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Wait a minute...

In TH11 you beat Yuugi, one of the 'Four Devas of the Mountain' according to the translation patch.

In TH12 you beat Shou, who is pretty much Vaisravana, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Buddhism. Vaisravana is also known as Bishamon.

I was playing Devil Survivor on the DS today and realized that one of the Four Devas of Tokyo was Bishamon. I'm not that familiar with Japanese mythology so I don't know if Four Devas = Four Heavenly Kings, and Wikipedia doesn't have any answers.

So basically have the traffic light trio just beaten two of the four devas? Is ZUN building up to something or is it just a coincidence?

tl;dr - wild crazy plot theory thread

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Suika was one of the four devas too, wasn't she? That makes me think it was a COOL ONIS ONLY club.

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I think Shou is more like a priestess-as-vessel like Reimu than an actual avatar.

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Watch out, mouse! That tiger is going to eat you!

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Then again, you do regularly encounter gods/demons/deities of all sorts in touhou.

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ZUN actually giving a second thought to plot?

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It happened in PC-98, his plot-thinking abilities couldn't have simply vanished since then, can they?

Oh wait alcohol kills brain cells, DISREGARD

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> 'Four Devas of the Mountain'
> Devas of the Mountain
> of the Mountain

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dun da-dun
dun dun da-dun
dun da-dun
dun dun da-dun

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>traffic light trio

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Jikokuten ... Tamonten ... Zohchoten ... Kohmokuten

We are talking about the Shittenno, right? which one are we looking at?

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Quit trying to measure touhou powerlevels and assuming that Shou was fighting with all of her strength.

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>Shitennō iconography is related to the Four Celestial Emblems (dragon, red bird, tiger, turtle)

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A thread about my wife? How considerate of you.

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Sanae - green -slut
Marisa - yellow -dangerous but willing
Reimu - red - ice cold

Totally fits.

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I like Shou because she looks like a boy.

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you went to pooshlmer

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No. He has that linked in his email.

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better I tell everyone I got it from there than have someone come point it out... at least I wasn't actively trying to be deceptive about it

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An excuse to post some Shou pictures.

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Oh, I thought it was a dual post. So you didn't coin the phrase "traffic light trio"? I am disappoint.