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Mr. Koro

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Incoming kino

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Will Pekora and Mikochi ever stream together again?

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merry christmas koronesuki!

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Could you beat Kiara in wrestling?

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I have been summoned

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Those are some fat tits.

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I love Aqua!

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I love Lamy

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I have been summoned

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>less than 2k viewers

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Awesome, how about offline collab?

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Pekomikofags are still alive? lol

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Post more gyaru Luna

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AkuShion is BACK and there's nothing you can do about it

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its christmas time

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hate marine

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Botan's sloppy kisses...

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cover bad

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Will she go the way of the old yeller at this rate?

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y'all mentally ill seek help

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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no koro-san, pls no

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku
>Marine anniversary countdown

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
>Noel anniversary countdown
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already. The stupid failure can't even sell out her own merch meanwhile Marine's nendorid sold out in less than an hour

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>okayu also awake for 5 AM Apex
they fucked all night, didn't they?

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Ogayu is here!

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>Pekora wasn't invited to Marine's birthday
>Pekora wasn't incit to Marine's 2nd anniversary either
how do we save her? her number of viewers and friends are reclining

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he posted it again!

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Hey Lamey

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So that's why Korone is up so early. She and Okayu were up all night having sex.

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Nice, thank you for giving me hope anon.

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Korone is too gay now I can't watch her

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of course

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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>Youtube for some reason changed my language from UK to US English
>This changes the time format from 24-hour to 12-hour
>(There is NO OTHER WAY to change time format btw)
Didn't notice the PM, thought Korone was going to start in 12 hours

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What if a young holo, say Shion or Haachama sold their virginity for 1 million dollars? Like just straight up if you're willing to pay a million yuou get to meet and fuck them. I bet someone would pay.

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>anon sex yeah need

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she shouldn't have turned her gachikois into cucks then. no one wants to pay for her boyfriend Okayu's condoms.

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Marine was just talking about how cute Pekora was earlier. Also learn English.

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Apex is the best

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What if in order to strengthen their talents' bound, Cover forces them to fuck four times a month at least?

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Yeah on christmas.
But if there's no Pekomiko christmas then their friendship is without a doubt dead.

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I'd kill my whole family to take Nene's virginity

>> No.36036434

Wait until their Christmas collab, next time Miko will go to Pekora's house

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bald yo...

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>I will NOT go to a doctor!

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love this artist, wish they would collab more...

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You know these hours are bad when there's literally 2 people talking about the streams

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Do you trust your oshi? y/n

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that´s based, I kneel yagoo

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Towa just fucking bit me

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I sweat this pic gets darker everytime I see it.

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Yes of course

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I don 't watch Korone but does she play Apex before? I thought she only played jrpgs

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oh no it's mad

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>That one indog is spamming his irrelevant leech again

>> No.36036455

Watame please take your meds... And by meds I mean proper meals and sleep...

>> No.36036456

She's at the window again, someone call the cops pls.

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Sign making in minecraft really tickles Lamy's autism

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I'm going to drag Watame by the horns to the doctor

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We love puffy vulvas here

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pekora mentioning food not even 5 seconds after her opening lmao this fat rabbit

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Why have you not filtered it by now

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She's over level 100 so she's played more than most outside of the apex no-lifers like towa and choco

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Korone should be sleeping at this hour

>> No.36036473

I will mine craft hardcore this nigger elf if you know what i mean

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Pekora's way to cope with having no friends is eating as much as she can...

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Big chungus...

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*opens a bag of chips at 5am*

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Lurk a lot more

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Could we make a /hlg/ gartic phone collab?

>> No.36036484

please forgive her...

>> No.36036485

Neither was Noel, I think it's pretty safe to say that both of them are unlikable cunt if Marine of all people wants nothing to do with them

>> No.36036486

Soon! Maybe. I hope
Maririn is usually really busy all around with all the stuff she does + her throat isn't really in the best state, doesn't help with the bunny being super shy

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Matsuri love spammer is dead

>> No.36036489

what a sinful woman

>> No.36036492

Manager-san, Watame is fine. It's completely normal to make ketchup art at 5am

>> No.36036493

It'd just be a lot of pissing in butts

>> No.36036494

I love my cute little alien wife!

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>Friend in Okakoro chat

>> No.36036496

>fubuki in chat

>> No.36036499

You missed this chaotic loud colab. It was pretty fun.

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What did she mean by this?

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There's a Minecraft hardcore collab on the 22nd if I'm not mistaken. It's just gen 3 is really busy right now so it's hard to find time for collabs

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She doesn't want forgiveness

>> No.36036508

If your oshi is too hungry, she may be pregnant

>> No.36036509

What if during their collab, one of the punishment games involves Miko forcing Pekora to press her face deep into her armpits with her nose sticking into the deepest and sweatiest area where Miko musk is the most prominent and where with the slightest opening of her mouth, Miko's beading sweat would drips onto her tongue, and she has to hold still like that for a solid minutes?

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If you want to stare at penis drawings go right ahead homo

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I'm going to get Mio pregnant before the year is over

>> No.36036516

And i'm out Mr. Paradise gomen.
All of Hololive is reclining imho.
They just don't have enough games to play to keep people interested.
Like fuck watching anymore Apex, MC, Ark or any sort of shitty survival type games.
They need fresh games to keep people entertained.

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it's her fault for lying

>> No.36036520

Marine is pretty free right now actually, the problem is just Pekora

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Sounds nice..all we have in malaysia are rotten dog carcasses that you have to fight for

>> No.36036526

I will once she tells the truth. Lying to your fans and making them worry is way worse than having a boyfriend.

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>over one million subs
>struggle to break 6k viewers
>no supachas
Is Korone the new Fubuki?

>> No.36036531

Huh, Library of Ruina suddenly went to full release. FBK, even if you aren't going to finish streaming LC, at least try this out...

>> No.36036533

everyone in apex is gay

>> No.36036536

Maybe is time to bring back that long Festival copypasta

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>> No.36036538

Marine also has her voice to contend with so while she's "free" it's not like she's at liberty to collab willy nilly

>> No.36036544

Marine herself said gen3 is really busy and she doesn't want to keep asking them to do stuff. Watch streams.

>> No.36036546

Is it as good as LC?

>> No.36036547

Wasn't even aware that he did because I've filtered most of those MD5s.

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>> No.36036550

Anybody knows what BGM is Flare using?

>> No.36036552

>dog late night apex

>> No.36036553


>> No.36036554

No interesting games are being made anymore

>> No.36036556

Okayu has 120 kills sugoi

>> No.36036559

What kind of retard would SC an apex stream?

>> No.36036560

Except for the whole fucked up throat and plans for less streaming, sure EOP.

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>> No.36036563

I like how the goalposts change every time you post this

>> No.36036565

Don't worry, Chilla got another game

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>> No.36036569

We did it cowbros

>> No.36036570

yea marine's bday and anniversary being so close plus her throat doesnt help. the minecraft collab should be good so im excited for tht. ill hope for a 1on1 in september/october

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>> No.36036572

Obsessed and weak damage control

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>> No.36036575

She has a Minecraft collab with Flare next Monday with the very purpose of practicing for the hardcore collab.
Marine contacted Flare because she wanted help with Minecraft in preparation for the collab, they've also been playing off stream

>> No.36036576

How did that take forever before it became sold out? My oshi's took like 30 seconds even in Geekjack

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>> No.36036583

I think so. Easier to stream too, since you don't have to worry about attention lapsing for a second to ruin an hour of work, being turn based and all.

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>> No.36036586

Yonkisei Minecraft hardcore challenge is getting all four on the server at the same time

>> No.36036587

Like the collab with Flare on monday, the one that will only have a POV on Marine's channel?

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>> No.36036590

What about nymphomania priestess.

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>> No.36036592

Fubuki streaming on twitter https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1425189758746054662

>> No.36036594

everything about Pekora has been decreasing except her weight

>> No.36036595

Last time they did it only one died, doubt 3rd will be as fortunate

>> No.36036596

>Mr Koro using Fusey
Finally a good apex stream

>> No.36036602

That's not worth a million dollars.

>> No.36036604

how does korone rank among the girls in apex?

>> No.36036605



>> No.36036606

Probably a combination of it being expensive, not being a very good daki, and Noel not having that huge of an overseas fan base.

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>> No.36036609

dead hours are saved

>> No.36036610

Don't use my oshi to shitpost you dirty brown manlet

>> No.36036615

She's a newbie.

>> No.36036616

Soul / 10

>> No.36036621

She does not even know that you can kick down the doors

>> No.36036622

What day do you think it is, retard?

>> No.36036623

Fucking Twitter spaces. I genuinely can't tell if my connection was fucking up or if she just muted herself, and it turns out she just muted herself.

>> No.36036625

Korone is cute at video games, not good at video games

>> No.36036629

who the fuck plays apex at 5am in the morning lmao

>> No.36036630

she's better than the girls who don't play at least

>> No.36036634

What do these girls see in APEX? It's just not fun at all

>> No.36036635

Imagine being angry because somebody points out you are malaysian LOOOOOOOOOL

>> No.36036639

Okite Okite

>> No.36036641

I will now watch your stream

>> No.36036642


>> No.36036645

Not the worst

>> No.36036647

? Flare and Marine wanted to collab, so they scheduled a collab. The only reason behind the lack of PekoMari collabs is Pekora

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>> No.36036651

they are a very insecure group of people, it's why Cover went with Indonesians instead of ma*aysians.

>> No.36036652

What do you mean, collecting guns for 15 minutes and dying in one is not entertaining?

>> No.36036653

shion yo...stream yo...

>> No.36036654

Nothing makes sense

>> No.36036656

when will he fucking die?

>> No.36036658

holy shit korone with the double

>> No.36036659

>ketchup art at 5am
Did I miss something?

>> No.36036661

She has over 8k now.

>> No.36036662

is subaru playing with balls worth watching

>> No.36036663

Why don't they invite Towa to play?

>> No.36036665

Pekora literally put together a sankisei collab on the 22nd, the entire reason why Flare and Marine are playing together in the first place. You are mentally deficient.

>> No.36036667


>> No.36036668

Korone can land better peacekeeper shots than me...

>> No.36036669

Your oshi will stream apex

>> No.36036670


>> No.36036673

This. And not even asking for an apology stream, because that sounds pretty chink. Just stream normally and clarfiy what happened in reality. It's not that hard.

>> No.36036675

>> No.36036677


so where does polka fit into this?

>> No.36036679

Marine wanted a one on one collab with a member of Gen 3, she asked for it and she got it. The only reason Pekora and Marine aren't having one on one collabs is because Pekora the rest are more than willing and available. The fact that they got their collab scheduled before the group one goes to show how accessible Marine is at the moment, even with her throat issues

>> No.36036680


>> No.36036682

Twap is busy being groomed by Korean school girls.

>> No.36036683

If you invite new players to a veteran lobby they're not going to have a good time

>> No.36036688


>> No.36036689

Flarecraft too stronk

>> No.36036690

up down square box 1 2 3 4 5

>> No.36036691

She certainly didn't fit in the screenshot

>> No.36036694

Maestro and kazoo

>> No.36036695

Shion wants to join UsaKen...

>> No.36036700

>> No.36036701


>> No.36036702

So accessible the collab is 5 days away.

>> No.36036703

I think Towa has a smurf account, she uses it in the Suisei Peko collab

>> No.36036710

Where's your PekoMari collab?

>> No.36036711

What is immortal may never die.
Even Hosoinu drowned him once.
He just comes back. Merrier. Jollier. Dumber.

>> No.36036712

She is the one that Fubuki follows around whilst playing the tuba

>> No.36036714

the original song(s) are releasing any day now....

>> No.36036715

I accept your concession.

>> No.36036716

I really miss Polka's old rigging.

>> No.36036718


>> No.36036720

Towa in Mel's clothes?

>> No.36036723

Just redpill me already, Matsuri tried to rape Luna and she didn't like that, right?

>> No.36036725

Fucking kek

>> No.36036728

Same her face is so ugly now

>> No.36036732

So nothing then. Because Marine is available and her throat issues aren't preventing her from having regular collabs, the only problem here is Pekora

>> No.36036734

I doubt she'll stream much going up to the 17th. Hopefully she'll go back to streaming more after her live. Knowing her, she'll probably take another break

>> No.36036735

>> No.36036736

her face looks fat now

>> No.36036737

Does Matuli ever do explanation stream?

>> No.36036738

me sleeping in my bed

>> No.36036742

Fubuki really triggers my breeding instincts for some reason.

>> No.36036744


>> No.36036748

Matsuri pressured Luna to have a 3P with Matsuri and her boyfriend

>> No.36036749

This but Kanata

>> No.36036750

That's look like an uncomfortable bed

>> No.36036751

>Whore who can't even sell out her own limited merch
Roru roru rumao

>> No.36036752

This is the closest I think?

>> No.36036753


>> No.36036754

It just looks deep. All Polka needs is a less retarded looking smile and a good casual outfit without any of the shitty face stickers or hair ornaments

>> No.36036756

Luna tried to make a move on Festival and Matsuri replied:
>I'm sorry Luna i like to be railed by the whole apex community, you're something like my sister
Matsuri didn't understood why Luna got mad and she had a breakdown.

>> No.36036757

is he in prison

>> No.36036758

I can't believe Coco has become a gunplaslut...

>> No.36036760

Disgusting whore.

>> No.36036761


It's a bdsm bed

>> No.36036762


>> No.36036763

Ojisan. Mr. Koro loves you.

>> No.36036767

This but Suisei

>> No.36036768

Other way around.
Luna tried to prison gay the festival but she ain't gay.

>> No.36036769

Coco died for this...

>> No.36036770

>> No.36036771

When was the last time Marine had a 1 on 1 collab?

>> No.36036772


>> No.36036773

Why did holotools do away with the game search? It wasn't perfect but it made searching for a particular series easy, now how am I supposed to search for every holo who has play FF?

>> No.36036774

Last night with me.

>> No.36036778

>C'mon Japan, score sum fookin goals

>> No.36036781

honk honk

>> No.36036782

Smol towa

>> No.36036784

talk about a thumbnail

>> No.36036786

Ask here, in a way that will bait some retards to answer.

>> No.36036787


>> No.36036788

Are they still close friends tho?

>> No.36036791


>> No.36036792


>> No.36036793

Did you wish her a happy birthday yet /hlg/?

>> No.36036794


>> No.36036797

Yeah, Luna even visited Matsuri's place a few days ago. You could see her hand opening the door.

>> No.36036798


>> No.36036799

i did not expect pekora to die that way

>> No.36036802

I love it when Flare hyperventilates like that.

>> No.36036804

>watame building a house for 藤木 tomorrow
Is that one dirty indog going to play with her?

>> No.36036805

Do other streamers get dedicated clip channels? Feels weird seeing something like that for a normal YouTuber.

>> No.36036806

That's actually a normal sized Towa and a FAT FUCK BIBI

>> No.36036807

so ichimin were the collab beggars the whole time?

>> No.36036809

I'm sorry anon...

>> No.36036810

answer me subatomos i know you're here

>> No.36036816

i've been here since the mon hun arc, maybe it's you that should lurk more

>> No.36036819

like that?

>> No.36036821


>> No.36036823

why is she such a whore

>> No.36036826

If you have to ask the answer is no.
It was a fun stream though, she trying la creatividad is always nice.

>> No.36036827


>> No.36036828

hey retard have you tried using youtube's search engine

>> No.36036830

huuge brothers
huge lets go dood

>> No.36036831

Quite a few do. Especially if they usually stream on twitch

>> No.36036834

That was like, half a year ago, tops

>> No.36036835

your mom is gay

>> No.36036836

not a camwhore btw

>> No.36036837


>> No.36036838

I want to fuck those tits so bad

>> No.36036840

What's wrong with that?
What's wrong with sucking dick?!

>> No.36036843

Twitch streamers have a lot of clippers.

>> No.36036844

yeah like mikoti old eroges haha

>> No.36036846

Because she intruded in midst of her bath stream?

>> No.36036847

Triangle Love!

>> No.36036852

why did flare make her followers birds?

>> No.36036852,1 [INTERNAL] 

look that tits going down going down,♪
look that saggy tits going down going down,♪
she need stop that♪ eeeew

>> No.36036854

Damn, that's a sick gundam

>> No.36036856

The best singer of Hololive

>> No.36036857

Miko is the turbo saint of Hololive.

>> No.36036858

Plenty of holos have dedicated clip channels.

>> No.36036859


>> No.36036861

That's Friend.

>> No.36036862


>> No.36036863

no, I'm not brown

>> No.36036864

give 3 valid rasons why you like this guy

>> No.36036865

hurea's too loud

>> No.36036866


>> No.36036867

>go to holotools
>search ファイナルファンタジ in the game tab
>every holo member's video that contains it
>search FF to be sure
>took ten seconds collectively
It's different. I do have the old holotools archive zip on my external, maybe it will still work.

>> No.36036869


>> No.36036870

So they would flock to her once she burned their homes

>> No.36036872


>> No.36036873


>> No.36036874

Why OkaKoro having Apex as their post coitus activity?

>> No.36036877

Yes, I sent her a picture of my inverted malaysian penis. She really liked it.

>> No.36036878

I have seen indies with dedicated clip channels that are managed by gachikois.

>> No.36036879


>> No.36036881

finally we get back on topic

>> No.36036882


>> No.36036883

>> No.36036884


>> No.36036885

Of course.

>> No.36036886

I'm thinking about starting a clip channel that isntead of acually translating what the holos say it's just full of false narratives.

I think i can pull it off because
- I'm pinoy like most clippers
- I have a very tendon grasp on english and japanese
- I hate all holos

>> No.36036887


>> No.36036888

She was one of my favorite holos when I first started watching at the beginning of last year but now I can't stop wanting bad things to happen to her. Streaming today, like nothing happened pushed me over the edge. She even pretended to be confused when all the anger started pouring in. Dishonest people really make me feel, like, this pain in the pit of my stomach. The irony is Hololive is supposed to be a distraction from shit like this but I can't get it out of my head that all the others are probably doing this too. I don't know what to do anymore.

>> No.36036889

Prove you're not that spic tatsunoko that plays Genshin.

>> No.36036892

Actually it's Towa

>> No.36036893

Why isn't she wearing anything under that sweater?

>> No.36036894


>> No.36036895


>> No.36036897


>> No.36036898


>> No.36036899

She is not living her life correctly!

>> No.36036900

i hope you feel better lyger!

>> No.36036901

This is why Towa is the best she'd never betray her fans

>> No.36036902

Friend is the Holy Spirit.

>> No.36036903

Haachama goals!!

>> No.36036904

Because she just got out of bed.

>> No.36036905

she's a cow

what the fuck do you expect?

>> No.36036906

Why is she so smug?

>> No.36036908


>> No.36036909

>echi echi asmr

>> No.36036910

too gay

>> No.36036911

I don't understand.

>> No.36036912


>> No.36036914

Has Noel ever moo'd for Flare?

>> No.36036916

She never lies either!

>> No.36036917

It seems like it's time to put you down, buddy.

>> No.36036918

>make anime
>very summer stream

>> No.36036919 [SPOILER] 

I miss her so much...

>> No.36036921


wouldn't you be smug if you could do this?

>> No.36036924

1M birthday live with all of Gen 3
New costume
Birthday live with 13 guest
Anniversary Variety show with 7 guests
Fully animated PV for her new original song
Gensokyo Holoism 2

So what's the excuse? Why don't Pekora, Rushia or the other big earners put out as much quality content, It reflects badly on other holos that Marine is able to do so much with little to no managerial support and without being the top earner in her Gen. Are they just actually lazy, because they sure don't seem to like giving back to their fans

>> No.36036925

Marine is not fake

>> No.36036928

Australia is a terrible place to learn english

>> No.36036930

don't worry the pain will go away after some time, something similar happened to Towa too and her fans still support her

>> No.36036932

she sleepy nekid
and other reasons

>> No.36036933

she finally realized how cute she is

>> No.36036935

Towa's was different

>> No.36036937

Imagine being worshipped just because you're a woman

>> No.36036938

Not even close to my favourite gunpla whore. https://youtu.be/aKko3-V8oZ8?t=693

>> No.36036940

Flare dumped Noel

>> No.36036943

i hope Very Summer stream means she's going to storm the studio and do a 3D bikini stream. please i need it you have the best bikini

>> No.36036944

Matsuri should've said it was a cover employee

>> No.36036945

How much money are the clip channels making?

>> No.36036949

>Calls her lover a cow
Why is she like this?

>> No.36036951

gen 6 onegai...

>> No.36036952

ironically towa should've

>> No.36036953

just like towa did, right?

>> No.36036954

What's funnier is that she's been constantly dropping hints throughout the months about having a bf, many of the hints even being clipped, so the whole situation is even more hilarious

>> No.36036955

A lot actually.

>> No.36036956

Do you even know why she quit

>> No.36036957


>> No.36036959

i think towa is funny as fuck but damn i just can't get over her voice

>> No.36036961

Why did you ever think that girls pretending to be anime characters who never have any contact with males is not dishonest? Literally everything they do is a lie

>> No.36036963

you can only post in this thread if your oshi is a whore

>> No.36036966

really depends but for a medium sized channel each month they will make enough money to feed an entire family of 7 in the philipines for 5 years

>> No.36036967

Yeah because you're an insufferable faggot

>> No.36036968

>Gunpla whores are a real thing

>> No.36036969

what did she mean by this

>> No.36036971

Cuter than kson at least.

>> No.36036972

It was Meru's former manager.

>> No.36036973


>> No.36036974

What you should do is take your meds and go outside

>> No.36036976

Okinawan having a complex about her skin color in a society that worships paleness, please understand

>> No.36036977


>> No.36036978

I always end up watching her vids for hours.

>> No.36036980

They actually are, same as piano whores.
Coco is not sexy enough for that market desu but maybe her fans have no idea.

>> No.36036981

Coffee elf, more like nigger elf.

>> No.36036982

lmao a normalfag wannabe

>> No.36036984

Uooooooo she’s super cute holy shit

>> No.36036988

Proof, even one clip will suffice?

>> No.36036989


>> No.36036990

So... Which holos did brush their teeth on stream? I remember Friend and Lamy but not sure if anyone else did it.

>> No.36036992

stop being mean to hurea

>> No.36036994

What is sex with Towa like?

>> No.36036995


>> No.36036996

But that's scary.

>> No.36036997


>> No.36037002


>> No.36037003

Shirakami seems lonely

>> No.36037006

Unravel scream...

>> No.36037007

I wish I could draw.

>> No.36037008

Her gravures are pretty good.

>> No.36037011


>> No.36037014


>> No.36037015

Miko's mentioned her too

>> No.36037017

Does other holo use that -_- face? I believe I saw some doing it, but not as often as Towa

>> No.36037018

Sweaty, smelly and painful.

>> No.36037021


>> No.36037022


>> No.36037025

Okayu definitely does it more.

>> No.36037026

Miko watches her, she's hololive approved unlike Kwhore

>> No.36037027

like a Towa Banana in your ass.

>> No.36037028


>> No.36037030

Mostly Azki and Okayu

>> No.36037032


>> No.36037034

You're not making much sense

>> No.36037038

Post sexy Mio 3D during Towa's live please I NEED it

>> No.36037039

Their art is great but they push PekoMari a little too hard.

>> No.36037041

cute old person

>> No.36037043

Okayu, aren't you supposed to be playing Apex right now?

>> No.36037044

>doesn't even stream

>> No.36037046

Marine is a yes man and she's blowing all her money on shit that will be forgotten in a year. She'll be broke by the time Hololive goes under.

>> No.36037050

She is ruining everything with her hands... again.
So not, elmao

>> No.36037051

Friend is too sexy.

>> No.36037053

Just those clips about how they're not forbidden from having a relationship or whatever.
There's honestly a new Matsuri clip about this relationship topic, like every month or so. They come across as wink-wink in hindsight

>> No.36037054

>new ip

>> No.36037055

>The irony is Hololive is supposed to be a distraction from shit like this
This is why people get mad, then the fans blame it on the gachis because they're vocal. Idols are supposed to inspire you to better yourself and keep you motivated by being an unrealistic ideal you idolize. The whole point is to be fake. It is, in many ways, similar to how people use religion these days. Most do not believe there is an omniscient man watching them in the same sense as described in the bible, and as taught by organized religion. But they listen to their preachers and they reap the benefits of community and peace of mind all the same. If their preacher was wishy-washy, wasn't solidly believing, or blatantly contradicted things when cornered instead of dedicating himself to being the one upholding the roleplay and assisting others do the same, the whole larp would fall apart. People would be forced to confront that they were just playing pretend and all comfort is lost, tossed into chaos again.
I understand it's a very extreme stretch relating idols to religion, but the conceptual framework is shockingly similar, whether anyone admits it or not. We idealize things as a way of telling ourselves that there is more, that there is better, and we are capable of attaining it. Whether we know that it's fake or actually attainable does not matter.
"Existence is not a prerequisite for perfection."
"God has no definition but that which each man gives it."
drunk no bully

>> No.36037056


>> No.36037058

can't believe she quit her job to do this shit
all she really wanted was to be 3d and still get worshipped lmao

>> No.36037059

>no boobs during the entire video
reported her channel

>> No.36037060

Fucking peace of shit site, not removing names!

>> No.36037063

Here is a new rrat I just created. It was Coco who let Marine to have her own full bikini.

>> No.36037064

Ah, forgot that one, it was somewhere late last year, right?

>> No.36037065

Kissing Towa on the lips.

>> No.36037067

>Idols are supposed to inspire you to better yourself and keep you motivated by being an unrealistic ideal you idolize.
Idols are supposed to milk lonely weak minded fools of their money

>> No.36037068

Flare likes coffee, she just doesn't like being called a coffee elf because they're just reducing her character to her skin color

>> No.36037069

now that Mio knows how sexy and powerful she is, are we gonna get more eroMio content?

>> No.36037070

Thing about Smile & Go is that Fu-tan should make (buy) a song that doesn't use that cutesyshit idol voice, because her natural deeper singing voice is much better. Best parts of her streams are when she's just singing random things and growling.

>> No.36037071


>> No.36037072

I honestly hate saviourfags

>> No.36037073

I'd understand you if this was someone that wasn't Matsuri but please man, how often hasn't she been caught being dishonest and dodgy?

>> No.36037074

Is anyone archiving these? This one has been great, it fucking sucks that these just appear.

>> No.36037075

What is in that syringe?

>> No.36037077

my desk

>> No.36037078

One of the recent bath streams but she almost certainly also did it during that month of morning mengens last year yeah

>> No.36037079

so much quality in one minute
I miss her

>> No.36037080

well your retarded religion comparison does have one common point with idols: they both seek the gullible to part ways with their money for a lie

>> No.36037082

Flare is a denpa singer at heart

>> No.36037083

>I can't get it out of my head that all the others are probably doing this too
Can't think like that. Matsuri has always been a piece of shit and now she's showing her true self. Sure there might be some others like her but despite what people shitpost here not all women are lying whores.

>> No.36037084

how is Flera's fanbase called again?

>> No.36037085


>> No.36037086

Pekora doesn't do events like those because she has no one to invite, just look at her last 3D stream
Rushia doesn't need to do anything because her mentally ill gachis will give her money anyway

>> No.36037088

get back in the lamy hole

>> No.36037089

I'm never getting vaccinated Fatsuri

>> No.36037090

Yes, by taking advantage of their desire to idealize.


>> No.36037091


>> No.36037092

Are we watching Gura in 3 hours?

>> No.36037093

>not all women are lying whores.
all vtubers are

>> No.36037097

God I wish I looked like this.

>> No.36037099

vtuber... what are they really

>> No.36037102


>> No.36037104

EL Friends...

>> No.36037106

>by taking advantage of their desire to idealize.
by taking advantage of their desire for a woman
men don't watch idols because they want to be idols they watch them because they want to fuck them

>> No.36037107


>> No.36037109

What has Watame ever lied about

>> No.36037110

She will ride her sexiness to 1 million

>> No.36037112

Flare will have to think of a name once she gets her first fan.

>> No.36037113

So they're just lazy

>> No.36037115

pretty sure when people saw mukkun on her friends list she said it was her brother or something

>> No.36037117

I want to blend Towa's womb with my dick

>> No.36037118


>> No.36037119

same bro.

>> No.36037120

I think I've seen Nene do it while singing but I can't find it

>> No.36037121

We're watching Moona

>> No.36037122

I don't care if she was Judas, I kinda want her back. Alongside Chowa and Spade.

>> No.36037124


>> No.36037125

Was she alone during her 3D birthday stream?

Or did no one has the heart to torture her apart from the production crew?

>> No.36037127

Name 50 things Towa has lied about go ahead I'll even give you an hour

>> No.36037130

She said she has a friends back home.

>> No.36037132

Every Mio content is eroMio content.

>> No.36037134


>> No.36037135

she's hanging out with her old idol group a lot now.. I wonder what she's planning..

>> No.36037136


>> No.36037137

I watch Botan because she's chill and put me at ease.

>> No.36037137,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36037139

Marine was there for like 10 minutes then left

>> No.36037140

>they're just reducing her character to her skin color
To her what exactly? Flare was always white skinned. Pic related is her first 3D. How did this nigger/coffee elf shit even started in the first place? People saw her tanned fanart on twitter or what?

>> No.36037141

eru erufus

>> No.36037142

No idea but it looks like you can only archive from the moment you started watching.

>> No.36037143

Marin doesn't even stream and all these concerts were recorded months ago.

>> No.36037144

a few*

>> No.36037150

Does anyone remember what the fanbases are called except maybe the five obvious ones?
I'm not even sure what Korone's was anymore, and I'm membersheeped to her, it's just listener-san now. Goma king? Xpotato?

>> No.36037152

That's fucking retarded
People shouldn't try to be someone they're not
Play to your strengths
Watame does the same thing making shitty idol songs when she has a low, powerful voice

>> No.36037153

don't care she's still brown

>> No.36037155

flare being prudent. I don't see it as flare being angry over it

>> No.36037156

Why does /r9k/ always leak in at this time? Why do these incels think anyone cares what they think?

>> No.36037157

And to do that, they want to change themselves to best fit the girl they watch, which involves self-improvement, whether it's life changes (very rare) or attempting to be funny and attract their attention (more common) or skipping those actually good steps and just paying money to be noticed (unfortunately common). Whether people are acting upon the desire in the healthies way is different from where that desire stems from. They want to fuck them, yes, that is the ideal, but their vision of the girl is the unrealistic ideal that is akin to god.

Also, I'm only talking about the hardcores who make an idol their life, not the average consumer.

>> No.36037158

What's this about festival cucking her fans? I'm on vacation and can't chill on the internet most of the time

>> No.36037161


>> No.36037162


>> No.36037164

>day three of fatsuri yab
It wasn't even that good of a yab.. yet

>> No.36037166

Her bf was caught on camera, she said it was a burglar and called the police on him. Hilarity ensued.

>> No.36037167

No, you're right. That's why it hurts so much, I think. It feels like a personal failure of my own. I WANTED to believe. I wanted people like them to exist.

>> No.36037168

Imagine thinking watching vtubers is "self-improvement" you're just vegetating infront of a pretend woman instead of getting real pussy

>> No.36037169

it's a very common emote face now. I think it's an update on all the models because i see everyone doing it at least once.

>> No.36037170

Roru keep coping nigger elf

>> No.36037171

I was about to say that some people count their family as friends but she said 2-3 so yeah... She was lying

>> No.36037172

>> No.36037173

Why do you keep pretending to be straight anon

>> No.36037174

So I'm guessing Matsuri will survive this yab with zero repercussions as useal?

Cover is fucked, they punish Towa and Aloe for much lesser infractions

>> No.36037177

koronesuki? i think? i watch her like once a month.

>> No.36037179

aqua beby

>> No.36037182

Disgusting whore
Awesome whore

>> No.36037184

this season of Hololive sucks

>> No.36037186

That's the dumbest lie she could've come up with, and she had time to come up with it. LMAO

>> No.36037187

Do people actually jerk off to holo streams?

>> No.36037189

>I'm membersheeped to her
You're a cultist of course you don't know anything outside of your cult.

>> No.36037191

>his oshi streams with roommate account
I hope you guys don't fund someone else's condom supplies, huh

>> No.36037192

is this a verse from a song?

>> No.36037193

Oh right

>> No.36037195

Only Towa's

>> No.36037198

>self improvement


>> No.36037200

a new season is coming out very shortly now that aqua is back

>> No.36037201

more often than you think

>> No.36037204

N*zomi is not a vtuber under Cover

>> No.36037205

I miss Watame so much it's hard to go a day without her

>> No.36037206

korone's is the easiest to remember..

>> No.36037207

if you're not jacking it why watch holos at all?

>> No.36037209

is she legitimately retarded? she doesnt think to say "it's my mom" but "it's a burglar and I called the police"? It boggles the mind

>> No.36037212

She betrayed her fans, they'll cope and seethe until she graduates.

>> No.36037213

this is what happens when you just play minecraft/apex all day

>> No.36037214


>> No.36037215

streams? only chama's

>> No.36037218


>> No.36037221


>> No.36037222

Yes, that's the second verse of Smile & Go

>> No.36037224

yes but causing drama in your personal life that affects your job is fireable.

Idk about japan but lots of company in us have hr policy that states you can get fired for what you put out social media

>> No.36037225

She didn't know what they saw so she couldn't say it was her mom if they saw a guy.

>> No.36037226

holy BASED

>> No.36037228

I will always, ALWAYS love my clown wife !!

>> No.36037229


>> No.36037232

Remember Mr. Paradise jumping rope?

>> No.36037236

Another one falls for Shishiron's barbed cock.

>> No.36037237

>4 separate rules for something that could be blocked with 1

>> No.36037238

What the fuck this can't be real.

>> No.36037240


>> No.36037241


>> No.36037244


>> No.36037245

US is a 3rd world shithole when it comes to workers' rights. Not applicable to other industrialized nations.

>> No.36037246

It's gonna run at like 15 fps 草

>> No.36037248

This isn't their first collab.

>> No.36037249

yeah Time kind of slows down when Watame isn't streaming. But later tonight, we are getting 2 songs coming out so that should be fun!

>> No.36037250

>decline dog
what the fuck were you expecting???

>> No.36037251

that worked for watame

>> No.36037252

Now THIS is the collab I've been waiting for.

>> No.36037254

Me too, Polkanon !

>> No.36037256

I hate how Cover doesn't market Watama as a singer, she should be way more popular than Suisei

>> No.36037262

counting down the Lamy Instrumentality Project

>> No.36037264

Watame's singing is not very good.

>> No.36037265

>forgetting image

>> No.36037266

Watame gimps herself more than anyone else in Hololive with her terrible song choices

>> No.36037268

I played video games all day knowing she won't stream

>> No.36037269

i fucking wish korone still streamed as her roommate
people act like it's a bad thing but it's only bad when your the holo is already a whore

>> No.36037271

I'm only becoming Lamy to become Botan

>> No.36037272

I wonder what Friends new song will be like? I hope its not another generic anime shit.

>> No.36037275

Flare late night minecraft... home...

>> No.36037276

Because being marketed by Cover really worked out for AZKi right w

>> No.36037278

lmao what a cuck

>> No.36037280


>> No.36037282

She made a cute song about her love for mayonnaise

>> No.36037283


>> No.36037285

>ever spending money on women you're not fucking
>ever getting emotionally invested
We didn't have a lot of fatsuri cucks itt but let this be a lesson for all

>> No.36037286

She could've just said "my family is visiting, let me see what they wanted", then turn off the screen, mute herself and think of a lie depending on how much was shown on the camera, like her mom, brother or a "cousin". Almost anything else would be better than the burglar story that no one bought anyway...

>> No.36037288

>sheet music is marked tuba
fuck off, marchnigger

>> No.36037289

matsuri is trash
good riddance

>> No.36037290

Not sure if you are shitposting or not but I fucking love Watame but suzy deserves all the popularity she has. leave her alone. Instead, Just concentrate on supporting the sheep! Make damn sure to buy that second album, anon. It's really important to her

>> No.36037293

this was the only way to get people to even talk about matsuri in the first place

>> No.36037294


>> No.36037296

Matsuri is over

>> No.36037297

it's been literal months since i've watched these girls consistently and there's still fucking drama going on with matsuri lmao

>> No.36037299

Yeah, the low IQ mentally unstable woman should have done something rational in a moment of panic I agree.

>> No.36037300

even when dressing like a whore, she still looks like a saint

>> No.36037301


>> No.36037303

so how long until ks*n opens a fantia?

>> No.36037304

coco is trash
good riddance

>> No.36037308

What a weird collab

>> No.36037309

watame is her own singer, dunno why people wanna see her as the same person as suisei

>> No.36037312

Hasn't she had her brother on stream before too with her mom?

>> No.36037313

>> No.36037315

Watame wants Suisei's life.

>> No.36037318

Based. I've never spent a cent with hololive or streamers at all

>> No.36037322

Is it wrong to wish for unhappiness to befall Matsuri? I think it probably is but that doesn't stop me from feeling that way. I don't think she should be allowed to stay. For me, her continued presence casts a cloud of doubt on the others members. Is cover really not going to do anything at all? Am I delusional for thinking they should?

>> No.36037323

who smokes more, Suisei or Towa?

>> No.36037325

>> No.36037326

It's okay guys my oshi only streams as her roommate when she is depressed

>> No.36037327

Watame wants a billion dollars and a small country, not Suisei

>> No.36037328


>> No.36037329

Lmao. Vacationfag here, can someone spoonfeed me with the thread archive of the matsuri yab or at least tell me what to search? I'm on jank wifi at the beach but I need a laugh rn

>> No.36037330

Matsuri shouldn't have lied, if she just said that it was her boyfriend no one would've cared.

>> No.36037331


>> No.36037332

The taste of Nene's armpits.

>> No.36037337

She didn't do anything on the Matsuri account so what's Cover gonna do
Wouldn't be surprised if she quit though, she was doing really badly before this even happened

>> No.36037338

I want to impregnate this retard

>> No.36037340

Towa was really surprised with how much takoyaki Marine could eat. Marine said once she started she couldn't stop. Then Marine blamed Towa for eating it all.

>> No.36037341

I guess you are right, can't expect too much from her. At least she chose the most hilarious lie.

>> No.36037342

I don't like what Nene has become

>> No.36037343

>All Polka needs is to go back to her old l2d

>> No.36037349


>> No.36037350

she feels faker now

>> No.36037352

high five anon!

>> No.36037353

>this is actually a thing
I'm gonna blame the gunpla ojii squad for this one.
Buying her the boxes, knowing her roommate did cosplay titties before.

What gundam girl is she going to cosplay as?

>> No.36037354

I'm sure it's people that just like to shitpost or don't understand singers or vocal preference. They also consider popularity = good singer most of the time.
the people in the vsinger general are pretty smart with that most of the time

>> No.36037356


>> No.36037357

>matsuri got 3.7k dislikes on her pokemon stream

>> No.36037359

Sure, check this 5.

>> No.36037361


>> No.36037366

It's not enough.

>> No.36037367

Korone... That was a prowler... The strongest weapon right now...

>> No.36037368

Why would your doubts be removed by them axing fatsuri? Getting dick is as easy as breathing for non-disfigured women, you should always assume they're faking it and taking a mile of dicks in secret

>> No.36037369

>pass the controller anon nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.36037370

Ramba Ral

>> No.36037371


>> No.36037372

That's because she was collabing with FBK.

>> No.36037376

Please don't post cutest bullpup in this cursed thread.

>> No.36037377

Which holo has basically flanderized themselves?

>> No.36037378

Korone needs to stream Predator and then play the worst 80's kusoge she can find for 14 hours to get back on track.

>> No.36037379

oh no... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Phc8DvFjtI

>> No.36037380

Fubuki only has around 200 dislikes

>> No.36037384

SKK orders

>> No.36037385

Not sure if anyone noticed, but Towa changed her profile picture. I think it's cute.

>> No.36037386

Not ashamed that I rubbed a few ones out on Friend's ASMR.

>> No.36037388

Thoughts on Towa's clitoris?


>> No.36037391


we should strive to be more like these anons, as much as we joke about being the anti thread we should actually become antis like the bugs

>> No.36037393

What did Korone mean by this?

>> No.36037394

You should be ashamed.

>> No.36037395

Nice and meaty

>> No.36037397


>> No.36037399

does jerking it to c*nan's vids count

>> No.36037400

What did you mean by asking it 5 times, even though that's obviously a Y?

>> No.36037401

Now I forget what her old profile picture looks like

>> No.36037402

when is the reddit newfag mindless optimism going to wear off

>> No.36037403

it says SLAYE, like SLAYER

>> No.36037404

Are those holo streams to you

>> No.36037406

Watame go to sleep...

>> No.36037407

I ain't no M.A.S.S. faggot.

>> No.36037408


>> No.36037409

She gave permission on a mengen once. No shame here.

>> No.36037411


>> No.36037412

SHITkan lol

>> No.36037413


>> No.36037414

Fuck liars.

>> No.36037415

That's what Korosan wants you to think.

>> No.36037417

What would Ayame's favorite dolls be

>> No.36037422

Lyger is losing his patience

>> No.36037423

Just because they give you permission, doesn't mean you should.

>> No.36037425


>> No.36037427

If they give permission that means they want you to

>> No.36037428

>> No.36037429


>> No.36037433

Lamy gave me permission to jerk off to her when she was retweeting lewd swimsuit fanart almost every day for a week straight

>> No.36037434


>> No.36037436

Surely not DEFY

>> No.36037437

He got us, bros. How will we ever recover?

>> No.36037438

Lol never. The entire reddit mentality is forced positivity, making up a facade being nice around people just for karma

>> No.36037439

Busting a big fat nut into okayu before her date with Korone

>> No.36037440

The Brown Hand incident will somehow stop Noel and Mel from showing their boobs on stream. I know those Cover fuckers will take action.

>> No.36037441

>> No.36037442

Korone... Forced to play Apex, barely 9K viewers... What happened to her?

>> No.36037443


>> No.36037445

>I can't get it out of my head that all the others are probably doing this too.
You'd be surprised at how easy it is to spot red flags in that regard. Matsuri never held any real appreciation towards her fans. She's known for being an ass behind the scenes (i.e. Haachama, Luna etc.). She doesn't even give a fuck about how what she says might affect other holomen, as seen in her casually blurting out company policies. There are countless examples of her being dishonest. All the signs were there, you just need to step back and take a look at the whole picture. Matsuri is the last person you should feel bad about.

People always overthink the smallest shit they can, because they don't want the holos they like to be like Matsuri. Yeah, you can call them fake, but if you really dig deep into a holo's past, you'd be surprised how honest most of them are.

>> No.36037447

Seeing new Yogiri's 3D stream clips make me sad because it reminds me we could've had this as a holo.

>> No.36037450

that's bullshit, the Fubuki hate campaign isn't nearly as powerful as Coco's was and even she didn't even crack that many dislikes most of the time

>> No.36037451

I love her so fucking much.. I'm already looking for a higher paying job so I can support her more

>> No.36037452

Busting a big fat nut into Korone before her date with Okayu

>> No.36037453


>> No.36037454

Korone, FBK, Noel, Haachama, Aqua and Lamy

>> No.36037455

The dream.

>> No.36037456

>she should be way more popular than Suisei
Ah yes, she should be more popular than the girl who actually advertises her songs

>> No.36037459

No self-respecting woman wants guys to jerk off to her.

>> No.36037460

who wore it better

>> No.36037460,1 [INTERNAL] 

wow she is actually cute than transon and nice tits :) thank you anon!

>> No.36037461


>> No.36037463

She sure got a 3D fast enough

>> No.36037464 [SPOILER] 

look at this weird noel

>> No.36037468

I wanted to fit in so i left a dislike..

>> No.36037469

>> No.36037470

based, reddit white knights assemble!

>> No.36037471


>> No.36037475

Stop it

>> No.36037477

let's go anti bros

>> No.36037478

Kek I can almost see it

>> No.36037479

5ch said Rushia and Pekora are buying a 7-11 franchise together.

>> No.36037480

Think Towa's design looks cool.

>> No.36037482

Only Haachama one is true

>> No.36037485

Can we just appreciate that Anon worked really hard to do a thing other Anons do. It was really wholesome. Anon Appreciation Thread

>> No.36037486

Can't believe Towa hates her Mamii

>> No.36037487

>for some reason she got a lot of spammer and dislike
I wonder what that reason is, maybe someone should go tell them?

>> No.36037488

>> No.36037489

Looks a bit dorky

>> No.36037491

cute of him to think that the ones spamming aren't old subscribers

>> No.36037493


>> No.36037495

I'd buy a bunny flavored slurpee

>> No.36037496


>> No.36037497

What's funny about Matsuri's situation is that only her most hardcore gachis go out of their way to watch her roommate shit anyway, so pretty much the people who'd take the news the hardest were the only ones to watch lol

>> No.36037498

>new IP

>> No.36037503

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.36037504

To another year of Yukihana Lamy!

>> No.36037505

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.36037506

kyou mou chiisai

>> No.36037507

what were you banned for this time?

>> No.36037508

haha lol lmao

>> No.36037509

Finally Rushia can get the inside track on wholesale Puchi Pastel

>> No.36037510

>people actually think that matsuri is finished
the doujin and janitor yabs barely lasted a week, only chinks are able to keep an attention span longer than a week

>> No.36037511

>only 220k views
Hololive is dead. This is Aqua's best original yet and its not at 1m views already.

>> No.36037515 [SPOILER] 

I don't expect for you all to represent everyone but the reason for the hate is SIMPLY because of the lie? IF she had an announcement stream claiming she was dating, would she get more or less hate?

>> No.36037516

what's the most drama free holo out there? I might even watch en....

>> No.36037517

>doujin and janitor yabs
that's nothing compared to this

>> No.36037518


>> No.36037519

Great... the thread gonna be shit now

>> No.36037520


>> No.36037523

Botan, Okayu, Shuba.

>> No.36037525

Watame is nothing but good times

>> No.36037527




>> No.36037528

Sora Love!

>> No.36037529


>> No.36037530

Ko'one you're supposed to crush those bronze 4 players with your smurf

>> No.36037531

Matsuri, Coco, haachama, ayame, aqua

>> No.36037532


>> No.36037533

Ah yes, now Okayu is getting Korone to promise to play Unite with her.

>> No.36037534

There's hardly anyone here who hates on Matsuri, most of us are just laughing at her going full retard.

>> No.36037535

I think I will never understand those guys. If they really supported her, shouldn't they be happy for her instead? Maybe the cultural gap is still to big for me to even comprehend this behaviour.

>> No.36037539

Okayu fingers herself

>> No.36037540

The one she changed to was drawn by rurudo as well.

>> No.36037544

I really do love Suisei

>> No.36037545

Being dishonest is always bad.

>> No.36037546

I support her idol career. I don't want to pay fucking condoms to someone else

>> No.36037547


>> No.36037548

>> No.36037549

Why does the rabbit do this to herself?

>> No.36037550


>> No.36037551

How were the last 3 seasons any better?

>> No.36037552

Yes, look at them go

>> No.36037556

This sounds like some twitter or reddit comment

>> No.36037557

I assume DOOGSLAYER was taken

>> No.36037559


>> No.36037560

>not even sora is free from drama

>> No.36037561

any gachikoi who was insane enough to stick with matsuri during her endless apex arc probably is too hardened/invested to care about the hand at this point

>> No.36037562

Only to Polka's ASMR

>> No.36037564

Of course Subaru lied about it. Bad memory...right.

>> No.36037566


>> No.36037567

almost certainly

>> No.36037568


>> No.36037569

>forgot to attach the picture

>> No.36037573

Just woke up, what is the drama with Matsuri? And why does Okayu's mic sound so bad?

>> No.36037574


>> No.36037575

Your sense is good. I copied it from that reddit thread above

>> No.36037576

That's nothing drama-worthy, Suba had worse though not much.

>> No.36037578


>> No.36037579

She's an idiot who still doesn't know how exactly end pearls work, aimed that shit way too high

>> No.36037580

noel's member stream was pretty fun

>> No.36037581

>not the anti thread

>> No.36037584

Most "dramas" come from schizos minds

>> No.36037586

Matsuri decided to turn on her facecam during an apex stream the other day to reveal that she was having sex with lyger. It was really weird, she didn't even acknowledge it.

>> No.36037587

>pk over eva
I'm glad Korone isn't a metawhore

>> No.36037588

So it's like this... and Matsuri... so by then Okay's mic did.... and that's about it

>> No.36037589

as sexy as swimsuit Marine

>> No.36037590


>> No.36037592

>open matsuri stream
>see matsuri streaming
>close matsuri stream

>> No.36037593

Probably same amount of hate. She dug her grave long ago when she pandered to gfe fans. Now everyone hate's her. Should have just gone full Choco route. Everyone loves Choco, she's a based stacy slut.

>> No.36037594

It's 7am in Japan, you think Okayu woke up and Korone hasn't even slept in yet? They seem to have funny rhythm like this.

>> No.36037595

Don't worry, clownfriend, I'll add an extra to compensate

>> No.36037600

Less, people would ignore her instead of dislike, there'd still be some hate for pretending she didn't have one though.

>> No.36037601

Damn, she's ugly

>> No.36037604

Reminder that Cover cannot actually do anything about Matsuri, since everything happened outside of her Hololive streams.

>> No.36037605

occasionally yes

>> No.36037606


>> No.36037607

i realized after 2 years of watching that miko is my oshi

>> No.36037609

>> No.36037610

at least back then they could be ignorant to it, how can you be ignorant now, when there's literal footage, they must be on massive amounts of cope

>> No.36037611

Based. Dango asmr soon brother.

>> No.36037613

your standards are too high, anon..

>> No.36037614

they can fire her for whatever reason they want

>> No.36037615

post gen6 predictions

>> No.36037617

>tfw no cute bug girlfriend

>> No.36037618

Wake up, Friends!!

>> No.36037619


>> No.36037621

why would cover fire matsuri over this dumbass shit lmao

>> No.36037622

Nah, she doesn't look good at all, and I'm a huge yellow fever fag

>> No.36037623

This. Nothing will happen. People will dislike Matsuri's streams for the next week and then move on. All fans that would be outraged by her having a boyfriend already stopped watching her a long time ago.

>> No.36037624

2 years?! Fuck, I was lucky enough for her to find me in about 2 months

>> No.36037625


>> No.36037628

Thank you, friend

>> No.36037631

I'm pretty sure there's laws against that

>> No.36037632

Because everyone knows her roommate so it's not much different from doing it while streaming as the character

>> No.36037633


>> No.36037634

All those times I told him to ctrl+w his life.. he finally did it..

>> No.36037635


>> No.36037636

You're actually retarded.

>> No.36037637

all matsuri has to do is another apex gacha stream, she'll make back whatever money she lost from her schizo gachikois

>> No.36037639

Im a yellow fever fag too. But I simply want their bloodline and mine to mix and keep going down the JP route

>> No.36037640

Oh filtered link no wonder...
All I know they love to use "I can't understand, never understand, don't understand, bla bla"

>> No.36037641


>> No.36037642

it's entirely different if she's not wearing the avatar and streaming on her official channel

cover doesn't give a shit guaranteed, her manager probably just laughed at her

>> No.36037644

My oshi gets to enjoy three course meals each day while I'm stuck eating fucking plain rice

>> No.36037645


>> No.36037649

shut the fuck up hololive historian, your channel got banned for a reason

>> No.36037650

You're forgetting that Matsuri is literally insane and she can (and probably will) do some stupid shit in her poor mental state to worsen the issue.

>> No.36037653

Matsuri's roommate is a literal 11/10, anyone who thought she wouldn't have a boyfriend must be delusional.

>> No.36037654

They don't fire people in Japan. They make their working conditions so bad that they'd have to leave out of their own accord.

>> No.36037655

Wtf is matsuris endgame? 100% she orchestrated this

>> No.36037657

You could be putting that rice money towards your oshi to make her life even better.

>> No.36037658

Too big

>> No.36037659

Probably, but they don't work

>> No.36037660

>> No.36037663

I eat like shit so Watame can get more chips

>> No.36037664

I think she's normally pretty hot but in that latest stream she did not look good for one reason or another.

>> No.36037665

Marine is gay

>> No.36037666

cute bang...

>> No.36037667

Marine is a lesbian.

>> No.36037672


>> No.36037673

i don't think she's 11/10
she's exceedingly good at making herself look great on camera even if she already is decently cute

i'd still fuck her like a filthy slampig though

>> No.36037674

I wish I could cook for sheep...

>> No.36037675

politics aside, Artia's streams were pretty funny because of how dumb she is

>> No.36037676

Marine is bi

>> No.36037681

>it's baseless, she doesn't have a boyfriend
>b-but even if she did it's a good thing !
no values nor shame, thanks cocochin

>> No.36037682

I didn't watch season 1
season 2 was GOAT
season 3 was ok/good but the ending was absolutely terrible
this season is really just beating a dead horse

>> No.36037683

stupid whore

>> No.36037684

Where my tax refund boys at?

>> No.36037685

are you me? I basically gave up eating take out for her

>> No.36037686


>> No.36037687

Marine wants to sniff Pekora's butt after dance practice.

>> No.36037689

My Lamy sure is going to be cute today.

>> No.36037690

Took me 6 months after realizing I was skipping my ex-#1 oshi's stream for her. Now Miko is my #1 oshi and the other is #3

>> No.36037691


>> No.36037693

Sounds nice

>> No.36037694

You have blood on your hands...

>> No.36037696

she sucks so she gave it to okayu

>> No.36037697

Stop it. Get some help.
You all sound like broken records now.

>> No.36037700

ENs look like THAT?

>> No.36037703

Marine is a lesbian and Flare is her girlfriend irl

>> No.36037704


>> No.36037706

With 2 bullets left. Then she led her to a building with enemies in it to get more weapons.

>> No.36037707

Minatoaqua tits!!

>> No.36037708

no, ENs do not look like that

>> No.36037710

Nabi is a hack

>> No.36037711

We all contributed to this

>> No.36037713

Friend is on!

>> No.36037716

This, she's currently dating Flare

>> No.36037717

Gachis have too weak mental to hate after such thing, would either leave or switch I would do it, cuz it's fun :)

>> No.36037718

That's 110% retard

>> No.36037720

>> No.36037721

ENs look like THAT?

>> No.36037722

>Matsuri's roommate is a literal 11/10
Maybe if you're blind, deaf and have no morals

>> No.36037723

is that the dog she has sex with?

>> No.36037724

Nah, Marine doesn't have any interest on men

>> No.36037725

While I loved the soul of the original Pekora JAV, the slutty Pekora really won me over

>> No.36037730

How do you idiots not realize this is all planned?
Matsuri will graduate, cause a big stir, and gen 6 will be released.
Just like last year with Aloe, it's just a publicity stunt.
Both parties gain publicity, and in the end everyone wins. And it's all because you're a bunch of retards watching the same tape on loop without realizing it.

>> No.36037731

is the rushia jav out yet

>> No.36037732

Best chest in Hololive though

>> No.36037734

The original Pekora one was cuter in the other cosplays she did for that vid

>> No.36037736

no, Lamy exists to worship Shishiron

>> No.36037737

Please don't mock my deafness...

>> No.36037738

>> No.36037740


>> No.36037743


>> No.36037744


>> No.36037745

Mori looks like a grandma or a sex goddess depending on the picture.

>> No.36037746

US is living under a tiranny, it has been since 9/11

>> No.36037749

whose literature teacher is this?

>> No.36037750

ENs look like THAT?

>> No.36037752

you ever head of this guy, occam, and his razor?

>> No.36037753

holy shit, a rational sheep poster. haven't seen one of these in so long due to all the falseflaggers she gets

>> No.36037754

Nah, that's easily Marine she also has a great ass to match

>> No.36037755


>> No.36037757

That's not actually Mori

>> No.36037758 [SPOILER] 

holostars EN leak

>> No.36037759

That's what my right click search Google for "11/10" show

>> No.36037762

i don't know what's worse, the online class i'm ignoring by reading this thread or this thread itself

>> No.36037764

not big enough

>> No.36037765

>photoshopped eyes
asians are gross, can't stand looking at them unless they're behind an avatar

>> No.36037766

you need to be above 18 to be here

>> No.36037768

global rule 2, abayo nigga

>> No.36037771

That does not remotely look like an asian anon

>> No.36037773

You're not that guy, pal. Trust me. You're not that guy.

>> No.36037774

Watafaggot unleashed his AI into the thread.

>> No.36037775

Stop! She's my daughter

>> No.36037776

college exists neets

>> No.36037780


>> No.36037781

she actually photoshopped her eyes to look more asian

>> No.36037782

They look fake

>> No.36037783

It's okay if you don't know basic algebra, just leave the numbers to midwits and above.

>> No.36037784


>> No.36037786

Is this Jay?

>> No.36037787

Because of Matsuri's yab I've been in these threads 24/7 and now I realized I fucked up and forgot to pull this report my boss asked for.

Can I legally sue Matsuri if I lose my job due to her being a whore?

>> No.36037788

why cant i see deleted posts in warosu? sorry i am retarded

>> No.36037789

Friend dislike ratio is pitiful, nowhere near Coco's or even Aqua's.

>> No.36037790

You're daughter is a great kisser

>> No.36037795

please don't be dolphin porn

>> No.36037796

>5AM stream
Why is Korone like this

>> No.36037797

I believe in my right click google searches

>> No.36037800

>> No.36037802

It's a JAV cover

>> No.36037804

Is her face censored in the vid? The censored face ones are unusable to me.

>> No.36037805

I like feeding your daughter.

>> No.36037806


>> No.36037810

Is Okayu at Korone's place? Her mic doesn't sound this bad usually.

>> No.36037811

How many do you think unsubscribed?

>> No.36037812

4chin servers acting funny you can't see images there either

>> No.36037813

My right click google search says you harvest and subsist on pagpag.

>> No.36037814


>> No.36037815

those are some big ass hands

>> No.36037817

only when there's a dick in front of it

>> No.36037820

I love her with all my heart and soul.

>> No.36037821

I want to marry this

>> No.36037823


>> No.36037825


>> No.36037827

Don't tell me it was this post >>36037649
that triggered his brown ass.

>> No.36037828


>> No.36037829 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36037830

>biting a popsicle
Absolutely satanic

>> No.36037833


>> No.36037836

Good enough I'm in

>> No.36037837

Zero good streams today, but at least there's a real banger happening tomorrow

>> No.36037839

All those Matsuri fans out there slashing at her and disliking her videos are such mentally ill fags, if this happens to Towa her supportive Kenzoku would celebrate with fan letters and red superchat and art for her newest boyfriend

>> No.36037840

>> No.36037841

Is the game that Fubuki is playing a kyon-kun denwa but with Shin-chan?

>> No.36037842

Wrong eye color

>> No.36037843

I think less because not only is she a liar but a coward. Saying shit like "we can have boyfriends teehee" and talking about ex boyfriends but pussying out when the truth about her current relationship comes to light. That combined with the heinous and manipulative lie that she came up with is a recipe for the justified hate she's getting.

>> No.36037849

Dang, Kira looks like that???

>> No.36037850

Too bad there's going to be a nationwide media/internet blackout in the States tomorrow...

>> No.36037851

I mean, you're not wrong Towa and Selly do get a lot of art together

>> No.36037855

>> No.36037859

>> No.36037860


>> No.36037862

Selly has a boyfriend.

>> No.36037863

too late kiddo, already called the ss

>> No.36037864

I see that's a funny food name

>> No.36037866

why is it doxx hours again

>> No.36037868

Marine only likes Flare

>> No.36037870

fuck is this used for

>> No.36037871


>> No.36037874

But doesn't that mean that the thread will be better?

>> No.36037876

I wish THAT Artia stream wasn't taken down, only 2 images still exist of it now

>> No.36037882

What's the opposite of ergonomic?

>> No.36037884


>> No.36037885

this is canon

>> No.36037887

Yeah, Towa

>> No.36037888

but fbk and okakoro are on right now and i am enjoying both of them before koushien starts at 8..

>> No.36037889

I wish I was that boyfriend

>> No.36037891


>> No.36037892

You guys ever unwrap a kitkat bar and just take a bite out of that shit

>> No.36037893

only if Towa was dumb enough to make up a stupid lie oh wait--

>> No.36037894

>> No.36037895

Selly is gay?

>> No.36037897

nah he's straight

>> No.36037904

The matsurisu is getting uppity

>> No.36037905


>> No.36037908

become Towa

>> No.36037910

where did you find this image of me

>> No.36037912

you mispelled canan

>> No.36037913

Me in the right bathroom stall taking a giant shit

>> No.36037914

I wish her design wasn't garbage. Not often where the 3d looks better than the 2d.

>> No.36037917

>Towa gets cute fanart with Selly
>Ollie gets cute fanart with Astel
>Fubuki gets cute fanart with Oga
>Matsuri gets fanart of herself being fucked by fans.

>> No.36037918


>> No.36037920

Amelia playing Sonic Mania. When is Korone going to start SA2?

>> No.36037922

lyger's discord is the one posting roommates since Matsuri yabbed herself out of existence

>> No.36037924

nice gap

>> No.36037928


>> No.36037929

Everyone is a menhera

>> No.36037930

I'm gonna be a well behaved anon from now on

>> No.36037931

lyger will have to go back to poverty, sad

>> No.36037932


>> No.36037937

I am lyger

>> No.36037939

Lyger will create a new stalking bot that will wake him up if someone is spamming Matsuri's waiting rooms

>> No.36037942

Love Polka, hate the new model.

>> No.36037949

I prefer the Lamy flavor.

>> No.36037951

Hate Polka, love the new model.

>> No.36037952

non canon thickness

>> No.36037954

Please tell her to do reading streams again. I miss these.

>> No.36037955

Why? So that he can masturbate while thinking of how it's making Matsuri cry?

>> No.36037960 [SPOILER] 

subaru you FAT FUCK

>> No.36037966

No one here fucking cares about Flare lmaoooooo

>> No.36037967

that's my cum on the napkin, please tell down

>> No.36037970

i did not need to see this

>> No.36037971

pls tell down picture

>> No.36037972

the fly in the oil adds extra flavor

>> No.36037974

winning son...

>> No.36037976

because you didn't Smile & Go

>> No.36037978

She's taking a break from member's content in general for the next month.
I'll ask her when she comes back.

>> No.36037980

Not looking right, maybe talk to doctor about it.

>> No.36037981

>> No.36037982

So you're aware of all this huh
Who else

>> No.36037983 [SPOILER] 

Sankisei dox

>> No.36037984

some one please post Smile & Cum

>> No.36037988 [SPOILER] 

Don't open

>> No.36037992

my hand is brown

>> No.36037994

>fly in Oil
she wrote all this out herself? That's kind of impressive.

>> No.36037996


>> No.36037999

korone's laughing again

>> No.36038000

I hate when they draw Marine like this, just goes to show that artist are also massive clipwatcher faggots

>> No.36038002

>thigh gap

>> No.36038004


>> No.36038005

Happening to a few random channels.

>> No.36038006


>> No.36038007

Plump tomboy...

>> No.36038009

>> No.36038010


>> No.36038012


>> No.36038019

softest ass...

>> No.36038020

>> No.36038024

Me in the back

>> No.36038027

Kenzokus support Towa unconditionally!

I wish she would announce she has new bf on stream but we all know Towa can't be satisfied by 1 man, or even 10 men

>> No.36038028

me on the left

>> No.36038033

me top left

>> No.36038039


>> No.36038041

do you like what korone has become

>> No.36038042

so when will botan finally take off her gym outfit?

>> No.36038047

Do you think Polka still owns the Alpaca costume? Does it still fit?

>> No.36038049


>> No.36038050

As flat as her character.

>> No.36038051

I'd rather have them just talking than playing Apex honestly

>> No.36038053

>> No.36038057

what the fuck are you even talking about, retard

>> No.36038059


>> No.36038060


>> No.36038061

>> No.36038065


>> No.36038066

>> No.36038068

>> No.36038071

>post pregnancy Anri
Abe, let me in!

>> No.36038073

Is this the hololive thread?

>> No.36038076


>> No.36038077

Naked Bibi...

>> No.36038079

just search for the song you want to listen to..

>> No.36038081

fucking whore

>> No.36038082

no this is the the veiny tits and camwhores thread

>> No.36038083

this is the random japanese women thread

>> No.36038086 [SPOILER] 

i was behind all the doxxes

>> No.36038089

>veiny tits
probably my favourite /hlg/ schizo

>> No.36038090

all vtubers know how to mimic pikachu, shin-chan, and shinji

>> No.36038092

Hololive Historian chads run this thread

>> No.36038094

whatever you do do not start the veiny tits arugemnt again. I can't take that timeloop

>> No.36038097

I love veiny tits
I love saggy tits

>> No.36038098


>> No.36038099

This is the Towa thread.

>> No.36038100

She got so cute after pregnancy too...

>> No.36038104

I bet you're really fun at parties

>> No.36038105

fuck off Taiga, stop falseflagging as Tawa.

>> No.36038107


>> No.36038108

I've been wondering if turtles can exit their shell or not

>> No.36038109

say what you will but veiny tits chads rule this thread

>> No.36038110

Which holos have White Man fever like Anri?

>> No.36038111

>> No.36038117


>> No.36038118

watch clips

>> No.36038119

Abe, let this guy out

>> No.36038121

The shell is part of the body is not an armor.

>> No.36038122

big breasts are disgusting

>> No.36038123

Call me black, but I prefer ass

>> No.36038129

yes, but they die if they do that

>> No.36038131

The shell is an armor, not part of the body.

>> No.36038132

their shell is part of their skeleton, so no. it would be extremely painful if you take off their shells.

>> No.36038133

me too. I wish there was more of them here.

>> No.36038134

all holos have white girl fever

>> No.36038135

That's what she said

>> No.36038137

Stop roommate posting. idc unless its my wife Susei

>> No.36038140

lmao at korone scope trouble

>> No.36038142

>> No.36038143

We talk about Japanese idol culture and posting cute pictures of Jap women, just like any other /jp/ general threads

>> No.36038145

why is taiga such an anti?

>> No.36038147

Turtle holo when?

>> No.36038149


>> No.36038150


>> No.36038151

I can see the veins, delete this shit

>> No.36038152

Can we get this thread back on track?

Let's all post clips of Towa being cute!

I'll start:

>> No.36038153


>> No.36038155


>> No.36038156


>> No.36038157

Marine only likes women

>> No.36038160

Post the Sio one.

>> No.36038162

I'll call you my nigga

>> No.36038163

No, fuck Towa

>> No.36038164

Not saggy enough

>> No.36038165

But why are turtles depicted in video games in ways that you can knock them out of their shells? I also remember seeing a dinosaur cartoon when I was little where the turtle could leave his shell.

>> No.36038167


>> No.36038170


>> No.36038171

Seems like they want white men, but that's normal for asian women.

>> No.36038173

>> No.36038174

he's just a tsundere

>> No.36038179

>doesnt know Suisei marketed herself
Nice bait, but Sheep should sing English songs instead of making English title for her songs or selling herself on Reddit where most of the fan nowadays are casuals. And instead of making Mori sing in the background, she should sing together with Mori like how Suisei did with the Getcha cover so Sheep can indirectly mog her and the EN fans would flock to her naturally. If I can't get Suisei/Towa Roki collab Sheep will do.

>> No.36038180

This is all Towa's fault.

>> No.36038181

Hitomi Tanaka ? ... maybe not I feel like she has them bigger.

>> No.36038182

Time's up vtuberbros...

>> No.36038184

Pekora and her dumb questions

>> No.36038188


>> No.36038190

posting the biggest holo yab

>> No.36038191

>Okayu: I'm hungry.
>Korone: Do you have anything to eat?
>Okayu: I'm gonna go buy some eggs and wieners later
this is the fattest thing I've read in my whole life

>> No.36038192

western media fake news

>> No.36038193

"There are no dumb questions" -Jesus or some other important person like Putin

>> No.36038194

You didnt knock them out of their shell they all just died anon, it's all your fault. Are you feeling guilty now?

>> No.36038195

Breasts that big only look good in a top/bra, the moment they're hanging free it's a saggy mess. I want nice perky tits, full of bounce.

>> No.36038197

There will be a holo Apex tournament in November

>> No.36038198

Oh my god!

>> No.36038199

Fuck off redditor

>> No.36038202

god imagine being a ku

>> No.36038203

>Common breakfast

You should probably read more.

>> No.36038204

someone post pizza dad saying pizza with Towa's BGM

>> No.36038207


>> No.36038210

i'm gonna kill myself
who do you think i should give my last sc

>> No.36038211

hololive historian is really mad, huh

>> No.36038214

Wtf this bootleg ass daifuku https://twitter.com/i/status/1425127276304166912

>> No.36038215

if I wanted to look at 3DPG I would look in the mirror
fuck off with that shit

>> No.36038217

common breakfast if you're a fat fuck maybe
normal people only eat bread and fruits for breakfast

>> No.36038218

I wish I could draw
I wish I could draw
I wish I could draw

>> No.36038220

Consider giving Risu a watch!

>> No.36038222

why are sandpeople like this

>> No.36038224


>> No.36038225

Don't lie, anon. It's unbecoming.

>> No.36038227

really depends

If you want someone to cry over you: Watame
If you want someone to laugh at you: Towa

>> No.36038228

This thread is under Towa's protection.
Without it things would be worse.

>> No.36038229

Please it's like my 163th time looking at Towa clips today please God spares my soul

>> No.36038233

>Hasn't experienced Kino breakfast Sausage and Eggs
Come here I will hug you

>> No.36038234


>> No.36038239

Sheep, make sure to tell her your plans.

>> No.36038240


>> No.36038241

will Haachama ever top her indy vtuber mixer?

>> No.36038242

*casts spell which makes watame collab with yonkisei*

>> No.36038244


>> No.36038246

yea but have you seen this one?

>> No.36038248


>> No.36038250

I can give you a collab with Towa, but that's the best I can do

>> No.36038251

korone ga shinda

>> No.36038252

t. fat american or britbong

>> No.36038253

3rd worlderchama...

>> No.36038254

Kiara's really fun today

>> No.36038254,1 [INTERNAL] 

I never hate matsuri till now and yeah just because lying, girls like this never are good to be around and the others holos should stay away from her honestly...also she can have all the BBC she wants is her life you know

>> No.36038254,2 [INTERNAL] 


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