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Oh wow.

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How would Caster fare against Beatrice?

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He wouldn't losse to magic and houhus at least, but Rule bReaker maybe could destroy his defense. He would lose in 1vs1 combat

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Could Rule Breaker even screw over Knox's rules?

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But doesn't an endless nine in the end equal one?

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Does this mean he could take EA to the face?

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Battler can deny ORT discuss

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He can deflect divine spirit level attacks.

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Ort is not made out of magic. It is made of hax.

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He is an alien.

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Magic resistance doesn't do squat against a barbecue stick.

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In Nasuverse Battler can deny the root.

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Seriously, when was that scene in the VN again? I think I was half asleep when I read it because I don't remember it AT ALL.

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~20 minutes before LOL I TROLL YOU.

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It looks like the part where Beato or one of the stakes tries something on Battler and he gets all pissed off and a big magical barrier appears around him, or something. It's been a while since I read it.

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I think it's after Battler yanks Eva-Beatrice and co. into the meta-world and Eva-Beatrice is just like "whatever, just kill Battler"

It happens right after the scene where Beato is protecting the room with Jessica and Kanon in it

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"What's his power level, Siesta 410?"

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...The scene in the novel is the same as in the anime, Evatrice gets "summoned" into the metaworld, Siestas try to shoot Battler and fail miserably. How can you not remember it, goddamn, it's the best part of ep3.

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lol i can't wait for the ep 4 powerlevels

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I remember it, what I don't remember is the "endless nine" part.

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Like the other anon said, while I remember them failing to hit him, and them proclaiming how he has a high magic resistance, I remember nothing of endless nines.

Also, the best part of ep3 was the part that made every anon rage and/or cry in pain, though that was a tea[party, I believe...

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You don't remember it in the VN because you never read the VN, go back to /a/.

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Too small!

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Shut the fuck up and eat your brocoli, Momizi.

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magic doesn't exist, hence why it can't harm him.

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Kinda /a/ in here...

Anyway, I'm only following this and Sacred Blacksmith this season, and only because they're so fucking stupid it's hilarious. Umineko may have been a good VN, I haven't read it, but god the anime is retarded.

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>I haven't read it
Get out.

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Get out of /jp/, you sicken me.

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Currently on Episode 2. Was not expecting tsurupettan.

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I don't think anyone was expecting the pettan.

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Why do those arms get sleeves all of a sudden?

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Umineko is terrible. Only faggots who like Tsukihime, FSN or other overrated crap think it's anything better than "killer witches XDD," which is exactly what it is.

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You say that like killer witches are a bad thing.

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Why are killer witches BAD?

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The fact that you don't know the answer to something so self-evident goes to show that you're ignorant tools who can only appreciate plebian garbage like Ryukishi's Agatha Christie fanfiction with MAGIC. Get out, and don't come back until you disavow TM's poorly written cash cowing and 07th Expansion's unoriginality in favor of true masterpiece VNs

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"Wha, .........i, i, it was deflected?!?! There's no barrier, it was deflected with resistance alone... F, 45, Target Measurement!!"
"45, understood...
............huh, ......whaaaa...?! Th, this is, ......am I broken? Am I insane......?
A, Anti-Magic Resistance Power, Endless Nine... E, even mythical-class magical attacks won't be effective on the target!!"
The warheads for the golden bows could penetrate any magical armor with their mutual corrosion.
When that was blocked by anti-magic resistance power, even something with 8 digits wouldn't escape penetration.
...Furthermore, even among the resistance power of famous gods that appear in myths, there are not many who reach 9 digits.
For that reason, 9 digits were enough to measure almost all sensible values.
...Battler had buried all 9 of those digits with nines......

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Well, you clearly have very refined tastes. Would you bless us with some of your infinite wisdom regarding good visual novels and give us a few suggestions?

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Fatal Relations.

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If you said that we should read books, I may have belied you actually mean what you say or you are not just an idiot.
Now, you ruined it.

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Why do you add 'ONLY' in there?
Who said one can only enjoy releases from one team/company?
Why should I reject entertaining shit in order to read said masterpieces?
Troll argument has too many holes.

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TM's works always get me bored. Umineko isn't about ''killing witches'' lulz so funny. It's a real headache trying to figure out who is the murderer. I love Christie's works, and while ep1 is like you've said, at least the riddle this time has a real meaning and it's not about 'judging poeple because of their sins'. It just takes a Christie's base to make a truly enjoyable work. I've read quite a few VN and I usually get bored halfway because they're alll the same X route for girl X and delving in her psyque and problems, you get tired a lot. Umineko was kind of refreshing, even repeating the sqame thing it's always new and you don't mind re-reading it becasue you may have information you didn't notice. I also found the whole premise really interesting because you're actually competing against the writer to discover the mistery, he smashes your theories every ep and gives you better info. I still haven't found a novel more hooking

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What he does is present you with 1000 irrelevant shit, most of them contradicting each other and one is not more plausible than the other, and when he will present one solution, it will be luck of the draw.
Add supernatural shit because the actual content would be 1/5th without such procrastination over matters beaten to death.
Not the guy you quoted.

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Japan prefer reading X route for girl X and delving in her psyque and problems.
Thus you see a lot of moeges having good rating at EGS.

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Oh really good!!! Harem shit all over gonna post a review of its DEPTH
>If, however, you are more interested in seeing a guy bang so many girls in one day and do not care about linear endings, then by all means, enjoy this title! This is good for the erotica insatiable since it's all about sex, sex, and more S-E-X.

So what you think is a good VN is basically H with lots of sex right?OH well, sorry to disapoint you but I hate H-scenes and I just read them if I want something funny. I usually skip them, they're not even entertaining

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Different anon making fun and confusing you.

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Trolls dont need games that are interesting, only games that looks expensive and can be completed in matter of few hours. Thats why we have shitty PC games. It can also apply to other multimedia works.
So any kind of explaining why Umineko is good and worth reading to them is pointless.

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BUt that's the fun, add lots of red herrings, make people think about what's actually impirtant and what's not. Giving the answer right off the bat would be stupid, also even if fantasy scenes aren't real, they're as important as the real ones, since they have something true in them, but it's difficult to extract it, that's why.

For your info, Ryu07 has the end pretty confirmed and hasn't still changed. He had to change this like the Rokkenjima of ep4 because many popele were suspecting about Kinzo and that's good, adapting to your readers intellect and trying to surprise them.

And still, Umineko is not a mistery, is a romance which was subtletly developed since ep2 and had its climax in ep5. BUt you know, I like trying to solve it, it's fun and my opinion and no opinion is better than any other

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You either give the reader a fair chance, or just write whatever bullshit you want with far too many solutions running on vague mechanics.
The story is not a mystery, and does not use the mechanics of one well.
Let's not even touch the romance issue(something Ryou should NOT write)/

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Shit, that was the other one I played when I was still a teen.

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Yes, he definitely shoudnt write romances. He is much better at making weird overcomplicated mystery stories. And that is probably only think where you are right. Rest of your posts proves that you are idiot. Bye!

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I think it uses the mistery mechanism perfectly, you can make as many thories as you want, check them wth your friends, compare them and still having some kind of anticipation so they are accepted/rejected in-game. The thing is, he gives you a lot of information, there's no one who can't say that doesn't have enough basis to make a theory in general, even if it sucks because it's too twisted, but there are, of course, false information, a lot of it. Not many mistery novels are difficult, that's why Iike this one even if it isn't one, it's still as puzzling as it was in ep1, just that now you have more basis for it, most misteries give you too much hints, in fact he said this one could be solved in ep4 and once we got the answer we would start seeing many hints in every ep. Still, it's n ot even finished 5/8, you're missing at elast 2 more eps before having alll the clues you need and your able to discern the one you thought was useful and wasn't.

And for you, I liked the way BeaBato evolved, I thought they made a good couple in ep2, suffered in ep3 and in ep4 suffered because I understood her true troll, ep5 is very romantic, but still, if you don't like that kind of romance and like the typical haremshit (99% of the VNs) I can't blame you since just a few novels aren't that way, just a weak excluse of a DEEP plot just to sell porn, it's just not worth. umineko may have gore, but at least its not its selling point.

And if you're so knowledgeable, please do illustarte me with some VNs that are good, interesting and have a good plot, not just your typical H

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I think you just poeple are just too used to the average VN romance, fast, girl-centered and always the same

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Samefag, not gonna answer anymore, it's late here and I gotta sleep

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>endless nine
>in the end

Does not compute

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>>3656733 mistery


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It's gonna be hilarious when the Answer arcs don't answer anything and he pulls a LOL I TROLL YOU since that's what he said he was aiming for from the start.

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I am not the 'Pleb' guy.
And disregarding the 'check with friends' nonsense, the problem remains that there are too fucking many variables, contradictions, misinformation and irrelevant shit. That is not challenging the leader, that's like swimming in the night hoping you reach the right shore. The point of the mystery is to either challenge you to make your eduction or enjoy/analyze the train of thought of the heroes. Umineko cranks that up to endless nines. And that is not good.
The romances are bad because the development and interactions are nonsensical and too fast in their build-up. This has nothing to do with other vns, there are problems concerning the writing in overall.
And gore cannot be the main selling point, they are just text descriptions, and there is much worse shit out there easily.

And comparing our tastes and e-penises is irrelevant.
R7 has the bad tendency, both in Higurashi and Umineko to involve too many fucking variables that makes followig the events a chore, killing the curiosity and suspense the first release provides you.
Supernatural mechanics whose consistency or sense is laughable does not help.

Umineko relies solely on atmosphere, and has tiring, flawed writing that could use some clearer direction.

It's not BAD, but you guy seriously overrate it.

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'A 20th person did it all, magic exists but does not work the way I showed you' or something like that.

You just enjoy the characters on different situations, and at the end learn the scope and setting they acted on.
Expecting more than that is pointless

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There's no decimal point. It's infinity.

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sorry, omega:n=1->10[9*(10^n)] , n = integer isn't infinite. Just really large.

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>>3656805 It's not BAD, but you guy seriously overrate it.

Different person than whom you are referring to; I find myself agreeing.

I enjoyed Episode 1 greatly, but this out-of-the-blue romance stuff in Episode 2 has been pissing me off. It doesn't seem very apparent to me that any of the relationships have been defined more so than in Episode so as to provide additional information on who could have committed the murders (excluding the possibility of the 19th person being the Golden Witch and lol magic). I was sort of hoping that it would have just started on the island with everyone hearing the letter from Maria, but have people react differently throughout the SN than in Episode 1 by asking different questions, such as:

1) How did the killer(s) managed to kill 6 people in the mansion and move the bodies to the storage shed without being spotted by anyone else or leaving any trails?

2) Why were Rudolf's, Kyrie's, Goduh's and Rosa's faces completely destroyed while only Krauss' and Shannon's faces had enough left to properly identify them?

3) Is it truly impossible to open the door to the room where Eva and her husband were killed in without destroying the door/chain?

4) Do the "twilights" play any role in the riddle of Kinzo's gold, or are they the wishful thinking of Kinzo in preparing the magic ritual?

5) Who planted the letter while in Kinzo's room? (probably the weakest question I have listed)

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make it an iterative solution, where n(new) = 1x10^n(old)

and iterate until the solution stops changing. infinity is the only answer.

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I'm more surprised you didn't call me out on being retarded with the base of power. Should've started on 0 and stopped at 8.

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If you make a list of reds related to each of the murders, you'll start seeing the truth. You might also want to use what "battler the chess piece" see with his only eyes as truth too. Disregard everything else and believe only the red.

As for the comments on the VN... if it entertains you, then it's a good VN for you. Tastes and perspective differs from one another. Simply saying something sucks just because it doesn't work for you means nothing.

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Are you sure he didn't mean misery?

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Unless there is a misery novel genre, I'm pretty sure he was going for mystery and just failed terribly at spelling it.

>> No.3657980

>misery novel genre
Isn't that nakige?

>> No.3658002

Isn't that just NTR?

Nakige are just sappy/sad romance and dont usually make you feel bad or rage.

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This is exactly how I feel. Romance has no fucking place in Umineko, 07 just can't fucking write it properly. The only people who give a flying fuck about the romance in the VNs are fangirls and shippers. The rest of the fans want to deal with the mystery, but continually get shit on by the above fans.
What the fuck does that mean? Is that going to fucking help me solve the mystery? No it's fucking not, it doesn't do anything. It's a god damn one liner horrible fans love to throw out when they don't have an argument. 07 seriously messed up Umineko.

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Unless Witch Hunt mistranslated something, or I misread the scene, why is Rose, in Episode 2, not allowed to read the letter to herself before dinner? Just because she agreed to read it aloud at dinner doesn't mean that she agreed to never read it beforehand.

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Ah, didn't realize I misspelled Rosa's name.

>> No.3658043

Ah, thought you meant Maria's rose itself or somesuch.

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The thing about looking at something with love has nothing to do with romance.
It was just a poetic way to say that you can't solve the mystery with a purely anti-fantasy train of thought. You obviously weren't paying attention to Okonogi's talk, were you?

>> No.3658151

The way they use it, it's only about romance.
I get what you mean, but you can't just abandon logic, for the sake of LOVE. I know you're supposed to care about the characters in the VN, and feel sympathetic towards the "victims" but I don't think that's how you would realistically solve it. 07 is going to pull some bullshit "only luv can solve it" on us, and logic will be thrown out the window.

>> No.3658681

Actually, if you think about it, the romance stuff is more like the idea of reincarnation... Even after the characters "die" on the previous eps, they retain some of the deepest feelings they had. At least, that's what he's probably trying to do I think.

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>I get what you mean
No you don't.
Many fans have the mentality of "lol magic scene, disregard."
But if you think of it in a literary standpoint, why the fuck would Ryukishi put in so much filler that never happened? Turn the fucking chessboard around. Every magic scene should have some character development or metaphorical meaning.
"Love" used in Umineko is just a different way of saying "bias." If you have no love for the fantasy-side, you're only seeing half of the picture.
You don't "abandon logic, for the sake of love."
No, it's the opposite. The ones who AREN'T looking with love are the ones abandoning logic.

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