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How come fans usually draw this baka without any footwear?

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Because she doesn't wear any. Hisoutensoku agreed, don't bother him about it

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Because she can't tie shoes.

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But she had socks in that game.

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I think you mean UNL

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Because she doesn't wear shoes.

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Cirno is the mascot of choice for the GFFAC (Global Foot Fetish Awareness Committee). As such she will bare her moe toes in all fan art.

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Feet are hot.

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Only 2D feet are hot.

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You don't know what moe means, do you.

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And what sick fetishes do you have?

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It means cute.

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He prefers sweet, consensual sex in the missionary position.

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Well, yeah. That's a given.

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I have no sick fetishes.

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Whats wrong with feet?

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Now you're just trolling.

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>sweet, consensual sex in the missionary position.
You sick fucking bastard. Not even /d/ would stoop that low.
I hope they're at least not using a condom.

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I have a bit of a podophobia.

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He probably thinks that all feet are disgusting and smelly like his.

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Feet and armpit fetishes are so boring and stupid. Seriously even diaper makes more sense than feet.

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Almost as bad as this.

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>Seriously even diaper makes more sense than feet

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Cirno's bare feet. Canon.

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Only creepy retards like feet. What a non-sexual body part.

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>creepy retards

Did you forget what board you were on?

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I wish to lick her feet.

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*licks a knee* HNNNGGG SO DELICIOUS AND MOE (cute!!!)

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So can we have a delicious foot thread?

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People who are criticizing fetishes of other people are probably the same fags who arrived from youtube a few days ago.

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AKA yourself.


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I'd serve my NEET Princess' feet anytime.

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People still go to that shithole? Isn't it about time you moved on to gelbooru?

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Pig disgusting.

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Imagedump /= browsing danbooru.

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Is it weird that I don't like feet themselves, only girls not wearing shoes/socks?

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Why use 'boorus at all? they get 99% of their images from pixiv anyway.

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Gelbooru doesn't have proper sources.

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Same shit.

Same shit.

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No. An imagedump, provided people are interested, is a group activity.

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Vomiting in toilets, clearly.

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It's a group activity of people posting the same images that can be found there. The creation of sites like those with searchable tags makes image dumps pointless.

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No, it just mean that you have a sock/shoe fetish.

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Same here, anon. It's called aretifism. A sexual attraction to people who are without footwear. It's a pretty rare fetish, and people often confuse it with foot fetish.

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I have this too then. I don't like feet, but I like it when girls are barefoot.

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Less talk, more of Kaguya's delicious feet.

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The point is to look at images. Are you dense?

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Ah yes, invented internet fetishes.

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Yes, the point of those sites is to look at images. You're pretty slow.

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You don't understand the difference between looking at images and looking at images others selected, apparently.

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You think people have some sort of rigorous image saving standard or have the same taste as you. The images posted are essentially random. It's literally no different than browsing a tag on an image site, but you get less results this way.