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Waggy wants to join in!

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That's not how fish tails work.

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Mermaids can traditionally have up to two tails, as seen in the Starbucks logo.

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Fishe thread!

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Throwing waggy in my bath tub and never taking her sight seeing because that’s the only way she’ll able to live out of water!

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big tits are gay
please refrain from posting such degeneracy

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Waggy has canon huge knockers

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Um... that's not you hold a soldering iron Waggy...

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nice "pencil"...

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I don't see them

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She binds them. She's a modest girl.

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a modest size fits such a modest girl

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True, but that's precisely why her immodest breasts are so moe on her

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each to their own liking
and how come you haven't been imagedumping?

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the first thing i am doing when i get to Gensokyo is fishing her

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The cowe already fished her.

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Waggy is not for fishing!

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There has never been a more homosexual post possible. Congratulations Anon.

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I am from the most faggoted land in this realm and I am still less gay than you

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Waggy's friends from the deep sea are scary

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you say modest but post h1c

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Waggy saggy's saggy waggies...

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Large marine life needs large amounts of fat to act as insulation.
If you want to complain about large tits on a 2hu being degeneracy, complain about large birdtits on Okuu or Aya.

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You guys ever managed to get that Wakasagihime tragic love stories compilation?

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Fish cooking!

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I came

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Don't make waggy sad

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fishe in moonlight

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i wouldn't, but chinese moot doesn't allow me to upload pictures of waggysaggy on 4chins

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"The Song of the Mermaids", a nature documentary with commentary by Werner Herzog.

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Sharp fanged wakasagihime is a rare sight, thanks for sharing anon.

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As do I, but I take what I can get.

Only wish she and the rest of the Grassroot Youkai Network were more prominent.

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Do not give the fish big tits.

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That's horrible...

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Yeah, they're characters that could use being expanded upon more, the whole idea of a group of weaker youkai banding together to help each other is a very interesting one in a gensokyo where extremely powerful youkai roam around and do what they please.

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>group of weaker youkai banding together to help each other
I know she's not that strong like Yukari, but don't fuck with Waggy

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If Wakasagihime is a fish wouldn't that mean she lays eggs?

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She's physically strong like all youkai, I meant weak in comparison to those youkai that have really powerful abilities.

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Yes, but like it says in that panel, she uses them for buoyancy and not for breastfeeding.

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Wow, so her chest is inflatable huh? Just like a certain maid...

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how can she stand so straight with her fish tail?

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she can and that's all you need to know

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What would one call a fish's butt?

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A meal!

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Waggy's tummy!

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I want to stroke it

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Ah, monster fish

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rub that belly

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waggy saggy!

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I wish mermaids were real...

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Join in what?

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I want to pet the tummy!

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The Jack-O pose

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Waggy and her best friend!

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I don't like this

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Fall in love with the maid fishe

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The (mer)maid!

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Nice thread keep it up!

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Fucking rude

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I should download and play Touhou. I've seen the characters and heard the music but I don't know anything beyond that other than that it's a bullet hell game.


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Please don't eat the fish. You can "eat" her though.

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Can't wait until this tranny pose meme dies

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Eat as in consume?

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You can't eat the fishe, but you can ''eat'' her by the other way, just don't be rough

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I want to stroke her fish butt

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warm wet slippery paizuri while sitting on the edge of the lake

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for the sole purpose of procreation

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For recreation, you mean? You can't do paizuri for procreation.

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Mermaid eggs are fertilized externally. Paizuri is used to extract your sperm.

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Her tits are egg sacs.

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her fishe tits are soft

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Her anal fin anon?

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Is procreating with the waggy a good idea?

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Probably not. The kids would turn out weird. Slimy, patches of scales, fucked up legs

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But there is no such thing as a half mermaid, the daughter of a mermaid would always be a mermaid.

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and the male?

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Mermaids don't have male children.

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how come?

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Because if male mermaids existed, they would fertilize human females, which is a 9 month long process. On the other hand, human males are almost always ready to go.
A female mermaid can lay dozens to hundreds of eggs and have a man fertilize them all in one go.
So if there were male mermaids their number would be hampered.