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Remilia and Flandre are Trust Ancestors

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Does that mean I can trust them?

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Sakuya is Cell

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( ´ω` ) discuss

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If telling them that they are true ancestors will get them in my bed then yes they are true ancestors.

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dat ... things on their foot.
What do you call them?

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toes, slippers, flip flops, sandals...im not sure what you're looking for bro.

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You are looking at their footwear? There are much more important parts to be looked at.

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Remilia is a major stock investor.

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I guess Flandre's wearing sandals.
What about Remilia? Loli version of high heels?

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she risks a bad investment seeing as loves about to come to town.

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So...Would Arc be able to kill Remi and Flan?

Would Remi and Flan be able to kill Arc?

Would they even fight if they encountered one another?

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Flandre is True moe. Remilia can burn inhell.

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Flandre > Crimson Moon > Arc > Remi

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I would cuddle Flandre and play with her. Just like with the little sister I never had ;_;

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but would you let her kiss your neck? She is a hungry girl.

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I have a feeling even Arc would have trouble with fast, free-flying targets that can unleash illegal amounts of firepower in rapid succession.

Unlimited danmaku just doesn't fit with the Nasu-verse, in other words, she would be annihilated, but since it's Touhou, would then get up, brush off the dust and everyone would have a nice cup of tea.

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If it makes her happy? and it will net me some super powers why not?

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I see blood in there... can I?...

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We're talking about vampires in this thread. You can post disemboweled girls on /b/

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What does Poison have to do with Touhou?

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Oh... OK...

I'll take my leave now...

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Man what DOESN'T it have to do with Touhou?


man i dunno, it's just i felt like posting that.

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Reminds me of that horror movie with the bloody pregnant woman with shit all over her body. Prince of Darkness I believe, where cucumber colored water squirts itself out of somewhere to impregnate and possess people.

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I saw poison in concert recently, they were better before they got old.

But sadly none of the experiences made me think of touhou.

Though cheap trick opened and that was AWESOME.

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Cheap Trick, fuck yeah!

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But of course!

You can't hate Poison. Unless you're a monster.

In which case,


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Why is she such a messy eater? I know I'd lay still and let her kiss my neck. My desire would be to hold her tight and rub her head.

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I'm not saying they were bad, it's just def leppard and cheap trick where the open and close at the show.

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What is Poison? Japanese pop music band?

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Remilia bites off the tip of her finger and offers you her blood.
Do you take it and become Dead Apostle?

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I know I'm being trolled but old fashioned hair rock.

Japan loves the stuff, bands like cheap trick and blue oyster cult used to and still do tour there.

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Might as well.

If she'd go as far to bite off her own finger tips, just to give me her blood, then she must really want me as a servant.

'cuz that HAD to hurt.

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The Nasu-verse vampire chain of command really sucks.
Seems like unless you roll that lucky 1-in 10,000 like Satsuki you're stuck being a mindless zombie. And even in that case you have to worry about being coldly offed by your high-school crush before you even get a chance to build up your powers.

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well it really depends, who eats your ass and how far they want you too advance.

also true ancestor bites guarantee apostlehood

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Hax magic circuits will also help.