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Miko is a whore.

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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Burger friend!

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The ratio...

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Sex friend!

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I'll have one friend please

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What is Lyger doing right now?

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How do i unlove matsuri i think i need a break

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FBK is so irrelevant now a days...

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I'm gonna say it, Fubuki looks worse with glasses.

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bad, in denial

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I love Fubuki!

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he posted right below you

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Friend, your chat...

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When is Korone going to do a true endurance stream again?

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sounds like it will be the best cover

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Miko's stream will save us

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Pick a better OP image next time please

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Well, best or not. I always enjoyed listening to her singing

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Suityan is so cool.

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What did Matsuri do in this member only stream?

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*opens the door*
*gropes everyone*

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The Korone version was better.

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FBK is honestly the most supportive hololive member, remember when she streamed just after coco's announcement? Now she's doing the same just to take some heat off of matsuri

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who changed the least from their debut day

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I love Friend but you are kinda right. Its not that she looks worse with glasses, its just the glasses she got are off. Out of all styles only one looks okay on her model and even that one is not right height + size combo.

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based 35p saying what everyone is thinking

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Remember when she moderated Pekora's chat when chinks raided her?

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I love Aqua.

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There's no Matuli yab. It's all planned for her ghost stories later

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Yes yes we get it you spammed the last post, good job anony! What a good boy!

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yeah, I don't think those types of glasses fit her.

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Ten days!

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I love my wife friend so much...

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is she saying cat poop stinks

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Someone please, wake Kson up from her dream!

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the deepest lore...

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Shien & Oga are getting their summer outfits today!!

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no wonder chinks hate her so much and want her to graduate, they can't comprehend the concept of loyalty

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You're too nice Friend. She doesn't deserve it, let her rot in her stupidity..

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She was so powerful. Youtube why...

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If you come up with something, let me know. I feel terrible.

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I want to forcefully tear the bat wings off her face.

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At what time?

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Okayu Catsudan 1/3

Okayu wishes a good evening to everybody, but wonders if 5 actually counts as evening. Today's the first zatsudan in a while that isn't so freeform, since she actually has some topics that she wants to talk about. She does still have a portion near the end for questions from the listeners though.

>Foam adventures
Okayu's last attempt to affix the soundproof material to her soundproof room didn't go so well. It turns out the double-sided tape she was using wasn't strong enough, so she did some research to find stuff more suited to the task. How did it go? Okayu shows a picture with a mostly bare wall; it was a big failure. It seems that tape isn't getting the job done, so Okayu ordered a hot glue gun. She's never had a glue gun in her house before so she's kind of excited to brag about it. They're pretty common? You have one at your house? If people argued like that, she'd probably just go "Okay, well... But my glue gun's newer!". She's a little nervous about using it; she's not sure she can truly win against the foam. She'll take care to try and not burn herself, but she's pretty sure it's going to happen anyway. Just like when she burnt herself making the candied fruit, Okayu has a tendency to lose focus and injure herself. She's a clumsy cat, but she'll try her best.

>Lives - Rushia
Okayu's been participating in a lot of them lately. The first was Rushia's, and she was very happy when Rushia reached out to her; she finds Rushia very cute. She was also surprised at the coincidence of her singing the same song Senchou had that day, and found the twitter exchange funny. She shows off the picture of her getting a lap pillo from Rushia, and wonders if the fandead got mad at her. She thinks getting locked away by Rushia might be nice. Normally it seems scary, but Okayu feels like she'd be real caring and bring her ramen or whatever else she felt like eating. Okayu doesn't even go out if she doesn't have to, but she'd feel like Rushia would just come along if she said she wanted to go. You may be under lock and key, but it's not necessarily like you have no freedom. She'd just be a leech? Okayu's totally fine with that. There might be those situations where you can't even hide the contents of your phone from her; again, Okayu's got zero problem with it.

>Lives - Marine
Okayu had a good time with her group here too. In particular, she thought the part where Towa just stated that she couldn't think of a line was really funny. Towa's style of humor hits Okayu hard, but she knows a lot of the others, like Mio, feel the same way. It's the natural/spontaneous feel that really gets her; Towa is just funny. Everybody else was great too, and she liked how Senchou's cool line led back into the song.

>Lives - Towa
Okayu's been with Towa and Suichan a lot due to all the recordings for stuff likes this lately; probably why she's had a lot more Suisei stories to talk about. Stardust Song made her throat feel like it was going to burst. She listened to Kanata's take on it a lot while practicing; she's really amazed at her singing. Okayu didn't participate in Bloom, so she's happy she could sing it with Towa. She really likes the song, particularly the cool intro, and thinks it was good experience for her. Songs like SSS and Kirameki Rider also need that kind of tone? Maybe, but with all the people singing, Okayu feels a lot less pressure. She mentions how she's talked in the past about how her voice just disappears in those high group songs. Even listening to recordings, Okayu can't find her own voice.

>Gartic Phone
Okayu had a great time playing in Lamy's collab. It was incredibly funny, and she laughed so much that it exhausted her. It was her first time touching the game, but now she wants to play it with her audience sometime soon too. She thinks she'll have a public stream, but members-only participation so people don't spam it with poop or something. She couldn't find her tablet pen for the first collab, but after much intense searching, she was able to locate it. She pretty much forgot how to use it, since she does most of her drawing for things on her phone, so she needed to practice and make sure she still knew how to use it. She did this by doing some drawings while listening to Korosan's membership stream. She shows the pictures she drew of listener-san from different angles; she's curious about how he looks from the front. Did she send it to Korosan? Of course she did. She didn't draw the onigiryaa? She's the kind to have her drawing subject influenced by what she's listening to, so that's why she drew what she did.

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What are the chances the guy fucking Matsuri is one of the homos?

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starting from 20:00 JST

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>Subaru and Unite
Okayu talked about it in her membership already, but it's so funny that she wanted to let everybody hear it. She's been playing Unite with Subaru not quite everyday, but somewhere really close to that. Okayu's really surprised by Subaru's growth while playing the game. In the beginning, all she could do was laugh at how funny Okayu's Machamp looked when running, then the next time she knew all about leveling and Zapdos, as well as the other rules. Okayu was happy with Subaru just enjoying herself, but she remembers the moment it changed. There was a match they were losing, but then they managed to get Zapdos for a turnaround. At that time, Subaru was the only one who couldn't get her 50 points in, and it would have been enough to win them the game. Sure that could have won the game, but Okayu thinks that situation only existed because the team had failed as well up to that point; it wasn't Subaru's fault they lost. She tried to joke around and console her, but Subaru seemed actually frustrated with herself, and started playing much more calculatingly; Okayu thinks this is the moment that Oozora threw away her passion for data. Then, later that night, after they had said this would be their last game before going to bed, an almost identical situation happened. This time, Subaru charged through, and just barely managed to get her points in right at the end, securing their comeback. They both got so fired up that they couldn't get to sleep afterwards, too much adrenaline in their system. Okayu really sees Subaru as Rock Lee sometimes. Is she Gai-sensei then? Probably not. Shikamaru? Wouldn't that just make her somebody complaining about what a drag everything is?

>Sexy Mion
Okayu saw the clip of Mio talking about Okayu and her being a fervent supporter of Sexy Mion. Okayu really loves Suspect, so watching Fubuki, Mio, and Towa sing it was great; Okayu was at her limit. Towa and Mio were both so sexy, and Fubu-chan was incredibly adorable.
Okayu watched the thing with Subaru, who was much calmer comparatively. While Okayu was screaming about everything, and taking tons of screenshots of sexy Mio, Subaru just gave one comment about how it seemed like something Okayu would like. Just like Okayu thought, Mio's normally so cute and nice, but something about her height and manner secretly screams sexiness too; she loves it. Okayu was real happy to hear Mio complimenting on her for being cute and speaking her mind when she likes something about others, but even more happy to see all the commenters say it was because Okayu's an honest person; they sure are all nice. If you haven't watched Towa's live, Okayu says to go do it now. Suspect is seriously cool! Does Okayu prefer sexy women or loli? Don't make her choose! It's like asking whether you prefer cake or ramen. Both are good, right? This is the last question before onigiryaa time commences.

Just about everybody Okayu knew in her hometown had one, but Okayu wanted to go find employment in Tokyo, so she didn't think she needed one. She ended up coming back home to work at her family's onigiri shop, but then joined hololive shortly after. As a result, Okayu still doesn't have a license. Had she just looked for work in her hometown, she'd surely have one like all her friends and relatives.

>"You described yourself as a turtle in the past, but what animal would those around you say?"
A cat, obviously. There's really no other possible answer if you were to ask people what kind of animal Nekomata Okayu was.

>"I can't get the rare Okayu Hi-Chew pack. Help!"
All she can do is pray for your success. There! Now you should definitely get them, tomorrow!

>Latest craze for Okayu?
Chiki Chiki Bon fried chicken skin chips. She talked about them in the member's stream, but they're delicious. Try them!

>Have you played buffed Wigglytuff?
They sure are a lot stronger now, and not just that, they're harder to kill too. About as tanky as Slowbro, but not quite at Snorlax level yet. She sees it a lot more in ranked now than before. They also nerfed Okayu's beloved cross-chop, so she's running close combat on machamp now.

(Privatebin link here for post size reasons)

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Watch other holos. You will realize that one of them is more fit to be your oshi.

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Her cat took a shit close by around 30 minutes ago and she had to endure the smell

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Noel is cute!

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>Song you've been into lately?
She tweeted it, but Suichan's Kakerou is really good. Bluerose brings Okayu confidence, but Kakerou hits her in the heart with the realization that she's an adult; it's painful. You have to give up on a lot of things as you grow up, and they pile up real high, don't they? As a middle schooler, she remembered thinking how good adults were at lying, and that she couldn't trust them; now she feels anguished to think that she's become one of those adults. She's not good at lying? Well, she means more like how the teachers at school would say agreeable/affirmative things to avoid conflict and she would just blatantly state that she disagreed with things. Okayu's an adult with job-hunting experience now, and knows that she can't always be so stupidly honest in certain situations. Sometimes it's best to avoid conflict when it's not necessary. The song really does hit her in some painful areas, but she likes that about it. Songs that cause her pain are nice, just like canker sores.

>Choker goods?
Like selling her choker as official goods? She's not sure if she could get it released as an actual choker, but maybe a bracelet or something? She'll look into it. There's then a quick back-and-forth with chat about how she pronounces the word "choker".

>Excited Nyassu
Okayu has a cute story about Temari recently. Okayu's been doing a lot of work inside her soundproof room, while Temari usually spends her time sleeping up in her cat tower. Okayu finally came out after a particularly long session, and called out to her. Okayu assumes Temari was both sleepy and excited to see Okayu. Because of this, she made quite a commotion while deciding whether to keep sleeping or to leave the tower and get petted. Okayu says it was really cute seeing her so conflicted.

>Feeling like playing a long RPG again soon?
Good timing with that question. Okayu's decided on what to play next, but she's still figuring out what days to play, so she can't tell us just yet, but she will announce it soon, hopefully.

>Okayu LINE stamps?
On the way, but probably not for a good while, probably.

Okayu hasn't taken many lately? That's fine; honestly, she feels like those members-only streams are break enough for her, since she gets to be more relaxed and goof off more than usual during them. She definitely feels like she's done far more of those streams lately than ever before, but it's so fun she can't help it. She's just had the urge lately to stream more often than not. When she has days off due to recordings and other work, she's fine with not streaming if she feels she needs to, but she usually ends up feeling like streaming on the days where she has nothing to do. She ends up wanting to talk with everybody, and eventually just sets up a stream for that night. So don't worry about her, she's totally fine.

>Angry Okayu
Okayu really wishes everybody could just come over and help her get the foam on her walls properly. Wasting an hour and a half of her time only for the foam to fall off really drove her to despair. Even someone like Okayu has no choice but to get mad at something like this. This is the angriest she's been after the Paper Mario playthrough. She wants that hour and a half of her life back!

>Like Subaru
Though Okayu and Subaru seem rather like opposites at first glance, they actually have a lot of similarities, which is why they spend so much time together. A big commonality is how light the "footwork" is for them to hang out. Even when they're busy they'll just say something like "Sorry, today's no good for me. But I'm kind of hungry right now. Want to get something to eat?" Subaru's an extrovert with light footwork, and Okayu's an introvert with light footwork. It's hard to describe, but they share something like that. Chat asks if they both used be loners before that, and Okayu says that makes the two of them sound like Precures. Fine then, they're both Precures.

>Okakoro matching rings
Did they buy them yet? Not yet. They're actually still discussing if matching rings are actually what they want. For example, they also think matching bags could be good. And not just bags, they've also discussed getting things like matching necklace, or even matching earrings. Right now they're leaning towards bags though. It's a fun thing for them to worry about deciding on.

>Upon asking to get a close view of Okayu's galaxy eyes

>Sweet English from the cat

>Okayu cooly retreats
When faced with a barrage of superchats to keep her from ending the stream, Okayu admits defeat and begs them to stop. When they refuse to relent, she realizes that it's her victory if she ends the stream She smugly brags to chat about it being her win as she rolls the end card. After about 20 seconds of darkness, she flashes the words "It's my win." on screen to taunt people. Seen here:

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I love whores!

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left-o saido raigt-o saido

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Most likely one of her apex carries.

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Wrong thread sharts

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Thank you
>Sexy Mion

>> No.36026140

They wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole

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h̵̨̦̯̺̦̙͎̹͈͓͕̯̳̩̽͂̍̈́̄́̀̽̐̏̀̒̈́̓e̷͎̳̞͔̮̜͉͖̖̓̉̇̈́̃͒̕͝͠͝y̸͖̯̳̋̊͋͋̌̋̔́̕ ̶̨̘͓̼̤͎͇͇̼̮̹̳͆͑̈͂͗̈́̄̾̋̉͆͠͠m̵̛̛̪͉̐̈́̌̂̈́͛̀̍̎a̴̛̠̪̤̽̑̊n̶̯̘͕̪̖̂̄̃͌̔̃̀̓̋͊̉͑̓

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So not Coco?

>> No.36026147

I was hoping you’d be dead

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love sora

>> No.36026162

This migobi looks different...

>> No.36026164

what's the lineup called?

>> No.36026165

I wish that were me...

>> No.36026168

It’s new year outfit migo!

>> No.36026169

fat devil of piss

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Can we keep this thread Matsuri free? like all her yabs in the past, nothing will come from it.

>> No.36026172

Stop trying to fit in tourist.

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Looks more like Korone than Sora.

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as long as we agree that matsuri is innocent and pure and would never talk to a man

>> No.36026183

Thanks again onigiryaabro.
>Mio's normally so cute and nice, but something about her height and manner secretly screams sexiness too
I agree completely. I don't imagine she'll pull any intentionally sexy moves in her birthday live but who knows.

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2 men and a fat cat

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Thank you ongiryaa
I wish she would post more photos of temari.

>> No.36026208

Never, she's too old and has too many responsibilites for that now. There's a cutoff age for that kind of shit

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I've gotta ask, what made you choose a temporary text dump site over something like rentry?

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thanks rice porridge bro

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Whoever made this needs to get a good look at how spine skeletal structure works and how it twists.

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no miso soup

>> No.36026220

Towa is cute!

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any important news today other than Matsuri's boyfriend thing?

>> No.36026227

No more ちゅーる.

>> No.36026230

Terms Of Service, g-get it?

>> No.36026231

There are trailers for premieres now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaCYw28Ta-w

>> No.36026232

Mio forehead

>> No.36026233

Sorry. I will be more careful next stream.

>> No.36026236

Watame forced me to watch a really shitty movie.

>> No.36026238

>She thinks getting locked away by Rushia might be nice
Based catto
Thanks as usual onigiryaanon

>> No.36026239

I will marry this menhera.

Time to become the netori protag I was always meant to be.

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No real reason. Pastebin's smart filter is retarded, and I just needed a temporary place to post the public version and it ended up sticking.

>> No.36026241

oh another song that will be forgotten

>> No.36026242

Very kissable.

>> No.36026246

It has been a thing for a couple of weeks, Polka has been using it for the Legend of Izutsu for a while now

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She really wants to release that second album fast huh. I don't understand the rush.

>> No.36026255

she had a million excuses but decided to pick the most stupid one and the one people can actually prove is false, if a stalker actually entered a member's home there would be atleast an official notice and more info, like Mel's thing.
should've just said it was a familiy member

>> No.36026256

Gura and Kiara graduation is imminent.

>> No.36026257

Why did Lamy agree to do this?

>> No.36026258

cute twap!

>> No.36026260

Anon-chama, I want you to do one thing: before you click that post button: imagine Tower reading what what you just wrote and what would she think of it. Would you still press that button?

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>> No.36026265

watame is the personification of quantity over quality

>> No.36026268

I said happenings, not dreams

>> No.36026271

Lamy loves Marine

>> No.36026272

Matsuri's bf POV

>> No.36026278

imagine the smell

>> No.36026279

are you talking about Tokyo Tower or YAGOO Tower?

>> No.36026281

you're posts are the personification of quantity over quality

>> No.36026283

cute trailer

>> No.36026284

She once claimed to be engaged on her roommate account before claiming she was joking and deleting the tweet. Matsuri is not a smart girl.

>> No.36026285

Snoopy isn't real, Korone...

>> No.36026293

Cover with her sister when
She did one with Suisei and Nene instead...

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>> No.36026300

okyu has such an ass-eating aura around her she is one kinky guy

>> No.36026307

shut up, bitch

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>> No.36026314

>> No.36026321

Thanks as always anon.
>Towa is just funny
Must be one of those "Japanese humor" things

>> No.36026324

when chat first told her about the rice burger she acted like she was gagging and said it doesn't go together until they convinced her otherwise

>> No.36026327

35malaysians successfully removed

>> No.36026328

ʇoʍɐ ʇoʍɐ
towa towa

>> No.36026332

Will sankisei beat the Endora?

>> No.36026333

Turns out it was all for nothing and Mio just casually switched to hanging out with Ayame like she has nothing to do with Subaru now.

>> No.36026341

Calm down he's just telling the truth

>> No.36026342

I just realized I have seen ctrl+w sad cat ritual poster for a while, did he finally kill himself?

>> No.36026343

Wake up Kson!

>> No.36026344


>> No.36026347

he couldn't take a little bullying

>> No.36026349

She graduated life.

>> No.36026350

He realized he was typing ctrl+w instead of ctrl+f the whole time and got really embarassed

>> No.36026356

>Doesn't actually listen to music.

>> No.36026358


>> No.36026360


>> No.36026361

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Minecraft Hardcore day 7 at 12JST https://youtu.be/6qwLZsJtQKU

>> No.36026362

Shame we haven't gotten more MioSuba, with the lockdowns and their schedules (mostly Subaru's) so full. Their latest stream together got rescheduled too...

>> No.36026367

It was me...
I'm sorry I just wanted to say hi to her....

>> No.36026369

>> No.36026370

I hid your post btw

>> No.36026371


>> No.36026379

>> No.36026385


>> No.36026388

did Nyger kill himself or is he desperately trying to convince himself about the "stalker" story?

>> No.36026390

Which artists should I look to if I want to commission something involving drawn depictions of holo roommates?

>> No.36026392

Brownsagis are getting uppity again.

>> No.36026394

What the fuck, why is this file 500kb larger than my original image? Moot?

>> No.36026396

Is your oshi fertile, anons?

>> No.36026399

>> No.36026401

>> No.36026403

Takashi Murakami

>> No.36026405

>> No.36026406

who pierced its genital

>> No.36026407

I thought the tail was his dick

>> No.36026413

My wife's cute forehead.

>> No.36026415

I don't have an oshi anymore because she took the vax.

>> No.36026417

This is all a bad dream Kson.

>> No.36026419


>> No.36026422

Sora Love!

>> No.36026425


>> No.36026427

Miko is a saint.

>> No.36026428

Too big

>> No.36026432

why are cytubers so mean

>> No.36026433

How can a lesbian be a saint?

>> No.36026437

Which holo do you think has the worst smelling pussy?

>> No.36026439

Polka, Okayu or any other fatso.

>> No.36026440


>> No.36026442

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.36026443


>> No.36026445

All lesbians are saints.

>> No.36026447

post the full image, coward

>> No.36026448

that's his tail

>> No.36026454

Airani Iofifteen

>> No.36026456

>> No.36026461

is blue clapper the most catchy holo song ever?

random times of the day I hear the chorus in my head phones

>> No.36026468

Takoyaki Towawa

>> No.36026476

it's a good song. someone fact check for me but I think blue clapper might be the first generation song out of all of them

>> No.36026478


>> No.36026479

Aqua is a neet, so Mu-chan must be pretty smelly, since it absorbs the smell from the stinky room.

>> No.36026480

If your oshi isn't anti-vaxx you don't belong in /hlg/.

>> No.36026482

I like it too

>> No.36026484

>> No.36026485


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>> No.36026499

I've been so stressful today that I just to thank you for the condensed Okayupiece as always, it got my mind out of it a bit. What a lovely cat Okayu is, I felt like saying more but in the end it wouldn't matter really. Anyways sankyu.

>> No.36026502

Imagine believing THIS could have a boyfriend.

>> No.36026505


>> No.36026509

Fucking Matsuri so hard her rig starts glitching out...

>> No.36026510

Damn apex players get to fuck THAT?

>> No.36026511

It's the same attic ninja from Sio's house

>> No.36026514


>> No.36026523


>> No.36026529

Matsuri is fat today

>> No.36026530

how could she do this to coco

>> No.36026535

no one? just me?

>> No.36026537

>> No.36026538

>> No.36026541

festival's gf is so lucky

>> No.36026547

I am

>> No.36026548

It was the first bloom Song (outside of Halloween Night) and the first gen song, yeah.

>> No.36026550

No they would be the unluckiest person in the world

>> No.36026551

they are all gay and a failure

>> No.36026552

You'll never fuck Matsuri lyger.

>> No.36026553

Bloom was a blast to watch. I hope their next concert is even better.

>> No.36026557

Nope, Yumemiru Sora e is the Ichisen original song, and that came out years ago

>> No.36026560

Is 5ch talking about Matsuri's boyfriend?

>> No.36026563

>> No.36026565

No, they're talking about Towa

>> No.36026566

It's been 344 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and she was getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

She has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon.

But the beginning of August has been a really rough week for her, she got so stressed out she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday, being overbooked with too many meetings and losing time because of side effects from the 2nd vaccine shot. And with Aloe's debut anniversary date getting closer each day she's been getting more and more stressed.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


>> No.36026567

Aqua & or Pekora

>> No.36026568


>> No.36026569

Whoops, I can't believe I let this one slipped my mind. I guess I was thinking of Plasmagic Seasons! for gen 1 group song.

>> No.36026570


>> No.36026574

Please wake up

>> No.36026576

All memes aside, what went so disastrously, horribly wrong?

>> No.36026578

Which holos outside of Towa are confirmed whores?

>> No.36026580

Imagine the smell together.

>> No.36026581


>> No.36026583


>> No.36026584

this post scares me

>> No.36026585


>> No.36026586

>> No.36026587

Oh my god

>> No.36026588

the design did
she's really cute when you are alt tabbed

>> No.36026591

>see this on my recommendation
>see the nazigumi sing it a lot
>see what its about
>its a break up song
and holy hell the original sounds so amazing and different. the girls butchered it badly

>> No.36026592

What the fuck is going on with this bitch life?

>> No.36026596

Pekora is my oshi but this cover is shit

>> No.36026598

Hiring unironic deviantart artist.

>> No.36026601

The design doesn't translate well to Live2D.

>> No.36026603

she's in the hospital because she wasn't getting enough superchats from her last stream

>> No.36026604

It's shit even static.

>> No.36026606

Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

>> No.36026607

What time do they fix her live2D?

>> No.36026609

I cannot imagine anything more cucked than being a Matsurisu

>> No.36026610

Agreed. From what they've shown in the anniversaries and birthday lives they've definitely improved. I still want live audience first and foremost.

>> No.36026612

>being overbooked with too many meetings
What kind of "meetings" do you have as an indie?

>> No.36026613

YAGOO's wife

>> No.36026615

Nothing, she's just a lying whore, even worse than Festival.

>> No.36026616

Fingers crossed but Cover has come a long way despite how much people like to shit on them.

>> No.36026618

I can, being a cucksagi

>> No.36026619

Oh, right. I thought they were just let to sing the song together but I guess that counts as their song too.

>> No.36026626

apex got her...

>> No.36026627


>> No.36026628

Original song, her merch and probably meetings with the police about the stalkers and her stepfather

>> No.36026629


>> No.36026630

Sex with fans

>> No.36026631

She is supposed to be single but many say that she has no relationship with Jun, however there was a yab in which Pekora showed her Nintendo SWITCH users and one with the name "JUN" appeared...

>> No.36026634

Sure nijinigger whatever your lying mouth says

>> No.36026635

wtf these are male nipples

>> No.36026636

Being an aloecuck
They actually believe she has no time pleasing her fans by releasing contents despite taking their money because of "meetings"

>> No.36026638

My cute lesbian daughterwife...

>> No.36026643

>Pekora showed her Nintendo SWITCH users and one with the name "JUN" appeared...
Post proof

>> No.36026644

Buy a membership and watch my other concert.

>> No.36026646


>> No.36026651

This one?

>> No.36026652

>spoonfeed meee waaa waaa
do your archive reps

>> No.36026653

My only membership is for my oshi because I'm not a whore

>> No.36026654

suzy bubble

>> No.36026657

You really think if something like that happened, the pekoschizo wouldn't spam it every thread?

>> No.36026658


>> No.36026660

Both Irys and Migo streaming at the same hour.. Whyyy?..

>> No.36026662

...and he instead makes fun of you, just as expected kek

>> No.36026665

Thanks for the dolphin porn.

>> No.36026668

I just went through all the archives, there was no mention of that happening anywhere

>> No.36026672

Find harder

>> No.36026673

Thanks for proving it didn't happen.

>> No.36026678

I love Miko Miko Miko!

>> No.36026679

It's even better when you pay for it.

>> No.36026683

I had my bots search all available information on the internet and there is no proof of that happening, it's time for you to provide proof for your claims

>> No.36026684

Here's your proof bro

>> No.36026688

>> No.36026689

Best couple

>> No.36026691

I pay for my internet connection

>> No.36026694

I've missed all the important streams besides my oshi's in the last week or so due to work. I just don't have time anymore...what should I watch? Flare live, Towa live, Aqua live? Something else? I have just been keeping up with Shion because I love Shion yo

>> No.36026696

I found this

>> No.36026698

They're definitely not flawless but they're given quite the effort.

>> No.36026702

Super based

>> No.36026703

>> No.36026705

Wake up Coco. You must wake up.

>> No.36026707


>> No.36026710

exaggerating ≠ lying

>> No.36026713

This is just my dream. Coco is steaming better than ever in the real world I know it.

>> No.36026715

>its a break up song
Funny because this singer dated an idol whom got the boot from her agency after their relationship got found out. Then he went and cheat on her a month later. Dude has a pretty nasty reputation of sleeping around with female fans.

>> No.36026716

Subaru is lying again lol

>> No.36026717

Why is she lying?

>> No.36026720

Definitely watch Towa's live. Lots of guests. If you care about those in Flare's live or Aqua then obviously watch them too. Aqua had Okayu as a guest for one song and they say Turing Love.

>> No.36026724

I actually liked subaru until I found out she lies about everything.

>> No.36026725


>> No.36026728

Imagine Subaru being your gf rofl

>> No.36026729


>> No.36026730

Would it be nice to be Kotaro? You get hugged and kissed by Towa and you also get to stick your dick on her

>> No.36026734

Towa's live was the best out of them all, amazing performances and tons of cameos.

Flare live was okay, Patra did stop by which was nice

Aqua's live was a sololive, so if you really like aqua then mayube

>> No.36026735

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.36026737

>Dude has a pretty nasty reputation of sleeping around with female fans.
So he's just like almost every male that is popular

>> No.36026738

Faq Miko!

>> No.36026739

high five anon!

>> No.36026740

If she says that she's exaggerating, and you're saying she's lying, that means she's not exaggerating aka not lying, get fucked.

>> No.36026743

>> No.36026745

High 5 Miko!

>> No.36026750

What is the image? It's not loading, maybe a bit too heavy for my connection

>> No.36026752


>> No.36026754


>> No.36026755


>> No.36026756

You would get your balls removed bro...

>> No.36026757

Do we have a subaru schizo or is she really that not liked around here?

>> No.36026761

the file size might be too big to load fast enough just wait for a bit

>> No.36026762

Aqua's was the highest quality, but they were all good, Towa had lots of guest, and Hurea's own singing was a step up from her usual.
All in all it was a fantastic week for an idolfag.

>> No.36026764

Subaru is perhaps the most beloved member of Hololive

>> No.36026766


>> No.36026767

She's lying about exaggerating her stories because she has a bad memory. Subaru is a compulsive liar

>> No.36026768

Why do you think she isn't liked

>> No.36026769

what is the first thing you see?

>> No.36026771

Design wise I feel like Cover just wanted to hire a big name for the sake of it. Redjuice is good when he's in his comfort zone and making all the layers necessary for L2D is far from it.
Personality wise I don't want to outright call her boring, but she honestly feels too safe. Like yeah, she's cute and everything, but other than that she doesn't really stand out.
This extends to her singing where it doesn't make me feel anything while being good on a technical level.

>> No.36026772


>> No.36026774

I hate her because she's a liar

>> No.36026775


>> No.36026785


>> No.36026787

We love Subaru here

>> No.36026789

Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

>> No.36026790

That's the void between a pro singer and barely-an-utaite. Same with Pretender and basically any Yonezu's song. I still prefer my oshi's variations of their songs

>> No.36026792

We hate liars here

>> No.36026793


>> No.36026794


>> No.36026795

Polka's not an orc

>> No.36026798


>> No.36026800

>all that Aki merch left over
where are all the Aki fans?

>> No.36026801


>> No.36026802

All the good Miko merch goes within minutes so i never get them...

>> No.36026803


>> No.36026809

I like towa but i don't usually watch subaru, i just don't like her.

>> No.36026812

They're on reddit

>> No.36026813

Subaru's generally liked but I don't think we have Subatomos here anymore. Whatever this guy is doing, it's a shittier attempt than the guy who posted about throwing Subaru in the trash can.

>> No.36026815

this but unironically, remember that Aki was having low sub depression streams and leddit did a whole campaign to give her subs

>> No.36026818

i like subaru, but i only discuss her when i wish to

>> No.36026820

Is aki a numberfag?

>> No.36026823

Spending every month in the cuck corner will change a person.

>> No.36026824

>> No.36026826

don't think so but she did have a stream very sad almost crying about being one of the members with less subs at some point. a lot of people thought she was going to graduate that's when the redditors and some clippers did a campaign to boost her

>> No.36026827

The last time I have seen Subatomos here was when she played Majora's Mask.

>> No.36026828

>Koshien just began
What prefectures are the Holos from? Particularly interested in knowing Korone's or Kanata's

>> No.36026832

I already have aki plush, and I can't really warrant having another mug.

>> No.36026833

oh fuck that's gonna be fun. shame koishen last year was canned from covid

>> No.36026836

still being a lying menhera whore somehow even worse than matsuri

>> No.36026840

The cytube trannies must be so angry at you, please keep going.

>> No.36026846

>> No.36026850

Nihon Daigaku Yamagata (Yamagata) and Yonago Higashi (Tottori) are playing right now. Yamagata's up 1-0 right now. If you wanna watch here's the stream: https://vk.sportsbull.jp/koshien/?utm_source=vktw&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=vk2021summer

>> No.36026855

I came back to watch her spring mengens, when she already knew she'll be going, trying to justify the "creative difference" story but it's such obvious bullshit it makes me feel more conflicted than ever. It's easy to reconstruct the actual reasons but there's zero satisfaction in doing that. I don't know what I want to see reading between the lines, whatever truth is there to uncover just makes me frustrated again. Fuck you Coco. I wish I could just blame everything on you like you wanted.

>> No.36026857

>> No.36026860

>> No.36026863

She's obviously exaggerating the extent she's exaggerating her stories.

>> No.36026865


>> No.36026867

Daily reminder you are all my tulpas

>> No.36026869

Where's Towa?

>> No.36026870

I don't exist

>> No.36026871

You do for now, because I will it.

>> No.36026877

Now that danchou has set a cosplayer collab precedent I'd like to see more of them. Maybe Kanata should collab with a cosplayer named kson doing a Kanata cosplay.

>> No.36026880

You are an adult, stop acting like 12 years old

>> No.36026883

Haha yeah imagine that haha

>> No.36026884

He might not be. This is a hobby for 16 year olds from SEA.

>> No.36026885

in (You)r heart, anon.

>> No.36026886

h-hot pic

>> No.36026892

better than usada construction

>> No.36026893

hi hallo i am towa

>> No.36026899

>Noel's limited set still in stock after 14 hours

>> No.36026900

yeah... no

>> No.36026902

Flare is not going to be happy.

>> No.36026904

>> No.36026909


>> No.36026913

Failure of Gen 3 nothing new

>> No.36026916


>> No.36026919

She should get her to cosplay as Coco and play some vidya together

>> No.36026922

Marine is a whore and straight, she flirted with men during her nnd days, who knows how many of them she fucked, Marine really loves dicks and strong muscular men.

>> No.36026923


>> No.36026924

ah the binary black holes mating dance..

>> No.36026930

Imagine dating Subaru, wouldn't it be weird?

I bet she's the type outgoing girl to want to go outdoors when you date. She probably wouldn't be too picky, she'd have a good time playing soccer, going on hikes, just taking a nice jog around a park, and so forth.
One day you she convinces you to go to go on a hike with her, normally this wouldn't be an issue but it has been raining the past few days so you're a little hesitant about going, however she'd be tired of being cooped up indoors for an entire week and begs you to go, teasingly pleading you to go with fake tears in her eyes. Naturally you wouldn't be able to resist and go with her, and she'd immediately switch to that smug smile because she knew it would work.
At the start it would be going well, she'd be talking a bout her day and how life has been going, but suddenly she'd stop and tell you to wait one second as she goes off the trail to grab a ribbon she saw tied to a tree. On the way there though a rock she stepped on dislodges due to the rain sending her falling down. Normally it wouldn't have been bad, but the slope is slippery this weekend due to be overly saturated in rain for an entire week. What was once a happy date turns into a tragedy as she tumbles and falls down the slippery slope breaking her arms and legs. You'd be able to get her to a hospital quickly, but with her injuries she's going to be disabled for the next 6-8 months as her bones heal, and will require assistance afterwards.
For the next few months you'd take care of her every need, at first she'd be hesitant and reserved about things. She'd get emotional having to be fed by hand and have you help her use the restroom. She'd cry herself to sleep every night because of how helpless she is. Gradually she'd get used to her new life and begin to appreciate you more and more. Eventually you'd become her entire world and she couldn't imagine a life without you in it.
6 months later the doctor finally takes off her casts and tells her she can now walk again, but she'll need to take it easy for awhile. However she'd be ecstatic knowing she'll finally be able to move again. As you take her back to your car she'd thank you for being there with her this entire time. She'd attempt to get up and walk herself, but stumble and fall due to being weak and unused to the movements after all this time so you'd offer to carry her one more time. You'd sweep her up in a princess carry as she giggles before carrying her passed your car. She'd laugh and tell you you missed it, but you'd ignore her and keep walking. At first she'd think its just a joke and you have fun but as you keep ignoring her and walking to the back of the hospital she starts getting more worried and struggles in your grasp but she'd be too weak now to break free, and wouldn't be able to walk anyways. You'd get to the back of the hospital where they throw out all the used supplies and garbage, and you'd toss her into the dumpster, right where she belongs.

>> No.36026932

The shitposting is merely a reaction to the overwhelming amount of love Subaru got here back when the thread wasn't a cynical schizo hive. Some people really dislike her kind of underdog stories, I guess same reason why Kanata has a dedicated schizo. I don't think there's a lot of Subatomo left here but she's still adored.

>> No.36026933

tempting but
sorry Danchou...

>> No.36026938

>> No.36026939

Body of an adult, mind of a child

>> No.36026940

Aqua's mating ritual

>> No.36026946

aqua, her friend and her mother

>> No.36026948

Towa? Yeah she's a whore.

>> No.36026950

They are lovers.

>> No.36026951

Failed yet again...

>> No.36026959

Ichimi sure loves this couple. I was happy to see his reaction to her appearance in the live.

>> No.36026966

She's my whore, though

>> No.36026968

>> No.36026971

>> No.36026977

The hand was Roberu, you didn't hear it from me

>> No.36026978

>nothing autographed
Not worth.

>> No.36026983

It comes with a handwritten message, which is better than an autograph.

>> No.36026985

Not skinny enough.

>> No.36026988

why did towa die?

>> No.36026989


>> No.36026995

Remember when Matsuri used to care about her fans?

>> No.36026996

>Watson, Mori, Irys all streaming at the same time
EN talks to each other less than nikisei does

>> No.36026999


>> No.36027002

what the fuck is this??

>> No.36027009

why are Matsuri's eyes always looking like they are glitching out?

>> No.36027014

I finished my project and dedicated it to Towa
What have you done today for your oshi jp?

>> No.36027016

>> No.36027020

EOPs can't afford that much

>> No.36027027

I sent her roommate a ton of お茶 on twitcast.

>> No.36027031

It was a VN style fangame made by watamates in honor of watame for her birthday, for a reason that i am not very clear about, members of holostars appear (I have never played it)

>> No.36027033

When is Nozomi going to start her mukbang channel with her boyfriend?

>> No.36027034

rushia and shion are so natural together

>> No.36027037

goodbye. i hope you find peace better than i could with it

>> No.36027044

>> No.36027045

It was a different person. You could easily tell them apart by their costumes.

>> No.36027047


>> No.36027051


>> No.36027054


>> No.36027055

sorry for leaking it kanata...

>> No.36027059

ask and you shall unironically recieve (in 64 decode form)

>> No.36027062

I think subaru is the current target after the schizos were ignored over previous noel hate spam

>> No.36027063

Just commissioned a custom Lamy onahole from a guy on Yahoo auctions. They're even going to put a replica of her autograph on it. I'll post it here when it's done in a few weeks.

>> No.36027064

boring pair

>> No.36027065


>> No.36027067

I want hololive bumper stickers for my car, imagine this you're driving and all of a sudden you see a Towa bumper sticker in the car in front of you, now you know that person also pays for sex and you can honk and wave at them!

>> No.36027069


>> No.36027071

/hlg/ is 1/3rd the speed of global now

WTF brehs?

>> No.36027074

how does that guy know what Lamy's vagina looks like inside?

>> No.36027077


>> No.36027078


>> No.36027079

Everyone is moving to /vt/ now because this thread is the anti thread

>> No.36027083

Matsuri's taste in porn is quite based, too bad it's all real porn I can only tolerate porn in 2D. NTR on pornhub though, she really gets off to chocoballs...

>> No.36027084

Imagine scissoring a robot, how would that even work?

>> No.36027089


>> No.36027091






>> No.36027092

RIP Peko

>> No.36027094

I had a dream where kanatan rejected me

>> No.36027098

Are watamates confirmed cucks?

>> No.36027100

they are the same videos

>> No.36027101

It was before she started her current relationship

>> No.36027102


Finally an actual stream

>> No.36027104

Most Watamates have holostar memberships

>> No.36027105

Miko is streaming soon, nice

>> No.36027107

Watch migo


>> No.36027108


>> No.36027110

We will never leave /jp/ 2hu tranny

>> No.36027111

No fucking thanks

>> No.36027112


It's time for afternoon mikochi!

>> No.36027113

>FBK has 1.5 million subs
>videos get same number of views as aki and meru

>> No.36027114

Tell me when she dies and I'll have a look

>> No.36027116

Seriously, go fucking bother Sora, leave my Roboco alone.

>> No.36027117

>> No.36027118

what's it like being an incel?

>> No.36027119

Miko started, get in here 35P! https://youtu.be/6qwLZsJtQKU

>> No.36027120

2 months from now, /hlg/ will be 1/2 as fast as now

and it will continue. 2hus will win in the end

>> No.36027121

I really can't stand her voice, sorry

>> No.36027124

>videos get same number of views as aki and meru
This isn't true

>> No.36027125


>> No.36027127


Migo is online!

>> No.36027130


>> No.36027131

>> No.36027133

Can someone post the Miko stream again? I can't seem to find it

>> No.36027134

Hey 35p it's been 2 posts since I saw a link to migos stream so get in here 35p


>> No.36027135


>> No.36027137

>miko posts a stream
>thread instantly spammed

>> No.36027138


>> No.36027139

these people are so fucking obnoxious

>> No.36027141


It's time, nyeggas

>> No.36027145

Miko is here to save dead hours

>> No.36027147

Matsuri roommate going to talk about the "intruder"


>> No.36027148

35p are the strongest people in the world

>> No.36027149


>> No.36027150

Wait who's streaming?

>> No.36027151

FBK is just a promotional tool for the holostars

>> No.36027154

Man disappointing... 35Ps are just schizos central now

>> No.36027156

No need to falseflag as 35brown pieces of subhuman pagpag-eating shit, we already hate those EOPs

>> No.36027157

Miko won't die today, I got a feeling this is the run

>> No.36027159

>> No.36027160

>/hlgg/ is 3 posts/minute
wtf happen to /vt/?

>> No.36027162


>> No.36027163

I love migo so much

>> No.36027165

This is a falseflag operation most likley by Towa posters

Ever notice how miko's stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qwLZsJtQKU

gets posted the towa posting stopped?

>> No.36027166

You retards wouldn't understand how I love mikochi so much so shut up

>> No.36027168

Which one would you sleep with?

>> No.36027169

Lmao he's mad!

>> No.36027171

I hope you're right

>> No.36027172

hey, can someone post a link to Miko's stream please?

>> No.36027173

hey man

>> No.36027176

>says he loves miko
>doesn't even link her stream
Fake love

>> No.36027178

towa flip here
I would never falseflag so shut up

>> No.36027180

>not sora
Who planned this shit?

>> No.36027184

But she does enjoy 2d stuff, in fact most of the genres she talks about sound like stuff straight out of a doujin

>> No.36027186


>> No.36027189


>> No.36027190


>> No.36027191


>> No.36027192


>> No.36027193


>> No.36027194

Not Miko streams

>> No.36027195

Yes but what she was talking about was AVs.

>> No.36027196

miko is so cute..

>> No.36027198

Miko what the hell is that?

>> No.36027199


>> No.36027200


>> No.36027203


>> No.36027204

rab you onion

>> No.36027206


>> No.36027210

We love Miko and 35P here

>> No.36027211

Why do nips like matcha? it tastes like shit

>> No.36027213

Miko is ok. 35p are fucking annoying

>> No.36027214

The exact post where the thread suddenly went to shit

>> No.36027218

Miko is very elite today too

>> No.36027221

>> No.36027222

miqo wa

>> No.36027225


>> No.36027226


>> No.36027227

instead of 35p i propose we call ourselves Amikos it's like amigos but mikos instead you know?

>> No.36027228

There's nothing wrong about posting ongoing stream

>> No.36027230

Place your bets

How many minutes will migo's next hardcore last?

>> No.36027231

No Sora stream today or Thursday…

>> No.36027232


>> No.36027233

I don't understand what miko is saying but she's cute

>> No.36027234

Goddamn i love Matsuri

>> No.36027235

why do fanartists love adding puke inducing chromatic aberration to their arts?

>> No.36027237

even the japanese dont

>> No.36027238

No one asked.

>> No.36027239

I give her about 30 minutes, died while mining

>> No.36027240

im japanese and iasked

>> No.36027242

time for migo to die again...

>> No.36027243

Miko is the last person in the world who should be calling ANYONE riajuu.

>> No.36027244

migo is not riajuu..

>> No.36027246

miko doesnt leave her house

>> No.36027247

This, it's fine if you don't understand Miko. Don't even need to pretend I'm not an EOP when most Japanese don't understand her either

>> No.36027248


>> No.36027254

Miko spoke english!

>> No.36027255

Elite eigo

>> No.36027257

>taiga had conjunctivitis

>> No.36027263

First time watching a Miko stream, she is kinda cute.

>> No.36027264

Will I die if Polka sits on my face?

>> No.36027265

Miko what about your bunkasai?

>> No.36027266 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36027268

First time watching a Miko stream, she sounds like a retard.

>> No.36027269

sora megane!

>> No.36027275

I think he's better now but man, I was worried for this big furball...

>> No.36027277

She is cutely retardeeeed

>> No.36027278

There's nothing wrong with commando

>> No.36027281

I want to numberfag but I wont cus its really sad....

>> No.36027285


>> No.36027286

Thank you BoR for live translating Miko

>> No.36027288


>> No.36027289

I love Mikochi but i hate this boring shit game so fucking much. Fuck Notch for ever creating this abomination.

>> No.36027290

Why isn't she getting naked?

>> No.36027293

Cute hag doodles

>> No.36027294

noel has changed over two years

>> No.36027295

reroll for a better life with a noose

>> No.36027296

>> No.36027297

I agree Miko should play Roblox instead

>> No.36027298

she is both physically and mentally disabled. People only watch her because they feel bad for her

>> No.36027300

Remember when we thought that Haachama would graduate last month lol.

>> No.36027302

fixed rushia

>> No.36027304

Rust Holo clan wars when?

>> No.36027305

migo is bebbi

>> No.36027306


>> No.36027308


>> No.36027309

I'd sell my left nut to see this.

>> No.36027310

I pity people who never knew the mechanics of minecraft.

Holos play it like 70% of the time

>> No.36027313

Cute. I feel like I'd find it somewhere in a playground or another place for kids.

>> No.36027317

Why is there still so many japanese in miko's chat? it's tuesday afternoon, don't they have any work to do?

>> No.36027318

I wish Korone would write and illustrate a children's book or something. I wanna see pure unfiltered hag autism.

>> No.36027320

side boobs...

>> No.36027321 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36027322

Can't be drawn by Korone because it doesn't inflict psychic horror

>> No.36027323

>> No.36027324


>> No.36027328

Lunch time

>> No.36027330

Have you seen the pictures of them at the cafe??

>> No.36027334

Miko is stuck in Lamy's hole, please help her...

>> No.36027337

Luna.. she is always left out of everything

>> No.36027339

My oshi said people who waste the opportunities they've been given will never get another one. So if you waste the life you've been given, that's it.

>> No.36027340

35ps don't work it's rule 7 in the 35p handbook

>> No.36027341

I wish i could go to that cafe.

>> No.36027343

I only see whores in this picture

>> No.36027345

this was made before her costume

>> No.36027348

how powerful is Lunamage?

>> No.36027349

>ayame instead of luna
fuck off

>> No.36027351

I hate Flare so fucking much

>> No.36027353


>> No.36027355

why hate the coffee elf?

>> No.36027357

minecraftCHAD [email protected]

>> No.36027361

>> No.36027362

Cute Miko butterfly

>> No.36027364

looking very white...

>> No.36027366

She's white washing herself.

>> No.36027368

I'll just leave it here....

>> No.36027369

The elite class does not work, they have the rabble to work for them.

>> No.36027371

haha cool hat

>> No.36027372

She looks whiter than usual.

>> No.36027373

Luna is the failure of yonkisei. Can you imagine in a gen with Towa in it and you still managed to be the least popular member of said gen?

>> No.36027375

Ha ha yeah...

>> No.36027376

So what's the holdup why her song is not out yet?

>> No.36027377

stop stealing shit, nig

>> No.36027380


>> No.36027381 [SPOILER] 

Subaru One-piece.

>> No.36027383

If I was Flare I'd ask for a skin colour change so people would shut the fuck up.

>> No.36027384

Elite Miko shield

>> No.36027386

That's not Flare...

>> No.36027387

Flare was always white.

>> No.36027388


>> No.36027391

All holos are whores
Sora? CEO dick sucking, seiso pretending whore. Will snatch the fame from the other girls at a moments notice. Bi bitch probably finger blasts the fuck out of A-chan distracting her from nuking zhangs.

Robocco? Literal Who? Quiet nerd nudist whore. Only thing going for her.

Miko? Biggest whore of gen 0. Loves BBC, Bunnygirls, and all her little simps.

Suisei? More like 3rd rate, shota loving, wannabe Sora whore. Bet her Yandere personality is for blackmailing little boys from telling anyone else. Beautiful mental time loop she created.

Azki? Solo artist sucking off ghost writer whore.

Haachama? Not really a whore. Accidentally lewd from whatever the fuck is in her blain.
Akai Haato? True seiso. Not a whore. Truly the SOUL of Hololive.

Festival? Loli kidnapping finger blasting whore.

Mel? Youtube intern teasing whore.
Fubuki? Friend, more like fuckbuddy.

Subaru? Tomboy turned instagram beach bitch with those thumbnails and preferred outfit. Had my hopes up. Whore.

My Oshi? Complete innocent doll that I’d marry. Ayame is a godsend for Hololive.

Retard onion? Retard onion that licks other girl’s clits to make em join her build-a-shit factory. Her Autismo levels will break down if you don't enjoy her pussy enough.

Choco? Employee of the month in the local strip club lookin whore. ASMR streams made for you to cum too.

Shion? Had sexual relations with a musty steamy dusty womb. In denial too.

Dog? Whore to cat.
Cat? Whore for everyone else.

Mio? Quiet MILF that breaks into heat once a month when you're not looking kind of whore.

Womb? Barren.
Rushia? Filthy wannabe GFE that forces you to make that wall of hers filled with plastic whore.

Flare? Same case with the cat but now shes inclusive.

Pekora? Mama thought she was a whore before then, for good reason too. Bet you her sweet ass was camgirling away with a mask with those fanged smiles.

Noel? Fat tiddie no brain trash singer soulful whore! Also loves dark skinned cock.

Luna? Brain injected by Coco to fall in love with American studded cock.

Twappers? Dumb bitch whore trying to show off her body for more subscribers lookin whore.

Coco? American Dragon porn director whore, always in a constant state of teasing your dick but never wanting it. Literal penis falseflagger.

Watame? Deflection blonde stereotype whore. Clit be fluffier than my carpet.
Kanata? Tenshi fallen down into degeneracy marrying that whore of a dragon. Starving housewife begging to be filled.

Polka? Depressed whore who will hop on any dick that’ll “promise” that it wont leave her (just wait for Gen6 bitch).

Nene? New outfit has a wonderful view for all her fans. SUPERWHORE

Botan? La Lion got those “fuck me” eyes from lion king. Got the RUbros kneeling harder than when they met the polish
Lamy? Shes the classic alchoholic mommy. Give her 5 hours on those drinks and bam. Imagine the mommyzuris.

Aloe? Love. CEO of SEX. Her whore levels were too unchecked to be kept alive. She rapes and blackmails the EN girls as Jenma now.

Moona? Didn’t know rivers were on the moon for how wet she is for her boss. Would leave her husband in an instant, what a whore.

Lofi? Her wife is always cheating on her, might as well go out and whore yourself off.

Risu? Literal cum tribute begging whore.
Anya? Walking fucking paizuri. Shes a weapon so shes gotta have a handle there somewhere.

Ollie? Each part of her was a woman used to make her. Literal definition of a shag pile.

Reine? She has cock on her animal name. Her body behind that blue suit is begging to be leaded, her Mama would agree as well.

Gura? You fuckers already know how much of a slutty teasing brat whore she is. She’ll make you go UUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH the second your rrats get activated.

Ame? Denying all ships but still goes in privately for the kill. That whore has a huge leap in stealth body count. The second she says I love you, a million Goslings cum at the exact same time. Myself included.

Ina? Naizuri galor. Shes an introvert pervert that’ll dry your little dick until its going to look like a fucking raisin you little Takodachis. Imagine getting a naizuri while she uses her tentacles to probe your ass.

Kiara? If you’re Japanese or Calli she will whore herself out in an instant. KFP bros know this and are on constant subconcious suicide watch. I pity you all.

Mori? Deadbeats jerk it now because those fat sweaty tiddies will become more and more feminine with every stream. You fuckers caused this whore bimbofication and its going great. Goodbye Tomboy vibes, say hello to Homoglobo Bi Stacy.

>> No.36027395

At least Luna is more interesting and not as boring as Towa

>> No.36027397

I'm just lazy, always here though when I really shouldn't

>> No.36027400

Easily a top 5 holo artist.

>> No.36027402

Matsuri has had a yab every single roommate stream, she's obviously doing it on purpose

>> No.36027403

seek help

>> No.36027405

Luna is boring

>> No.36027408

>EN peak hours
>migo dominating
Explain this ENkeks

>> No.36027411

Haachama has had at least 1 Tongan dick in her during her stay in Aus

>> No.36027412


>> No.36027414

That was close

>> No.36027415

kek almost world 4

>> No.36027416


>> No.36027417

Based Aki and IRyS.

Also Ayamefags are the worst.

>> No.36027418

We all know for weeks that EN is reclining. Only Gura and Ina seems to get good viewers these days

>> No.36027419

>Both costumes flare will never use again
It's not fair bro

>> No.36027420


>> No.36027423

This is why you don't hire EN talents that lives outside EN time zones.

>> No.36027424

You are boring just like your oshi ugly voice

>> No.36027425

Appreciate you, Subatomos. The duck has been soaring and I'd love to see more of her dances.

>> No.36027426

fucking use shield aaaaaaaa

>> No.36027430

Would you forgive Matsuri? Pic unrelated.

>> No.36027431

What's there to explain my dude. Three of those dmb whores combined can't reach a mid tier mikochi stream. Even those redditors on /vt/ can't cope this away in their hugbox.

>> No.36027432

Miko almost died again...

>> No.36027433

i'm a lunaito that just likes the duck s well

>> No.36027436

>not a single person defending Matsuri
>Nothing but hate
We really are the anti thread...

>> No.36027437

EN has nerfed live viewer counts.

>> No.36027439


>> No.36027441

Look forward to her anniversary then

>> No.36027442

why don't you post the pic related then?

>> No.36027443


>> No.36027444

Why doesn't Lack just make Flare white?

>> No.36027448

Can't wait for the 2019 3D live

>> No.36027449

You've ran out of empathy from antagonizing the neutral parties in this thread by roommatefagging and gloating about it.

>> No.36027451

How the hell is Miko still struggling in the overworld after 2 restarts while Pekora went into the nether in 30 minutes and killed everything in her path effortlessly?

>> No.36027453

Luna's voice is more ugly than Towa, but at least Towa can sing. Luna will always be the failure of yonkisei

>> No.36027456

Will do! Am also waiting for her cameo on Mio's birthday live, if they do perform it together.

>> No.36027457

Miko is taking it easy

>> No.36027458

the dude that told her to go to y=5 is the mvp

>> No.36027459

>> No.36027460

Miko is not a gamer.

>> No.36027461

Despite being a minecraft channel Miko isn't good at it. I also wouldn't put it past Pekora to install some mods to make the game easier so she can really embarrass everyone else doing hard core.

>> No.36027462

But she said the gamer word...

>> No.36027463

Pekora is a tryhard and that's why no one likes her, Miko is having fun during summer and still has the rest of the month to continue

>> No.36027464

She's not a leech unlike Towa

>> No.36027466


>> No.36027468

Is it wrong to want to have sex with my maid?

>> No.36027473

imagine the drool

>> No.36027474

More like Luna has no friends, what a failure

>> No.36027475

Too fat

>> No.36027476

The duality of PekoMiko

>> No.36027478

Lunar has Matsuri

>> No.36027479

It's your right. Rape the maids.

>> No.36027480

>Coco? American Dragon porn director whore, always in a constant state of teasing your dick but never wanting it. Literal penis falseflagger.

>> No.36027481

More like milking the Minecraft cow for as long as possible, for easy viewers.

>> No.36027482


>> No.36027484

You mean she's not a clown like Towa

>> No.36027487

Smart Miko

>> No.36027487,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36027488

It's time for everybody's favorite WHITE elf! Shironui Flare!

>> No.36027489



>> No.36027490

autistic girls can't consent.

>> No.36027493

She's not doing a standard Minecraft run. She's doing Endless Eight.

>> No.36027494

>hardcore minecraft arc
Why is this a thing now?

>> No.36027498

Flare.. everyone finds dark elves sexy. Why don't you?

>> No.36027500

*posts on /hlg/*

>> No.36027501

This reminds me of that retarded kid rape doujin

>> No.36027502

just go out, covid will save you

>> No.36027503

I fucking hate permission autism so much we could have gotten kino modded server

>> No.36027504


>> No.36027505

You have more fun with something at stake.

>> No.36027506

blame Miko, she started the Gartic Phone one and now hardcore Minecraft

>> No.36027508

>everyone finds dark elves sexy

>> No.36027509

Ugly off topic cat

>> No.36027510


>> No.36027511

This is MY territory, brother.

>> No.36027512

Nice try fag.

>> No.36027516

How will Cover make up for not letting Subaru have three 3D anniversary streams?

>> No.36027521

Continue not letting her have any 3D streams.

>> No.36027523

They ran out of things to do in their server. Just look at the sheep, she spent 20 hours stacking sand because she can't think of anything else to do. Lamy is even worse, she has like 8 streams of fishing alone in Minecraft.

>> No.36027525

Fuck off you fat diseased fuck

>> No.36027527

Minecraft is on life support

>> No.36027528

What's the endgame of Minecraft hardcore? beating the ender dragon?

>> No.36027529

Lamy streams are comfy

>> No.36027530

then there's only one thing left to do


>> No.36027532

They're just creatively bankrupt.

>> No.36027533

Am I the only one who cares little to none about IRyS?

>> No.36027534

not die

>> No.36027535

I hate minecraft.

>> No.36027537

They'll do nothing while Suba and her new manechan bust their asses off to do all the things she's wanted to

>> No.36027538

It depends how far you can take it.
The dragon, the wither, the guardians. The dragon is a good enough challenge for Miko.

>> No.36027544

You're assuming that people are watching Minecraft for gameplay and not for zatsudan.

>> No.36027546

When is Ui getting a 3D model

>> No.36027548

Rushia doesn't need fixing
she is perfect

>> No.36027550

what's a guardian?

>> No.36027554

Not just you

>> No.36027555

>tfw no ch/o/oba

>> No.36027556

Getting a new manager was the biggest blessing Subaru has received in recent times. I'm so glad her new manager is so supportive and capable.

>> No.36027557

MInecraft is for autistic children. There, I said it.

>> No.36027559

subaru please...

>> No.36027560

Oh I see, so it's a survival kinda thing

>> No.36027562

haha, she can finally do a 3D stream this time, right?

>> No.36027563

Yes, you're the only one. We're all head over heels with IRyS here. You're special. You're a unique boy.

>> No.36027564

That must be edited, i refuse to believe my idol is a pervert...

>> No.36027565

What's the point of Mincraft without interaction between the holos

>> No.36027566

Perfect for Hololive!

>> No.36027567

Luna overcooked her eggs, also she should've used butter instead of oil.

>> No.36027568

>> No.36027569

Miko is ready to challenge endora!

>> No.36027570

But as for me? I'm watching Flare.

>> No.36027571

>1 minute 1 second.

>> No.36027572

She's been talking about doing a whole lot m8, do your Suba reps. Still find it funny how casually she announced it at a end of one her DQ streams, what asilly girl.

>> No.36027574

The sealeeches, no really.

>> No.36027575

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

>> No.36027576

This but with Apex

>> No.36027577

>tfw no hime wife

>> No.36027578

I'm sure Choco's cooking is tasty but damn she can't take pictures for shit

>> No.36027579

subaru paid a chef to make that so she could say she made it, she loves lying don't forget

>> No.36027580

>> No.36027581

I would give absolutely anything for Choco to use the endless amounts of photography gear she's been sent over the years.

>> No.36027583

>Choco's cooking is tasty
>he doesn't know

>> No.36027585

She'd literally suck your bank account dry on bath bombs and ice cream..

>> No.36027587

Ayame was right all along.

An annoying dungeon in the ocean that gives sponges and prismarine that is used to make those white lamps, Aqua made the guardian farm in the server, very impressive.

>> No.36027588


>> No.36027589

>> No.36027590

A happy wife is a happy life

>> No.36027591

i miss the ark arc....

>> No.36027592

if a liar claims they are good at lying, does that make them a good liar or a bad liar?

>> No.36027594

It's in the works but I don't know if she has given a date yet.

>> No.36027595

sounds like comfy Zatsudans to me

>> No.36027597

Towa LOVES hags

>> No.36027598

Better be a clown than a failure like Luna

>> No.36027599

>> No.36027601

I'd kill for a hardcore pvp minecraft arc

>> No.36027603

Don't forget the tissues.

>> No.36027604

Yes, we love Risu.
Yes, we love Moona.
Yes, we love Iofi.
Yes, we love Ollie.
Yes, we love Anya.
Yes, we love Reine.

>> No.36027605

Offpako arc onegai

>> No.36027606

luna is the best yonkisei and it isn't even close. god i fucking love swirly glasses.

>> No.36027607

Pekora should do a Minecraft stream where she goes around planting traps in other holos houses

>> No.36027608

Do I have a chance with Choco if I'm not a teacher?

>> No.36027611

Why is Flare carrying around a stack of watermelon slices?

>> No.36027614


>> No.36027615

another マネちゃん? It's like they get used and abused till there's nothing left. then they toss them out and get a new one

>> No.36027616

An ingredient for her purple potion.

>> No.36027617

Thingken about Towa...

>> No.36027618


>> No.36027619

because she's a n

>> No.36027620


>> No.36027621

Flare was going to kill the baby cow first...

>> No.36027622

she's right

>> No.36027623

I'm very excited to see two of my favourites collab this Sunday!

>> No.36027624

Scotch egg is piss easy to make, don't be a retard

>> No.36027625

>tfw no minato aqua wife
why even live...

>> No.36027627

this but unironically, other actual artists have ranked her with the best

>> No.36027629

you know, so was i

>> No.36027630

aqua beby

>> No.36027631

This hurts my chest

>> No.36027633

I'm talking about the new one she got I think at start of this year.

>> No.36027634

hey lonely boy

>> No.36027635

anon you have to remember that she's addicted to lying, sure she could make it, but it's much more satisfying to mental ill folk like her to hire a chef to make it and then pretend like you made it

>> No.36027637

It's still the same Touken Ranbu-lover manechan I'm pretty sure.

>> No.36027639


>> No.36027640

Seaurchins are so fucking annoying, all they do is suck from the teat that is holoJP. Stand on your own two feet you slimy annelids

>> No.36027641

Nice one Miko!

>> No.36027642

Poor Nenechi...

>> No.36027643

As much as I love onyon, how come Towa's lives are always so high quality? My shots looks so fucking crisp meanwhile others always have issues either in video quality/audio

>> No.36027645

Remember that pic with all the food the Holos cooked and Subaru's was just a calorymate and an energy drink

>> No.36027646

I Caught One Glimpse of Towa's Angelic Pussy and Went Full Schizo

>> No.36027647

Will Rushia change out of her school festival uniform for the sankisei Minecraft collab?

>> No.36027648

Towa sleeps with the stream team

>> No.36027649

They purposely degrade Aqua's YouTube lives because it would expose the poor quality of her paid lives otherwise

>> No.36027650

Towa superiority

>> No.36027651

Unlike other holos Towa takes pride in her performance!

Plus she always offers herself to the staff so they put in extra hard work for her!

>> No.36027652

there is literally nothing wrong with your oshi having a boyfriend
it's very obvious suisei has a boyfriend and I would gladly watch if they were to stream their baby making sex
i will send superchats and member my oshii for the rest of my life!!! and that doesnt make me a cuck

>> No.36027653

Stop with the fucking "Subaru is a liar" narrative, holy shit. It's not funny, and I'm sick of it.

>> No.36027654

It's cute that you think she remembers how to do that

>> No.36027655

>this is now almost a year ago

>> No.36027656

That's my oshi

>> No.36027657


>> No.36027658

It's not a narrative

>> No.36027660

Because Towa is more powerful

>> No.36027662

How can Flare listen to this BGM on loop

>> No.36027663


>> No.36027665


>> No.36027667

What's the boat method?

>> No.36027668

>> No.36027669

Sora still has stuff she wants to build…

>> No.36027671

Shut the fuck up

>> No.36027672


>> No.36027675

How are your clip channels going?

>> No.36027677


>> No.36027678

They're just bored since Subaru isn't not streaming, it's disgustingly obvious.

>> No.36027681

What Ayame uses to avoid getting pregnant

>> No.36027682

In short, if all the matter in the universe except the sealeeches were swept away, our world would still be dimly recognizable, and if, as disembodied spirits, we could then investigate it, we should find its mountains, hills, vales, rivers, lakes, and oceans represented by a film of sealeeches. The location of towns would be decipherable since, for every massing of human beings, there would be a corresponding massing of certain sealeeches. Trees would still stand in ghostly rows representing our streets and highways. The location of the various plants and animals would still be decipherable, and, had we sufficient knowledge, in many cases even their species could be determined by an examination of their erstwhile sealeech parasites.[28]

>> No.36027683


>> No.36027684

feed the beby

>> No.36027686

Not bad. I translate EN into japanese. Only Gura, Irys, and Ina clips get any views.

>> No.36027687

>> No.36027688

Miko you retard

>> No.36027690

anonchama perhaps it's time to accept that subaru your oshii is a perpetually fucking lying cunt
take your meds, it's time to stop coping

>> No.36027692

Fuck off with your clown whore

>> No.36027693


>> No.36027694

>flare hides in dirt hole until sun rises
This is giving me RLcraft flashback.

>> No.36027695

Today I was jacking off to Suisei like usual and I came so much that it overflowed through my fapkin and on to my $1500 porn throne.
Because of this I am now a Suisei anti.

>> No.36027696

I run 4 different ones, I'm making around 26 USD a month from the channels, that's enough to feed me and my family of 13 for 2 years here in the Philippines.

>> No.36027697


>> No.36027698

>Rape the maids
Damn, I haven't heard that in years. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, I guess.

>> No.36027699

5ch says that Noel said Rushia is more depressed than usual

>> No.36027701

Why is Lamy like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BAz3-E96fs

>> No.36027702


>> No.36027703

I stopped jacking off to suisei cosplayers when I found out some of them are men

>> No.36027705

Be careful miko...

>> No.36027706

Neither can they dissent.

>> No.36027707

You've got two options, anon. Trust Subaru or us your friendo. I know which one I trust.

>> No.36027708

Attention whore namefag

>> No.36027709

wtf I'm moving to Flipland. Do you think I can get work with Duterte's druggie murdering squad?

>> No.36027710


>> No.36027711


>> No.36027713

I'm not sure why, but for some reason Flare is really pissing me off.

>> No.36027714

What exactly is a menhera?

>> No.36027716

a year of same outfits on

>> No.36027717

which holo would you fuck?
which holo would you marry?
which holo would you kill?

>> No.36027718

I stopped jacking off to holohouse when I found out all of them are men

>> No.36027720

I know a nonfren when I see one

>> No.36027721


>> No.36027722

menhera is short for cunt in japanese

>> No.36027723

Terrible art.

>> No.36027724

Its the whole skin colour thing and her attitude towards it, isn't it?

>> No.36027728

Wait a minute

>> No.36027729


>> No.36027730


>> No.36027731

I miss it...

>> No.36027732


>> No.36027733

I dropped 50k on Flare and she barely reacted. Now I'm mad too.

>> No.36027734

translate this, koreans

>> No.36027735


>> No.36027737

We fucking hate Miko here.

>> No.36027738

fuck magma

>> No.36027742

Sora was happy to just be there

>> No.36027744


>> No.36027745

I wish Pochi would call me

>> No.36027746

Sinful woman eating icecream

>> No.36027747

Saggy as fuck.

>> No.36027748

>made me alt-tab
she didn't even die

>> No.36027749


>> No.36027751

why is migo so cute

>> No.36027752


>> No.36027755


>> No.36027756

are ya jackin off?

>> No.36027757

kek ran straight back to home

>> No.36027759

knowing towa chocolate ice cream is most likely code for shit from customer's ass

>> No.36027760

Part of Matsuri's popularity comes from how depraved and perverted she can get, flirting around with different people. If anything im just disappointed she kept it a secret instead of openly flaunting it. She'll probably lose some gachis over this but any who've stuck to her for this long aren't going to be that shocked. This would be more disastrous on other holos besides maybe Ayame.

>> No.36027761


>> No.36027762

She's too jumpy.

>> No.36027764

I stubbed my toe on the table leg. This must be Towa's fault.

>> No.36027765


>> No.36027766


>> No.36027767


>> No.36027768


>> No.36027769

Marine will always be the biggest failure in hololive.

>> No.36027771

What holo has the comfiest drinking streams?

>> No.36027775

aki and lamy

>> No.36027776

wtf is flare's bgm it's slowly making me insane

>> No.36027777

I know this is just a schizo post but Matsuri has that title by a fucking landslide, even before yesterday

>> No.36027779


>> No.36027780

Miko....Don't ...

>> No.36027781

don't trust the elves

>> No.36027782


>> No.36027783

I like it when Mel streams.

>> No.36027787

At least try to put some effort into your baits, because this is just sad.

>> No.36027788

They hated anon because he told them the truth

>> No.36027790


>> No.36027791

Haha she said the ara ara

>> No.36027792

Learned the hard way to never let people know about your hololive fandom. I told a few of my coworkers about Towa and for my brithday they got me kizuma ai t shirt and called her my girlfriend, now i have to look for new job

>> No.36027796

Stop posting trashy leech channels

>> No.36027797

Welp, Miko is ending...

>> No.36027798

I love Miko but I hate Minecraft

>> No.36027799

Aki will always be the biggest failure in hololive.

>> No.36027800


>> No.36027803


>> No.36027805

Naked Towa

>> No.36027807

Flare is NOT white.

>> No.36027809

Always knew liking Matsuri was trouble and it feels good to be proven right.
I still wanna fuck and user both her avatar and hot fat roommate as cumdumpster tho.
Cant deny she is made for sex.

>> No.36027810

god I hate keffy
god forbid she'd ever get her hands on my oshi's rigging

>> No.36027812

Post your towtoo

>> No.36027814

not canon

>> No.36027815

Does your oshi have nice feet?

>> No.36027820

I want to kiss~
shiranui flare~
on her cute~
african lips~

>> No.36027821

Flare will NEVER have a boyfriend

>> No.36027822

When will Marine stop forcing other members to like her? It is very clear that no one likes Marine in hololive. She is a big burden and will always be that.

>> No.36027825

>african lips~
castrate yourself

>> No.36027827

marine is a prostitute

>> No.36027828

Not feet, but she has nice legs.

>> No.36027829

One day Polka will revie nobu and I will get the tamaki collab I've been waiting for

>> No.36027830

Miko kusa

>> No.36027831

migo stop talking while eating...

>> No.36027833

When will Choco stop forcing other members to like her? It is very clear that no one likes Choco in hololive. She is a big burden and will always be that.

>> No.36027834

Literally made for big kaigainiki dicks

>> No.36027835

That will never happen, because N*bu wasn't her idea in the first place.

>> No.36027836

I really like Choco's voice.

>> No.36027838

>> No.36027839

nevermind she is a dirty cusser, I cannot abide by this

>> No.36027840

Debu miko...

>> No.36027841

Minecraft is fucking garbage, play a better game already.

>> No.36027842

Polka... Dango ASMR... Onegai...

>> No.36027846

She should graduate, along with Marine, Noel, Haachama, Subaru, Matsuri, Korone, Aqua, Kanata, Mel, Nene, Towa, Miko, Rushia, Bot

>> No.36027847

lchitrannies are being braindead as usual.

>> No.36027848

>> No.36027850

We only have one here

>> No.36027851

Its funny cuz in the case she is fucking a holostar, then she would really be in trouble, because as she said herself they are allowed to have outside lovers but not people from Cover.

>> No.36027852

my dream collab is halloween night

>> No.36027854

>> No.36027856

>> No.36027858

Post bugs

>> No.36027861

No they're very smelly.

>> No.36027862

move to /vt/ already.

>> No.36027863

They're great.

>> No.36027865

Never leaving

>> No.36027866

okay, see ya

>> No.36027867

>A fucking gyaru dark elf mogs every single EN

>> No.36027868

>> No.36027869


>> No.36027871

Miko's Evangelion rebuild movies watchalong on YT today

>> No.36027880

Cry harder

>> No.36027881

Subaru is too loud.

>> No.36027882

How could ichimis be so stupid to be deceived by Marine. She's clearly the fakest holo in hololive.

>> No.36027883

you ever think towa thinks about us?

>> No.36027885 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36027886

My filter is working overtime on the last couple of posts.

>> No.36027888

>> No.36027889

>Decide to check an EN stream
>Ame deadspace
>It's actually minecraft
It never ends...

>> No.36027890

How did Towa get Pekora to perform on her live? Is she that powerful?

>> No.36027894

>its not important at all
>posting chink whore here

>> No.36027897

move to /v/ then

>> No.36027898

Remember to reports all of Marine's streams.

>> No.36027899

>open flare's stream
>she mines a redstone block with a stone pick
>close flare stream

>> No.36027900

Recorded at the same time with Marine's 1M celebration 3D

>> No.36027901

>> No.36027902

It was a good song. They should have uploaded in Rushia channel for maximum views, instead of in the main HoloJP channel.

>> No.36027905


>> No.36027907


>> No.36027908


>> No.36027910

Based fandead

>> No.36027911

otsumiko fags!

>> No.36027912

>> No.36027913

why is Furea playing in hard instead of hardcore...

>> No.36027914

>> No.36027915

Miko ended. What now?

>> No.36027917


>> No.36027918

I don't like Miko's endcard, it's too sexual, she has her tits on full display.

>> No.36027919

Do the same.

>> No.36027920

>> No.36027923

This, Miko is not for lewd

>> No.36027924

By asking.

>> No.36027925

If they move then I will

>> No.36027929

is rushia lewd?

>> No.36027931


>> No.36027932

You can't lewd a retard

>> No.36027933

I wonder what Towa does when she doesn't stream...

>> No.36027934

dont care

>> No.36027937

Hololive needs more cute boys (girls)

>> No.36027939

She has sex

>> No.36027940


>> No.36027943



>> No.36027946

A flat chest can never be lewd

>> No.36027949

I want to become Mr. Koro's 7th husband.

>> No.36027952

>> No.36027953


>> No.36027956


>> No.36027957

She's at 115 now

>> No.36027958

What do overseas viewers even know Noel for

>> No.36027960

haha big booby

>> No.36027961

small munchkin cat...

>> No.36027968

>be Kotaro
>sit around on your fat ass all day
>all of a sudden you hear towa scream out
>It's the 4th time today
>Your balls were chopped off months ago yet she still does it
>A confused Towa fondles your flaccid cat cock for 20 minutes
>somehow she's able to give you an erection
>a pitiful amount of cat prostate juice dribbles out
>you don't even feel anything anymore, it's just uncomfortable
>Towa congratulates you and gives you a kiss on the mouth, with tongue
>you fall back asleep and try to forget about what just happened

>> No.36027970

Miko doko

>> No.36027976

Anon will always be the biggest failure in his life.

>> No.36027982


>> No.36027984

Watching Flare play Minecraft the way she is currently playing is triggering me.

>> No.36027985

It's amazing to see Marinef*gs still supporting their manipulative oshi. Stop being a retard cucks.

>> No.36027986

>dakimakura less lewd than Rushia`s and Miko`s
What is even the point
We all know why otaku buy those dakimakura

>> No.36027988

I bet the music doesn't help too.

>> No.36027989

What's the difference between normal and hard anyway?

>> No.36027990

What is this image implying?

>> No.36027992

tamaki is married...

>> No.36027996

Is Kotaro going to get fat like Mu-Chan too

>> No.36027997

I don't like Flare.

>> No.36027998

is he actually fat?

>> No.36027999

Marine is an overweight blob

>> No.36028000



>> No.36028002

He’s definitely super hairy, so it’s a bit hard to tell. I would say so in comparison to when Aqua first showed him.

>> No.36028003

irys is not cute!

>> No.36028006

I like flare

>> No.36028007

he just looks bushy. he's the opposite of towa it looks like

>> No.36028008

>> No.36028009

Big boobs you can find in any woman
Now a sexy flat chest? Thats rare and should be treasured.

>> No.36028011

Guys I'm starting to think if Matsuri's getting dicked it's not helping her act any less crazy

>> No.36028012

>> No.36028015

>Miko plays Gartic Phone
>everyone else plays it after her
>Miko plays Minecraft on hardcore
>every other minecraft addict follows her
she's too powerful

>> No.36028016

Raised the dead live on stream

>> No.36028018


>> No.36028019

>Miko graduates
Oh no bros...

>> No.36028020

The Ame of holojp

>> No.36028021

I want to dick this nigger elf

>> No.36028024


>> No.36028025

kinoame love

>> No.36028027

I don't recognize the card game but I like the image!

>> No.36028028

rabu u onyon

>> No.36028029


No matter what game your oshi play she WILL return to Minecraft

>> No.36028031

well it made me laugh, thanks anon

>> No.36028032

Pekora mentioned Hardcore, and even played it WAY before Miko even thought about it.

>> No.36028034

My oshi still sleeps with stuffed animals.

>> No.36028036

My oshi sleep with her cat........

>> No.36028037

Does Matsuri date guys based solely on them being good at apex?

>> No.36028040

My oshi IS a stuffed animal

>> No.36028041

and? no one cared until Miko did it, it confirms that no one in Hololive watches Pekora's streams

>> No.36028043

>Rushia's made more in superchat than the other 3 combined

>> No.36028046

Weird, i couldnt even find pekora clips anymore

>> No.36028047

my desk

>> No.36028050

>> No.36028051


>> No.36028052

>Rushia, Ayame and Shion have god tier desings
what they have in common? that´s right, they are flat as fuck and that´s hot

>> No.36028054

Yeah and other girls already did it back in 2019. But the girls are doing it now because Miko started it.

>> No.36028056


>> No.36028057

Lies and samefag. Go watch anything other than you shitty Otakmori

>> No.36028058

ogey, retard

>> No.36028059

cute, you deserve the whole world flare

>> No.36028060

That's Noel's desk, Bulbasaur

>> No.36028061

Peko/Miko shizo is getting uppity again. Post THAT

>> No.36028062

I can't believe I've been at home for a year and a half watching virtual anime women hit blocks

>> No.36028063

>> No.36028065

I hate Miko and her fanbase

>> No.36028068

I hate pekora and her fanbase

>> No.36028070


>> No.36028071

Too big

>> No.36028073

Miko did it only after she watched Pekora's stream. That's why Pekor needs to keep everything to herself now or else Miko would steal it.

>> No.36028074

>> No.36028075

I love Aqua too

>> No.36028079

Flare is honestly retarded, and constantly complains about the most stupid shit.

>> No.36028080

Is this reverse psychology

>> No.36028081

is it possible to hate this creature ???

>> No.36028083

What the retarded Apex Holos think about thenew characters?
From what I seen a lot of people been complaining about them.

>> No.36028084

bibi? yes. he eats everything in my fucking pantry

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