

if you are being really "redpilled", marriage is to verify your paternity. she not only got pregnant outside of wedlock, she wasnt a virgin in the first place

no matter how you slice it its a bad look

>> No.37256854

or hey maybe they werent mature enough to be parents to begin with

>> No.37256855

yeah but im not gonna watch a live action dub
the lip sync always throws me off

>> No.37256858
File: 197 KB, 662x369, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37256862
File: 361 KB, 1000x1500, 1636468487548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would you watch korean garbage instead of the original?

>> No.37256866

No one is ever mature enough to be parents.

>> No.37256876

also a cope.

>> No.37256892

You just want to hate, making the best out of any situation is never something you should criticize.

>> No.37256895
File: 580 KB, 381x538, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37256897

nature says when you produce cum or get your period you're mature enough
mental maturity is entirely a spook made up by humans

>> No.37256903

...a situation he blindly and foolishly threw himself, her, and two families into, out of blind naivety and misapplied willfulness

>> No.37256906

delete this

>> No.37256918

already watched that
it was pretty fun but they have nothing in common lol

>> No.37256931

alice in borderland has more common things with squid game than battle royale.

>> No.37256932

in nature we would be forced to be ready for life at a younger age
qm is a typical spoiled zoomer with someone on the wings to bail him out for decisions hed be rotting meat for making in "nature"

>> No.37256952

yeah it also was overall the better show

>> No.37256975

second half of alice in wonderland was garbage
ruined the entire series tone

>> No.37256983

The face games? I thought they were good.

>> No.37257008


>> No.37257010

battle royale was comically bad

>> No.37257032

critics disagree.

>> No.37257064


>> No.37257094

ok bout to binge all of these 今際の国のアリス hope theyre good

>> No.37257105

3-gatsu is the boringest (i know this isn't a word) shit ever
20 minutes feels like 2 hours

>> No.37257114

man what are you doing to get her? I can pull 10 girls in a week but it takes a lot of practice to get to my level

>> No.37257121


>> No.37257131

yea tried 3 episodes and have no idea how people watch it

>> No.37257180


>> No.37257205

what's the correct way then
do you even understand what i'm trying to say

i don't want ten girls i just want one

>> No.37257215

he's right (064)

>> No.37257226

there was no ga
its an wo

>> No.37257228

and that one can't just be any girl either she needs to be a good one

what's the correct way then

>> No.37257230


>> No.37257231

he shoulda said >あげろ as well

>> No.37257245

speaking japanese doesn't matter at all

>> No.37257249


>> No.37257251

what's wrong with that one

>> No.37257254

listening doesnt matter much either

>> No.37257258

im gay

>> No.37257271

its kure

>> No.37257277

oh i see thank you

>> No.37257285

also true cuz learning japanese doesnt matter and only retarded faggots care about "listening" or "reading" or w/e

>> No.37257292

so much self hate in that post

>> No.37257301
File: 52 KB, 668x414, it can be both.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37257304

why do you seethe this hard just cuz quiz is getting married and having white kids

>> No.37257315

why do are you such a hypocrit?
also who the fuck cars about muh white kids when the world is fucked and its too little too late and genes belonging to autists like qm and his german whore are the only genes getting passed on

stop posturing you sniveling mole

>> No.37257318

moe is fat

>> No.37257320

posted from mt. stupid

>> No.37257322

cringe. get a life

>> No.37257333

self own

>> No.37257338

you know im right and you only give a fuck about any of this to win internet pickme points
you are morally bankrupt sycophant and if you had any real character you would have forsaken qm as soon as he started his raijuu bullshit blogposting about his conquests

>> No.37257353

you guys are too invested in the lives of others

>> No.37257360

i literally dont have my own
this is my social life

>> No.37257367

you should get one brother this is no way to live

>> No.37257370

yeah its almost like blogposting tripfags should blow their brains out instead of shilling their lifestyle and learning cults itt so we dont have to think about their lives to begin with

>> No.37257377

i really dont know how

>> No.37257383

are you in the nyc area? i'll hang out with you for a day

>> No.37257441

i am not man but i appreciate it
meeting people online is pretty much off the table where i live

>> No.37257459

bakataretomo let's goooo

>> No.37257493

how will i look at my cool anki stats if i reset everything?? didnt think about that did you

>> No.37257500

imagine living in the worst city o n the east coast
couldnt be me

>> No.37257507

dont do it

perfectionism is a disease

>> No.37257554

So that’s why millennials seem so resilient

>> No.37257578

never look at my stats so dunno

>> No.37257586

It says niya. It’s basically onomatopoeia for when someone smiles. Also the character that you thought was ga is ya. Also even if it was ga it would be missing the two scratches that make it ga and not ka. Please do your hiragana drills. It’s literally the easiest and quickest thing to memorize in the entire language.

>> No.37257595

nothing gets a girl more wet than telling her how thick your anki deck is

>> No.37257608

i'm gonna lose my mind AAAHHH

>> No.37257651

that was hotter before i found out it was mucus

>> No.37257660

say that after you get to a decent level

>> No.37257773

曲 of the day

>> No.37257788


>> No.37257856


>> No.37257947

imagine still not being fluent after watching 100 anime series raw.

>> No.37257972

glad i have watched only 1

>> No.37257976

>needs to be a good one
but if you dont have any experience youll just lose ((the one)) unless youre both teens still. but women are crazy and take some work to figure out

>> No.37257981

sorry im not gay

>> No.37258039

same. gonna delete my 2.5k anki sentence cards and start again

>> No.37258068

this is better https://rentry.co/japanese_resources

has all the best parts of itazura plus more

>> No.37258093


>> No.37258110


>> No.37258113

thanks (im gay)

>> No.37258176

no i'm saying i'm not looking for quick flings i want to find a new gf

>> No.37258200

is Nuke making it? he seems like he's actually able to enjoy some native media now

>> No.37258226

Yeah Nuke is now finally at the same level as QM

>> No.37258279
File: 5 KB, 66x99, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what did they mean by this?

>> No.37258288


>> No.37258360

>@ajatt Why dubbed movies? Why don’t you watch real Japanese movies?

Coz real Japanese people watch dubs. Local movies are for NIMRODS!!!! Wait, no…no…lol…Coz it’s fun and easy and educational.

>> No.37258388

ajatt kokujin is right as always

>> No.37258463
File: 28 KB, 500x667, 1628001806321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I worry bout the Yakuza if I want to fuck lots of prostitutes, say at least 5 a week?
As long as I pay its good right? But I dont want to get scammed where its X amount before you have sex and then suddenly it doubles in price or something

>> No.37258466

djt is slow today because comcast is dead across the entire us

>> No.37258483

yakuza are a non-issue in modern japan, but if you stick to soaplands instead of roppongi youll be even safer

>> No.37258495

we all post from our phones here

>> No.37258504

wtf is ur problem

>> No.37258513

god she's cute...aaahhh...fuckkk...

>> No.37258533

og and hanako are more than enough women for me haha am i right fellas

>> No.37258547

fuck og
kill hana
marry meisou

>> No.37258576

fuck og
kill hana
marry queef

>> No.37258579

life is such a sick fucking joke

>> No.37258580

wtf mousou is the worst choice. at least og has some money and hanako is young

>> No.37258583

if young is all she's got going for her she's no good she's an annoying zoomer

>> No.37258584

i know bro, what happened to you?

>> No.37258587

eiffel tower bro's guide would have helped you

rip in pieces

>> No.37258596

doomers away

>> No.37258601

that eiffel tower guy, crazy. was he interested in japan for anything other than hookers?

>> No.37258605

dunno but i loved that weirdo
wonder if he forgot about us

>> No.37258608

i miss when djt would pat my head and encourage me to do my reps

>> No.37258611

shut up and just do it

>> No.37258617


>> No.37258623

everything went downhill for me when i stopped enjoying video games

>> No.37258629

thanks coc now i don't need a gf for another month

>> No.37258638

your life isn't all that bad come now stop being pussies and pick yourselves up

>> No.37258658

>you will never be an 18th century (white) american farmer with a 12 yo yome san

>> No.37258669

and thats a good thing

>> No.37258728

I know this feel

>> No.37258732

i have this crazy urges to fap to loli immediately after im done with my workout. nandaroう

>> No.37258744

i fap to loli during my workout

>> No.37258748

good post

>> No.37258749

fapping to loli is my workout

>> No.37258758

thas the joke

>> No.37258765

damn imagine og loli

>> No.37258776

as long as you don't think you can immerse while you fap

>> No.37258786
File: 146 KB, 433x456, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37258789

finna immerse in japanese pussy

>> No.37258806

finna take a break until qm rescues this place in 2023

>> No.37258807

wow.. i never even thought about that. loli og huh….

>> No.37258810


>> No.37258818

finna take a break until qm's kid rescues this place in 2033

>> No.37258819

finna watch anime (eng subs

>> No.37258825
File: 174 KB, 882x286, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol wtf

>> No.37258827

ok now post the title in japanese

>> No.37258828

Streamers are more like idols than actors, there are scandals when idols are “exposed” so people must imagine that they’re more than just a character

>> No.37258845

for me its fukada eimi

>> No.37258847

really want to see a porn where the deepthroat tag means something

>> No.37258852

so fucking frustrated ugh

>> No.37258861

what does the sukide mean?

>> No.37258863

quiz made fun of me one time so im gonna have to marry his future daughter now

>> No.37258869

new konbini confessions lets goooooooooooo

>> No.37258876

why would you want to marry a whore

>> No.37258895


>> No.37258900

lol this series gets more views for him than his high budget tr(ash)ap rap

>> No.37258901

this and >>37258749

>> No.37258908

it's healthy to have a goal

>> No.37258917
File: 1.35 MB, 1279x668, msedge_BROGtmqel9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37258923

why do they even care

>> No.37258936


>> No.37258939

what did she mean by that?

>> No.37258942

it seems really obvious what's happening with that marriage as a westerner on the outside looking in

>> No.37258944

in this case it means willingly, or "out of want"

>> No.37258945

that alien bro starting with the english lol

>> No.37258947

what do you mean

>> No.37258950
File: 95 KB, 367x348, 1635116346484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thursday can't come fucking sooner AAAHHH

>> No.37258952

they're willing born? does that mean they're glad the were born or something?

>> No.37258987

he's saying that in this world there is no human that is born because they want to be

>> No.37259008

still get the jujutsu kaisen song stuck in my head after all this time............

>> No.37259029


>> No.37259030

it's a convenient way of sidestepping any future succession problems without directly addressing them, kako's going to be next and then aiko

>> No.37259097

yeah back in the day they would just assassinate potential succession problems now royal families just force the problem to marry a lowborn and renounce their claims

>> No.37259102
File: 666 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2021-11-09-13-11-28-564_com.android.chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

woah johns family

>> No.37259194


>> No.37259284

bitch i look like 59

>> No.37259327

bros... what the fuck... what the FUCKKK

>> No.37259334

yoooo never thought about that

>> No.37259366
File: 151 KB, 400x400, ninpu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37259375

wtf are these images

>> No.37259384

me on the botom

>> No.37259385

do you guys ever keep putting off reading or watching something because you want to wait until you can understand it better

>> No.37259390

no because i just understand it

>> No.37259391

really feels like i acquired some japanese on djt today

>> No.37259400


>> No.37259404

i do drop a lot of stuff and pick it back up later tho so maybe im doing it subconsciously

>> No.37259416

god i thought its only a period but i have fallen so hard for narrated trash mango its like discovering mango/animu all over again.


>> No.37259421

yeah I got a few linnies I'm working my way up to, but in the mean time, I'm still reading what I want, just lower level stuff

>> No.37259443


>> No.37259444

Newfag to the thread.

Read all the guides (some on itazuraneko, moeway, animecards, some of the vids archived on anacreon's site, etc.), is doing tango n4 or any other "second layer" vocab deck after I complete my first one worth it, or should I go straight into mining when i run out of new cards? I already have the scripts setup to make animecards but idk when I should start relying on my animecards so I'm reaching out to those who have probably already transitioned into animecards.

>> No.37259468

lmfao at him getting repeatedly destroyed by nihonjin replying in english

>> No.37259477

you should be reading and watching even before your first deck is done so just jump into mining

>> No.37259488

nah dont bother with tango, just jump right into reading and get your comprehensible input
anki doesnt make you fluent, reading does

>> No.37259490

you need the philosophy of language learning, check out ajatt

>> No.37259496
File: 1.12 MB, 3569x3568, EhTDCWUUYAEvUIj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you guys think nihon being a shame-based culture compared to our western guilt-based culture allows their hikkikomoris to live more happily than our NEETS?

since by isolating themselves from society, a nip hikki is able to avoid the means by which society exerts its pressure on them as individuals, whereas a western NEET has already been conditioned to feel guilt, and thus still feels social pressure even when isolated

>> No.37259524

i dont think

>> No.37259540

bros what's your favorite japanese given name?
male and/or female

>> No.37259549

I feel like I should have mentioned that I've already been immersing the entire time. Reading & Listening every day with a decent balance between the two, I just keep forgetting words that aren't in my deck and really want to make my own cards as soon as possible, so I'll go straight into animecards after I'm done with this deck. This question was purely on the anki-end. Thanks.

I have read some of AJATT. AJATT is mostly an inspiration dispenser for me though, because I have already been given most of the advice from it through other mediums. Great site.

>> No.37259552

we should link the tatsumoto site.

>> No.37259553

ryuuji for a guy
yukiko for a girl

>> No.37259574

shinobu for a guy
shinobu for a girl

>> No.37259580
File: 125 KB, 512x512, 1493278544345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep this guy needs to read tatsumoto

>> No.37259581

good man, you're going to be fine. the hard part is the amount of time youre going to have to dedicate. you need true patience

>> No.37259583

what the fuck are animecards

>> No.37259589

ignore everything here and dont even think about learning japanese until youve watched 10000 hours of eng subbed anime

>> No.37259594
File: 90 KB, 900x1042, 1533483099667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anki is so fucking depressing. I hate when I have a bad day and reset like half my cards because im retarded. Also there is nothing worse than having a shit day and knowing you still have to do anki

thanks for reading my blog

>> No.37259595


>> No.37259597
File: 214 KB, 512x481, 1567923254950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When people say "animecards", they mean WCCs.

It's one of worst plagues of the Japanese learning community. I recommend targeted sentence cards (TSCs) or fallback cards instead.

>> No.37259612


>> No.37259613

curious how tatsumoto spam is happening at the same time the maggot turns up

>> No.37259614

big loss for sentence carders

>> No.37259617

that's why i do three new cards per day with a retiring interval of 30 days
i'm looking forward to my quick anki session every day

>> No.37259622

he paused and did other shit besides watching anime

big mistake and thats why that man (questionable) does not know japanese

>> No.37259635

work out, eat healthy, and drink your morning コーヒー for easy anki

>> No.37259637

Managed to do extra reps today because my oshi inspired me.

>> No.37259641

Truth be told I started in april and burned myself out hard.

Two months ago I rethought my approach and have been feeling the gains every day. I definitely have the time and patience, it's just the only thing clouding my mind was whether or not I should do an extra premade deck. I decided to dip my toes into the actual DJT cancer-soup for my answer. Thanks for the motivation anon.

>> No.37259665

i have this exact anime watching setup and posture

>> No.37259667
File: 506 KB, 1280x720, cards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminder that only textbook and rtk shitters should do sentence cards

>> No.37259684
File: 959 KB, 1639x1296, 22klkf2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I had a girl that gives me love tackles whenever she sees me

>> No.37259686
File: 405 KB, 1280x720, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good anime tho

>> No.37259697

what a ridiculous map
no wonder

>> No.37259706

t. tatsumoto本人

>> No.37259719

those were the fucking days man

>> No.37259729

>le funny boomer

>> No.37259730

then just pick another that depicts the same well documented anthropological phenomenon


>> No.37259731

get fucked, no one wants you here

>> No.37259737

>ignore everything here and
ignored the rest of your sentence, saved me a lot of time

>> No.37259738

>get fucked
i do nightly by my 彼女

>> No.37259742

>fear based culture

>> No.37259744

Most of my study time right now is doing RTK and my overall vocab is shit. When watching anime should I still watch with no subs and then subs after or should I only start doing that when I'm mining vocab after finishing rtk?

>> No.37259745

and yet you wasted it on that reply

>> No.37259748

then the entire concept is flawed
>not a fear culture
in fact any religious culture is basically a fear culture, they do good because they fear judgements or whatever, not because theyre being judged

>> No.37259749

what if jamal's and qm's kids end up marrying

>> No.37259750
File: 278 KB, 743x770, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37259761

jamal will never have kids because his girlfriend is another imaginary voice inside his head

>> No.37259762

is this site updated? like anki settings here are ideal and stuff?

>> No.37259766

epic track

>> No.37259769

dont listen to him hes a known spammer that shits up every thread

>> No.37259777

that site installs keyloggers into your computer, no joke
mentally filter tatsumoto

>> No.37259779

considering qm married jamal, that would be incest

>> No.37259793

i didnt raise no shotacon so i dont believe that will happen

>> No.37259798

guys im too autistic to tell if youre memeing

>> No.37259802

i need to rewatch this and absolute duo

>> No.37259810

go back last thread, thread before that or the one before that and search for tatsumoto. he spams his shit every time and no one likes him

to answer your original question. Anime cards is this website https://animecards.site/

>> No.37259821

Tango tries to teach grammar but does so at a great expense of your time (sentence cards) when you could just skim tae kim then start reading. The word choice and ordering are not optimized at all so gains there are greatly reduced compared to 2.3k. If you are following the animecards guide you can also use core2.3k as your mining deck when you are done with it, as it has all the correct fields, names, and layout

>> No.37259822

yes it's being frequently updated.

>> No.37259827


lets fucking gooooooooooooo

>> No.37259829

cheers <3

>> No.37259830

dont listen to the spammer (doesnt know japanese) or this guy >>37259810 (guide written by a retard who couldnt read the n5 word 勝手に despite having 20 thousand cards)

>> No.37259838

honestly bet quizs girl is hot af all pregnant dame

>> No.37259840

ok idk who to believe
honestly just looking for the best way to mine, cos anki sucks and i love immersing and do it a lot, but dont feel like my mining yields much results

>> No.37259843

can't believe kind quiz is gonna have a prince soon and jamal is still just a court jester

>> No.37259854

qm doesn't know the difference between あいだ, ま and かん

>> No.37259859

everyone here will recommend the same tools as this except one guy (tatsumoto who only spams his own shit/patreon)

>> No.37259860

same to be h

>> No.37259862

he cant even tell apart b and d dude cut that guy some slack he was born to breed

>> No.37259864

nanbyou kano mA

>> No.37259868

finna 射精 into qmの彼女の股間の間 lmfao

>> No.37259870

how disappointed do you think quizler was when he heard it was a boy

>> No.37259871


>> No.37259873


>> No.37259875


>> No.37259879

what happens on thursday?

>> No.37259882

you know i think i would have been jealous of qm if his gf had been a virgin and not used goods

>> No.37259884

how was your business trip to ドイツ?

>> No.37259886

jamal seething that qm had a boy >>32940952

>> No.37259894

quiz is the one seething

>> No.37259901

im glad jamal is back since i hate change

>> No.37259904

yeah, we really dont care

>> No.37259908

>given his posting history id have serious concerns going forward
kek same

>> No.37259914

whatup jamal

>> No.37259928

more like thank god like i said 10 months ago

>> No.37259932

hes having like 6 kids
one of thems gonna be a girl........

>> No.37259937
File: 910 KB, 602x957, qm and the missus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37259938

does quiz even have a job at this point or is he still a poor student
i haven't been keeping up on the lore sorry

>> No.37259939

yes thank god he has a son and you never will

>> No.37259947

wish jamal was my real dad not just my spiritual one

>> No.37259948

スマホ truly fucked us in the ass as a species

>> No.37259951
File: 34 KB, 1242x320, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember when quiz said this lol

>> No.37259960


>> No.37259961

dame thats ancient

>> No.37259962

>before you get married, take responsibility
For what? What’s the context of that image??

>> No.37259969

am i the only one here who doesn't suck jamal or qm's dick

>> No.37259973
File: 57 KB, 278x263, 悟りを開いた者.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give up anki and embrace the reading life

>> No.37259982

that girls wearing jncos and i appreciate that

>> No.37259983

how can I read if I dont know any words.

>> No.37259986

i somehow missed this one up to now

>> No.37259987


>> No.37259989

this but pornography

>> No.37259991

these posts are posted by an automated spambot >>37259769, >>37259777

>> No.37259996

everyones least favorite poster helping bumb everyones least favorite OP
reminder that the maggot was a worthless jannie that actively kept the shill alive until he got fired thanks to anons

>> No.37260011

posters called him a janny around these parts before you were even born, who are you to go around reminding ppl

>> No.37260012

he tried begging for money on his discord last month to pay for a wedding

>> No.37260016

he get any?

>> No.37260023

he recently got a job

>> No.37260027

lol how pathetic

>> No.37260035

dunno, i hope not

>> No.37260045

just making sure people dont forget that you are a worthless sack if shit that cant even do your job, which you did for free

>> No.37260053

Use yomichan until you no longer need it. I got a new credit card and it took me a week of not even attempting to memorize to get it down. I just kept using it for online purchases and over time my brain absorbed it. Keep reading and overtime you'll know enough without needing a crutch. You don't need practice when you're doing the real thing everyday.

>> No.37260061

what is the source of the video, im about to go eat, kinda want to watch something funny and this seems like it will do

>> No.37260063

spamming your guide 6 hours a day on a forum for poor neets cant be worth the money man get a job a wendys or something @tatsumoto

>> No.37260064

>if i repeat it enough times it will become true!!
lol you are so pitiful

>> No.37260073

not as pitiful as your last goodbye message

>> No.37260075

jamal really mad about the janny reveal huh

>> No.37260076


>> No.37260081

nah jamal derangement syndrome is more pitiful

>> No.37260083

everyone here is mad all the time except me (and jamal)

>> No.37260086

he only has himself to blame. if he didnt have an autistic meltdown and delete threads and posts, no one would know it was true

>> No.37260093

ask me how i know you're a newfag

>> No.37260094

youre the same person

>> No.37260096

you're schizophrenic

>> No.37260097

this thread is just me and jamal on different ips doing creative writing

>> No.37260100

how do you know he's a newfag?

>> No.37260101

even if you arent literally the same person, you are the same person

>> No.37260108

jamal and i fundamentally disagree on some important anime

>> No.37260114

i disagree with myself really strongly all the time

>> No.37260115

but he likes milky holmes which i respect

>> No.37260154


>> No.37260161


>> No.37260168


>> No.37260176

being around on imageboards long enough and you'll know there's people crazy enough to build entire personas and argue with themselves for god knows what reason

>> No.37260193


>> No.37260197

the difference of wa and ga make sense if u realize why japanese dont use plurals often

>> No.37260227

the absolute state of this account

>> No.37260269
File: 3.31 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feels good to be able to read hidden shit like this

>> No.37260304

vocab cardsであれ、sentence cardsであれ、日本語が外国人に対する無理です

>> No.37260315

I hate vtubershit

>> No.37260317


>> No.37260323

im tired of pretending nitro+ vinnies arent the best

>> No.37260331

i can't read korean

>> No.37260333
File: 578 KB, 1125x1967, 8070CE12-886F-4A53-A7FA-E2320542B40B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

vtuber bitches are crazy

>> No.37260371


>> No.37260376

feel like this is crippled but i still suck too so idk

>> No.37260384

reading this gave me a stroke

>> No.37260385










>> No.37260403

watch this everyone:

>> No.37260406

based 大陸

>> No.37260411


>> No.37260416

have you read the vinnie euphoria
i think you would like it

>> No.37260424

wanna give that another try? maybe this time you'll get it right

>> No.37260440

no - iam busy watching youtube.

>> No.37260446

lol that shit was hard af

>> No.37260447


>> No.37260453

yeah that was one of the parts i thought was crippled but i also feel like it should be ha instead of ga

>> No.37260454


>> No.37260455


>> No.37260475

they say third time lucky so how about giving it one last shot

>> No.37260482


>> No.37260489

Beginners, be warned he is here!! >>37259991

>> No.37260490


>> No.37260495

djt is cripplesville today
where's jamal at

>> No.37260498

lol tell me whats wrong scrubbo

>> No.37260499


>> No.37260501

houkoku guy...

>> No.37260515

that one was right though

>> No.37260519

>houkoku guy
lol i only posted 499. im not a guy btw just a fellow anon :)

>> No.37260527

why would anyone think og would be a good fuck?

>> No.37260537

the hot part about fucking og would be her 嫌がるing it

>> No.37260538

nah, its this

>> No.37260542

og's forehead...

>> No.37260563

imagine stomping on ogroid's face like in that elevator scene in Drive

>> No.37260570


>> No.37260575


>> No.37260626
File: 13 KB, 522x298, natukasi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

back in my days moe was the biggest anki droid

>> No.37260632

you have to already know japanese for anki to be of any use

>> No.37260633

but can he read 対象

>> No.37260643


>> No.37260665


>> No.37260683

spent more than 4 hours trying to fix my pc that flipflopped between being unable to make it to bios because of faulty ram and barely being able to get past the bios because windows' boot manager thingy got corrupted

>> No.37260699

>but i was also hoping that by the time my next kid came round i'd be good enough to raise them bilingually
you mean you and your wife speak english but you want to speak to the child in japanese?

>> No.37260702

moe btfo

i wonder if he could even pass the n2 server quiz

>> No.37260708

moe, much like jamaggot, cant even pass the n4 quiz

>> No.37260712

oh and great, now japanese font looks cartoony again. i was content with my font settings and now i don't remember what the fuck i did to make it look OK FUCK.

>> No.37260714

quizzes are spook
but that said, its true they dkj

>> No.37260730

>but i was also hoping that by the time my next kid came round i'd be good enough to raise them bilingually

>> No.37260741

the anklebiters are circlejerking each other. including ogroid who never uses japanese and says stuff like アニメが見ません. and other fraudsters who still need subtitles and flashcards.

>> No.37260744

imagine being raised by a trash jsl to be bilingual, not in japan
even that one girl literally born and raised in japan with a gaijin dad says she sounds weird and people jouzu her all the time

>> No.37260746

yeah that dude is definitely raising someone elses kid

>> No.37260760

note how moe, much like jamaggot, refuses to prove his skill

>> No.37260762

crazy how all the women in squid game have nose jobs

>> No.37260766

>who never uses japanese
do you simply enjoy lying? its literally in my nickname that i didnt even assign to myself. it was the biggest complaint against my posting; that it was crippling people

meanwhile you are a known coward and qm-domo sycophant

>> No.37260769

> who never uses japanese

>> No.37260772

crazy how i wanna fuck koreans more than japanese girls but i still really wanna fuck japanese girls

>> No.37260780


>> No.37260785

og is actually here? that proves she can mask her style she just likes being a namefag while pretending to be anonymous

>> No.37260787

dude nothing wrong with me needing subtitles. i'm not gifted like you are

>> No.37260794

i agree but theres fraudsters pretending to know japanese using that shit

>> No.37260795

translators note: "gifted" means retarded

>> No.37260796

go fuck yourself tranny
the amount of backflips you cunts go through to try and get one on me. its not my fault if no one remembers what my posts look like

>> No.37260802

oh yea i agree with you there

>> No.37260808

i want to have sex with you

>> No.37260810

i dont want to 演る a 日本人

>> No.37260816

>other fraudsters who still need subtitles and flashcards
projection of the highest order

>> No.37260826

nah hes right im a certified og simp and i didnt recognize you. welcome back mommy

>> No.37260831

pot meet kettle

>> No.37260836

i would have known og's here if i bothered to read this thread nowadays

>> No.37260839

foot meets ass

>> No.37260841

yooo the japanese songs are about to start!

>> No.37260843

do you think she likes being called mommy?
i think she does but would never admit it

>> No.37260849

i know you "used' japanese to say stuff like アニメが見ません but you dont actually speak it or do anyinth with it in your life at all so you havent improved since then but are still pretending

>> No.37260853

cause you are some deranged spamming newfag who got wrapped up in my lore and feel in love with an idea

>> No.37260857

i know moe cant output at all and will refuse to prove me wrong

>> No.37260858

nah og knew her ffx and x-2 stuff pretty well
she's at a decent level

>> No.37260863


>> No.37260865

罵倒してくれて、ありがとうございます! dont worry im not a new friend i was here for all your breakdowns

>> No.37260866

always knew og was here because shes a member of my crusade against the cancer infecting djt, although i think we both know it is a Sisyphean task

>> No.37260872


>> No.37260874


>> No.37260875

damage control
you worded that as "use japanese" without any qualifier
if you had said the usual "doesnt know any japanese" i wouldnt have said shit. you are already trying to rewrite history as a disgusting thread authority figure and now you are backpeddling

you also didnt really think i was itt despite the fact you like to call any detractors og (which is usually not me but you already know i rarely post these days)

>> No.37260876

always knew og was here because no guys would hate on hot hanako

>> No.37260882

why do you keep ignoring >>37260857

>> No.37260888

its japanese in quotations cuz what you say is too garbage to be considered japanese also you post everyday

>> No.37260889

i dont. dislike. hanako!
just cause shes a woman doesnt mean i dislike her

>> No.37260891

it would be over for him if he did

>> No.37260893

conflicted on hanako cuz her fetishes piss me off but her cuteness makes me rock hard

>> No.37260894

im a guy and i hate zoomer whores so i hate hana
simple as

>> No.37260901

what do you mean

>> No.37260902

weak attempt
your post spoke for itself
i also dont even turn on jp subs and am a huge detractor of using subs in the first place. which you also know

>> No.37260905

makes me laugh knowing moe and og hate each other so much. imagine explaining this situation to your family or friends.

>> No.37260912


>> No.37260919

i know you cant read speak or understand japanese in any capacity and are the biggest fraud pretender of all time

>> No.37260920

two faggots one female both dont know japanese one slightly less than the other
they hate each other due to virginity and jealousy

>> No.37260921

i mean you cant write japanese, you cant speak japanese, and you cant type japanese to any respectable level

>> No.37260922

moe isnt even worth hating on a personal level like qm or jamal
hes so transparent and superficial i only hate him general for what he represents; the worst of djt

>> No.37260923

so these two posters here, one is anonymous but has an easily recognizable posting style, the other calls himself moe, have been arguing in these threads for years about god and the world
they both falsely believe they know japanese and the other doesnt, its hilarious really

>> No.37260930

cant really blame her. thats what happens when you grow up there. look at tokui guy

>> No.37260933


>> No.37260943

see she just turned off her stealth posting mode and is making og namefag posts again

>> No.37260944

you are too low-iq to properly riposte my own critiques
drop the name again, you are embarrassing yourself

>> No.37260947

us intermediate+ djters know moe much like jamal despite not posting in japanese knows his shit

>> No.37260949

read 10 volumes and mined 3 words

>> No.37260952

why doesn't og ever horny post like hanako does. og would be way more fun if she did.

>> No.37260954

literally everyone in the thread knows moe, much like jamaggot, dont prove their japanese ability because the average poster on djt has far surpassed both of them

>> No.37260960

see, see
ywbaw and not even these faggots will never be desperate enough to simp for you
fyi i only just started posting since moe has been talking shit about me to cover for the fact everyone hates him. i wasnt stealth anything, i cant even manage to avoid typos long enough for that you fucking retard

>> No.37260961

because og is an old-fashioned attention whore, not a zoomer attention whore

>> No.37260963

youre a shallow monkey idiot you didnt make any critique or argument or have any in-depth thought of any kind just more pseud word salad. there is nothing to learn from any of the stupid shit you say.

>> No.37260968

og you dont need this.. i can take you away from djt. just me you and the queen

>> No.37260970

>word salad
>shallow (already called you that)
>monkey (my favorite insult)
>avoiding the point and hoping something mean sticks for pickme bro points
yep, thats a pig post alright

>> No.37260971

"i only hate him general for what he represents; the worst of djt"
okay noted

>> No.37260978

and stay out

>> No.37260983
File: 63 KB, 576x680, FDyEgZzVQAAtfDk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>og looks like this
yeah, she's really cute

>> No.37260988

is the real jamal in the building right now?

>> No.37260989

and fyi i tried multiple times to at least mutual ignore each other. moe is the kind of "man" intimidated and jealous of the attention of an anon who claims to be a woman because he wants to increase his mal followers lmao

how low can you sink

>> No.37260994

just flushed something that looked like that

>> No.37260995

crazy how a woman can btfo every name and tripfag in this thread

>> No.37260997

djt doesnt really have a power over me, i was just hoping 4bc would notice i was posting again since i had an anki question

>> No.37260998

og hates moe because he is the syoutyou of a djt bro and he reminds her that she will never be a member of our gentlemans club

>> No.37261004

youve been angrily replying to all my posts for like 3 days because you lost a debate, youve never tried to ignore me. fucking loser.

>> No.37261005

not her, its true

>> No.37261009

all moe wants to do is use this place as his own personal blog just like maggot
the two corroborate together to actively ruin this thread out of some twisted savior complex

>> No.37261014

it would be less cringe if this was actually moe, for your sake
>for like 3 days
hand over heart, that is simply not true. you are getting btfo'd all on your own, dude. maybe you just arent as likeable as you like to think

>> No.37261016

if i want mal friends ill just tell you people to add me as alwys i dont need to dab on ugly unintelligent women to do it https://myanimelist.net/profile/ksesef4

>> No.37261021

this is the worst way you could have responded to that

>> No.37261023

u cant ruin something thats already a trash heap

>> No.37261027

all the djt bros are on anilist, get with times gramps

>> No.37261031

>twisted savior complex
that was true up to like may of this year, maybe
but i seriously am only a spook here 99 times out of 100. i have been too busy with work and other stuff

also moe would burn this thread to the ground as long as the final post was him shilling his mal

>> No.37261032

fellas this isnt the real og. she has enough dignity to not come here anymore after she disclosed the fact that she’s 35

>> No.37261035


>> No.37261038

moe is a fat shamer and now ageist

>> No.37261041

never claimed otherwise

>> No.37261048

wtf i love moe now

>> No.37261050

demonstably false
you posted how you didnt want to make fat djters feel bad like the simpering fag you are

>> No.37261051

i havent posted my mal in like a year dunno why a 35 yr old baby is seething about it so hard

>> No.37261057

og craving that 4bbc rn its obvious

>> No.37261062

too bad djt has moved to anilist

>> No.37261064

still can’t believe og dumped her fiance and tried to pray on a 17 year old after all that shit she talked

>> No.37261068

i don't want to make the bros feel bad if they're fat just because i want to dab on disgusting fatoids like yourself who are ugly inside and out

>> No.37261069

cause you went incognito (which is funny, since im getting accused of that) when the bunko shit went down and only popped your pig-face back up when i actually moved on from djt

>> No.37261078
File: 1.25 MB, 3024x4838, hljrpa47cjy71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only knowers of the nihongo will get this joke

>> No.37261081

would be more effective if i were fat or ugly.
i mean i am ugly on the inside, though, i cant really deny that based on my posting history

>> No.37261093

no he popped up again after jamal got outed as a jannie because jamal stuck up the band to yet again bring ruin to the thread as punishment
the savior complex plan has been fully revived

>> No.37261095

even worse, then
imagine hungering after these thread scraps

>> No.37261097


>> No.37261098

one name/tripfag goes, another one swiftly appears to fill the void
the eternal curse of djt

>> No.37261104

nice self own

>> No.37261112

>constantly turning down teenage zoomers who for whatever reason have a mommy complex or whatever they see in me
>preying on them
im already sure this place is dead, i just felt like yelling at losers tonight

>> No.37261114

i didn't post for 6 months cuz i become disinterested and busy with other stuff so when i happened to come back you thought it was about yourself when i didnt think of you for 1 second during that time lol cringe

>> No.37261117

copying jamal so hard

>> No.37261119

moe was busy setting up his pyramid scheme

>> No.37261122

dude you cant even deny i live in your head rent-free
im in like the majority of your posts when someone else mentions me or as a (you) to literally anyone who is sick of your rancid presence

>> No.37261125

you think about that guy a lot

>> No.37261126

best thread in a while

>> No.37261132

another jiko own

>> No.37261140

i was right every time cuz youre predictable and use weird words no one else uses also youre the only fucking loser who tries to pick fights with me every day lol

>> No.37261153

no one is sick of moe

>> No.37261161

you can ask 4bc or anyone who knows better. i actually havent been here, even on read-only
sometimes you are a fucking moron who cant understand basic english, sorry you think thats my fault lmao

>> No.37261167


>> No.37261168

hes not going to fuck you.

>> No.37261177

worst thread in a while
dont care about any thread personalities or how they interact with each other

>> No.37261179


>> No.37261181
File: 677 KB, 1920x1080, 転生したらスライムだった件 S02E17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37261188

real erp hours

>> No.37261191

agreed but ogroid wanted to make it about herself again

>> No.37261194

why does everything have to be about sec with you lesser genders there are other things in this world you freak

>> No.37261199

finally a good post

>> No.37261200

he said, with a namefield

>> No.37261204

gonna have to agree with nihongowajouzu here

>> No.37261207

>man accusing anyone of making everything about sex
i hope you want moe to fuck you with your level of simping otherwise i dont know what you are doing with your life

>> No.37261217

need jamal back in here this shit is horrible

>> No.37261222

wait until you find out what friendship is you freak. 女にゃわからねぇだろうけど

>> No.37261224

never got nihongo jouzu'd before for an english post

>> No.37261229

lmao you are so fucking insufferable
trying to act like you are over "djt personality drama" while simping for every trip and name under the sun while establishing your own. and god forbid anyone speak ill of your sempai

>> No.37261230

no one here is a friend, and moe would climb over your dead body for a hotpocket

>> No.37261231

morbido guy and 4bc too

>> No.37261238

kiara singin dont say lazy

>> No.37261240


>> No.37261243

ogroid is a chronic liar and gaslighter simple as

>> No.37261247

he's shown himself to be opportunistic and untrustworthy time and time again

>> No.37261253

can you at least come up with your own character assassinations, please. otherwise im going to have to start charging you

>> No.37261259

>no one here is a friend
true, but also for real life

>> No.37261260

you didnt come up with either of those

>> No.37261264

this reminds me i wanted to play ogre battle in japanese

>> No.37261269

sverige poster is my friend yea

>> No.37261283

og looks like THAT?!

>> No.37261302

wtf? im your friend too (on mal)

>> No.37261312

what's your mal

>> No.37261316

4bc honestly wants me to improve my japanese and is helping me with anki
its insane that in the 'daily japanese thread' that is interpreted as something sordid

>> No.37261323

4bc the only real simp lmaoo

>> No.37261325


>> No.37261329

first day of genki, it was alright

>> No.37261331

have you done your reps

>> No.37261339

another l for 4LL

>> No.37261340

672nd day of immersion, it was alright

>> No.37261355


>> No.37261358

what does anki have to do with the “ ‘daily japanese thread’ “

>> No.37261359

watching dog days

>> No.37261361

picked up

>> No.37261366

yes. im all caught up tonight

>> No.37261386

mina san yoroshiku

>> No.37261403

anon-san, yoroshiku

>> No.37261405
File: 42 KB, 564x643, cat21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37261412

im illiterate so i need the kanji practice

>> No.37261415

bet you beginners dont even know the pitch for みな

>> No.37261418

never finished a vinnie either
horrid and boring medium

>> No.37261426

easy i just imagine a native saying it
i just know it!

>> No.37261431


>> No.37261478

the thread cant be good or rather not complete dog shit until the schizz whose mind belongs to me quits posting honestly

he reminds me slightly of the sakuraautist from back in the day but that dude did funnier things than just whine and cry while begrudgingly fellating me

>> No.37261479

Bro this monkey character in Odd Taxi is so retarded aaaaaaarrrrghhh what the fuck are you doing taking out loans

>> No.37261487

Bro this monkey character in Odd Taxi is so retarded aaaaaaarrrrghhh what the fuck are you doing taking out loans...

>> No.37261493

oops moushi wake gozaimasen deshita

>> No.37261496

epic fail

>> No.37261502

koreans are just like that.
for them that's like going to the barber

>> No.37261538

name 3 vinnies youve played so i can laugh @ u

>> No.37261545

katawa shoujo

>> No.37261578

flyable heart
that one that 4bc and bunko liked i forgot the name

>> No.37261585


>> No.37261598

persona 4
persona 5 (dunno why i tried again)

>> No.37261603

can't name a single vn i've started

>> No.37261614

Good news, my oshi reached 1.25m subs

>> No.37261617

hanahira 2

>> No.37261627

aiyoku shimai rorita
niizuma lovely x cation

>> No.37261631

someone posted a youtube channel here the other day with panels like a manga and voice acting over it. pls tell me what it was

>> No.37261652

og please let me get a sniff

>> No.37261661

this but yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuki

>> No.37261707

who the fuck talks like this?

>> No.37261718


>> No.37261727

og wouldn't be saying this if she had a fine white stallion to settle down and have kids with...

>> No.37261729


>> No.37261731

whats your issue

>> No.37261741

people like qm and moe seriously make me doubt whether whites are even worth saving if thats all weve got left breeding

>> No.37261748

no, what's YOUR issue?

>> No.37261756

why don't you find some white expat and have kids in japan or korea or something where they won't be exposed to the worst of the western cultural degeneracy.

>> No.37261773


>> No.37261774

white expats in those country are invariably yellow fevoid trash

>> No.37261779

true true
no one should breed, nothing good comes from it

>> No.37261781
File: 432 KB, 1773x2048, E9NCPCyXIAMVnng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

crazy how that thread still isnt deleted

>> No.37261791

moe is so gross and inappropriate

>> No.37261792

i would also seethe at the size of that gigantic l

>> No.37261793

what da fuck

>> No.37261801

nothing is a sure thing in this life
but im absolute sure qm has a miserable future ahead of him. its basically fate that rushing into marriage and kids will destroy any chance he had at happiness

>> No.37261802

30 year old childless hope

>> No.37261804

a better man making better choices would get my congratulations
qm is living in a fantasy that only looks good "on paper" according to midwit /pol/ takes

>> No.37261807

he bought into the memes lmao

>> No.37261813

it's good that quizmaster is having kids and you aren't

>> No.37261821

"quizmasters marriage will end in catastrophe because uh... it just will okay!!"
meanwhile youre like 41 still trying to prepare for life

>> No.37261826

something doesnt sit right about a college aged girl who had previous sexual partners so desperate to shack up, get preggers, and get married to a young autismo who doesnt even have a career established or money in less than a fucking year

i wouldnt be surprised if shes got something seriously shady in her past and/or is actually in her 30s lying about her age and trying to get some security from a naive idiot

and yeah, THAT is me projecting but it doesnt mean im not wrong about her since its tempting even if i wouldnt sink that low
me being trash isnt a rebuttle. he and i can both be genetic waste at the same time

>> No.37261836

where can i donate to quizmaster's wedding

>> No.37261837

lmao hed NEVER invite you
you are so fucking weird

>> No.37261838

how do men get deceived about a woman's age like even if she looks young if i live an entire year with her or go to the same university i'll get to see her documents by pure chance sooner or later

>> No.37261842

you're just trying to bring him down to your level down in the sewers but it's just a cope
i live 1/2 the world away so that's okay. i can send some crypto

>> No.37261849

not if shes careful
plus shes a europoor they dont even drive for the most part over there or need documents cause thats racist or something
>i live 1/2 the world away so that's okay
now THATS a cope

>> No.37261854

i'll be honest i share your skepticism toward quiz's gf and i hope he's not getting bamboozled. don't want anyone hurting my djt bros

>> No.37261858 [DELETED] 

let quizmaster speak for himself we don't need you 50 iq subsaharan monkeys saying who's invited to the wedding

>> No.37261867

stop living vicariously through qm, you filthy nerd

>> No.37261868


>> No.37261871

look how bitter you are about quizmaster getting married. just raging seething and coping for no reason. wtf is wrong with you lol

>> No.37261873

only women properly know other women
shes got red flags all over her, maybe not if she were ugly or something but she seems to "good" to be true for a kissless virgin anime masturbator

i mean i guess he could be making it all up, as well. but i dont think he is that creative
>he still thinks qm wants anything to do with him irl
oh honey oh sweety
my heart breaks for you lmao

>> No.37261876

they knew each other for a year before he asked her out, they're just very compatible

>> No.37261880

i didn't

>> No.37261884

i don't think quiz ever said she's a virgin. he said she's had relationships and fucked before

>> No.37261888


>> No.37261891


>> No.37261894

you are old enough to know better
i knew kids in my college lmao. a year doesnt mean shit. if anything that should have scared her away more. this is quizmaster we are talking about, you really think his hobbies arent reflected in his general personality and outward behavior??

if she were not very attractive or autismo herself, maybe. but qm doesnt imply that to be the case

>> No.37261898

* i don't
i hope for your sake your retarded-ass is esl

>> No.37261903


from what i've heard he became vegan or vegetarian for her so i don't think it's a relationship without compromises

>> No.37261904

>he became vegan or vegetarian for her
im sure that will get crickets from moe

>> No.37261907


>> No.37261909

big l for qmdomo

>> No.37261911

can't believe he found a girl who had slept around but still accepted him even though he was a virgin. god i wish women were ok with virgins

>> No.37261914

why is what i said wrong

>> No.37261916

coming from someone with no skin in this game i can tell you qm ain't wearing the pants in the relationship

>> No.37261917

yeah im sure the progeny of a hussy who slept around before she even finished college and forces her vegan cult on those close to her, and the cuck who lays down his life for her despite her calling his hobbies "cringe" is destined for greatness. the white race is saved!

>> No.37261918


>> No.37261920

we know for a fact she's wearing the bigger size shoe lol

>> No.37261921

>despite her calling his hobbies "cringe"
when did this happen? did quiz talk about his best friend reinhart sama?

>> No.37261922

good thing i live in eastern europe where half of unmarried girls are still virgins and don't have problems with virgin men.

>> No.37261924

i mean i wanna donate for the wedding but i refuse to give a cut of it to patreon

>> No.37261925

she literally wont allow him his 2hu or vtubers
granted, the vtuber part is kind of based, but its the principle of the thing

>> No.37261928

on my way

>> No.37261929

if anything my next gf will have to be cool with vtubers but considering i hope she's a cosplayer that may be a hard find

>> No.37261932

my gf and i are gonna dab on vnubers together

>> No.37261933

i'm sure he'd give you a crypto address if you asked

>> No.37261937

i can say pretty safely you will never find love you arent paying hourly for

>> No.37261944

what's your point? he's rich

>> No.37261947

why do you think your opinino on that matters fatass

>> No.37261948

yeah and i have a big fat cock

>> No.37261955

>t. fatass
at least i dont name and then sign my "opinino"

>> No.37261956

why are women so unfunny and cant orgasm

>> No.37261962

because men are humorless and bad in bed

>> No.37261978

thread rating: 0.5/10

>> No.37261983

ya this is a stinker

>> No.37261986

citing only the 2nd reason would have been funnier and more pungent

>> No.37261989

ya omg let me posture to please every poster in this dying general so i can become king rat

please aim your semen at me, gentlemen but one at a time

>> No.37261993

threads pretty pungent right now
if i shat myself it would improve the scent

>> No.37261995

which is still funnier than anything youve posted combined

>> No.37262007

boomer programmer dad vs the funniest female
a comedy battle for the ages

>> No.37262011

men are way more proactive in bed than women on average. you can't blame them for not meeting female standards. moreover it doesn't matter how hard men try because women simply can't orgasm.

>> No.37262021

>boomer programmer
wait bros...how old is anacreon? why are so many 35 pluses in these threads (og, jamal, and anacreon confirmed so far)?

>> No.37262024

i dont understand what ogroid thinks shes done in life to deserve being smug

>> No.37262038


>> No.37262047

you dont even have ironically funny オヤジギャグ going for you
thats an interesting way of putting it lmao
for as much as men act like they enjoy sex youd think theyd want it to last longer and be more engaging for both
i dont understand why you think smugness is something you have to be accomplished for
you think smug anime girls are posted by quality people??

>> No.37262048

do you know how old 4chan is? or the web in general i guess.

>> No.37262050

i bet sverige poster and women cant orgasm poster are the same

>> No.37262052

if women have a hard time orgasming as is, how is my 4.5 inches of girth gonna be enough for any of them

>> No.37262053

better than you yea people who post anime girls are high iq gigachads

>> No.37262055

english is a hard language, i know

>> No.37262059

i know you know

>> No.37262066
File: 212 KB, 290x395, まあぁ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.37262069

those are reserved for people that call me daddy. so maybe someday darling

>> No.37262072
File: 6 KB, 245x292, 1634310325009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.37262076

dame lookin like shit matto

>> No.37262081

why are zoomer brains so 硬い?
im 10+ years older than most of you and better at lateral thinking and keeping up with the climate

moe is already old and busted. straight outta election tourist /pol/

>> No.37262092

hypothetically would you be open to being called mommy in bed

>> No.37262097

wait till you find out youre actually low iq and have no reason to think anything youve pretended to think except cognitive dissonance

>> No.37262107

ogs got a high iq but unfortunately like most high iqs not quite at genius level it goes to waste (subjective)

>> No.37262112

youve been living sheltered atop mt stupid your whole life never doing real work never succeeding at anything

>> No.37262123

i dont think i have a high iq or am particularly smart
its just that people like you open your mouth and expose how inferior you are in comparison on the regular

>> No.37262129

>i dont think i have a high iq or am particularly smart


>> No.37262138


>> No.37262142

see, you are too dumb to notice the double interpretation of your own response

i expect your next reply to be along the lines of

>> No.37262148

yea ogs a solid 130 iq she has that 130ish iq cringe factor lol its adorable tho

>> No.37262149

i was quoting you lol nice self own

>> No.37262158


>> No.37262159



>> No.37262162

hey, at least i barely passed the rick & morty nihilistic sand-trap

>> No.37262164

>moe doesn't understand japanese
never change

>> No.37262167

that aint japanese

>> No.37262169

to answer the mommy question, the idea of being with a dude acting submissive and weird like that creeps me out

>> No.37262170

idk about no rick and morty sand crap bc i was just too old for that shit to ever make its way in front of me when it was relevant or whatever

>> No.37262173

in your day, it was the "Daria/Beavis and Butthead" sandtrap

>> No.37262181

that's fair. i was really worried you wouldn't answer and i'm happy with this

>> No.37262182

now ur speakin my language *artificially deep voice* mommy lol

>> No.37262187

1 chapter read (linnie)
17 words mined

>> No.37262188

forced myself to watch the first season of dick and dorky and it was awful unfunny bullshit

>> No.37262189

man Daria was some pseud shit
its almost unwatchable outside of the sol parts

>> No.37262192

diarrhea never deserved a show

>> No.37262199

quinn was the real galaxy brain, despite the writers best efforts

>> No.37262200

>eastern europe where half of unmarried girls are still virgins
yeah right... i 100% believe you my guy

>> No.37262208


>> No.37262231

there's no way you have a high iq. you sound like a badly programmed bot

>> No.37262236

yeah thats pretty much how i would sum up what its like to 'argue' with moe
canned lines he cant even bother to steal more originally

>> No.37262240

shes just a normie cartoon preppy girl br0 : )

>> No.37262247

growing up is realizing the preps were the good guys all along
the freaks and nerds were never supposed to attain power

>> No.37262258

Jamal got a high score on an iq test he took when he was 10 years old and now he thinks he is Einstein

>> No.37262264

im the einstein of forums posting at least

>> No.37262267

his iq is so high that's he's doomed to be unhappy for life

>> No.37262278

truly a blessing and a curse in this ivory tower

some days i think when im done lolling at everything there is to lol at itll be nice to just go to sleep and become one with the universe again and shed this cursed consciousness

life is the universe observing itself

higher iq life is the universe lolling at itself

>> No.37262289

yup this is the pseud response i baited for

>> No.37262292

want jamal to take the full scale iq test and post his score and be completely honest about it. he can even use the excuse that the author gives in the warning.


>> No.37262299

there is a simple test to how high iq you are;

if you honestly enjoy spending time with the average joe and find their simplicity endearing, you are very high iq

if you consider yourself part of a downtrodden caste of intellectuals and live like a neurotic hermit because you hate people while distracting yourself with consoomer shit, you are probably in a midwit sandtrap

>> No.37262300

ill do it right now cuz im drowsy and dont give a rats fuck

>> No.37262306

notice how you had to preempt the fact you are drowsy and dont care lmao

>> No.37262323

>In this section you will be given a word, and asked to select from a list of other words which ones means the same.

dropped immediately.

knowledge != intelligence

>> No.37262327

that pattern recognition test said i was like 131, right?

>> No.37262360
File: 9 KB, 435x553, IQ subtest intercorrelation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're wrong because there's certain knowledge that the vast majority of people in first world countries are going to be exposed to because of e.g. universal schooling, internet access, etc. and your ability to learn information and/or retain it is going to relate to your intelligence. knowledge isn't intelligence but intelligent people are going to be more knowledgeable on average.

the dumbest kid in your class (probably named tyrone) might read along to the book you're being forced to read and the smarter kids might pick up on that word's meaning from context while tyrone isn't able to because he's a dumbass.

but whatever the explanation, the empirical fact remains that vocabulary has a stronger g loading than any other iq subtest.

>> No.37262363

why is jamal posting again?
dude cut your losses and let it set you free from this place. its win/win for everyone involved

>> No.37262376

i literally saw a tiny christian book in a girl's bedroom explaining why a girl shouldn't have sex before marriage.
i'm still one of the very rare atheists in my country though.

>> No.37262390

kind of annoying how the redpill crowd are mostly made up of degenerate ex-fedora and feel entitled to quality moral wives

>> No.37262415

actually i loaded it and realized i took this test before and closed it u can look up my old results

>> No.37262435

despite this, there's also a weird tradition in my country where young boys are taken to prostitutes (usually by their uncles) to lose their virginities. my uncle offered me this multiple times since i was 14, but i refused. in the end he gave me 100 bucks and told me to spend it on some whores myself. i still have it by the way. maybe i should finally use it and stop being a 21-year-old virgin.

>> No.37262441

are you white

>> No.37262443

21 is still young dont give ur cherry to a yariman bitch lol

>> No.37262444

>correlation between nerds that study for iq tests and doing other nerdy shit
dont care

>> No.37262451
File: 22 KB, 527x294, traffic iq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yea iq tests just measure how good you are at taking iq tests

>> No.37262460

literally whats the point of this
its not a conquest a pay a whore for sex. its like the worst of both world because you had to buy your way out of being a virgin...

sounds like some weird pedo-ish gay shit men like to do, but im sure eiffel tower anon could explain it better

>> No.37262465

i will reconsider.

>> No.37262470

jamal i'm a 30 year old virgin not joking what should i do

>> No.37262477
File: 295 KB, 1538x1524, burp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the first online IQ test i've seen that didn't just ask "find the shape that goes next in this pattern!"

pretty interesting, are there actually 3 IQs for everyone? Why stop at 3? Seems like many other mental faculties could be measured. Apparently I am good at "spatial" but I don't know how that helps me in my day to day life

>> No.37262481

higher spatial iq means you're a better programmer i bet wtf!!!

>> No.37262484

oh no no no analcreamfags we got exposed as midwits make a new thread quick

>> No.37262485

but the girls here are all prudes, so what else am i supposed to do?
there are barely even any girls on tinder and almost all of them are in the capital.

>> No.37262486

>no difference between 100 iq and 130 iq
how will jamal cope with this?

>> No.37262488
File: 28 KB, 698x277, openpsychometrics fsiq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yo we're not far off i wonder if that means i could become an ok programmer

>> No.37262493

whatever u wanna do

as long as u can look urself in the eye in the mirror ur fine br0

if u wanna make a change to 捨てる ur 童貞 what better time than the end of a pandemic go out and get u some

>> No.37262494

just remember that chrischan hired a whore to lose his virginity, and look what good that did him.
>what else am i supposed to do?
control you lower nature in exchange for a relationship with a woman worthy of marriage and children

>> No.37262500

my iqs 142 so the lesser quotients are of no significance to me

>> No.37262501

if you write 10k loc you'll probably be a much better programmer... skills like that aren't really innate

>> No.37262512

but chris chan is just one example and that's how 90% of men lose virginity in my country anyway.

>> No.37262523

142 falls into the >115 category bro, ur iq test must've not had math on it

>> No.37262531

u said 100 to 130 i didnt look at the post u linked and i still havent

>> No.37262533

finished kny
why can't women make anything right

>> No.37262535

and in another backwater, 90% of men lose it to goats
dont use normalcy to justify it. never heard of a guy who was glad he paid a nasty whore to lose his v-card. at 14, thats downright harmful to a persons psyche

>> No.37262542

fmab and kny are the best shounen though.

>> No.37262544

bc thats women

>> No.37262547

what post? didnt mention any post

>> No.37262548
File: 17 KB, 816x484, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i did that test while drunk
i redid it now while sober

this was my score

>> No.37262561


>> No.37262565

those with an iq of 142 or higher would've contributed a very small amount to the results of the >115 category. you're a midwit

>> No.37262568

guess i'll use the 100 bucks to buy video games then.

>> No.37262570

at what age you took that test?

>> No.37262572

use it to buy classes in some hobby you like where you can make friends and socialize instead

>> No.37262578

142 iq isn't that rare, it's like 1 in 200. a small discord server has at least 5 of them

>> No.37262594


>> No.37262607

iq scores are adjusted to be centered at 100. by the nature of the bell curve, you lose an enormous amount of information and specificity by lumping >142 with >115.

>> No.37262608

why is it that all boys can think about are videogames and sex?

>> No.37262614

they are low-caliber and have been for decades

>> No.37262617
File: 21 KB, 700x264, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

og-nee what do you think also pekora is my favorite hololive

>> No.37262621

and yet the people that had access to all the data decided to lump them together like that, likely because everyone 100+ had the same stats anyway

>> No.37262625

when men make condescending and insulting statements about women, like they can't orgasm, they're accurate. when women do the same to men they have to lie.

>> No.37262628

>spatial above verbal
>autistic memory
sorry :(

>> No.37262633

why else do you think i'm acquiring japanese go to the gym three times a week am a decent artist and work a full time job silly

>> No.37262640

>tfw got N2
>Other Japanese threads are too difficult for me.
Guess I need to revise

>> No.37262641

i bet all 130 points of my own iq is like straight up verbal lmao
my memory and spatial stuff is traaash

>> No.37262643

i'm a simple guy
all i really want is to either get laid or play 真・女神転生V

>> No.37262683

ching chang hanji

>> No.37262728

can vouch for this i love my normie friends

>> No.37262744

you're all retarded loser faggots

>> No.37262746

can vouch for this i love spending time with my djt friends

>> No.37262783

>there are barely even any girls on tinder and almost all of them are in the capital.
what holy land are you from

>> No.37262855

put this in the OP please https://letslearnjapanese.neocities.org/index.html

>> No.37263975

i like this word