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Dinner's ready!

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for dessert: paizuri

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How is she going to bring that to the table? Does she just hop around or something?

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she can fly

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Her hopping around sounds cuter i think. Anyway i wish there was more art of touhous as housewives.

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Seeing these images hurt knowing that you’ll never have a loving yokai wife

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Like this


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It's not fair...

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Just go to Gensokyo lol

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Yeah. you have to go into your mom's medicine cabinet and eat all the pills

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Will waggy be waiting to give me a warm embrace if I do it?

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I want a cute apron tsukumogami wife so bad!

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You'll hear a cacophony on ZUNpets getting louder and louder and louder and louder until it all goes black for the last time. And then you'll be in Gensokyo.

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Good. Humans should stick with humans and stay away from filthy youkai.

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I don't know but this is now a fishe thread!

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Imagine eating some caviar with Waggy

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Fish egg stew AGAIN?

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that pot would spill all over the place
maybe she slides over the floor like a snake

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She's the ultimate form of the fishe species, she's in the pinnacle of her race, also she's a mammal because she has tits to breastfeed, so it doesn't matter, you can feed her with a shark fillet and it will be the same as feeding your human friend with a beef burger.

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I hate seafood but would eat it for Waggy

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She's so sweet and pure, if you don't want to eat that she won't force you

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She probably would be sad about it however.

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It's crab stew, and it's even written in kana so you have no excuse.

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Damn, you're fucking right, the food that Waggy cooks with so much care and love should not be rejected

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Fishe breast

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Hefty fish boobs

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Slimy and soft

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I'm tires of living. So fucking tired.
Fuck this.

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>loving yokai wife
kind of a contradiction since yokais are supposed to incite fear in humans

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Waggysaggy is not an enemy of humans according to her official profile.

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Waggy Saggy is cute!

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I'll have fish.

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don't eat

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The fish stinks!

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Can I eat the fish instead?

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The faster you do it, the stronger you'll be.

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You can only love the fish

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she cute

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fishe is always cute

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The fish that's more friendly then your next door neighbor.

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The fishe will do her best to make you happy

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Fish goes adventuring!

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Cute! I wish I was there!

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what did you serve?

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I want to cuddle with Waggysaggy in bed and stroke her mermaid butt

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You will need a pool bed

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God I love the grassroot youkai

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File: 1.04 MB, 1800x754, Konachan.com - 233401 autumn blue_eyes blue_hair bow drink fang food forest leaves long_hair mermaid red_eyes red_hair sekibanki teiraa touhou tree water wolfgirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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How did she get there?

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she can fly

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She swam up the river then dragged herself across the land like a seal.

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You will notice that there is a river a few meters away. She can easily drag herself on land from there.

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that must hurt, is she ok? :(

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She is tough like most youkai so it did not hurt.

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sasuga wakasagihime
not even motorboating her full force can hurt her

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Fish are surprisingly durable outside their element. A mermaid must be extremely tough.


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-> >>36579354

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like this https://youtu.be/l6mGixhCcYY

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Waggy would look cute doing this

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>How is she going to bring that to the table? Does she just hop around or something?
No. You're going to carry her.
Did you forget that almost everyone can fly in Gensokyo?

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This looks slimy

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I only slightly agree.
It has an oil-y look to it. I wouldn't call it slimy.

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They're a good bunch.
Banki is the lovable dork, Kagerou is the somehow wholesome member of the trio and Wakasagi is just kind... even though she's a mermaid.

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Weren't sirens the asshole ones?

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Wel, to be fair it doesn't matter

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>is just kind
What's the problem here?

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That's how you know it's not fresh.

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Do not ask how it works.

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How does it work?

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Why does it work?

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A wizard did it. Namely Patchouli.

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who is Patchouli?

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The Girl of Knowledge and Shade

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a fat

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This mermaid is baring her fangs, how scary

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Don't laugh at waggy, please

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I was dead serious, at that moment I was fearing for my life!

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Wakasagihime is not an enemy of humans so there is nothing to be scared of. She is only retrieving the remains of humans who were killed by the giant fish of the Misty Lake so they can be returned to the Human Village.

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What a kind mermaid, now I feel bad for being scared of her

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Lewd Waggy!

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Those air bladders on her chest are unmistakeably lewd!

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On her way to a bonus stage, I suppose.


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Stinky fish

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How do you know she stinks?

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