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Who exactly is Touhou?

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*grabs d*ck*

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Me, I'm the Touhou in the OP.

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I am touhou

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I am.

I'm Touhou.

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Hmm. Most Touhou of all Touhous? Gotta be Yuyuko.

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get a life
Its what happens when a drunk man bets another drunk man that 6 hours worth of programming and spriting can't be a cult hit. Touhou is Zun

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I am touhou

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u mad

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yes I am, why would a creature with boundless life experience waste time here? Talking to us wretches?

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I don't know.

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Touhou is gravity.

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Weekend /jp/ has got to be over pretty soon....

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Then allow me my goddamn rage. honestly people so what if I am mad, its natural in humans!
come back Wednesday and leave Thursday morning.

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Who is Touhou?

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Marisa and her friend Touhou.
(line by some anoynmous)

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Aren't we all a little Touhou on the inside?

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My little Touhou is the softest... oh wait it's hard again.

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I got a three day workout just you know!
(wedenesday, thursday, and friday.)

But hopefully I will make it in time!

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I wouldn't mind getting inside a little Touhou . . .

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implied implication went whooosh

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Her job is to resolve incidents, and she does it without complaint, despite having people contending for the job.

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