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I want this doujin!
This thread is about Medicine porn.

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Ok, post the Japanese filename and I'll upload the scan.

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I wonder what holding a girl feels like.

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like 3d sand

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Mm, yes, I see *scribbling notes*

>Girls are
>1. soft
>2. squishy

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So, is sand soft and squishy ?

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I have it on my hard drive. If I was nice, I'd rar it and put it on /rs/.
However, I'm not.

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I have it on my drive too. If I could remember the name or artist, I'd share it.

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Eh, it was ok. I don't know why they decided to make Alice the futa though. Seems more natural for the dick to be on a living doll.

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Thanks, saucers.
This is badass.

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Why did that artist stick his own stupid original character in when there are plenty of good touhous to choose from?

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Oh! Found it - [Memoria] Ningyou Kakumei.

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>plenty of good touhous to mold to fit the fanon personality you devised for them

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>This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member

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The only thing you could do with medicine is shove her into your own asshole, shes a doll man

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Most touhous don't have a personality to begin with.

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Yeah, that's the point. They have so little personality, it's no different from making up your own character.

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Try this.

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Same thing. Too many people downloading.

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Other doujins about Medicine?

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wow, so this is Alice's rape face...

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Try this one.


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yandere pervert alice is the best fanon alice

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>>tsundere poo-leaking alice is the best fanon alice

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Stop spamming your shitty board on www LYCRBQVZtalk com (replace "LYCRBQVZ" with "anon"). We are tired of your fucking spam, DDoS a ttacks and trolling. You are the asshole of the Internet.

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I like how this spambot is becoming more and more childish.

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Tsundere canon Alice is the best Alice.

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At least this version has a bit better grammar and spelling.

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Is alice Porky Pig?

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Canon Alice is more of a violent haughty creep

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Everyone in Touhou is violent, as in their first solution to any problem is always "Let's beat her/someone up", though.

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The real question is: japanese versus european peasants, who wins?

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Their lords.

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Shame this one's futa.

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> He still hasn't acquired a taste for futa.

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