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She is a good girl

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Diapers should not be sexual.

They're best when innocent and love~

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I've already reported this thread, but to get a mod's attention I'll post some CP.

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You are such a terrible poster.

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why is she so hairy?

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Where am I?

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That's no bird

She's a man, man.

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Thank you for the clarification, dear Anon.

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That is one unfappable pic OP.

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How are these two even considered diapers? They look thin enough to leak after a single wetting. It's like the Japanese can't even get their fetishes properly represented.

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It starts young.

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Are diapers whats in right now?

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Only on /jp/, since everywhere else just destroys threads like this on sight.

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So wheres the Janitor?

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I seen them on /v/, /a/, and /d/ lately

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/d/ is understandable, but /a/ and /v/? Times sure are changing.

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I need a change.

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I dont know but i just know i'm starting to see more diapers threads. I guess its just whats in right now for fetishes

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Is it even possible for a fetish to be in vogue? They seem like something that once you develop, you stick with for a while. Perhaps it's just a rise in interest.

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Most likely a rise in interest

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We are both agree, my friend. You and I.

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Is there anymore diaper-fetish Touhou fanart to be found, or are the images in this thread about it? It's rare to find high quality images for this fetish.

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Is this Kaguya?

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Diapers suffer greatly from the quantity>quality line of fetish thinking.

No; just a cute picture.

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Indeed it is, living the life of a true NEET.

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I wish it was, so that I be the little bedwetting NEET princess.

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I always thought this one was really cute, especially the little Chen on the diaper.

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Baby Ran is adorable as well, even with her flippers

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Far too sexual.

Diapers are horrible when seen as sexually.

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A motherly Ran looking after little Yukari and Chen? Too many levels of adorable~

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Now that's a nice diaper picture, although not too stimulating.

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She wants some milk.

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It seems like a whole lot of the diaper appeal (in the non-sexual sense) revolves around trust. Trust in the diaper to protect you, and trust in the person changing you, since it is such a delicate task. It creates such a warm feeling to be able to rely on such things with confidence.

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Desperation is very cute as well.

I always wanted translations of omorashi pictures, but the only group to ever do them is B.u.S, and they're awful and not around.

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It does for me.

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Diaper pics are best when they aren't sexual.As long as they're SFW and /jp/ related i see no problem.

Mama Ran already changes Big Baby Yukari's diapers when she's asleep for so long, she might as well change Chen's.

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Here's a link to a Touhou doujin with some desperation themes (Mokou/Kaguya.) Thought you might like it.


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I hate these threads...

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That's alright anon, some people do. Minimize it and be happy again!

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Look nice~

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...and it's fucking ruined by sex.

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Oh no you don't! No milk for you!

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It's pretty light for a doujin, especially a fetish one. I personally hate sex scenes and do everything I can to avoid them, but this didn't bother me too much. If you're that opposed, you can just skip the three pages of exposure and enjoy the rest, since the artist has such a pleasant style.

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She's not even that desperate; it's nice, but not what I would like.

I love that picture.

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How can you say your shikigami loves you if she won't change your diaper?

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I fucking hate that I won't get a source to this.

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Hm, a little fishing is turning up some decent images I haven't seen before.

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Where did you get it?

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I tried google first just as a place to start, which led me to Gelbooru. It had a lot more variety than Danbooru did, so I was pleasantly surprised.

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I hate *boorus.

Also, nothing new.

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Already saved everything there.

Nearly are of it is terrible or old.

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you can try looking at diaper anime also

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Ugh... that was horrible, not couple wise though.....