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God damn it how do I get rid of this?

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By getting RIPPED

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Firefox and Ad Block Plus.

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I've been looking for an excuse to post this image.

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This. If you are already JACKED AND TAN it won't show up.

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moot, I've let a lot of ads slide, but I will not accept burly naked men next to my moe.

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It no work, I get noscript hijack message when I try.


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Uninstall noscript, they are prissy little girls who can't handle how DEEP adblock is.

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You're only getting it because you're obviously not doing enough squats.

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I am immune to banner ads, I just ignore them as it brings in $$$ but looking at this one has me wanting to get my shotgun out and kill these inhuman monsters. Do not want. Looks like someone squatted on the floor and laid one out.

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Adblock plus filter:

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1)Download Adblock Plus plugin for firefox.
2)If you dont use firefox go fuck yourself. (fap)

PS: It actually works.

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I became the strongest True Ancestor by eating my OATs, lots of veggies, meat, and getting adequate exercise!

You should all do the same. Then you wouldn't see these things.

Or just use Adblock.

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I thought it was by outliving all of the others. Was I mistaken?

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Arc is buff

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but arc, your all soft and bouncy, not ripped and built like a rock.

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If you have noscript, temporarily allow zeda and then block it with adblock. Then forbid it again.

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>I became the strongest True Ancestor by eating my OATs, lots of veggies, meat, and getting adequate exercise!

You're a lying fatty, Arc, and you know it!

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By doing your SQUATZ and eating you OATZ.

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I don't use steroids, that's why! You can be strong and not look like the photoshopped pictures in the ads.

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Hey, it's a full serving of meat in that burger. And later on I worked the calories off with Shiki sex.

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These ad servers can't keep up with 4chan most of the time so its like being on dialup.

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Right-click in Opera, hit Block Content, click on it, and you're done.

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well that does explain it i suppose.

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Right image in Firefox 3.5
"block all images from...." All gone adbloc is not required.

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Not as bad as Gay Purple Man

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You go to hell and you die, Gay Purple Man was SUPERB.

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block d13.zedo.com

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Thank you. Now I can peacefully browse /jp/ without MUSCLEABSand massive erection

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