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Horikawa Raiko is fashionable and cool as hell! She should have her own thread, don't you agree, /jp/?

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Shut up

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Sexy thighs

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Three Japanese men banging Raiko outdoors!

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Very nice legs and very cute haircut.

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Why would a drum need such sexy thighs?

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For my delight.

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I want to give her head pats

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best thread

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oh look, drummer Yuuka has a thread again.
hey drummer Yuuka!

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ZUN makes his Touhous so damn sexy

It helps draw his audience in

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spank spank

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Raiko is a drum!

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>tfw no one likes this drum
Why is everyone from DDC so ridiculously unpopular

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DDC is not all that great of a game. I just wish Raiko would get an apprearance in a new game someday.

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canonically enjoys spanks

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seija is cool and popular

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The Grassroot dorks are pretty damn popular though, and so are Shinmy and Seija, it's only the instrument girls that nobody gives a shit about. If you want a game with unpopular characters check 16, nobody cares about anyone in that game except for Okina and maybe Aunn.

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Hello red Yuuka

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Hello green Raiko

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Raiko is a shameless copycat.

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I absolutely love Raiko.

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judging by the latest touhou vote, Aunn's not that popular either.

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What a terrible crime

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Meanwhile Seija is the only one from DDC in the top 50 at all
Everyone else is like 80 or worse

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Seija - 29
Seki - 63
Kagerou - 66
Sukuna - 73
Raiko - 87
Wakasagihime - 101
Benben - 107
Yatsuhashi - 116


Okina - 42
Mai - 97
Aunn - 100 (from 63 to 87 to 100 Jesus)
Satono - 106
Larva - 122
Narumi - 125
Nemuno - 127

I've noticed most characters from 16 took a massive blow the last 2 years outside of Okina who merely went up slightly. For an "unpopular" game, DDC doesn't really perform that badly.

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Name one reason to like Raiko

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drums are cool

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She has a great design, I like drums and she's kinda cool.

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I like women who wear suits.

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It's the boots. The boots are the sexiest part.

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>Aunn - 100 (from 63 to 87 to 100 Jesus)

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>tfw the best active card in TH18 is this drum's

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This fan art.

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Would you adopt a small Raiko

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Because people don't play tha games. You can't fully appreciate Raiko until you see how fun and creative her fight is. Her last two spells are so cool, no Extra matches it in my eyes
That's not even Yuuka's actual hairstyle, artists just ignore ZUNart and draw every short haired character the same
I could do more
Fun spell cards, unique theme, cool design. It's rare to find a touhou that accomplishes all three of these this well. Also she has the best UM card

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Fun fact: This is the first time Seki has overtaken Kage.

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Keep fighting the good fight, anon

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Even official artist's ignore ZUNart.

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Raiko is not ass
Get out

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Huge tits.

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My favorite Raiko.

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Nothing about that raiko is that impressive

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I think her theme is notable enough. Plus, short haired girls are cute.

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Ah, I noticed you meant the pic itself. I just like simple art styles like that the most.

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What a dork. She forgot to put on panties.

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she dreams of a tsukugami ethnostate and tomboys with ties are excellent

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>tsukugami ethnostate
Isn't that incident material

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depends on where she decides to put it
she's one of the few hus who can freely travel in and out of gensokyo as she pleases

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>Raiko conquers the entire outside world
All hail our drum overlord!

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>implying a drum could take over Earth
What’s she going to do, bang loudly every night until all the leaders die of insomnia?

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She wants to be banged like a drum

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Then why hasn't anyone drawn her getting banged like one? It saddens me greatly.

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Because it’s bullying
Raiko is for headpats and hanging out

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Very sad post, anonymous poster of /jp/.

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You can do headpats like a drum beat though

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If you can headpat a girl (like a drum) and hang out together you're already in a physical situation that should naturally develop into you drumming the insides of her vaginal cavities. You're rejecting her advances so great shame be upon you, anonymous poster of /jp/.

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I’m now imagining being seduced by Raiko into a loving marriage
With a drum
I hope you’re happy

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Sleep deprivation is worse torture than you think, anon.

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Stop banging, no one is going to sleep if you keep that ruckus up

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Imagine collapsing from sleep deprivation only to have your unconscious body taken advantage of by a cute drum girl until you become hers

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Joke's on you, I was already hers.

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I like when gets paired up with the other Electric Touhous like Tojiko & Iku

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She's an exhibitionist, dude. She often times attends her concerts without any panties on.

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Delete this blatant lie right now you foul rumormonger
She wears a fucking tie and you think she’d forget that?

>> No.37045145

Prove it, bucko.

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Why do I want to hug this drum?

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She's pretty stacked too, even on DDC standards

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Would you a drum

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I would totally a drum

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You now a drum

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I want to marry this thunder drum

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Her stuffy boots...

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Please close your legs Raiko, people might get the wrong impression

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Imagine Raiko's feet after a long day at work. They must be marinating with sweat in those boots...

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Drum hanging out with small!

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Raiko hanging out with the unidentified!

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>Raiko ditched Benben and not-Benben for the Prismrivers
Explain this horrid betrayal

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She knows what's good for her. By the way, who you quote??

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File: 1.10 MB, 868x1234, __horikawa_raiko_and_lunasa_prismriver_touhou_drawn_by_ko_kita__97b5f951d8e57f7aa7e615d58fd040b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's just asserting dominance. And too green.

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Is this drum trying to seduce me?
I shouldn't be thinking of instruments in such a fashion!

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She can't play Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

>> No.37112032

The drums in lucky man aren't too complex, I bet she could even replicate Palmer's live solos!

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I was going to say something about that, but who are you quoting?

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No one, sorry

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The drum's pink pantsu!

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Why is she so smelly?

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Benben and Yatsuhashi ditched her first, I doubt she got anything more than a thanks for helping them out

>> No.37139692

>literally saved them from turning back into ordinary instruments
>don't even pretend to care
Why are they so mean

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who are you quoting?

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Would you drink with Raiko?

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But she'd lose to Bruford

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