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Riddle me this, /jp/.

What is the similarity between a 15-year-old Naruto fanatic who actually wants to go to Jeeha Village and train to become a ninja, and a 21-year-old, reclusive shut-in who actually wants to go to Gensokyo, become 2D, and marry someone there?

Momizi to get your attention.

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One was serious about it and the other was joking.

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Because PS3SUX

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Not really. Both are serious.

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>One was serious about it and the other was joking.

Yes, I know that the Naruto fanatic is only expressing jubilant childhood imagination, while the Gensokyo fanatic is deadly serious, but that's not the point.

The point is how they are similar. That's what you have to answer.

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They both go an hero.

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I want to go to Canada and marry Momizi.

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You may be serious but not everyone else Arcuied.

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We are doing it ironically as comment on the current state of our affairs. That makes us cool.

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I don't want to go to Gensokyo, I just want to be a girl and spend my days hanging out with other girls who also love anime, video games and /d/.

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Their similarity is that they take their hobby seriously enough to want to/try to be like their hobby.

The Naruto fanatic wants to be a ninja much like the characters he adores, but he will get a big shock when he DOES go there.
The shut-in who wants to go to Gensokyo may or may not go if he can successfully wander through Gensokyo's border.Doesn't mean he'll get to meet most of his favorite characters without receiving some kind of physical/mental damage.

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Wrong answer.

Since the superior Anonymous intellect seems to be running on fumes today, here is the answer:


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They are obviously similar, personally I don't see the difference between wishing to be goku or a little girl,

Doesn't stop me from wanting to be the little girl, I don't care about those fags.

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Canadian here.

Don't come here. Canada sucks.

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Because trolling with your trip really makes this kinda sad, for both you and the people who reply seriously.

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How they're similar?
They both want to enter imaginary worlds and do impossible things.
They're both having escapist fantasies.
They're both probably harmless.

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They're both delusional.

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Canada? Stop making up stuff.

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That they are, your point being?

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The likeliness of the first one to have a vagina is big enough for it to be considered, unlike the second one.

Wait, this is not a "what's the difference between x and y" question?
Fuck you, myself. Go to bed already. You're already consufing keys and workds.

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But you have milk in a bag. MILK IN A GODDAMN BAG.

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There is no point. I asked you a riddle.

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Actually, since Gensokyo exists, it shouldn't be necessary to become 2D. Merely getting to Gensokyo should be sufficient.

I'll manage it someday ;_;

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Naruto and Touhou?

Easy. They both have low power levels.

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And you think you are one of those children cartoon characters, son? And a female, for god's sake? Why do you think you can talk shit about others? Go find a doctor.

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What is the similarity between Arcueid and a potato?

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If Momiji is Canadian do you think she likes poutine?

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>Jeeha Village
thats gurren lagann you incredible sack of fuck

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Both are delusional.

However the difference is here.
One has a lot of little boys.
The other has a lot of little girls.

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>And you think you are one of those children cartoon characters, son? And a female, for god's sake? Why do you think you can talk shit about others? Go find a doctor.

Because there is a fine and clear line between an actor, and a delusional person who genuinely believes that they are a fictional character.

Would you call Tom Cruise insane for assuming the role of a Nazi in the movie 'Valkryie"? Are stage players insane for assuming the roles of various fictional characters in plays?

I think that if you're unable to discern an actor from the part that is being played, you need a doctor more than I do.
And there is no need to grow irrationally angry and butthurt. Take it easy, anon.

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Hard decision.

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I don't know if this is true or not because I am not a faggot.

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My bad. I don't watch Naruto, I have only masturbated to pictures of Tsunade naked so you must forgive my ignorance on the subject.

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Tsunade is from Bleach you faggot

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Tsunade isn't even from Naruto, dumbshit. You're thinking of the wrong Big Three show.

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I want to be an immortal little girl and drink tea in a victorian style mansion with the rest of /jp/.

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Ah, yes, Bleach. Another series that I religiously masturbate to pornography of but never have actually watched.

God bless Tite Kubo for drawing so many women with huge breasts for apparently no reason.

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>Would you call Tom Cruise insane for assuming the role of a Nazi in the movie 'Valkryie"?


I call him insane for the whole Xenu thing. And everything else....

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You fap to porn of series you don't watch? I refuse to do that on principle.

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I'll come, but keep to myself~

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Arcueid is in excellent form tonight. His trolling is carefully designed to only piss off the people who deserve it.

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In retrospect, it was wrong of me to uphold Tommy Cruise as being a paragon of mental stability. Pretend that I said Harrison Ford in Star Wars, playing at being a space pirate.

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I do it all the time.

Sometimes if the porn is actually good, I go check out the series itself.

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They are classified as secondary shounen fags I guess.

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>you're unable to discern an actor from the part that is being played, you need a doctor more than I do.

No, it just means that the actor is really involved with the character and 'became' like it.
Anyway, stop with that bullshit, son. We all know you are not a cartoon girl, your father must really feel bad for you when he sees you walking around acting like a cartoon girl. I should. Give a rest to the old man.

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Kanakers has a god-tier butt.

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Stop sexualizing everything. Did you hit puberty a week ago?

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The cover for Re4 is the greatest ever.

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What's the matter? Too impure for you?

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I find it cute that you're using this in an attempt to seem old and learned.


>We all know you are not a cartoon girl,

This is certainly new and interesting information. If you hadn't informed us all, we might never have known.

>No, it just means that the actor is really involved with the character and 'became' like it.

Or perhaps you have a terminal inability to discern fantasy from reality. I think we've all made it quite clear that I am an ordinary gentleman with an ordinary life and an ordinary car. I do ordinary things, such as smoking weed and playing video games about killer lolis. You're the only one here who seems to insist upon marking me in the role I play outside of the stage. I strongly suggest you seek psychiatric advice and therapy, at the least.

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Are you gay, by chance?

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He just doesn't like people sexualizing his touhous, particularly Kanako (one of his favorites).

I don't know what he's doing on this board.

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Haha, Tristan is confused and disturbed by Kanako's sexuality.

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Naw, I don't actually care. I just prefer the non-sexualized versions of characters which is a rarity on /jp/.

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>Doesn't know what sexuality is.

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Here is a non-sexual, realistic picture of Kanako.

Let no one say that I cannot be child-friendly.

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You're no gentleman, and I note you don't list having a job as part of your ordinary life.

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.....can you start posting some more ass again please?

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So in other words.... you're gay?

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>You're no gentleman

I laugh at you and your petty aspersions. You're clearly jealous of my superiority. It would not surprise me if you were delusional, either.



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Didn't you read his post?
He is gay if non-sexualized pictures of fictional cahracters are posted on /jp/, he is not if they are sexualized.

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Prude Kanako is better anyway. Leave the sluttiness to Sanae and Suwako.

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Furry test.

If you boner, you're a furry.

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Don't mind me. I'm just posting some Bromiji.

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You are no gentleman. There is nothing about you that makes you a gentleman.
And you still refuse to mention employment.

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Sanae's butt is a miracle of the Moriya shrine.

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No. I didn't say I want Kanako to have a dick, I just like the non-lewd.

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What if I already have a boner prior to this?

Fucking Ticket to Sweetland's Our First Time.

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How does one classify something as furries?
Does it have to have more than 50% fur?

I mean what about stuff like neko ears or something like Horo?

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>You are no gentleman. There is nothing about you that makes you a gentleman.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

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Weird, I never really thought of Kanako as a Naga.

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Fuck that. Momizi passes the 10 percent test, so I'm in the clear.

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10% is OK. Also, Momizi is cute.

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Well, she's a snake goddess, it always occurred to me that she might appear as such.

Also, Furry Test MK2.

If you boner, you are attracted to bovines.

>What if I already have a boner prior to this?

Go away and come back when you're soft.

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>I find it cute that you're using this in an attempt to seem old and learned.

you thinks you are a cartoon girl and finds old men cute. Look, i have nothing against homosexuals, but think in your family a bit, ok?

Nothing is clear here. I don't know who you are, i don't know your life, i don't know a piece of shit about you. I just can see you're a guy old enough to be working and is here, wasting your time in an anonymous board, posting in a cartoon girl's name and spitting a wholesome of bullcrap to justify it while offending me. Shame on.

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What, do you believe yourself a gentleman because you own a top hat and a monocle or something?
Material trappings does not make one a gentleman.

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Boof is posting cows in my thread

[i'll help]

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The correct term is Lamia.

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At least post some real ケモノ for a furry test.

If liking this artist makes me furry, I don't give a damn.

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>Nothing is clear here. I don't know who you are, i don't know your life, i don't know a piece of shit about you.

So basically you're just pulling shit out of your ass and assuming things about a stranger.

Carry on, sir.


I wear two monocles at the same time. Beat that.

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What is with the sudden interest in Lamia?
Is it because of the new game where you can fuck a snake?

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Well, it's more of a matter of that your picture displays Ran and Chen as they really -are-.

Because...at the end of the day...they are a fox and a cat, respectively.

Also, I am proud that you did not title the image "FURRY RAN AND NIGGER CHEN" as so many do.

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time to get my dick out.

>> No.3687584

It's because /jp/ is tsundere for vore.

>> No.3687592

You don't get it. You could wear an infinite ammount of infinitely recursing monocles at once and it wouldn't make you anymore of a gentleman. What you wear and what you own do not change the fact that you are no gentleman.

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I think you're buttmad and jealous of my style.

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It's embarassing to read your posts, please stop.

Mikos are /jp/ right?

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I light my cigars with my heated tophat.

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Of course. If a stranger hits on your woman, you shouldn't keep quiet because he's a stranger, you punch him on the face like a man. What matters is not who you are, it's what you're doing here, now.

>> No.3687609

What style?

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Yes, Mikos are /jp/.

I don't know if I want a furry miko, though. Does she have fur under her arms? That's the kicker.

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Briefly posting miko.

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>What is the similarity between a 15-year-old Naruto fanatic who actually wants to go to Jeeha Village and train to become a ninja, and a 21-year-old, reclusive shut-in who actually wants to go to Gensokyo, become 2D, and marry someone there?

They both breathe air, eat food, piss and defaecate, and sleep (sometimes). That was too easy bro.

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/jp/ has always loved monster girls

>> No.3687647


Charming, but that's the wrong answer. The most obvious answer to a riddle is always the wrong one, didn't you know?

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They probably have less hair there, because Hygiene? I dunno.

Not really sure if I want furry waki miko.

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Tomoe is my favorite miko.

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>fur between breasts


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Both have lived for at least 14 years
both want to live somewhere in japan
both seek refuge in fiction
Both just caused you to lose the game
Both enjoy anime
Both were once you.

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All of those who dissapeared without traces went to gensokyo... and were eaten by youkai.

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Amelia-chan ;_;

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I wouldn't want to go to Gensokyo. Being stuck in the late 19th century, they wouldn't have things like microwaves or refrigeration or efficient heating/AC systems. Maybe /jp/'s true dream is to marry a petite girl who's willing to wear funny dresses and moving to a cabin in Montana?

>> No.3687867

One wants to be a ninja

The other wants a harem


>> No.3687868

>microwaves or refrigeration or efficient heating/AC systems
Why do you need them when you have Cirno, Mokou or Utsuho.

>> No.3687870


Kourin can get you that shit, if you suck his cock.

>> No.3687875

Okay, but you don't necessarily want to go out and find them every time you're a little chilly or you need to freeze a chicken breast for later use.

>> No.3687877

[X] Magic

>> No.3687886


If you want her to keep your drinks cool, have her drink it first and then urinate your drink into a cup.

>> No.3687892

I prefer real cooking most days anyway.
A daily stroll to the market is good for you.
>heating/AC systems
Had those a couple of times, never used them.

>> No.3687896

I like piss, but you do realize it doesn't work that way, right?

>> No.3687906

On second thought, I'll just put up with kind of warm beer.

At least Gensokyo has no shortage of booze. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

>> No.3687919


You seem to be a little confused.

It's going to come out exactly as you put it in, you know.

>> No.3687924

Still warm, then? Useless, it's all useless!

>> No.3687932

>Arcueid Brunestud !ARCIkc4cG6
>Typical troll thread

I like that momizi pic so I'll bump this thread just for ya!

>> No.3687934

I was implying more that I'd rather not resort to filtering beer through Cirno to try to get it colder. But I guess some people are into that kind of thing. Who am I to judge?

>> No.3687936


No, it'll be quite cool, but otherwise unchanged.

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