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ITT we discuss the fluffiest touhou and the soon to be most powerful being in all of Gensokyo: Ran Yakumo.

How do you believe she and Yukari met? Did they have some big battle top determine who would srve who or did they fall in love?

Do you believe that Ran was always humanoid or that she only turned out that way with the help of Yukari's powers?

Did Ran have children while she was a young fox or is she still a pure young maiden at the ripe age of 900?

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holy crap, that's my ran yakumo.

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In the beginning, there was only Yukari.

And Yukari said, "Let there be Ran."

And Ran came into being with her fluffiness and her moist nose, wrapped in her nine tails.

And Yukari suckled Ran from her breast, and Ran drank of Yukari's milk deeply, and all was good in Gensokyo.

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>Did they have some big battle
That's the only possible explanation. I won't settle for anything less awesome.

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>soon to be most powerful being in all of Gensokyo
Go learn your Touhou powerlevels.

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3D Ran Yakumo reading a Lunarian declaration of war

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My particular belief is Takanon Ikuta's take (Fuzzy Logic, etc) with Yukari vs Ran instead of rape.

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>fluffiest touhou


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Little furry Ran, so good.

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9x the fluff of those other shitty tailed touhous

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No, this is how it went down.

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Ran needs her diaper changed!

Will you do it, Anon?

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I like Wimifu's interpretation maybe because I like motherly Yukari

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[x] Sage and pray that the diaperfags don't see it.

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This made me smile. This is now canon to me.

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Ran is the true final boss of touhou

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Yukari is angry because she doesn't have a million gajillion tails like everyone else.

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What the fuck, Nekomata do not grow more tails with more life.

Nekomata have two tails, period.

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She's multiple Nekomatas at the same time, with different personalities. Blame Yukari.

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It is canon that Yukari offered Ran fried tofu and captured Ran.

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[ ] Ignore her
[ ] pet
[x] put it in

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heterosexual life partners

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They share the men they catch.

Hope you've got the energy for two on one.

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It would probably kill me, but then I can't think of a better death than being fucked to death by a hot demigod and her foxy servant.

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Death by snusnu? Don't know if want...

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heterosexual life partners in heat

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Man? They don't need man.

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It is canon that this is the kind of relationship they have. Not the fanon friendly and fluffy kind.

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Except Kourin.

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Fans are always delusional.

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I have no problem with this but I want sources.

When was this confirmed as canon?

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Did you even read the next few pages of that doujin?

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Canon has never specified one way or the other how Ran truly feels. Since she is the housewife of the family, I think it's more logical to assume that she doesn't mind it.

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2 pages beforehand

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One page beforehand. That doujin was demonstrating Ran's loyalty, not her OMG KILL YUKARI-ness.

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Serious fucking Chen is fucking serious.

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What he specified I surmise is the actual canon, the rest of the doujin is fluff.

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>Did Ran have children while she was a young fox or is she still a pure young maiden at the ripe age of 900?

Children as we normally use the word, no. Kits, yes. Lots of them.
Let's not forget that any kitsune-type character you see was running around as a fairly regular fox, with the exception of longer lifespan, for about 100 years - and foxes generally raise a litter each Spring.

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Dude said that the single page of the doujin showed the actual state of their relationship in the canon, NOT that the doujin itself is canon.

MAHGOLLY people don't know how to take things in their brains properly.