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gaki yo!

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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Shion is being very bratty today
i love it

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Lamyfication is upon us soon

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Drama chasing faggots and our local schizos evolving, mainly

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I miss Aqua.

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I love my schizo!

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I miss Aqua...

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Do you take matsuri's explanation at face value or do you think it was just an excuse? I can't tell the funposting from what people really think.

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Anyone who posts Towa... is just a shitposter. You cant prove otherwise

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/vt/eens can't discuss the latest drama on their board

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I miss the you're* Moona poster...

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horny marine song

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Watame's English is so fucking cute

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Or Seanig during summer vacation for short.

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*triggers the schizo*

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IDs run these threads

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yeah they just go to /qa/ insted

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Matsuri is just having fun. Her true and honest fans know that and are laughing right along with her.

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I love my cute little alien wife!

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I love Towa!
She's playing APEX with Leona and Pantashia (8月はAugust SUMMER Vacation)!
Main POV: https://www.twitch.tv/alelu

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what the fuck is noel doing

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All the boring whores, especially Marine

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXXfbhvLE-A Lamy Premiere

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>weird watame

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Burgers are waking up no wonder

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baby aqua...

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>she's not hated, it's just trolls (who hate her) who make it seem like she's hated
where's the logic

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Like this post here, where do these people come from

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You ever play Minecraft for the first time?

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That last thread didn't happen

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With the boost from JP and unironic from fucking EN.

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>irys stalker
I've been found out

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Nine (almost eight) days left until Mio's birthday!

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BASED CHADger telling the truth to all these little punks and squirts.

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she did say she might not stream anymore today

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Lyger btfo

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I will watch her story

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he's overdosing on copium

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I love Lamy I'm so excited!

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>the same Towa who felt up Arurans abs

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>Schizo stream Matsuri

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Reine chewing is giving me a super huge boner

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Very important

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60 seconds

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>The only holo who got pregnant
Stopped reading.
>inb4 f-fuck off birdkun!!
that wasn't funny, never will be

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>Matsuri did nothing wrong.
This is correct.

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>horny luna

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How is Flare having so much trouble with this?

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Shion is a little impulsive with Greninja, but at least she is pretty good.

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Your oshi will get cat ears.

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Shion is invincible
That one game doesn't count

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Konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu

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She's pure sex.

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2x speed to become Lamy faster

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You got something to say or are you just going to metapost?

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>People are asking, "Why is Matsuri getting hate?"
>The simple answer is, she's not
Lyger is smoking some pretty strong copium right now

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I like Sora

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>countdown to a countdown
>loud ass music
every fucking time susan

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>matsuri matsuri matsuri
>lyger lyger lyger
instead of schizo roommate posting how about you losers touch grass and take your meds
can we all face reality and talk about the real whore of hololive for a moment aka rushia?

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I thank God every day that my oshi doesn't have heterochromia.

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>Luna and Marine kissed each other during the fitness challenge
Imagine the sloppy sex where they get tired 10 minutes in

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Your oshi
Why you hate Matsuri

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Lamy's premiere has EN subs

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>listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VIeV_LZXHM
>change the speed to 1.25x

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>based holy ass

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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Lamy's mom...

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Can a Watamate spoil me if Watame still has more original songs about to be released?

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How does it feel like to morph into Lamy? Is it like in The Thing?

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Lamy anime!

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Yukimin I'm crying

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Lamy just bought out Cygames

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Oh it's some cringe lore shit.

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She wants a non-meme 2nd album so yes.

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this looks like a netflix anime

>> No.36045955

this is some knight of sidonia shit

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cute ramy

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I'm so thankful to Subaru for saving Luna from the shitty apex menhera bitch.

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holy shit rummy i kneel

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Kanatan please sit on my face

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Wtfis this high qualityshit?

>> No.36045965

Nah, that's only your head canon

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5 FPS Lamy...

>> No.36045968

origin story of za ramy

>> No.36045969

>4 fps Outsourced 3D anime style
Not like this...

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Lamy has brothers, she has committed sex with her brothers, Lamy is not a virgin.

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Why does Lamy moves like she was on Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

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Lamy your fps...

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Is Hololive transitioning into an anime

>> No.36045977

At least if the M*kkun thing was real she had the decency to hide it well enough to keep up the illusion

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Didn't she almost molested one of the holos during an irl meet up?

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that was cool

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Is Towa always this cute? Girls being soft hearted to stuffed animals really tugs on my heartstrings https://youtu.be/_GwmDhaCMnw

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wait what, that's it?

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That was really cute

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You could say that Lamy's frames are freezing right now

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I can't believe Cover is a triangle reference...

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>10fps lamy

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More please

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Where does the CEO of Sex fit into Ramy's origin story?

>> No.36045997

is the level of animation in MVs how we determine how much holos care about their fans?
>aqua cares about her fans
>marine cares about her fans
>watame doesnt care about her fans
>peko does nothing for anniversary, obviously hates her fans

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1qFBOLLGX4 Lamy

>> No.36045999

I blame cover shitty rig

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What the fuck is this reply chain, holy shit.

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She could be bisexual for all i know

>> No.36046011

Are they still close friends?

>> No.36046014

BotanTowa is such a powerful combination.

>> No.36046015

That's too short...

>> No.36046016

I did not expect Lamy to hit me with dead mom stuff right out of the gate. I mean we knew already, but...

>> No.36046017

Lamy's singing fucking sucks.

>> No.36046019

3d animation is better with lower than 24 fps

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>> No.36046021

I have goosebumps I thank God for allowing me to be yukimin

>> No.36046022

Towa owns an entire shelf of stuffed animals, she probably felt that personally.

>> No.36046023

>polka pot
thanks for the image. haven't laughed that hard in a minute

>> No.36046025

That's it? So Cover is just space junk?

>> No.36046028

I wish we get longer segments in this artsyle

>> No.36046029

What happens if you eat it?

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>> No.36046031

>open twitter at any given time
>ollie trending
is it broken?

>> No.36046032

Gotta love the copium from l*ger

>> No.36046034

We are all just space junk, anon.

>> No.36046035

what the fuck am i reading

>> No.36046036

*rapes your oshi*

>> No.36046037

Despite all the jokes about Towa being a smoking whore she is really a girly girl with a heart of gold

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>> No.36046039

Kanatan... please leech my dick!

>> No.36046041

Didn't expect Lamy of all Holos to put on subs

>> No.36046043

>Polka Pan

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>> No.36046045

She loves overseas bros for always supporting her

>> No.36046047

We are not worthy

>> No.36046049

It probably reminded Towa of Wan-chan, putting it down and all...

>> No.36046050

She had to do it properly

>> No.36046051

It's going to be a series of videos

>> No.36046052

>you walk into your room and you see this
What do


>> No.36046053

*posts cute...*

>> No.36046054

Has the drama been subbed yet

>> No.36046055

This is technically true.

>> No.36046056

this is a good point, matsuri used to do a lot of 3D lives and covers when she cared about her fans
then she got addicted to apex and found a boyfriend and she doesnt do shit

>> No.36046057

Towa loves stuffed animals.

>> No.36046059

What drama?

>> No.36046061

they seem to be secreting some sort of liquid as a poisonous deterrent

>> No.36046062

probably the marine one

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>> No.36046066

Seeing Daifuku-san filled my heart with warmth

>> No.36046067

>Coco says Taiwan on stream
>Matsuri lies who opened the door at her roommate stream

why are we like this?

>> No.36046068

That's adorable

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>> No.36046072

Days of our Hololives

>> No.36046073

He's taking EXCELLENT quality copium.

>> No.36046074

More Lamy!

>> No.36046075

If GFE princess Lamy can put stuff like this out with her supa money then GFE queen Rushia has no excuse.

>> No.36046076

Wake up.

>> No.36046078

>luna already feeling better

>> No.36046079

why are you like this?

>> No.36046080

Which one? Any source? I don't watch Pirates

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>> No.36046082

A 3d animation with smooth fps is worse

>> No.36046083

Yukimin are opening their wallets properly for official Yukihana Lamy delivery.

>> No.36046085

Are they spaming her?

>> No.36046086

Check the twitter accounts that spam her

>> No.36046087


>> No.36046088

the yukihana clan surely owns whatever animation studio made that

>> No.36046091

This dumb excuse only makes some sense for trash like ASW games where they claim to need low framerate to have easily telegraphed moves.

>> No.36046092

If Rushia can do utawakus then Lamy has no excuse

>> No.36046094

being based is not a crime

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>> No.36046097

Sunflower Lamy is starting

>> No.36046098

Why can't other holos be even half as creative as Marine? Coco (before she got fucked over by management) was the only one who could match her

>> No.36046099

here, calm down

>> No.36046100

What's happening in Friend's mengen? Why is she tak

>> No.36046101

>Heard Ghost, listen album!

Pre-order here if you haven't already! https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/HOLO-2

>> No.36046102

Thats not 3d, thats an abomination

>> No.36046106

What ASW games have low framerate?

>> No.36046107

Godspeed brother

>> No.36046108

Fuck off retard

>> No.36046109

Hey, ASW was good before they moved to 3D.

>> No.36046110

There's nothing I hate more in this world than footfags

>> No.36046112

*Open Hololive thread*
*See Anon shitposting*
*Close Hololive thread*

>> No.36046113

Go back.

>> No.36046114

Ah yes, like that troll who donated a shit ton of money to her only to quit after her long af apex streak.

>> No.36046115

I don't watch much of 3D anime (aside from Knights of Sidonia and maybe netflix Godilla), but anime game cutscenes with smooth fps are great.

>> No.36046116

so they recruit holos by beaning them in the head with magical stones?

>> No.36046117

That's a fucking lue

>> No.36046118


>> No.36046119

Because Win the Pooh is gay

>> No.36046120


>> No.36046121

Anti-Submarine Warfare games?

>> No.36046123

footfags pls go and stay go

>> No.36046127

Coco did literally nothing considering average hololive fan (yes, bugs are not counted as humans, yet fans)
Matsuri literally betrayed her fanbase, i personally don't care, but as we can see a lot of people do.

>> No.36046128


>> No.36046129


>> No.36046130

Already did

>> No.36046132

Countdown to 1 year Lamyversary

>> No.36046133

Lamy's laugh heals my soul.

>> No.36046134

I'm still mildly disappointed that Okayu is a Machamp main and didn't touch Snorlax.

>> No.36046135


>> No.36046136

I like how the clip cuts off right before Botan said something along the lines of "since it's a plush doll it can probably be fixed afterwards".

>> No.36046137

Im talking about animation./anime..

>> No.36046139

If you turn up the volume and put on headphones you can hear "poi~" before the rock hits her so it's probably just a Botan thing.

>> No.36046142

That's more like it, nothing will ever top this.

>> No.36046143

Insulting us only makes us harder

>> No.36046144

Marine expanded on that one skit she did with Okayu, Aqua and Shion, she also added Miko into the cast. It's hilarious


>> No.36046145

Man, her new song is really fucking bad. At least it's unique.. a little

>> No.36046146

why are you people even here? In the immortal words of Coco, just enjoy.
>shit on Marine's video
>shit on Lamy's video
>circlejerking about Matsuri's roommate yab
I want to hang each and every one of you

>> No.36046148

Wait they've already been fucked? I only fuck virgins sorry

>> No.36046149

>10fps lamy
Why? I don't get it, they can make 3d avatars run at 60

>> No.36046151

Yukimin? Are you sitting in seiza while watching Lamy?

>> No.36046152

Matsuri love!

>> No.36046155

This Lamy animation reminds me about their plan at the start
That they will do weekly drama video, with Botan doing the video editing
Then Aloe shit happened...

>> No.36046156

Hey kraut retard I can see ip address

>> No.36046158

I can't believe lamy used all her superchat money to commission 3dcg 4fps sex scenes with her and botan. Looking forward to the next episode.

>> No.36046161

I'm talking about animation.

>> No.36046162

>*Open Hololive thread*
>*See Anon shitposting*
>post a shitpost of my own without a shred of self-awareness
>*Close Hololive thread*

>> No.36046163

I can see the appeal in foot focus becuase of the power mechanics involved but smell??? Why would you want your feet smelly?

>> No.36046166

*shien feet*

>> No.36046167

>> No.36046168


>> No.36046169

I know, right? This looks disgusting

>> No.36046172

>KILLALLBLACKAPES in Flare's mission

>> No.36046173


>> No.36046175

Just wait when Haachama logs in MC, Kanata will soon follow like last time

>> No.36046176

She has a 1-chorus preview of her 7th song on the 13th for the membersheep. I assume the full version will follow roughly a week from then.

>> No.36046177

wow I can't believe someone with the name shiranflare joined her game, what a coincidence!

>> No.36046178

Lamys story runs at like 5 fps...

>> No.36046179

I really do love Suisei

>> No.36046180 [SPOILER] 

There's only one correct pointy-eared girl

>> No.36046182

To another year of Yukihana Lamy! Kanpaiiiiiiii!

>> No.36046183


>> No.36046184

what the fuck bro

>> No.36046185

Lyger right as usual. He’s one of the oldest oldfags, so you can tell the newfags by the people disagreeing with him.

>> No.36046188


>> No.36046189

Another song????

>> No.36046190

Lamy's overflowing happiness heals my soul

>> No.36046192

Sorry man but i dont know anything about game

>> No.36046193

god dammit I love lamy so much

>> No.36046194


>> No.36046196

Not for Guilty Gear, where Lamy's animation copies

>> No.36046197

All these GTA player holos already finished the V campaign, right?
I wonder if the older games have Japanese subtitle.

>> No.36046199

Creepers sending Watame more SCs...

>> No.36046200

Yukimin what's the important announcement?

>> No.36046202

Towa got her penis stuck in a mouse trap, AGAIN!

>> No.36046203

True, fucking disgusting.

>> No.36046204

Why is this thread so funny all of a sudden?

>> No.36046206


>> No.36046207

I think she's just going to announce her stream plans for tomorrow.

>> No.36046209


>> No.36046211

>gets motion sickness really easily
>drives in first person

>> No.36046212


>> No.36046213

Speaking of which, Lamy said that the same day they filmed elucidation(the short where she's banging on the window from outside) for Botan's channel, they also filmed something together set in her room, and she will maybe release it for members later.

>> No.36046214

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR2MAgHFda0 Luna

>> No.36046215

This but with armpits god fucking dammit I hate armpits and the people that post them

>> No.36046216

Yes. She's making her second album. I assume her 3D announcement on the 19th is related to that. It's going to have some guest call-ins.

>> No.36046217

You don't need to. I just told you that low FPS 3D is shit and there's no good excuse for it.

>> No.36046218

Lamy's sake is available again but it's lottery.

>> No.36046219

Predictions for id2 new outfits?

>> No.36046220

Even Aloecucks aren't this pathetic.

>> No.36046223


>> No.36046224

nene's goodbye sengen is so good

>> No.36046225

Yukihana, Yukihana Lamy.

>> No.36046226


>> No.36046227

they'll look bad and never be used like ID1's alts

>> No.36046228

Short hair Reine, tit-less Anya, Mariachi Ollie

>> No.36046230


>> No.36046231

She really want to release it as soon as possible before Suisei's album huh.

>> No.36046232


>> No.36046233


>> No.36046235

Do you actually consider the story mode as the main animation style for guilty gear?

>> No.36046236

>snow elf
>scare of the cold
what's wrong with Lamy?

>> No.36046237


>> No.36046238

By emulating 2D animation

>> No.36046240

That's intentional.

>> No.36046241


>> No.36046244

I have a strong desire to RAPE lamy right now, what do bros?

>> No.36046245

i don't play fightan

>> No.36046246

it's because she's just too hot

>> No.36046247

>titless anya
She wishes

>> No.36046248


>> No.36046249

She's only half elf so it's her bitch ass human side, all my homies hate humans.

>> No.36046250

JWU how was Lamy story?

>> No.36046251


>> No.36046252

What ASW games run at low framerate?

>> No.36046254

If you're gonna post feet at least post the smelliest ones

>> No.36046255

It's also the same for gameplay, but as it's a fighting game, it's required

>> No.36046256

Cute and good, look forward to more.

>> No.36046257

I've always found the retards shitting on lyger funny. They usually just out themselves as newfags who don't understand anything about what their insulting him or trying to make fun of him about.

>> No.36046259

Definitely good, but nothing beats Casino for me

>> No.36046260


>> No.36046262

We love lamy here

>> No.36046263

She's an ojousama
She has access to warmth all year
Think of Arabian oil princess who hates heat

>> No.36046264

Orc bro...

>> No.36046266

It runs at 60fps though? Sounds like you know nothing about what you're talking about.

>> No.36046267


>> No.36046268

>basing things off animation level
Please make your shitposts a little less stupid.

>> No.36046269

I didn't know you posted here lyger

>> No.36046270


>> No.36046271

My problem with Matsuri is that she is simply unprofessional. I don't care how many dicks a day the girls go through, they can fuck whoever they want, no skin off my back, but at the very least be mindful enough for that shit not to spill into my entertainment.

>> No.36046272


>> No.36046273

Miosha rolling down the hills.

>> No.36046274

Feet aren't sexy
Stop posting them

>> No.36046275


>> No.36046276

I feel like I should be in a rock garden drinking sake when I listen to Lamy's BGM

>> No.36046278


>> No.36046279

Guys please don't post armpits I really hate them

>> No.36046280

Fuck off lyger. Maybe with you gone Matsuri will be good again

>> No.36046281

there's more? does she announce when it's coming?

>> No.36046284

I really look forward to Anya's I know it will turn out great and hopefully the rigging is okay so she can show off more of her model often

>> No.36046285

Purple Brapper...

>> No.36046286

fuck you
i laughed... what have i become...

>> No.36046287

Where the fuck is Suzy's new album anyways? I feel like she announced that shit 6 months ago but nothing's happened.

>> No.36046288

Nothing announced yet.

>> No.36046290

>> No.36046293


>> No.36046294

Do Aussies wear shoes inside the house?

>> No.36046295

Watame keeps looking over her shoulder like a cracker, but why? She's the only one on the server, isn't she?

>> No.36046296

>no comeback other than saying I'm lyger
At least try you dumb newfags

>> No.36046297

There's nothing I hate more in this world than ass

>> No.36046299

you should have just asked nicely like a normal human

>> No.36046300

Just do 2D then instead of cutting corners by using 3D models.

>> No.36046301


>> No.36046302

I meant the lack of inbetweens for the keyframes of each action.

>> No.36046303


>> No.36046305

Same. Oh and i fucking hate cute tummies, like damn

>> No.36046306

Luna is starting.

>> No.36046307

Kiara is the Noel of EN.

>> No.36046309

Wow it is even subbed
Lamy loves her gajin Yukimin!

>> No.36046310

The creepers never sleep

>> No.36046311

What the fuck is a cracker and why do you keep mentioning it

>> No.36046312

This must be torture for you then

>> No.36046313

There's no need to try

>> No.36046314

same here

>> No.36046315

>> No.36046316

Miosha rolling down the hills in Australia.

>> No.36046317

Lamy love is universal

>> No.36046318

Please, watch my retarded slutty daughter being creative.

>> No.36046319

>luna electone
time for a comfy evening

>> No.36046321

>> No.36046322

I'm starting to like IRyS, bros...

>> No.36046323

Lamy chat is too fast

>> No.36046324

Imagine the dark anus

>> No.36046327

Is Shion good at this game? I know nothing about it or MOBAs in general

>> No.36046329

That Hololive soap opera was peak Hololive content, remind me how I felt when I first got into Hololive, geniunely entertaining and funny

>> No.36046330 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36046331

You've obviously never seen Marine's chat.

>> No.36046333

I can't wait to watch Watame play minecraft hardcore, just imagine the screams

>> No.36046334

There's nothing I hate more in this world than Towa

>> No.36046335


>> No.36046336

I have always liked IRyS!

>> No.36046340


>> No.36046341

yes, she's pretty much top 10 percent of players level.

>> No.36046342

>> No.36046343


>> No.36046344

Did I ask?

>> No.36046345

Ew stop please

>> No.36046347

...is nigger a filtered word now?

>> No.36046348

>anons do not appreciate stop motion animation

>> No.36046350

She seems pretty decent among holos at least. Easily one of the better players I'd say.

>> No.36046352

>> No.36046353


>> No.36046355

Happy new year!!!

>> No.36046356


>> No.36046358

So you browse the Mio thread over there...

>> No.36046359


>> No.36046362

Holy shit the supas... Lamy...

>> No.36046363

September 29th

>> No.36046364

Unironically, I don't watch stop motion animation. Too jarring for me.

>> No.36046365

one year of za ramy

>> No.36046366


>> No.36046367


>> No.36046368

omedetou ramie!

>> No.36046369

Hirys! It's Irys!

>> No.36046370

That has no relation to fps, though? Can you point out where these inbetweens should be?

>> No.36046371

So many Supas....

>> No.36046373

Yukihana Rami

>> No.36046376

yukimin empty their wallets...

>> No.36046377

Celebrating anniversary like birthday countdown is weird.

>> No.36046378

>> No.36046381

>> No.36046382

What's the point of copying limited animation methods when you are using a format that doesn't have those limitations? You're not working with fucking clay or drawings.

>> No.36046383

Shion is mean, she only brought a drink for herself, poor Okayu

>> No.36046384

russianbros... we're getting mogged by yukimin

>> No.36046385

Watame screams... home...

>> No.36046386

>> No.36046387

>falseflagging to get feet pics
Fellow footchad, I salute you.

>> No.36046389

I still jack off to you bitch...

>> No.36046390


It's an intentional choice

>> No.36046393

I cant believe they made entire Lamy model from clay...

>> No.36046394


>> No.36046396


>> No.36046397


>> No.36046398

>> No.36046399


>> No.36046400

Lamy is not reading them all

>> No.36046401

It's meant to mimic anime but they did a bad job of it
anime is low framerate but it has variable frame timing based on the animation, they look like they just sampled the animation every 12 fps or whatever so it looks wierd

>> No.36046402

We will finally get full gokisei Blue Clapper...

>> No.36046403

Yukimin are like fandead minus a few zeroes. I don't know how those two fanbases do it. I like how my oshi doesn't get drowned in supa. It makes the moments when we do get supa trains and rainbows even more special.

>> No.36046405

Sora's dildo farm...

>> No.36046406

>$9k already
Jesas Yukimin...

>> No.36046407

Я и есть юкимин!

>> No.36046408

What the fuck are these phalic shits in Sora's house?

>> No.36046409

Space elf, horny pirate and who?

>> No.36046410

holy shit the 3 drunkards really love each other dont they

>> No.36046411

Lamy loves Yukimins money!

>> No.36046413

her paizuri window is sex

>> No.36046415

Watame found Sora's house full of stone dicks.

>> No.36046417

It's a Live 3D as in actually live and not a concert.

>> No.36046419


>> No.36046420


>> No.36046421

>a 2d woman earning more in 2 minute than me in a year

>> No.36046422

IRyS is bad with computers...

>> No.36046423


>> No.36046424


>> No.36046425


>> No.36046426


>> No.36046427

Yukimin exist to pay

>> No.36046430

I don't know what "that place" is, I just posted that because I have the humor of a child.

>> No.36046431

Anime is low framerate because you can only draw so many frames within a reasonable time period. 3D doesn't have this issue.

>> No.36046432


>> No.36046433

neat. I always knew my oshi was a pokemon master

>> No.36046434

That looks nothing like Lamy's

>> No.36046435

its time for electone please pay attention

>> No.36046439

Yes, like I said, they're trying to mimic anime

>> No.36046442

Coco has been claiming to be against relationships and dating in general for 6 years and just now said she doesn’t want a dick for the rest of her life, if a male hand showed up on her stream it would be a shitstorm for the same reasons, people don’t like being lied to.

On the other hand, if a holo who does not talk about relationships & sexuality had her boyfriend’s voice appear on stream, the shitstorm would only be 1/5th as bad as the Matsuri one, because it’s not lying, just being incompetent/careless/stupid.

Towa’s yab was about the lies she said, she claimed it was management when in reality it was her normie friends, nobody actually cared about her talking to men.

>> No.36046443

Gee Lamy, TWO lives!?

>> No.36046444

Another variety show 3D stream, nice.

>> No.36046445

I fucking love SakeGumi, plus I am sure she is slapping that fat Marine ass live

>> No.36046447

Who's the biggest Pokemon autist in Hololive?

>> No.36046448

Best collab today

>> No.36046451

Inflatable doll Marine

>> No.36046452

GFE is a hell of a drug

>> No.36046453

I want it bigger

>> No.36046454


>> No.36046455

Was lyger right?

>> No.36046456

Don't worry anon, everyone has different tastes. The cheesiest jokes get me too.

>> No.36046459

So we agree except you don't want to admit that it's a stupid errand to try to mimic a limited form of animation.

>> No.36046460

I like Azki very much

>> No.36046462


>> No.36046466


>> No.36046467

*inserts coin*

>> No.36046468

Marine participating in a Touhou Unconnected Marketeers tournament on Touhou Station

>> No.36046469

Lamy is so happy and so am I

>> No.36046470

>iretai na~~
Don't mind if I do

>> No.36046471


>> No.36046472


>> No.36046473

Flare please

>> No.36046474


>> No.36046475

okay, but what does a conscious design decision of fightan game developer has anything to do with "game can do high fps 3d animation and still looks good"?
>muh emulating guilty gear
and why? are you just basing this on the shaders? or did lamy explicitly said that she wanted a homage to guilty gear?

>> No.36046476

I'm saying that they did it badly by timing the frames improperly, not that it's a bad idea to try and imitate anime

>> No.36046477

She even privated one of her pokemon VODs just so that the other holos wouldn't see her team before a tournament.
She still lost to Aki's meme team

>> No.36046479

thats the stuff

>> No.36046481


>> No.36046484

Lamy's hands were made for clapping

>> No.36046486


>> No.36046487

Lamy is amazing

>> No.36046488

Lamy is too cute bros...

>> No.36046489


>> No.36046490

My wife is sexy!

>> No.36046491


>> No.36046492

Chink 480p archives is back up. Download what you can in case it goes down again.

>> No.36046493

>> No.36046497

Lots of Lamy love today

>> No.36046500

Who is the Messi of holopro?

>> No.36046501

The blue clapper

>> No.36046502

Why is friend so cultured?

>> No.36046505

Yukimin are scary they tore my right arm before

>> No.36046506


>> No.36046507

I remember when I was 16 and spent all my free time trying to make people mad

>> No.36046508

based. i'm not though. russian i mean.

>> No.36046509

Daily reminder not to fuck in the circus stage, they have a lot of sand in the middle that will get everywhere

>> No.36046510

This song sounds Chinese for some reason.

>> No.36046511

I've never seen it look good anywhere. Better 3D animation studios don't even try, or use a very slightly lower framerate, not this 12fps.

>> No.36046512

You mean mel, if kiara was Noel maybe she would have something good about her

>> No.36046513

Yukimin are a fucking cult

>> No.36046514

Astrology bros...

>> No.36046515

Yep, this VOD will go straight into the dumpster.

>> No.36046516

Is there any holo that can out-wrestle Polka irl?

>> No.36046517


>> No.36046518

Another NePoLaBo original song coming I'm pretty sure

>> No.36046520

money grubbing hasbeen abandoning the team it made worse with it's presence?

>> No.36046522

Yes Kiara

>> No.36046523

Dying for Lamy!!!

>> No.36046526


>> No.36046527

Lying is wrong, simple as

>> No.36046528

Botan was a literal pro wrestler

>> No.36046529


>> No.36046531

I could only donate 25$ today...

>> No.36046533

>> No.36046534

The point is that it tries to copy 2D animation

>> No.36046535

Yeah that's what I said, that you don't think it's a bad idea like I do.

>> No.36046536

You can't spend money if you are dead, you have more living to do in the name of Yukihana Lamy

>> No.36046538

Fuck off twain

>> No.36046539

>> No.36046540

Embarrassing normie take.

>> No.36046542

Lamy wants to make sure everyone knows that the stream tomorrow is NOT live, just her and her friends screwing around together in 3D

>> No.36046544


>> No.36046547


>> No.36046548

not a live* whoopsie

>> No.36046549 [SPOILER] 

suisei don't look

>> No.36046551

Gee yukimin why does Lamy spoil you so?

>> No.36046552


>> No.36046553

Lamy is precious and I'm a Yukimin that means I love Lamy with all my heart and soul

>> No.36046554

but even 2d animation is not that jittery...

>> No.36046555

>IRyS is an idolfag
Incredibly based

>> No.36046557


>> No.36046558

なるほど. You spend on Lamy until you die then it's off to Rushia's superchat mine.

>> No.36046560

Why does she hate singing so much?

>> No.36046561

Lamy no uta doko?

>> No.36046564

Marinefags sure are quiet this thread

>> No.36046566



>> No.36046568


>> No.36046570


>> No.36046571

Was this logo made by the same person who did the UsaKen summer festival one?

>> No.36046572

I feel so bad for Flare

>> No.36046573

Fanbase reflects the streamer

>> No.36046575

Fuck off schizo

>> No.36046576

was this the same faggot who also invaded pekora's garlic phone?

>> No.36046577


>> No.36046578

>10 years old multiplayer game
>can't ban a single hacking player from your lobby
Rockstar sugoi...

>> No.36046579

wrong board

>> No.36046580

What the fuck are you doing you nigger.

>> No.36046581

Why do gaijin do this?

>> No.36046582

mark twain?

>> No.36046583

Too busy hating on every holo

>> No.36046584

my girls did it!

>> No.36046588

It was her original roommate pic

>> No.36046589

This guy in flare's stream is embarrassing

>> No.36046590

Watame... your social reps...

Talk to haachama, she is in minecraft....

>> No.36046591


>> No.36046592

Lamy what about your dream of performing Shin Takarajima with NePoLaBo in 3D??

>> No.36046593

Imagine the amount of calluses on a circus performer's feet.

>> No.36046595

Did Flare read it out?

>> No.36046596

Get the rope for what?

>> No.36046597

What happened to flare?

>> No.36046598

>kino drama by marine
>shit ramen vr game
>miko can't even do a single sit up
>luna won a physical test
>dancing part completely skipped
>marine's new song is trash
>watame's new song is meh
>indog bombed subaru's viewership
Which stream do I watch now?

>> No.36046599


>> No.36046600

Holy based

>> No.36046601

you're not on twitter faggot, use real words

>> No.36046602

lmao more like family

>> No.36046604


>> No.36046605

Then chalk it up to not having the right experienced people. When done right then it's less distracting

>> No.36046607

Who's going to perform at budokan before Watame?

>> No.36046608

For existing

>> No.36046609

It's the younger half of the /v/ userbase.

>> No.36046610

Yukihana Lamy

>> No.36046612


>> No.36046613


>> No.36046616

IRyS or ramy

>> No.36046618


>> No.36046619

>miko can't even do a single sit up
She tried...

>> No.36046620

CBT play, the player has a interracial transexual CBT fetish

>> No.36046621

somebody had to say it.

>> No.36046623

Watame has been trying to fill a lake with dirt all this time...

>> No.36046625

flarefags eternally BTFO
she's boring as shit be glad someone made her stream interesting for once
imagine privating your stream over nothing
the absolute state of flare

>> No.36046626

you're the type of person who's death would be a net positive to the planet

>> No.36046628

Yeah I'm not missing this one

>> No.36046631

I thought Nene's cover was really nice

>> No.36046633


>> No.36046634

is she pregnant again?

>> No.36046635

>luna won a physical test
this is a fucking travesty

>> No.36046636

Do gokiseifags care about Aloe?

>> No.36046637

I hit 11 months next week bro

>> No.36046638

Lamy love....

>> No.36046640

>Chammer cheated on Hoshikawa by going to Spocha with her middle school friend so Hoshikawa will go there with Shion instead

>> No.36046642

Why is Ot*kmori like this

>> No.36046643


>> No.36046644

she's going to hate herself for this

>> No.36046645

Lamy voice already strains her throat enough

>> No.36046646

It is

>> No.36046647

Keep pandering to them EN bros Flare!

>> No.36046648

No, she made Lamy cry and then gave her the cold shoulder.

>> No.36046649

move on.

>> No.36046650

What happened?

>> No.36046651

Reminder that you have to be over 18 to browse this website

>> No.36046652

The girls have moved on and so have I.

>> No.36046653

i'd member like 10 holos if they would stream on twitch
just don't see a reason to sub on youtube where everything is so scuffed

>> No.36046654

It's dumb to private the stream that has evidence of the nigger cheating. He should at least lose the $20 he's spent on the account.

>> No.36046655

goddammit it's been a year since gen 5 debuts?

>> No.36046656


>> No.36046657

Feels like home. You didn't expect her to just cover it up did you?

>> No.36046658

she likes them young huh

>> No.36046662

Nice. I was just thinking about the previous stream yesterday.

>> No.36046663

Now that's an embarrassing post.

>> No.36046665


>> No.36046668

Imagine if she had excessive lactation and the other holos have to try to ignore the two growing dark patches during their offline collab

>> No.36046670

I’d kiss

>> No.36046672


>> No.36046673

Truly the Picasso of our times

>> No.36046674

IRyS AZKi soon, please....

>> No.36046678

show currency

>> No.36046679


>> No.36046680

She had explosive diarrhea all over her chair and floor

>> No.36046681

I know she's doing good so I'm not worried anymore

>> No.36046682

hurea... you did nothing wrong...

>> No.36046683

She's only 1 year older than Chammer, so only 2 years older than Shion

>> No.36046684

Cut to Nene singing happy synthesizer all the time or Lamy singing Melancholic

>> No.36046685

Based, I only have Polka's, sadly.

>> No.36046686

What if Mikochi was Milkochi?

>> No.36046687

Lamy has a lot of aspirations for year 2 regarding plans and challenging herself. Utawaku next year for sure!

>> No.36046688

MVP yo

>> No.36046690


>> No.36046691

I'm fat and even I can do a few sit ups

>> No.36046692

>/v/ babby uses mod menu to get into every lobby she makes, spams some shit about trannies that Flare doesn't even see let alone read
>Flare doesn't know how to remove him
>erufure don't have enough mod menus to fuck him out of the game
>Flare stops the stream and privates it

>> No.36046693

Yeah, I'm thinking super based.

>> No.36046694

No cause of faggots like you

>> No.36046695

Aloe doesn't own the rights to those songs what the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.36046698

really? I thought she was like 25 or something

>> No.36046701

nah, just debuchi

>> No.36046702

>Rockstar Games
>Literally doing anything
Yeah, good luck with that.

>> No.36046703

Oh GMAFB sir!

>> No.36046704


>> No.36046705


>> No.36046707


>> No.36046708

I just bought a new carpet...

>> No.36046710

she tried to make a crew for gtaonline to play with viewers and someone kept harassing her with racist name and comments

>> No.36046711

MASSfags are really still in here being all mentally ill and shit

>> No.36046712

Bye bye Shion yo and Okayu
Sleep well, eat well, don't stay up all night playing pokemon, stream soon

>> No.36046713

>I thought she was like 25 or something

>> No.36046714

She could have just put up a screen on the stream of her intro or something and then with a 1-second google search figured out how to kick him.

>> No.36046715

no tattoo/10

>> No.36046716

Cute male

>> No.36046718

why is it always a retarded EOP?

>> No.36046719

I understand her.
Imagine a bunch of nijisanji WEIRDOS call to your home...
kimochiwarui at fuck!

>> No.36046721

otsukareshiogayunaito~ ( ˘ω˘ )スヤァ

>> No.36046722

Physically not mentally, so get fucked

>> No.36046723


>> No.36046724

Such a cutie

>> No.36046725

mental illness

>> No.36046728


>> No.36046729

Flare...this is what happen when you release whitewashed merch....

>> No.36046730


>> No.36046731

might have been better if flare joined a lobby of crew members and just recruit from there

>> No.36046733

a 30 yo japanese woman can perfectly look like that

>> No.36046735

gokisei schizo is an aloefag so that should answer your question

>> No.36046736

I have been deprived of Kanata's ass on my face for three days now. I'm not going to make it to the end of the week at this rate, Kanata MUST sit on my face soon.

>> No.36046738

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXydMZ1_ZEE Choco

>> No.36046739

Flare is a W-H-O-R-E

>> No.36046740

The stream is still there though

>> No.36046741

Cute boy, but not as cute as Towa

>> No.36046743

otakmori is based as hell

>> No.36046744

If that’s a male then i’m a homo

>> No.36046745

cute chinese male

>> No.36046748

No, we are not.

>> No.36046749


>> No.36046751


>> No.36046752


>> No.36046753

looks like an average mutt

>> No.36046754

Lamy, you're still gonna smell like alcohol...

>> No.36046755

Yes I am

>> No.36046757

>using brain

>> No.36046758

Shion was very cute today

>> No.36046759

Wait why is Haachama suddenly talking about napoleon?

>> No.36046761

Explain Lamy to me

>> No.36046762

Extremely based.

>> No.36046763

Def not, just because the eyes are slightly rounded doesn't cover up for this yayoi gook

>> No.36046765


>> No.36046768

I don’t play GTA. Is there a way Flare could do what Coco did with Ark and make sure only members know how to connect?

>> No.36046769

Good lord! Yukimins are stacked!

>> No.36046770


>> No.36046771

Haachama is a westaboo, she is constructing the tower of babel, while listening western classic music, and talking about napoleon and haachama requiem.

>> No.36046772

Matsuri's is even worse than usual because most of her roommate content is about being a lonely single menhera, so any suckers who believed her roommate was a genuine look behind the 2D facade got hit with a dose of reality.

>> No.36046773

>racial slurs and transphobic comments on public livestream
how irresponsible can Flare be? didn't she learn anything from the mistakes of other members playing that horrible GTA game. I lost all faith in Hololive, I joined for all the LGBTQ+ members and open lesbians in Japan. but the truth is they are a bunch of nazi enablers who take no action against such comments in their community. i am disgusted and i am going to write an article about this one, Flare is not getting away with this!

>> No.36046774


>> No.36046775


>> No.36046776

Otsulamy! Tomorrow is going to be amazing!

>> No.36046777

Love Lamy
Love Rushia
Love virtual GF
simple as

>> No.36046779


>> No.36046780

Nothing wrong with being gay for Towa.

>> No.36046781

banana its nearly as big as towas I'm not interested

>> No.36046783

rummi don't go... i gave you all that money... i can give you more if you stay...

>> No.36046784

A snow elf from a noble family renowned in the remote Land of Silver. She decided to leave her home, along with her companion Daifuku, after her heart was touched by the fun and colorful streams from hololive. Her serious personality belies her naive, sheltered nature.

>> No.36046785


>> No.36046786

*bullies your holobebis*

>> No.36046787


>> No.36046789


>> No.36046790


>> No.36046791


>> No.36046793


>> No.36046794

Otsu Lamy!
Lucky item is Yukihana Lamy!

>> No.36046797

*Join Fuutan's GTA Online game*
*Call her a coffee elf*

>> No.36046798

Yes, but she was retarded and displayed the crew name on stream anyways.

>> No.36046799

Can you faggots please keep your racism here for fucks sake? Thanks.

>> No.36046800

Elven ice bitch.

>> No.36046801

>sexy sheep

>> No.36046802

why yes I will spam 3 notes in luna's chat

>> No.36046804

That would be funny, this was just annoying

>> No.36046805

Flare can't into computers and GTA Online isn't easy to use to begin with, it's going to take a while until she figures out how to not get fucked by cheaters, that's assuming she cares enough to figure it out. It used to be possible to get into private lobbies, too, not sure if that's been fixed, so the only option would be for some random elfriend making a mission lobby and then inviting Flare.

>> No.36046806

> Today's lucky item is...not sure if you can call it an item.....of course Yukihana Lamy!!!!!
Lamy LOVE!

>> No.36046807

That really sucks

>> No.36046811

luna is fucking cute

>> No.36046812


>> No.36046813

I will join you in that fellow king.

>> No.36046814

Wherever I go I must also racism

>> No.36046816


>> No.36046817

Guess I will watch IRyS.....

>> No.36046819

Indeed. Its my duty to do so.

>> No.36046820


>> No.36046821

That delicious body

>> No.36046822

Nope i wake at 6 am everyday and go to store and scream FUCK NIGGERS FUCK TRANNIES AND FUCK JANNIES

>> No.36046823

I love my wife Choco!

>> No.36046824

3D stream with NePoLaBo, Marine, Aki, and Noel at 8!
NePoLaBo secret premiere at 9:15!

>> No.36046825

Sure do love me Lamy

>> No.36046826


>> No.36046827

I was hoping at least another hacker would show up to compensate the cringy shit, but I guess not.

>> No.36046828

Who is anon watching right now?

>> No.36046829

>not watching the one good blonde woman currently streaming

>> No.36046830

Only one of them is pure.

>> No.36046831

my hime sama play electone

>> No.36046832

Slut love x2
Ojou Love!
Whore Love!

>> No.36046833

Choco that typewriter hurts my ears

>> No.36046834

Electone of course

>> No.36046835


>> No.36046836

I've put my daughter Shion to sleep, time for adult times with Choco

>> No.36046839

Your dick though microscope

>> No.36046840


>> No.36046841

Choco is really a pure angel.

>> No.36046842

Noel while I calm down from Lamy's stream

>> No.36046843


>> No.36046844

She's building a house for the strider and showed a bit of the thumbnail for her next original song.

>> No.36046845

why is IRyS the only en that i can stand

>> No.36046846

So what exactly is the generation theme for 4th and 5th Gen?

>> No.36046847


>> No.36046848

Is it just me or is bottom left made for rope play

>> No.36046849

I am racist everywhere but not anywhere near my holo. i have several twitters dedicated to being racist, but my main twitter with oshi mark is white and pure, just the way I like it.

>> No.36046851

>spam note
>spam clap

>> No.36046852

Flare crimes
>killed Noeflare ship
>hate her brother and father
>don't want to admit that she is a black elf
>don't want to admit that she is a coffee elf
>don't want to admit that she is an otaku
>Tries to act cute all of sudden after years of pushing her cool character
>Hate trannies and niggers
>the worst 3rd gen holo by far
>the only 3rd gen holo with less than 1m sub
>still in denial about her character, tried to change it not once, but three times, to the point that now she only use her last outfit
>denied being a lizard elf

>> No.36046853

Gymnopedie makes me sad

>> No.36046854


>> No.36046855

NePoLaBo is family

>> No.36046857

Hags and whores

>> No.36046858

Sheep too strong.

>> No.36046859

>She's building a house for the strider and showed a bit of the thumbnail for her next original song.
I can already predict that song doing the best out of the new songs just based on the thumbnail. It also seems to be a higher tempo song.

>> No.36046860

Has this artist done hololive work before in the past? I can't remember. Feels like I've been following this person forever though.

>> No.36046861

Because you let this thread shape your opinion on everything.

>> No.36046863

>i have several twitters dedicated to being racist
why is this thread so schizophrenic?

>> No.36046864

>credit card details
what is the buttslut doing?

>> No.36046865

It makes me nostalgic.

>> No.36046866

Nobody, nothing that interests me is on so I'm doing my reps instead.

>> No.36046867

What is Haachama BGM classical song name? i can't rember.

>> No.36046868

She’s the best en.

>> No.36046869

Haachama building her Towar

>> No.36046870

>He doesn't watch Watame

>> No.36046871

I'm going to destroy my hands during blue clapper tomorrow

>> No.36046874

She rolled for new 5*

>> No.36046875

matsuri is schizophrenic?

>> No.36046876


>> No.36046877

How do I stop thinking in memes and start forming my own opinions?

>> No.36046879

Does Kanata no longer hate Suisei now?

>> No.36046880

because she is a HAG


>> No.36046881

Yeah I feel the same. If she drops it right after her 3D on the 19th it's really no contest.

>> No.36046882

You’re right, sadly it’s idolfags who get a bad rep by people who don’t understand the situation, as usual.
“Poor girl is getting hate for having a boyfriend” no she isn’t

>> No.36046883

Gain intellect

>> No.36046884

A portal to the Lamy hole...

>> No.36046886

None. Only gen 3 has a theme, they are the exception not the rule.

>> No.36046888

Watch Luna.

>> No.36046889

as long as spanking is involved

>> No.36046890

LOVING the copium overdose KEK

>> No.36046892

Chama and Hoshikawa

>> No.36046894

You have to watch streams and understand what they're talking about for that. Even then you'll fall for narratives every now and then.

>> No.36046895


>> No.36046897

I love Matsuri...

>> No.36046900

Sit in silent room and thing about life and the universe

>> No.36046902

This is advanced cope, I actually feel a little bad for him

>> No.36046903

We dont care about Matsuri here

>> No.36046904

Fucking artist forgot to transparent that spot

>> No.36046905

IRyS is my spirit animal

>> No.36046907

We know, person that doesn't exist.

>> No.36046908


>> No.36046909

Because your sleep schedule sucks so you can't watch tako without falling asleep. Fix it and you'll enjoy her too.

>> No.36046910

Sure, but does she loves you?

>> No.36046911

4th gen: tryhards and overcompensaters
5th gen: charity hires and Botan retirement home

>> No.36046912

Gymnopedie by Erik Satie, don't know which onw

>> No.36046913

bwahahaha look at all the dumb newfags shitting on lyger
he's the oldest of oldfags literally /OURGUY/
you all need to go outside and touch grass

>> No.36046914

Oh, really?

>> No.36046916

Reminder that Marine uses her friends for money and fame. It's sad, really.

>> No.36046920

i agree

>> No.36046921

kek Lyger is inhaling peak copium
He's coping so hard he's even pretending she isn't getting hate for it.

>> No.36046922

He really wants every single archive that shows anything to be privated.

>> No.36046923

Reine Reine Reine

>> No.36046924

any proof for that?

>> No.36046927


>> No.36046928

Because she's technically EN but without being shit on by this thread so you automatically assume it's acceptable to like her.

>> No.36046931

Soda in Chamas chat

>> No.36046932


>> No.36046933

gave me a chuckle

>> No.36046935

lyger the retarded faggot and his discord shills are on maximum copium right now on twitter and in this very thread

>> No.36046936

She will

>> No.36046937

It's clear than gen 6 will be HoloSEX

>> No.36046938

aloe references the site

>> No.36046939

>no hits on google search
Anon? Do you want my IP so much?

>> No.36046940

I like it

>> No.36046941


>> No.36046942

Even if it was her boyfriend, unless you are a fucking nip why in the fuck would you care? Kek anons really do be huge faggots nowadays

>> No.36046945

Sora love!

>> No.36046947

>scroll down

>> No.36046948

I love luna so much she makes me happy.

>> No.36046949

With all the celebrations this month is makes it really easy to separate the Holos that actually give a fuck about their job and fans from the Holos that just phone it in for a paycheck. Glad my oshi falls into the former category.

>> No.36046950

I don't care, the point is that lyger clearly does and is coping hard to come to terms with it

>> No.36046953

>> No.36046955

I miss Towa...

>> No.36046956


>> No.36046958

What's up with Haachama's voice? She sounds a little different.

>> No.36046959

Thank you anon for replacing me during my absence, I will be doing the green coat from now on. Here is a cute Luna image.

>> No.36046960

I love it when my oshi makes up the stupidest lies, me.

>> No.36046961

The cops told Matsuri to change her locks so it won't happen again

>> No.36046962

imagine sleeping 3 hours a day (max) to simp/stalk matsuri and her seiyu just to find out that she is fucking another male, a male who puts zero efforts other than iku-ing inside her every other day wwwwwwwwww

>> No.36046963

im eu and my schedule is a healthy wageslave schedule
her voice is the only one i don't dislike for some reason i don't think it's the thread

>> No.36046964

Better than what I could do.

>> No.36046965

there's absolutely no way that it has been 1 year since gen 5 debuted wtf i'm going crazy

>> No.36046966

They've done holo fanart before, but this is the first official work I think

>> No.36046969

Anon it's 2025... wake up your family misses you...

>> No.36046970

Most people here ultimately don't care if Matsuri has a bf or not. It's fun to laugh at her digging herself in a deeper hole with her lies.

>> No.36046971

I hear the bass boosted version of Towa's ending theme when I close my eyes at night

>> No.36046973

That's a cope

>> No.36046974

Who are the ones in the latter category? I feel like I've missed something.

>> No.36046976

>The cops told Matsuri to change her locks so it won't happen again
you mean the imaginary fictional cops that retarded menhera made up?
fuck off matsuri cuck

>> No.36046979


>> No.36046980

Wrong. Antis are almost always fans or ex-fans. The narrative that they are all just trolls comes from cucks coping.

>> No.36046981


>> No.36046982

Do we hate Matsuri?

>> No.36046984

What's happening in the SEXverse right now?

>> No.36046985

I want to support Yukihana Lamy but I do not want to be associated with those creepy Yukimin

>> No.36046988

I always thought Matsuri lived with her parents like Pekora

>> No.36046990

No one actually cares, but it feels good seeing matsurifags getting asspained after spamming and gloating about roommates.

>> No.36046992

Which one is that?

>> No.36046994

>Ma'am, remember to change your locks so that the intruder can't get in if he decides to return.
>We've positioned half of Japans police forces outside your apartment and given you a 1M Yen surveillance system in order to keep you safe.

>> No.36046995


>> No.36046996

She's having a really bad time lol

>> No.36046997

The sheer mention of trolls should always and forever signal an intense cope is happening

>> No.36046998

My guess is sex.

>> No.36046999

What a waste of design work.

>> No.36047000

same, Yukimin are probably the main reason she's not my oshi

>> No.36047001

Choco ASMR Onegai...
Noel really needs to collab with her again and help her set up her mic properly

>> No.36047002

"Hate" is more than she deserves. I simply do not care about her existence at all.

>> No.36047005


>> No.36047007

What would it change if she did?

>> No.36047009

This man (Lyger) is on some heavy premium cope. Why do Redditors like feigning ignorance whenever a vtuber is involved in controversy?
>What? Fubuki is getting attacked by jp schizos who don't like that she's only streaming the ending segment of a game? Ignore.
>What? Aqua is getting attacked by apex Kiddz, faggot Japs, and Zhang & his friends? Ignore
>What? Festival and Haachama are having a feud? Ignore

Honestly pathetic. At least the /hlg/ CHADS here know how to get things done. What? Coco is being raided by the Chinks? Deploy /pol reinforcements and personally call a youtube intern to hook us up with prototype Zhang repellent features. I kneel. /hlg/'s favorite vtuber and we absolutely protected her.

>> No.36047010

It is fixed.

>> No.36047011

Another set of lies.

>> No.36047012

wow I can't believe flare is a racist
I reported her to the ADL and jewish authorities

>> No.36047013

blue women good

>> No.36047014

If the two of you think that I won't find you, know that I will. And when I do, you will wish that you never said anything about yukimin.

>> No.36047016


>> No.36047018

What I understand, is that Matsuri’s roommate had an intruder in her house and she seemed to be quiet, but it may actually be just a normal male. I don’t care too much about details right now
I understand that Lyger is probably trying to save face and redditors are trying to ignore the antis, but I don’t know to which extent this is actually good. It seems like they’re putting the actual issue under the rug; it keeps some unaware individuals from digging further into it but blaming the “incels”, whether they actually are or not, makes me think they’re coping
Of course, Japanese antis are persistent trolls, so it could fade away soon

>> No.36047021

Why are you replying to a survey bot then?

>> No.36047022


>> No.36047023

That it was just her dad or brother

>> No.36047025

She's like Shion where she streams maybe four times a month but every time she streams it's pure sex.

>> No.36047026

Why am I answering someone's question?

>> No.36047029

I only hate the nijiniggers in this thread trying to rile people up.
Like >>36046976

>> No.36047030

The sheer cope from Matsurisucucks on here is hilarious
>b-but she had a brother!!!
Do your reps. She said she was alone on that same stream, we're already past the schizo cope-posting.

>> No.36047031

maybe she should've said so then

>> No.36047034

What game is this? I keep seeing this and the holos are like severely underleveled in comparison.

>> No.36047035

straight up from /vt/ literally

>> No.36047036

Matsurifags copypasting replies from /vt/ for some reason

>> No.36047038

Drink it.

>> No.36047040

If it was her family member she would have said so after she went to check her house

>> No.36047041

honestly, did anyone really expect a menhera like her to be a pure virgin? jap fans specially need to take their meds and then a deep huff of copium to calm down, this is beyond delusional.

>> No.36047042

Who did you vote in the jp divegrass roster?
Looks like they booted pessi already

>> No.36047043

Why are they like this?

>> No.36047044

nig pls

>> No.36047045


>> No.36047046

Big Robbery Car

>> No.36047051


>> No.36047052

Lonely and horny

>> No.36047053

Haachama wants to go back to Aussland!!

>> No.36047054

chammers miss australier.......

>> No.36047055

how long did it take you to stop caring about anyone else but your oshi?

>> No.36047056

>I miss australia
No you don't you crazy fool

>> No.36047059

Haachama misses the whites

>> No.36047060

They’ve been doing that for a while now, copying entire threads with their posts to /hlg/. Strangest behaviour i’ve seen

>> No.36047061

I like listening to Shion's voice but one look at that hideous flat-chested nekomimi model and I have to close the video.

>> No.36047062

Seethe Matsurisucuck he's right.

>> No.36047064

1 day.

>> No.36047065

finally, another chance to rape chammers!

>> No.36047067

Emus prepare yourselves

>> No.36047069

3 months.

>> No.36047070

who the fuk would miss australia

>> No.36047071

Do you not hear the loud fucking fan in the background?

>> No.36047072

Why are you quoting a post from 10 years ago?

>> No.36047073

I believe she said soon but changed to someday or it was her pronunciation.

>> No.36047075

Like 4 or 5 months.

>> No.36047076

I wish Irys didn't have so much hair

>> No.36047078

>Why are they like this?
because yuribaiting is easy popularity

>> No.36047079

I need to see the source

>> No.36047080

damn noel actually found a village, she might just make it.

>> No.36047081

i fucked up cross board reference

>> No.36047082

Waiting warmly for Yukihana Lamy 3D delivery with her friends + NePoLaBo premiere + merch

>> No.36047084

Why is Miko floating so high?

>> No.36047086

You Cytubefags get so oversensitive over the sheer mention of /vt/ as some evil boogeyman but at least they care about Hololive whereas you faggots just don't care anymore kek

>> No.36047087

I wish there was a 24/7 Lamy network

>> No.36047088


>> No.36047089

Works on my machine ;)

>> No.36047090

Once I realized had no way of keeping up with her everything and someone else it was either commit or be relegated to a filthy clip secondary, so the choice was obvious.

>> No.36047093

Miko is Polka tier...

>> No.36047096

Lyger is a proud cuckold, kek

>> No.36047098

what the fuck cytube is based? but they're "unityCHADs"

>> No.36047099

She has like a thousand hours worth of archived streams

>> No.36047101

what's up with danchou's micra framerate? it's not like there's anything heavy on the screen

>> No.36047102

The problem is not having a boyfriend, the problem is lying to her fans, she broke our trust in her. Having a boyfriend is fine but her not telling the truth is unforgivable.

>> No.36047103

Any aussie here, this is your last chance to find Haachama and make her happy.

>> No.36047104

>Lyger is an actual cuck because he is in love with Matsuri AND her roommate
Imagine being this pathetic.

>> No.36047105

Real people talking in 4chan lingo is so uncanny
2/10 try again

>> No.36047107

Mmm yes quite pungent my dear

>> No.36047108

Hello, is this the sheep thread?

>> No.36047113

I watched them all, some multiple times. I need fresh material.

>> No.36047114

I miss Towa...

>> No.36047115

Did you really think that I haven't watched all of Lamy's content in its totality?

>> No.36047116

we must break down the barriers of horrific idol culture and embrace change. all holos should stream with their boyfriend and flirt with males on stream. just imagine the possibilities!

>> No.36047117

How do I get a Luna gf?

>> No.36047118

wow we still talking about matsuri here?

you all do realize that nothing will happen to her right?

cover won't do anything and she will continue to stream as if nothing happened, I doubt the Chinese + incels can keep up the dislike spam too.

>> No.36047119


>> No.36047120

>got scammed by the composer of her original song who now wants more money out of her
>worried about the merch gacha and afraid people'll get mad about not winning
>getting PTSD flashbacks as the gen 5 anniversary approaches
>vomited in her room from all the stress and checked herself into hospital until further notice

>> No.36047121

It's just the rigging. You can watch the stream again, Marine and Luna were floating too

>> No.36047122

Lyger is a cuck kek i do hope he continues to get cucked even more in the future tho kek

>> No.36047123

Yeah fair enough. In dead hours I've been watching her early Minecraft streams it's really fun to see how far she's come

>> No.36047125

if only bans on /vt/ were sitewide

>> No.36047128

Lamyfags I kneel

>> No.36047129

It's not that I don't care but it's pretty much the same as >>36047090 after around 5 months. I wish I realized it earlier.

>> No.36047130

It's kinda amazing how kenzocucks are slowing making towa more manly and more of a trap, the same is happening with suisei

>> No.36047131

He’s right tho, seethe lyger

>> No.36047133

>everyone who hates matsuri and her cuck simps are nijifags
rent free
lemme guess you are still seething over what happened to coco and aloe too, get a life

>> No.36047135


>> No.36047138

twappers will save this thread !

>> No.36047139

The Lamy Show...

>> No.36047140

There's literally nothing wrong with liking cute boys

>> No.36047141

enough unwanted clout will make Cover do something retarded, as always

>> No.36047142

kek average cuckold porn consuming matsurisucuck ITT
their oshi fucks a nigger every day and they embrace it harder than basedjak does when he gets a basedtendo shitch kek

>> No.36047144

By far the worst buzzword of the social media era

>> No.36047145


>> No.36047146

computer hard, pls undahstand

>> No.36047147

Miko is just a sickly girl...

>> No.36047148

Boyfriend collab when? Hopefully they kiss on stream too

>> No.36047149

They should also fuck on stream, I would watch and superchat her for the first time

>> No.36047150

>lyger using 4chan lingo to stay hip with the kids
the absolute state of this coping cuck

>> No.36047151

Noel is so fucking lucky with her run

>> No.36047153

What language is this

>> No.36047155

i will make her a mother

>> No.36047156

I hope Matsuri suffers but that's because I'm mentally ill

>> No.36047157

Isle 4, Matsurisucuck

>> No.36047158


>> No.36047160

Why hasn't Nenechi been streaming lately?

>> No.36047165

Manager is making her rest her throat again.

>> No.36047166

You know what, I'm going to say it. He might be doing it for all the wrong reasons, but lyger sticking with his oshi through all this shit for literal years is impressive.

>> No.36047167

Unironically >>>/pol/

>> No.36047168

that'd make the death all the more devastating though. imagine getting all these lucky shit but you died from a tiny mishap.

>> No.36047170

Seethe cope dilate

>> No.36047171


>> No.36047172

Matsurisucucks already flooded Isle 4 for copium they ended up killing each other over it kek

>> No.36047174

>capeshit avatar
>matsuri cuck
it checks out

>> No.36047176

mori's alt account rumao

>> No.36047177

It can be annoying at times when people flaunt their relationships in real life, I don't think it'll be any less so if they do it online.

>> No.36047178

What is Hololive Historian's discord doing here?

>> No.36047179

Superbreak pt 2.0

>> No.36047181

I thought nip meant japanese

>> No.36047182

A lot recording, Marine stuff, gokisei anniv, cover.

>> No.36047183

weird twap

>> No.36047184

I want to BE daifuku

>> No.36047185


>> No.36047187


>> No.36047188

Me good strawman bad >:(

>> No.36047189


>> No.36047190


>> No.36047191

That's /v/

>> No.36047193

>Noel want to buy Marine PC case
Noel no!

>> No.36047194

She moved to a new place and only just finished setting up the soundproof room yesterday.

>> No.36047195

>Yunomi does Marine's song
>Yunomi does Patra's song
>Roboco just did a Yunomi cover
hope this trend continues

>> No.36047196


>> No.36047196,1 [INTERNAL] 

ayame fujiki is my oshi......she followed me back on instagram

>> No.36047197

I didn't want my Japanese hobby to be this Japanese.

>> No.36047198

This is why gatekeeping is a good thing.

>> No.36047201

>nashi no nodoame
You should be able to solve this

>> No.36047203

The isle at a supermarket you dumb ESL Matsurisucuck

Now go to Isle 4 that's where the copium is.

>> No.36047204

it's not a case

>> No.36047205

Reminder that Nose has let a smoker into her room

>> No.36047206

She's having special treatment for her exceptionally stinky feet.
She said it might take weeks for the odor to dissipate enough for it to be in the same room as her without getting an erection gagging.

>> No.36047207

Christmas Luna?

>> No.36047209

probably just use it as a fashion item

>> No.36047210

He is the vessel that stores souls

>> No.36047211

Do they even sell the case separately?

>> No.36047212

She is about to graduate.

>> No.36047213

Where are the Yukimin?

>> No.36047214

aisle, seabro, aisle.

>> No.36047215

>> No.36047216

It's aisle you retarded monkey faggot, and I'm not even a matsuricuck

>> No.36047218

>muh ebil nazi ausgod shitposting doxxer!!!
is this the absolute ultimate form of cope? damn matsurisucucks man

>> No.36047219

Holos for this feel?

>> No.36047220


>> No.36047223

do you care about that dude who was in your class for a week until he moved away?

>> No.36047224

Do you per chance know where is the crucible of flesh then?

>> No.36047225

In the middle duh

>> No.36047226


>> No.36047227

Did they improve airflow?

>> No.36047228


>> No.36047229

matsuri cucks going on full copium damage control huh? go back to your gay ass hugbox with lyger and your fellow cucks
rent free

>> No.36047230

>> No.36047231

They wouldn't be in the prologue, silly

>> No.36047232


>> No.36047233

Whiter than you Muhammad

>> No.36047234

He's mad!! He's mad!!

>> No.36047235


>> No.36047236

She want it for the spec...

>> No.36047238

why is vt's ban not sitewide, but jp's is?

>> No.36047240


>> No.36047241

Haachama has less viewers than Choco.

>> No.36047242

Toshia TenQ

>> No.36047244

if you break a board-specific rule, you get banned from the board
if you break a global rule you get banned from the site

>> No.36047245

I had faith in her that she would return someday, but after those retarded tweets she posted about Coco graduation and believing the Neru bullshit narratives, she deserves all the anxieties and stresses for going full menhera and a bitch.

>> No.36047246


>> No.36047247

God acting like you're retarded isn't funny you morons why do you ALWAYS have to say the retarded thing when anything happens? You give the impression of someone who laughs at his own jokes, "Hurr durr what if I entered the /hlg/ today and said something retarded to make people angry" jesus Christ shut up saying retarded things isn't funny using retarded lingo isn't funny no one talks like that and if they did they'd be mentally unbalanced which I gather you think is funny since you're always trying to schizo it up in here shut the fuck up you annoying spamming pieces of shit

>> No.36047248


>> No.36047249

>> No.36047251

/jp/ is a touhou board

>> No.36047253

HH runs these threads, Reddit boi
vt are defending Matsuri because they're pussified Redditors kek

>> No.36047254


>> No.36047255


>> No.36047256

Watch some Towa pokemon for the good memories

>> No.36047258

Fucking matsuri, first it was the whole drama about haachama not appearing in her 3D stream and talking shit about her and rushia, and now a whole new drama about her boyfriend appearing in a stream and lying about it saying it was a stalker.

Is time to cut loses, and just graduate this menhera, she literally doesn't add anything good to hololive.

>> No.36047260

Its Choco's ASMR, always gets decent numbers.

>> No.36047261

Ever had a titfuck?

>> No.36047262

As long as she keeps her mouth shut I would smash

>> No.36047263

/vg/tranny is MALDING

>> No.36047264

>bitch literally rents a studio just for streaming
>can't be bothered to a top tier PC
booba hate

>> No.36047265

she cute

>> No.36047266

>1+ minutes apart between posts

>> No.36047267

>> No.36047268

Why does Kiara look like those wierd white girls they have in JAVs

>> No.36047271

late night minecraft chammers is the best chammers

>> No.36047272


>> No.36047273

She should have just said [x family member] visited her
Why didn't she just say this instead of coming up with this absolutely obvious bs story that she now dug herself into where she contradicts herself even

>> No.36047275

She is one.

>> No.36047276

towasama bully...

>> No.36047277

Gen 4 is center around Coco
Gen 5 was center around Polka

>> No.36047278

No, I am a proud virgin goodboy

>> No.36047280

Chicken cute

>> No.36047281

You need to be at least 18 to post here. Feel free to come back in 5 years when your reach that age.

>> No.36047283

if she made a better story and acted accordingly, the fact that she is so relaxed about it, indicates it was someone she knew, otherwise she would be scared shitless, and probably move out imiedietly.

>> No.36047284

Is it true that Anpanman is DEEP /a/nons?

>> No.36047285

When FRIEND cut ties with Matsuri, I realize she was bad news, then even Luna cut ties with her, matsuri should graduate and make a public apology.

>> No.36047286

Dunno but I have fapped heartily to Genma Louise smashing a banana onto the outside of her pussy many times

>> No.36047287

Do they breed them in vats? Because real white people don't look like JAV white people

>> No.36047288

All I want is to come home to my wife Choco and enjoy a homecooked meal while she and Mel gossip over a glass of wine

>> No.36047290

Matsurisucuck malding at anonymous shitposting calling out his whore of an oshi KEK

>> No.36047291

>> No.36047292

As DEEP as Pui Pui Molcar

>> No.36047293

Don't waste your youth, you dick might not work as well later in life

>> No.36047294

Yes. They are made from breeding vats like Fallout 1 super mutants.

>> No.36047295

>Choco's homecooked meals
I hope you like microwaves

>> No.36047299

NTR holo when...

>> No.36047301

N*zomi is not an idol and Cover can't control what she does on her own channel, so why didn't she bring her boyfriend on stream to BTFO all the idolfags?

>> No.36047305

heh that's a good joke

>> No.36047306

>tfw if you live with Choco you have to live with her cats too

>> No.36047307

kek and Matsurisucucks use the "NOOOOOOOOOOOO JAPAN IS FREE OF CRIME" cope kek Japan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world when it comes to stalking and rape weebs just don't know facts

>> No.36047308

choco only used microwaves to hold herself back

>> No.36047309

Friend is a really good friend unironically, playing assfaggots with her the next day to sweep the thing under the rug, always there for the people around her.

>> No.36047310

They think it's some epic troll or someshit, and because the meidos around these parts don't do shit

>> No.36047313

Do you realize that all drama come from holos that are under 25 years old?

That's is why gen 6 should be 25+ years, HAGs are the definite form of vtubers, a good vtuber is a good HAG.


>> No.36047314

Man what timezone is this one. You guys need to chill out.

>> No.36047317

choco only used shitty audio setup to hold herself back

>> No.36047318

Newsflash: Japan uses microwaves for everything

>> No.36047319

Matsuri and her nigger boyfriend exist

>> No.36047321

Japan is nothing compared to poo in the loo land

>> No.36047322


>> No.36047325

>Hags don't make drama
>Botan and Polka joked about janitors because they're boomers who don't give a shit about poor people

>> No.36047328

What is sex with K*ara like?

>> No.36047329

Ayame and Matsuri?

>> No.36047330

Yuropoor hours

>> No.36047331

Which holo is legitimately unmarriageable?

>> No.36047332

Cope weeb just look at their fuckin trains nigga

>> No.36047333

Europoors are getting back from school

>> No.36047334

Yeah but Polka is fat

>> No.36047336

Noel will gladly spend millions on equipment that can help her provide 1% better ASMR and also can be used by other members for free, but to spend 1$ on herself is way too selfish according to her brain

>> No.36047340


>> No.36047341

It's always extra shit around 1AM JST for some reason.

>> No.36047342


>> No.36047344

The fact that Towa likes hags so openly is amusing. I can't believe she was one of us all along.

>> No.36047345

This but unironically... Unless Choco is deaf, I mean who is to say she isn't.

>> No.36047346

Out of context clip with malicious description when it was Aqua who joked about jannies first
but she wasn't the one who got attacked for it
curious that

>> No.36047347

literally nothing bad happened from that beside some mad 2channers.

Remember that Shion made fun of people working in UBER eats in Christmas and new year

>> No.36047348

Nobody sane uses a microwave for cooking

>> No.36047349

Pretty normal but afterwards she starts crying and asking if you still think she's pretty. She also goes through your phone while you're asleep.

>> No.36047351

I dont care about matuli, feel free to talk shit about her, I also did that.
Its about HH stuff and /v/ lingo you are using. That shit doesnt belong here.

>> No.36047354

>> No.36047355

Just banish Matsuri to niji, she's practically a nijiwhore anyway.

>> No.36047356

>> No.36047359

Ayame isn't a hag and she's a great vtuber.

>> No.36047360

Then most japs are insane.

>> No.36047361

She insists on using KFC chicken grease as lube and won't stop saying "bok bok bok" and doing a naked chicken dance. Really annoying, but the free KFC bucket after sex is kinda nice

>> No.36047366


>> No.36047368

east european

>> No.36047369


>> No.36047371

Microwaved potato is infinitely superior than boiled potato for mash because it doesn't get soaked from the water. And it's fucking quick.

>> No.36047372

all of the lesbians because gay marriage isn't legal in japan

>> No.36047374


>> No.36047378

japanese do not use microwaves for cooking, they are actually pretty good at cooking

>> No.36047379


>> No.36047381


>> No.36047382

I mean, you can't have drama if you don't stream, that much is true.

>> No.36047383

don't shitpost with hima please...

>> No.36047387

India has more rapes per capita than anywhere else in the world

>> No.36047389


>> No.36047390

In one year Lamy has put over 1300 hours into streaming (including collabs on other channels) and exactly 500 videos (including collabs on other channels) taking up 1.99 TBs on my hard drive

>> No.36047391

Anon the reflection...

>> No.36047392

Tit tot...

>> No.36047393

>4chan culture
go back

>> No.36047395

>ask for smoke of her cigarette
>is full of saliva and all wet

does anon smoke it?

>> No.36047396

>> No.36047397

wtf was that moan...

>> No.36047398


>> No.36047399

Shion's roommate liked my cat picture on Instagram

>> No.36047400

*eats cigarette*

>> No.36047401

Lamy love

>> No.36047402


>> No.36047403

I can tell where you are from just by the kind of butthurt you radiate.

>> No.36047404

No hesitation, I don't even smoke.

>> No.36047405

you could use all that data to train an AI and create a new Lamy

>> No.36047407

lamy love!

>> No.36047411


>> No.36047413

Hoshikawa would kick her out

>> No.36047415

Yes they do, there are people who think cooking over a stove creates more calories than cooking in a microwave. Fire-less cooking is just using a microwave for everything, which Choco does

>> No.36047416

Not me, I stole the image from r*ddit

>> No.36047417


>> No.36047419

>cargo short
>sandals + socks


>> No.36047420

Yes. This is a website founded on free speech and shitposting you Reddit tourist. Unironically go the fuck back. You don't fucking belong here if your intent is to seethe about forbidden knowledge and funposting.

>> No.36047422

Women deserve to be raped anyway

>> No.36047424

coco.... my pp...

>> No.36047427


>> No.36047430

>miko has even less stamina than Luna

>> No.36047431


>> No.36047432

>forbidden knowledge
go back, projecting reddit tourist

>> No.36047435

Anon are you lying to us?

>> No.36047437


>> No.36047439

JOPs LOVE Ollie and there is nothing you can do about it

>> No.36047440

Tears of za ramie...

>> No.36047442


>> No.36047444

woah, long neck nip

>> No.36047445

>le forbidden knowledge
It seems like (you) are the one that has to go back, discordfag.

>> No.36047448

>forbidden knowledge
Are you fucking 12?

>> No.36047449

Is this a falseflag? Wait don't answer.

>> No.36047450

Is that Connor?

>> No.36047451

What the fuck is wrong with his neck?

>> No.36047452

>watameAI anon goes missing
>suddenly the thread gains schizos by the dozen
I'm onto you mechasheepposter.

>> No.36047454

>forbidden knowledge
kek, I'm dying

>> No.36047457

Connor has brown hair and is incredibly pasty

>> No.36047458


>> No.36047459

B-But my neck looks the same.

>> No.36047460

She's come a long way

>> No.36047462

Did someone delete your chin?

>> No.36047465

Ole treestars eating ass bitch LMAO

>> No.36047466

>forbidden knowledge

>> No.36047468

the guy was a SEAnigger anon...
your twitter reps...

>> No.36047470

can't believe Con nor flew to japan just to kiss a piece of glass

>> No.36047471

I'll have you know I have a chin you can slice cheese with

>> No.36047472

Yunomi is doing one of the Kanata original songs that's going to release any day now.

>> No.36047473

Choco I love you but please fix your mic

>> No.36047476

This thread isn't so good.. I blame Marines new song for this

>> No.36047477

Connor has been in Japan for almost 2 years, do your Connor reps

>> No.36047480

>forbidden knowledge

>> No.36047481

Haha connor funny joke amirite guys
Let me spam it a bit more

>> No.36047482

Choco is a BIG cutie

>> No.36047484

I think everyone can cut fondue with their chin.

>> No.36047487


>> No.36047488

>actually knowing about Ollie's fuckbudy

>> No.36047490

Haha. I can't wait until the worthless woman MATSIRU is graduated back to YAGOO. We have YEARS and YEARS of old hag. MATSIRU the witch can wait. Graduation stream NOW!

>> No.36047492

How BIG?

>> No.36047493


>> No.36047494


>> No.36047495

Marine's new song is the sole saving grace of this thread

>> No.36047499


>> No.36047500

Big enough to absolutely crush my dick

>> No.36047502

I truly pity tingelets.

>> No.36047503


>> No.36047504

His pre-iron mouse content was good for cheap laughs who doesn't like seeing a Welshman cosplay Dva in a poorly made wish.com costume??

>> No.36047506


>> No.36047508

Thats a lot of deleted.

>> No.36047509


>> No.36047510

Looks like an Indog to me

>> No.36047511

We have meidos here?

>> No.36047516

someone pinged the nijidiscord or something?

>> No.36047517

What's wrong friend?

>> No.36047518

>> No.36047519


>> No.36047521


>> No.36047522

i hope he gets the plague

>> No.36047524

turns out hagfags are just as annoying and stupid as any other bad posters, such as indogs and /vt/ raiders

>> No.36047525

He's literally in Japan right now attending summer fest, he's more Japanese than (You)

>> No.36047527

Probably deleted it himself out of shame.

>> No.36047528

molest your oshi

>> No.36047529

shut up kraut

>> No.36047530


>> No.36047531

Why is she doing this

>> No.36047534

You would do the same if you could.

>> No.36047535


>> No.36047536

The kanacock...

>> No.36047538


>> No.36047539


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