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Post link to updated translated eratohoTW please

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What is your favorite era game

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K, but the recent changes and so on don't allow me to enjoy the game as much when you can literally save a character and give them level 255 stats across the board mid game.

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K, but the recent changes and so on don't allow me to enjoy the game as much when you can literally save a character and give them level 255 stats across the board mid game.

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I just impregnated Yukarin with 20 liters of semen
how could it be so damn hard to impregnate a youkai

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I remember the time when I dumped 18 liters worth of semen inside Aya Shameimaru in eratohoTW. I wonder how that would work without filling her womb exploding from the pressure.

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TW, it's exactly what you'd expect of a "what if you went to Gensokyo and had time-altering powers" simulator, wish characters had more dialogue though.
Also, I love creepy additions like the Chupacabra.

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How do you find that?V8VKW

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You mean "favorite character" option or what?

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Also there was that spooky rumia can't recall what triggered it but i am pretty sure its not in eratw anymore, or am i mistaken?

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Whenever you stop time and molest girls, there's a random chance you'll get a greyed out, ominous message right below the "ZA WARUDO" saying something like "Even in the stillness of stopped time you can hear something breathing... Or so you think", that's a hint the Chupacabra spawned in the map you're currently in.
If you keep molesting the touhous or wandering around too much it will find you and kill you. You're better off hurrying up and resuming time ASAP as to not risk it finding you.

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To clarify, it can only appear in the world of stopped time.

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Can it actually kill you or does it just knock you out for the day?
And is it possible to fight back or do you just die whenever it finds you?

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Wait, does it spawn when you molest any 2hu? I though it only triggered when you molested Suwako specifically.

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It can spawn at any moment, regardless of what you may be doing. I, however, have been playing for nearly 2 years and have yet to meet Chucapabra even once.

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That's a totally different event altogether, and you should check it by yourself, it's not too bad.

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Menu screen.
Go to saved characters, choose one and edit their stats.

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Oh fuck an eragames thread
Thought we only got those on 4+4chan it's nice to see it around here since that site is so shit

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K, TW and Megaten probably have the most effort put into them on both ends but i wish we got more consistent updates and TLs for shit like ReverseTentaclePalace and that one Plague game

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Daiyousei has become my most beloved girl because of this game.

It had some traction on /vg/ a while ago, but those guys are more interested in reposting retardo memes 24/7.

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Really kind of wish they completed the speech choices rather than keep with the feature creep. They are adding bug catching now.

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Guys...what happens if I name my child Santana?

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Noffin I think.

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Which game is this and where?

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I wish there were more writefags filling up dialogue choices for the characters. The fact that Yuyuko, Kanako, Eirin and Yuugi have literally no dialogue is pretty jarring, Yukari and Suika have very little too.

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Parity is easy compared to slogging through dozens of lines of dialogue, even more so if the character has unique lines for sex and you have to translate all of the inevitable moaning. Just playing these games and curating lines with DeepL gets me tired of that part. It'd be ideal for everything to be translated of course but I get it.
We can't all be like the guy writing mountains of dialogue for Seija in K, or even the people making custom content for Megaten, but there's nothing wrong with trying. I'll probably insert some character into the latter just because it seems like less trouble than writing things out for all sorts of flags in other games.

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>the guy writing mountains of dialogue for Seija in K
That's probably Pedy, he also translated and wrote a shit-ton of dialogue for Seija in TW and now he's writing another mountain of text for Nue for the next TW update.

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I was referring to the japanese ones.

Meiling having no sex or dating speech is just plain tragic.

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Which characters in TW do you guys think have the most well written dialogue?

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As in in character? Iku, Okuu, Aya, Byakuren, Seiga.

Idealized? Daiyousei, Momiji.

Shion has good dialogue for what she is, but she literally has no sex quotes.

Alice has the most autistic dialogue in the entire game.

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Yuuka has good dialogue too.

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In the latest eratoho tw update (afaik) how the hell do you get more plot for farming? You used to be able to buy them from the flower shop

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I haven't tested it myself, but how many plots do you have available? 6 is the maximum, correct?

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yeah, I've got one while living in Kasen's house or SDM, at least

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TW in the residential area of the human village.

It is indeed very expensive, for tiny improvements like health recovery up when resting

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That was omitted during the merge at some point, I'm bugging the swede to add it back, but watch him forget about it again.

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So how's Yuka in this game? Does she have good dialogue?

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Yuuka has a ton of dialogue and it's all translated.
She shits on the player at first but opens up eventually if you pester her enough, she also changes her dialogue according to how close you are to her.
Additionally, she has special combat options.

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>Additionally, she has special combat options.
So I can fight her? Or maybe she can help me fight stuff?

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You have a fighting stat that you can raise through training and fighting other touhous, you can also get access to tools that enhance your fighting capabilities.
You can fight Yuuka any time though she's overwhelmingly strong and you'll need to have a high fighting stat and tools if you want to have slight chance at beating her.
What makes Yuuka special is that she asks for you to wager something before she allows you to fight her, and you can ask for something in return if you do manage to beat her.
Cirno and Marisa are characters that give combat-oriented recipes upon befriending them if I'm remembering correctly.
Also if you find yourself unable to fight or train, remember those things can only be done in certain open spaces within your home location.
The game I'm talking about is eraTohoTW by the way.

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Is there a list by chance of all the characters with translated dialogue?

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EratohoTW has an in-built one if I remember correctly, I think when you're in the sleep menu you have to go to the "Abilities" section, and inside there somewhere it shows a percentage of the translated dialogue. Not sure about EratohoK

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How do I beat Hecatia in TW

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You can beat her without items if you got Ex-tier combat, if the RNG is screwing you over make King Crimson, you should be able to beat her more easily this way.

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>without items
Not him, but I've never fucking had items before.

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So can you have sex with more than one girl at a time in eratohok or eratohotw?

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I know you probably don't need this, but I'll leave this here anyways if anyone needs to know.
To make combat items you need to grind mixing level, get a mixing set or go to Eirin's place, also grind foraging for gathering mixing materials or buy them from Medicine, Rei'sen, etc, the stuff they'll give you will probably suck ass at first but be patient, they also level up their skills.
As stated previously, befriending Marisa and Cirno should give you access to magic bombs and stuff that will help in combat.
Also King Crimson (Mix lvl 4) or even Epitaph (Mix lvl 3) are enough to make a difference and you know the recipe by default.

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Yes, some TW characters even have special dialogue when you're in a relationship with them, they catch you fucking someone else and decide to join in. You can execute some commands to have them kiss you while you fuck the other and such.
However, K goes much, MUCH more in-depth in this regard. There are so many commands and combinations it's impressive and I forgot exactly just how many girls at once you can interact with. You can even learn dark magic to spawn tentacles.
If you're in for this aspect just go for K

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Can you live in the moon area in TW now or is that still unavailable?

>> No.36399419

You can.

>> No.36399438

You can, also fun fact: Doremy's house is baku-shaped.

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I know that its a game and all but I became so autistically loyal to Reisen because of her dialogue. Now I can't force myself to be with anyone else but her.

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based rasinbro

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How do you get Mokou's favor up?

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set her on fire

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If you're having trouble setting something on fire, you can always ask Mokou for help.

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This is gonna take a while isn't it?

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Yep, Mokou is one of, if not the hardest 2hu in TW to get her to like you.

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Mokou's hard as fuck to get, getting the Charming perks through the "Get 3-5 people in love" achievements is the better way of getting to her because with those perks you always get some flat Favorability.

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Is it worth it how much dialogue does she have?

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Items from Futo and Patche are the strongest, don't bother with other stuff for high level duels.

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You can get started on favor with her if you feed her with spiked tea with love potion. It's slow, but you'll get there, I know I did. If you're favormaxxing, you can get all three charming talents and then use Lunar Incense + Gassing Garden combo from items, that should melt her heart really quick. That combo is also really strong for regular 2hus, it gets you laid in a day.
She has enough. She also begs her father to forgive her when you overhear her mumbling during her sleep, so you better hug her tight, anon.

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is the love potion just a one time favor boost or does it actually have any long term effects? also what is the gassing garden, ive seen the name in the files but i dont know what it is or what it does.

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Think of it as turn based combat.
It works for one round and that's it.

>> No.36400524

Actually it's around the time your "serve tea" comes of off cooldown, so you get some time, about an hour and half. No one's forbidding you to activate time stop, make another spiked tea and serve it back to back again. Though RNG might be really cruel to you, I think serving tea to groups increases the chances of them drinking it, but it might be just a placebo.

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>Era thread on /jp/
Neat, good reminder for me to update my games and replay for a bit.

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Youkai-human hybrids are the next best thing to Space Marines
if a youkai became a baby factory, the world would be in genuine peril
and if its a magical juggernaut like Yukari, it'd be even worse

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I think it would be the same way for beings like Dhampirs, but wether they would be edgelords or well adjusted individuals would depend on how lovey dovey the parents were.

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so its more like a temporary boost to favor then? cool
still curious about what the gassing garden thing is

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You get the recipe by befriending Medicine, you make it through mixing and I believe it makes girls incredibly horny to the point they may even go in heat. I believe is similar to Lunar Incense.

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Is banquet event worth enable? Or is it just a buggy mess?

>> No.36407977

Oh right, I've always wondered: when Sakuya asks you deliver provisions to Meiling what are you supposed to do? I'm pretty sure I've tried cooking something and that wasn't it. What the hell is that request

It's fine but sort of annoying since a bunch of characters attend.

>> No.36408084

You just walk to her and give them to her, or so i at least recall, unless that have changed or bugged.

>> No.36408162

Also not sure but you might not be able to give provisions to her if she is working, just a thought.

>> No.36408392

You walk over to wherever Meiling is and there should be an option to give her the provisions. If you don't see the action then it could be filtered.

>> No.36408978

from what I can tell the bug is that Meiling has to be working as a Gatekeeper for you to be able to deliver the provisions. ie between 7 and 12? on weekdays

>> No.36412762

Makes sense since no matter what I ever tried before, there was never any option

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also may as well bother you with "Does misty lake water seriously only make regular sake"? Since Suika has a request for Refined Sake, but I think the only way to actually get that in game is to buy it or something, and misty lake water, unlike Moriya lake water, doesn't create unique sake

>> No.36413060

Refined sake? Oh, that was mistranslated, she means regular sake, which is called 清酒 (refined), as opposed to どぶろく (unrefined).
Also Lake is a special place where you can get normal sake, Moriya lake gives sacred sake, and onsen from former hell gives strong sake. All other sources give unrefined sake. Your knowledge skill increases the yield slightly for strong-sacred, and majorly for unrefined-normal types.

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is the daily omikuji any useful? something you get pretty straightforward messages like it being a good day to try fishing or something, but most of the time i don't know what the hell i'm supposed to do with the information it gives

>> No.36413802

The only useful part is the overall luck. Green(er) luck is good, yellow-red is bad, animal luck gives bonus to 2hus with related animal ears.
Luck is a hidden stat in the game which influences success for actions (especially skill-related ones like fishing, foraging, etc). Without omikuji it will remain at 0 and do nothing.
Another way to get luck is to summon the fortune-teller via letter and ask him for today's fortune, though it's a waste of a letter in my opinion and his divination can't be as high as Reimu's, though not as bad either.

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Is there any way to get Thick Semen any faster? The limitation is fucking annoying.

>> No.36414194

just go to cheat options and add it to player character.

>> No.36414283

An in-game alternative would have been nice but I guess that's better than nothing.

>> No.36414305

otherwise you wait like a week without fucking or mastubating (is that even option in TW?) to get it.

>> No.36414574

It's 3 days in TW, but it's still a pain in the ass when you are on a quest to impregnate as many 2hus as humanly possible.

>> No.36414871

is there actually a way to actually get Lewd on a girl in TW or is it just exclusive to incompetent/lust mode

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How many Touhou characters have you gotten to fall in love with you? For me pic related.

>> No.36414890

Eating a dish that has Vigor property on it should give thick semen right away, though I wonder if there's a dish like that.

>> No.36415018

Girls get lewd when their V/B/M/C/A reach level 15, I think. Each lewd is separate. Mouth is named [Kissing Demon].

>> No.36415040

Go to jinja to pray for thick semen
And if you bring Ran with you, she will grant you an extra wish
Pray again for thick semen, and you'll get 1800ml thick sperm at most

Or go produce that hyper thick sperm drink if you reach Lv.4 in medicine making
be noted that what I play is the latest nip version 4.791

>> No.36415732

i know about those, i was referring to the talent specifically called Lewd
on a similar note, how does the experience for sensitivity work, like whats the conversion rate between CPleasure and CSens because it doesnt seem to be 1:1 and i want to know what the most efficient way of building those stats is

>> No.36416099

Is this K or TW?

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I can't post pic but mine are
Kana, Suika, Aya, Clownpiece, Yachie, and Saki.

btw, how did you enable name translation. For me, their names are still in japanese.

>> No.36417533

Logging is just not implemented yet, is it? Even buying a chainsaw didn't help whatsoever

>> No.36418341

Latest is 4.800+ now.
Logging is enabled in the development branch. Don't tell me you're dumb enough to play release branch?

>> No.36418433

Ah, no, I had been playing an older version of the dev branch, 4.760, I updated with the link near the top of the thread and now I can do it. But the new version is 4.790, you're saying there is a 4.8 but I assume that is the japanese version?

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Weird question but, is there any "Hygiene" related sexual content in this game? Like, smegma and that kind of stuff for example.

>> No.36419028

Cheers, anon

>> No.36419051

>this game?
You'll probably need to specify, as there are several era games. That said there's nothing in TW

>> No.36419061

Whoever wrote Kogasa as a sadist who wants to eat hearts has some fucking explaining to do.

>> No.36419139

She doesn't want to literally eat hearts, it's just a metaphor or something. Also Kogasa has some of the most heartwarming dialogue in the game in my opinion.

>> No.36419227

It's not spoken metaphorically far as I could tell in the bizarrely overlong dialogue she has after first pushing you down. Further all that fucking heart talk regardless is entirely out of left field.

It's just weird. Just write Kogasa like she is

>> No.36419281

I wish yukari and ran got more dialogue
Also dont forget to get the harem patch if youre playing tw

>> No.36419437

Guess she did surprise you.

>> No.36419453

right, right, though Kogasa isn't ACTUALLY surprising

>> No.36419493

I meant to say these, sorry.

>> No.36420182

I'm not very smart, how does patching work?
I play the eng-development branch, do you just download one of the feature forks and overwrite files in the main game?

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what does this do?

>> No.36421201

you just download it, its an entire different branch in the github but one lets you get lover status with multiple 2hus. no difference in content or translation (for now) with the standard branch.

>> No.36421332

Thank you.
Is there a way to stack patches, though?
For example, if I want to have both harems and whatever's in the QoL addition branch.

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I did it. Now impregnation is next

>> No.36426189

>Also dont forget to get the harem patch if youre playing tw
maybe i'm retarded but how is it different from having the More Lovers option enabled?

>> No.36426198 [DELETED] 

PUT YOUR DICK INSIDE RIGHT FUCKING NOW NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://goatse.ru/

>> No.36431633

It's a metaphor for eating your spirit by surprising you.

>> No.36431733

I finally impregnate Yachie. What should I do for future child care?

>> No.36431811

Is the thread autosaging?

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Some girls will comment that you smell if you spent several days without a bath. Some will straight up refuse sex or even interacting, unless it is the equally filthy Shion. She doesn't mind.

>> No.36440071

What? Are you pulling this out of your ass? Nothing of that sort happens ever.

>> No.36440720

Tewi does. I only got it once however.

>> No.36446593

That's new, I gotta try it someday.

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