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Please do not roleplay on this board, that is not what it is for. In addition, please refrain from blogging about your personal life or about how your sister caught you masturbating.


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Stop using this board to flood complaints about how you feel things are very unfair for you on the internet. moot is working on a solution to everyone's complaints. Please stop emailing him and be patient for a change.

Continued shitting up of the board will result in

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Stop using this board to flood complaints about how you feel things are very unfair for you on the internet. moot is working on a solution to everyone's complaints. Please stop emailing him and be patient for a change.

Continued shitting up of the board will result in banishment.

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I have been swamped recently and haven't had time to address this--my apologies.

Here are my two solutions:

1. Create a text board for RP threads. They don't require pictures, and are more suited to the long-term discussion dis.4chan.org offers. This would allow for centralized/ongoing threads with a limit of 1,000 replies.

2. Limit the posting of these threads to "x" every few hours. There shouldn't be more than a handful of them going on at any given time. As I said when I created this board, I didn't want to see it get overwhelmed with any particular topic. This is going to be a hassle to enforce so I'm leaning towards solution #1.

I'll [hopefully] make a final decision some time before the weekend.

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No, they are both fictional characters.

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Yeah. Shiki won.

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I don't get it, why is Shiki a black guy?

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Isn't it sad, sacchin?

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Here's her prize.

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Metal... GEAR?!

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Why is Shiki flying a jet... with his.. penis...?

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what what

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what did i miss?

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Shiki fucking Shirou in the ass, but since he's japanese his needle dick went through Shirou's death line by accident and he died.

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Post it man.

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Here you go

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Well, I didn't expect it to be the actual picture, but I definitely didn't expect it to be THAT!

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What is it? I'm too much of a bitch to check myself.

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It's gay porn.

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>I'll [hopefully] make a final decision some time before the weekend.
And he never did.

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Hay guyz I'm gonna be sasskay, k?

"Man, I'm so roneri" I think coolly to myself.

I head to my bedroom (wich is were i keep my laptop, of course!!) Hmm, wunder wutz on teh YouPorn 2day?

so im lyk, goin on my pr0nz and stuff, when GUESS WHAT HaPpEnS?!!


I can't believe that I, sasskay, would be caught masturbating by my sister :O

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This thread was about GM, not /blog/. At least lurk a little bit (you're on the archive) before looking like an idiot.

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Not the guy you're talking to, but can you explain to me the whole GM debacle. I never paid attention to any of that stuff. What ever happened to him. Also, wasn't there a forum for their project.

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Some girl writing stuff and giving anon multiple choices after every text block about how the story should proceed.

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Yeah, there was a forum for their project (which, to nobody's surprise, got nowhere). I don't have the link 'cause I'm not on my own computer right now, but you can probably find it - and records of this whole fiasco - on their website touhouproject (.com?)

post scriptum: bumping fag is fag

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Here's the solution:


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Please tell me you're fucking joking. It'd be easier to ban everyone who wants Japanese culture BECAUSE /jp/ WAS NEVER ABOUT JAPANESE CULTURE.

And how is Pooshlmer a good replacement for /jp/? Touhou is not the only thing we talk about here.

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Was Meru always this insecure?

Just confess you were molested as a child and I'll be done with you.

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Does anybody have the other sticky where the mods banned jr idol threads.

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And so it happened again.

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I miss those masturbation threads.

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U-Um... you don't love me any more?

*rubs nose against Anonymous's nose.

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I'm a bit late here, but what is this? Moot proclaims one of his rationales behind banning roleplay threads (which I always ignored) is to avoid a particular topic overwhelming the board? Is he crazy or just stupid?

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I'd love for more Japan-related threads to add variety to the board topics, but alas, the overwhelming majority of posters don't, and are juvenile enough to sage anything on sight.

So enjoy your two or three offtopic threads per day, I know I will.

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If you want to talk about something original then make a thread about it on /jp/ and let /jp/ decide if it's good (or not).

Don't go shoving your preference down other people's throats.

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Oh, I make non-otaku Japanese media threads once in a while without any fuss.
So I have no real problem with the pace that /jp/ takes in these kinds of topics, just that there'd sometimes be one or two idiots reporting and saging for no real reason.
And really, I'm not imposing anything onto the /jp/ userbase, ie. 'shoving' preferences down people's throats, since there's always a few people who genuinely reply and discuss.

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And yet, as long as it's japanese in some way but not anime or manga it should be accepted
but it's not.

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You realize that sage doesn't do anything, right? People saging won't stop you from discussing whatever you wanted to discuss. If your threads were unsuccessful it was because no one else wanted to discuss them. There simply isn't a large audience for non-otaku topics on /jp/.

I don't have a problem with non-otaku threads but most of them are trolls.

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Have never been in a thread that was sage bombed all the way through the bump limit and out of page 10.

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Someone once stated that sage posts don't count towards the bump limit. No clue if that was right though.

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They do.

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Well, whoever said that is extremely wrong.

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It really depends on what time the topic is posted. There's always 10% (I'm pulling this figure out of my ass, but it should suffice) of the board that knows more about general Japanese crap besides VNs/eroge/touhou/vocaloids, etc. They usually don't come out until late at night/early in the morning, and unless the topic isn't completely ignored, or trolled to death by the same few people.

Still, for a board that claims high power-levels, the non-otaku knowledge of this place is remarkably low, so I don't expect much anways.

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Knowing wapanese shit is nothing to be proud of my friend. With the exception of Japan's nerd culture, Japan (in general) is fairly average in comparison to America and Europe in terms of music, history, architecture, literature, fashion, culture, etc.... Hence the reason why Japan emulates our culture.

Japan - otaku culture = (China - communism)

Which I guess to a wapanese loser would make for a fairly interesting conversation, but for the otakus that came to 4chan to escape such traditional conversations, it's an eyesore. Why not discuss China, Taiwan, and S Korea while we're at it? Welcome to /jp/, please leave your 3D at the door.

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Far from wapanese, I'm interested in all cultures of the world. You're mistaken if you think I don't come on /jp/ for otaku discussions either. I'm just wondering why there's so much animosity to anything beyond niche board topics, but I get what you're saying, if you assume anyone passingly interested in non-otaku Japanese topics as a full-blown clueless wapanese. I was going to ask for a bit of open-mindedness, but then again, this is /jp/.

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=You're mom

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Moot hates /jp/

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I'm glad that /new/ and /sp/ exist. Moot has finally gotten off of /jp/'s case because he hates them more now.

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Should have stickied this and left it.

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madoka a not shit

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Stickies can't cure Autism.

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Ask him about it when he does the PMQs. Should be sorted within the coming days weeks.
(information correct as of 2008-06-26)

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