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just wondering???

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Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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Oh look, it's this troll again.

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: O

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im just not used 2 these boards is all....this is gawd awful alien 2 me.....you guys talk about creepy shit instead of general life...

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at least we are getting somwhere....i am a great poster from the espn mods...im currently undergoing a 3 week ip ban and finding other altenatives to quell my need to converse online....so..umm....who likes drinking : /

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>expected /jp/ to be a place about general life


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ok....soo..i come in peace..and we are doing..fine????whats the hot topic here....someone enlighten me???

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We're discussing penises, care to join?

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not really

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Why do peopel like this ugly white thing? the brown one is much better

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ohhhh.......i get it...you guys r outcasts.......i hate the world ...nobody undertsands my goth beliefs....i like penises over vaginas....tsk....i pitty you honkies..get into real a real posters groove...4get your self pity and that i hate the world garbage.....introducing....the captian make it happen...morgon.....liqour.....its what grown ups drink when they're unhappy.....if your 21...u should try it.

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drink away that self pity...then u canb like me!!!

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I just noticed you're the one that posted the furry porn.

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oh...and japanses culture is obsolete! :O!!!!!!!!!!lolololololol

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Please put a little effort in your trolling.

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fuck yea dawgies...love furry...and vore

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dawgies...i can make or break a forum.....u just have 2 like me....

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look fellas...im a celeb..i wont say my name...but know this.....accept me...and your forum will thrive....ya or nay...what is it??

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>.i like penises over vaginas
>has a name that's fixated on his penis

>.nobody undertsands my goth beliefs
Right after that:
>.u just have 2 like me....

>implying you're over 21
>4get, u, dawgies, i

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imply this,,,,i can make or break you....or you can continue to jabber about demon girls in your fucking closet....you want this place 2 get interesting...i can make it so...i;ve got nothing 2 lose....but if you wanna fight me...make me feel unwelcome.....then i geuss children of the korn will have 2 do...ur choice really...just accecpt me...let me lead this heap....lest have some real fun!!!!

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dawgs..im a fkn leader......i will make this forum crem de le crem.....its up 2 you...just accept me as boss man... and you will have it...

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Why are you here and not on the sports board?

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STOP TALKING TO HIM! Ignore the troll and he'll go away.

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im a gore jockey : D

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Noooo, don't tell our secret plan!

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now now now.....why turn down gold when i give it 2 u 4 freely....u wanna be rebels...ok then...continue to be unheard of....just remember....when i hit the home page...its always the sports jocks or the technophobes that get the attention...never you honkyS..i can change that..

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I wonder, does someone this retarded sometimes forget to breathe?

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become my minions and i will make this forum the most famous of all 4chan!!!

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c??? already this board is becoming interesting with me here.....however...i am becoming board....u have 2 make me wanna stay...hohum fools....

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Zunbro here. You are now in command of /jp/.

Good luck, ESPN Guy. Hopefully you can make this place become big and famous.

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big and famous like my dick

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I think I saw this poster before. He was posting under mugen j-something.

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lol...thats the spirit!!! i have one follower..waiting 4 one more??

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lol..i have one follower....waiting 4 one more??

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nah...that wasnt me,

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anyways...who else will fallow?

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>i am becoming board

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Oh, fantastic.

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ok ..you won my support...lets make this forum the sht!!!!

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