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I love Aqua.

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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I love Towa!
It Takes Twoa with Shishiron at 20JST!

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Too erotic

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>Zero results

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Ten days!

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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*releases a new song not even her manager knew about*

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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love you

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don't mind me, I'm just gonna go and dislike Matsuri's stream

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Towa chews with her mouth open

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I'm doing my part! Are you?

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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>it's real

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oh no no no no

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We don't actually hate Matsuri here

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I'd better sleep until Miko's stream, see you fellas

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I sincerely hope that l*ger gets a bj after this stream because he sure as hell is going to be overworked to the bone.

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You get what you fucking deserve.

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We only dislike-bomb Aqua here

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Towa does everything with her mouth open

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I hate myself so much.
Everything I loved about Matsuri was a lie.
I cannot heal my heart anymore.
I'm so tired.

I cannot understand why she did that
This is so sad and painful
I don't want to remember her anymore
I want to kill the past

I'm already done with her
I want to hide my jealousy and regret
It is so ugly to survive
I'm feeling so lonely

I dislike myself so much
For believing her lies
But i dislike her even more
For believing her lies

Do not forget and make sure
That your oshi isn't a lying whore
Becoming an anti.
Is the only correct answer now

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why are we dislike bombing matsuri's stream?

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Kanata is too loud

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Is this a haiku?

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Ctrl+W Friend! You're alive?!
Is it really you?

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Why would "they" do that?

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WTF Lamy is a virgin!?

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stop making this post

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The matsurispammer is going to be working hard too

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I have already given her dislike and unlike aqua this time i don'tt feel guilt.

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Marine's 2nd anniversary countdown later today

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It's probably just chinks because she's collabing with fbk

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It's been 344 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and she was getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

She has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon.

But the beginning of August has been a really rough week for her, she got so stressed out she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday, being overbooked with too many meetings and losing time because of side effects from the 2nd vaccine shot. And with Aloe's debut anniversary date getting closer each day she's been getting more and more stressed.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Not him

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Matsuri is making Roberu distract her from the dislike bombing which is why he had to move his stream to tomorrow. Pray for him

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Anon... Are you alright?

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eh? what? flare? my internet fucks up, what happened?

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Actually possible

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After using a picture with her boyfriend on twitter as her banner I think maybe she deserves this, at least a little.

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They don't care anymore

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30 bucks says matsuri's going to take a "break" soon.

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But I'm not a chink.

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Her outer wilds streams are extremely comfy

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Faq Miko!

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That's seriously an absolute masterpiece of MV, easily my favorite among all holo's.

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I don't really watch matsuri but fine just for you guys

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they really are. hopefully she doesnt die too much today but she already fell in the black hole once...

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I'm doing my part!

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>The 300-day anniversary

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Matsurispammer is really going all out, huh?

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love towa stream

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They were dislikebombing bakatare like two days ago

>> No.36028883

Flare was too loud and I did not like it

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Do not lewd Suisei in this brand new thread, thank you

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What the fuck Miko is not a whore...

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She ended stream bro

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Subaru Okayu post based.

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Fubuki doesn't even get dislikes.
They were already disliking Matsuris stream from 2 days before she put the new one up

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The Matuli "stalker" narrative is more credible than whatever this whore is saying, hospitalized, my ass.

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Koreans love the metric system

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You are now

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>kill sora

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No they weren't

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I pity her.

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>watch sex holo
Link please?????

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Meant for >>36028850

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I love Matsuri

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naked rushia live

>> No.36028914

Why is miko doing eva watchalong on youtube?

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>Warosu is still kill
>Archived.moe doesn't have search enabled
What the fuck do I use for my archives rep now

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>she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues

>> No.36028918

What is Flare's opening song?

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>cute suisei

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Let's continue the Suisexposting

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Why is Matsuri streaming over the homos?

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Do your being spoonfed reps

>> No.36028927

Search on warosu then copy the thread ID into archived.moe

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Your personal saved archive of course

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>Warosu is still kill
works on my machine

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I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real

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>less than 12 hours until triangle birthday
>no tweet
>she's still in the hospital
>probably no live2d announcement
>almost certainly in the mental ward
This is depressing

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Did my part

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Someone PLEASE post a picture of naked Towa

>> No.36028939

I miss yuki.la...

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>cute suisei

>> No.36028941

>​protect her, guys

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You forgot menhera.

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meybe youtube purged them, or I have alzheimers

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Oh no not the dislikes, it's over!!!

>> No.36028948

ShishiTowa pushed back 1 hour

>> No.36028949

Imagine a world without Towa...

>> No.36028951

Ctrl+W your post and this life xD

>> No.36028953

>"contacted" the police
>still be able to stream the next day
Matuli that's not how it works

>> No.36028954

I will protect The Festival

>> No.36028955

God, she suck even at pretending to be dumb
All she had to do was shut up but she really had to post a message in chat box like
>Eh, is there something weird going on?

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>> No.36028957

Aqua already graduated because of the dislikes, Matsuri is clearly next!

>> No.36028958

>already back to streaming and tweeting just after the traumatic experience of a stalker invading her house

Matsuri is a fucking BEAST!

>> No.36028959

I don't know why but Mel feels like she have the softest boobs

>> No.36028960

Kson thinks she is happy, but she is not!

>> No.36028962

>You wake up late at night because you heard a voice
>See this
What do?

>> No.36028965

Actually the opposite of "all" would be "none"
"Nothing" would be the opposite of "everything"

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>> No.36028967

Pretty sure they did, Flare's stream had around 500 dislikes at one point.

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>> No.36028970

Too big

>> No.36028971

squeeze her butt

>> No.36028972

Meds are no longer enough, you need to be euthanized.

>> No.36028973

Tell her that she's too loud

>> No.36028975

This is the best I have.

>> No.36028976

Anon thinks Kson is on-topic, but she is not!

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>> No.36028978

Shut up Syafiq

>> No.36028980

She WANTS everyone to ask and know about it. Drama is the only way she can remain relevant now.

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>> No.36028982

Wake up.

>> No.36028983

Love you sheep~

>> No.36028985

call the police some cute boy broke into my home

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>> No.36028987

Holy shit, now I feel kinda bad.
I dont want her to actually kill herself over this.

>> No.36028988

>Haato streamed over Towa's birthday live
>Towa and Botan reschedule so they don't overlap with her dumb cooking stream
They're way too nice

>> No.36028991

I can't believe all 300 Holostar fans are disliking Matsuri because she is streaming over their costume reveal.

>> No.36028993

Tie her up on a chair and punish her cute suipussy

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>> No.36028996

I can't wait for her Henry Stickmin stream

>> No.36028999

Why are there so many dislikes on Matsui's upcoming pokeymon stream?

>> No.36029000

no such thing

>> No.36029001

wtf I love FBK now??

>> No.36029002

>99.7% conviction rate Japan
and they said SEA was dangerous.

>> No.36029003

is it part of their sponsored eva stuff?

>> No.36029004

Your request is reasonable, I will now try my best to fulfill it.

>> No.36029007

Matsuri is doing a career suicide RTA but she sucks at it.

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>> No.36029010

How do you stream a day after being in touch with the police

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>> No.36029012

Matsuri deserves all the hate.

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>> No.36029016

Haachama is senpai. They have no choice.

>> No.36029017

Time for the le wholesome leddit to protect Matsuri haha

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>> No.36029022

She streamed over Towa because Towa had Matsuri on stream.

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>> No.36029026

It’s over for Matsuri...

>> No.36029027

Reminder that pubes are disgusting

>> No.36029028

I might forgive Matsuri if she turns on video for her naked bath streams going forward

>> No.36029029

Best version

>> No.36029030

You said the next thread would be better...

>> No.36029031

Please watch Anya.

>> No.36029032

Just how strong is Matsuri's mental state to not be scared shitless after a day of a "stranger" breaking in your house

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>> No.36029035

>more dislikes than likes

>> No.36029036

Post the one with pubes please

>> No.36029037

wrong version

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>> No.36029041

She doesn't want more viewers don't watch her.

>> No.36029043

I don't watch whores.

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>> No.36029045

maybe if her live2d was higher up

>> No.36029046

Rookie numbers. My Aqua had to deal with 5k at some point. Festival will be fine.

>> No.36029048

haha wow how has no one mentioned this yet?

>> No.36029049

I lied.

>> No.36029052

Is she ashamed of having big juicy tits?

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>> No.36029058

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36029059

I am watching her!

>> No.36029060

This thread isn't very good

>> No.36029061

Where's Kanata?

>> No.36029063

The best course of action is for her to just ignore it. In a month nobody left is going to care. She intends to dethrone Subaru as the liar of Hololive.

>> No.36029064

long fat fuck

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>> No.36029066

Read the thread, retard

>> No.36029069

Micomet offcollab when?

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>> No.36029072

give me you're juiciest rrats /hlg/

>> No.36029073

right here

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>> No.36029078

That's my line autist

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>> No.36029080

What manner of menhera did Matsuri release on this world this time?

>> No.36029081

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.36029082

anya your scaring me with that oxygen

>> No.36029083

Marine loves Flare, they're girlfriends

>> No.36029084

part 2

>> No.36029085

kill yourself

>> No.36029089

IDs run these threads.

>> No.36029090

I love seeing Matsuri tweeting like nothing happened yesterday

>> No.36029091


>> No.36029092

Matsuri has a lot of dislikes on her stream, why is that?

>> No.36029093

What a good day to read oshi no ko

>> No.36029095


>> No.36029100

Not Hololive

>> No.36029102

she should really think more about the consequences of her actions
that episode with haato showed this before, but she really doesn't think before she acts

>> No.36029103


>> No.36029104 [SPOILER] 

Did the cops ever find Matsuri's intruder?

>> No.36029106

Cause she's a lying whore.

>> No.36029107

What did Korone mean by this?

>> No.36029109

Here you go

>> No.36029110


>> No.36029111

Fubuki should just bite the bullet and fuck matsuri

>> No.36029113


>> No.36029115

Korone has been smoking pot

>> No.36029116

do your hydration reps everyone

>> No.36029117

>> No.36029118

>Rumors spread that Matsuri is fucking the vtuber dudes she collabs with
>She writes a letter promising fans the rumors aren't true and that she's loyal to them
>Immediately gets caught with a boyfriend when he walks in on her streaming


>> No.36029120

>> No.36029121

only if it's matsuri's piss

>> No.36029125

Pekora is missing.

>> No.36029126

She sounds fat. Like REALLY fat.

>> No.36029127

sex with aqua!

>> No.36029128

>Your entire chat telling you someone opened your door
>"Eh? Where? My closet? No? My other right??" while trying to think of a reason before pointing out the door

>> No.36029129


>> No.36029130

Me on the right

>> No.36029132

She wants to draw for a children's book.

>> No.36029134

Since when was Subaru a liar?

>> No.36029137

You're right, architect chad.

>> No.36029138

Where's Nenechi

>> No.36029139

Are you doing your part?

>> No.36029140

I very very much want to do that. Sex with Minato Aqua would be delectable

>> No.36029141

I know, right? The only EN streamer I can tolerate.

>> No.36029142

cum in aqua!

>> No.36029144

We love Matsuri here

>> No.36029145

>clip channels are transitioning into vtubers
literally WHO asked for this?

>> No.36029146

>> No.36029147

Is she next in line for graduation?

>> No.36029150

Her drawings are really clean despite everything else going on.

>> No.36029151


>> No.36029153

That’s what I have everyday.

>> No.36029154

back to dark bramble ikuzoo!

>> No.36029155

Naked Suisei...

>> No.36029156

This is nothing, Aqua had it much worse from Apex fags

>> No.36029159

since the one guy started spamming it

>> No.36029160

>Watching clipniggers in the first place
You are part of the problem

>> No.36029161

good thing those lines censored that cock!

>> No.36029163

Not shitposting. This is serious. I think I genuinely need help. I really really want to fuck Hoshimachi Suisei. Something about her flat chest and her proud cute pure idol image really turn me on. I really want to rip off her idol clothes and expose how she's just a mere woman in front of me, whose only purpose is to be fucked as my personal whore. I want to ravage every inches of her little body as she tries to resist, only to realize how powerless she is against me. I want to fuck her in every possible position while groping her cute little tits, enjoying every seconds of her arousing moans. I want to fuck her for hours while she's thinking about how her fans will think of her, now that their cute comet idol is just a sex slave made purely for sex purpose. I want to whisper "Help will never come. You will never escape from here. Your idol career is over now and you'll spend the rest of your life as my personal sex slave" in her ear as she cries and struggles to escape until she eventually gives up. After I'm done with her, I won't even let her rest. I'll insert a rotor in her pussy and turn it on, leaving her moaning in my basement all the way until the next day, where I'll repeat this process over and over again until her mind is completely broken.
A few months ago I didn't really care about her, but somehow these past few days I keep thinking about fucking her. I don't know what triggered it but I'm fucking lusting after Suisei now. "Why can't I have a cute idol vtuber sex slave" these thoughts always appear at the back of my mind. Please help me to get her out of my head because I think I might actually go insane at this point.

>> No.36029165

Good Thread.

>> No.36029166

Oh so this is why the thread is so shit, because nijiniggers have nestled in our ranks

>> No.36029167

the only clip channels I watch are jp ones you nigger, even though I don't watch them my recommendations are getting spammed

>> No.36029169 [DELETED] 

Nice thread

>> No.36029170

Why is that man having intercorse Suisei?

>> No.36029171

And water is wet

>> No.36029173

I know, right? How could nijiniggers hate on Matsuri like that

>> No.36029174


>> No.36029175 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36029177

Is it time to post lewds?

>> No.36029178

Because the hand was actually hskw

>> No.36029179

>> No.36029181

I'm sorry anon, she's my guilty pleasure. I don't watch niji at all but the games she picks are too based to ignore...

>> No.36029182


>> No.36029183

>> No.36029185

The cope in matsuri's chat is fucking funny

>> No.36029186

>> No.36029187

>> No.36029188

>> No.36029190

What a fucking mess.

>> No.36029191

stop posting porn it's against the rules

>> No.36029193

>Stand strong brothers

>> No.36029194

Would it be gay if I started to suck on the tit the other guy is sucking too?

>> No.36029195

me on the right

>> No.36029198

>> No.36029199

>> No.36029200

>> No.36029201

Those are the same retards who disliked Aqua's videos, they don't actually like hololive, they are just picking up on stuff that they think pisses us off so they can do le epic troll or whatever

>> No.36029202

Is she okay?

>> No.36029203

>> No.36029204

cute boy

>> No.36029205

probably came from /vt/

>> No.36029206

They have to delude themselves, that's a paid membership.

>> No.36029209

Wrong Door...

>> No.36029210


>> No.36029211

Tell them it's Nozomi's fault

>> No.36029212

unironically the nsfw art choices feels like it came from either SEA or burgers

>> No.36029213

>> No.36029214

why are you posting your own posts?

>> No.36029215

>> No.36029216

I see...

>> No.36029219

picasso sugoi

>> No.36029220

stop hating matusiri then

>> No.36029221


>> No.36029222


>> No.36029223

>> No.36029226

>> No.36029227

We all thought its going to be NeneTowa but it actually BoTowa

>> No.36029228


>> No.36029229

l*ger's getting warmed up

>> No.36029230

Lyger is mad

>> No.36029231

How do we make Matsuri BIG again?

>> No.36029232


>> No.36029234


>> No.36029236

How dare those same retards get mad at Aqua for trying to sololive on ARK. Fucking nijiniggers made my onion quit ARK because of it.

>> No.36029237


>> No.36029238

coomer thread...

>> No.36029239

Lyger ganbatte...

>> No.36029241

>> No.36029242

He even deleted people asking why so many dislikes.

>> No.36029243

Imagine being FBK having to cover up for matsuri's shit every few months

>> No.36029244

He doesn't get paid enough... or well he doesn't get paid at all to being with

>> No.36029245

I love Luna

>> No.36029246

>stop hating a lying whore

>> No.36029247

great PR

>> No.36029248

His chat history isn't bad.

>> No.36029249

it's 1027am in europe, 927am in london
327am in mexico, texas
427am in brazil/chile, florida
128am in washington, california

>> No.36029250

I like it because it feels like it had been drawn by a young child

>> No.36029252

Lmao Lyger is going to work extra hard today.

>> No.36029253


>> No.36029254

>tfw we’ll never know who Yagoo laughs at like he does when he was on meme review

>> No.36029255


>> No.36029256

>> No.36029257

Failure of yonkisei

>> No.36029258

We know it's you nijinigger

>> No.36029259

wtf why you dox me

>> No.36029260

The earlier uploads on this person's pixiv were all porn but thankfully he's stopped since he started drawing hololive art

>> No.36029261

>> No.36029263

That fadeaway to the title screen at the end will be forever in my memories, my favorite Hololive moment for sure

>> No.36029266

>> No.36029267

Ganbare lyger-kun! Don't worry! She will reward you by letting you watch her getting railed by Apex pros!

>> No.36029268

Matsurisu are fucking pathetic

>> No.36029269

I want to see that glorious hole

>> No.36029270


>> No.36029271

>> No.36029273

naked hololives

>> No.36029274

Lamy will be perfect for map construction with her condition

>> No.36029275

Do you think he gets the twitch mod payment? Nudes I mean.

>> No.36029277


>> No.36029278

>> No.36029279

should i stay awake for festival or go to sleep?

>> No.36029281

If anything Nijiniggers would love lying whores like Matuli

>> No.36029282

He congratulated her on the post where she lied about being engaged. You know he's into NTR.

>> No.36029283

>> No.36029284

It was his hand on the door. He gets sex as payment

>> No.36029285

this is ecchi but cute

>> No.36029286

Those are by far the most annoying messages

>> No.36029287

Towa... don't you get it? Towa, TEE. OH. DOUBLEYOU. EI, TOWA! Why don't you understand that Towa...

>> No.36029288


>> No.36029290

this thread is not good

>> No.36029291

go blame the seakeks again, it might hold up better

>> No.36029292

>> No.36029293

Matsuri had a hard life...

>> No.36029297


>> No.36029298

I don’t even want to imagine what it looked like

>> No.36029299

This is scary

>> No.36029300


>> No.36029302

More like she had a hard cock

>> No.36029304

>> No.36029305

The fact that Suisei is as flat as her model keeps me going in life

>> No.36029307

>> No.36029308

It really is not. These nsfw feels like it's picked by someone with no taste in art. At least the l*l*pornposting were hot

>> No.36029309

>> No.36029310

>get cucked
>janny FOR FREE
>need to handle the spam
>and still need to wageslave
I kinda feel bad for lyger

>> No.36029312

Fat Suisei when?

>> No.36029313

1 Million!

>> No.36029314

>opens Matsuris door

>> No.36029315

piss in ass...

>> No.36029316

It's like Ayame took a dump on this thread!

>> No.36029317

Someone needs to discipline this erogaki!

>> No.36029318

Matsuri's chat will be subs only for the next 6 months

>> No.36029319

it looks like she's taking a shit

>> No.36029320

>> No.36029321

I should've gone to sleep.

>> No.36029322

>> No.36029323

>> No.36029325

What will Yagoo think when he sees what you guys do uploading hololive pornography?

>> No.36029326

Is he going to post his entire folder?

>> No.36029328

Deeply disappointed.

>> No.36029329

He commissions it.

>> No.36029330

Sou desu ne

>> No.36029331

>> No.36029332

>> No.36029333

too many pictures of genitals in this thread imo

>> No.36029334

See you guys later

>> No.36029335

>> No.36029336

At least post Towa

>> No.36029337

Yagoo is a homosexual man with a sham marriage to keep appearances. We all know what happens in the homostar table tennis games

>> No.36029338


every pieces have meaning

>> No.36029339

the funny suisei porn spam

>> No.36029342

This thread isn't very good

>> No.36029343

See you guys in 3 days if I get banned again

>> No.36029344

>> No.36029345

Don't feel bad for him, he totally did this to himself.

>> No.36029346

At least post good porns if you're getting banned anyways. They're all so bad.

>> No.36029347

you bet!

>> No.36029348 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36029349


>> No.36029350

they're one and the same

>> No.36029351

Hope this menhera learned her lesson.

>> No.36029352

Has this thing ever been yellow or green?

>> No.36029353

>sleeping with this every night

>> No.36029355

>> No.36029357

>> No.36029358

At least post fumihiko

>> No.36029359

>not when
The absolute fucking state of this board

>> No.36029360

This thread is soulful

>> No.36029361

I'm not a fan of the comet but it was good.

>> No.36029364

Just like her situation...

>> No.36029365

Buff towa...

>> No.36029366

I don’t even see her face anymore

>> No.36029367

What do you even read to get similar content to what Holos talk about

>> No.36029368

Fuck off retard

>> No.36029369

Girl magazines.

>> No.36029370 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36029371


>> No.36029372

Festival has a lot of dislikes on her next stream for some reason

>> No.36029373


>> No.36029375

I miss lulu, I wanted to binge her archives while they're still up but it feels too weird knowing that she's gone

>> No.36029376

Any matsurisu here?

>> No.36029377

Why is Lyger moderating Matsuri's chat 2 hours before the stream starts?

>> No.36029378

dumb towa face

>> No.36029379

For every dislike a porn image gets posted here.
Festival HATE.

>> No.36029382


>> No.36029383


>> No.36029384

Is there literally any way to save Korosan... I don't think even Banjo will do anymore
Imagine going from being at the very top to being a mid tier holo

>> No.36029385

He does it for free

>> No.36029386

darker please

>> No.36029387


>> No.36029388

if he was moderating her home this never would have happened

>> No.36029389

He loves her
so hard to you understand that? filthy beast?

>> No.36029390

cute watame face

>> No.36029391


>> No.36029392

She had a good run. It's time to put the dog down...

>> No.36029393

That's not love.

>> No.36029394

So he can watch the railing tonight

>> No.36029395


>> No.36029396

>> No.36029397

Make her play doom eternal

>> No.36029398


>> No.36029400

kek he finally snapped

>> No.36029401


>> No.36029403

mods can't do that

>> No.36029404


>> No.36029405

What does this hand sign mean?

>> No.36029406

A fumihiko art that doesn't looks like melted butter. That's rare.

>> No.36029407

That was Matsuri pretty sure

>> No.36029408


>> No.36029409

Is it just a coincidence that Matsuri is collabing with FBK? It feels that FBK is always there for the holos whenever there's a big yab around them. FBK is a blessing.

>> No.36029410

>The nabla is a triangular symbol resembling an inverted Greek delta: or ∇.

>> No.36029413

Friend is the support pillar keeping hololive afloat.

>> No.36029414

>> No.36029415

>Lyger overdosing on copium right now

>> No.36029416

What happened? Did Matsuri do something bad?

>> No.36029417


>> No.36029418

The end is near. We will finally be free.

>> No.36029419

it's funny 'cause it's true

>> No.36029421

She did bad stuff to an elementary school girl during her roommate stream

>> No.36029422

She's keeping a dead person in her closet

>> No.36029423

She's gonna pull off a kihouko

>> No.36029425

Shion's hat is too small

>> No.36029426

>the sad dog fag

>> No.36029428

It's all so tiresome

>> No.36029431

I just got banned from the chat...

>> No.36029432

I'm surprised that she never went through Doom Eternal, even though she had the whole "Doog" thing going on and even an easter egg dedicated to her in the game itself.
Same thing with the rest of Banjo Kazooie...

>> No.36029433

Her dislike count is almost the same count of her waiting count

>> No.36029434

Why are the porns not deleted yet?

>> No.36029436

He has good days
...and bad ones

>> No.36029437

She forgot to send money to Hoshikawa

>> No.36029439

It was grating listening to her force reactions harder than usual anyways

>> No.36029440


>> No.36029441

why should they?

>> No.36029443

Meidos are constantly undermining the quality of these threads until we move to vt

>> No.36029444


>> No.36029445

>> No.36029446

I have no idea what she's thinking, she even teased it a couple weeks back and chat went balistic as expected but then she decided to play spongebob instead

>> No.36029451

​>Keep supporting
​>Support Matsuri!
>f you see spam or trolling, don’t respond. Just block, report, and ignore.


>> No.36029452

I'm just waiting for the day when Lyger finally snaps and writes a manifesto to Matsuri like one of those twitch mods who went ballistic when the streamer was married.

>> No.36029454


>> No.36029455

Korone doesn't care about numbers and neither should you. I do wish she did Eternal because I like that game

>> No.36029456


>> No.36029457

we support matsuri here

>> No.36029459

Her pussy is that wide

>> No.36029460

I see you cytubefag

>> No.36029461

matsuri jav where she gets "raped" by her intruder

>> No.36029462

those who don't should fuck off

>> No.36029463

her pussy TOO?!

>> No.36029464

Lamy will take over Akukin.

>> No.36029466

Couldn't save Coco

>> No.36029467

Why should I support Matsuri? What benefit does it bring to me?

>> No.36029469

I gave up after a few years and Holo's not really producing compelling content anymore

>> No.36029471

That's not Matsuri, that's some random Asian woman.

>> No.36029472

I can see her nipples

>> No.36029473

Doing my part

>> No.36029475

How long before she switches to member only?

>> No.36029476

It has been more than a year already since Doom 2016, holy fuck.
Time sure flies by real fast, huh...

>> No.36029477

Why don't you dramafaggots make a discord or something? You're huge attention whores, you like circlejerking and talking about nobodies like chat mods more than streams. Discord sounds like the perfect place for you

>> No.36029478

muted subbed nip clips

>> No.36029481

>new IP after posting a heart on matsuri's chat
Go back to your cytube shionchair

>> No.36029482

I will never understand that Japanese censorship if the genitals can be seen almost completely..

>> No.36029483

You'll be allowed to post here

>> No.36029484

Why is it Suityan? What did she even do to attract these coomers?

>> No.36029485


>> No.36029487

I wish

>> No.36029488

Dangerously based

>> No.36029490

At least Matsuri won't stream as her roommate again for some years

>> No.36029493

Even Towa would be unable to save us now...

>> No.36029494

i'm feeling good and i don't know why.

>> No.36029495

Who's the other person in the room?

>> No.36029496

oh look the cytubeshizo is back

>> No.36029498

Support Matsuri or else...

>> No.36029500

opposites attract

>> No.36029501

she always sounded like she was dying inside when she said that

>> No.36029502


>> No.36029503

Why is Watame encased in penis skin?

>> No.36029505

the voice is too erotic

>> No.36029506

That's a sleeping bag

>> No.36029507

I support Minato Aqua, is that okay?

>> No.36029508

Stop making random discord faggots into thread celebrities faggot

>> No.36029509

matsurisu solo spamming lmao

>> No.36029510

Towa is forgiving and merciful. Towa is not jealous, Towa is not proud, Towa is not conceited, Towa is not disrespectful, Towa is not seeking its own advantage, Towa is not resentful, Towa is not concerned with the wrongdoings of others, Towa is not pleased with injustice, Towa is pleased with what is true, Towa is patient in all things, Towa believes in all things, Towa hopes for all things, Towa endures all things. Towa never ceases, even for a long time. But watamages will cease, narratives will cease, and your oshi will also cease.

>> No.36029511

Yes, now let's go back to our cytube, okay?

>> No.36029513

fuck off nigger

>> No.36029515

Very much acceptable

>> No.36029516

that's fucking sad

>> No.36029517

Stand strong brothers

>> No.36029518


>> No.36029522

Why are y'all so gosh darn uppity right now?

>> No.36029523

Blocked my anti.

>> No.36029526

Anyone have the full sizes of the LINE stickers? I extracted the files but they're honestly small.

>> No.36029527

Suisei is different with other holos. Other holos are only playing their characters while Suisei is literally her own self-insert. When other holos see their lewd arts, they probably won't think much because they don't think it's "them" who are being lewded. While with Suisei, because she's literally her own character, I can imagine how uneasy it feels when she sees herself as the subject of rape or other degenerate shits that fanartists draw, and that's why she asked them not to use her art tag. So please, stop lewding Suisei, there are plenty other holos who actually want to be lewded

>> No.36029533

antis just got btfo by l*ger

>> No.36029535

Report for spam

>> No.36029538

this is NOT okay
Matsuri will end up trying to hang herself, but the rope will break because she's too fat

>> No.36029540

made me chuckle

>> No.36029541


>> No.36029543

from not with you fucking donut

>> No.36029546

IIRC you can modify the URL to get the full size archive file.
I don't know if it still works like that now, though, I don't use LINE anymore.

>> No.36029547

Since meidos left this up I'm going to take that as confirmation that non-holo discussion is allowed here.

>> No.36029548

I just copied that from warosu

>> No.36029550

Why did Flare's stream end up getting spammed?

>> No.36029551

unironically just turn this thread into non holo discussion

>> No.36029552

EOP are now posting "pls help matsuri :((" in other holo chats

>> No.36029554

Well, people have been laughing at the Nijiwhore that is Matsuri for a while now.

>> No.36029559


>> No.36029561

Maybe she should go back to her former diet https://twitter.com/natsuiromatsuri/status/912109555357593600?s=19

>> No.36029562

Doin my part

It ain't much but ... lesson will be learnt

>> No.36029563

Only ex-holos, honorary holos, and Pomu are the non-holos allowed

>> No.36029567

I got banned from Matsuri's chat for posting a door emoji

>> No.36029568

Of course it's allowed, just look at all the daily posts about nijis, indies and other companies that are never deleted.

>> No.36029570

Suck my dick faggot and stop spamming holo chats with this shit. I will call you out until you stop.

>> No.36029571

Someone tell Lamy to stop baiting with big titty thumbnails.

>> No.36029573

Stop acting like Korone was at the very top of vtubers when she was always behind 5-7 other holos in earnings and views.
Aqua was at the very top and lost it all to Gen 3. Korone on the other hand was always behind Gen 3.

>> No.36029575

Why do we hate Matsuri now?

>> No.36029576

Thanks, I'll try looking into it.

>> No.36029577

holy based

>> No.36029578

nijimeido sanctioned raid

>> No.36029579

I wonder how cover feels about this. Officially, Matsuri's roomate isn't Matsuri, and should be able to do more or less whatever she wants, but at the same time she's jeopardizing her hololive career, so i don't think her manager would be very happy about it. Say whatever you want about Noel's other line of work, but she has managed to keep it mostly yabless .

>> No.36029580


>> No.36029581

Yea, she should make big butt thumbnails instead

>> No.36029583


>> No.36029584

She said she doesn't like black people

>> No.36029585

noel literally did the same shit a couple days ago

>> No.36029587

What's the best and the worst fanbase?

>> No.36029588

She had another person enter the room mid-roomate stream and then lied about it being a home invader? That sounds a bit too specific to be true

>> No.36029589

No fanbase is good. Nousagi and MASSfags are at the bottom though.

>> No.36029590

New fanbox yo...

>> No.36029592


>> No.36029593

I'm hungry now thanks

>> No.36029595

Best, Ichimi. Worst idk the fandead? They seem to out a lot of pressure on Rushia and act like cunts towards her all the time

>> No.36029596

For every single of these best x worse x questions the answer is ALWAYS : my favorite is the best, your favorite is the worst. So don't bother asking.

>> No.36029597

chammers rise up

>> No.36029599

>but she has managed to keep it mostly yabless
that broken keyboard would disagree .
Nothings going to happen ..except maybe Matsuri herself might decide to wise up a little.

>> No.36029600

Speaking of Lamy, does she have anything prepped for her anniversary aside from her booze?

>> No.36029601


>> No.36029603

Meanwhile in another universe
>Oh, must have been my mom

>> No.36029604


>> No.36029605

You know, the guy in the comments has a point. An anime about an old dandy italian gentleman with a passion for pizza and his adopted loli foxgirl daughter would be great

>> No.36029606

>Wising up
That woman is too far gone for that.

>> No.36029607

My schizo theory is that her name is to similar to Corona and that's why she blow up massively.

>> No.36029608

Anyone who asks questions like is just baiting tribalposts and shitposting. It's basically the local equivalent of "shiki can kill servants, discuss"

>> No.36029609

She has done so much dumb shit recently I would hope they would be looking for any excuse to graduate her.

>> No.36029610

I just feel bad for the guy who has to fuck the menhera

>> No.36029611

Honestly a slip like that isn't that bad, so so many holos have slipped before. Polka, Pekora, Matsuri herself. The broken keyboard is just Noel being Noel. Matsuri's current situation is bad because some people are mad at possible boyfriend, while a lot more people are mad because she blatantly lied to everyone.

>> No.36029612

oh wow you are retarded

>> No.36029613

Which is why these threads never really stood a chance at being good, we have people dedicated to fostering the most hatred between fanbases as possible

>> No.36029614

I would have sex with matsuri if she asked nicely desu

>> No.36029615

Should I break containment in Matsuris chat ?
coz they retarded as fuck

>> No.36029617

Anons if Matsuri is gay why did she liked this image?, and why did she erased the tweet this guy is replying to?

>> No.36029618

So who was it?

>> No.36029621

Me, I'm her boyfriend.

>> No.36029622

>No it totally was a stalker... Look, I even changed locks because I was so scared
>Yes I did file a police report... No, I can't show it on stream

>> No.36029623

there was a period of time when those kinds of posts would get banned.

>> No.36029624

Albert Einstein

>> No.36029625


>> No.36029626

I'll be waiting with vtdata

>> No.36029630

You know, when i first watched the clip i thought the yab would be that another holo accidentally showed up on stream and got face revealed. The thought of another person being there being the actual yab didn't even cross my mind, which really goes to show how easy it would have been to properly lie her way out of the situation. "it's my mom/brother who is visiting".

>> No.36029631

el coco

>> No.36029632

No one thinks Matsuri is a lesbian, her roommate outright said she's into both but it's also very clear that she leans more towards men

>> No.36029633

you should jump out the window and break your neck

>> No.36029635

*knock knock*

>> No.36029636

Well yeah but after /vt/ was created mods actively attempt to sabotage these threads as much as possible in the hopes that we give up on making them. So we've basically been abandoned to fester in our feces to the end of time.

>> No.36029638


>> No.36029639

Aslan coming from the closet

>> No.36029642

Mel's former manager

>> No.36029643

>> No.36029645


>> No.36029646

I don't understand why they do that, they were actively protecting the thread's right to exist here while at the same time leaving it to fester. If they really wanted us out they could've just kicked us out isntead of doing this shit

>> No.36029647

I don't like that Fubuki is going to collab with a woman who touches penises as a hobby

>> No.36029648

It could have been another holo or vtuber but them having key to the apartment is pretty weird because I don't think anyone likes Matsuri enough to agree to that.

>> No.36029649

Her black co-star from the JAV

>> No.36029650

>> No.36029651

It was the Masketta man, backed up by Lyger, Mukkun, Mel's manager, The Wrestler and Towa's band (minus bassist)

>> No.36029652


>> No.36029655


>> No.36029658

We can only guess as to why it has happened. My two cents? Probably old school /jp/ mods, some of the oldest this site still has left. Probably hated us from the very start, and recognized the humor of leaving us for a fate worse than death rather than pulling the trigger.

>> No.36029660

of course!

>> No.36029662

i have here in my hands the police report matsuri filed

>> No.36029663

that's retarded though, it just makes more work for them to do whenever the thread has a sperg out

>> No.36029666

never leaving uwu

>> No.36029670

It's just one anon's headcanon you idiots. To say they "actively" undermine these threads with sanctioned raids is dumb as fuck. They just don't give a shit, simple as. The thread can devolve into off-topic niji and pornposting and it won't get deleted because they only check reports every 2 hours or so

>> No.36029671


>> No.36029672

They don't want to kick us out because that would mean kicking out /vyt/ and the niji thread too. So they just leave this thread to rot so we will leave by ourselves.

>> No.36029674

Matsuri takes 6 dicks a day

>> No.36029675

To add to that, these "raids" are from locals, >we are just literally wallowing in our own shit

>> No.36029678

I want to see Natsuiro Matsuri naked

>> No.36029679

>> No.36029680

We love Matsuri

>> No.36029681

but if she was the WHORE of hololive then she has 7 sexfriends

>> No.36029684

>it’s real

>> No.36029686

You can find that here https://twitter.com/natsuiromatsuri/likes

>> No.36029687

This is the man. This one is the culprit.

>> No.36029688


>> No.36029689

I'm quite out of the loop when it comes to Festival, but the last time I checked she's still living with her parents? Did she move out? I always remember her mother and brother being around when she streamed but it's almost half a year ago so..

>> No.36029690

Matsuri has multiple boyfriends?

>> No.36029693

>still being a Matsurisu after all the yabs
I guess some people just can't be helped, they're either retarded or enjoy being lied to

>> No.36029695


>> No.36029695,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36029698

I really like her drawings. I wish she would make an art book.

>> No.36029699


>> No.36029701

>woman has a bf
>OMFG she is a whore let's dislike her vids
Just grow up. you will never meet your oshi irl so who cares if she gets dicked 24/7 . Most of them have bfs and some are even married(no not to you)

>> No.36029705

t. coping matsurisu

>> No.36029706

married(no not to you)

>> No.36029708

Why did she lie tho

>> No.36029709

It's fun to shitpost about, there's like max 1-2 guys who really care about that stuff.

>> No.36029710

>Most of them have bfs and some are even married(no not to you)
Exactly why she didn't need to lie, but she did.
And there's nothing wrong with disliking liars.

>> No.36029712

Many do not agree with the behavior of matuli in recent weeks, that's why the dislikes.
If that whore wants to graduate let her announce it at once.

>> No.36029715

The fact she made up an absurd lie and worried all her fans instead of just telling the truth is worse than the fact she has a boyfriend

>> No.36029716

You wish Matsuri was my oshi. I just dislike her for being a lying whore.

>> No.36029717

How sweet to hear Rushia and her family all sit together to watch TV.

>> No.36029718

Locals here being code for /qa/niggers and /vpol/ who think shitting up the thread is all good fun

>> No.36029719

She moved out a long time ago anon

>> No.36029725

Go find some other form of entertainment
Thats why you are here rigth ? "entertainment"
Go back to your Pokimanes, Amouranths etc.

>> No.36029726

>> No.36029727

Every thread until you get it through your fucking head

>> No.36029728

Anyone have that Mio webm? You know the one

>> No.36029729

Matsui's chat is pretty sad, but I can't keep checking in on it every now and then

>> No.36029732

and you get your entertainment from shitting up this thread so fuck off

>> No.36029735


>> No.36029736

This isn't a community retard

>> No.36029741

then why is it so shit?

>> No.36029742

Me too!

>> No.36029746

Because we are all losers

>> No.36029749

So it's a community of losers?

>> No.36029751


>> No.36029753

>> No.36029757


>> No.36029758

Matsuri is innocent!

>> No.36029761

It all went downhill ever since Sio disappeared...

>> No.36029762

>neglected to save this image when I had the chance.

>> No.36029763

newfags will believe anything if you keep parroting the same things

>> No.36029764

He's right tho, we're not a community. It's the faggots who think that we're that keeping making this thread a shittier place by glorifying and making up thread personalities, the same fags who think as this place as a fucking group chat and keep posting off topic shit or taking about each other instead of hololive.

>> No.36029767

>tfw no stream with him since
I'll remind everyone how great it was. https://youtu.be/3Kqi5ma8_q0
For some reason, Matsuri privated the original stream too.

>> No.36029768

So who here is Kyle?

>> No.36029770

I stalked her pretty bad back in 2019 she still had not purged her twitter that bad and you could still see her being thirsty with random dudes telling them things like 会いたいのかい?, but she was also a fucking huge degenerate so that's why she is my favorite. I knew since the beginning that maybe she could have a partner, i was skeptical about her being a virgin and her pretend yuri always left a bad taste but goddamn i also knew how much of a pervert she is and her personality resonates with mine pretty well so even if i knew the battle was lost since before it had started i could never get off Ms. Festival's wild ride.

>> No.36029772

anyas having a good time and so am I

>> No.36029773


>> No.36029774

...do you think community is synonymous with discord you fucking nigger?

>> No.36029775

How long for more shit like this to come up?

>> No.36029777

Yeah, zoomers really believe that.

>> No.36029779

japanese keemstar youre slacking, youre going to lose to japanese quarterpounder...

>> No.36029780

>Miko's the first two Evangelion rebuild movies watchalong on YouTube
What about my elite points Miko...

>> No.36029781

>it even has subs

>> No.36029783

Matsuri is based

>> No.36029785

I unironically don't know what's going on
Can anyone help me understand why people are trying to dislike bomb Matsuri?

>> No.36029786

Nips know EOPs are as drama hungry as they are.

>> No.36029787

Why is someone opening a door a big deal? But Marine's roommate openly flirting with guys on NND not?

>> No.36029788

>.wav files
I love you Noel!

>> No.36029790


>> No.36029791

Matsuri is in her chat right now, it's your chance to say what you want!

>> No.36029793

Those are always wav files though...

>> No.36029796

Both should be a big deal but you took your channel down and didn't let EOP find the videos

>> No.36029797

No joke!

>> No.36029798

>tfw not a subscriber for 24 hours so can't talk with Matsuri

>> No.36029800

Because not everyone knows about that, let's spread the news fellow hololive's forbidden knowledge aficianado!

>> No.36029803

ended up finding it anyways by reverse image searching the thumbnail from archived.moe (forgot that archive existed) but thanks!

>> No.36029807

Marine didn't post on her twitter about how she called the cops on the people she flirted with.

>> No.36029808

Matsuri has broken up with her boyfriend, now she technically wasn't lying.

>> No.36029812

isn't japanese keemstar hate unicorns?

>> No.36029813

There's no reasoning with numberfags, they can't accept the streamer just wants to have fun regardless of popularity

>> No.36029814

day by day, this place is slowly becoming the anti thread

>> No.36029815

I wonder if management will get involved if this shit scalates, I mean, people will start to wonder why the hell all the hate agains Matsuri.

>> No.36029819

This bitch XD

>> No.36029821


>> No.36029824

We only love Pekora, Miko, Marine and Towa here, if you're oshi is not one of them you can get out of here!

>> No.36029826

Watch AKUKIN collab!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar4Sd7wh1-c Mio
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX2UDefZ6yc Lamy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVWqvDyIEO8 Mel

>> No.36029827

Because you're a fucking retarded who confuses banter with flirting. If Marine making her Pikachu voice counts as flirting you must have had a very weird childhood. Go fuck yourself schizo your bullshit is old, Marine doesn't deserve any of your retarded hate
Keep seething at Marine being a successful lesbian

>> No.36029830

What the, why is there an Akukin collab?

>> No.36029832

The holos very clearly care about their popularity anon

>> No.36029835

They're building map art

>> No.36029837

I miss Towa...

>> No.36029838

Very cute mel

>> No.36029839

Because Aqua is coming back to minecraft and needs her slaves to build her map art.

>> No.36029840

>Flare will also be helping with the map art
She's such a nice girlfriend, Marine is really lucky

>> No.36029841

They decided to have an emergency meeting to kick out Aqua

>> No.36029843


>> No.36029844

Mel: https://youtu.be/jVWqvDyIEO8
Lamy: https://youtu.be/XX2UDefZ6yc
Mio: https://youtu.be/ar4Sd7wh1-c

>> No.36029845

Chocoball elf you traitor, what about your own company? it's time for Miko to be the leader and kick you out

>> No.36029847

I don't care if Matsuri has a boyfriend, I'm just disapponted that she's a massive liar.

>> No.36029849

She did more than just her pikachu voice in that clip.
Marine is straight as an arrow. She has never shown any attraction to women outside of management mandated yuribaiting.

>> No.36029850

Of COURSE Marine chooses the swimsuit

>> No.36029852

Flat Senchou

>> No.36029854

>AKUKIN stream
>no akutan

>> No.36029855

I really like it when Shion calls things かわいい

>> No.36029858


>> No.36029859

Holosummer... Minecraft version

>> No.36029860

Is Aqua not participating?

>> No.36029861


>> No.36029862

Matsuri manufactured this drama to get attention, don't give in and just ignore it

>> No.36029863


>> No.36029868

Aqua it's YOUR company...

>> No.36029869

Any attention is good attention to attentionwhore like Matsuri afterall

>> No.36029870


>> No.36029872

EOPs won't do shit. Marine is the living personification of r*ddit so they will rush to her defense.

>> No.36029873


>> No.36029874

It's Miokin Kensetsu now

>> No.36029875

it is in fact very かわいい when she do that

>> No.36029876

>cant see her supachat
what is wrong with youtube

>> No.36029877

Are you fucking retarded? All that dumpster diving on NND and you couldn't even find one of the several instances of her flirting with women, there's even old interaction of her proposing to Nozomu and her flirting with Rika and other ASMR whores.
Marine is and has always been gay as fuck, literally stating several times that she's reversed to her high school lesbian days

>> No.36029879

I don't remember Aqua ever streaming the day after her lives.

>> No.36029880

Why do they always tab out? Do none of them have dual monitors?

>> No.36029883

Marine is straight outside of yuribait shit she has only shown attraction to men.

>> No.36029885

She might join later

>> No.36029886

Mel's streaming layout is fucking ugly

>> No.36029887

Then you're dumb because she did after her previous live.

>> No.36029890

When did Mel get her cleavage privileges back?

>> No.36029891


>> No.36029892

>there's even old interaction of her proposing to Nozomu and her flirting with Rika and other ASMR whores.
No there isn't. You know what there is though? Hour long videos of her talking about BL.

>> No.36029894

Who is this sexy woman?

>> No.36029896

>less antis is better than more antis
You are fucking retarded. Are the roommate discord guys redditors who defend whores like Matsuri right now? NO THEY ARE NOT

>> No.36029897

>self admitted lesbian
>straight outside of YouTube

>> No.36029898


>> No.36029900


>> No.36029901

>SEAnigger still thinks it's about the boyfriend

>> No.36029902


>> No.36029903

wait it's a 4man collab?

>> No.36029904

Watch Rushia

>> No.36029905

Towa is cute...

>> No.36029906

Akukin kensetsu? Its looking more like ookami kensetsu

>> No.36029908

>> No.36029909

where is akwa????????

>> No.36029911

Rushia's gonna accidentally knock her camera

>> No.36029912

Mio is a better leader

>> No.36029913

The heart in the ear is a nice touch.

>> No.36029914

Sexy Rushia hand shadow...

>> No.36029915


>> No.36029916

Aqua doko...

>> No.36029917

>No there isn't.
Nice way to out yourself newfag, you don't even have to dig that deep. Let me make it easy for you look up her roommate's Twitter handle and enter it on a search with Kanata's roommates. Mikarin's tweets might be private but the replies to them aren't.
Marine was never a serious fujo, not that your retarded ass can identify a joke

>> No.36029918

>camera this, camera that
The fuck did Rushia do this time?

>> No.36029919


>> No.36029921

Oh neat, didn't realize camera streams were still a thing.

>> No.36029924


>> No.36029925

Flare and Chammers also had the same problem

>> No.36029927


>> No.36029928

There's no way Rushia's stream isn't going to end with some kind of yab.

>> No.36029929

Akukin is the fakest thing on the server.

>> No.36029930

Lamy don't flex your yakuza family...

>> No.36029931


>> No.36029933

>self-admitted lesbian
>only likes porn involving men
>has never shown any attraction to women outside of management mandated yuribait.

>> No.36029939

is that..... rushia's human shadow?!?!?!?!?!?!

>> No.36029940

>most super chatted holo
>spends the supas on lottery tickets

>> No.36029941

There are hour long videos of her talking about BL on NND and Twitcast. Marine is a fujo.

>> No.36029943

rushia's hand shadow is so fucking HOT

>> No.36029944

>> No.36029945

What is this Rushia stream?

>> No.36029946


>> No.36029947

>human shadow
How could this be possible if she isn't human to begin with?

>> No.36029948

Rushia shadow puppet stream...

>> No.36029949

why don't they just use TNT

>> No.36029950

rushia's hand.... bros...

>> No.36029951

I just saw Rushia's skin and I am going to masturbate while thinking about it

>> No.36029952

it's a burglar, i'm already in contact with the japanese police to investigate this

>> No.36029955

She's doing lottery scratches

>> No.36029957

Newfags... Rushia already shown her hands in the Xmas party stream with Coco Kanata and Haachama

>> No.36029958

Rushia's gloved hand...

>> No.36029960

camera is going to fall...

>> No.36029961

>only likes porn involving men
Literally said that she likes yuri and is disappointed by how tame mainstream yuri is, there's a lot of yuri in her pixiv likes
>has never shown any attraction to women outside of management mandated yuribait.
She has done so several times

>> No.36029962

Marine literally only watched Gundam wing for the pretty boys. She is straight as fuck.
Matsuri isn't the only one with male hands where they shouldn't be.

>> No.36029962,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36029964

>hand in Rushia stream

>> No.36029965

They definitely used admin tools to level the ground then left one part untouched. Mio's soulless script strikes again.

>> No.36029966

hearing Lamy and Mel together feels nice

>> No.36029967

Gacha brain necromancer...

>> No.36029968

Rushia's movements are so cute guys...

>> No.36029969 [SPOILER] 

too much waste of resources

>> No.36029971

All her pixiv likes are straight porn, not porn or BL garbage.

>> No.36029973

Holy fuck, RARE.

>> No.36029974

I don't think this is going to end well for Rushia

>> No.36029975


>> No.36029976

That's not a male hand you incel, that's her hand

>> No.36029977

The worst are Taiga posters

>> No.36029978

She has 3 hands???

>> No.36029979

What function is that? Never seen that search and trash function.

>> No.36029981

So you're just lying out of your ass now lmao, listen idiot
Marine is a lesbian
Marine will never fuck you or any men
Deal with it

>> No.36029982

What are the probability of winning anything within a 100 tickets math fans

>> No.36029984

The bottom hand is too big to be female.

>> No.36029985

Compared to everyone else? They're the best posters around.

>> No.36029986

All I know is that she chose almost the worst way to handle the situation.

>> No.36029987

She is being groped by two males in that photo

>> No.36029988

someone is saving this right?

>> No.36029989

>> No.36029990

Mio isnt autistic enough to click on blocks for 30 hours

>> No.36029991

How much work does she even have in one day?

>> No.36029994


>> No.36029995

probably like 1%

>> No.36029997


>> No.36029999

rushia's hand movements... so cute...

>> No.36030000

Yuri is too tame for her due to the lack of men

>> No.36030001


>> No.36030002

How new? She had literally 4 streams leveling it out and offline work gathering the materials and more.

>> No.36030003

>that groping rushia hand

>> No.36030004


>> No.36030007


>> No.36030008

Do you think people watch streams here?

>> No.36030010

Rushia gloved handjob...

>> No.36030012

rushia is literally the perfect girl

>> No.36030014

i wanna wrap those gloves on my dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36030015


>> No.36030016

I think it's the number of supacha getting thrown that breaks it, don't see this problem with smaller chubas. Multiple rainbows at the same time probably breaks it or something.

>> No.36030018

I know, I just couldn't resist...

>> No.36030019

Has your oshi wished Snoopy a happy birthday? Time is running out.

>> No.36030021


>> No.36030022

lottery more like jewtax

>> No.36030023

How much would used Rushia gloves sell for?

>> No.36030024

She's japanese, she's not done until it's the last train

>> No.36030031

I can fap to this

>> No.36030032

This is cute, but I can't forget that gnarled hand I saw last December

>> No.36030034

Oh my god..that table shake...

>> No.36030035

>already won
Holy luck

>> No.36030036

What are the chances of her shaking the table too much knocking the camera up?

>> No.36030037

post hand

>> No.36030039

There is no yuri in her pixiv bookmarks in fact most of them are BL or of men.
Take a look for yourself.
Marine is 100% straight.

>> No.36030040

Why do none of the holos care about haachama anymore?

>> No.36030041

Post it again please, because I'm sure her hand was fine, just that her nail polish was a little worn out.

>> No.36030043

do you think rushia is fully masked up in case of a yab

>> No.36030045

Marine is gay for men

>> No.36030046

Mel is AKUKIN, what the fuck?

>> No.36030047

>400 yen

>> No.36030048

You'd have to redeem lottery tickets in person anyway right, like it wouldn't be a problem showing the barcode and everything of a winning ticket on stream?

>> No.36030049


>> No.36030050

her nails were cute fuck you

>> No.36030051

I hope whatever stand her camera is on falls over

>> No.36030052

Face tracking wouldn't work if she was

>> No.36030053

Rushia is going to fall down the gambling hole even more...

>> No.36030054

Of course not

>> No.36030055

because coco corrupted haachama and now she's a soulless redditor with nothing of quality to give. The same can be same of Kanata but she's given a pass because she eats pussy like a champ

>> No.36030056

I swear, Mel probably has the softest looking pair of tits

>> No.36030057

What's wrong with showing hands?

>> No.36030059

You don't need her camera to fall over to already know what she looks like you fucks

>> No.36030060

Marine wants to be a FtM tranny like most fujos.

>> No.36030062

She was, but she had to take the glasses and mask off so face tracking would work.

>> No.36030063

stupid fucking concernfags worrying about the camera

>> No.36030064

They are pretending to be white and showing the brown hands ruins the illusion

>> No.36030066

She just have the gangimari staring face printed on her face

>> No.36030067

Cat paws wrote this text

>> No.36030069

only if its your hand

>> No.36030070

I'm worried about the stability of Rushia's camera stand

>> No.36030072

I'm curious how her camera is set up.

>> No.36030073

Kanata isn't gay, okay!?

>> No.36030074

Marine's preffered pronouns are he/him.

>> No.36030075

>> No.36030076

imagine if Rushia wins it big

>> No.36030079

I don't care that Matsuri has a boyfriend. I do care that she lied.

>> No.36030081

I always knew my wife Rushia was a winner!

>> No.36030082


>> No.36030083


>> No.36030084

>> No.36030085

She's having so much fun gambling...

>> No.36030086

Mel you can just traumatize Lamy like that

>> No.36030087

I want to see her casual clothes

>> No.36030088

rushia boing boing :)

>> No.36030089

>Matsuri has almost 1k dislikes
Wow, so many people watch her

>> No.36030090

>> No.36030091

>rushia wins jackpot
>people send sc to celebrate

>> No.36030092

what if she was naked right now

>> No.36030093

I wonder who these people are that would call Marine ugly
I can only imagine angry prison gays and jealous women

>> No.36030094

lchitr*nnies ruining the thread as always. Actually mentally retarded. Keep being a cuck and enjoy your pitiful lives.

>> No.36030095

There's Loli yuri in page one, Madoka yuri in pages 3 and 4, that's also a lot of nipple stimulation she's gay af

>> No.36030096

so she can buy some more tickets duh

>> No.36030097

It's the chinks since she's having a collab with FBK

>> No.36030098

I want to see Rushia naked

>> No.36030100

What is it with nips and gambling?

>> No.36030101

She usually only wears a t-shirt at home.

>> No.36030102

The cycle of life

>> No.36030103

Truly winning

>> No.36030104

Rushia is too loud

>> No.36030105

>don't see this problem with smaller chubas
but I was talking about anya...

>> No.36030106

Yes, you have to turn in the actual physical card to get any money from it.

>> No.36030107

Imagine if that was your dick...

>> No.36030108

take it easy and eat well

>> No.36030109

>try to have sex dream about my oshi
>it turns into one about polka instead where she makes me work at mcdonals and commanded me to eat her out in exchange for letting me live at her place
>she shotgun married me
>the entire time she kept smiling at me

>> No.36030113

we literally know what she looks like who cares loool

>> No.36030115


>> No.36030116

scratchers are such a fucking scam

>> No.36030117

Definitely not Lyger but damn it's brown enough for him to think that he actually got a chance

>> No.36030118

Rushia snot...

>> No.36030119

Rushia getting too excited... her nose is running

>> No.36030120

Me too! no joke

>> No.36030122

>Madoka yuri in pages 3 and 4
She only has 2 pages of bookmarks you fucking liar.

>> No.36030123

Right thread

>> No.36030124

I want to see her face without 1000 filters

>> No.36030127

>Akukin = Nijisanji
>Usaken = Hololive
>Osoraken = 774inc
>Shiraken = indies

>> No.36030128

I think youtube stopped banning streams outright and defaults to age restriction nowadays, so it's not as risky to do that.

>> No.36030130

this collab bores me already...

>> No.36030131

She really would need those gloves either way with all those leftover scraps everywhere

>> No.36030132

how much do each of the tickets cost?

>> No.36030136

Pachinko parlor culture. Its a convenient means of escape if you're overworked from a stressful job. Also gambling is just addicting af.

>> No.36030138

Are you an actual idiot, login into your account moron

>> No.36030139


>> No.36030144

>Shiraken = https://youtu.be/G4PT1phuM9M

>> No.36030145

Rushia butt

>> No.36030147

Cringe analogy

>> No.36030148

I can't believe the "I really really love my clown wife!" anon got to your head 草

>> No.36030149

good bait

>> No.36030150

Lamy head empty...

>> No.36030150,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36030151

I've a bad feeling, lottery steams might be the new thing just look at the numbers...

>> No.36030154


>> No.36030155


>> No.36030156


>> No.36030157

I wanna see your skin rushier.....

>> No.36030158

200 yen so onigiri is just a refund.

>> No.36030159


>> No.36030162


>> No.36030163

What's the last kanji? I'm dekinai.

>> No.36030164

This is fucked up
Do your part

>> No.36030165

nobody told him...

>> No.36030166

What about the little pot

>> No.36030167


>> No.36030169

>Elite Construction = upd8

>> No.36030170

scratchers are the biggest fucking scam in the world

>> No.36030171

Fuck you, don't Smile and Roll me

>> No.36030173

>> No.36030174

has anyone sent lyger the yab yet

>> No.36030176

I am logged in. She only has 76 bookmarks which isn't enough to fill more than 2 pages.

>> No.36030177

Imagine being Takeshi when some bitch comes into the konbini with 50 onigiri tickets

>> No.36030178

tsukue meaning chair

>> No.36030179

google that one clip where she showed her hands during collab with coco and kanata
spoiler - it was hag hands lmao

>> No.36030180

Marine really is the biggest failure in hololive. She will always her so-called friends to rise to the top. Without her "friends" and using braindead ichimis to get some attention she would be nothing. Keep enjoying your dogshit attentionwh0ring oshi.

>> No.36030181


>> No.36030184

I dont have feeling for polka I dont have feelings polka I will not become and omaruza I will not become an omaruza....

>> No.36030185

We call em scratch-offs where I'm from, this made me look it up and I didn't know they had so many different fucking names, must be a regional thing

>> No.36030186

because you are retarded and think this thread reflects popular opinion.

>> No.36030190


>> No.36030191

I have no idea how Rushia can read chat when it's moving so fast even for me...

>> No.36030196

how many did she buy?

>> No.36030197

i expected kino from this collab.. but so far they are not even talking about anything

>> No.36030198

Wow wtf. Did Coco dislikes ever get this bad?

>> No.36030200

no gacha or anything just straight up gambling now

>> No.36030201

Will you pray for the safety of the festival?

>> No.36030204

cute skirt!

>> No.36030205

>Almost flipped the table

>> No.36030206

alot worse you newfag

>> No.36030207

2hus are pissed because they think that meidos are biased towards us and don't give a shit about them. "We" are pissed because meidos don't give a shit about us...

>> No.36030208

Sora Love!

>> No.36030210

1等 1,000,000円 18本
2等 100,000円 270本
3等 10,000円 3,000本
4等 1,000円 30,000本
5等 200円 900,000本

>> No.36030211

>straight up gambling now
there's nothing new with that

>> No.36030212

Anon is getting mindbroken into being attracted to morbidly obese hags
It's maybe sort of okay if they truly love you like a jealous menhera though

>> No.36030213

I want to invite rushia into a round of poker

>> No.36030215

Towa butt

>> No.36030217

Mels stream is really good
Really rounded

>> No.36030219

rushia is the most feminine holo

>> No.36030220

All that egosa paying off

>> No.36030221

tfw Rushia can make that much in one stream...

>> No.36030223

Were you not here for the horse racing?

>> No.36030225

Rushia's mask...

>> No.36030226


>> No.36030227

rushia's dirty mask...

>> No.36030228

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030230

Look really white too.

>> No.36030231


>> No.36030232

The funniest thing is that if she hits a big one she will get akasupas.

>> No.36030233

Shion butt

>> No.36030234

Keep leeching to Miosha and Aqua's idea, Marine. Nobody will ever know your bad attention for sure.

>> No.36030235

I should NOT be getting excited over seeing the inside part of a girl's used face mask

>> No.36030237

God I hope Matsuri cries on stream again, hopefully someone send her some critical superchats again.

>> No.36030238

I can hear japanese just fine, but these moonrunes will forever be out of my reach...

>> No.36030240

You obviously dont follow her roommate

>> No.36030241

Rushia's floor...

>> No.36030243

cute table legs

>> No.36030244

I know. I want her to win a big one just to see the chat's reaction

>> No.36030245


>> No.36030246

only 7 times worse

>> No.36030247

Kys 4real

>> No.36030248

By the end of the year Marine will have overtaken Pekora as the most popular holo

>> No.36030249


>> No.36030250

A skill you develop when you're streaming for thousands of people everyday

>> No.36030252

>pixiv bookmarks are filled with drawings of ikemen
>talked about how she likes watching guys jack off
>loves shows with ikemen characters like gundam wing
>loves BL
>Flirted with guys on NND
Marine is the straightest Holo.

>> No.36030253

>Akukin stream
>No Aqua
Soulless bitch

>> No.36030254

Braindead ichitr4nny cannot think as always.

>> No.36030255

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030258


>> No.36030259

Who asked?

>> No.36030261

remocon reflection...

>> No.36030263

>6 months
Lol try 2 years

>> No.36030264

Rushia is so cute...

>> No.36030265

Marine isn't even steaming her POV because her voice isn't in a good state yet
Kinda funny given that she's having a collab with Flare next week and they're only having her POV, but I guess the gf gets special treatment

>> No.36030266

>open the door again and rape her since the camera can't see me.

>> No.36030267

The one she sees probably has it filtered to only show big donors

>> No.36030268

rushia is so cute bros....

>> No.36030269

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030274

Nah, I saw her read even grey chats which is why I'm surprised.

>> No.36030275

Also she tried to seduce her ex-colleague's sons.

>> No.36030276

How nice of them to invite Mel. Kinda worried about Rushia she is soo dumb. she might fuck up and pull some omega yabai.

>> No.36030277

mafumafu is one lucky dude

>> No.36030278

I'm glad to see Mel and co. are having fun digging in Minecraft!

>> No.36030279

Can't stop imagining holding hands with rushier..........

>> No.36030280

Marine is dating Flare

>> No.36030281

Should I give Rushia some of my money?

>> No.36030282

We are very close to a yab if Rushia keeps scratching tickets on such an unstable table

>> No.36030285

She's having a countdown stream later so she needs that voice.

>> No.36030286

Isn't it funny how Matsuri always runs to Fubuki whenever she fucks up?

>> No.36030288

wtf I'm being banished

>> No.36030289

>Rushia accidentally knocks the camera down and shows herself

>> No.36030290

Marine using "throat problems" as an excuse for the 5th time now? How can retards still not realize? This is absolutely mind-boggling how a fanbase can be so brainless.

>> No.36030291

can't believe Rushia is doing sorcery to get rid of her bad eye

>> No.36030293

Rushia is going to accidently show her dick on stream, I heard that also happened to Towa

>> No.36030294

>Do your part
Did my 20 dislikes, don't worry.

>> No.36030297

Fubuki is the only mentally sane holo that can deal with all these mental illnesses that run through the company.

>> No.36030298

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030301

Why would you use an excuse when you don't even have to give one? Just look at Ayame.

>> No.36030302


>> No.36030303

>her voice isn't in a good state yet
Nigga she is faking so that she gets to stream less. She is disgusted by her beta fans, even more so now since they were too beta to indulge her ryona fetish.

>> No.36030306

Shishiron and Okayu...

>> No.36030307

When will Marine stop forcing other members to like her? It is very clear that no one likes Marine in hololive. She is a big burden and will always be that.

>> No.36030309

Kinda lame the onigiri are only a refund.
Should be something like 2x ticket price to make it more exciting.

>> No.36030310

Yes, I like how they are overall pretty comfy.

>> No.36030311

The teapots are the 2x ones. Rushia got those too.

>> No.36030312

Marine loves the Ichimi and the Ichimi love Marine

>> No.36030314

No she isn't, they don't even live together.

>> No.36030315

they would lose money by doing that

>> No.36030316

But Ayame still doesn't have internet.

>> No.36030317

anon how do you think lottery ticket companies make money?

>> No.36030319


>> No.36030320

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030322


>> No.36030323

Rushia just kissed me!

>> No.36030324

Are those glitters (kirakira) to highlight that she is cute?

>> No.36030325

Flare was literally begging Marine to collab with her

>> No.36030326

She actively avoids streaming.

>> No.36030327

those two would just bully you and tell you to deal with it

>> No.36030328

>my panties might show up

>> No.36030329

They are worth more than that >>36030210

>> No.36030330

Yeah, Fubuki is like the pillar of Hololive after all.

>> No.36030331


>> No.36030332

Couples don't have to live together

>> No.36030334


>> No.36030335

Post proof. They won't even collab next week.

>> No.36030336


>> No.36030337


>> No.36030339

I'm sure they will at least give you emotional support. I mean, look at Lamy.

>> No.36030340


>> No.36030342


>> No.36030343

konaqua~ ( ^)o(^ )b

>> No.36030344

ah this akukin collab was going so well...

>> No.36030345

Don't think I didn't notice anon.

>> No.36030346

>> No.36030347


>> No.36030348

Why does he always stop replying when someone actually looks up the bullshit he says? what a worthless schizo

>> No.36030349

Marine forcing other members for attention as always. Fucking pitful.

>> No.36030350

lob u onyon o(*^@^*)o

>> No.36030351


>> No.36030352

Loud Aqua...

>> No.36030354

Fine I'll watch now that Aqua is in.

>> No.36030355

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030356

Damn Aquas voice is so cute.

>> No.36030357

>> No.36030358

Thoughts on summer color festival?

>> No.36030360

Fine I'll stop watching because Chinqua appeared

>> No.36030362

>Post proof
Discord screshots before their collab on February, Flare literally having a meltdown because she couldn't visit Marine.
They alredy scheduled a collab on the 16th at night, one POV on Marine's Channel Flare will be giving her minecraft lessons

>> No.36030363

At least she's aware.

>> No.36030364

Thanks for proving that you are underage.

>> No.36030365

Don't be shy anon, you can greet >>36030310

>> No.36030366

I wish i lived in Japland...

>> No.36030367

who's the one getting raped here?

>> No.36030368


>> No.36030369

how is rushia turning on the effects when her hands are busy scratching?

>> No.36030370

This faggot wouldn't be so persistent if you retards could resist giving him the attention he wants.

>> No.36030371

We do watch streams here, just not Mio's.
Maybe if you spam more Mio images people will actually start giving a shit about her? probably not but i'm sure you'll keep spamming anyway.

>> No.36030372

i love her

>> No.36030374

Rushia is too loud

>> No.36030375


>> No.36030376

Marine will always be a fake and talentless person who craves attention and relies on her "friends". She doesn't even care about her fanbase.

>> No.36030377

foot pedals

>> No.36030378

Uhhh I thought gambling is illegal in Japan???

>> No.36030379

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030380

Matsuri's boyfriend is doing it

>> No.36030381

10 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36030384

She streams as much as she can for someone as busy as her. Marine cares so much about us that she paid for everything related to her anniversary just so she could deliever a good show, compare that to Coco or Rushia they're fucking loaded and aren't willing to spend a penny in their projects

>> No.36030386

holy shit, you can buy one whole meal with that!!!!!!!

>> No.36030387

oh it was 1,000 yen.

>> No.36030388

Aqua's voice is so cute.

>> No.36030389

yabba onyan...............

>> No.36030390

>believing scripted discord screenshots
They also didn't collab for 3 months after that.
Inb4 muh lockdown. This was during the monster hunter arc, they never played it one-on-one together.

>> No.36030391

I'll jack off to it again

>> No.36030392


>> No.36030394

Is Akukin trying to do a ubersheep?

>> No.36030395


>> No.36030396

She pushed the button while putting the ticket away.

>> No.36030398

lab yu onyan (^)o(^)b

>> No.36030401

>making Bouncy ball or sing
what did she mean by this?

>> No.36030402

>> No.36030405

Matsuri didn't bother to wipe off her boyfriend's cum before streaming.

>> No.36030407

Watch Matsuri be awkward around FBK!

>> No.36030410

Man I really want to rub my dick all over Rushia's mask then cum on it and have her wear it...

>> No.36030411

Jesus Rushia, fucking luckfag

>> No.36030412

am I going insane or did Miko watched the rebuild series already

>> No.36030413

Mel kek

>> No.36030414

VSaikyou lottery, a few holos should appear

>> No.36030415

Did mel already shave?

>> No.36030417

Marine is a fujo r*dditor. If you like her and/or have similar taste you don't belong here. You belong on r*ddit or /y/

>> No.36030419

Did you forget that mid fucking arc Marine had the fujo shit retard, also who cares if the collabs weren't one to one they still collabed a lot and Flare has almost weekly recording sessions with her
Literally stick around for any Marine SC reading she always talks about Flare, just like Flare talks about Marine all the time in her streams more than any other holo

>> No.36030420

I don't know, I just beat off to her hot model and lewd likes on twitter

>> No.36030423

nigger you've been spamming this shit for six months and Marine has just gotten more and more popular. What exactly do you expect to accomplish?

>> No.36030425

whos better at moba festival or friend?

>> No.36030426

Already did. I was there when she watched it.

>> No.36030427

I want to beat up Rushia because she spent all our money on lottery tickets...

>> No.36030428

Our daughter on the left.

>> No.36030431

Wait where the fuck do you live that ten dollars buys you a whole meal?!

>> No.36030432

Here's one

>> No.36030433

Bros, the antis are losing...

>> No.36030434

matsuri is a whore

>> No.36030436


>> No.36030437

It feels like I'm experiencing an endless recursion of time

>> No.36030440

I'm watching Rushia what the hell happened in the akukin collab?

>> No.36030442

how come the holos can't get swimsuits when the nijis are doing it

>> No.36030444

why is she watching it again then? my guess is it might have something to do with the 3.0+1.01 coming on Amazon and the EVAxHololive collab

>> No.36030446

friend is more competent in general.

>> No.36030447

You've said this so many times how do you not realize it's a different newfag every time

>> No.36030449

Where the fuck do you live where 10 dollars can't buy a whole meal?

>> No.36030450

Shien is literally showing his swimsuit right now

>> No.36030452

To recap sinc eshe's watching 3.0+1.0?

Anyways, are there raws of it out already?

>> No.36030453

that's actually more than a whole meal here in SEA

>> No.36030455

Marine is stripping into hers today.

>> No.36030458

>shien 2900 viewers
>friend 2700 viewers
>Matsuri 2200 viewers

>> No.36030459

what does this mean?

>> No.36030461

Wrong thread

>> No.36030462

Susan is a nijifag

>> No.36030463

Festival is strangely happy for someone who had their home broken in...

>> No.36030464

Because nijis have pathetic tits and we have mel's monsters

>> No.36030465

Aqua POV onegai...

>> No.36030467

Marine kinda got one...

>> No.36030468

Aqua's cute tea pot noises

>> No.36030471

She's rewatching the rebuild movies because she's going to watch the latest movie (3.0+1.0) on twitch on the 13th

>> No.36030472

wait are they forced to land in a certain area for this tournament???

>> No.36030474

Festival doesn't sound very happy right now.

>> No.36030475

So are these dislikes due to FBK or due to the door episode?

>> No.36030476


>> No.36030478

It's real funny how you don't have a problem with the antis in this thread but care a whole lot about the holostars

>> No.36030480

This autist...

>> No.36030484

I wish they were due to it being ASSFAGGOTS

>> No.36030488

FBK's frame is clean

>> No.36030489

I literally disliked it lmao

>> No.36030490


>> No.36030491

>get stalked
>stream next day
imagine being a matsurisu LMAO

>> No.36030492

Just get 10 things from this https://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/full-menu/123dollarmenu.html and burn off the calories by jerking off to your oshi

>> No.36030494

>tfw Mio didn't have this fast shovel the entire time

>> No.36030496

Fubuki slapped Mel then made fun of her in the company discord. FRIEND HATE.

>> No.36030497

Nobody notices Lamy's shovel...

>> No.36030498

Anyone remember that time Kanata got robbed?

>> No.36030499

this, fuck this shitty chink game

>> No.36030501

I mean....

>> No.36030502

I love this necromancer

>> No.36030504

the hags are bullying Aqua. Mel being clueless as usual.

>> No.36030506

kill yourself

>> No.36030508

Mio, how come you're not wearing your mom jeans armor...

>> No.36030509

was this used the previous ones? This seems fucking dumb.

>> No.36030510

FBK doesn't even have 100 dislikes in her own stream, why would the dislikes be her fault

>> No.36030511

amazon global + japan will release 3.0+1.0 on 13th, so she's rewatching all before that

>> No.36030512

open FBK's stream and check her dislikes

>> No.36030514

Fujos shit was before that.
>also who cares if the collabs weren't one to one they still collabed a lot
Because all the collabs involved Noel. Also NoeFlare collabed one-on-one during that time, why couldn't Marine and Flare?

>> No.36030515

Could get 10 serving here

>> No.36030516

It's most likely gonna be clothed with showing minimum part of his bare body which will be a retarded move because fujos loves skins

>> No.36030519

>Let's support marine the corporate doormat who will pay for stuff Cover should rightfully be paying for

>> No.36030520

lmao marine's minecraft skin

>> No.36030521

I like how everyone in Akukin are just all the holos that want to dote on Aqua.

>> No.36030522

You can reported them and they might get banned.

>> No.36030523

so we still don't know what the EVAxHololive collab that got delayed is

>> No.36030524

Wrong thread schizo

>> No.36030525

No, it's a random idea Hal came up with and he thought it was interesting way to avoid the RNG deaths at the start of rounds, so they're trying it.

>> No.36030526

How much does L*ger get paid for doing this?

>> No.36030527

Matsuri team...

>> No.36030528

Literally all of the fan drawings have holes on the knees. Why are fujos like this?

>> No.36030529

Rushia's ungloved hand shadow...

>> No.36030530


Marine's minecraft skin, nice

>> No.36030532

He pays to do it.

>> No.36030533

Remember when Korone was popular?

>> No.36030534

>> No.36030536

meh I can see why but that's what APEX is about isn't it really.

>> No.36030538

You can tell she's out of it. Poor Matuli...

>> No.36030539

Because Noel doesn't have any friends so Flare and Marine have to humor the insufferable cunt with collabs or management will scold them

>> No.36030540

The thing is, why is Miko doing the watchalongs on youtube anyway? why not just on twitch, since you know, the movies are available on Amazon Prime and she's using that to watch the movies too

>> No.36030542

Migo literally said she's watching 3.0+1.0 on her twitter on aug 13th though

>> No.36030544

Somebody say mom jeans?

>> No.36030545

I will fuck that hand

>> No.36030547

What's wrong with Mio's model?

>> No.36030548

It's cool
Speaking of which

>> No.36030549


>> No.36030550

Because that guy is also an anti.

>> No.36030552

Everyone cheering Aqua on is too cute

>> No.36030553


>> No.36030554

It's canceled mate, let's not kid ourselves

>> No.36030557

It's so cute

>> No.36030558

Fubuki probably has more dislikes because she is collabing with Matsuri than she has from chinks now.

>> No.36030559


>> No.36030561


>> No.36030562

13k loss.

>> No.36030563

that is the most likely outcome

>> No.36030564

thoughts on towa?

>> No.36030565

I hope anyone bullying festival gets covid and dies

>> No.36030567

She really is the autistic daughter. It's cute seeing everyone adore her.

>> No.36030568


>> No.36030569

She forgot to charge her phone so no Live2d

>> No.36030571

Wrong thread

>> No.36030573

Rushia bgm too loud

>> No.36030574

right thread

>> No.36030575

and this is the part where the dorkiness comes out to play

>> No.36030576

>> No.36030578

Whatever happened to Hololive Alternative? Is that even a thing anymore?

>> No.36030579

I dont give a shit that no one asked but i'll ask anways: I just came back after 2-3 week lethargic and self loathing bender so I havent watched any holos outside of my oshi once or twice as well as putting on some weight. Who is a good holo to watch while doing 1 hour + /fit/ reps?

>> No.36030581

this is very attractive

>> No.36030582

Matsuri is getting wheelbarrowed....

>> No.36030584

Noel was voted kindest Holo in Marine's survey.
>inb4 muh management mandated
You used that same survey the other day as evidence that Marine is the most entertaining Holo. If Noel isn't the kindest Holo then Marine isn't entertaining.

>> No.36030585

Noooo Rushia, you are showing proof that you are not a man...

>> No.36030586

fuck off anti

>> No.36030587

>get stalked for months
>try to continue streaming
>black company does fuck all to help
>get tired of it and graduate suddenly
imagine being a nijikek LMAO

>> No.36030588

I'm already vaccinated so I can get away with all the bullying

>> No.36030589

grass, too bad the real one won't be like that

>> No.36030590

When are we done with all the birthdays and anniversaries?

>> No.36030591

No self-respecting artist wants to work with Cover anymore after what they did to mizuryu kei.

>> No.36030592


>> No.36030594

Did you even pay attention to what alternative was in the first place?

>> No.36030595

Shion's recent archive

>> No.36030597

>> No.36030598


>> No.36030600


>> No.36030601

August 20th

>> No.36030602

Come back with the official costume later. If we're talking about fanarts then I'll accept this any other day

>> No.36030603

A variant will evolve just to infect you

>> No.36030604

Even Matsuri doesn't deserve chinks...
I've changed my dislike to a like... for now

>> No.36030605

There was a time when this word meant something, now every retard under the sun uses it without any care

>> No.36030606

Rushia and Mel's ghost thing looks similar

>> No.36030608


>> No.36030609

>5ch said

>> No.36030612

oh no 3 retards spamming shit

>> No.36030613

Today I'll remind them
>be japanese porn artist
>get obsessed with a 28 year old woman pretending to be an anime pirate on youtube
>spend several hundreds trying to get her attention
>one day Cover approaches you asking if you want to draw an official web manga of your her as part of a multimedia project
>sign up immediately
>the initial reception to the project teaser is overwhelmingly positive
>realize there is a lot of money to be made from this
>despite already singing a contract start demanding a higher pay rate and royalties for the entire project
>get told to fuck off
>throw a massive bitchfit on twitter
>immediately start backpedaling when people start calling you an unprofessional manchild
>your chinese translator suddenly makes a guerrilla stream on your bilibili channel saying how Cover wronged you
>all the chinese spammers rally behind you and you now become the public face of Cover hate
>meanwhile on the other side of the world people are digging through your old stuff and find out you are a Nanking Massacre denier and immediately post that shit everywhere
>end up having to make an apology stream on bili saying how it's all a misunderstanding
>you have now burned all the bridges, ended up in every company's blacklist and everyone hates you

>> No.36030615

So this is where Flare's melanin is going

>> No.36030617

Huh don't you enjoy pre-recorded 3D concerts with almost identical setlists and minimum guest interaction?

>> No.36030618

>> No.36030620

Matsuri is gonna freak out...

>> No.36030621

Noel doesn't have any friends and that's a simple fact, even Flare ditched her

>> No.36030623


>> No.36030624

more ripped pants

>> No.36030625

20th is Mio's birthday, and the last one of the month.

>> No.36030626


>> No.36030627


>> No.36030629

Are we still doing this or did everyone get bored of posting selfies on the new ads already?

>> No.36030631

Watched the trailers, didn't really research it. Thought it was going to be some manga or anime shorts, something along those lines

>> No.36030633

Marine is a lesbian and nothing cope you do will change that

>> No.36030634

why are you watching hololive?

>> No.36030636


>> No.36030638

Any reason for that?

>> No.36030639

So you haven't even been watching the lives in the first place

>> No.36030640

the womb giveth, the womb taketh

>> No.36030641

That's literally the first one I've seen that wasn't posing with Towa

>> No.36030642

Didn't ask.

>> No.36030644

>open Matsuri chat
>wall of [message deleted]
>close chat

>> No.36030645

>> No.36030646


>> No.36030647

Lmao everyone hates Cover for fucking over artists, mizuryu wasn't the first and that's why they're having so much trouble getting anyone willing to do HoloALT.

>> No.36030647,1 [INTERNAL] 


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