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Why is White Len the best Meltan character?

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That's not Miyako.

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But she isn't the best Meltan character

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Cause she used to have crazy priorities.

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Shitty Len recolor.

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True that.

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You've never played Melty.

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White Len can express herself, so I think she's superior.

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because she is not

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Suck my balls, faggot.

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White Len has pupils therefore she's superior.

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The real Len does not need words to communicate.

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She is also an unoriginal character from a terrible fighting game.

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The real Len is mute, therefore she's superior.

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Why do you think that being mute is superior?

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Shaking head means no, nodding means yes, hugging means very yes!

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She can't say no.

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In gameplay terms: Len is superior to W. Len in almost every version.

In character terms: I prefer my own personal succubus loli that helps me and has mollusk-like dream sex rather than someone who would create a false Nanaya as a master.

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I find the fact she's mute and has no pupils to be rather creepy. Plus, dominant lolis do appeal to me.

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i like both, white is superior

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I second this.

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I'll take both, but Len is special.

Also imagine when during sex W. Len turns into pic related.

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Dream of a Summer night

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I love this picture.

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My choice is obvious, but I don't mind the black one, either.

All you haters need to learn what love is.

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Made using the fragments of TATARI system, not exactly made using KATTO itself.

You can tell, because she is tsundere.

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Yes, of course, but who says he can't reform from White Len, would be dickish enough to suit Katto, and we'd know how he'll be in Melty Blood Actress Core Plus Mega.

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In his Arcade route he reforms separately.

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For one thing, you need to reform that guy for him to reform W.Len.
For most intents and purposes, Sion is the next successor, ask her.

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Here's an interesting CG set:


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So it was really you that needed my help, my sister?

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did anybody save MATTO MATTO MATTO from that last Wallachia thread we have

because I did not

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Because Ciel is the best Meltan character.

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White Len is the best because Ciel is the best Meltan character? wut?

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The OP post made no sense, so why should my reply?

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But White Len is better than Ciel.

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But Wallachia is the best Meltan character.

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Any more where that came from? /rs/ yields nothing.

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different character same shit

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So much better.

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I smell lies.....

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Don't you find her much hotter?

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There's one centered around Akiha at the least.

Ctrl-F search for Shiro Akiha and download the Pack its under.

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This is the hottest thread on the board.

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Meltan thread?

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Here are some more:


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I downloaded expecting some weird Tsukihime/FSN crossover where Shirou fucks Len, needless to say, I was disappointed.

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do you have the game those CGs came from?

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Why oh why would you want to see Shirou fucking Len?

Or, for that matter, anyone else?

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Maybe he has a fetish for girls being impaled on Swords?

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No. Sorry.

Who doesn't love the jackhammer?

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shes the best

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At giving footjobs? Because I imagine that White Len would quite like doing that.

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oh god what

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Yes, these two characters do look rather similar.

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That's a nice set of images. A pity that White Len doesn't have a DFC in the swimsuit one though.

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There cannot be two bests. Seeing as Sacchin is clearly the best, I believe you are wrong.

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y u do dis? ;_;

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that hurts man

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Because I am a Touhou.

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White Len? More like Koishi Komeiji

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Making White Ren!YLuFF cry

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One day I will smack someone with White Ren's gigantic dick.

I'll just pick her up and use her as a melee weapon.

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I'm not crying, just disappointed in Japan.

Why put a gigantic penis on someone so lovely?

>> No.3658112

In Japan, it's because of their fetish mania.
In /jay pee/, it's because of their troll mania.

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What about people who think White Len's two times more useful with a gigantic penis?

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They, like you, are a waste of good carbon.

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Just like Arc being 17 times more useful when she's forcefully divided in said number of fragments, mirite?

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What is this I don't even

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>Maybe he has a fetish for girls being impaled on Swords?
Oho!... I have picked something interesting on the mugenradar... care to elaborate?

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17 cuts, 17 pieces. A paradox the best mathematician in the world couldn't solve. She should have stayed cut up to give people more time to ponder the mystery.

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Obviously, one cut re-traced another cut, not severing any new flesh.

>> No.3659094

not that impossible, 1 cut just didn't sever anything.

>> No.3659975

But she isn't even a loli.

>> No.3659980

What if he made half a cut somewhere but didn't follow through until the second cut?

>> No.3659991

Cut 1: 1 piece
Cut 2: 1 piece
Cut 16: Doesn't go deep enough to sever
Cut 17: Finishes severing

>> No.3660038

He destroyed one of the pieces he cut in the same strike.

If everything has it's own point of destruction, as well as lines, then when you cut it in half, you'd get two things with two points. There's bound to be a time when you cut something in a way that when it splits, it's dot has already also been damaged and it disappears entirely.

>> No.3660052

I think all the locations of the cuts were mentioned, someone should make a chart or something.

>> No.3660058

Wasn't she rescued by Shiki in middle school or something like that? She was a loli then.

>> No.3660067

There is a video where a guy slashes at the appropriate places.
And there are bananas there.

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White Len has the advantage that she'll never stop being a loli.

>> No.3660131

I'm not quite sure he can "partially cut" something when using his mystic eyes.

>> No.3660137

Just trace only half the line with a knife.

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You don't have to be a loli to be the best. It helps a lot though.

Still, Sacchin is the best. Akiha is a very close second.

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He either breaks the whole line or it doesn't break

>> No.3660905

I disagree. What do you like about Sacchin by the way?

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Where did you read that?

>> No.3661838


What is with you and bumping your threads? Do you feel ashamed if they 404 or something? They aren't ever very good.

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I don't post the Rika threads. And I do let the majority of my threads get pruned.

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>I don't post the Rika threads.

>> No.3664129 [DELETED] 

Look at who the OP is.

>> No.3664137 [DELETED] 

>Implying that you are not the same person

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Same faggot.

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By the way, does anyone have a clear version of this image of Len?

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Calm yourself. Taking it easy is preferred here.

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