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I love Aqua.

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I will marry this menhera.

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Neener neener

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you're too late bro...

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Only one streaming and can't even break 20k. Buff game too.

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Where is the Hololive game? What would the game be about?

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Matsuri love!

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Nine days left!

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just a couple more old pictures from my folder

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that's her. and the pictures themselves have nothing to do with the situation at all. she's there with the tiktoker girl

that's the problem. i could justify all her questionable decisions before. but she never allowed herself to be so openly disrespectful to the fans. she was lazy, unmotivated, unengaged, unable to deal with her emotions. but i never felt like i was being held as an idiot for 2 years that she was my oshi. and by god how much easier it would be if she threw another tantrum and tearful manipulation to calm everyone down. but the fucking profile header is just another level

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What the ever living fuck?
Cover, why...?

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Can't wait

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This is a mental illness

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I hate myself so much.
Everything I loved about Matsuri was a lie.
I cannot heal my heart anymore.
I'm so tired.

I cannot understand why she did that
This is so sad and painful
I don't want to remember her anymore
I want to kill the past

I'm already done with her
I want to hide my jealousy and regret
It is so ugly to survive
I'm feeling so lonely

I dislike myself so much
For believing her lies
But i dislike her even more
For believing her lies

Do not forget and make sure
That your oshi isn't a lying whore
Becoming an anti.
Is the only correct answer now

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nobody cares you stupid spamming faggot

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Always dark always...

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Thank you for posting her, I love her too.

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Matsurisu had a hard life

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Mio is so cute and hot...

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No worries, here's yet another Polka picture !!

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Excuse me? The people's champ MOONER is streaming.

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You show me that slutty forehead and you do it NOW

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I miss the old Korone

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Sucking on Pekora's brown nipples

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You're laughing, but my heart really hurts.

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Meme review DOKO?

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She's too old for that now and has too many responsibilities

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If Kanata wasn't there this could have been fucking great

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Whore this whore that, I think one thing we can all agree to is that Nene is a virgin!

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Which recent live was it where they sung blue clapper?

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Haven't sheepfalseflaggers had enough? Hasn't anyone stepped in and forced them to take their meds?

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Come watch Gura!

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Your meme is missing 4 friends...

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first off:
Who changed the profile header? There isn't any information available to accurately guess who, but you may try anyway
Who has access to her account? If anyone else has access to her phone they can presumably access Twitter apps, emails etc, but this information is again, not privy to anyone
Why should all of this matter? Personally this is a chance, as is any other situation that matsuri's gone through like her issue with haachama, to stop andt hink about the consequences of her actions, and whether she is choosing good or rather just following her passions, which aren't always good
In the end the results aren't available either, unless she chooses to bring it up again in future, or if she reflects on the things she's done in the past

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I love Lamy

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Right thread KINGS

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>Japan: 2


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Please watch this later so I don't have to go back in the basement again.

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>Pekora won a crown
Shitty chart fucking discarded. Kill yourself

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blue crapper is the catchest song ever in hololive once you listen to it, it burrow's in your brain and lives there

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Can't wait to see 肉 or 猫 written on her forehead

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I imagine Matsuri is repeating the scenario time and time again in her head. Thinking what would have happened if she had left the door locked. Thinking what would have happened if she hadn't decided to stream as her roommate. Her entire world is falling apart. Everything she's come to is disintegrating a few weeks after reaching a million subscribers. She must know all her friends have already seen the clip and feel second-hand embarrassment, but also a sense of relief as they think to themselves, "Thank God that's not me." Locked inside her room with the lights off rewatching the clip over and over again. Awkwardly looking at her phone and seeing that no one has contacted her. Noticing the awkward glances. Finally cutting off contact. She stops going to the office, but no one contacts her. They don't acknowledge her absence. They know she is shut inside her room, watching the clip over, and over, and over, and over, and over again as the subscriber count falls from one million. Thinking to herself: "If I'd locked the door." Over. And over. And over. And over again. Until the end of times.

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For me, the catchiest is Hyakkaryouran Hanafubuki. Such a fantastic song.

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Sora Love!

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Polka daki doko?

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I know, but since she is it won't be great, it will be amazing!

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oh boy Kotaro penis inspection hug time already?

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Bruh you people need meds FR

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This but Ahoy.

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Didn't even realize Aqua was in this clip until the end, was she quiet the whole time or just here because they were talking about usaken?

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StarCHADs [email protected]

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Someone needs to sing this

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Towa's cock is at least thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long

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my wife roboco is indeed pure, i'm glad you noticed

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I never really got why people thought of blue clapper as being catchy but then again, I don't really listen to pop music a whole ton
The one bloom song that I really got hooked on was candy go round, but after a couple weeks I stopped listening to it

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If you watched the live, they were all quiet for long periods of time which to be fair there are like 6 of them.

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Its going to be a Genshin copy, you will play as Kanata searchin for Coco, and for that you will need to talk with The Sevens (Sora, FBK, Aqua, Korone, Pekora, Watame and Botan), Towa will be your Paimon

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I care

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She joined only partway through. Marine was overall more quiet.

>> No.36039119

how come Towa stopped collabing with nose?

did cover force her to?

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>that anchor to the right
>that shape
Can't unsee

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This is just my netori arc.

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Towa pumps and dumps hoes every other week.

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They were quiet because they have no chemistry and were all wondering why Mel was there.

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When the fuck is gen5 gonna sing blue crapper in a 3D live?

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Nose is very very stinky

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I wanna hold her hands

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For every nijinigger disliking Matsuri streams
I will rape Lulu 2 times

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Hope Sora streams today

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Was her redesign worth it? She doesn't look innocent anymore

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I just ate 40 dollars of mcdonals and I need to take a shit,

what are your favorite streams to watch while shitting?

I normally go for a nice Watame stream where she's playing minecraft something about her moving blocks of sand and dirt just make the turns slip right out of my asshole

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>Choco has never been in a relationship
Whoever made this is a retard.

>> No.36039157

Watch streams
Kanata is the only one in hololive who publicly admits that she hasn't had any relationship. She's also not gay

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Gura got a new cat..

>> No.36039161

It wasn't worth it.

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If it's suitable to what she wants then it's fine. I mostly want to see them perform it in idol outfits.

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At this rate, we'll get to the point where the invader holds her hostage, controls all the sns, and allows her to stream. about the meaning of the middle finger I wrote in /vt:
> and i repeat i really want to believe, also, that the new profile header is addressed to all these "media" disseminators, or at least idolfags (which will only confirm her dishonesty). but i cannot. i see it as >fuck everyone who does not believe my outright bullshit, even if you have supported me for years and have not abandoned me in the most controversial moments.
And the current header. as I wrote half an hour ago gives a small sliver of hope that she realized that her actions have offended not only anti. And the results are quite visible as I think. my heart hurt a lot yesterday. I hardly watched anyone but her. over a long time you get attached to a person and let them into your soul. it was bad after the lies, and after the middle finger I was so fucking sick.

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Robocos Azamina is the best vsinger performance
Sorry gays

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Oh shit! Kiara doxxed Subaru and a crazy stalker just knocked on Subaru's door mid stream!

>> No.36039179

she was already playing apex the same evening.

>> No.36039181

you guys ever consider eating a bullet?

>> No.36039182

Using my insider info.

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hey man

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interesting that you saved a picture that was posted once and most of the replies were telling the poster to fuck off

>> No.36039191

>Turbo virgins thinking women are more prone of giving head rather than having sex
At least try to fool someone

>> No.36039193

you guys think mukkun ever stuck his dick in watame's ass and spun around in a circle on top of her?

>> No.36039194

who are you quoting
where do you think you are

>> No.36039199

was considering the possibility yesterday.

>> No.36039200

not like this kanat...

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>> No.36039203

Kek even the nips are making fun of Watame
>Anon: Since we're in State of Emergency, they should be allowed to take a summer vacation.
>Watame: No
>Manager: Take a brake

>> No.36039205

Nose is now Minecraft streamer.

>> No.36039206

Porn has warped zoomers brains
They unironically think women thirst for virgins like men

>> No.36039207

Gura never goes outside...

>> No.36039208

You've never even felt a tit, shit up incel.

>> No.36039209

It's been 345 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and she was getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

She has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon.

But the beginning of August has been a really rough week for her, she got so stressed out she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday, being overbooked with too many meetings and losing time because of side effects from the 2nd vaccine shot. And with Aloe's debut anniversary date getting closer each day she's been getting more and more stressed.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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There's still a few hours left, cut me some slack.

>> No.36039211

Women suck dick on the first date nowadays...

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>> No.36039214

She always did struck me as a indoor hikki alcoholist like she's now explaining herself.

>> No.36039217

Friend's mengen gonna be great.

>> No.36039218

i do my reps in the morning right before exercising

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>> No.36039223

this is a homobeggar

>> No.36039224

Why is every holo's imitation of spanish a mexican joke?

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>> No.36039230

You guys know it's harder to get a blowjob than sex right
Because one is theoretically good for both parties and the other is degrading

>> No.36039232

Hope the cunt throws herself off a balcony.

>> No.36039236

Feel great paying for Oga's cumdump right?

>> No.36039238

Mexico has been more relevant than Spain for a century

>> No.36039239

>aqua stole watame's glasses and stage for her members only whoring stream
Has Watame even done a 3D live with those glasses yet?

>> No.36039240

Nobody cares how many dicks you've sucked, queer.

>> No.36039241

>i see it as "fuck everyone who does not believe my outright bullshit"
well that's just one way to look at it
it could have been an outburst of frustration, a big "fuck humans" because she had to face this situation
the most accurate way to look at this is that this wasn't done intentionally, but more an outburst of emotion (like the majority of the shit she's done in the past) and she didn't care about the consequences in the moment, which may be because of alcoholic influence
I'm not trying to defend her here, merely trying to be as accurate about the possibilities since there is a lack of information all across save a change in the header and then back without any other relevant data

porn's warped everybody's brains

>> No.36039243

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Minecraft Hardcore Day 8 at 12JST https://youtu.be/-8YIaKnxtOY

>> No.36039244

wtf is chug jug?
why did you link this here

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>> No.36039248

Welcome to membersheep, Aqwa.

>> No.36039249

Wow, he's just like me!

>> No.36039251

You have issues, anon. Think about what you just said. You're literally accusing someone of reposting a picture they made over a year prior. Please take your meds.

>> No.36039253

Hololive is a dick company

>> No.36039257

I will punish nijiniggers

>> No.36039259

pay up doko

>> No.36039262

She'll have the last laugh, you'll see.

>> No.36039264

Fuck you

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All the boring whores, especially Marine

>> No.36039269

I just don't understand how she's so popular.

>> No.36039275

Damn today is packed with good stuff

>> No.36039276

Swallowing too many loads has rotted your brain.

>> No.36039277

she's an idol she can't have boyfriends...

>> No.36039278

You're still green

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>> No.36039280

>> No.36039281

I don't even like Ayame but I listen to this cover a lot, it's really good.

>> No.36039282

This thread has drastically different opinions on holomems depending on the hour of the day

>> No.36039283

i wonder why an oni is popular

>> No.36039284

She's the biggest EOP holo despite what schizos will tell you
Maybe they don't watch her streams, but they will comment uwu giggles on everything she appears in

>> No.36039288

>> No.36039289

>> No.36039290

Where's Fubuki and her weird sexual kinks?

>> No.36039291

I like Aqua's version more although Ayame's version is also very good.

>> No.36039294


>> No.36039297

There's only one person who can pull Towa and Nose together again

>> No.36039299


>> No.36039300

well that picture is saved, and it's not improbable that it's the same person who posted it then
even if it's not the same person, it's still a bad picture because the least it does is lead people to speculation, and outright mentally ill suspicion at worst

it's about the clippers, clip channels help boost popularity across countries
there are a LOT, and I mean a lot, of non-English clip channels out there, and if they're successful then the original channel's content gets pushed by youtube for people who watch clips
ayame and shion's stuff has always gotten recommended to the front page for me whenever they come out, because the people who watch their stuff also watch the stuff I do

>> No.36039303

We get it you're Chinese

>> No.36039304


>> No.36039306


>> No.36039309

So far everything he posted was garbage shitting on the girls.

>> No.36039310

I want Towa to collab with the new green woman in VSPO

>> No.36039311

Damn i had never thought of it that way, in an ultra-strict sense she is an idol but not seiso, in fact sora has never recognized herself as such.
That gives to think...

>> No.36039313

Good thing Sio graduated before Towa started pretending she didn't exist.

>> No.36039315

how did you know?

>> No.36039316

How close were Sio and Nose by the way?

>> No.36039317

Breakfast with my girlfriend in 30 mins!

>> No.36039318

Gura didn't have any friends when she went to school...

>> No.36039319

>> No.36039320

Speaking of Nose, Sumire has been playing Minecraft for over 22 hours straight.

>> No.36039321

Human Flare...

>> No.36039323

Just raped Ayame in honey select 2 VR AMA

>> No.36039326

No. Aqua will be charged for this.

>> No.36039327

Kanat speaking chinese

>> No.36039328

Towa isn't a bitch she'll have nose on a stream very soon I just know it!

>> No.36039329

So the human half is the black part

>> No.36039333

why didn't korone and okayu play last night, why did they play at 6am JST instead, that's way too early to watch.....

>> No.36039337

Collabs with homos, likes shotas and rejected Matsuri

>> No.36039339

Lamy's story...

>> No.36039340 [SPOILER] 

still the best thumbnail ever

>> No.36039341

11 hours

>> No.36039344

Homoshitfarts are the biggest failure in vtubing history.

>> No.36039345

I still don't know which manga(s) this was based off of, except the one 構わん、いけ face

>> No.36039346

can't wait to hear her lie about random shit and play video games!

>> No.36039349

Gal Hurea...

>> No.36039350


>> No.36039351

>cumming soon
I can't tell if Google translate is retarded or a misunderstood genius

>> No.36039352

You can't understand Japanese, stop larping.

>> No.36039355

Oh nice, is this from the form? I hope Mio is there too but I'll take nice horror stories.

>> No.36039356

fubuki likes girls

>> No.36039357

Why does gura talk like she is a child?

>> No.36039359

>matsurisu still exist

>> No.36039361

As a compulsive liar, Shubaru Impreza is too sparse on details to be one

>> No.36039362

mio being there would make it a whole lot more interesting
we'll see, the thumbnail doesn't mention who's in

>> No.36039364

i'm japanese

>> No.36039365

Anon i think you're retarded, i don't know what kind of twisted perception you had about Matsuri to feel betrayed at all.

>> No.36039366

because her fanbase is comprised of children and adults who molest children

>> No.36039367

yes, hello

>> No.36039368

Selly is a massive troll and Towa is prime bully material. They are cute together.

>> No.36039369

>8 May 20th
How the fuck google can't translate something as simple as that

>> No.36039370

>Lulu doesn't
Justice served

>> No.36039371

Give me proof and i’ll happily take her out of the str*ight list

>> No.36039375

Mentally stunted due to poor growing up American.
She tries to make up for it by being cute.

>> No.36039377

FBK is a saviourfag. She still doesn't realize the homos are completely beyond saving. A world without the homoqueers would be a good world indeed.

>> No.36039381

Naked Towa

>> No.36039383

Homoshits are finished. The homos are getting ass raped by niji males, followed by HoloEN reclining and EOP saviorfags leaving

>> No.36039384

Who is your favorite holo mama?

>> No.36039385

/hlg/ is four things

>> No.36039387


>> No.36039388

>Botan Rushia COD

>> No.36039389

Sakura Miko

>> No.36039390

most holos are rejected voice actors

>> No.36039392

All Hololive is doing worse than Nijisanji, don't kid yourself.

>> No.36039395

Reminder that 35P run these threads and homofailures will never be hololive

>> No.36039398

a place free of the menace known as the homoshits

>> No.36039400


>> No.36039401

>> No.36039402

Now that the dust has been settled. What are you final thoughts?

>> No.36039403

She's appealing to ojiisans

>> No.36039405

cute and funny nanora

>> No.36039407

Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

>> No.36039409

>> No.36039414

But I'm a 35P and I fondly remember the time before holostars went to their own general, nobody gave shit aside few dudes about them being posted back then.

>> No.36039415

shitty bear...

>> No.36039419

Cute! I can still see the string holding up the pen...

>> No.36039421

Astel fucks dogs

>> No.36039422

Mio was the one accepting the submissions for the stories so she's basically guaranteed to be there. If it's the same project still. I'm personally hoping for Fubuki too so we have a repeat of last year's kino.

>> No.36039424

*look up her skirt*

>> No.36039430

I STILL masturbate to this bitch.

>> No.36039433

>> No.36039434

>> No.36039436 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36039440

It's pretty sweet.

>> No.36039441

Imagine opening the door and seeing that

>> No.36039448

Aqua looks weird there.

>> No.36039449

her boyfriend sure is lucky...

>> No.36039450

imagine fucking her feet

>> No.36039451

Masturbating to lesbians is a sin just like masturbating to Luna who has no sex appeal or Aqua who is too stupid to understand sex
Stop that, fap to Suisei like normal people do

>> No.36039452

It's been almost a year

>> No.36039455


>> No.36039457

>> No.36039461

it's a sin to fap to men tho

>> No.36039462


>> No.36039466


>> No.36039470

Too bad she probably watched it multiple times already before the stream, would love to see her 1st time reaction.

>> No.36039474

Yes, would you lend me a hand?

>> No.36039480

>> No.36039481

Too big

>> No.36039482

Matsuri is finished. The dislikes just keep piling up. It's not bugs either, but people sickened by her behavior. It's not even about whether or not it was a boyfriend, but telling people you called the police when you obviously didn't is serious.

>> No.36039485

Here's some footage of Fubuki marrying a girl homosexually, prehaps also incestuously

>> No.36039489

Too big for you, little boy.

>> No.36039490

Real 35P here, i love Holostar bross.

>> No.36039492


>> No.36039493

how much does whatever that man is wearing costs? I was going to get surgery to become lamy but this seems faster

>> No.36039494

>takes another month long break

>> No.36039496

*posts on /hlg/*

>> No.36039497

>but telling people you called the police when you obviously didn't is serious.
It’s also the fact that she likes to larp as a forever alone femcel when she’s getting dicked every day

>> No.36039499

That's not nice.

>> No.36039500


>> No.36039505

we love haachama here

>> No.36039507

Yeah she was retarded but this incident is nothing unsalvageable

>> No.36039508

can someone chinese tell me why they are hating on matsuri? is it just because she's weak now?

if i was a japanses incel mad at matsuri but then i see chinses attack her I'd stick up for her

>> No.36039510

Stop falseflagging homofuck

>> No.36039517

I wonder if we have any japs lurking in these threads

>> No.36039525

I always thought the towa is korean thing was a rumor but then I saw this


>> No.36039528

gura upa gaacha...

>> No.36039529

Everyone after gokisei is irrelevant

>> No.36039530

both are groups of lonely people that look at her as someone attach to

>> No.36039531

Everyone was pretty quiet during the latter half of the collab, I think they were getting overwhelmed with figuring out how to do Map Art for the first time. They were all repeatedly talking about their brains going to mush, Lamy was venting a couple times and Marine was afraid to go to the bathroom at one point in case she forgot what to do and the scale measurements by the time she returned and had to waste time to re-learn.

>> No.36039533

yes very much japanese

>> No.36039537

im japanese iam wearing my yakuza and 100% nihonjin

>> No.36039538

*cleans thread*

>> No.36039545

I want to clean Minato Aqua's butthole with my tongue

>> No.36039549

Akukin Kensetsu doesn't have what it takes.

>> No.36039550

I want to clean her assshole with my mouth

>> No.36039551

Very cute, Athena should have been the Vsinger. I love Haachama too bits.

>> No.36039553

I want her to lick my asshole

>> No.36039555

You're right, you shouldn't just masturbate to them. Lesbians are made to be raped and trained into sex slaves.

>> No.36039558

I understand that she did it to blow off steam. but first of all, if I'm not confused by the timings it happened almost 24 hours after the incident - there was time to think who might not like the header. secondly, during that time she played apex, had a mengen and I hope she got some sleep. So at the same time as Matsuri launched a defensive reaction in the form of collab with fubuki and creating a schedule of streams for 2 days in advance (which she hasn't done for at least half a year), she's playing fuck off card as N*zomi.
a belated and inappropriate reaction, even for her. despite the fact that at that time everything that was incriminated to her was a lie and the presence of a boyfriend. Isn't it more logical that when you see distrust, you will try to convince the person, at least try? her reaction again, as for me, is >well, fuck, so what? This is by the way, despite the fact that the very lie that she invented made people worry about her safety. > fuck off I'm safe? I really don't understand her actions. It's so fucking absurd that I'm beginning to seriously consider the possibility that the ghost and invader believers were right all along and she was so offended that even the loyal gachikos didn't believe her that she hated everyone at once, because when you lie and are not believed, you don't get offended that much.

>> No.36039559

Did Subaru talk about Towa's live at all? I've heard Towa, Pekora, and Marine all talk about their part it in but I'd like to hear Subaru too.

>> No.36039560

>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku
>Marine anniversary countdown

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
>Noel anniversary countdown
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already. The stupid failure can't even sell out her own merch meanwhile Marine's nendorid sold out in less than an hour

>> No.36039563

I have another cute Fubuki image

>> No.36039565 [SPOILER] 

Well it's better than what got posted on /vtsg/ earlier

>> No.36039566

I want to tongue her fartbox

>> No.36039569

When they see weakness they exploit it to the full, ain't nothing wrong with that. In the end there's no one to blame but your whore of an oshi

>> No.36039574

Towa is too interesting...

>> No.36039576

ywa subaru said an massive earthquake happened during the recording and all of civilization was destroyed.

I fucking googled it and turns out she was lying again

>> No.36039580

Too big

>> No.36039584

Subaru said that she didn't go to Towa's live

>> No.36039586


>> No.36039587


>> No.36039592

>> No.36039593

Pretty sure Subaru just fucking lied if she did talk about it.

>> No.36039595

No one asked, no one cares.

>> No.36039609


>> No.36039613

they're just like us...

>> No.36039616

>> No.36039617

Noel is not a failure

>> No.36039618

I STILL haven't jacked off to this bitch.

>> No.36039619

What went wrong?
male idols are not popular in japan?
YAGOO's desperate attempts to save them will bear fruit?

>> No.36039621


>> No.36039624

It was all lies

>> No.36039625

>> No.36039626

I think it would be cheap but you need skill to make a kig outfit and that may be too much work for the average person.

>> No.36039627 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36039630


>> No.36039631

>no streams for 45 minutes
brain zaps are going to make me go insane...

>> No.36039632

Why does this guy spend all day spamming Matsuri?

>> No.36039636

I'll never understand this disgusting fetish. Like, do you even think your asshole is clean or something? Why would you ever want to do this to a girl or anyone? It's not sexual. It's unhygienic and disturbing.

>> No.36039637

Do they say ALOE LOVE?

>> No.36039638

It's not like she asked for it.

>> No.36039642


>> No.36039648

there's no lie in the screenshot.

>> No.36039649

This gay shit is getting annoying, name me one holo that doesn't do shit like this, I need a new oshi.

>> No.36039650

Kill yourself.

>> No.36039652

Not hololive

>> No.36039656


>> No.36039659


>> No.36039660

You first pedo

>> No.36039661


>> No.36039663

She'll probably talk about it in the next Ohasuba. Last time she had Flare as a guest, so she'll probably talk about all the things in the past week.

>> No.36039666


>> No.36039668

Miko poster looks like this!?

>> No.36039673

Towa licked Kotaro's butt

>> No.36039675

I will never forgive Fubuki for enabling this shit

>> No.36039677

Show me watame no futa.

>> No.36039678

I have a holo for you

>> No.36039682

Shirayuki Tomoe

>> No.36039689

watame no futa
this means watame's lid

>> No.36039692

>almost 24 hours after the incident
I'm pretty sure that the banner change was just about midnight JST, I might be wrong but you should double check, seeing as you're clearly taking this incident very seriously
in that interim she could have been fuming and getting upset about the whole situation and blaming everything and everyone around her, instead of being responsible and realizing that she is the one who should be making sure that her environment is free from intrusion during stream and not anyone else
I have no personal interest in the matter, which is why I'm able to see things as they are. I don't know if she really was lying or not but I highly doubt it was a home invasion she faced, because she would not be streaming several (what, 8?) hours after having one unless she was dumb or incredibly reckless
it's clear that a third of the people who rated her stream watch all her activities just like you do, which is why the rating for her stream is the way it is. The unfortunate conclusion you come to is her deliberately/intentionally saying "fuck off" to such people. My conclusion is that it's an emotional and not a deliberate reaction to the situation she had, a spur done on the moment maybe after she had some alcohol or encouragement/input from the people around her. That is the reason why the actions aren't understandable unless you're able to place yourself in her shoes, where she's pretty much just reacting based on emotion/passions
and there is no real indicator as to the identity of the person who opened the door, but if you truly believe BOYFRIEND then you're free to do so. I'll just say that there's no accuracy to guesses since there's no data to work on, except maybe the fact that she might have tried to delay looking at the door more than a normal person would. And she's, well, a little bit of an abnormal person to say the least
also, I don't even have her subscribed and haven't watched more than a couple of minutes of her in the past, and still have no intention to do so. She's not someone who I enjoy watching in any way

>> No.36039694

*plays when the saints come marching in*

>> No.36039696

End your life, memespouting retard.

>> No.36039699

Does Aqua clean up after Ayame too?

>> No.36039700

Likewise pedo

>> No.36039702

When will Miko collab with a male again? her pretending to be a lesbian was funny at first but not the joke is overused

>> No.36039703

>> No.36039704

I ain't reading all that go back to r*ddit with your 2000 words essays.

>> No.36039707

They are now Aqua's glasses and kuso hitsuji has to kneel before the Nijikiller if she wants to borrow them.

>> No.36039708

>> No.36039709

This hurts. How did that happen?

>> No.36039710

fat fuck cake...

>> No.36039711

have you two considered killing yourselves?

>> No.36039713

towa is a thirsty whore who thinks of nothing but pu*sies

>> No.36039714

that's the face he makes when he breaks 300 viewers

>> No.36039716

VERY summer stream

>> No.36039719

back to deleting comments lyger...

>> No.36039721

Is that the pogu pogu girl?

>> No.36039723

Also the face he makes when he breaks Fubuki's pussy

>> No.36039724


>> No.36039729

Right thread KING, imagine the threesome last night

>> No.36039732

>echi echi ASMR
I miss when Haachama wasn't a slut

>> No.36039733

Which holo has the biggest harem? Botan?Coco?

>> No.36039734

it's my face when I fuck you

>> No.36039735

>> No.36039737

she ate it...

>> No.36039738


>> No.36039741

Gura don't go..

>> No.36039743

no, I'm not an emotional person, and I live with purpose
people who have no meaning in life probably consider such things, so I try to talk to such people

the thought that he might actually be on anonymous boards is very amusing to me
I still see no real reason why he's attached himself to her, but I guess he's somehow come to the conclusion that there's no one else in his life for relationships. Kind of like some people who think they only have 4chan for a semblance of a relationship because they have no friends

>> No.36039745

anons who enjoy asmr can you tell me what I'm missing?

I've tried watching/listening to asmr but it doesn't do anything for me.

I have a pretty expensive home theater system and even then I don't really see the appeal of asmr

>> No.36039747

>Aqua has officially used 3 different pair of glasses so far
Friend would be proud.

>> No.36039748

For me it's having my oshi whisper in my ear telling me how much I mean to her. ASMR from any one else, I feel nothing

>> No.36039749

Weird how I used to be excited...

>> No.36039750

Marine easily.

>> No.36039752

Fubuki mounted some monsters alright.

>> No.36039754

>home theater
well there's your problem. you're retarded.

>> No.36039757

Same IP, don't ask me how I know.

>> No.36039758

did you wear a good pair of headphones?

>> No.36039759

it's a real mystery

>> No.36039761

How do you know?

>> No.36039764

you need earphones/headphones for it to work
even cheap ones will do the trick

>> No.36039765

*inserts the fubuki harem clip on animal ross that got privated because taiwan autism*

>> No.36039768

The pride and Daoko ARE

>> No.36039771

no I have home theater wired into my living room why would i wear headphones?

I wasn't bragging just saying i was listening to asmr streams on really good stereo equipment better than any laptop/computer speaker for sure.

>> No.36039772

Did anyone save the header with the middle finger in it?

>> No.36039773

ASMR does fuck all for me too but at least Noel's fat fucking milkers provides some visual stimulation.

>> No.36039776

kek this is quality bait

>> No.36039777

okayu's cat is the most gentle one

>> No.36039778

Anyone know anymore channels like these that do full playthrough subs? (And why the fuck do most of them mainly do pekora)

>> No.36039779

yea here you go

>> No.36039783

Thankfully there's an animated clip of it so it wasn't completely gone.

>> No.36039784

Towa said that she likes both

>> No.36039786

Not much, I think utawakus are more up your speed

>> No.36039787

You see, that's the thing though. It was never about that part, it was always about the feeling of it all, the realization that it was what you thought it could have been from the get go, you know? You just have to get it or not, but if you get it then you can't really explain because it's just one of those parts of life that can't be explained, like what the color green looks like to a blind person, or what a note sounds like to a deaf person. If you can find it in yourself to take the dive, then absolutely you will stick with it and go all the way. The problem is of course finding the courage and wherewithal to get started in the first place. This is why Gura is reclining and it's plain as day.

>> No.36039792

there's that one channel that did miko's orginal gta playthrough, (also did ars's gta playthrough too)

>> No.36039793

full playthrough subs is asking for trouble, since you could be making money off full playthroughs and people should probably be just watching the original stream if they're going to watch the whole thing, giving it the algorithm boost
ultimately you want more people to watch the people themselves and the only real way for that to happen is for the people who are interested to watch the actual holos' streams, but of course not all clip channels will have the same view about this

>> No.36039796

Literally no such thing.

>> No.36039800


>> No.36039802

>> No.36039803

dont trust anything a whore says

>> No.36039805

All the holos I initially liked keep betraying my trust.

>> No.36039808

learn japanese

>> No.36039809

>> No.36039810

Towa is not a whore though?


>> No.36039812


>> No.36039815

bros....look at rushia's cute hand...

>> No.36039818

no human is capable of being perfect
all humans will do some evil at some point in their lives

oh look, a taiwanese clip channel

>> No.36039821

Miko will save us

>> No.36039822

why does shion yo not have any pirated content on nyaa

>> No.36039823

Long nails = whore

>> No.36039824

im japanese i watch full playthrough sub to practice my english

>> No.36039825

Uh oh the thread gonna be shit in 20 min

>> No.36039827

>haggy shriveled hand

>> No.36039830

Prove it

>> No.36039831

*saves the thread*

>> No.36039832

you mean chinese right? that's like saying oh look an alabamanese clip channel it doesn't make sense

>> No.36039834

The least they could do is keep their evil out of sight.

>> No.36039835

Because the Mikoschizos will come out once they notice she started streaming?

>> No.36039837

why would you practice your english on shitty translated amateur clips

>> No.36039838


>> No.36039839


>> No.36039844

nice post zhang

>> No.36039847

Pekora mainly does full playthroughs out of all the holos, so it makes sense.

>> No.36039850

if you really want to be semantic it's a taiwanese clip channel that uses traditional chinese text in mandarin
but ok

>keep evil out of sight
sweeping problems under the rug doesn't solve a single one of them
the counter to evil is goodness, and all humans are capable of growing towards good if they choose it

>> No.36039852

The one true holo pair.

>> No.36039855

Cute nails... Pekora camera stream when?

>> No.36039856

Learn it

>> No.36039860

who wins?

>> No.36039861

I will never forgive Cover for not giving her a slutty gyaru design

>> No.36039862

>chink cope

>> No.36039865

A bitch (dog) and her master

>> No.36039866

If you can't understand that sentence then you might be retarded.

>> No.36039871

Watame apparently

>> No.36039872

oops wrong pic

>> No.36039874

Are you retarded?

>> No.36039878

Mel's mom just fingered a hole on stream

>> No.36039879

>the bitch who bullied Miko IRL when they were kids

>> No.36039881

Call me when PekoMiko is plastered on the side of a building.

>> No.36039882

why is that chat full of english

>> No.36039883

god she's so much more entertaining than 90% of hololive

>> No.36039884

Being able to understand SEAnigger gibberish through context doesn't make the sentence more intelligible.

>> No.36039885

Wait for her new costume

>> No.36039887

Mel and her mama's off stream collab when

>> No.36039891

she's not even japanese

>> No.36039892

eww, a gook

>> No.36039895

Kogal outfit would make me extremely happy.

>> No.36039896

But she knows Japanese right? How else is she a holo parent?

>> No.36039899

i see

>> No.36039900

fuck off, my wife is never going to be a
gyaru, look for someone else to fulfil your shitty fetish

>> No.36039901


>> No.36039902

ok ESL

>> No.36039905


>> No.36039907

She's a nice fit to be the gyaru holo, what other holo could even come close to it?

>> No.36039908

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36039909


>> No.36039912

In your dreams fagboi.
Mikochi the great slayer of gays is in town.

>> No.36039914

only Canadians watch her, a fate worse than dead

>> No.36039916

I sweat to Allah if Ollie or Risu make fun of my inverted penis one more time....why the fuck do they keep making fun of us malaysians? I mean, Risu? Who is she to make fun of me and my people? I already sent one complaint to Cover. I'm waiting to hear back.

>> No.36039917

Then name a more suitable Holo for it, Haato's already a lost cause as the other obvious candidate.

>> No.36039920

If you got to choose Pekora's next outfit (coming in 2024), what would it be?

>> No.36039921

Marine and Lamy are better fits, they actually have the whore-ish attitude to pull it off, you're only bringing up Polka because she's blonde

>> No.36039923

>> No.36039925

Posting Polka since she's been mentioned

>> No.36039926

A red rabbit outfit.

>> No.36039927

My limited Rushia birthday autograph arrives tomorrow! :)

>> No.36039929

/our girl/

>> No.36039930


>> No.36039931

ham suit

>> No.36039932

polka is GAY

>> No.36039933

Is this image cute

>> No.36039934

Already happened last year for holofes 1 promotion newfag

>> No.36039936

stop self-advertising loser

>> No.36039937


>> No.36039940

micro bikini

>> No.36039941

No it didn't.

>> No.36039942

She just has many female friends and cares deeply about them!

>> No.36039943

I love Miko Miko Miko!

>> No.36039945

Cream covering her nipples and crotch

>> No.36039946

filthy ban evading piss of shit

>> No.36039948 [SPOILER] 

Is this Aki's biggest controversy?

>> No.36039949

I don't have a strong preference but all the sundress art recently has fit her well.

>> No.36039950


>> No.36039954


>> No.36039955


>> No.36039956

What are the odds that Polka has fallen for Flare?

>> No.36039957

Miko started! get in here 35P https://youtu.be/-8YIaKnxtOY

>> No.36039958

Reps now!

>> No.36039959


>> No.36039960

No, that was easily her drunken sleep stream.

>> No.36039961

cat ears and glasses, nothing else

>> No.36039962


>> No.36039963

polka falls for different girls each day

>> No.36039964

Nyahello Miko Miko Miko~

>> No.36039966

Akukin don't look!

>> No.36039968

this was TEN months ago

>> No.36039969


>> No.36039972


>> No.36039973


>> No.36039974

Nene... Your mama...

>> No.36039975

Bear Nenechi is very very cute.

>> No.36039977

no one here can read japanese

>> No.36039980

It's been over a year, have you guys even changed up how you do your reps

>> No.36039981

what a worthless conversation

>> No.36039983


>> No.36039987

If you think that was a properly built English sentence I have no way of helping you.

>> No.36039988


>> No.36039990

Fuck off dumb monkey.

>> No.36039991

Akwa... poor Akwa...

>> No.36039992

Yes it did

>> No.36039995


>> No.36039997

This >>36039949 except change the hairstyle so the braids come straight down next to her neck. Make them so Pekora can choose if they go in front of her or behind her. She needs this hairstyle change so her hair doesn't take up so much horizontal space

>> No.36040000

Wow still seething? I had already forgot about that post LOL damn you're mad. Dumb ESL. You will remember my posts the rest of the day. They will burrow into your head and won't leave no matter how hard you try. Enjoy my company, queer.

>> No.36040001


>> No.36040005

>> No.36040006

How the fuck does the biggest autist in Hololive still manage to have a Mama who is even more of a weirdo

>> No.36040007

She did say it has a new hairstyle.

>> No.36040012

In the other thread some anon even mistaking reading り as い

>> No.36040014

That's not plastered on the side of a building retard.

>> No.36040015

What is wrong with this woman?

>> No.36040016

Take them

>> No.36040019

>> No.36040020


>> No.36040022

Too big

>> No.36040023

It's very spacious inside your head. Nice knowing I won't have to pay rent either.

>> No.36040025

I wonder if Miko will finally beat the ender dragon tonight

>> No.36040026

I accept your concession

>> No.36040027

Nice ball joints.

>> No.36040029

Here I translated for you guys

>> No.36040032


>> No.36040033

Is there a single holo that doesn't want to fuck Rushia?

>> No.36040045

Miko is eating miso soup today

>> No.36040046

Yes it was

>> No.36040050


>> No.36040053

Archive of FBK's space from earlier

>> No.36040054


>> No.36040056

Pekora just texted Miko.

>> No.36040057


>> No.36040058

Is it over for Matuli?

>> No.36040059

>> No.36040061

No it wasn't.

>> No.36040063

post his balls

>> No.36040064

>> No.36040068

>> No.36040069 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36040070

Towa's firm, supple butt!

>> No.36040072

That's literally plastered on the side of a building

>> No.36040075

Why did Rushia change into lingerie after going pink?

>> No.36040076

There's something I don't fully understand about Minecraft. Wh

>> No.36040078

>13,900 yen for a pair of fake BOOBAs
With that money I could buy food enough to get fat and have my own mantits.

>> No.36040080

>> No.36040083


>> No.36040084

Miko's pets... Tanaka family, Yagoat...

>> No.36040085


>> No.36040086

Godspeed brother.

>> No.36040088

Towa vs Nose...

>> No.36040089

1M birthday live with all of Gen 3
New costume
Birthday live with 13 guest
Anniversary Variety show with 7 guests
Fully animated PV for her new original song
Gensokyo Holoism 2

So what's the excuse? Why don't Pekora, Rushia or the other big earners put out as much quality content, It reflects badly on other holos that Marine is able to do so much with little to no managerial support and without being the top earner in her Gen. Are they just actually lazy, because they sure don't seem to like giving back to their fans

>> No.36040090

Whatever helps you sleep at night mudskin

>> No.36040091

>> No.36040092

stinky post

>> No.36040093


>> No.36040094

what happened with #JointheFutureJP?

>> No.36040096

putting your hand between towa's legs and rapidly slapping her thighs

>> No.36040098

Please, carefully look at the red eye.

>> No.36040099

Bunnygirl holos...

>> No.36040100

misuse the spoiler function again and i’ll take it away from you

>> No.36040101

hololive joined the future, a world without chinks

>> No.36040102

Met vs Towa vs Nose...

>> No.36040103

why am I here?

>> No.36040105

Miko sure is cute today!

>> No.36040106

i sleep because korone isn't streaming

>> No.36040107

I wish I could forget the homos and ID exist.

>> No.36040108


>> No.36040111

who are the whores of hololive?

>> No.36040112

I thought you guys weren't allowed to sleep

>> No.36040113

So you admit it.

>> No.36040116


>> No.36040117

Rushia spends all her money on lotto tickets. She can't afford the 3D studio.

>> No.36040118


>> No.36040120

But I'm a virgin

>> No.36040121

>tfw we're in the future /jp/
Holy shit

>> No.36040129

No you're just too retarded

>> No.36040130

I just finished moving into my new house. Which holo should I get a tapestry of to hang in the living room? I'm already hanging a giant tapestry of Mel in my bedroom.

>> No.36040131


>> No.36040134

get product!

>> No.36040137

you're oshi

>> No.36040138

why? there was a catbox mp4 version above

>> No.36040139

choppy mio...

>> No.36040140

Maybe don't lie next time.

>> No.36040146

Shion, yo

>> No.36040147

my oshi is Whoreshikawa

>> No.36040149

Get a room already.

>> No.36040151

Fuck off, this is a hag loving thread.

>> No.36040152

It feels weird seeing her wear shoes.

>> No.36040153

Well there you go

>> No.36040155

>> No.36040156

*brats loving thread.

>> No.36040160

choose ONE bakatare!

>> No.36040161

Never leaving hagfag

>> No.36040164


>> No.36040165

August 1-10 numbers

>> No.36040167

Where is this scene from? I know it's one of their bakatare video but when was this ago?

>> No.36040169

>Marine with even less stream hours than Shion
>Ayame with 0

>> No.36040171

Was this scripted?

>> No.36040172


>> No.36040173

anyone miss subaru's old voice?

>> No.36040174

Pekora needs to do something entertaining or interesting again, Miko is going to overtake her

>> No.36040177

Kuso aim...

>> No.36040179

A place I post when I get banned from /vt/

>> No.36040180

Kill yourself.

>> No.36040181


>> No.36040183

Miko your aim reps...

>> No.36040185

wholy shit matsuri translated her entire brithday stream if you turn on the cc there's subs!


>> No.36040186

I'm tired of pretending to care about Miko

>> No.36040188

sure, I pick bakatare

>> No.36040194

Her MGS playthrough is the only interesting thing she ever done in her entire career.

>> No.36040197

ID loser roru

>> No.36040201

She can't keep getting away with this

>> No.36040203

I went to bed 20 hours after the incident, and the last time I checked the header was old.
> I highly doubt it was a home invasion she faced, because she would not be streaming several (what, 8?) hours after having one
Exactly. when she moved into this apartment, she cried because she would live alone away from her family. and here you have a stranger in the house, you see him on the recording and already in 8 hours you easily start apex in the same apartment. i do not even need other evidence - this can not be. i am a man under 30 if i learned that in my apartment was a stranger, and even with me - i would not go a mile to the house the next month without a squad of special forces.
>saying "fuck off" to such people
To be fair, this is not the first time she's done this. about the same thing happened when people started protesting openly against apex for the first time. But then she had her reasons and her very reaction wasn't even close to as harsh. I doubt about the alcohol, but once again, she did it after the apex and mengen. she also had time to sleep a little bit as I remember. Isn't that supposed to make her feel better? she's obsessed with egosurf. no kidding. the only adequate reason she read everything written about her so late is because she was really busy with something all day. then she got off, rested in apex, worked and went to bed. she slept for an hour, got active as Matsuri and found out what people thought of her afterwards.
the only thing that indicates it was her boyfriend is how hard she tries to hide it. maybe there was another tuber or any of the hundred apex friends - who would immediately get hit if she told. matsuris were ready for a boyfriend, but if she confessed immediately it would make too many of her words lies. so i can forgive her initial panic. but she did not stop and took the situation to the absurd in her tweet. my problem isn't the boyfriend, it's the pathological lying and middle finger. and no matter what people who don't know her think - i fell in love with her precisely for her honesty. which as you understand led me to this frustration.
>She's not someone who I enjoy watching in any way
It happens, I can't listen to miko's voice, for example. it makes me sick. So whatever she does, I will never watch her.

>> No.36040204

why is this cat so fuckng smug

>> No.36040205


>> No.36040207

You mean her boyfriend translated all of it

>> No.36040208

>was Hololive scripted

>> No.36040209

Reminder that you too can do this as long as you submit your subs to Cover...

>> No.36040210

she knows she has dog all to herself

>> No.36040212

imagine not wanting the best of both worlds

>> No.36040213

Be careful Miko, you almost died again...

>> No.36040215


>> No.36040216

We're only interested in hags

>> No.36040217

Anyone not named Pekora, Miko, and Marine should be graduated from hololive

>> No.36040218

I was watching some old Matsuri streams and I just realized how come she and luna no longer collab? they were cute together

>> No.36040220

Where is towa...

>> No.36040221

have she forgive haachama yet?

>> No.36040223


>> No.36040224

Minecraft is already a baby game and Miko's excessive caution is making it even worse. This hagbaby needs to believe in herself more.

>> No.36040225


>> No.36040228

one day shion will have to get older, and she won't have a flat chest

>> No.36040231

IRyS really is the shining hope of EN.

>> No.36040232

I want Miko to play Roblox!

>> No.36040236

I always wonder what Rushia numbers would be if her spacha time was not very long. I think maybe 15 thousand average.

>> No.36040237

I'm excited for Nene's Goodbye Sengen cover!

>> No.36040240

Anyone not named Towa, Twap, and Tortellini should be graduated from hololive

>> No.36040244

Miko is on fire today!

>> No.36040246

Arigato meido san!

>> No.36040247

you say yourself that she's a pathological liar, and this is at odds with what you thought was her being an honest person before. I don't know if this is true or not, but all I do know is that you know an upright person from their behavior and not their words alone
it's not her voice that irritates me or makes me sick or whatnot, it's not the feelings that matter. I watched a little of her talking softly before during a monhun stream and it made me feel fairly calm and at peace, sure, but what I feel is not important to whether I ought to watch her or not.
it's because I know that she's a person who does and encourages evil that I refuse to watch her, and if she does it consistently enough it will either influence you to follow or to stay far away. Lying is one such evil.

>> No.36040251

Hololive is strictly Tow zone.

>> No.36040253

So none of them? All of the holos are merely aspects of one true Twappi...

>> No.36040255

he went too far and got too close to her to give up. it was even worth it. she reads his comments and tweets. sometimes even relies on him. and now he doesn't even need to donate for that. i guess i envy him.

>> No.36040258

>Be massive curry company
>Money everywhere
>Can't defend against a basic DDOS
>Hurt the feelings of an autistic onion maid

>> No.36040261

why would you envy him?

>> No.36040262

Just graduate Noel already, she's the worst performing Gen 3 in everything, not even her merch sells

>> No.36040263

Goddammit Miko, don't stay too close to the fire...

>> No.36040264

Please don't tell Korone on us.

>> No.36040266

It will never not be funny that Kiara has Miko twitch numbers

>> No.36040268

Miko you retard...

>> No.36040272

I got anxiety just by watching Miko...

>> No.36040273

remember, shion, aqua, and haato will all become hags

>> No.36040274

Closer to 12/13

>> No.36040275

how do you do it, magician?

>> No.36040277

Migo 草

>> No.36040278

Why aren't you watching Ayamy?

>> No.36040281

Genuinely cares about her idol image. The moona jokes are mostly memes and not as seriously taken as NoeFlare or Okakoro

Same thing but her fans would go full schizo if she did anything more than a joke regarding yuri or straight shit

She unironically hates and cringes at the kiara stuff.

>> No.36040283

Was it really a DDOS? I think they didn't expect too much viewers and their shitty servers just crashed.

>> No.36040284

lyger wishes he was her boyfriend.

>> No.36040285

Miko is too loud

>> No.36040286

Nekomimi pandemic was the beginning of the end for Hololive.

>> No.36040287

Their official statement says so.
Maybe its to cover for their shitty service but even still
>Be curry company
>Have a internet personality entertain people on the internet
>Have access to her full metrics of data and viewership
>Heck fucking googling her and looking at her last 3d live is enough
>Still don't have the server space for it

>> No.36040288

I thought apex was a game for kids.

>> No.36040290

PekoMiko is the status quo

>> No.36040292

How would you escape this situation?

>> No.36040297

Omg Towa is a devil but she's so angelic
[EN]: *kawaii tenshi noises*

>> No.36040298

Towa tits too big.

>> No.36040299

Miko is going to die from a blaze.

>> No.36040302

Don't get too cocky miko

>> No.36040303

Look at this fag, look at this fag and laugh.

>> No.36040305

>watch miko when she started
>check this thread just now
>nobody mentioned how she completely forgot to eat yesterday

>> No.36040308

I'm sweating bullets Miko...

>> No.36040310

Reality: *hellish screeching*

>> No.36040311

I thought you guys said Towa didn't use toilets

>> No.36040312

I really believe that the DDOS is just an excused. Even Capcom's crane game website can't handle the traffic for Mio's merch.

>> No.36040313


>> No.36040314

I forget to eat all the time. It's normal.

>> No.36040315

But she ate during the watchalong...

>> No.36040317

>Due to there being a problem with the composer, I was unable to release the original song that I had planned.
>I felt guilty that I couldn't publish it on my birthday after announcing it in advance, and I didn't deserve to have my birthday celebrated in that state and I felt too bad to have it celebrated like that.
>I didn't want to stream on my birthday.
>I can't talk about the details, but I've lost faith in a lot of things, including the merchandise.
>I have made many people feel uncomfortable because of my mistaken judgment.
>I feel guilty and I know I deserved it, but this was a very traumatic experience for me because of the slander from my ex-father in real life and the numerous slanders I read on the Internet.
>I was so traumatized by all the slander that I had flashbacks and vomited.
>I couldn't stand the combination of all these things, so I requested to be hospitalized myself....

>> No.36040319

>> No.36040320

We don't watch Miko here.

>> No.36040321

she even forgot to go to the bathroom

>> No.36040322

just because you saw some retarded translation in chat doesn't mean you're not an EOP

>> No.36040325

someone mentioned nekomimi
nekomimi really are the best
you can put them on directly on someone's head, you can make them wear them while you're walking around town so that people will look at your girlfriend and with everyone looking at her she'd feel so embarrassed that she wouldn't look up and you get to experience the joy of holding her hand tightening on yours as she walks on, and on top of that you're able to make her feel special when you choose to do a little bit of roleplay with you giving her food and petting her and stroking her cheek when she asks for food from you as you go about eating your meals, HOLY SHIT DID I SAY THAT NEKOMIMI ARE THE BEST?

>> No.36040326

cover really dodged a bullet here, sex is just a walking yab

>> No.36040328

That is a DDOS.

>> No.36040331

but she ate tho

>> No.36040333

Holy shit, nobody fucking cares. This is why no one likes 35browns because for some god damn reason, they want to be the center of attention every fucking thread and they don't consider that other people have different oshi.

>> No.36040334

That's not what she said you JOP larper

>> No.36040336

All is fine in the world as long as Towa exists

>> No.36040338

when Shion grows older, she's gonna start behaving like Shishiron. it's on their names

>> No.36040339

I don't watch Miko

>> No.36040340

I know a lot of girls like her. There's always something to whine, cry and bitch about. I wish there was a word for these mentally ill women.

>> No.36040341

>Wear good quality headphones
>Crank up volume to a decent amount. Enough to hear every little movement but not enough to blast your eardrums
>Sit back and relax when you pick your stream
>Now you have 2 options
>Look up a comfy asmr and have a cute girl whisper sweet nothings into your ear, have tingles (if you can, some people cant like me), melt into her voice and have a chill experience and even fall asleep
>Look up a more lewd asmr, ranging from full blown hentai (which exists) to something more tame but ecchi like ear attention streams (not the shit with other itmes like scissors or tweezers or outside shit, her hands, mouth only)
>Pull up hot anime images of your chubba or anime of choice and fetish, particularly if the chubba is conservatively dressed
>Jack off while she nibbles on your ears for heavenly experience.
>Double points if it sounds like she's sucking you off
>Negative points if she's trying TOO hard and it sounds extremely sloppy or loud (maybe some people like it but jesus christ i want happy sex not my dick blown off im just jacking it)

>> No.36040343

We shall never know peace while Tokoyami Towa walks this earth

>> No.36040344


>> No.36040345

Ban evading again huh?

>> No.36040347

>no one is live

>> No.36040348

>EOP mad that not everyone in this thread is too stupid to learn Japanese like him

>> No.36040351

Anyone have that Aloe catbox with セックス大好き?

>> No.36040352

if you really want to have a space dedicated to just the one holo ("your oshi") then feel free to join a dedicated space for it, there are individual threads on vt, or discord, or facebook, or whatever other social media place

>> No.36040356

Miko is live...

>> No.36040357

hahahahaha he's mad!

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>> No.36040357,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36040357,3 [INTERNAL] 


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