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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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Posting in a Yukihana Lamy thread suggok

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NePoLaBo love.

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>It ’s a long lesson tomorrow, so I don't plan to do it that long!

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How can she smoka?

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Why don't any Holos play DDR 2ND MIX? It's so old that permissions should be easy to get

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I love you watame〜

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I use to think this looked disgusting, but now that I think about it. You could totally make takoyaki work with ice cream. It's already sweet.

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Has Pekora ever been dragged by the other holos into lewd things that she wouldn't usually reciprocate?

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Buy bakudanyaki.

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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cute lamy
love choco

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Why don't any Holos play Gex: Enter the Gecko? It's so old that permissions should be easy to get

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She will most likely stop in 1.5 hours then

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>permissions should be easy to get
I'm afraid not.

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I love Lamy

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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lamy love!

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Sora is not only cute but also a buisiness woman!

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Taiwan #1

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>the only good thing people have to say about marine's new song is that it's different
Why the fuck did she think that was worth releasing and wasting all that money on the mv?

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Why don't any Holos play Math Blaster? It's so old that permissions should be easy to get.

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Doog is sleep

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I really do love Suisei.


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Very cute wife my friend

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>everyone shitting on Marines new song and say it's shit

Am I the only one that genuinely likes it?

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i thought it was shit the first time I heard it but I've listened to it about 10 times now, its good

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Because she's an artist not just a money hungry whore who simply puts out generic music to appeal to the masses, Marine would rather make an engaging and creative piece than some generic idolshit song like the rest of Hololive

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Noel WILL go to Indonesia

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Do your part, /hlg/!

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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fuck you

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Who all has talked about the acting lessons?

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Smile & Go bros...

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Thank you, she really is lovely, dear friend.

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*bullies your holobebis and makes fun of their fitness level*

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I'd but two copies I'd there was Lamy DLC for strive

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It's literally just one retard, ignore him

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I upvoted, Masturi will reward me with sex, jokes on you loser

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It's sitting at half a million views after 4 hours. I think a lot of people like it.

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What if the acting lessons are the holos having to fuck each other and pretend that they enjoy it?

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She can't always do good. She is only human. Best to forget the song ever existed

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*rapes your oshi*

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only 38 dislikes?

lol I told you all this will blow over for Matsuri and she[ll just stream as if nothing happened

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>sora feet

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Go to sleep marineschizo

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Why don't any Holos play DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder? It's so old that permissions should be easy to get.

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My oshi will get hymen reconstruction surgery

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like, I'm not an incel.

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anti thread...

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Listen to Aqua's new song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuWw5EQPGlc

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Imagine being Lyger, you've been spending all day looking through the comments of Matsuri's archives to delete anything regarding her boyfriend while moderating every comment on her stream chat, and you are paid in neither money nor sex for your kindness

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Why don't any Holos play Pong? It's so old that permissions should be easy to get.

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Most of Japa isn't even awake Matsurisucuck

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Hello /hlg/, sorry for being away for so long. A month ago I came by and said I signed our divegrass team up for a tournament at the end of this month. Well it's time we update our fucking 8 month old roster to be more recent.

I got some good suggestions last time but I'd like to get some fresh ones so I can draft up a new team and we can work from there. No roster polls as usual, we'll just talk it out until we get something mostly agreeable.

Here's an example of /hlg/ divegrass in the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvlkxnaanfk

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That's alot it people expecting a great song and bring disappointed. It's view count is going no where near her first original

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Hide yo waifus

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end of rine
ding dong bannu

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I wonder how many N5s end up thinking that 助かる means something like "bless you" that you say after someone sneezes.

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Always has been, newfag. Not your hugbox
Ironic coming from the Matsurisucuck

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>Lamy getting railed by goldlewis

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Just like that a new forced meme was born

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku
>Marine anniversary countdown
>Marine anniversary

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
>Noel anniversary countdown
>Noel anniversary
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already. The stupid failure can't even sell out her own merch meanwhile Marine's nendorid sold out in less than an hour

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what's the effective difference between trolls pretending to be angry and people actually being angry

>> No.36048098

flare made dick lucky...

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>Says the MV takes a long time because it's so "good"
>Gets absolutely mogged by Marine's new orisong

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We don't want Menhera on the team anymore. Matsuri is dead to us.

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Same reason you are a pathetic failure.

>> No.36048105

We love Unison here

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>holos hate watame
Explain this sheepfags!

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Suisei's MV is better though.

>> No.36048110

Nice inspect elements

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>mogged by RTA autists and hiroshimoot
holobros, i don't feel so good...

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>tsuki ga kirei

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so this is an average matsurisucuck lmao

>> No.36048115

This new Houshou Marine song? Yeah, it's NOT GOOD.

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>play haachama song

>> No.36048117

Aqua's MV was also better

>> No.36048119

this is all noel's fault

>> No.36048120

If you respond to copypaste at least put more thought into it

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Shes not against lewd stuff she just doesnt like doing it on her channel because she knows a lot of kids watch her, i think this got brought up on the maripeko marshmallow stream

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honestly just take Matsuri off completely since shitposting will occur if she exists there.
Golds should be Fubuki and Coco
Silvers can be Fubuki, Pekora, Marine

Make Flare SMILE&GO and move her into the outfield

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>I-I'm not angry

>> No.36048125

Why don't any Holos play Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz? It's so old that permissions should be easy to get.

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Watame my sides.

>> No.36048130

Looks like Ot Good! to me pal

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Remove go back to your thread and add Subaru as 'pinocchio" or something

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The feelings of 33.7 trillion Chinese people

>> No.36048135

love noelun!

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there is nothing wrong with being a cuck

>> No.36048142

Is the tournament this?

>> No.36048143

This is my hugbox

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matsurisubros it's over bros... we truly are the cucks in denial(confirmed) of /hlg/

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I heavily agree with this anon >>36048122 Flare should be renamed to Smile and Go

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/vt/ stole half of these from us....
Kanata - Too Loud
Matsuri - Whore of Hololive
Lamy - Become za Ramy
Coco - I Fucking Miss this Bitch
Flare - Smile and Go
Darkside Korone - Mr. Paradise
Haachama - Resident Schizos
Watame - *boots up minecraft*
Sack Ina, Replace Moona with Reine
Hire Taiga

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Is the gap getting larger?

>> No.36048150

Who's the girl streaming in Haachama's channel?
Seems like a pretty cute gal

>> No.36048151

Towa is fat...

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>> No.36048153

Her anniversary stream has more views. It'd be over a million already if people liked it

>> No.36048157

>Watame - *boots up minecraft*
Try harder next time

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>> No.36048160

>t. Lyger

>> No.36048161

I love Shion's late night gorillas

>> No.36048162

is there a difference?

>> No.36048164

Remove Matsuri, change menhera to any of the other dozen menheras in Hololive

>> No.36048165

As much as I like Marine's song, it's strange that it came the day after Patra released a very similar one.

>> No.36048166

This person's art style is absolute chaos. I've never found a more fitting description for a style.

>> No.36048167

What now Lyger ?

>> No.36048169

Add Aqua or rename the narrative to ( ^)o(^ )

>> No.36048170

How did she not notice it was a shit song?
Why didn't the other holos tell her it's shit?

>> No.36048172

Stop dislike bombing my oshi you schizos.

>> No.36048173

it's almost as if... they were made by the same person

>> No.36048176

Keep Peek Flare, she's precious

>> No.36048177

I literally pretend to work and spend all day shit posting from my cubicle

>> No.36048179

Just replace them all with Towa.

>> No.36048181

Tell her to stop being a whore first

>> No.36048182

I mean, if he's got what she needs in her life it's all good.

>> No.36048183

better ask nips then
nobody here gave a single fuck about matsuri for a while

>> No.36048184

You see this guy Nenechi is holding? This is you.

>> No.36048187

I will always support Matsuri.

>> No.36048188

Replace Moona with Bibi. Bibi is the superior fat fuck

>> No.36048189

same bro
for 8 months already
my boss is a dumbass so why the fuck not

>> No.36048190

Sweaty Nene is umf.

>> No.36048191

name change
>ogey rrat
>the protagonist
>christmas miracle
>peek flare
>the narrative
>the pride of hololive
>darkside korone

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>> No.36048193

>Notcoco is ahead of Rushia in superchats this month
What the fuck? Is Rushia getting weaker? Explain yourselves fandead, you need to stop superchating Lamy and focus on Rushia instead

>> No.36048194

Disliked for being yet another hardcore MC stream

>> No.36048195

You really can't make this up.

>> No.36048196

All she had to do was tell the truth. Or at least come up with an adequate lie.

>> No.36048198

She is Japanese. They usually don't call out if something is crap or not.

>> No.36048200

There is nothing wrong with your oshi having a boyfriend.
My oshi is Ayame, I really love her, so that means I want the best for her.
I'm not Japanese and will never meet Ayame, All I can do to make her feel happy is view and comment, but I know that's not enough, she needs real love that she can only get from a special man.
I would let her have a boyfriend if it makes her happy. I mean what if her boyfriend turns out to be a cool guy similar to us? Can you really hate someone like that just because he found love?

>> No.36048201

And then... released less than 24 hours apart. It's almost as if... that's what my post was about... and not just the producer.......

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>> No.36048206

Is anyone surprised that this dude is Filipino

>> No.36048207

Once she stops being a liar, and a bad one at that, then sure.

>> No.36048208

Cope more, ichitranny

>> No.36048209

>moona out
she is core to the team bitch

>> No.36048210 [SPOILER] 

Scary picture, don't open
it's just Twappi! bet you were SCARED

>> No.36048211

Thank you for proving Lyger right anon. I'll cap this and have fun with it.

>> No.36048212

youtube, I'm an internet janitor for free. seriously, give me better tools. what's in it for you? nothing? ah.

>> No.36048213

Nakirigumi ain't so bad after all.

>> No.36048214

No she's not, go back to your board

>> No.36048215

Damn Shionyo's pretty good at Unite, how many hours does this brat play a day?

>> No.36048216

She committed the ultimate yab for GFE vtubers.

She is fated to decline into obscurity.

>> No.36048217

Moon and Matsuri have to go, in Botan and Ui

>> No.36048218

Festival probably gets off on this 草

>> No.36048220

Cuckold is a mental illness
seek help

>> No.36048221

You can tell by her level.

>> No.36048224

Hire Mio/Taiga as Hags

>> No.36048225

This is prime pagpag collecting hours, you better Smile & Go! to work while the sun is down.

>> No.36048226

same Mikopi!

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>> No.36048229

Unison is better than Ahoy
Matsuri did everything wrong
Watame needs to stop releasing mediocre originals just to fill an album
Messi will win Champions and WC next year.

>> No.36048230

Stop being a cuck first.

>> No.36048231

but her having a boyfriend means her priority is that person, not her audience
isn't that a bit sad?

>> No.36048235

Is Shion really doing a men-only stream right now?

>> No.36048236


>> No.36048237


>> No.36048239

Na its fun

>> No.36048240

I thought she was surprisingly good too, I wonder if she watched videos or just figured out how to play herself

>> No.36048241

A reasonable comment but It's too funny to make fun if the followers. So all you can do is either ignore it, adapt to it, or keep attacking the attacker. One this is for sure though, this will last for years

>> No.36048242

She's not my girlfriend and will never be. Am I really a cuck? She's just an idol that I enjoy watching and want the best for her.

>> No.36048245

Okite Okite

>> No.36048246

Fuck no, it's the same mega 64 team one we did last year. I personally am against doing shit for /vt/ league and would only bend if majority of anons here really wanted to double dip and wants to see the team play again right after this coming cup.

Anyway keep the discussion coming guys, I'm gonna compile a roster from the favorited ideas here and get a mock one up once it's died down a bit.

>> No.36048247

Daily reminder that if you reply to the nijinigger that uses "mog" and "mogged" all the time you're the reason these threads are shit and you better not complain about their quality because i'll find you and i'll wrap my fingers around your pencil neck and crush your windpipe.

That is all, friends!

>> No.36048248

I don't play Unite so I don't know if that's a high number or not...

>> No.36048249

I briefly felt pity for this creature, but then realized how this appears from his perspective. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. The finish line is in sight, graduation imminent. He only has to white knight a little longer and then he can say he stood by her side to the end. But do you think she'll fuck him?

>> No.36048252

no shit sherlock look at her streaming hours lmao
actually her not having a boyfriend and still not giving a fuck about her audience is kinda even worse...

>> No.36048253

GFE for cuckolds

>> No.36048255

i will gently open your oshi's room door

>> No.36048256

what will it take for lyger to finally realize that matsuri is a whore and she won't have sex with him

>> No.36048258


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>> No.36048262


>> No.36048263


>> No.36048264

That's like saying by being a human your priority is to procreate, but you spend 99.99% of your time doing other things. Isn't that a bit sad?

>> No.36048265

Yes, you really are.

>> No.36048266


>> No.36048267

Watame is laughing at the size of her new dildo...

>> No.36048268

he's too invested, it's all or nothing

>> No.36048269

Keep Moona

>> No.36048270

lyger and matsurisucucks just got cucked live on stream, they are still mad rumao

>> No.36048271

Happy bday Nose!

>> No.36048273

how did she manage to shit the front part of her pants

>> No.36048274

Enough to satisfy her need to bully kids.

>> No.36048275

Damn, Coco gets to suck on THAT?

>> No.36048276

What happens when the tips touch?

>> No.36048277

>> No.36048278

Miko is my GFE

>> No.36048279

He does it for free.
Just set it to members only like other Holos had to deal with for months.

>> No.36048281

Nothing wrong with that, there's only so much love we can give her. Nothing can replace the love of a special other.
She loves her fanbase but doesn't stream a lot because of internet/light issues, but I can assure you she loves her fanbase a lot.

>> No.36048285

It would be extremely gay

>> No.36048286

Matsuri was getting raw dogged by Tyrone after making sob-stories up about how lonely she was.

>> No.36048290

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36048291


Matsuli faggots were parading/celebrating Haachama's potential graduation. Guess what? Karma said Hell No. HaatoCHADS don't know how to lose.

>> No.36048293

Lamy should just be "Ramirez" imo, and her goalhorn should be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pcsIxuT1q4

>> No.36048294

Based bbcanon

>> No.36048295

remove the menhera no one here actually cares about her anymore outside trolling
agree with renaming kanata to Leech
remove REMOVE ogey rrat that name has been ruined by /vt/rannies
maybe change aqua to IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

>> No.36048296

Stop attaching my friend to bad posts.

>> No.36048298

Yo that thing got comically big

>> No.36048299

No proof of that being her boyfriend.
What's the difference between that narrative and saying Jun and Pekora are dating? Or saying that Miko is pregnant?
All of them are narratives, with the exception that the Pekora one has ACTUAL EVIDENCE behind it

>> No.36048301

Can western men stop idolizing black cock ?
We get it you like to feel undermined and inferior

>> No.36048302

these orange plant things provide light like candles?

>> No.36048303

I milked a whole towa

>> No.36048306

That's a big PP

>> No.36048307


>> No.36048308

Anon, I'm almost entirely certain that it's one or two schizoids who are dramafags. Notice the pattern to the post content.

>> No.36048309

I can't stop fantasizing about Shion's feet, I think I need help

>> No.36048310

>nooooo just take your heckin meds schizo
the meds are for the delusional people defending her with the argument "it was a thief" when in reality it was his black bf kek

>> No.36048311

Cardboard Nene needs to be started, she is solid pick.

>> No.36048313

fuck /vt/

>> No.36048314

Most people just think she's a lazy bitch. It's hard to argue against.

>> No.36048315

Fuck off, argencuck

>> No.36048316

Your (you) only fueled him

>> No.36048317

Bless you Haaton
GODCHAMA is only true prophet

>> No.36048319

Kanata is not a leech, it would be really mean to rename her to that. We aren't the anti thread, right?

>> No.36048320

take your heckin meds

>> No.36048323

She's too powerful...

>> No.36048324

Call me when Jun actually shows up in a Pekora stream
Based based based /vt/chads.

>> No.36048325

I hope Matsuri unironically graduates. Matsuri is a constant yab waiting to happen, and she's had yabs and done questionable things before. There's a reason the majority of holos avoid her like the fucking plague. Hololive would be better off without her, just like it's better off without that whore Aloe who even had whore goals.

>> No.36048328

What's wrong with using a term that perfectly describes her?

>> No.36048329

>> No.36048330

Marine is a fake, failed piece of shit

>> No.36048332


>> No.36048333

Anon, it's okay. The anon calls his psychiatrist a cuck and throw a hissy fit when his headcanon is confronted too.

>> No.36048334

you don't even know english

>> No.36048335

Why the fuck would she LIE THEN?
stop coping
the only reason to make up this dumb ass lie about intruder, changing locks(why? was it a break in?), cops etc is if in her mind truth is WORSE
nevermind the fact that her reactions were inadequate

>> No.36048337


>> No.36048338


>> No.36048339

I feel no sympathy for GFEcucks

>> No.36048342

I bet this cute Lamy won't even get one (You)

>> No.36048343


>> No.36048344

Pedro get off the computer right now

>> No.36048345

It's not a very nice thing to say. The only holo we can say mean things about here is Matsuri, since she deserves it. Kanata is such a nice person who is always there to support her friends, how could you say such awful things about her?

>> No.36048348

Matsuri is so retarded. Who the fuck comes up with that kind of lie? Most likely she is into meth or something like that, there is no way that she was born being that retarded and managed to survive until 20+yo with her 6/10 face and 4/10 body

>> No.36048350

The difference is that everyone already knew that Pekora was a whore, while there were people who were genuinely convinced that Festival was some sort of female incel.

>> No.36048351

Panchito is reposting posts from /vt/ again...

>> No.36048352

Almost every post in this thread was copypasted from /vt/

>> No.36048353

(You) thought wrong!

>> No.36048354

>> No.36048355

Matsuri is a whore

>> No.36048356

Where's P*mu?

>> No.36048358

Who's the Towa of hololive?

>> No.36048359

Anon, I doubt there is a single person unironically crying over holos having bf, being pregnant, fucking their brother in these threads.

>> No.36048360

these orange plants fit haachama's aesthetic so well. where did these even come from?

>> No.36048361

This time Holocucks can't blame the chinks, lmao

>> No.36048363

>> No.36048364

I don't know what level she's at but she's apparently Master rank so yeah she must've played a lot ever since release
t. I play a few hours everyday and I'm 2 ranks below Shion

>> No.36048366

>next matsuri roommate stream
>her whole desk has rotated so you can't see the door anymore
>her excuse will be that she was traumatized and wants to be able to see the door while streaming

>> No.36048367

>> No.36048368

So will the Kenzokus finally move on to Matsuri now that there's a new confirmed whore for them to saviorfag?

>> No.36048370

We'll see if she retweets the sheep's event on the 19th.

>> No.36048371

Sleep yo

>> No.36048372

I feel no sympathy for ogey posters

>> No.36048373

You forgot the Pekora/Watame image

>> No.36048374

I think Towa SUCKS

>> No.36048375


>> No.36048377

Isn't it beautiful? Redditors need to get the fuck out of this thread. We don't tolerate certain Holos here.

>> No.36048379

Noel's over I'm out of here LAMY LOVE

>> No.36048380

But she's awake

>> No.36048381

Big Lamy

>> No.36048382

>> No.36048383

this seams out of character as fuck

>> No.36048384

>> No.36048387

>a brand-new genre of music!
what are we gonna call it?

>> No.36048389

Matsuri is a huge whore, she deserves nothing but bullying

>> No.36048390

Name this duo

>> No.36048392


>> No.36048393

>She's master rank
What thef uck

>> No.36048394


>> No.36048397

garbage lol

>> No.36048398

not big enough, but all is forgiven

>> No.36048399

>Matsurisucucks spent almost all of last year spamming these threads
>get cucked in 4K 1 year later

>> No.36048400


>> No.36048402

>> No.36048403


>> No.36048404

how do we save her singing career

>> No.36048405


>> No.36048406

Can't wait for Miko/Aqua next and see Mikocucks/Aquacucks cope again.

>> No.36048407

what would actually happen if matsuri killed herself or got arrested in a menhera fit?

>> No.36048408

Lamy wife!

>> No.36048409

Kill yourself schizo

>> No.36048411

it's a fucking mystery... she probably was panicking and wasn't sure how much did they see on stream and was afraid to give a wrong lie or something. and came up with something neutral in her mind... And then there's no other choice but to double down....

>> No.36048412

>eh anon, you're not master rank? Maji de?

>> No.36048413

>I'm so lonely guys, i'm such a femcel... i really can't find anyone to fuck, i'm so lonely *boyfriend inserts 1 finger* LIKE really, what's up with men these days? *boyfriend starts sucking her clit* hmmm Matsuri feels lonely... it's not fair, i'm such a nerd, i'm so awkward i could *boyfriend cums in her tits* never find a boyfriend...

What did Festival mean by this?

>> No.36048414

>> No.36048415

>> No.36048418

Too low fps for a wife

>> No.36048419

Big plans

>> No.36048421

Just tuned in to Haachama but isn't this Gymnopedie No. 1 as her BGM? I didn't know that piece was royalty free

>> No.36048422

Experimental Kino

>> No.36048423


>> No.36048424

I now realize why I like this model so much better, the eyes are different.

>> No.36048425


>> No.36048426

Yukimin getting uppity

>> No.36048427

Nah, Matsuri doesn't seem to have a big junk.

>> No.36048428

She also doesn't like making it the focus since she generally doesn't enjoy talking about lewd shit as a topic with her chat and stuff. She has lightly touched upon it like when she talked about how lewd shoujo manga are but even in such a conversation she was super vague in her descriptions and it was over pretty quick.
She is more of the type to spit out sleazy comments about girls in games from time to time rather than have an extended conversation, some of her comments even border on "fat ugly old man" from a doujin.

Like insinuating that the line of men waiting on Senya were doing something immoral and saying that it was fine if they at least paid.
Or why not one of my favorites when she said that a girl who can't help with anything practical on a deserted island only has one other thing she can provide in order to live.

>> No.36048431

When the fuck did Lyger and Reddit invade this thread?

>> No.36048432

>> No.36048433

Erogaki summer

>> No.36048434

Divine Judgement is here!

>> No.36048435

Noel is easily the most unlikable person in Hololive, widely disliked by the entire company there's not a single holo who feels like being the retard that calls themselves Noel's friends.
>No consistent collab partners
>Flare dumped her
>Other holos can only talk about her tits
>Marine hates her
>Lamy lost all respect for her once she actually got to know her
It's time to face it, Noel is an incredibly unlikable person that never belong in Hololive in the first place. It's that simple no one wants to work with her and most will do their best to avoid her. If Noel had any comon sense and an once of respect for herself (going by her roommate she doesn't) She would simply graduate, the girls pretend that they actually like her for one stream more and then she can go back to doing her NND slut thing, it's not good for her mental health being aware that she's the most disliked person in the office, she doesn't need the money she can just fuck off and do Hololive a favor. I don't want to be harsh to her, some people are just unlikable without trying or being malicious, but that's just how life is. Her shitty upbringing made her a shitty person and she doesn't know it, whenever Flare of all people says that she doesn't want to be associated with you despite being inches away from eating out Marine on the daily you must be the worst person in the room at all given times
If she really loves Hololive she would do what's' best for it and graduate

>> No.36048437

not even a bad excuse
that's how you know she won't come up with it

>> No.36048438

At least you're getting creative enough to modify the posts first

>> No.36048440

Turd trash

>> No.36048441

>spambot hours

>> No.36048442

here's your hag, bro!

>> No.36048444

>> No.36048445

This is THE anti thread.

>> No.36048446

Just fire Noel already, she has never contributed anything of worth to Hololive. No one in the fucking company likes her, imagine how tight Gen 3 would be without her. Flare doesn't have to deal with her annoying fans and is full capable of setting sail to her ship with Marine like she wants to, there's no "we're levaing someone out" when playing multiplayer games, gen 3 would lose their only deadweight and most importantly no one has to pretend they like the slut
Noel is nothing but a big list of negatives with some disgusting fake tits attached, I don't care who she's fucking in upper management, Noel is a mistake that could easily be solved

>> No.36048448

So who here hasn't drank the koolaid and thinks Marines song sucks ass? It's fine, really. She isn't perfect

>> No.36048450

/vt/ reposts should be bannable

>> No.36048452

Imagine posting that while using a Pekwhora image.

>> No.36048454

the only difference between Matsuri and Towa is the voice, they're the same garbage otherwise

>> No.36048455

There is one place that calls her a hag and you should go back there.

>> No.36048456

Remove ogey rrat and just replace it with "Sinful Woman" if you want to be really fresh with the memes.

>> No.36048457

>> No.36048458

If you have to reply to yourself to get (You)s you're not doing a very good job are you?

>> No.36048459

Are Matsurisus the ultimate cuckolded incels?

>> No.36048461

>Western men
More like burgers.

>> No.36048463

Here use this next time

>> No.36048464

Didnt you get fucked by meido last thread? Cant you at least wait till all streams are over?

>> No.36048465


>> No.36048466

I think you should go back, we've always loved hags here.

>> No.36048467

Noel is mentally ill, she actually needs profesional attention and medication desperately. Unironic sociopath

>> No.36048468

Things would be better if Towa was here...

>> No.36048471


>> No.36048472

Do it

>> No.36048473

Christian anon, thank you for the well though out and informative reply. You always put actual effort in your posts and I appreciate that. What's your take on the current debacle?

>> No.36048474

>> No.36048475

More like cuckolded SEAnigger Matsurisus like Lyger

>> No.36048478

Towa please stream...

>> No.36048479

Off yourself schizo, you've been samefagging all day

>> No.36048480

War room time with Lyger.

>> No.36048481

We love actual hags, yes. Do your reps on her and get going.

>> No.36048482

Don't have time to read, summarize this thread for me

>> No.36048484

Worse is if you watch the video, she starts with "The door? On the left? There's no door there" as if it wasn't obvious what her chat was saying.
She knew and she fucking lied about it and stalled for time until she had to turn her camera off.
Truly pathetic.

>> No.36048486

Yeah I kind of get the impression that she doesn't really like making it the main focus, often times she's just like
>Alright lets cut it here
>That's NG lets just move on
It changes when she gets drunk but I heavily agree, she completely dismisses it. I still don't know how she feels about it completely.
I like it when she goes full oji-san mode because it reminds me of how she's just a cute little girl.

>> No.36048487

Ok burgerchama

>> No.36048490

>> No.36048491

Matsuri is a coalburner, i feel bad for Matsurisucucks

>> No.36048493

Basically it's bad but yukimin are trying to heal the thread with Lamy

>> No.36048494

being a hag isn't about age, it's about the hag mindset

>> No.36048496


>> No.36048497

>Eh? easy modo?

>> No.36048500

the Chilean Kschizo is reposting shit from /vt/ again

>> No.36048501


>> No.36048502

>moving goalposts
I accept your concession.

>> No.36048503

>> No.36048505

for a moment it seemed that she was doing a paizuri

>> No.36048506

Amusing thing is people probably wouldn't have cared if she didn't spend so much time complaining about not having a boyfriend for years.

>> No.36048507

When will we stop getting new species of schizos

>> No.36048508

Can burgers just shut the fuck up about BBC ?
fucking pathetic this

>> No.36048509

How much copium does Lyger need at this point? RUMAO

>> No.36048510

I agree with this anon.
Except i would rename Korone "Fuck off /vt/"

>> No.36048511

>The secret lessons will last for 6 hours tomorrow
What is she doing?

>> No.36048514

i dont even think /vt/ cares about her anymore
shes for spics only

>> No.36048516

Cute, never knew Pekora was so pure.

>> No.36048517

Learning, Anon. Thats what lessons are.

>> No.36048518

But Korone isn't the /vt/ holo, that would be HoloEN. The HoloJP /vt/ holo is Pekora or Watame.

>> No.36048519

It's fairly obvious her camera feed actually shows the whole door and she saw who opened it, she just has it cropped for the stream. Since people saw the door open she wasn't sure how much people actually saw so she went with the intruder lie

>> No.36048521

You have a loicense for this post?

>> No.36048522

Sorry, I thought only the Christian anon writes somewhat lengthy and informational posts.

>> No.36048524

Is there any proof of that being Matsuri's boyfriend?
Maybe it's a stalker that tried to rape her but couldn't because she was streaming?
Even if that was her boyfriend a lot of Holos have boyfriends and all of them lie about it.

>> No.36048525

It's not about who /vt/ cares, it's about OUR feelings.

>> No.36048526

And Matsuri is for niggers only kek

>> No.36048529


>> No.36048530

Secret Bene Gesserit vaginal training

>> No.36048531

Why did thread IQ drop so low now?

>> No.36048532

>Even if that was her boyfriend a lot of Holos have boyfriends and all of them lie about it.
Like who

>> No.36048534

I don't quite get that part too... why the fuck complain about this shit if you have somebody
was she just attention whoring?
so fucking weird
well she's not a huge menhera for nothing I guess...

>> No.36048535

spics watch WACTOR now

>> No.36048536

Placing sand but IRL

>> No.36048537

Today Shion ate gyoza, and just gyoza!

>> No.36048539

>Imagine unironically reply to yourself with "LMAO BASED"

>> No.36048540

Anon, he was BLACK. Matsuri is getting pounded by a BBC every day and Lyger and Matsurisucucks think that's unironically OK. KEK what a bunch of fucking cucks

>> No.36048541

Learning the blade

>> No.36048542


>> No.36048543

Pekora-chan is pure but these fucking schizophrenics don't get bored of saying otherwise.

>> No.36048544

Add Mikodanye

>> No.36048546

if you see a shitpost about m*tsuri its most likely copy pasted from /vt/

>> No.36048547


>> No.36048549

There is nothing wrong with being meant for BBC, wh*Te boy

>> No.36048550

Azki, Aki, Pekora, and a lot more. Just do your forbidden knowledge reps if you want to find out.

>> No.36048551

I don't think spics care about her anymore. She actually has an ok viewership, but the person who cares most about her here is the faggot doomposter that only ever looks at her numbers...

>> No.36048552

Wrong thread parasite

>> No.36048553

Watame just appears in a future 3D stream and cuts down Twappi

>> No.36048554

Why is Lyger so upset? shouldn't he be happy his oshi can finally be satisfied by a real man?

>> No.36048555

>aqua/marine/shion segment was just a rehash of an impromtu they did a year ago.
Really?? talk about losing originality.

>> No.36048556

Based Tyrone.

>> No.36048558

Azki doesn't have a boyfriend
and she lied about her husband exactly zero times

>> No.36048559

Do matsuri schizos have legs? Do they have the staying power of marineschizo or noelschizo? Only time will tell, but I give them a week at most

>> No.36048564

All of this could have been avoided if Matsuri's boyfriend just ordered the chicken mcnuggets Matsuri likes as usual instead of wanting to order Pizza.
Dumb retard

>> No.36048565

roru roru rumao

>> No.36048567

>more mod work to do for the same zero pay
>hurr durr why he be mad

>> No.36048568

He's going through the stages of grief right now.

>> No.36048571

Shien schizo... modern day shitposters actually make her look sane in comparison

>> No.36048572

funny how azki and aki are the least popular
but pekora is an exception that i imagine is because she has a lot of charisma

>> No.36048573

Aki is pure

>> No.36048574


>> No.36048575

He's upset all the work he put in lead to nothing. As selfless as he acts he's still a man. The defeat is crushing.

>> No.36048576

Anon, when you think about it, a physic without legs has the highest staying power.

>> No.36048577

>forbidden knowledge

>> No.36048578

Her line seems to move around a lot which is pretty funny. Like in my mind the jokes the other anon talked about are a lot worse than mentioning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVUZajljBaQ which she wanted to avoid.

>> No.36048579

Someone definitely took advantage of her when she was drunk.

>> No.36048581

I don't think pure is a right word...

>> No.36048583

>no no no it wasn't Matsuri alone, all of them have bf living with them I swear!
Ah its that stage again I see.
Jesus can you matsurifag just go back spamming image or something?

>> No.36048585

I hope my man lyger can get some pussy some day, i like his translation and i hope he won't kill himself.

>> No.36048587

Idols can't have boyfriends

>> No.36048589

sora has more than one

>> No.36048590


>> No.36048592

virtual electric denpa

>> No.36048594

All me and my clones

>> No.36048595

Saying she didn’t have to lie makes you an incel?

>> No.36048596

Say, did Towa ever say if Kotaro got deballed after all

>> No.36048597

That was very fast Haaachama

>> No.36048598


>> No.36048599

hallo ebrywan

>> No.36048601

apparently to Lyger or coping Matsurisucucks. I would get mad at my oshi if she lied to my face too

>> No.36048602

Post that Matsuri sound bit

>> No.36048603

Yeah, in a pure, monogamous, happy marriage.

>> No.36048604

I think it's hard to get precisely because it's so old anon

>> No.36048606

I forgot to look up what the hell it was that she got so embarrassed about and it turned to be this grade-school shit? God damn she is adorable in what seems to trigger her sensibilities.

>> No.36048607

>> No.36048608

Yeah, to me

>> No.36048612


>> No.36048613

training to open potatoes chips bag with one hand

>> No.36048614

You joke about Matsuri but remember this, any holo who was into idol culture before hololive cannot be trusted, they know exactly what the viewers want to hear.

Someone who strikes me as very fake is Kanata.

>> No.36048615

>I-I'm not mad about her having a bf, i-it's about her lying!!!

>> No.36048616


>> No.36048617

No, the Darkness is Eternal.

>> No.36048618

Thanks to youtube fucking up Watame can never read superchat again.

>> No.36048619

Psychedelic liquid denpa & bass.

>> No.36048620

Watame, don't leave...

>> No.36048623

Lyger doesn't look too bad. Maybe if he smiled more.

>> No.36048625

Every Hololive member has had a boyfriend before (except Furea, Noel and Twa)
Stop pretending everyone is some kind of pure maiden who has never gotten dicked before.

>> No.36048626

bro there's not enough delusional matsuri fans here to be mad about her bf lmaooo
nobody gives a fuck

>> No.36048627


>> No.36048628

Is that a mugshot?

>> No.36048630

im enjoying the marine anniv stream
i also agree that her new song is very 'unique'

>> No.36048632


>> No.36048633

Marine is a virgin

>> No.36048634

Must hurt looking in the mirror

>> No.36048635

Abayo, burger hours

>> No.36048637

>Be Matsuri
>Start Drama with a Gen mate who is on hiatus because “muh promise”
> have a roommate account and mysterious hand appears
> claim it is a burglar as a lie instead of something like your brother or father.
>fans call you out on lying
>*surprised Pikachu face*
>Respond like a Menhara instead of just admitting you lied.
>change twitter banner to a middle finger and then change it back after people noticed
Yeah, it is totally idolfags being mad instead of people being mad that she fucking lied.

>> No.36048638

>The normalfag with tons of group selfies on social media

>> No.36048639


>> No.36048640

Kanata isn't a whore though

>> No.36048641


>> No.36048642

Idols can have a boyfriend but he should never appear in the streams, surely this appears in their contracts or something like that..

>> No.36048644

For once Youtube does something right

>> No.36048645

Do all simps and gfe fags look like serial killers?

>> No.36048646

If i was a holo i’d play gex for you anon. & gauntlet & goemon

>> No.36048648

People need to stop saying Matsuri has a boyfriend. I've told her multiple times that just because we are fucking does mean she can call me her boyfriend.

>> No.36048649

It's prohibited.

>> No.36048650


>> No.36048652

you'll forget this thread ever existed

>> No.36048654

We live in the age of remakes

>> No.36048656

She has friends, she doesn't have a boyfriend, just like most anons had female friends but no girlfriend.

>> No.36048658

Kek, retards already loosing while she is just ignoring it, elmao

>> No.36048659

Thank me later bros, I'm doing God's work.

>> No.36048662


>> No.36048663

>the face when Shishiron will wake up next to you for the rest of her life or won't at all

>> No.36048664

Kanata, Miko, and Polka are confirmed lesbians, so they could not have possibly had a boyfriend.

>> No.36048667

You’re going to make anons even more braindead at this rate

>> No.36048668

>fujiki + watame
>fubumio house
>BIG Watashogun
watamates, minecraft overdose...

>> No.36048671

Lyger trying to damage conntrol on 4chan isn't going to help Matsuri, don't you have Matsuri's chat to mod?

>> No.36048672

So it ends...

>> No.36048673

>just like most anons had female friends
haha yeah

>> No.36048675

Watame...don't go...

>> No.36048676

*does not
I can't believe I fucked up my shitpost. I am going to kill myself.

>> No.36048679


>> No.36048680

Which holos are Bisexual?

>> No.36048682

Yes, poor Kanata.
She grew up "poor" and so "sheltered" she doesn't even know what a Tenga is.

>> No.36048684

hituji...come back...

>> No.36048685

Smoke weed

>> No.36048686

Lyger just got mogged by the BBC Chocoball

>> No.36048687

Nooo.. Watame don't leave me alone...

>> No.36048688

None, that's not a real thing

>> No.36048689


>> No.36048690

All of them except the named lesbians

>> No.36048692

why is haachama smoking in her thumbnail!

>> No.36048694

>change twitter banner to a middle finger and then change it back after people noticed
I don't believe she is THIS retard. Personally i think it's kinda based, but still retard given the situation she's in

>> No.36048695

Marine is also a lesbian

>> No.36048696

Miko had a kid

>> No.36048698

I can understand Lyger being upset, but being this irate is ridiculous. What's his end-game?

>> No.36048700

oh ho ho ho

>> No.36048701

>Confirmed lesbian
Call me when she actually comes out like Coco did, until then she's just yuri baiting.

>> No.36048703

>> No.36048704

Too late Black in Man.

>> No.36048706

putting a baby inside matsuri before tyrone does

>> No.36048707

that was his hand on stream and he's doing his best to damage control his error

>> No.36048708


>> No.36048711

>forbidden knowledge
rumo rumo.
Also they're not lying about it if it never comes up you retard.

>> No.36048713


>> No.36048714

Not sure about Miko.
She's been a pervert all her life, she has definitely had lots of sex during highschool, specially being so cute...

>> No.36048715


>> No.36048716

>change twitter banner to a middle finger
Got a screenshot of this or the picture itself?

>> No.36048719


>> No.36048720

chammers is so comfy

>> No.36048721

This lineup is pure sex.

>> No.36048725

You can see the thread going to shit as Heimin slowly show up and falseflag.
Don't let them take over this thread, they are snakes.

>> No.36048726

Polka is a lesbian (confirmed by her) she's also fat and smells bad (confirmed by her genmates)

>> No.36048728

She has talked about doing that fubumio house like a year ago. Doesn't mean she's trying to do all of that in a week.

>> No.36048730

Who will be the first to enter the Lamy Hole?

>> No.36048732

Organic already blew a rainbow supa and she won't be even sing the rainbow song

>> No.36048733

Matsurisucucks you do realize everyone can tell that you are not native /hlg/ user and are only embarrassing yourself further by posting this cope, right?

>> No.36048734

She accused Haachama (who had been on Hiatus) of betraying her by not showing up for her Birthday Concert while celebrating Rushias. Haachama before her hiatus said she would but she couldnt because Matsuri did not plan in advance with Haachama on this like Rushia did.
menhera whore
matsuri is such a cunt

>> No.36048736

I prefer SEA hours since i laugh a lot.

Damn i love this place

>> No.36048737

haachama construction foreman so i guess she smokes a cigar to indicate how big haachama black company is?

>> No.36048738

>> No.36048741

this is legitimate mental illness
The better question is who was matsurischizo targeting before Matsui? Is this Marineschizo? Haven't seen many Marine shitposts today

>> No.36048742

>Am I supposed to spend my life constantly deleting comments


>> No.36048743

>Watame moves sand around
>uses her voice to manipulate watamates into giving her spachas and listeners to membersheep
I can't believe Watame was a Bene Gesserit initiate all along!

>> No.36048747

Furea... Other elves are having fun without you.

>> No.36048749

Lmao'ing at all the incels gfefags and matsurisucucks that are too afraid to even engage with me because they keep getting owned and mogged by BBC CHADS like me

>> No.36048750

lyger is pathetic

>> No.36048754

jesus, and to think I almost forgot about this, why is matsuri incapable of not being a menhera for more than one month at a time?

>> No.36048758

Any higher resolution pictures of it?

>> No.36048760

Looks like that route has already been taken by Tyrone kek

>> No.36048763

you're blind, he was fuming his ass off that everyone was having fun during the anniversary stream.

>> No.36048764

I love Marine new song and what I like is all that matters to me.

>> No.36048768

how many hours of sleep has lyger gotten recently? He needs to be awake at all hours to ban anyone in matsuri's chats and comments who calls her a whore.

>> No.36048769

You know what the worst part about that twitter header is?
Matsuri thinks she's in the right and that nobody should care about her personal life.
She would be right IF she didn't spend hours every week talking about how lonely she is.


>> No.36048770

Remember not to drop your guard regarding the heimin even though they are pretending to be silent right now

>> No.36048771

Does anyone else want to keep talking shit?

>> No.36048773

the nips probably saved it somewhere, unfortunately I didnt archive it in time before she made the switch

>> No.36048774

Lyger has a 1000% chance of getting ghosted the second that Festival graduates.

>> No.36048775

I can tell you're not a native to either /jp/ or this thread /vpol/chama

>> No.36048776

i mean abortion is a thing and with how menhera festival is, you just know she is going to get one.

>> No.36048778

he's actually a chink, dont know where this flip rumor came from

>> No.36048780

Marineschizo is dedicated to one cause and was in threads before.

>> No.36048783

HaatoWata where?

>> No.36048784

he's doing it for free

>> No.36048785

わためぇちゃんドコ?I can't live without you...

>> No.36048787

Lmao why are all incels also christcucks? Your pure virgin maiden will never come, at least for you rofl

>> No.36048788

But Matsuri actually deserves this unlike Marine, it's not just a single schizo fujo who hates Marine for no reason.

>> No.36048789

No, you don't understand cucks. He wants to take care of tyrones baby after Matsuri gets dumped

>> No.36048790

>Didnt quite get it the first time round? Listen to it again!

God, who is in charge of this twitter? Fucking retard sounding so desperate.

>> No.36048794

you can't ban people on youtube?

>> No.36048797

it was funny the first day. Now it's getting weird. This guy is obsessed

>> No.36048799

never, chamatan is the new top haato pairing

>> No.36048800

kanata's gay fanbase left after coco announced her retirement and their big gen 4 narrative died

>> No.36048801

Heimin, just stop karma is a thing you know?
You think you'll get away with those posts? no you wont

>> No.36048802

*kicks you in half*

>> No.36048809

>three irrelevant bitches leeching off Marine

>> No.36048810

>> No.36048812

How long do I have to wait until a Holo goes to the bathroom and forgets to mute her mic and we can hear her peeing?

>> No.36048814

Probably need to have admin access or whatever they have. Account holder only or something.

>> No.36048816

A matsurischizo doesn't exist, is just pure and natural hate and dislke that come from watching matsuri being a menhera in streams, twitter, twitcast and NicoNico.

She is the most dislike holo for a reason, you can meme all you want about towa or marine, but the true is that only a few hate them, but with matsuri is different the whole thread agree she should fuck off.

>> No.36048817

they don't appear to be giving you (you)s despite your samefagging watashart, perhaps you should try targeting another fanbase

>> No.36048819

You guys funny.

>> No.36048820


>> No.36048822


>> No.36048824

This already happened with Zombie

>> No.36048826

shion yo actualy streamed?
im happy

>> No.36048828

like I said. Legitimate mental illness
Seek help anon

>> No.36048829

Pretty sure that Mori shitting and brapping webm exist.

>> No.36048830

See? look at that posting style, almost all the shitposts in this thread were written by this heimin
Absolutely shameless

>> No.36048831

>(confirmed by her)
All she said was that she has only dated girls which does not mean she is a lesbian. It's like how you are not asexual if you have never touched another person intimately.

>> No.36048834

nice copium retard
go back to your hugbox now matsuri cuck

>> No.36048836

>Why did Matsuri cuck me for Tyrone?

>> No.36048837

who's next?

>> No.36048838

There isn't Heimins left in the thread.

>> No.36048839

Haven't been watching the stream. Is she Haachama or Akai Haato?

>> No.36048842

>It's like how you are not asexual if you have never touched another person intimately.
Shit for real? I better update my resumé.

>> No.36048843

Polka is fat, not a lesbian

>> No.36048844

>> No.36048845

Ok, it was her bf which her mother knowing that she was streaming, let him in for some funsies. Because that makes sense.

>> No.36048846


>> No.36048847

Sion cute

>> No.36048848

Are they the ones shitting on Marine lately? Or is it those comet fags

>> No.36048849

His attempts are so juvenile it would be hilarious if it were not for his persistence. As it is it's a joke that wore or way too long

>> No.36048851

you mean mikochama

>> No.36048853

Reminder that Matsuri is jealous of Haato since day one.

>> No.36048854

Best I could find with some quick googling

>> No.36048855

i'm still waiting to be sued by cover, lyger

>> No.36048856

Stop talking to yourself, it's getting weird.

>> No.36048857

Matsuri being a retard still doesn't excuse Haachama reprehensible behaviour.

>> No.36048858

man it really is crazy that this all started from an obstacle course

>> No.36048859

How can Matsurisus be this upset? I'm sorry your oshi gets fucked by some random nigger, but you need to stop embarrassing yourself. On hlg of all places.

>> No.36048861

Yes, that's exactly what you want us to believe, don't you?
Suiseifags are too retarded to falseflag, nobody who replies seriously to singing tierlists has enough IQ to falseflag.

>> No.36048863

Haachama is still a kid dumbass.

>> No.36048864

Her father?
But i believe it's her uncle.

>> No.36048865

what will it take for you to forgive me, anon?

>> No.36048866

Everyone hate Matsuri, she doesn't add up anything to hololive.

Cope with that

>> No.36048867

Why would Heimins shit on one of her best friends?

>> No.36048871

>> No.36048872

>There isn't Heimins left in the thread.
Yeah right, I've seen enough anime to know that when the evil is apparently defeated, it's already planning its next move and putting it into motion.

>> No.36048873

Miko has definitely took a cock inside her

>> No.36048875

Reflection detectives, do your thing on that glass

>> No.36048876

I want Watame to crush me to death with her chest.

>> No.36048877

Naked dogeza

>> No.36048878

that's a real header? what a bitch. she should stream on twitch

>> No.36048879


>> No.36048880

graduate now you whore!

>> No.36048881

Reminder that Matsuri once tried to stab her mother with a knife, and she even talked about it in a stream.

She is fucking insane and a liability to hololive.

>> No.36048882

Reminder that Towa was heard sucking two dicks at once on stream yet this entire thread loves her.

>> No.36048884

I gently open the door...

>> No.36048885

Why do watamates talk more about kanata than heimin? I don't get it.

>> No.36048886 [SPOILER] 

judging by the hand, i think it's him

>> No.36048887

Stop playing APEX for 3 months. That's all I ask.

>> No.36048888

Sign an exclusive sexpet contract with me

>> No.36048889

Rape FBK and livestream it

>> No.36048890

So what really happened at the Skinwalker Ranch?

>> No.36048891


>> No.36048892

You got one post to prove that you'll be able to be a Towaschizo

>> No.36048893


>> No.36048894

0 apex from now on.

>> No.36048895

I will only forgive her if she makes out with a female on a stream

>> No.36048896

Nothing, I am rather good at separating chuuba from roommate.

>> No.36048897

hand not dark enough

>> No.36048898

>We're gone i swear! we don't post here anymore!
Heimin lie as naturally as they breathe

>> No.36048899

let's be honest we all thought about it

>> No.36048901

Holy cope.
Go take a break, Lyger.

>> No.36048902

Her mom was the same way though…

>> No.36048904

Who are you quoting?

>> No.36048907

Miko's stream in 8 hours will save us

>> No.36048908

This, this is only acceptable form of forgiveness.

>> No.36048909

I'd suck Shishiron's dick myself if I had the chance.

>> No.36048910


>> No.36048911


>> No.36048913

himself :^)

>> No.36048914

Take your meds sheepfriend

>> No.36048915

Making Towa lose control of her body...

>> No.36048916

>retards still giving matsuri attention
You faggots never learn

>> No.36048917

How was the Botan Rushia collab?

>> No.36048919

I thought there wasn't any of you left? why did my post trigger you?

>> No.36048921


>> No.36048922

Someone should ask him about Smile&Go www

>> No.36048924

lmao english clips never cease to amuse

>> No.36048925


>> No.36048926


>> No.36048927

at this point, anything vtuber related is pure sex. who cares, you're never gonna have sex anyway

>> No.36048930

More like this.

>> No.36048931

Alcoholism trio + Marine?

>> No.36048932

See you in 3 hours, Friends.

>> No.36048933

That would be funny and creepy as fuck desu.

>> No.36048937


Sure you can do better, anon.

>> No.36048942

So is Matsuri, so what?

>> No.36048944

they wanted to abduct menhera specimen, but were courteous enough to not disturb her stream, and backed off.
i wanna believe!

>> No.36048945

I'll be there fellow friend!

>> No.36048949

It was her brother. They just got done having sex before she started the stream

>> No.36048950

Kanata....please....just sit on my face....I'm going insane from ass deprivation.....

>> No.36048957

This is what happens when you defeat your rival and are left feeling empty, wishing you could turn back time.

>> No.36048959

>Ctrl + f
>77 mentions
you guys are as bad as gossiping housewives

>> No.36048960

A 24hrs Apex stream.

>> No.36048961


>> No.36048962

>onegai choose me
Worst song ever

>> No.36048964

Post cute Okayu’s!

>> No.36048966

well you shouldn't have quit your job

>> No.36048967

Heimin can't help themselves, they literally cannot stop hating on every single holo
All the bad posts you see are made by them

>> No.36048968

So Matsuri is doing an Aloe including the bf part, where is the sushi?

>> No.36048969

I'll be there, Friend!

>> No.36048970

why are heimin like this?

>> No.36048972

>you guys are as based as gossiping housewives

>> No.36048973

sorry the krauts came back from their factories and started shitposting

>> No.36048974

>you can send matsuri's roommate dms on twatter

>> No.36048975


>> No.36048977

heimin are terrorizing the thread again I see

>> No.36048980

my retarded daughter is very cute

>> No.36048982

Heimins are getting uppity again, someone post THAT.

>> No.36048983

Hello I am Matsuri. I want to say thank you from the bottom of heart! I do not lock the door. The burglar escape but police do not catch last night. Finally antis a message from Matsuri. FUCK YOU! You hate me. FUCK YOU! Matsuro bye.

>> No.36048984

Heimins are 35p or something?

>> No.36048986

Notice how heimin became awfully quiet when the truthseekers started calling them out? Pretty peculiar...

>> No.36048988

lewd friend...

>> No.36048993

I'm pretty sure it's the same guy, pekoraschizo, marineschizo, noelschizo, dude hates all of gen3 i guess.

>> No.36048995

i only have cute Cocks, anon...

>> No.36048996

>> No.36048997

Watamates are just really tsundere for Heimin and miss them dearly, these posts are a cry for them to return.

>> No.36049000

Twap is love
Twappie is life

>> No.36049001

She's still streaming, she's currently lusting after Gura's nendoroid.

>> No.36049002

>8 hours of this
Just fucking kill me already.

>> No.36049003


>> No.36049006

Talking about yourself in third person is cringe, heimin

>> No.36049007


>> No.36049008

Bost you’re cutest bebi cockos!

>> No.36049009

Check the time!

>> No.36049012

torrid kissing with towa's roommate for at least 10 minutes

>> No.36049013

I want a heimin gf...

>> No.36049014

>you are not straight if you havent dated the same sex
am I hearing this right?

>> No.36049017

be my guest

>> No.36049018

stop being menhera for a moment, accept that you fucked up, and apologize, and no more apex from now on, at least for a while.

>> No.36049022

Are we buying?

>> No.36049023

Does anyone else self-insert as the girls and absorbs all their character traits? Because I do that

>> No.36049025

It me burglar. Need money to donate to you. Not know it was you house. Very sorry and will not happen again so people do not mad at Matsuri.

>> No.36049029


>> No.36049030


>> No.36049032


>> No.36049033


Is there even better version?

>> No.36049034

You'll need to go to the Kanata thread in /vt/ if you want the heimin to come back, anon. I'm really, truly sorry.

>> No.36049037

Good job.

>> No.36049038

we all do that here but few want to admit it

>> No.36049042

Yes, I've also been trying to become a girl and join Hololive EN.
If Towa could, then I don't see why I can't do it.

>> No.36049044

I'm selling my turnips

>> No.36049045

It's probably her client or something.

>> No.36049047

>tfw I masturbated to Coco bebi once...

>> No.36049048

retire from hololive, just become a twitch apex thot, she clearly wants that anyway

>> No.36049049

I'm gonna cum on it and DM it to N*z*mi

>> No.36049051

I lost my respect for Towa because she lied
I lost my respect for Mel because she lied
I lost my respect for Fubuki because she lied
I lost my respect for Marine because she lied
I lost my respect for Aqua because she lied
I lost my respect for Shion because she lied
I lost my respect for Ayame because she lied
I lost my respect for Subaru because she lied
i lost my respect for Korone because she lied
i lost my respect for Pekora because she lied
I lost my respect for Rushia because she lied
I lost my respect for Kanata because she lied
I lost my respect for Nene because she lied
I lost my respect for Haachama because she lied
I lost my respect for Matsuri because she lied

>> No.36049053


>> No.36049055

t. Ayame

>> No.36049056

Why are you asking this from me when I didn't say that?

>> No.36049058

Sandnigger detected.

>> No.36049059

They are still trying to fuel this shit... She will just ignore it and nothing will happen

>> No.36049061

Does it come with a boyfriend figurine?

>> No.36049062

all holos are liars anon, they all lie about not having a boyfriend

>> No.36049066

I have assimilated Sora's way of laughing but it has not been a big problem in my life.

>> No.36049069

So these are Euro hours huh?

>> No.36049070

whats the new yab
also matsuris dislikes have decreased
did they forgive her?

>> No.36049071


>> No.36049074

Towa never lied, Cover fucked up and punished her to hide their mistake.

>> No.36049075

It was a stalker, why would she call the police on her boyfriend?

>> No.36049076

Believe SORA!

>> No.36049077


>> No.36049080

Pekora didn't lie about anything.

>> No.36049081

I respect Marine for choosing artistic integrity over popularity, but i don't understand where she got her ambitions from. She was always a comfortable holo in my eyes, guess i was wrong. Cool song, probably never going to listen it again. Or maybe i will, who knows.

>> No.36049082


>> No.36049083


>> No.36049084

post holos in suits

>> No.36049092

Does it come with a stalker figurine then?

>> No.36049094


>> No.36049095

How did Ayame lie? What did she lie about? Please link sources.

>> No.36049096

It comes with a door background with the hand of
>her mom

>> No.36049099

Good night friends.

>> No.36049100


>> No.36049101

Cute soda

>> No.36049103

Nothing wrong with that, my mom used to stab me with knives and forks all the time when I was a kid.

>> No.36049104

I'm gonna pee in the toi!

>> No.36049105

nooooooooo chammers oks stream more

>> No.36049106


>> No.36049107

call a homo a shart a few times and it becomes a spamfilter, call the holos whores dozens of times every thread and nothing changes

>> No.36049112

Hello everyone, I haven't been here for a couple of days. I see you're still talking about Matsuri's door. Hope you're all looking forward to Lamy's anniversary.

>> No.36049114

At this point I dont even want you as cumdumpster.
Dont wanna get any STDs.

>> No.36049115

cuddling with your chammers gf

>> No.36049117

Because holos are whores. Do your forbidden knowledge reps.

>> No.36049119

All of them lied when they said they care about me

>> No.36049120

hearing their voices at the same time made me want to jack off through out the whole collab

>> No.36049121


>> No.36049122

Sugoi mouth tracking.

>> No.36049123

I ship Towa and Selly

>> No.36049124

>Albert Einstein

>> No.36049125

and the homos are sharts, check my undies and you'll find roberu

>> No.36049126

we don't watch gokishit here

>> No.36049127

why was that word filtered in the first place?
was there a lot of homos spam on that occasion?

>> No.36049128

I forgot how cute haato could be

>> No.36049129

>Jason Momoa

>> No.36049131

What the fuck is your problem?

>> No.36049132

did flare do a yab in GTA? why did she delete the stream?

>> No.36049133

I love weird holo noises

>> No.36049135

/vt/ likes to ruin streams for holos then come here and shit on the holo whose stream they ruined

>> No.36049136

>few times
Got me good

>> No.36049138


>> No.36049139


>> No.36049140

Matsurifags are cucks
Fubukifags are cucks
Towafags are cucks
Azkifags are cucks
Akifags are cucks
Whos next

>> No.36049142

You know, i'm not really mad about her having bf or whatever, don't give a fuck about it either, and pretty sure that most people don't as well. What makes me mad is how fucking retarded she handled this situation, pretending that there's no door there, saying that it's a closet, then lying that it was creep, burglar, lying that she changed locks and called police, so many fucking lies stacked on top of each other, digging her grave deeper and deeper.

>> No.36049144

/v/ fag joined her GTA online stream and started to spam about his hate to niggers and trannies

>> No.36049146

Do you think clippers and holos will do a collab someday?

>> No.36049147

We know it’s you, stop faking it schizo

>> No.36049148

Watame will become music

>> No.36049150

Some hacker chatting about some nigger and tranny shit

>> No.36049153

And still that is better than the current one that is broken
fuck yagoo

>> No.36049154

definitely can't say I love Marine's song but the experimental "drill into your head" worked for me, can't stop listenng to it, and much like sex, this kind of forced engagement is the best engagement

>> No.36049155

You forgot fandead, they're proud at it

>> No.36049156

I'm sure ID will stoop that low.

>> No.36049157


>> No.36049158

In all ways except physical, I am Yukihana Lamy.

>> No.36049159

nenechi never lied.

>> No.36049160

Suisei has a surprise BIG collab with two famous male entertainers

>> No.36049161

Oh look a chink

>> No.36049162

Lol does anyone else like it when they? Because I anyway yeah I'm off to watch some bye

>> No.36049163

what a fucking faggot holy shit

>> No.36049164

You sick fuck

>> No.36049165

Matsuri's house literally got invaded and her life threatened and you retards want to make the situation worse

>> No.36049167

you are all cucks every holo has a girlfriend

>> No.36049173

haha yeah see you bro

>> No.36049174

That’s what happens if you live in an echo chamber and lose touch with reality

>> No.36049176


>> No.36049178

this but nijisanji, i love hearing whoreshikawa talk about the big dick she sucked the night before

>> No.36049179

That's what they get for playing gta

>> No.36049180

Check all Fatsos tweets on her accounts starting at Oct 3rd 2020. This is not a bf, it's a guy she's been fucking on and off.

>> No.36049181

Yes but imagine being matsurisu, that's the ultimate cuck.

>> No.36049182


>> No.36049183

Please I dont care about Matuli. She's irrelevant long ago and will continue to decline. Her only way out is to join Niji.

>> No.36049184

Ok, serious Towa discussion:
Palette or Error?

>> No.36049185

>24/7 streaming+singing
>refuse to go to the doctor

>> No.36049186

If your oshi is straight don't even bother posting here.

>> No.36049187

welp, she have a girlfriend

>> No.36049188

take it easy

>> No.36049190

Hello /hlg/ I am delivery pizza man for Matsuri stream house. I do not know she stream! Therefore I go out. Before I know it police chase. Then I take pizza pepperoni and eat it.

>> No.36049191

>passed out before Flare GTA stream
>wake up to find out she got hacked and gave up

GTA is the one stream I look forward to them playing, and now some faggots are ruining it.
Go hack them in Minecraft of Apex instead please.

>> No.36049193

Not Ame and Mori

>> No.36049194


>> No.36049196

Forever9ine love!

>> No.36049198


>> No.36049199

Her roommate eyes looked a bit dead

>> No.36049200

Aaa da pepeloni?

>> No.36049202

I said holos

>> No.36049203

Cover would be a lot better if the homofailures were mass graduated then thrown into a volcano during a livestream.

>> No.36049205

Not the ugly ones.

>> No.36049208

>mfw this was and orchestrated hit by haachama and the pepeloni man for the whole anniversary drama

>> No.36049210

You know I was willing to believe her because I once forgot to fully close my door and only found out later at night, but then she put up the middle finger banner that's photographed by another person.

>> No.36049211

>> No.36049212

Ok now we are getting on to something

>> No.36049213

>Azkifags are cucks
Wrong, WE do the cucking.

>> No.36049216

Graduation soon for

>> No.36049218

>700 posts left
>Already bored of making fun of Matsurisus
What now?

>> No.36049219

That's bullshit but I'll believe it

>> No.36049221

Ah yes the mataloni house... I take da man and put in mataloni house and then the man I take it out

>> No.36049222

Heres the male yab encyclopedia of hololive, now updated with Matsuri

>Watame: roommate filmed a few vids with some dancer guy named mukuro and flirted (very lovey dovey msgs) with him on twitter since like 2013. The name "mukkun" was also a registered user on her switch, she apparently brushed it off as her brother. All indicates that she's currently single, streams an absolute fuckton (highest hours streamed of hololive), chaotic schedule.
>Towa: there was a well-publicized incident during which male voice(s) were heard in the bg of one of her streams. she panicked and said they were hololive staff (which was refuted by cover), which some construe to be sus. the official word is apparently that he/they were friends of hers from pre-vtuber life (possibly bandmates?) other than this no idea
>Amelia: dated someone in the past, curious cat yab. All indicates that she's currently single - video and discord evidence about breakup in dec 2019 after grandma's death, streaming all day on his bday, streaming all day on their old relationship anniversary, chaotic schedule and having no one to help her with things like PC, pets, house stuff, among other things
>Gura: notification yab on stream - logging into his switch account, which triggered a friend popup while Gura was streaming. This prompted a full search on the guy. People found out the exact same songs as Gura sang in many karaoke streams on his channel, along with past life videos and some twitter interaction. Not in the same country and no confirmation if he ever went to the US, possible LDR or visited a few times in the past, no way to confirm.
>Kiara: some videos with males, famous video of sumo guy and another one with a black male and a female friend in a room getting drunk. Nothing that indicates a boyfriend. As of now, seems like the actual dyke of HoloEN.
>Ina: 2013 pic on roommate's twitter of male hand and hers.
>Coco: not much info but leak that roommate has dated in the past.
>Moona: twitter yab with possible ex including both her holo and roommate account. Unclear if still going out or not.
>Rushia: discord yab on stream with Japanese singer Mafumafu, on top of the DMs and many twitter screenshots of her roommate with the exact same pieces of forniture, plates and glasses as him
>Matsuri: said that she has dated in the past. Very comfortable around males while streaming. On her roommate stream, a male hand was seen opening the door and gently closing when he noticed she was streaming. Instead of proper damage control, said that she would call the police and instantly privated the stream.

>> No.36049224

>delivery pizza man
>walking inside your house without permission

Do japs really

>> No.36049225

I am both Azki and Aki's husband due to an error on the marriage certificate

>> No.36049227


>> No.36049229

Jump on the "Watame is fucking dying narrative and is speedrunning her dreams so she can die in peace" with me.

>> No.36049230

In your dreams maybe. In reality she fucks her husband everyday.

>> No.36049232

True pioneers

>> No.36049233

tails are touching, gay

>> No.36049235

Towa... posting

>> No.36049236

Nice try cuck. We will never stop!

>> No.36049240

you can just tell how many phoneposting faggots we have because of their capitalization

>> No.36049241

Literally what did she mean by this?

>> No.36049242


>> No.36049243

I hate people who unironically says "straight" to define heterosexuality, because there's no right or wrong, and definitely being hetero isn't the rightful thing in the world.

>> No.36049244

>>Coco: not much info but leak that roommate has dated in the past.

It's literally a published interview

>> No.36049249

Will Anya's new outfit fix her tits?

>> No.36049250

Yeah me

>> No.36049251

Oh look, an actual faggot.

>> No.36049252

This information is too old and incomplete

>> No.36049253

It's an url for a stream you're not supposed to watch.

>> No.36049254

I will never be heterosexual

>> No.36049255

Graduation soon for

>> No.36049256

Anyone else gets filled with rage whenever your oshi collabs with a whore?
I watch the stream and imagine all the ways I could choke the whore to death and save my oshi from bad influence.

>> No.36049258

Based, Asskey is sex

>> No.36049259

Is there a magic spell to get rid of the Nijiniggers and crossboading /vt/fags?

>> No.36049262

If you've never had a sweet takoyaki then you're missing out. You've got to find a vendor near you asap

>> No.36049264

Why did you post a holo that had sex with a man?

>> No.36049265


>> No.36049266

Deploy Towa

>> No.36049270

It's called good meidos who care about this thread, but sadly the spell to summon them have been lost
Incidentally have you noticed that the raid get expotentially worse during euro hours?

>> No.36049271

I heat break out like this but

I know is hard to accept it. But cocks taste good to let them go for some disgusting cunt.

>> No.36049272

why would you care tho? Like step back an think why do you care about lies from dumbass japanese girl?
Obviously I understand that it's kinda shitty to lie to your fans like that etc and that it's a parasocial relationships and shit. but why would YOU care?
I personally don't give a fuck it's just fucking hilarious
In my eyes shit with haachaama was much worse and uncalled for

>> No.36049273

Why are you posting in the wrong thread, nijifag?

>> No.36049277

Have you already apologize to the splitschizo?

He was right all along about global

>> No.36049278

Too many /vt/fags.
We need to deploy the kanji thread.

>> No.36049280

>> No.36049284

why isn't she moving out RIGHT NOW then?

>> No.36049286

this but rushia

>> No.36049291


>> No.36049293

>That door
Based based based

>> No.36049294

the pepeloni?!

>> No.36049295

Put lyger in the left

>> No.36049298

there's no point in changing locks if you just forgot to lock your door.
It was an obvious lie from a get go

>> No.36049299


>> No.36049300

Ollie told a scary story on Subaru's stream where she was going to have sex with a Malaysian man(of which I am) but when she took off his pants, she was horrified to see his penis was INVERTED! It also smelled like a balut egg that had been sitting in the sun for a month(this does happen to us sometimes). She was so mortified that she ran back home but the midget followed her home and tried to sell her some trash he found in front her home.

>> No.36049303

change the blonde dude for the indog looking lyger and it would be perfect

>> No.36049304


No one is live..

>> No.36049306

Yeah I'll take these 4 Steel Reserves and a pack of Swishers thanks.

>> No.36049307

Man I'll never get what is so attractive about vtubers for schizos. And I'm not talking about autonomous schizos but rather schizos who come from other boards. It's scary

>> No.36049310

nice kek

>> No.36049314

*dickflash her*
Now what, gonna call the cops?

>> No.36049316


>> No.36049317

Friendly reminder that Ayame lets random strangers into her house.

>> No.36049326


>> No.36049330

on it

>> No.36049332


>> No.36049333

this bit rly needed more explaining
like literally what the fuck did she mean she just let some dude in cause she didn't know he's with nhk or whatever... like what

>> No.36049336

Dramafags had been calling for e-celeb board for years. Now they've got it.

>> No.36049339

The homos must be graduated. They can not support themselves as a branch and each relies on handouts from the actual successes of the company, therefore they must be liquidated.

>> No.36049342

>> No.36049344


>> No.36049346


>> No.36049350

I KNEEL Maskettaman.

>> No.36049358

Luna is a dyke
She was making moves on Matsuri ,but dropped her second she smelled a dick stench on Matsuri.

>> No.36049361

I did a shit interpolation of za rami and there's nothing you can do to stop me

>> No.36049364


>> No.36049366


>> No.36049368

Where's the Suisex poster when you need him?

>> No.36049371

last time I tried that I got b& for posting incoherent text

>> No.36049372

I don't need to come here to read schizo posts anymore because the schizo is in my own mind.

>> No.36049375

I wish she'd stream more.

>> No.36049377

Overseas bros please forgive Matsuri. She do not guilty of pizza man! Her home enter easy. Therefore delivery come in then. But he is not know she stream. Please do not say Haachama is know! Haachama innocence. Do not is doubt! Goodbye.

>> No.36049378

This WILL happen to Suisei if I ever see her like that.

>> No.36049379


>> No.36049381

me on the bottom left

>> No.36049384

change the door pic too

>> No.36049386

I will become Shishiro Botan and take Ramii into a bed

>> No.36049387

I've been spamming Oozora police to open an investigation against Matsuri.

>> No.36049389


>> No.36049390

He was banned the other day when they upload porn of suisei sora and aqua.

>> No.36049393

Unprotected cheating sex with a married woman while her husband watch!

>> No.36049393,1 [INTERNAL] 

why she just rotate his room stuffs? why still there? why took about 8-9 minutes to do something? why his piggy banks has to make a lie for her in her stream? LOL why she dont care about her fans? why she can't name 1 good thing about her fans? things are pretty clear my anonchamo

>> No.36049396

>not doing it on youtube
Matsuri is such a coward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM3MqYbCcEA

>> No.36049397

I'm starting to think that if you can't beat them, join them. Who doesn't have a designated schizo yet? Maybe Botan? She's pretty inoffensive

>> No.36049398

Is that white substance what i think it is?

>> No.36049399


>> No.36049401


>> No.36049404

>autonomous schizos

>> No.36049408

The Rami....

>> No.36049409

Gokisei as a whole has a dedicated schizo. I don't think that Okayu has a designated schizo, try her.

>> No.36049410

Minecraft with Sora....

>> No.36049412

Gokischizo mate.

>> No.36049413

Lolcow got their vtubing board shut down for being too much of a headache to deal with so they migrated here

>> No.36049414

>autonomous schizos

>> No.36049415

Who the fuck told clippers about bath stream and why are they doing them now?

>> No.36049417

Her mic is really sweaty

>> No.36049418

does Sora have a shizo?

>> No.36049421

I mean her initial reaction to just being told about the door was dumb so I was already assuming complete retardation. The flipping off just adds to the claim that she was lying about everything.

>> No.36049422

There's that one schizo you gets mad when you bring up competitive APEX

>> No.36049425

Don't you fucking dare . Leave that old lioness alone. she will be in Hololive just a few years more and retire . She don't need schizos.

>> No.36049426


>> No.36049427

>> No.36049428

Blackmailing idols into repeated sex!

>> No.36049430

what are laughbeef?

do you know like how china has a few autonomous territories?

>> No.36049431

oh good point. Though there's the okayu/korone yuri schizo. How about Luna? There's general yonkisei schizos but never specific towards Luna

>> No.36049435


>> No.36049436

I'll tell you honest, anon. I have a small clipping channel for mainly ID girl but also for some others when something fun happens. I don't get many views maybe ~1500 every video. But that gets me 3.72$ usd and that is my grocery for the week in my country. I do not blame big channel for clipping what average dumb fan wants to see.

>> No.36049437

AZKi posting is awakening something withn me

>> No.36049438

What cure is there for schizophrenia?

>> No.36049441

>I'm getting wet Peko

>> No.36049443

what if it was irl Doraemon

>> No.36049445

change da world, my final message

>Shion is talking about Aqua's bed
lesbian yo...

>> No.36049447


>> No.36049448


>> No.36049449

ohh, i see what u mean.

>> No.36049452

Sora has her boyfriends!

>> No.36049454

>Be Matsuri
>Fall in love with a girl that likes dick
>Constantly rejected by her
>Cry on twitcasts and make such a huge drama to a point some people start hating your love interest because your menhera attacks
>Talk to a bartender
>Send a lot of marshmallows and superchats to him
>Get drunk and tell him you want him to be your big brother and take baths with you
>Get ignored and rejected by him
>Get completely outclassed by a tomboy with a sexy onee-san voice
>Meet a qt 3.14 pro apex player
>Actually get him to coach you
>The tournament is your chance to impress him and win him over
>End up tilting and your team ends 19/20 only because the other team was memeing with controllers
>Cry and suffer the whole time
>Met another qt in the after games, a spaghetti spilling weatherman
>You actually try to be seiso instead of the degenerate everyone is used to
>Have the time of your life
>He never calls you back
>Find a princess that loves you back
>She calls you when you were depressed after the apex shitshow
>She values and depends on you a lot
>When she gets sick instead of helping her you go back to confess your love to the dick loving girl
>Fall into an endless APEX obsession
>Your viewers tell you to bring some variety and that they are tired of APEX
>Instead of improving you take a break playing more APEX
>Return from break and keep on doing APEX streams
>Fans actually start leaving you
>Start to argue with antis on twitter to later delete everything
>Meanwhile your dick loving love interest is having the best time with a retarded australian
>Despite all of this you keep on streaming APEX, and it seems everything is going fine
>Then a Shark appears
>The Shark puts a trident in your ass and starts buttfucking you
>You start bleeding viewers
>You end up loving it and ask for Gen 5, Korone and Pekora to buttfuck you the next day
>Do a collab with a gook
>Despite being hyped up and having your fox senpai to help you, you still can't make over 5k
>That collab also brings a curse to this land
>get buttfucked in the next days by a detective with brain damage and an autistic reaper
>Boys and girls from all branches are having fun and teetee
>you're alone, playing APEX
>Eventually you decide to stop being an autist and join the minecraft server
>You can't even recognise some of your kouhais
>All of the girls except EN are playing Minecraft together
>EN girls are having collabs together and interacting with each other and her senpais
>All of the boys are playing among us together
>All of them are having fun
>You're alone, lamenting your existence on twitter and crying yourself to sleep
>There's a Yathzee tournament coming
>It's your chance to make a harem with all past love interests
>Dedicate a stream to practice it, alone.
>Tournament happens, you are doing fine
>Suddenly the princess appears, and she's on a warpath
>She utterly destroys your hopes and dreams
>At some point she feels bad about you and tries to throw, but still manages to buttfuck you
>Your dreams of a harem are dead
>Later because of this and much more, you start having menhera attacks and suicide bait on your alternate twitter account
>The menhera attacks are getting stronger, you end up trying to assault a squid in front of her fans
>You find your kouhais, a CEO, another menhera and a mom
>You want the mom
>The CEO is trying to befriend you but you, as a good menhera, take this as a personal attack and ignore her
>Mommy turns you down politely
>You keep on screaming and attention whoring until you leave without saying goodbye
>Your fanbase is also full of menheras that pretend to be happy but use alternate accounts to have the menhera attacks
>You look for those accounts and reply to them, making some of them delete their accounts
>As the menhera attacks get worse, your roommate makes a stream
>Despite all the makeup and filters, your roommate can't hide her eyebags, a sign of someone who crearly cries herself to sleep
>In a bold claim, you go and say that if the fans don't like APEX they can go eat shit.
>Shortly after go into a break
>Your stalker, that for some reason you thought it was a good idea to make a mod in your channel, thinks that's because of your fanbase
>Your fanbase start to attack each other
>You have to come out and admit that a friend died so they stop fighting between each other
>Meanwhile the princess is having her birthday
>You prepared a cover that you promised months ago
>You retweet it SEVEN times
>You send an aka supacha
>She doesn't mention it
>Not a single holo acknowledges the video
>Have a menhera attack on your roommate account
>Your fans start pestering the princess because of your own stupidity
>Have to make an apology and explanation on your roommate account
>The princess finally acknowledges you
>But to this day she didn't like your video

>> No.36049455

>okayu/korone yuri schizo
You mean the guy who posts walls of texts about Okayu's zatsudan?

>> No.36049456

This is from some alternate reality where Jun doesn't exist, right?

>> No.36049457

also canon

>> No.36049458


thank you, and respect for you for thriving despite the geographical odds

>> No.36049460

rushia fucked mafumafu and that other guy who beat her mahoto

>> No.36049461

Those are South Americans. No one calls them out but they're the SEAdogs of the Western Hemisphere

>> No.36049462

I missed this pasta

>> No.36049464


>> No.36049465

no the guy/guys that post about their pairing being only for views

>> No.36049472

It was the same day that Roberu had his laughing stock 3D stream.

>> No.36049474

I am Jun

>> No.36049476

Holy shit why haven't I seen this before
damn this is wholesome

>> No.36049477

Mafumafu also beat her up last week

>> No.36049478

Flare needs someone to finally deeply care about her, please. She's so boring nobody can even spin her attitude into anything substantial. If you are actually committed to being mentally ill this is your chance, expose her as a cunt and please let mini-Flare live inside your head.

>> No.36049479

this is neat

sometimes, I'd like to imagine that marine thumbwar pekora offline, but instead of the normal thumbwar, she shoved her thumb up the rabbit's rabbit hole, a nice thought

>> No.36049484

oh god i want to have sex
please lord give me some sex

>> No.36049485


>> No.36049486

>> No.36049487


>> No.36049488

>Haachama and Hoshikawa bought matching pajama on their date yesterday

>> No.36049489

Flare has plenty of schizos due to her obsession with her skin color and not being called a dark elf

>> No.36049491

what are they doing

>> No.36049493


>> No.36049494

Remember the duolingo arc? Remember when it was Spanish? South Americans have the power to turn this thread to shit in a matter of seconds but they never do it, as soon as these streams were over the thread would go back to normal. I don't think it's them.

>> No.36049498

>> No.36049499

Nigger whore

>> No.36049501

It's a pretty recent thing someone did after their models got released.

>> No.36049502

I meant it more as in solo streams that aren't utawaku, but yes, micra collabs with Sora are nice too.
There is literally nothing wrong with NTR, anon, embrace your inner CHAD!

>> No.36049503


>> No.36049504

watch clips


>> No.36049507

Congratulations to Matsuri on becoming an honorary ENwhore. Please direct all Matsuri discussion to the dedicated ENwhore board >>>/vt/

>> No.36049508


>> No.36049509

I want my oshi to get bullied by a whore during a collab.

>> No.36049511

I don't remember any duolingo arc because nobody I watch did that shit

>> No.36049512

Coffee nipples...

>> No.36049513

moonafags and yuricucks are mentally ill

>> No.36049514

Godspeed anon. Godspeed.

>> No.36049515

I started the Smile & Go meme and the Flare hates her skin color and is getting skin whitening surgery meme

>> No.36049516

That's all pretty harmless shitposting. Nobody really obsesses over it.

>> No.36049518


>> No.36049519

What does canon even mean? you're talking about real people, not an anime.

>> No.36049520

now that i think about it, I don't really see any aqua schizos, only few people shitting on her from time to time, and last time I saw was while ago, you might wanna take that niche anon, she has so much shit to hate for.

>> No.36049522

I don't get what Hoshikawa sees in Haachama that she doesn't see in Matsuri.

>> No.36049523

my fucking sides
every single time
now post the updated next parts

>> No.36049524

You get to watch her husband pounding her pussy and finishing inside, and thats all.

>> No.36049526

I started the become Lamy and I'm Chinese memes

>> No.36049527

This really needs retarded English

>> No.36049528

update the pasta anon.

>> No.36049530

>specific towards Luna
There is. He never managed to bait any lunaitos and gave up.

>> No.36049530,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36049530,3 [INTERNAL] 

you forgot when Korone asked, what she like about her fan based? and she say "nothing" LOL

>> No.36049530,4 [INTERNAL] 

damn malaysians really lookin and stinkin like doodoo dont they

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