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Byakumayo cuteness is a miracle of the universe.

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My inner moonspeaker is screaming and throwing furniture right now.

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Translated by someone who's apparently never used english in an actual conversation.

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Potemayo is pretty cute but Guchuko stole the show for me every episode.

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<-- Fixed

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I'll wait for the day when nobody draws her white shirt anymore.

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You like moeblobs, huh?

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Shou walked around the outside of the Palanquin Ship.

"Why haven't I touched her yet?" she thought to himself. "I bet she feels nice."

Just then he saw the object of his thoughts, the thing known as Byakumayo sleeping in the sunshine under a tree. She wasn't wearing the bottom part of herclothes, whatever it is. Then he saw it billowing on a clothes line, drying in the sunlight.

"She must have wet herself again" she thought. For some reason, this made her feel a little aroused. "Now's my chance."

Shou walked up to where it was laying and reached her hand downwards. She made pleasing sounds in her sleep. Her hand came into contact with her round body.

"At last" she thought. Byakumayo felt soft and warm to the touch, like a warm bag of oatmeal. Shou then proceeded to pick her up. She squeezed her quite gently.

She stirred slightly. "Namusan――" she murmured in her half awake state.

The pleasure from finally touching Byaku made Shou feel like the happiest tiger in the world, she then put her back down gently and walked on home with a bright smile on her face.

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Needs more Nue, even though she didn't know who Hijiri was and mistrusted the others.

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Oh no, you le didn't

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>she thought to himself

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Oh well Shou's androgynous enough so it doesn't matter.

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wait what

what else happens

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quickest way to find out is probably googling potemayo copypasta

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forgot your trip alicia

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>Palanquin Ship

I facepalm whenever I read this shitty translation of 「聖輦船」

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What would be the correct translation?

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>What a wonderful world.

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Dear god, who the fuck translated the first one?

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Lol Nazrin.